...  So now, without further ado, we will pick up where we left off in the previous update, at spherebeingalliance.com ..... and in prior episodes of Cosmic Disclosure.
                     A VISIT FROM THE MIC SSP - Once again in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 26th, I awoke to find that I was walking in the parking lot, behind my house.
This type of sleepwalking technology, is standard fare, for the military-industrial complex (MIC) space program group, that has been contacting me, in the recent past.
....(...) Sigmund stated that he was a bit perplexed, at the information he had received from our last encounter.  In addition to “enhanced interrogation” through chemicals and technology, he had previously taken blood, hair and skin samples, and tested them, for trace elements, using very advanced methods. The lab results, once again confirmed that I had been in the approximate off-planet locations, I had claimed.
.....(.....) The MIC SSP is made up of different military and intelligence groups, that have varying levels of knowledge of ET’s. Some think there are only four or five groups, visiting us. Some don’t think any have been here, for thousands of years. The top brass of each branch, have basic knowledge of 50+ other ET groups, that have visited us. .....(.....) The higher-ups usually know about a handful of ETs, that are here now, but they are ordered to keep silent about it. Some MIC SSP groups, believe that we are all the blood descendants, to varying degrees, of pre-Atlantean human ET refugees, that they call the “Pre-Adamites,” as we will discuss.  This is also a key feature of the belief systems of the various Cabal groups, at the higher levels.  The Cabal groups believe they have significantly more Pre-Adamite blood, than the rest of us, and formed “royal bloodlines” and elite ruling castes, as a result. .....(.....)                      “PRE-ADAMITES” IN THE ICE      Now let’s return to our scene, where I am now on the MIC SSP craft, hearing what Sigmund was telling me.
Sigmund revealed that he had been stationed, at several classified military installations, in Antarctica. He had spent time in the very area where the Anshar (inner earth group) had taken me, on a reconnaissance flight.
He stated that an extremely ancient series of cities, had been discovered flash-frozen, deep under the ice-shelf. He confirmed that there were also many animals and “Pre-Adamites”, preserved in the ice. He described the Pre-Adamites, as beings with elongated skulls, with strangely proportioned bodies, that were obviously not designed for Earth’s gravity and atmospheric pressure. When we combine this, with what Gonzales told me earlier, and the academic research David compiled in The Ascension Mysteries,..... it does appear that some of these groups, were giants, by our standards. Other hybrid groups may have been bred, to have more conventional heights, and/ or adapted to Earth’s gravity, over time, by becoming shorter.
                     THE HISTORY OF THE PRE-ADAMITES   According to Sigmund, this Pre-Adamite group had apparently arrived here, from another planet in our solar system, that was no longer hospitable.  They arrived here approximately 55,000 to 65,000 years ago, and began to create hybrids of their species, and the developing human population. ....(....)  The earth shifted on its rotational axis, perhaps due to a nuclear war, and the water that inundated the continent, quickly flash-froze, into a gigantic ice shelf. Sigmund stated that the hybrid survivors, of this catastrophe -- who were living on other continents at the time of the great flood – completely lost access to their ancient cities, for over 10,000 years.
These beings then began to breed with the human populations, in the regions they were stationed in, at the time of the disaster. One major faction of Pre-Adamites, was constrained to the Americas, while the other survived in Europe, Africa and Asia.
                      TOMPKINS, ALDRIN, THE DRACO AND ANTARTICA  The 29 embedded German spies Tompkins interviewed during WWII, confirmed the Nazis were working with a violent, aggressive reptilian race. This group is humanoid, but with reptilian features. They have been called the Saurians or the Draco, and pose the biggest problem for everyone in our region of the galaxy. Surprisingly, the Draco have a central base of operations, in our solar system – including huge under-ice facilities, in Antarctica.
