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  Queen Elizabeth is World's Largest Landowner: "Crown" is Rothschild Front   -
By Alcuin Bramerton, Henry Makow Blog/website. Sept 9, 2015 - "Crown" is Rothschild Front  - As Elizabeth II becomes England's longest serving monarch, it is worth remembering that she is really a symbol of economic disparity.  (VN: and the reason she is the "longest reigning monarch, is because she drinks the blood of babies.)Elizabeth Windsor and her covert syndicate in London, are the world's largest landowners, by a significant margin.  Latest! Europe's royal élites are fragmenting over their Nazi-continuum connections, with the Committee of 300 -Original Article back in 2010               It is accurate to posit that Australia, New Zealand and Canada are not independent, sovereign countries. However, these nations are not owned and run by the UK; they are owned and run by the House of Windsor Crown Temple syndicate, within the City of London Corporation. The head signatory of the Crown Temple syndicate, is Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England).It should not be forgotten that the most powerful financial syndicate in the Western World, is that of the European Rothschilds. The Rothschilds, because of their power base inside the City of London Corporation, have a controlling membership of the London Crown Temple syndicate, and they also have executive control of the Vatican and the Mafia, though the P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy.       The financial affairs of the UK government in London, are also Rothschild-controlled. The line management here is understood to be Jacob Rothschild > Nathaniel Rothschild (N.M.Rothschild & Sons Limited, New Court, St Swithin's Lane, London EC4P 4DU) > Oliver Letwin > George Osborne (British Chancellor of the Exchequer).             Queen Elizabeth II fronts for the Rothschilds. She is the largest landowner on Earth. She is Head of State of the United Kingdom and of thirty one other states and territories, and is the legal owner of 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the Earth's land surface. A conservative estimate of the value of the Crown Temple syndicate's land holding, under the Queen's signature, is £17.6 trillion.                                        ...
The Queen's syndicate land holdings, are based on the laws of the countries she owns, and her land title is valid in each of those countries. Her main holdings are Canada, the 2nd largest country on Earth, with 2,467 million acres, Australia, the 7th largest country on Earth with 1,900 million acres, Papua New Guinea with 114 million acres, New Zealand with 66 million acres, and the UK with 60 million acres.
Elizabeth Windsor and her covert syndicate in London, are the world's largest landowners by a significant margin. The next largest landowner is the Russian state, with an overall ownership of 4,219 million acres, and a direct ownership comparable with the Queen's land holding of 2,447 million acres.               The 3rd largest landowner is the Chinese state, which claims all of Chinese land, about 2,365 million acres.       The 4th largest landowner on Earth is often said to be the Federal Government of the United States, which owns about one third of the land area of the USA, 760 million acres. However, this Washington DC private corporation Federal Estate, is actually owned and controlled by the London Crown Temple syndicate. Indeed, at the present time, the London syndicate in partnership with an old family Chinese syndicate, hold, and have activated, ..... a $47 trillion World Court Writ of Execution and Lien on the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board. The five largest "personal" landowners on Earth, at present, are Queen Elizabeth II of England (6,600 million acres), King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (553 million acres), King Bhumibol of Thailand (126 million acres), King Mohammed IV of Morocco (113 million acres) and Sultan Quaboos of Oman (76 million acres).            In reality, however, these named individuals are just the head signatories of old bloodline syndicates, which act corporately through hidden family trusts. (VN: all those named are also Khazars, as is Rothschild, so citizens of those countries,  HEED THE WARNING "BE CAREFUL AND PREPARED".          More historical and current background about Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) is compiled here:              and          *** - See more at: - - - FROM:
..................................... and ...............        Posted 19 October 2009 - 05:36 AM -  Elizabeth Windsor's oaths of allegiance; a glimpse into the retarding frictions of élite criminality.      The Casper intel group (( )).....  is accurate in its view that historical oaths are presenting a retarding friction, in getting Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) to unblock her opposition to the delivery of the prosperity fund trigger packs in the US.  More background here (12.10.09), here (12.10.09), here (13.10.09), here (13.10.09) and here (16.10.09). The Queen regards herself as a sworn guardian of the historical treasure of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar are now better known as the Jesuits. The treasure of the Templars is not a particular stash of gold or sequestered riches. The treasure of the Knights Templar, is the total financial control of the planet. In the 1950s, as a young women, and recently enthroned as Queen, Elizabeth Windsor was compelled by her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, to take the Jesuit Blood Oath. This is sometimes referred to as the Jesuit Extreme Oath and Induction. The text of this Satanic rite, was placed on the US Congressional record, on the 15th February 1913. The page was torn out by a vandal at a later date. The full text of the Jesuit Blood Oath can be read here.       When the Queen, as quoted by Casper on Monday 12th October 2009, talked about burning "them", she was probably talking (or thinking) not just about the prosperity fund trigger packs, but also about burning her own entrails, with sulphur (see Jesuit text linked above) .... should she betray the Jesuit Blood Oath, and allow financial control of the planet, to slip away..... to an uncontrollable Other.
