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Police form Line And Place Barricades Between Hundreds Of Protestors, At Draw Muhammad Contest, In Phoenix
Posted By: Watchman   Date: Friday, 29-May-2015 22:42:11 - -         Muslims Threaten Blood, Armed Bikers Say Bring It On...           ongoing- live coverage at:
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Anti Islam protest - Pamela's instigators, are at it again, right as the Patriot act is expiring, hoping to body slam America, back under that particular boot. Far from being for freedom, Pamela has proven herself to be a police state angel, and though her name is not attached to it, any time you have "paint mohammed" contests, well, she was the originator, and THIS TIME THEY ARE DOING IT, RIGHT OUTSIDE A MOSQUE IN PHOENIX!         RED ALERT REQUEST: ANYONE LIVING IN PHOENIX, PLEASE GO THERE, AND WITH A LONG ZOOM CAMERA. FILM EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS, FROM A BLOCK OR MORE AWAY. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP HIDDEN. That way when they false flag something, to bring the patriot act back, BUSTED!!!!! and if you do get something, keep it secret secret secret, until many many many backup copies, are out there, do not just hand it, to the police!        The event is scheduled to be held outside the Islamic Community Center in north Phoenix ON FRIDAY.     BE THERE, BE READY, AND DOCUMENT ALL OF IT, FROM START TO FINISH. IF I LIVED ANYWHERE IN THE US MYSELF, I WOULD SPEND ALL NIGHT DRIVING TO GET THERE, TO DOCUMENT THIS.  My stating this request ....will (probably) help stop anything from happening, far from being militant, the Muslims will cower in the mosque, like scared mice. If anyone sparks violence, MAKE SURE YOU INTERVIEW PEOPLE ON CAMERA FROM THE MOSQUE, TO SEE IF THEY EVEN KNOW WHO IT IS. ADDITIONAL NOTE: THIS WILL BE DONE BETWEEN 12 and 3PM ..... and Friday was chosen because that is the day everyone goes to the mosque.         The Islamic meeting time on Friday at this particular location, will be at any time between 12:30 PM and 2PM, with the most likely time being 1 PM, and people will be arriving earlier. (( )) This particular mosque is run by Bosnians who have their web site in their local tongue, so this mosque may have been chosen, so that a language barrier will help misrepresent whatever happens, and this is also why I can't figure out the exact meeting time (but it will always fall between the times I stated, no matter what, and you will want to be there, before and after anyway.)            JUST SAY NO to the Patriot act, there could not be a setup more obvious, BE THERE.      Additional note: Please read the Phoenix news report, regarding this event, to make sure I got the location right, information regarding Muslims, is often extremely hard to decipher, because the press almost never gets it right. There are two mosques in North Phoenix, it is most likely the one I linked, but it could also be THIS ONE, (( ))  and in this case they obviously meet at 12:45 PM. The phoenix media report is here:         - - - - - - - - //////  (( FRIDAY may 29th.....))    Anti Islam protest in Phoenix TODAY.  UPDATE: IF YOU GO TO BUST THEM, ON THIS, KEEP IN MIND THAT THE PEOPLE RUNNING THE MOHAMMED CARTOON CONTEST, ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND WILL THROW AWAY YOUR LIFE, LIKE TOILET PAPER, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! I RECOMMEND NO LESS THAN A 20X OPTICAL ZOOM CAMERA, AND TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A FENCE, AT A MINIMUM, ANSWER NO QUESTIONS FOR ANYONE, DO NOT BE POLITE CHATTY, AND: Since this web site pointed out what is going on, and where, and suggested people to be there, .... I suggest people show up to ALL the mosques in Phoenix, just in case they move the "art contest". Stay well away from this event, and let the camera bring you, close.  If you have a modern super zoom, there is no reason to get close to them, at all. This would be a great.... lunch hour activity!    Here is what this is about:    Pamela's instigators, are at it again, right as the Patriot act is expiring.....(.....)