Hypothetical examples, only. No one we know, has seen the inside of these bases. .....(...) My contacts in the SSP Alliance, revealed that the Draco have finally allowed the US, to excavate new Pre-Adamite archeological sites, under the Antarctic ice. They have also granted permission for the small number of surviving Pre-Adamites, to access these areas, once again.
These Pre-Adamite people look and sound just like us, except that they have elongated skulls, that they must keep hidden, if they are ever seen in public. .....(....)                  LEAVING THE CRAFT AND CATCHING ANOTHER RIDE   The next thing I am able to remember, was walking back down the stairs of the craft, with both airmen assisting me down the narrow stairs to the parking lot.  I walked back home, and went into my living room. A blue orb was zig-zagging around, as if it was waiting for me.
This is a phenomenon that has been ongoing, since this all started in February 2015. It is the transportation system used by the Blue Avians.
Many people are starting to see blue or purple orbs, just as I had been told, would occur. This is a key part of our mass awakening process.
I indicated that I was ready to be transported, and was taken back to the same Mayan Break-Away mothership, I had been on before.
                    ANOTHER MEETING WITH THE MAYANS   The Mayan Break-Away group started out in Mesoamerica, and thanks to a successful ET contact, they were able to migrate off-planet.
They have since become advanced enough, to develop a unique technology, that appears to be based on the use of stone and consciousness.
They act as a healing group, that have provided treatment to Gonzales, and many other survivors of SSP enslavement and torture.  There were now six of the Mayans, in the room. ......(....)
                      SEEDING INFO, INTO THE MIC SSP    Gonzales stated that he was sorry he couldn’t share some of the details about why I was being abducted and interrogated, up until now.
He stated that this was part of an operation, that was seeding information into the ranks of this MIC SSP.  .....(....)         Gonzales soon moved to another topic.
He stated that Cabal proxies, had discovered pieces of ancient technologies hidden in time-capsules, in many of the ancient Sumerian ruins.
These proxy agents completely razed these ancient ruins to the ground, looking for these time capsules.  (Sumerian ruin for illustrative purposes only. Notice height of giant man.)
These groups not only found several pieces of technology, inside the walls of these ruins, they also located some new sites buried below them, that were much more ancient.
He stated that these artifacts were being stored in Mosul, Iraq, at the moment.   He stated that one of the reasons such a vigorous battle is occurring in Mosul, at this time, is because various groups are fighting to recover these artifacts.
After these historical sites, were destroyed, the Alliance sent operatives to other similar sites, across the planet, to do sonar scans, and try to locate more of these time-capsules.
He stated that they were doing so, in the dead of the night, and were using very advanced technologies, to try to detect other anomalies around these ancient sites.
                   THE PRE-ADAMITES WANT CONTROL    According to Gonzales, the ancient technologies that were discovered in Iraq, had belonged to this Pre-Adamite group.  This group wants the return of these technical artifacts immediately, considering them, to be their private and personal property. However, certain factions who are now in possession of them, will not turn them over. These are earth human proxy groups, that the Cabal had sent, on the behalf of the surviving Pre-Adamites. They got the cosmic equivalent of “gold lust”, when they saw the treasure. What further complicates matters, is that there are two different royal blood lines, among these Pre-Adamites.  These two groups are in a type of competition, over the control of the financial and political systems of various countries. As I have said before, the people we are now calling Pre-Adamites, all have psychopathic characteristics, by our normal definition of the term. ....(.....)
                  A WEAKENING OF THE CABAL COALITION   Gonzales stated that this argument over the Pre-Adamite ruins, meant there was an obvious weakening of the Cabal’s “coalition”.
This split in the ranks of these global syndicates, was being exploited by the Alliance. It seems that many of these Cabal groups, now see that their organization is about to be fully exposed and brought to justice. The disclosures David mentioned in Part One, did not happen by chance. They are the direct result of the hard work of the Alliance, through outlets like Wikileaks. It appears that many of these people are positioning themselves to cooperate with the Alliance, during the prosecution phase.  This, of course, is a very helpful thing.   ..... (...)
