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Cobra Update 9-18-15… “TIME SENSITIVE! MAKE THIS VIRAL! Meditation for Europe” - Posted on 2015/09/18    by kauilapele -    portal2012_logo_vertical144     This is the latest update from Cobra, asking for participation in this meditation for Europe. If this is for you, please join in. ——              There has been a recent development in Europe, that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe, has escalated:                     Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces, that as many people as possible support the people in Europe, with our meditation. This is time-sensitive, and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it, is attained. It is time for us to unite in purpose, so that Light will be victorious. Please post this on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can share it, with your iphone. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this, in your part of the world. You can create a video about this, and post it on Youtube.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations, on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation, can actually save human lives in Europe and worldwide:    **       We will be doing this meditation on Sunday, September 20th at 7:00 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST). This equals 7:00 pm EET in Cairo, 6:00 pm BST in London, 1:00 pm EDT in New York, 12:00 pm (noon) CDT in Chicago, 11:00 am MDT in Denver..... and 10:00 am PDT in Los Angeles.
You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:
Instructions:           1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness            2. State your intent to bring peace and healing, to the situation in Europe
3. Visualize a beam of Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra (8 inches / 20 centimeters above your head) into the Soul Star chakras, of everybody meditating (( )) *
4. Visualize the now collective beam of Light expanding into the Earth energy grid, and reaching Europe, connecting with Soul Star chakras of everyone involved in the situation in there, harmonizing them, and inspiring them to find a peaceful solution. Visualize all refugees receiving food, water, shelter, medical assistance and humane treatment. Visualize all refugees and policemen that might turn violent calming down, and choosing peaceful solutions. Visualize all members of the dark forces who are trying to infiltrate into Europe, posing as refugees, to be recognized as such, and detained by law enforcement. Visualize Europe keeping peace and stability, that she has achieved in the last 70 years.
It is very important for people involved in situation in Europe, to be aware that we will be supporting them with this meditation, so that the energy of Light we send, will be received and will be able to heal the situation. Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that you inform your contacts in Europe, that we will be helping them with this meditation, using email, Facebook, Twitter, and other means of communication. It has also been requested that people in Europe, distribute this information within their networks. Updates about Meditation for Europe: **    
................   and .... Youtube video has already been created for this meditation in English:        
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015 -      #2448: CAI’s Montreal Al-Qaeda Serco Key – ALPA Clear Sky Clock – Hotel Clinton Spots UTC - - Invitation by United States Marine Field McConnell For Images - - Leading To A Proof by Contradiction Of Assertions Below      Plum City Online - (      September 9, 2015           1. IT IS ASSERTED THAT CAI PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTORS equipped the ICAO headquarters in Montreal, with the public key infrastructure (PKI) needed by Al-Qaeda and Serco agents, to support denial of service, masquerade and ad-hoc way-point attacks, on selected airline pilots and their crews and whistle-blower passengers.            2. IT IS ASSERTED THAT ALPA PILOTS – tracked by Serco air traffic controllers, as flying on the [captain's] clocks through 9/11 – were ordered by Serco FAA associate Ben Sliney, to clear the skies to Canada, where CAI agents removed evidence of PKI use, in phony al-Qaeda war games.             3. IT IS ASSERTED THAT CLINTON GUESTS IN HOTELS FORMERLY RUN BY ITT SHERATON, used Coordinated Universal Time ('UTC') data, from Serco 8(a) companies, to spot fix the time of death of Captain Chic Burlingame, pilot of AA Flight 77 (see below).       United States Marine Field McConnell ( writing an e-book "Shaking Hands With the Devil's Clocks".       McConnell invites readers to e-mail him, images (examples below) and develop a proof by contradiction that Clinton guests used Serco Coordinated Universal Time data, to spot fix the time of deaths on ALPA pilots on 9/11.
