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Jonas Alexis VT 2-2-16… “General Joseph F. Dunford: Russia Humiliates the New World Order, in Syria, Again” - Posted on 2016/02/03    by kauilapele (( ))
general_joseph_dunford   (( ))      [ Kp update: I am not sure now if anyone posted the information I mentioned about General Dunford, including Ben Fulford. So I removed the link, to his last posting.]  One reason I post this, is that a few believe General Dunford has been appointed the President of the New Republic of the USA.    ———————————————————-
           - The average American needs to know that Russia is not the enemy. They need to know that Putin is an ally. Why? Because he is not in the business of playing double standards, in the political sphere. That is why NWO agents, hate him so much. The man is doing his best, to keep the political order in Syria. Both Putin and Assad ended the first month of January, with a big bang again.[1] If you doubt this, then ask General Joseph F. Dunford. On January 20, Dunford told the Pentagon that the Syrian government was “in a worse place before, and the regime is in a better place now.”[2] The New York Times itself reported: “Because of the Russian airstrikes, General Dunford said, Mr. Assad has ‘regained some small amounts of ground’, and has managed to consolidate control in some areas, where his forces had previously been under siege from opposition groups, including some backed by the United States.”[3]   That again is a low blow, to New World Order agents. They are back to the angry mode again, because Russia is obviously destroying their world. They have a plan of attack.
They want to use American tax dollars, to continue their covert operations. It has been reported that the Pentagon is just using ISIS “to push for bigger budget.”
That budget will be “about 35% higher than last year’s ISIS war budget.” We know that this money will go straight to terrorist cells, in Syria. We know that ISIS has been fighting Assad, from time immemorial, and former Al Qaeda member Nabil Naim, made it very clear that terrorist groups like al-Nusra, take orders from the C.I.A. In fact, the U.S., with the help of the Neoconservatives, ended up training ISIS. Presidential candidate Ran Paul has said the same thing.       ((  The Israeli power grid was hacked and taken down on January 25th, after which, on January 27th, US top general Joseph Dunford and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited the US cyber command,  “to encourage cyber troops to up the fight against ISIS and their sponsors.”  ))
  (( Deep Source (Resistance): “The Congress of the New Republic have assembled. Joseph Dunford, the interim President of the New Republic has been alerted to standby. All Dragon Societies are on standby.”  )) ..... (....  )        Jonas Alexis VT 2-2-16... "General Joseph F. Dunford: Russia Humiliates the New World Order in Syria Again"