Elizabeth Windsor took the Jesuit Blood Oath in secret, one August, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. A related curio, perhaps relevant to that remote location in Aberdeenshire, is that the Jesuits wrote the first 25 degrees of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry, in 1754. More background about this, can be found here. And Benjamin Fulford has commented on the Satanic goings-on, which are conducted under the radar at Balmoral here. .....(.....)
                In the early 1990s, for genuine spiritual reasons connected with the influence of one of her (Anglican) chaplains, Elizabeth Windsor began to have qualms of conscience, about her Jesuit connection. Foolishly, she confided her concerns to her mother. Shortly afterwards, on the orders of the then Superior General of the Jesuits, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, ... she was terminated and cloned. The details of this unremarked regicide, may shortly emerge. More about the use of human clones in élite political management, can be found here.  But the Casper intel group, is also right to stress the Nazi nature of the oaths, which Elizabeth Windsor feels she is constrained by. The House of Windsor has impeccable Nazi roots, as does the US Bush family.
It is said that one of the Pandora's suitcase documents involving the Queen has to do with the manner in which her family was actively in touch with leading Nazis throughout the Second World War.    The Duke of Windsor, for example, operated in close collaboration with the Nazis in Spain and Portugal, to foment a revolution in wartime Britain.  ....(.....)
..................................... and ............CASPER OPINION - MAY 29, 2015 ......(.....)   ISIS belongs to Obama. A river of blood, beheadings, rapes and crucifixions, children cut in half, in front of their parents. You can’t imagine the suffering, so don’t try. Isis has now spread to nine countries, while Obama protects their flank and their leadership. Here’s a news flash for you. ISIS is inside Baghdad. Suicide bombings have been going on there for two weeks. APR (as previously reported), IMO, ISIS is Obama’s ‘fail-safe’ mechanism. If his sabotage from within the system ever fails, ISIS is on standby, roasting marsh mellows, while laughing at the held in check planes overhead.  ......(......) I believe our Presidents are SELECTED by the CFR and the CABAL, and the Diebold Voting Machines, which report as they are preprogrammed to report. I do not believe the majority of the American People are as blind or stupid, as the election results suggest they are. Only the LIARS, CON-ARTIST and the ‘CONTROLABLE’ (blackmail able), can rise to power and be ‘elected’, is my opinion.  ..... ( .....) ///    Obama refuses to give arms to the Kurds, the only effective force fighting ISIS. ///   Obama is a RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST. He is insane, IMO,  as are all Radical Muslim Terrorist. Those who cannot recognize Obama’s insanity, are called DEMOCRATS. They will point to a red car, and swear on a bible, it is green. Why? Because they are typically brainwashed, uneducated, uninformed, misinformed, pliable, cult personality worshipers, government dependents,  government workers, etc..  .....(.....)  What else could explain their 100% support, for the most incompetent, treasonous, sinister, arrogant, narcissistic, silliest, goofiest, anti-American pathological LIAR, in the history of American Government?  (political) LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. It has destroyed our once great country. There is not one other thing, not even corruption in D.C. .... that can hold a candle to the destruction of our nation, by Liberalism. We The People have handed our country over to this crowd of goofballs, who destroy every single thing they touch, from Detroit to California, from the Dept. of Education to Benghazi, from Health Care to Immigration. I believe what I am typing.  ..... (.....) How about BEN CARSON FOR PRESIDENT? Screw the Establishment.  Kick em out. Flush them and kick em in the butt, on their way out the door. Demand our buildings and monuments back. Close the big WHOREHOUSE on the hill, and fumigate it. Fumigate the White House ten times, before it can be occupied again. Demand the National Archives, The Library of Congress, UBS and the U.N. hand over their copies of the INCORPORATION DOCUMENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, so they can be burned up by BEN CARSON, on the White House Lawn  ON INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION. Take back your country, SHEEP.        ·        Obama is mentally ill. Those surrounding him, are also ideologically blind to reality. Only YES MEN survive in Obama land, Civilian or Military. Those who support and vote for such people, are the internal enemies of all things American. The idiots are in charge of the asylum. What do you think we should do? ..... (.....) Why do you think Obama is protecting ISIS, and ordered their ‘Home Office’ in Syria off limits?  ......(.....)  Just in case it is another 3 months and 10 days before we update again, there is one more opinion I wish to express: It’s about homosexual marriage and Ireland, and the Boy Scouts ‘throwing in the towel’. Every holy book on the planet says ‘NO’. The Liberals are daily over ruling, all things related to God. You can read examples every single day on the Internet. But the Boy Scouts? I was raised by the Boy Scouts   ....  I do not have a grudge against homosexuality or view it as any greater ‘sin’ than many I am guilty of, but I do not agree that homosexual marriage, is what God intended, and it distresses me greatly that the Boy Scouts have succumbed to the demands of Corporate America, and will now have homosexual Scout Masters, while simultaneously Ireland, a part of my ancestry, has just approved gay marriage. A real shocker to me. Never mind what God says, LIBERALS RULE THE WORLD.    For a little while.  I could continue but it would just get worse, more opinionated.  A lone voice, well, almost, SCREAMING IN THE WILDERNESS for twenty years. It has changed nothing. THEY have control of the media and the microphone. Only the arrival of the Comet or something similar, will wake the sluggards. ......(......)   ‘Common Core’ teaching homosexuality—using pornography------ IN KINDERGARTEN. In KINDERGARTEN.  LIBERALS RULE THE WORLD. - ·        Former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert caught ‘structuring’ the withdrawal of 1.7M in cash from accounts to give to “individual A” without proper reporting. They arrive poor and leave rich. D.C. is the world’s largest sewage plant. Congress is a whorehouse for sale not to the highest bidder, but to all bidders.  ·        A canoe. A jug of water. A shore line. Six Liberals per canoe. Good night friends, I’m pooped. Casper    5-29-15 - - - CASPER OPINION - MAY 29, 2015 - from:   ....      ... for  more ..... ////////////////
September 15, 2015 -  US-EU Refuse To Accept Massive List Of 87,000 Islamic Terrorists, From Russia -  By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers - - - - An absolutely shocking joint-report circulating in the Kremlin prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and Federal Security Service (FSB), states that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), earlier today, refused to accept a massive list complied by Russian intelligence agencies, of Islamic terrorists already in or traveling to both America and Europe, and stated that their reason for doing so, was due to its not being “politically viable, in the present atmosphere”.    According to this report, President Putin, on behalf of The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), authorized the release of this massive list, of at least 87,000 “known/suspected” terrorists, affiliated with the terror state Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS), during his meeting today with the Council of Chiefs of State, in the Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe ,.... warning that this Islamic State has designs ..... on the holy cities of Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem.... and endangers Europe and Russia. [Note: The SVR and FSB have the most extensive list of “known/suspected” terrorists in world, compiled from citizenship identification records, provided to them, by Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq and other such affiliated countries.]      President Putin in authorizing the release of this massive terror list, to the West, this report continues, noted this action was needed, due to these terrorists being a threat to the/Russian/ Federation, and stated: “Fighters from many countries of the world, unfortunately, European countries, the Russian Federation and many former republics of the Soviet Union, are undergoing ideological indoctrination, and receiving military training in ISIL, and naturally, we are concerned about their possible return to our territories.”   Though President Putin is worried about these genocidal Islamic terrorists, entering into the R. Federation, this report notes, the same is not true for either the Obama regime or European Union.... who, in 2012, refused Russia’s help to have Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad step down, as part of a peace deal,.....  that would have prevented the rise of ISIL/ISIS.          Former Finnish president, and Nobel peace prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari in confirming Russia’s 2012 peace plan, to stop the rise of ISIL/ISIS, this report says, explained that the Western powers, failed to seize on the proposal, and stated: “Nothing happened, because I think all these, and many others, were convinced .....that Assad would be thrown out of office in a few weeks, so there was no need to do anything.”       