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How to Check for Truth  ..... 

April 30, 2007
This simple technique for determining Truth has been developed over several decades with different aspects pulled from various sources. It has nothing to do with religion, so it does not matter if you are of any particular persuasion, lineage, or belief. It works with the Christ Power (the right hand Golden Light of God) and Archangel Michael. This has nothing to do with the religion of Christianity. Nothing of darkness can penetrate or subvert the power of the Golden Light of Christ and no falsehood can exist in the presence of It or Archangel Michael and the Sword of Truth.
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In 1990, Kishori Aird was initiated to kinesiology on the west coast of the United States.
Since the summer of 1997, she has been doing research on DNA including how to reprogram it and own it. She then developed reprogramming techniques, which she currently teaches.  english
la kinésiologie de reprogrammation pour rétablir le courant vital:  francais
Turtle Woman's Automatic Writing --April 26, 2007

Turtle Woman's Automatic Writing --April 26, 2007

April 29, 2007
Thursday, 12:05 p.m. April 26, 2007 Oh my. Such imminent danger - individually and worldwide. Serious negative energy poised to strike for the next several days. Wise to keep a low profile right now. Stick close to home. Authorities, petroleum, danger, danger. Much abuse of power. Boom. Shock. Grief. Chemical. Watch out! Bad news. more

911 Mysteries – The New Version

April 30, 2007
(To read about and/or purchase the 911 Mysteries--New Version click on "Visit Author's Website") From a physicist inside the 911 truth movement..... Subject: 911 Mysteries - The New Version 911 Mysteries – The New Version Last evening I attended the screening, in Laguna Beach, of the updated version of this excellent movie. I’ more:

"Hello, Central!" The Sirian Agenda (Updated April 30, 2007)

April 30, 2007
----- Original Message ----- From: S To: Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 7:36 PM Subject: Sheldon Nidle Patrick I think I sent you an e-mail sometime back about Sheldon & why would this site supported his writings. I know Sheldon.Ihave had him over to my place for lunch couple of times. Really a more:

Buyin the War (Full Transcript and Video)

April 30, 2007
(To view this video click on "Visit Author's Website") Four years ago on May 1, President Bush landed on the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln wearing a flight suit and delivered a speech in front of a giant "Mission Accomplished" banner. He was hailed by media stars as a "breathtaking" example of presidential leadership in toppling Saddam more

"Hello, Central!" Where Do We Draw the Line? (Updated April 30, 2007)

April 30, 2007
----- Original Message ----- From: D To: Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 8:15 AM Subject: Ham sandwich Dear Patrick, Where do we draw the line here? Will we have to take pork products out of our grocery stores? This is a challenge to separation of church and state. I don’t read packaged meat looking for the K more:

Tick Removal

April 29, 2007
Hopefully no one will need this advice, but just in case..... Tick Removal Please forward to anyone with children . or hunters, etc!! thanks! A School Nurse has written the info below -- good enough to share -- And it really works!! I had a pediatrician tell me what she believes is the best way to remove a tick. This is great, because it works more:
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A Report on the Motivations & Activities of Extraterrestrial Races–A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity

May 01, 2007
(To read the entire Report click on "Visit Author's Website") Sirians from Sirius A Now the next group of extraterrestrials are described as coming from Sirius which is a binary star system that allegedly harbors advanced life around its two main stars, Sirius A and B. Sirius A is a blue white star that is approximately 8.6 light years more:
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Tom Bearden's Mycoplasma Infection ...and more from FW10   a:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Captain Jean-Charles Duboc claimed he saw a huge object over Paris on 28 January 1994 while flying an Airbus 320 from Nice to London.
It was well documented in the French media and on internet sites.
beneath usa:
(Source of Major Earthquakes Discovered Beneath U.S. Heartland)

Hybrid Human Clones Installation Eliminated! April 19/07

April 20, 2007
Friends and Star Kids, I just received information from a key informant, with affiliation to a three-letter government agency, that a Cabal-controlled installation, which has been manufacturing and then mentally programming Hybrid-Human clones to operate as its Super Soldiers, has been eliminated. The details. In early 2006 an more
The Water Car by Stan Meyer --Who Was Murdered (with Video)
FDA Proposal to "Caputre Alternative Procedures and Products as "Medicine" and Make Them Illegal  (USA).
Seung-Hui Cho Was a Mind Controlled Assassin (Updated April 20, 2007)
Cho Seung-Hui May Be 9th School Shooter Under Influence of Psychiatric Drugs--

Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up Four Years Later--Interview With Captain Eric May Ghost Troop Commander

April 20, 2007
CRAWFORD — April 5-8 marks the fourth anniversary of the Battle of Baghdad, the bloody battle that was the lead-up to President Bush’s infamous and untruthful claim on May 1, 2003, of "Mission Accomplished." However, according to news sources overseas, including American military operatives and various investigators, all was not what it more

Neutron Warhead Used in 2003 at Baghdad Airport Say Iraqi Commander and An American Source

April 19, 2007
It appears from this reference that the neutrons from a neutron bomb kill people by radiation sickness -- damaging a sufficient fraction of their molecules that cellular functions are disrupted. They do not burn or otherwise physically destroy flesh, at least not at distances far enough from the bomb that buildings are not also burned more
Green Zone Down: Bomb Hits Parliament As Bush Moves to Make Baghdad a Prison

Who Bombed the U.S. World Trade Center? —( 1993).....

