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    Feb 3 2016 -  Here it is, the real numbers: Of the 4,200 reported cases of microcephaly, only SIX (6) you read that right, six babies had been exposed to zika virus. This proves the fraud, just like I said it from day one. Low and behold, all 4,200 moms got that new Tdap shot, while pregnant! //  
  Iowa caucus in a sentence: "The people spoke, and Kikedom / Khazardom / did whatever it wanted."   Lets not mince words here. Just say it like it is.            An interesting development    Trump has figured out the election process in America, is completely hijacked and totally corrupt. Perhaps the possibility of Trump figuring it all out, is why Microsoft was assigned to do it, so he could shout at a corporation, rather than finger....  the real culprits. This has been going on, for a very long time, evidently Trump did not know this, because if he did, he might not have tried to begin with.
However, the fact that a multi billionaire now knows the entire process is hijacked, is something totally new, and something that might have an impact. The question is, what will happen now, that even Trump knows the system is so messed up, that only forcibly removing the corrupt, in one great big sweep, will work to fix the problem? That is where we are at, folks, and if something is not done soon, as in THIS ELECTION CYCLE, America, and the rest of the world, is doomed.              The zika scam proves it, if they can front that kind of scam, and use it, to wipe out a generation, so blatantly and out in the open, and then prove they will do it, by doing it, .....not stopping them NOW,  means the end forever.       At least the autism scam was kept safely hidden under plausible deniability, and the use of the shaken baby scam, to blame parents, when a vaccine did more .... than the calculated amount of damage.     Zika was a very thin veil of deception, that was more than easy to rip open, yet it is their only defense, and the more they use it, the more the veil tears. They are not fooling...... anyone who applies an ounce of thought, this time around.
Trump was the hope of stopping the world's most evil, with force "peacefully" by activating the same goon police forces, that brainlessly enforce corruption,..... and instead use them to stop it. If we sit back and allow the corrupt, to just scam another fake president in, we can count on that never happening. If it does not happen, we won't have anything to worry about next election, because there will be nothing left, to care for. The brazen destruction of the Tdap formulation, Brazil got, proves ..... the luciferian / Ashkenazi "elite"....  are now ready to go all the way. If someone like Trump is not there, to stop them at this point, they absolutely will.                                           Trump DID NOT LOSE IOWA               Iowa caucuses: The people spoke. And Kikedom just did whatever it wanted. This cannot be allowed to happen, NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP IT. If we allow the vote to be scammed away, this time around, it really will be GAME OVER. I received an "anonymous" message from people in Iowa, who said Trump took 41 percent of the total vote, and I am not talking total Republican vote, I mean THE ENTIRE VOTE. It is therefore impossible for Trump to have come in second behind ANYONE. I received this notification yesterday (which was sent, before the final tally was in,) and it is inconceivable that the vote could have shifted so much.
                    Why would I care, if Trump gets the election stolen, which is precisely what happened in Iowa? The answer is simple: TRUMP KNOWS THE VACCINES CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE, AND INTENDS TO STOP IT, FROM HAPPENING. He has publicly stated in no uncertain terms, that the vaccines in America are causing autism, and that alone is a good enough reason......  for the shadow government to steal the election away from him.         The comments in the forums and blogs, are laughable, saying Trump voters were too lazy, to turn up (when Trump rallies are enormous, you mean to tell me, everyone goes to the rally, but no one votes?) and many other things like "mature voters chose otherwise, when under the gun". But I have a different take, and it is this: TRUMP GOT 41 percent of the TOTAL VOTE. Numerous people on the ground tallied their results, and that was the arrived upon number, outside the system. This means he slammed the Iowa caucus into the gutter, and took between 15 and 17 electoral votes. There is no way it could be otherwise, and I will tell you, the final outcome of a stolen election, this time around:  (( ))                             To the left here, / or above / is a picture .... tdapDamage..... of what your future looks like, if Trump has this election stolen from him. All other candidates are totally on board..... with the destruction of the children via vaccines (and I really do believe all others are so evil. they will knowingly let it happen, without saying a word.) This, to the left here, is what the 500,000,000 goy slaves serving an elite few, will look like. How does that look for a future? This is what a stolen election amounts to, this time around.      Trump has said a lot, I do not like him for, but he at least will do what he can, to stop this from being a picture of our future. This is the future with Hillary, Cruz, or anyone else who gets scammed in, against the will of the people. The people spoke. And Kikedom / khazardom /  just did whatever it wanted. This cannot be allowed to happen, NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP IT. If we fail this time around, it really will be GAME OVER.    DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN, IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. Once again people need to be on the ground, getting the real results, and if they steal New Hampshire also, it has to mean bloodshed, because we just cannot accept the brain dead future, a stolen election holds this time around. If this level of evil prevails, while good men do nothing to stop it, it absolutely will be FINAL DOOM.
                 Feb 2 2016      Nightmare repair day.    This web site was attacked (I do not know exactly when)..... and all the high quality zika coverage, was removed and replaced with totally unsupported and stupid ranting. I have mostly finished repairing this from backups now. Original FULLY REFERENCED zika info,  now re-posted, for those who missed it :
NEW Tdap VACCINE, THAT DESTROYS BABIES WHILE THE MOTHER IS PREGNANT, HAS BEEN RELEASED, AND THE RESULTS ARE DEVASTATING - RED ALERT: A NEW TAINTED Tdap VACCINE, HAS SUDDENLY CAUSED THOUSANDS OF BABIES IN BRAZIL, TO BE BORN WITH FAR UNDERSIZED BRAINS, IN THE PAST TWO MONTHS, ALONE -  "when these facts are added, to the fact that the Zika virus has never done anything prior, but cause a mild cold, suddenly blaming it for thousands of shrunken baby brains, is outright medical fraud."
                  Here is an updated version, of the original report, which got wiped out:           Permalink         Numerous hacks were also fixed, in the permanent report.           Tdap induced shrunken brains: The new autism.     The new "Autism", titled "Microcephaly", has suddenly smashed it's way into Brazilian delivery rooms overnight, and destroyed more than 2,400 Brazilian newborn babies en utero, in only the past 2 months, with ZERO DESTROYED IN THE MONTHS PRIOR. Update: Since posting this page, which was recovered from backup after the hack, ........the number has risen to over 4,000..... in less than two additional weeks, as I originally predicted would happen.
The false reason for the shrunken heads is stated to be caused when a pregnant mother is bitten by an Ades mosquito which is carrying the Zika virus, a virus which recently "made it's debut" in Brazil in 2015. The virus as an excuse for shrunken baby heads,  is an obvious bold faced lie, because the pattern of symptoms, does not match the virus, which has been proven to have infected humans since 1954 and has never previously been associated with shrunken brains in newborn babies, nor does the geographic propagation pattern match the natural propagation pattern of a mosquito carried virus that would cause undersized brains in newborn babies if it really did exist........    from :       .......................