Even worse, this report continues, not only did the Obama regime and European Union refuse Russia’s help, to stop this crisis from evening happening, they then actually affiliated themselves with the terror group al-Qaeda ... in a move, perhaps, best described by French political scientist Alexandre del Valle who said: “When it comes to supporting Islamic extremists in Syria, to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad, ..... the West is out of its mind.” Not only has the Obama regime and EU, “lost their minds”..... in affiliating themselves with al-Qaeda, this report warns, they have further “lost their souls”.... by refusing to bomb over 60 ISIL/ISIS terror bases, they know the locations of.  Which is a known fact, and led Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to comment last week, that the West’s actions in refusing to attack ISIL/ISIS bases, “creates a strange impression that instead of fighting ISIS, there is something else, which is a concern of the coalition.”
         Going from bad to worst too, this report notes, even as President Putin today reiterated to the West, that Syrian President Assad was willing to work with opposition forces, reports have begun surfacing in Iraq, that the Obama regime has now begun directly arming ISIL/ISIS terrorists.    And with these un-bombed ISIL/ISIS terror bases, now supported by Obama regime weapons continuing to churn out fanatical terrorists, this report grimly states, the estimated (since end of July) 340,000 Islamic migrants, that have entered the European Union, this year, combined with the 250,000 per year, being admitted into the United States, by the Obama regime, ......the West has allowed one of the greatest threats to their existence, to materialize. Though the Obama regime and European Union refused to accept from the SVR and FSB, this massive ISIL/ISIS terror list, today, this report notes, the same cannot be said of Lebanon, where after their receipt of it, they were able to estimate that over 20,000 of these terrorists were in their country, awaiting travel documents to the West.        With Russia having launched their largest war games, since World War II, this week, this report grimly concludes, the R.Federation has been left with no choice, but to continue the buildup of military forces in Syria, to directly confront ISIL/ISIS, ..... and warn the Obama regime, of “unintended consequences” ..... should they choose to interfere. After all, and as President Putin stated earlier today: “it was not us, who destroyed [the] government institutions, there [in Syria] creating the power vacuum, which is immediately filled by terrorists”…but before the final chapter is written, it will be Russia that will have to fix this mess, as the United States and European Union..... will, most likely, have already..... destroyed themselves.   ///           Other reports to read on the September 2015 War, include: Putin Authorizes Air Strikes On “American Interests” As Thousands Of Russian Troops Pour Into Syria -   Fears Explode In Russia After Obama Orders Sudden 9/11 Type War Drill -   Russian Troops Put On Combat Alert Over Obama Regime False Flag Fears  -  Putin Activates Shocking “Defend Israel” Atomic War Plan     September 15, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com         
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                (((  )))   ** By Northern Truthseeker from Canada,  Saturday, August 1, 2015 -      The US/Israeli Created Fraud, Called ISIS..... IS At It Again: ISIS/ISIL Documents "Found" In Pakistan..... State How ISIL (ISIS) Will End The World . I have said it before, and it appears that I need to say it again... The "terrorist" group known as ISIS (or ISIL, Daesch, or what ever the US/Israel criminals think of next), is absolutely a massive fraud and a scam... It was created by the Israeli Mossad and the US CIA, to take over where their previous fraud known as "Al Qaeda", had failed miserably.... "ISIS" basically is a propaganda weapon, that uses the fraud of "terrorism" to generate the psychological effect of fear, on gullible people..... And thanks to the gullibility of the majority of people, it has worked beyond the criminal's wildest dreams! I have been using this blog as a method of exposing the fraud of "ISIS", to hopefully open people's minds, to the fact that they are being duped and foolishly led to believe that they have to surrender their own personal freedoms, for the false illusion of "security".... from the phantom "ISIS" threat....      I came across the following article, from Mike Rivero's What Really Happened website, at, that should be an absolute eye opener for everyone that they are indeed being played as suckers by this fraud ISIS threat... The article originally comes from the PressTV website, at, .... and is entitled: "ISIL Document Unveils Plans To End The World: Report" ..... and is a must read by everyone... I have that article right here for all to see for themselves right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments, to follow:.....(......)