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Message window updates are below this, pegged to the top report. There is a lot to go through, I will get them posted, throughout the day. ///   Anti Islam "Paint Mohammed" protest in Phoenix TODAY - - UPDATE: The Jewish community is obviously ALL OVER the forums and blogs, attempting to set the precedent for an ISIS attack, and spur violence as much as possible, WATCH YOUR STEP! This is the first time we got forewarning of a possible false flag, and if it happens, DOCUMENT IT.      UPDATE: This is going to be spun as "American 2nd Amendment against Islam." ISIS has been cued. DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT!       UPDATE: CONTEST MOVED BACK TO 6:30 PM TO AVOID FRIDAY PRAYER, AND REDUCE THE NUMBER OF WITNESSES, ..... BUT THEY ONLY MADE IT EASIER, FOR THE RIGHT WITNESSES, TO SHOW UP, BE THERE.  They moved the contest time away from Friday Prayers, most likely because this web site gave instructions for people to be there. Let's rain on their parade. I HAVE A GREAT PLAN!
Download this informational piece, about Nut Yahoo,(Netanyahoo) print it in black and white CHEAP, run off a bunch of copies, and HAND THEM OUT AT THE CARTOON EVENT.  ((  )) They say this is going to go on, through the weekend, which means THEY WANT STRESS FACTOR TO GET WITNESSES TO TIRE OUT, SO THEY CAN DO THEIR FALSE FLAG. People need to be there the whole time documenting this, from start to finish. For as long as they are there, BE THERE. People can trade off times to be there, and keep this under control. We are the police, with this one, if you do not want the Patriot Act put back in place, a strong presence must be made.      Here is that Nut Yahoo goodie, to print and hand out:   When they tell you that Muslims are a bunch of goat herders, make sure you have the following slideshow (click it to download, the actual file is much more clear, than this little strip) ready to go on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop:
We have a perfect opportunity to totally kick @ss with the truth, at this event, this time supposedly a marine is running the show, but it is obviously Pamela, and it is time to wake people up! The biggest baddest truth weapon, is that Nut Yahoo flyer above, that will put the truth in peoples hands, BIG TIME, let's see if the opposition gets violent over it and remember, DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT, CAMERAS ROLLING FULL TIME.    As a side comment here, this is supposed to be at the mosque, where the last two "terrorists" originated from.
...............................april 28th......   People have asked me "I know there is a conspiracy, but what can I do about it, to wake people up? Here is my answer: DOWNLOAD THIS NETANYAHOO FLYER, AND THROW IT EVERYWHERE, especially in New York.       In response to Pamela Gellar's hate ad, that is going to be posted on buses and in the subway, I produced this far more factual ad. Post these everywhere. Wake people up. Make one master on a laser printer (or ink jet if that is all that is available) and then run off a zillion on a copier, and put them everywhere, bus seats, park benches, telephone poles, store bulletin boards, and especially on the hate signs Pamela Gellar is putting up. Just don't get caught, if pasting over one of her signs! I did this in black and white, to keep it cheap to do. Have fun! For a half page flyer, put two on a page vertically and print in portrait mode. For a full page flyer, print in landscape mode. This is just a thumbnail image here, when you save this it will have crisp clean text for a perfect professional print. If you get this printed somewhere, do not let them "resample print" to speed up printing, the quality will be destroyed, if that is done.   Every report on this web site, is public domain, and can be re-posted in full. Just mention this web site, by linking back to the original here. Mirrors are permitted and appreciated.