April 19, 2007
Growing Evidence Points to Role of FBI Operative (published in Prevailing Winds Magazine, Number 3, 1993) NOTE: Alex Jones from has produced a documentary with the actual recordings of FBI operatives planning the bombing talking to their FBI handler. He has more
The Great Silence (9/11)   ...Kaminski...

Patrick Henry -- The Time for Freedom is Now !! -

April 19, 2007
"They tell us, sir, that we are weak -- unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? read more
Signs of the Times
from SOTT focus:
 ((((The infamous Dr.  Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden's own right hand man and Al Qaeda's master strategist ........))))
The role of Al Qaeda as a U.S. based propaganda creation is multifold.  First, of course, is to provide the imaginary enemy as predicted in the classic film, Wag the Dog.  Americans have always been suckers for a hugely demonized enemy, and our history contains countless examples.  However, the bulk of the Al Qaeda campaign is actually for Arab consumption; encouraging Muslims to engage in an ever escalating cycle of violence. 
 This has not been easy to find. The first reversals I found in a sound clip of Ayman al-Zawahiri referred to this task.
In late August I did a brief check of Zawahiri's call for Holy War against Israel.  This video had been released on July 27th 2006, one week before the scheduled false-flag nuke attack on Israeli soil that would "justify" the planned U.S. nuclear attack on Iran. 
As I mentioned above my RS investigations at that time were focused elsewhere, and I set the Zawahiri material aside.  It wasn't until much later that I returned to it and found that the actor who plays Zawahiri had full knowledge of the Armageddon Plot, and the organization's plans to watch and celebrate the destruction of Syria and Iran only a few days later (august 3rd 2006).

The BBC excerpt was taken from a later portion of the full video, which I understand begins with a long list of wrongs suffered at the hands of Israel.  Oddly enough, by beginning their audio clip about five minutes in, where Zawahiri actually calls for Jihad, they picked the segment that was the most productive for reversed speech, and references to the impending nuclear strike, were all over the place:
 From other reports on this website you know that the missile contained the GAMBIT device, a Russian baby nuke that the Bush administration had been playing with since the first of the year.  It was to provide the justification for nuclear Armageddon in Iran and the reversal, XXXX  identifies its role as the false-flag trigger event.
This is followed by an odd turn of phrase that confirms again the initial use of a missile for the false-flag attack, but suggests a much stronger personal identification with Israel - to the point of referring to Israel as "us" and the U.S. as "they."
Considering this organization's knowledge of the impending nuclear strike on Iran and the accompanying invasion of Syria (a U.S. Marine expeditionary force was waiting to race across Lebanon), the purpose of the video calling for Jihad becomes clear.
  On July 27 2006  most of the world was both mystified and horrified over the relentless Israeli bombing in Lebanon.  The plan called for a false-flag Islamic attack, a baby nuke to be detonated on Israeli soil, with minimal damage of course.  The Zawahiri video could then easily be cited (CNN probably already had the script) as having caused this escalation.  When the plot was abandoned at the last minute the video became useless and has never again been mentioned in the press.

II. Houston Based Oil Cartel Runs The Show

It has been predicted countless times that our planet would eventually be run by global corporations and that individual nation states would become a thing of the past.  Many people are aware that we have moved into a new era of resource wars.  But few people grasp the essential fact; it is corporations that are battling for natural resources like oil, and not countries.  The U.S. and U.K., for instance, are not in the oil business.  Taking over Middle Eastern oil reserves will not benefit these countries or their people in any way.  The benefits all go to the corporations who pump, ship, distribute and sell the product, and who are the actual powers behind the scenes.

In my RS research into the apparent lunacy that runs rampant within the Bush administration and their War On Terror, I was initially mystified because all the key players kept referring to Houston in their unconscious speech reversals.  Yes, the Houston area was indeed the target for the first attempt to use their baby nuke to justify a nuclear strike on Iran, as we reported.  But those particular references were specific while many more remained unexplained.  From the White House to the Pentagon to some of the strangest disinformation sources on the Internet, Houston kept coming up over and over again as a central theme.

Everywhere I looked, key players were either waiting for information from Houston, going to Houston, applauding Houston, or simply taking their orders from Houston.

