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.... the type of space craft used by these alien forces over El Paso, are known to be utilized by what are commonly refereed to as the “Nordic aliens” who have been described as benevolent, or even “magical” beings, who want to observe and communicate with humans, but who are also known to be “enemies” of the so called “grey aliens”.... the US has received the majority of its war making technology from, ... these past nearly seven decades.    Even more, these MoD strategic analysts, point out in this report, that the US regions (States), these “Nordic aliens” appear to be dispersing in, is also those regions being targeted by Jade Helm-15 ...that US military special forces are now beginning to secretly flood into. .....  only a military operation like Jade Helm-15, where specifically trained Special Forces troops, are able to identify them, would be able to find them, among the American population.   And furthering MoD fears, that Jade Helm-15 is, in fact, a new type of war being launched against the “Nordic aliens” by the Obama regime, this report warns, is the Washington Post News Service, now reporting that this internal American “war exercise”, is now off limits, to all press coverage and reporting.    And as to why these “Nordic aliens” would be targeting the Obama regime, in the first place, this report notes, are the growing fears....  of a US-initiated nuclear war, that they have begun practicing for, on their Nevada test range, where their strategic bombers are now dropping simulated atomic bombs.   With these “Nordic aliens” having multiple times, in the past decades, shut down both US and former Soviet Union nuclear weapons and facilities, this report concludes, ...  the Obama regimes siding with the “grey alien” races, against them, to start a new atomic World War III....  is “beyond suicidal”.... venturing into, instead, the “territory of Biblical end times”.          July 9, 2015      ((..... the Jade Helm-15 war exercise involving thousands of US military special forces troops being conducted in the Western States of America....  is in reality a massive hunt for suspected “Nordic alien forces” whose crafts have broke into our Earth’s atmosphere over El Paso, Texas, on 1 April and 29 June. ...
X-points /PORTALS/ or electron diffusion regions; they're places where the magnetic field of Earth.... connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet,  to the sun's atmosphere .... 93 million miles away...... they are invisible, unstable, and elusive, as they open and close without warning   .....   ))                          Jade Helm-15 War Exercise Linked To Nordic Alien UFO’s Invading Texas ?      ///////  has been sent to hobie,- - R.Glenn - with jacques,s email. - - - ////