The Vatic Project: GLOBAL TRADE IN "FREEFALL": Container Freight Rates from Asia to Europe Crash 60% in Three Weeks   ..........................
Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - IV Reich in the USA - George Bush Sr aka Scherff - - by Don Nicoloff -April 2007 - Idaho Observer  from TheIdahoObserver Website - Part 1    Deathbed confessions     photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president                 According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding “Mother" Scherff’s hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man.    At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler's bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with "Wild Bill" Donovan and Allen Dulles.     These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America after the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”         What you are about to read, is another step beyond research pioneered in the early 90s by author/historian Webster Tarpley, based largely on deathbed “clues” provided by former Hitler bodyguard Otto Skorzeny, and his box of photographs. Since Skorzeny’s death in 1999, the various leads he provided, have been followed up, and tend to support what, at first blush, would appear to be the unbelievable rantings of an embittered old man.            What remains constant as we pore through publicly available official records, private correspondence, memoirs, newspaper articles, photos and other “clues” is that Bush family records (the ones that exist) are a puzzle palace of inconsistencies and curiosities. Since it is a congressionally established fact that Prescott Bush was in business with the Nazis during WWII, we can safely say that the Bush/Nazi connection existed.                      Who are the Bushes?                 How did they get connected with the Nazis?          Is the connection still alive through U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush?                The answers are not as literal as we would like them to be. But we have the testimony of Otto Skorzeny and his photos - especially the one above. So, here we go - the first installment of an investigation that points to a curious conclusion:      The “Bush” family was created to destroy America.   What we are taught about history in American schools is not history, but a fairy tale. Better yet, it is propaganda designed to hoodwink an unsuspecting society about its true heritage and the treasonous acts and sabotage that were conceived in order to bring about a New World Order.      You are about to learn the real identities of those who have infiltrated your nation on behalf of secret societies intent on bringing about the total slavery of mankind. In the past, others have written about the numerous conspiracies to control natural resources, energy, food and our sovereign right to live on planet Earth - not as slaves of a wealthy few - but as free men, women, and children exercising the free will given to them by God.               “Research” is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. This is important research. Read it carefully, with an open mind. Considering the use of fluorides (sodium fluoride) in drinking water and toothpaste, you may already be in denial. Fluorides (we are told) are for the prevention of tooth decay. You, the reader, can decide if they really work. The real reason they are added to your drinking water and toothpaste is to cause you to become psychologically and physically placid, and therefore, apathetic. A thought problem -  Imagine you were a member of a secret organization whose sole agenda was to control the entire planet. If your plan was to accomplish this goal without being perceived by your intended victims, discretion would be paramount.  .....(.....)  Further research about the life of Otto Skorzeny, “master spy,” reveals his little-known affair with Eva (Evita) Marie Duarte de Peron, wife of Argentina’s President, Juan Domingo Peron.    Gold which was stolen by the Nazis (laundered by Swiss banks and the Vatican, then smuggled to Argentina, by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris), had accrued enormous interest, after World War II, and upon her death, Eva Peron bequeathed Skorzeny $100 million, which ultimately fell into the hands of the CIA. The Nazi-CIA connection to the money, was obvious. Based upon Skorzeny’s claims, this money probably fell into the hands of George H.W. Bush and his “handlers.”              George H. Scherff, Jr., visits the FBI - - Upon the untimely death of Nikola Tesla, perhaps the........................................
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