Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis, and Ancient ET Ruins Page 1 of 2 - The Establishment is threatened like never before. Are they about to disclose advanced, hi-tech ruins, under the ice in Antarctica, and a limited secret space program,....... to try to save the New World Order agenda? ((  https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2016/12/15/david-wilcock-corey-goode-endgame-ii-the-antarctic-atlantis-et-ruins-cabal-rescue-plan-video-narration/  ...   http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1209-endgame-pt-2?showall=1&limitstart=  ))  This is some of the most surprising, fascinating and relevant inside intel, we have ever posted. Multiple groups have urged us, to get this out, as fast as possible, and here we are.
The story is so incredible, that you may need to just treat it, like a sci-fi movie... but even if that's the only level you can accept it at, you should still find this, to be a most fascinating read!
      [UPDATED 12/12: Fixed animated GIF, for "Sun Cruisers", and added new images of "The Banished." New Antarctica disclosure article, linked at end!] By Corey Goode and David Wilcock - ENDGAME PART TWO – - -  
   INTRODUCTION (BY DAVID WILCOCK) - The truth is exploding across the internet. Millions are learning for the first time, that there really is a “negative elite” running the planet, engaging in child trafficking, among other heinous crimes.
The Cabal’s brazen efforts, to completely destroy this information, are quite surprising, to the millions, who are only now discovering the scope of the problem.
Although this information is extremely disturbing, it is also true. The only way we can heal as a planet, is to face it, and deal with it, individually and collectively.              Part One of ENDGAME has spread more quickly than anything we’ve ever written before, getting its first 100,000 views, in less than 31 hours, hitting 180,000 in five days,..... and topping 10,000 Facebook Likes. Perhaps not surprisingly, my (David Wilcock’s) page, was completely deleted off of Wikipedia, after publishing this expose’. It was always heavily compromised, but now it doesn’t exist. Our goal in Part One, was to create a unified resource of information, to show,....... how rapidly the Cabal / NWO / Illuminati’s whole agenda, is plummeting.
Even if you have read and understood the data, in Part One, you still have only identified one small (and very negative) aspect, of the “Big Picture.”  (( http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1208-endgame-pt-1 )) The full story is much deeper, than most people could even imagine – and reads like an epic series of sci-fi novels, ......with great surprises, in each new volume.          ((  https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/tag/corey-goode/ ***    https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/tag/david-wilcock/   ***  ))
     COSMIC DISCLOSURE, IS NOT “FAKE NEWS” -If you are a viewer of our weekly Gaia show Cosmic Disclosure, or have been following previous updates, on Corey Goode’s intel, then you are already familiar with this new reality. Corey’s experiences, are so highly bizarre, that most people identifying as skeptics, couldn’t even follow us, more than 10 percent of the way – if that.  - -  ((  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel ))
Nonetheless, Corey’s intel has checked out, with what many, many other high-level sources, have leaked to me, over 20 years of time. The truth is extremely surprising and complex. The intel also dovetails beautifully, with the material in the Law of One series, which I have scientifically validated, in three different published books, with over 2200 total references. The Cabal has now taken the incredibly brazen step, of black-listing 200 highly popular sites, including Gaia, our main portal for disclosure TV episodes. ((  https://www.gaia.com/series/cosmic-disclosure?utm_source=host&utm_medium=goode&utm_campaign=aff&utm_content=cosmic&utm_term=&ch=st  ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHSVBp4ePfc ....  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA2BocJLGb8 ..))   
They are using Google, Facebook, Apple, Snapchat, and other assets, to prevent you from ever being able to find these sites—even if your friends wanted you to see them. YouTube has begun aggressively taking down every person posting videos on this scandal, including all three, we mentioned in Part One -- David Seaman, “Reality Calls”, and the Alex Jones videos. This is the work of a third-world fascist dictatorship—hardly what we would expect in a democracy. If this was truly all just a big misunderstanding, why are they being.... so aggressive?
                        WHY BLOCK GAIA?        Why would Gaia have made it onto the “short list” of 200 Cabal-banned sites, if Cosmic Disclosure was just a big joke?
How did we end up threatening the media elite, enough, that they literally do not want you, to have any chance of finding it – even if your friends sent you the link, on Facebook or Gmail?
From the world we are working within, the answer is simple. Child trafficking and “spirit cooking” at the highest political levels, is still just the very beginning.
              The whole subject of UFOs, ancient civilizations, advanced technology and ETs, has been strictly controlled, by this very negative Cabal.
Much of this classified information, is incredibly positive and uplifting – including the idea of an imminent, mass human evolution, that many refer to as Ascension.
The Cabal is the proverbial dragon .......guarding the huge pile of gold and treasure, and the gorgeous virgin, being held prisoner.
If this group wasn’t restricting our access to information, we would be living in a vastly more interesting world, right now – with much greater technology.           IS COREY, TELLING THE TRUTH?   By working around Corey, for an average of one out of every six weeks, over the last two years,.... I have seen ample evidence, that he is telling the truth --.....(....) In Corey’s case, he has had very horrible physical experiences, that most would consider paranormal, including being abducted, by various human or ET groups.
The only way we can protect ourselves, is to try to have as positive and loving of an attitude, as possible. Nothing else is sufficient. It is a moment-by-moment, discipline.