                        On the following Saturday, however, I was completely distracted, by another encounter with the “Banished” female, that had implanted entity attachments, in me, months earlier.
This had been a highly unpleasant experience, where I awoke to her being in a hotel room, I was staying in, with my family. Everyone else was fast asleep, when this happened.
She was completely uninvited. As soon as she noticed that I was aware of what was going on, she was able to make me again go unconscious. I had still been recovering from the removal of the entity attachment by Ka’ Aree, a few weeks prior.
During this recovery time Ka’ Aree had contacted me, a few times, to let me know my vibration was out of alignment, and they were having difficulty getting through to me. Much of it, had to do with the removal of entity attachments, but some of it had to do with some anger issues, I had, towards an individual who I was working with.  I was still carrying around a bit of trauma and resentment, from my previous encounter with the Banished, and the number of weeks it took for Ka’ Aree, to let me know, I had these entity attachments.   Now, I found myself face to face with this same woman, from the “Banished” group. ...   AN UNWELCOMED INTRUDER   I was once again sitting on my couch, with my laptop on the coffee table.
Suddenly I felt static electricity in the air, and looked over at the wall, where my fireplace was. The wall was starting to warp and bend.
I stood up and backed away to the other side of the coffee table, from the wall.  Right where the wall was warping and bowing inward, the same tall blonde female, came walking through. She was taller than I thought I remembered. She was a good 3 or 4 inches taller than me, and was wearing a very revealing outfit. She said “Don’t be afraid, I am Marra and I mean you no harm.” I just stood there slack-jawed, in disbelief. ....... I was thinking of an escape route, when all of a sudden there was a brilliant white flash.
                   JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME   When my eyes had adjusted, I immediately saw Ka’ Aree and two men from the Anshar group, approaching Marra, who now had a frightened and shocked look, on her face.  I looked around, and noticed that I was in a smaller domed room, that had one door, that was covered by the “hard light” force field. I had been portaled into an Anshar inner-earth city. The two Anshar men, escorted Marra out of the room, and down a corridor.......   Ka’ Aree walked briskly up to me, placed her hand on the side of my face, and looked into my eyes. I immediately began to calm down, and my rapid breathing and heartbeat subsided. I asked her, why the Banished was back, and what was her intent.  Ka’ Aree stated that her intentions were not honorable, and that they intervened for good reason.      IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT TO STAY POSITIVE AND LOVING Ka’ Aree then stated that I would not be bothered by Marra again, .......She looked me in the eyes, and told me that I needed to let go of my anger, with certain individuals that I am working with, and to focus on getting my vibration back in balance. She....told me she was sending me back now......  RE-BALANCING MY VIBRATORY STATE  After another brilliant flash of light, I was now standing in the same place I had been in prior to the transport.
In the time period, since my last update, and up until this point of reporting, I have been brought before Raw-Tear-Eir on three occasions.
  ... During these visits I was able to observe the cosmic scene, and noticed that the giant blue spheres, were becoming notably more translucent.  The nine metallic spheres were in about the same positions as they had been weeks earlier.   
              MEETINGS WITH THE EARTH ALLIANCE    By this point we were getting fairly close to the time of the US Presidential election, which was indeed extremely contentious – as David had opened up, with in Part One.  I had already been told many months ago, that the SSP Alliance was in support of either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, winning the election. Both of these men are aware of the Cabal, are not a part of it, and want to see it taken down, for the betterment of humanity.
Just days before the election, certain allies I had in the FBI, DHS and FEMA, reconnected with me.  They were very excited, because their data showed that Trump was likely to win.  ......
               THIS IS ONE KEY REASON WHY THE ALLIANCE FAVORED TRUMP  This appears to be one of the main reasons, most of the FBI was behind Donald Trump, in the election process.