...........(   tuesday....may   5th )...      ALL BUT TOTALLY PROVEN: PAMELA GELLAR STAGES ISIS SHOOTING, IN GARLAND TEXAS  Permalink:   Pamela Gellar would be able add murder to her list of slam Islam tactics, that is IF ANYONE DIED, AND IT IS VIRTUALLY ASSURED NO ONE DID, NOT EVEN THE "Jihadists". This is very difficult to piece together, because no news report has all the details, and they are widely separated, but HERE IT IS: Pamela Gellar was holding a "paint mohammed" festival, in Garland Texas. Low and behold, TWO Islamic "nutcases" crashed her event, and started shooting. And THESE EXACT DEAD SHOOTERS, NOW CLAIM AFFILIATION WITH ISIS, VIA TWEETS!. Caveat: They showed up shooting, but NO ONE took a bullet but the shooters, and BOTH died! Can you say B.S. FALSE FLAG NEVER HAPPENED, BOSTON STYLE? I KNEW YOU COULD!           It really looks like Pamela staged this phony ISIS attack, to help her dry her tears, ONLY FOUR DAYS after the New York Transit system banned ALL political ads, to block her from posting her banner ad here to the left, on buses and in the subways. The blocking of her ads, which were previously approved by a judge, no doubt gave her a setback, she could not cope with, so she went for the slam dunk, AN ISIS ATTACK AGAINST HER OWN EVENT! in a city a thousand miles away! HA HA HA HA HA, HOW TRANSPARENT IS THAT? No wonder why the MSM refused to put the pieces together, and instead left it all, as a cattle trail of incomplete and deceptive reports. But it is my job to put it all into a cohesive picture, which in this case clearly states: PAMELA, YOU SUCK AT FALSE FLAGS!      And Pamela, IT IS VIRTUALLY ASSURED, YOU STAGED THIS. If anyone really was injured, YOU are responsible, and will hopefully do jail time. That would shut you up!          UPDATE: Zero hedge has all the details of what (supposedly) happened in Texas HERE, so I do not need to fish up a bunch of MSM reports. It takes approximately 6 alert neurons, to add New York to Texas, and accurately output FALSE FLAG, this was a damn brazen stunt for Pamela to pull.       And how will this stunt be used? Well, figure this: Pamela managed to inject into the public conscience, an "ISIS" attack on American soil, right as we were going into the dreaded Jade Helm. No doubt the FBI and CIA and all others, will know Pamela scammed this, but since they are all about subjugation of the American people and false flags anyway, they won't prosecute, they will THANK HER, and use this, to screwball the American people. Pamela Gellar is therefore, in my opinion, PUBLIC ENEMY #1, and the VERY FIRST to be definitively identified on a personal level, as a destroyer of freedom for the American people. This time, we have a face, location, name, and organization, to pin the tail on the donkey with.         In Pamela's version of a false flag, TWO armed terrorists showed up with blazing AK-47's and full body armor, gave an unarmed security guard, a mild ankle wound, and were shot dead in seconds, by a lone police officer with a handgun. Pamela can't dream up a plausible plot, to save her life, PLASTIC KNIVES AND BOXCUTTERS, ANYONE? Scenario matches THIS: Two paid actors nailed third unarmed actor "security guard" in the ankle, with wad from blank, while shooting at the ground. Sore spot only, no blood lost, looked at, and immediately released from hospital. No one died, pure fiction after that. *************        /// ...........................................and.........
          ISIS Claims Responsibility For Texas Shooting That Leaves Two Dead, Police Officer Injured - Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/04/2015 -  ... Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, said that she planned the Sunday event....///  TruxtonSpangler's picture - Rita Katz is running the ISIS op. Its a grand PsyOp!     CIA -> Mujahidine -> Al Qaeda -> ISIS & Boko Haram (follow the names back, to get to the answer) - " Early life - Katz, a fluent Arabic speaker, was born in Basra in Southern Iraq in 1963, to a well-to-do Iraqi Jewish family.[1][4] After the Six Day War, and shortly after Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party seized power in Iraq in 1968, her father was arrested, on charges of spying for Israel.[4]   /////////////////      AN AWAKENING:  I bet the Baltimore riots were done, to justify the types of curfews, that are so loved by police states. Look at every tyranny that ever existed. Curfews are the norm, and with the chief of Police saying the rioters were from other places, and the Mayor ordering the police to give these imported rioters, "room to destroy", it is OBVIOUS that Baltimore had IMPOSING CURFEWS, perhaps as their only purpose. THIS IS A BIG BAD IMPORTANT THING, TO NOTE:  With Jade Helm standing as an ominous precursor to a huge police state smack down, THE ELITE HAVE TO HAVE A WAY TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM BUGGING OUT AT NIGHT, WHEN THEY WILL BE HARDER TO TRACK, SO CURFEWS WILL BE EVERYWHERE TO PREVENT THIS, AND I NOW BELIEVE BALTIMORE WAS THE TESTING GROUND...... (..... )   .........................................../////
... wed.... may 06th......
