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..........LATEST...from JimStoneFreeLance....... March 18 2015 -Putin issues massive orders for nuclear readiness of general population. There have been numerous reports of nuclear war doom, but I have ignored all up, until now. After finding the report Proof of Putin body double (below), I have concluded he is alive, and that the following things have happened, which strongly indicate Russia is preparing for nuclear war.           1. There were rumors going around that Russia had re-opened and refurbished numerous fallout shelters, from the cold war era. As it turns out, it is true, and not just a Sorcha report. This is being done on a very rapid timeline after (yet again another probable true report) Russia intercepted British nuclear command and control communications, and determined they were preparing a nuclear strike. I do not have the details on this, but apparently Russia stopped something from happening via a hack, and this is the real reason why Putin is now in hiding.    B.S. some would say? Well, consider the following:        2. It appears to be more than an internet rumor, that orders have been given to employers in St Petersburg, to make nuclear preparations by purchasing gas masks and iodine tablets for all employees. Some companies have been contacted by internet bloggers, and their response has been "We heard about this, but do not have the specifics on paper yet". However, when you combine this, with the fact that cold war nuclear bunkers are being reopened, restocked and refurbished, and that part of the story is not a myth, it all starts to look a little spooky.          3. Russia announced a new nuclear attack submarine, that will "render U.S. navy forces, obsolete" which I think is probably B.S., but this type of thing is often spewed, to give a population confidence in the runup to a military confrontation. Add to this, the fact that America really is, at present, surrounding Russia with military forces right on the border, and it adds up to serious cause for alarm, and is yet another reason for Putin to go into hiding, while doing a little saber rattling.         4. As it turns out, Putin really did issue an international arrest warrant on Soros and Nathan Rothchild, for economic crimes committed against Russia. I ignored this, at first, but as it turns out, it is true. Fat chance any such warrant would be honored, but it clearly indicates that Putin is having NONE of the NWO financial scammery. This could indeed support the unconfirmed stories of ...Russia preventing a British nuclear strike, you don't threaten a Rothchild without consequence.          5. All of this put together - A thwarted nuclear strike, opening of cold war bunkers, at an extremely rapid pace, ordering employers to order gas masks (which will work against the worst scenario - inhaled nuclear fallout), in combination with ordering employers to stock up on iodine pellets, the U.S. right on the border with Russia, and DO NOT MISS THE REPORT BELOW, WHICH TALKS ABOUT AN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON PUTIN, ALL OF THIS put together, equals a scary scenario, I was staying mum on this, because of all the Sorcha type stuff out there, .... but enough of substance has now transpired, to give a heads up - Putin really is taking more than just precautions, the world just might be on the brink of nuclear war.                                    Proof of Putin body double: Assassination attempt by Ukraine, underway (and has been for a LONG TIME). The following report was put through google translate, and de-glitched by Jim Stone. (( ...Nemtsov's killer, Zaur Dadaev, was hired by the commander of Dzhokhar Dudaev Battalion in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev  ))     The Assassination of Nemtsov, has been traced back to Ukraine, and the same assassination team, has also been tasked to assassinate Putin. THIS IS WHY HE DISAPPEARED AND NOW HAS A BODY DOUBLE. The Assassins have faked being Muslim, but Russian authorities saw through that ruse, and properly pegged them, for who they really are (A Ukranian sponsored assassination team). No word on whether or not they were Jewish, only that the authorities knew they were not Muslim. Report follows: The man who assassinated Nemtsov, was recruited by Ukrainian battalion commander Adam Osmaev.     According to a source at the FSB * Komsomolskaya Pravda: "The sponsor of the assassination of Nemtsov, has prepared the assassination of Vladimir Putin."  The main suspect in the organization of this high-flying offense, is the commander of the Ukrainian battalion Dudayev, named Adam Osmaev. The correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, met an FSB agent, that is part of the team responsible for the investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. In an exclusive interview, he gave new details about the crime, and the name of the man who most likely ordered the killing.     The weapon was found.            "Today, investigators hold irrefutable evidence, that all those detained in the murder of the politician, are the perpetrators," said our FSB source. First, the data from their mobile phones collected by operators to bill calls (calls and movements of the subscriber), prove that they monitored Nemtsov, before the assassination, following him closely. Through their mobile phones, we can follow the suspicious movements, to where Nemtsov was located with his laptop. At the time of the murder all prisoners were in the area: one group under the bridge, others in a car, others nearby.     It was Zaur Dadaev who pulled the trigger. He confessed before consulting the advice of his lawyers. But that does not change anything, the investigation has already established irrefutable evidence of his guilt. The small details of how the crime was committed, are being held confidential. The gun was thrown into the river after the crime, it was later found by divers. The fact that Zaur Dadaev immediately told television cameras: "I love the Prophet Muhammad," is just a cover. There are no religious motives, to this murder. They cynically executed a contract. They are far from devout Muslims. In fact, they are only gangsters.