  FBI knew the Alliance was in favor of Trump becoming the next president. The FBI have been aware of the Alliance, for some time.
The FBI believed that if Trump won the election, they would finally have their opportunity to bring this evidence, to an Attorney General who would actually prosecute.....                         FORMER ALLIES, RETURNED AT THE LAST MINUTE  Since I had gone public, a few of my sources in the FBI, DHS and FEMA, had broken off contact with me, because of the crackdown on whistleblowers, in the Obama administration. The day before the election, all three of these people, contacted me, and told me that Trump would win. ......  I was also a bit suspicious that all three of these individuals contacted me to share intelligence, so soon after I was warned that a disinformation campaign against all SSP whistleblowers, would occur. .....
                             TIME TO GATHER ALL THE INTEL  The following night I was as shocked as everyone else, to see Trump actually win the election.
I was able to confirm through other sources, that these three individuals were not attempting to discredit me. I then contacted them, for a full download.
I found out that Soros is under investigation by the FBI, for all he did prior to the election years before, and his involvement in the current riots. Obama appears to be willing to agree, to not pardon Hillary, if some of his legacy is preserved, somehow.
It appears Trump and Obama are keeping that option open, but I doubt it will occur, after hearing all of the POTUS ties, to the Clinton investigation, that keep popping up.
There is a very unsettled mood, among the Establishment types. This was not supposed to happen.  They tried to rig the voting, but underestimated the voter turnout, for Trump. .....                  VOTE HACKING WOULD NOT BE SUFFICIENT    It turned out that there were so many voters for Trump, that it outpaced the Soros-owned voting machine "glitches", that they hoped would steal the election. They had calculated that changing approximately one out of 100 votes for Hillary, in the key “swing states”, would be sufficient – and they were wrong.   I was clearly told that Soros was financing most of the riots, right now,...... There are also lots of revenge attacks, occurring against Russia, from Cabal-type groups. .....
                   VERY SICKENING INFORMATION .... Dr. Steve Pieczenik revealed that the Alliance was behind the Pizzagate emails. They knew exactly what we were going to find, when they leaked them.  The general population is being prepared for some very sickening information, about all levels of influence in the US Government. ....... Once we see how much is hiding below the surface, and that this is just "the tip of the iceberg," it will no longer be so easy for any power group, to control the people.
                     A VISIT FROM A DRONE  Shortly after I renewed these contacts, my wife came in the back door, at about 1PM CST, and told me a drone was flying all around the back of our house.
........(....)  A SHADOW REVOLUTION ...... a shadow revolution is occurring in the USA, and is being supported by the Earth Alliance.
So much of this battle is occurring in the background and over the Internet, that we are only now beginning to see it bubbling up, into the open.  I think we should all be meditating on a smooth transition, and a full disclosure for humanity.   ....
If we can navigate through this time period, honorably, ....we will have set ourselves up for the Consciousness Renaissance, that we have been robbed of, for millennia.
                       ANTARCTICA AND CABAL SURRENDER     Various world political and religious leaders, have been brought down to Antarctica, in the last year.
The new archeological finds, are a major reason for this. They are excitedly taking tours of the findings. According to sources, the Cabal plans on fleeing to an island in New Zealand, certain areas of South America, and Antarctica.
If so, these meetings may very well be a signal to the Alliance, that key members of these Secret Earth Syndicates, are preparing to escape justice, from an angry American populace. .....                   Page 2 of 2         In this section of our fascinating new intel update, we go into even more detail about the Pre-Adamite ruins that have been discovered in Antarctica. As it turns out, these "fallen angels" -- the survivors of an epic off-planet war -- deliberately landed in what is now Antarctica, to take advantage of high-tech ruins, that were much, much older. The idea of all of this intel, being exposed now, is extremely exciting.The Cabal is already offering tours, to their own people, of the ruins, and for them, it is like going to a cosmic adult Disneyland. - - -END OF EMAIL 3 -