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RE: Pope Francis Says You’re NOT Christian if You Own a Gun (views: 369)  Lymerick -- Monday, 22-Jun-2015 20:36:52  - - JIM STONE SAYS:
..... tuesday..... 23rd..... The antipope says that if you own a gun, you are not a Christian.
My comment: What about the crusades? How about Cortez blowing away the Aztecs, to get the Catholic church into Latin America? Was that Christian, or was it not?
The antipope now needs to offer an official apology to Mexico, after the Catholic church killed the Aztecs, and practically everyone else here . . . . WITH GUNS HA! I will tell you, who is owed reparations! The Jews are forcing Spain to give them reparations, after they got expelled in the late 1400´s .... for bad behavior. But the reparations are really owed to Mexico, because via the Catholic church Spain robbed the Aztecs and Mayas and other inhabitants, of trillions of dollars worth of gold, and murdered most of them. In Mexico, all those huge pyramids were layered in solid 24 karat gold, when Cortez arrived, that is where all that Spanish loot and sunken treasure ships, and "Pirates of the Caribbean" stories originated - with gold ripped off the pyramids.     So dear ANTI POPE: Historic Catholic church policy, is to use guns to force religion, while robbing everything, people have. To say gun owners are not Christian, should get you hung, for hypocrisy.     And dear Jewish community: If Spain owes ANYONE reparations, they owe MEXICO, NOT YOUR FILTHY ROTTEN SYMPATHY SUCKING TRIBE.  Now that I got that posted, I am going to log in, with sure to be perfectly working Linux, and re-secure this windows compromised web site.  ///             Lia on the forum, posted THIS!!! BINGO! (( )) It is official, the Charleston shooting was a pre scheduled drill. And the on scene photos, show our shooter wearing paintball body armor, as well. What if he was fooled into thinking it was a paintball drill, and they instead gave him live ammo? That would be a great way, to off a state senator!
                      The "Manifesto".   People have scolded me, for missing the fact that the TPP passed, during this shooting. I disagree, I ought to scold others, for not covering the fact the TPP was up and coming, days before this event .....(.....)    Jim Stone: - World Class Investigative Truth