THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM (BY COREY GOODE, WITH DAVID WILCOCK ) - By now, you probably are aware that I, Corey Goode, am a 20-year veteran of a Secret Space Program (SSP), that has technology, vastly superior to anything we see in the open world.
David Wilcock had been gathering a variety of insider testimonies, for nearly 20 years, when I began disclosing everything I knew, to him, in October 2014. .......(....)                        CONTACT WAS RE-AWAKENED      I had basically been “out of the loop” in the SSP, since the late 1980s, ......except for a number of encounters with them, in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, that were all very brief missions. Much to my surprise, I was brought back into this/their world, approximately four months..... after David and I began comparing notes.
I was taken to a base on the Moon, that I was already familiar with, entitled the Lunar Operations Command or LOC.By this point, David had gathered the bulk of my testimony together, and had thoroughly briefed the senior management of Gaia, on the story.
I was quite surprised to discover that an Alliance had formed within the SSP, that wanted to share their remarkable technology, with the general population of Earth. This Alliance partially arose out of the SSP faction, I worked within, known as Solar Warden. There are a total of five different SSP factions, and Solar Warden is made up of members from all five of them.   -                          SPHERE-BEING ALLIANCE AMBASSADOR
The SSP is already engaged with a diverse community of over 900 different humanlike civilizations, that they have regular, ongoing trade with, as well as less frequent contact, with many others.
I became a conduit for the SSP Alliance, to speak with a group of highly powerful positive ETs, that had remained mysterious, up until then.
These beings arrived in hundreds of gigantic spheres parked throughout our solar system. The spheres have been coming in, since the late 1990s, and have remained cloaked, ever since.
David was aware of the spheres, ever since they first arrived, as they were often being seen on NASA’s own SOHO satellite, and were referred to as “Sun Cruisers.”
No other ET group had anything that was anywhere near this large, in size, so it naturally was quite a source of interest.                                GONZALES WAS THE KEY    The “man on the inside” who ended up bringing me into this world again, has been given the pseudonym Lt. Col. Gonzales for security reasons. He had experienced in-person contact with the Sphere Beings, while in the SSP, at about the same time I had experienced similar contacts, while living here in America. In late February 2015, the Sphere Beings asked for me by name, through Gonzales. He did not know who I was, and his superiors had to look me up, and figure it out. Up until I was requested by name, the “Sphere Beings” had completely refused to interact with the SSP Alliance – ....
       The negative ETs will seek out contact with the most wealthy, powerful elites, on earth, to promote their tyrannical, dictatorial, service-to-self message.
       The positive ETs seek contact with those who can help share their message of love, peace and service to others.
            THROWN IN THE MIDDLE ..... the Sphere Beings wanted me to serve as their ambassador, sharing their perspective, not just with the SSP Alliance, but with the general public on earth.
They are here to help guide us, through an epic human evolutionary event, that many call Ascension.
I have been told, this will involve a massive release of energy from the Sun, that triggers..... advancements in DNA and consciousness.Wilcock’s new book The Ascension Mysteries, has references to ancient prophecies of such an event, from many different cultures. The giant spheres are a form of living technology, that is used to help smooth out this transition, as much as possible. Without the help of the spheres, such a transition would likely be catastrophic, and largely unpredictable.
                    THE BLUE AVIANS    The main ET group I have interacted with, has been the Blue Avians – a race of humanoids with large eyes and birdlike blue feathers, on their bodies.
We have since discovered that this is the same group that presented itself to the Egyptians, through avian-looking humanoid ‘gods’, such as Ra, and possibly also Thoth.
Their originally positive teachings, were greatly distorted into the negative, .... William Henry found ancient depictions of Blue Avians in Egyptian and other cultures, as reported in Cosmic Disclosure.  ....(...) The Blue Avians are one of five mysterious, highly advanced ET races, that are associated with the giant spheres.    //            THE LAW OF ONE SERIES   Additionally, the Blue Avians have now absolutely confirmed, that they were responsible for the creation of the Law of One series, from 1981-1984.This was a series of 106 question-and-answer sessions, between a Ph.D. physicist and UFOlogist, and an extraterrestrial intelligence, communicating telepathically through Carla Rueckert.David had been studying the Law of One material, heavily, since 1996, and had already written two New York Times best-selling books, on its complex science, before we ever started speaking.  ..... the main Blue Avian I am in contact with, Raw-Tear-Eir, has given us a warning about quoting from the Law of One, as if it were a religion. ......(....)  see updates at     - - - VARIOUS CHARACTERS IN THE STORY       I have also met up with an alliance of human-looking beings, living in huge, habitable caverns, inside the earth. My main contact therein, is a priestess named Ka' Aree.
As described in previous updates, I also recently, was introduced to an ambassador from a planet, in a nearby star system..... that recently overthrew their own negative-ET-driven tyranny.
His name is Ambassador Micca. They are now working, predominantly through dream contacts, to help educate us, on how to achieve our own freedom, from these malevolent beings.              ....(...) Lastly, I have been interacting with a more earth-based SSP, that is run by the military-industrial complex (MIC).  The MIC SSP is unaware of the greater space program, I was a part of, (  Cabal 's  secret SSP ), as we will discuss.   - -  END OF EMAIL 2 -