Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - URGENT: Military Told Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia, in Syria! *** MORE **** Stateside Military, told to Prepare for Intercontinental one-for-one Nuke exchange!!!!    Military members from the United States who are in and around Syria, have been calling their families back in the states, telling them     "We have been told to prepare for a tactical nuclear exchange with Russia in Syria, and forces at home in the US, have been ordered to prepare for one-for-one intercontinental ballistic missile exchange(s) with Russia, once the fighting breaks out in Syria!"  Further, those conversations have included warnings to families, to immediately RELOCATE away from US Military bases, which are expected to be targets of any intercontinental attack. SuperStation95 has CONFIRMED such conversations, with three separate military families, who have family members in the Middle East!       The Pentagon refuses to comment on these reports, which is strange in-and-of-itself.  Usually, the Pentagon will flatly deny erroneous reports.  Not this time.  Just a terse "no comment."  This is a developing story . . . please check back for updates.
UPDATE 8:25 PM EDT --   The developments reported above, are accurate.  These developments come from the cut-off of Diplomatic cooperation, between the US and Russia inside Syria.
UNCONFIRMED . . . . repeat UNCONFIRMED reports..... indicate the US is going to directly attack Syrian forces, in-and-around Syrian President Bashar Assad, and perhaps Assad himself.  This decision has allegedly been made, because efforts to oust Assad by "rebel" means, have failed, and the US will not accept that failure.
         How This Developed - The US wants Syrian President Bashar Assad out of power, because Assad refused to allow QATAR to run a natural gas pipeline from its northern gas field, through various countries, including Syria, so as to supply natural gas, to Europe.  The US and Europe want this gas pipeline, so as to lessen European reliance upon Russian-supplied natural gas.  By lessening Europe's reliance upon Russia, the west thereby lessens Russia's power over Europe. When QATAR first proposed this pipeline, it won approval from all the governments along the proposed route - except Syria.  Since Syria has always been a Russian ally, Syrian President Assad realized that this pipeline would harm his Russian ally, and so he refused permission to have it travel through his country. This refusal did not sit well with QATAR or its Sunni-Islam allies, like Saudi Arabia.  Especially since, at the same time, Iran, which is Shi'ite Muslim and thus an enemy of Sunni Muslim countries,  was proposing a gas pipeline of its own to Europe, via a slightly different route.   .... (.....)   According to the The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters,.... this "Drill"began on October 4 ....and has three stages.  October 4 was Stage 1.  From their official government web site, here is what consitutes Stage 1:    .....(....)  Sounds perfectly reasonable, right?                 Next, on October 5, comes stage 2.  .....(....)
 But then their official government web site, comes to Stage 3.  Wait until you read the final paragraph:   .....(....)     More than 40 million people, 200,000 specialists of emergency rescue divisions, and about 50,000 units of equipment, are going to be involved in the drill. - - Yes, you read that correctly, they doing this "drill" with forty MILLION people.   All of a sudden, this doesn't look like a "drill", to any rational person.  So if it's not a drill, then what is it?  Well, it's staring us right in the face!
You can verify this yourself by visiting the Russian Ministry at their web site, HERE.  ..... (.....)      PUTIN GIVES "ULTIMATUM" TO U.S.  On the same day that the US announced it was breaking-off Diplomatic cooperation with Russia in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave, what Bloomberg Business News is calling "An Ultimatum" to the United States.  His demands are as follows:  ......(.....) ...we'll just ask:  "What usually happens after an Ultimatum is given?"  War. - -  - ....(....)   So here we are, on October 4, 2016, and today, the Russian government began a "drill" to place forty million (40 MILLION) of their citizens, into bomb shelters, throughout Russia.  Who is kidding whom, here?  This is no drill, they're preparing for war. Story HERE
The US and our population? Blissfully unaware. Unaware that at 3:00 PM EDT today, the US scrambled three E6B nuclear command and control aircraft, from Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. 
Story HERE       Unaware that two E4B Presidential Command Aircraft, are now aloft over the US, so as to be able to control our forces worldwide, "in the event ground-based systems are destroyed." Unaware that around 4:00 PM EDT today, the US scrambled multiple P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine-warfare aircraft, out into the Atlantic, to search for Russian missile submarines.     Yes, our fellow citizens are home watching the boob-tube, completely unaware of the horrors that may be unleashed upon all of us, within days.  .....(.....) Hopefully, since the cities will likely be the first nuke strike targets -- and they're filled with liberals and racist minorities -  those responsible for electing ( Muslim) Obama, will get killed first.  Poetic justice. (  Last modified on Wednesday, 05 October 2016-  16:37  )   Posted by Freewill at 9:53:00 AM

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.(...)  going back to August 2013, when China and Russia began legal proceedings against the USA, Inc, which actually finalized, when Puerto Rico defaulted in 2015, ...... as the USA, Inc. was incorporated in Puerto Rico in 1871.  ....(...)   Intel SITREP Report - GCR/RV, Republic, Military, Cabal, NESARA/GESARA -  ((       "EXODUS" - Intel SITREP - 1​4:00:00 EDT - Thursday - September 22, 2016
- 9:15:00 PM  Emailed, Intel   - Received via email at 3:12 PM EDT and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles - ----- ))    +   **

Joel Skousen and Brother Nathanael Share Why They Believe World War 3 Will Start on Oct 8, 2016 [VIDEOS] - Posted By: NaturalWisdom       Date: Thursday, 6-Oct-2016 01:46:43
Joel Skousen - The Globalists..... And Why The World /W *III ....Will Start on 8 October 2016?   World W.3 News    Mar 3, 2016  **
(taken from a Rense radio interview}            After World W-III3 the population of the world shall be limited to 4800 million. Primarily, India and China would not be aggressively involved in WorldW-ar three. With a combined population of about 2000 million... it shall mean that apart from India and China... the whole world would be badly affected by W-W*3, and All the prophecies tell us, that the World W*3 will be on 8 October 2016.
Brother Nathanael: Why The World - W* 3 Will Surely Be on 8 October 2016?     World W.3 News    Sep 9, 2016  **
World W*III3 shall be different from World W-ar One and WorldW-ar Two. The earlier World W-ars were fought for establishing the supremacy of one country over the other. World W* three ,shall be a fight to the finish between Christianity and I-slam.....  and It became known to everyone, that the World W-3III will be on 8 October 2016 -   Email Twitter Digg Reddit Google+ //   **