Note General Haig was a CAI Special Investor            BBC - Clear The Skies (Part 1 of 5)
Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford in Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel, years after Serco UTC 9/11!    "Ben Sliney is a former U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) National Operations Manager. His first day in this position, was September 11, 2001, and he was responsible for ordering a National Ground Stop, across United States airspace, in response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.[1]     Actions on September 11, 2001[edit]   After two planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, Sliney gave the order to land every plane in the air over the U.S. at the time (SCATANA), effectively shutting down U.S. airspace. There were roughly 4,200 aircraft in flight.[2] .....(.....)  Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) committee of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), has identified digital communications over data link, as the only solution to meet future demand for air traffic control communications. ICAO developed a set of standards, called the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN), to facilitate the implementation of this digital communication system. See, e.g., International Civil Aviation Organization, CNS/ATM PACKAGE-1 STANDARDS AND RECOMMENDED PRACTICES (SARPs), ICAO (1997), document 9705, Montreal, Canada, which is incorporated herein by reference. Eurocontrol, other civil aviation organizations, and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are in the process of migrating to ATN.      Current measures of information security will become obsolete with the paradigm shift, from voice based air traffic control to automated air traffic management using data link. ICAO has determined that denial of service, masquerade, and modification of information, are the primary safety threats to ATM. See, e.g., Adnams, Martin, OVERALL SECURITY CONCEPT. ATNP/VG-1 WP6-11, Halifax, Canada, Eurocontrol, (1996), which is incorporated herein by reference. ICAO developed the ATN security solution, based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to mitigate these threats [ICAO organized an airport management conference in Montreal Canada on 9/11, with airport management brought in from all over the world, allegedly to disrupt on-site leadership and ACARS/ATN communications during the attack].         .......(........) Abel Danger: #2448: CAI’s Montreal Al-Qaeda Serco Key – ALPA Clear Sky Clock – Hotel Clinton Spots UTC  ....  ........
..... Jim Stone Free Lance....SEPT 9th ....    Hi Jim. This is TerraHertz. I'm not sure if this means of contact, is working atm. Hope so. You may find this interesting: ** 20150908     My post in that thread:   ----------       Does anyone else find it odd that all but one US carrier group, are tightly clustered around the US east and west coasts? Consider the following:  ---------- From jimstone.            Still a red alert:   The U.S. military has shut down the same aircraft reconnaissance systems, that they shut down before 911 as part of a military training exercise, just like before 911, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER SINCE 911. .....(.....) -----//   Yesterday China had its FIFTH major industrial explosion in a about a month, this time in Zhejiang province. At least two of the previous explosions, were just around 11pm . This latest one is mentioned in news, as "shortly before midnight." Like, one hour before, perhaps? The Zionist bastards, do love to sign atrocities, with their Satanic "11". Once is bad luck, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action, 4th & 5th times are outbreak of war. ---- My wild guess: The US is hammering China, to make it look like the Chinese would retaliate, and is about to stage.... a false flag 'Chinese retaliation' attack .... against the USA, as a pretext for extreme martial law. Under Obama, as president for life. Why do you think you're being offered a choice between a goofball and a traitor, as next President? "Just accept Obama" is why. So, Jade Helm is still running, right?          The US carrier groups are positioned to manage the fake 'incoming', try to deal with any actual Chinese threats, and provide air support for a USA martial law smackdown, of any dissident American patriot resistance, after the false flag attack. My recommended response: China and Russia, please nuke Washington, Cheyenne Mountain, and all the NSA holo-net web propaganda control sites, immediately. Also run a demonstration of what supersonic radar-stealthy anti-ship missiles and Russian ECM, do to carrier groups. Those ones, so conveniently clustered around the USA right now, so there won't be any collateral damage, to other nations.  The US nuke sub fleet - I don't know, maybe you have some ideas of how to deal with them? Same goes for Israeli nuke forces. ///- - -  - - -  My response, says JIM STONE : I have a different nuking list. In order of importance: 1. Crater the City of London financial district, to a depth of no less than two miles, and make sure the ocean fills in the hole, and there is a floating queen-k-bob. 2. Crater Brussels and Antwerp, in a similar fashion. 3. Crater Tel Aviv, and make sure the ocean fills in the hole. 4. Crater Washington DC, and make sure the ocean fills in the hole. 5. Crater the New York Jewish district, and yes, make sure they swim. 6. Hollywood, 7. San Francisco, 8, Montreal. (( Why Montreal?))  9. Denver. - - -  Don't bother with military targets, the parasites are not in the military. And oh, it would be nice to get rid of the NSA and CIA, prime targets also. - World Class Investigative Truth    ///