And that's the most important thing. The executor of the murder, was in close contact with Adam Osmaev, who recently became the commander of the Ukrainian battalion Dudayev. They met and also communicated frequently on the phone. Zaur Dadaev and his associates, worked with Osmaev in internal Ukrainian affairs. And also with the Chechens, who fought on the territory of Ukraine, for the new regime. Zaur Dadaev was registered in the North Battalion (Sever) of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior, but while serving there, he was actually engaged in activities against Russia. It was linked to Osmaev reciprocal obligations.           Zaur Dadaev         When journalists from the Russian TV channel News Life, arrested in Ukraine, have been released, we know that Zaur Dadaev was involved in this operation. He was in direct communication with Osmaev. I do not have the authority to disclose the details. We are still in the process of gathering evidence. But I can already tell you, that we suspect Adam Osmaev of ordering the assassination of Nemtsov. The main purpose of the crime, was to present Russia, in a bad light.        The perpetrators were ordered to stage the assassination, where it was committed. In other words, to not kill him in a dark corner, but in a highly visible area - the heart of Moscow, opposite the Kremlin, to provoke outrage around the world. Before the crime they received an advance, and it was agreed that the rest of the money after successfully completing the job, would be deposited into their bank account.                  Why would they kill Nemtsov, who spoke against the policies of Putin? Why would they kill their ideal ideological ally?         Nothing stops them [ultra] nationalists and criminals. Morality does not come into play, in the killing of their ally. Nemtsov became a tool. The objective was to harm Russia, to present Russia in a bad light, to prevent peace in Donbass (especially after talks with Merkel and Holland). They wanted to present the President of Russia in the eyes of the international community, as absolute evil - to say: look at how he treats the opposition. The world was just beginning to judge Putin's policy in Ukraine, positively. And the cynical murder of Nemtsov, has caused a wave of discontent fueled by the international media. The American and European press immediately began to present the murder in a biased way, by laying the blame on the president of Russia.                This team of assassins was already assigned to kill Putin in 2012, by placing explosives in his motorcycle. Adam Osmaev has already been suspected in an assassination attempt on Putin in 2012, who was then Prime Minister and presidential candidate. Osmaev had planned to blow up Putin's motorcycle, which was confirmed by evidence recovered from his laptop, which included a video of the Prime Minister traveling by motorcycle in Moscow. After this evidence was obtained, Osmaev cooperated in the investigation, and admitted that he had come to Odessa from the United Arab Emirates, on the orders of commander Doku Umarov. But in court, Osmaev refused to testify, saying his testimony was snatched, during a beating. His lawyers filed a complaint with the Office of the Prosecutor, and the European Court of Human Rights. Osmaev could not have killed Putin himself, but it seems the threat has not calmed down since. And later, Boris Nemtsov was designated as the target, most likely to harm the president. Nemtsov was no longer considered an active member of the opposition for a long time, he was not a serious competitor to Putin, but his name was known. The choice of this sacrificial lamb, proved a great success. Nothing stops gangsters. And when the gangsters get political, the result is diabolical.             Is Omasev going to be charged? The investigation is just beginning, it brings together the evidence. We already have evidence, but I do not want to say too much, in order not to impede the investigation.  In 2007 in Moscow, a terrorist attack was averted on the eve of Victory Day: explosives were found in a parked car. Adam Osmaev, a native of Grozny, suspected of the crime, was sentenced in absentia, by the Lefortovsky District Court of Moscow, and an international arrest warrant was issued against him. The investigation revealed that Osmaev, assisted by a group of Chechens and Ingush, was also preparing the assassination of President Ramzan Kadyrov, to be held May 9.   According to press reports, Osmaev then went into hiding in the UK, where he was contacted by associates of Doku Umarov, who offered to organize a new terrorist attack. Adam agreed and traveled to Ukraine with a fake passport. In 2012, he was arrested after an explosion in a rented apartment, that happened while he was preparing terrorist bombs. Osmaev and his right arm, Ilya Pyanzin, a Kazakh citizen, ....admitted that they were preparing the assassination of the head of government of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. (My insert - this is why Putin's motorcycle, did not explode) The suspects also said they were recruiting fighters for committing future terrorist attacks in Russia. But later they retracted. Russia demanded the extradition of Adam Osmaev Ukraine, but the European Court of Human Rights objected, saying, ". In Russia, the prisoner may be subjected to torture" Pyanzin was finally extradited to Russia in September 2013, he was sentenced to ten years in prison.  On 18 November 2014, the court sentenced Odessa Osmaev sentenced to 2 years and 9 months imprisonment, which was equivalent to the time he had already spent in prison. He was released in the courtroom, for lack of evidence of preparing assassination. The room reacted to the release of Osmaev with applause, and he, in turn, encouraged them to protect Ukraine. In February this year, Osmaev headed the Ukrainian battalion named Dudayev, succeeding.... General died/dead in Debaltsevo, Isa Munaev.  Bottom line? there is a LOT more to this Putin story, than we have been told, and a body double has probably been used for a LONG TIME, as a result. Original report is HERE :
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Reader, link: "Irrefutable evidence Putin is dead and replaced with a double"
.................... Jim Stone ( ):  After finding the report Proof of Putin body double (below), I have concluded he is alive.................. Read ...and .....  ...............