       ((  https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/tag/sphere-being-alliance/ ))     - -                                     FIVE DIFFERENT GROUP CATEGORIES, ALL REQUESTING ASSISTANCE
We also have five different major categories of groups, that are now feeding us intel, and requesting our assistance. We will learn more about each of them, as this update goes on.
Each of these groups is fighting as hard as they can, to transform our planet, ......and have suffered horrible casualties, along the way:
1. The Earth Alliance. This is the group Dr. Pieczenik spoke on behalf of, in Part One. It is comprised of brave fighters in all 15 of the US intelligence agencies, and many international factions.           2. The MIC SSP (military-industrial complex secret space program). This is a series of factions, that believed they were the “only game in town,” up until recently. They are about to be publicly revealed. 3. TheSSP Alliance. This is a breakaway group within anSSP, that is much more advanced than the MIC version. The SSP is controlled by the Cabal, but the SSP Alliance is definitely not.          4. The Inner-Earth Alliance. There are several different human ET civilizations, living in huge caverns, beneath the Earth’s surface. Each racial type, we see on earth, appears in these groups.
5. The Sphere Being Alliance. This is a group of super-advanced ETs, that have been called “The Guardians,” and manage the spiritual and physical affairs, of entire solar systems.
         ....(....)                     We are now under direct attack by the Cabal, as they are trying to wipe us out of existence, with a total internet blacklist.
Gaia has several weekly shows, with more on the way, as well as over 7000 unique pieces of inspirational and truth-telling media, to watch.
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                       THE CABAL’S FINAL SALVAGE PLAN - What we are hearing from various insiders, now, is that the Cabal is on the verge of total defeat – for the first time, in our entire global history.
The Alliance has become ever-increasingly powerful, as more and more people defect to it.  The Cabal knows they are out of time, and as of right now, they have largely completed their negotiations, on how they will surrender.
At the same time, the Cabal has dirt on the Earth Alliance, that they do not want, to see go public. Therefore it has turned into more of a truce, where we will get part, but not all of the truth.
This is what we have been calling Partial Disclosure. We are against this happening, and will continue fighting for Full Disclosure, which will be much better for everyone.
Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, are aware of what we’ve disclosed, and no one has freaked out, about any of it. The excuse that “you can’t handle the truth”, is nonsense.
The SSP Alliance, Inner Earth Alliance, and Sphere-Being Alliance, ..... are all pushing for Full Disclosure as well, which they call the “Optimal Temporal Reality” for our future.
                      WHAT IS PARTIAL DISCLOSURE...... SHAPING UP TO LOOK LIKE? - The Partial Disclosure plan, includes some admission of wrong-doing, an outing and punishing of mid-level people, and a beneficial global financial reset.
The cosmic aspect of the plan, appears to involve three key revelations, perhaps in different stages:
     1. A formal, public disclosure of the MIC SSP. They have two large, cloaked orbital platforms, flying black triangle craft, ...... and the ability to travel throughout our solar system.
     2. The unveiling of ancient, high-tech ruins in Antarctica, that have been newly excavated. This will prove that “Atlantis” was very real, and far more advanced, than we thought.
3. The revealing of extremely ancient ruins – over 1.8 billion years old – within the Earth, and throughout our solar system, often made of a crystalline transparent aluminum alloy.
           Although this sounds pretty awesome, and would be a great leap forward, this is still only a “Partial Disclosure” that leaves gaping holes, in our understanding. Another potential plan that is in the “optional” category, involves the possible disclosure of a single ET group, known as the “Tall Whites.” This is the group that Charles Hall and others, have met up with. The Cabal might try to introduce us, to this group, explain they have been around, for a really long time, and hope that they can get us, to follow a mystical new religion, offered by these beings.  This would definitely not be, in humanity’s best interest.   The rapidly-escalating downfall of high-level elite human trafficking rings, is bringing these issues, to the immediate forefront. The Cabal has run out of time – and they know it.  For many years they have planned on using a partial disclosure, to distract and inspire the public, if the full nature of their crimes, were to become known.
                THE DETAILS HAVE ALL BEEN LAID OUT     Much of the history and scientific research, to support this data, as well as the Full Disclosure version, was written into my new book The Ascension Mysteries, in an effort to help the Alliance groups.   The partial disclosure scenario, may not include any active ET life, operating around us, today.           The MIC SSP’s party line, will be that apart from ancient visitors, or perhaps an occasional “Gray” or “Tall White,” ....... we are alone.
        The first two episodes of the recently re-booted X-Files TV show, were a veritable blueprint for the “partial disclosure” of the MIC SSP, and its entire belief system.         The MIC SSP does not have the technology, to travel outside our solar system, so we would still be kept in a box – just a slightly larger version.  The SSP has much greater technology, that could heal our planet  (( Cabal Secret Space Program )). The Cabal could still secretly pursue their depopulation agenda, as the partial disclosure unfolded, over a 50 to 100-year period.
The Cabal is hoping to re-brand itself, as the “good guys”, as this partial disclosure scenario, rolls out. It is their last and only chance, to save their agenda.    ***********
       Without further ado, I will hand the microphone over to Corey, who will continue our story from here, with my co-authored input. It is well worth your time to learn about what is going on.  // End of Email1 -