....... If Anonymous really did find out about the ISIS attack, before the NSA did, it is only because they either:  1. Hacked Pamela's mail, and knew it was being set up -OR-      Hacked a government mail box or file, and found out what the NSA knew about, but did nothing to stop, because it was a CIA OPERATION.   I personally don't believe any of it, after all, ANONYMOUS MEANS ANYONE, INCLUDING THE CIA OR JEWISH COMMUNITY SPINNING B.S., OR EVEN PAMELA GELLER HERSELF. They need a rescue for this psy op, and are floating anything they can in the manure pit, with the hopes of finding something that won't sink into an ocean of crap. Why guillotines will be used to kill American Christian dissidents           The religious basis for Jewish use of guillotines, rooted in hard fact.        This is a rebuttal to David Hodges' claim that Muslims will be doing the beheadings. Think again, this is DEAD WRONG         I was in the Jewish community for two consecutive years, and learned enough while there to know beyond all doubt why guillotines have been chosen as the killing method for Christian American patriots. Muslims do not do beheadings despite what you may believe about ISIS. Fortunately many people are not stupid about who ISIS really is. But that is another topic. FACT: The guillotines were bought and paid for by NWO Jews. To circumvent this cold hard fact and try to pin it all on someone else, is sheer lunacy. And the reason why guillotines will be used (when really it would be cheaper and easier to just put a bullet in the brain, because you can just walk people up to the trench, shoot them, and have them fall in) rather than drag them there without a head, has ONE SOLID REASON, and it is shocking:  Jews have the belief that the condition your body is in at the time of death, is what you will have for all eternity after death. So when they go to kill the Christians AND MUSLIMS, which Jews have a profound hatred for, because they claim the same God as Jews (and Jews believe they have a monopoly status on God) they want as many as possible to be walking around in the afterlife, without a head, as a punishment for making a false claim to God, and worshiping with what they believe is a false religion. This is a cold hard fact, like it or not, believe it or not.  That is the ONLY REASON FOR THE GUILLOTINES, it has a religious basis, rooted in the dark halls of Judaism. If you knew how "out there" some of the Jewish beliefs are, you would be shocked, compared to Christians and Muslims, Jews really are stone age, with their belief of freakishly illogical dogma. And guillotines fit it, PERFECT.

       Hodges is perfectly correct about the Mormons being targeted however. That is a cold hard fact he did not miss.My point is that Muslims are not going to be involved (as a religious edict) with the mass killing when it happens. There will  probably be brainwashed Muslims in the killing crews, along with brainwashed Christians, Buddhists and Hindus, whoever can be manipulated, but it will not be a Muslim directed effort.      Mormons will be targeted for a huge reason: They are preppers, to such an extent that stores in Utah all have a prepper section (even Wal Mart) where you can buy 50 pound bags of oat meal for $8, 25 ....pound bags of sugar for $10 etc.... and Mormons take advantage of it , and are usually stocked up for Armageddon. Two years of comfortable eating, is the norm among real Mormons.  Tyrants HATE THAT, they want an easy kill, and that is why Utah is red.  ((on their map))                       Final answer: There was no terror attack in Garland Texas, and Pamela is intentionally and willfully playing the provocateur, to "justify" a total police state smack down on America, during and in the aftermath of Jade Helm. There is just no other way to put it. Even if there were no injuries and only dead terrorists, we should still have the bodies on the ground, in the press photos, and there is absolutely nothing. No blood, no bodies, only fake FBI profiles and bogus staged tweets. IT IS ALL B.S. FOLKS, AND WE CANNOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.      TAKE THE FOLLOWING REPORT, ARCHIVE AND POST!   ////
..thursday 7th.... Pamelea Geller needs to be taken out      HEADS UP INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES AND POLICE FORCES:
Pamela Geller represents such a threat to American society and your own future, it is imperative you take her down. HERE IS WHY:
Anonymous did not find any ISIS in America. Do you know what "anonymous" is? Anonymous is absolutely ANYONE making a claim and planting "evidence".
