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 lire dans ce texte ce que JMMANUEL, aussi connu sous le nom de Jésus-Christ .....a prédit 2000 ans d'avance. Lire les pages 100  à   108 .. read in this text what the Christ foresaw for our time. Read pages 100 to 108.The pharisees are the zionists of his time.


  more about the Jmmanuel's talmud :


They tried to kill Him 2000 years ago....and at this time, they try to   destroy    what is left of His message:..........

This letter briefly explained that Rashid translation project had become known to certain authorities, forcing him to flee from Jerusalem, together with his family, the TJ rolls and further translations, to a refugee camp in Lebanon. But his presence there became known to Israeli authorities, and the camp was heavily bombed, forcing him to flee again, this time to Baghdad, where he posted the letter to Meier. However, he and his family, like the other refugees, had to flee so suddenly that Rashid had no time to retrieve the Aramaic rolls or his further translations of them, and they were destroyed in the resulting conflagration. In 1976 Meier learned that Rashid and his family were assassinated in Baghdad, making him (Meier) the only known surviving witness to the TJ's discovery and historicity. About this time he started preparing the TJ translations for self-publication, and the German edition came out in 1978.


    The TJ's Heresies for Judaism as well as Christianityhttp://www.tjresearch.info/tjheresy.htm   The Israeli Air Raid that Flushed Out Isa Rashid


Discovery of the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) :


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 Judas Iscariot , l,auteur, ami de Jmmanuel, et non celui qui l,a trahi.http://www.tjresearch.info/tjauthor.htm  Legendes du passage de jmmanuel en Inde, apres avoir guéri secretement dans sa tombepar des amis hindous, entrés secretement.http://www.tjresearch.info/legends.htm voyages de jmmanuel aux Indes:

 he came to americas ??http://www.geocities.com/willow1d/amer.html  BRIEF SUMMARY OF JMMANUEL'S BASIC TEACHINGS



   http://www.avilabooks.com/Jmmanuel.htman ancient text containing the thru legacy of Jmmanuel


by Dietmar Rothe

17th of September 2001 in NV.


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