Now, I am sure there are many hackers out there working anonymously, but there is a cold hard reason why ISIS had over 70 agents on American soil and the NSA did not know about it, and it is because these 70 plus agents live in Pamela Geller's mind, spew from Pamela Geller's keypad and she is also ALSO "Anonymous".

If you want to take the real terrorists out with ease, LOOK WITHIN PAMELA'S CIRCLE OF ACQUAINTANCE AND HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY. Pamela definitely thrives as a shiny bubble at the top of the cesspool that is drowning America, Pamela definitely knows at a personal level the people who perpetrated 911, Sandy Hook and other frauds against America AND THIS IS NOT A LUDICROUS CLAIM BECAUSE: We have NO BLOOD AND NO BODIES IN GARLAND TEXAS. NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE OR PHOTO EVER HIT THE NEWS. IT WAS ALL PAMELA, A FEW SCAMMING JEWS WHO SHOWED UP TO HER EVENT AND A COUPLE LIARS IN THE PARKING LOT. THERE WERE NO GUNMEN AT ALL, NO BULLET HOLES IN CARS, NO MASSIVE POLICE RESPONSE, NO MOB OF POLICE SHOWING UP IN ANY PHOTOS, NOT ONE THING HAPPENED YET PAMELA GOT TOTALLY NATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE WITHOUT A SHRED OF FACT CHECKING AND THAT PUTS HER AT THE PEAK OF THE PYRAMID. SHE EVEN GOT THE DIRECTOR OF THE NSA ON BOARD SPEWING HIS OWN FORM OF SCAM BEFORE THERE WAS ANY INVESTIGATION AT ALL, SHE CALLS THE SHOTS. Pamela belongs to the EXACT central vampire hive that is sucking the life blood out of America. This is easily proven by the fact that the ziopress took everything she did, said, and "discovered" and ran with it like a herd of stampeding bulls, not questioning anything AT ALL. They instead played the roll of devil's advocate, spinning every lie to make themselves appear "tolerant" in a way that had maximum influence and caused maximum hatred and division in the nation AND SHE DID SO IN TEXAS, THE ONE STATE MAKING A STAND AGAINST THE DREADED JADE HELM. If you want a look straight into the eyes of the enemy of freedom, look no further than Pamela Geller.           Pamela Geller is the gold nugget of tyranny sitting right on the surface of the mother load, if you wanted to clean up America and get maximum mileage with minimum effort, all any intelligence agency, police force, military unit or ANYONE ELSE WITH THE MEANS would need to do is DIG THE GROUND AROUND HER, and I am certain they would find absolutely everything they need to WIPE TYRANNY OUT. //
Permalink:  (pg-anonymous ) /////  May 9th.....    My response: Intelligence agencies will read more than just a headline, and know it is a request, for them to do the job. If there is any decency left in those agencies, they absolutely will take her out.        AND       The term "murder" could not possibly apply to filth as low as Pamela, other terms are more appropriate, such as "sanitization", "stain removal" or "finding a cure". "Murder" is what happens to innocents, which Pamela is clearly not, and I am certain Pamela got her hands on a few of those missing Central American children, who were supposed to be on trains, for her rituals. (( ))  If not, CPS provided them, after stealing them, from Mormons. If Molech was not an all guy thing, Pamela would at least be a candidate for queen of the grove.        ////