In the meantime, Americans have never been so conscious of the fact that their government appears to be operating on its own private agenda without the slightest concern for the wishes of the people they supposedly serve.  The answer is plain as day.  Bush, Cheney, Blair, half the congress (both parties!), most of the media, and people on the Internet you've never heard of, are simply oil company employees.  Viewed in this light there is no mystery at all about why they do what the do.  At a lesser level we would call it corruption, but it has progressed far beyond that and is better viewed as a silent coup by a massive and invisible power.

The Zawahiri call for Jihad provides a major insight into the invisible workings of the War on Terror.  With the culmination of all their work expected to climax in nuclear war the following week, the Zawahiri impersonator was naturally thinking about the organization's plans to watch the big show.  Listen to the following speech reversals that identify the actual Al Qaeda headquarters and the gathering place for the big event.

It will be difficult for most readers to believe that Houston is the de facto capitol of the United States and has been controlling the U.S. government for at least a decade.  But is there a Houston-based power center with sufficient muscle to both corrupt an entire government and create and manage a fictitious wag-the-dog enemy as well?  Of course there is.  They don't call Houston the "oil patch" for no reason.  Try to visualize the amount of money cited in this recent news article:

HOUSTON (AP) -- Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. on Thursday posted the largest annual profit by a U.S. company _ $39.5 billion _ even as earnings for the last quarter of 2006 declined 4 percent.  The 2006 profit topped Exxon Mobil's own previous record of $36.13 billion set in 2005.
Revenue at the world's largest publicly traded oil company rose to $377.64 billion for the year, surpassing the record $370.68 billion Exxon posted in 2005. ... Exxon Mobil's record annual earnings followed a year of extraordinarily high energy prices as crude oil topped $78 a barrel in the summer _ driving up average gasoline prices in the United States to more than $3 a gallon.  -snip-   (AP Business Writer John Porretto, Feb 1, 2007)

Gasoline and crude oil prices both began to drop within 72 hours of the failure of the Armageddon Plot on August 4th, but you can easily see who the top beneficiary of 9-11 and the War On Terror actually is. 
To date we have no reversed speech that actually names the controlling entity; only about eighteen references to Houston where there really shouldn't be any at all.  Needless to say, if we find additional information we will report it, although it is most likely that we are talking about a consortium or cartel without any recognizable name.

III.  Learning More about Ayman al-Zawahiri

Click on image to see a short clip from the Holy War On Israel video in a new window.  You will recognize it is the same voice you hear in the sound clips.  Video is 3.8 Mb, simply not practical for Dial up users.

As soon as I realized that the Jihad video was a good resource for reversed speech extraction I searched for a copy of the complete file for analysis.  Oddly enough, although the conspiracy has produced a ton of these things, few people ever get to see them.  They are primarily produced for the U.S. propaganda networks, and people are simply told that a new tape or video has been "discovered" or released.  Then they are told what to think.  On its face this seems appropriate since the audio is in Arabic.  However, I suspect it would work that way even if they were in English, like the follow-on "Invitation to Islam" production which also got virtually no play.

The first thing I found was that the sound on the video was much clearer than the sound offered up by the BBC.  It appears that BBC altered the tone quality of the audio to make it seem more insistent and threatening.  The second thing, and more important, was that Zawahiri's speech reversals were just as rewarding throughout the entire piece as they were in the segment calling for war.  They are quite varied in subject matter (lots of things go on in the unconscious that we are only dimly aware of) and paint a good starting portrait of this man who is central to the Al Qaeda hoax.
  In the sound clip below I will leave out the Arabic forward speech since it is neither useful nor relevant, and provide you with a quick tour of this intriguing but mundane material.
 In this case, although we'll never know for sure what they are all about, they clearly show that the actor who plays the Zawahiri role is just like anyone else with plenty of stuff going on outside the studio.  Not surprising, they have nothing whatever to do with running the world's most feared terrorist network!  Since we don't have clues from the forward speech you are free to use your imagination on these and create your own interpretation.



There has been a suggestion, within the circle of those who have been trying to track them back to their origin, that the videos seem to come from somewhere in Texas.  Knowing that Houston was controlling the show, I had assumed this would turn out to be true.  Several early videos that reportedly showed Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan could just as easily have been filmed in Texas.  But the speech reversal shows that the Zawahiri filming was done in Florida, and other reversals suggest that the actor has been in Florida for some time.

So it may well be that while the studios of As-Sahab Media are or were in Florida, their product is likely transmitted first to the Houston headquarters before being put into the propaganda stream.  There are intermediaries of course, to protect the secret of the false-flag source.  I visited one website that claimed to be the clearing house for these hoaxes.  It bragged that all the television networks and wire services were its clients, even showing their official logos.  I was looking for source material and was disappointed.  The site claimed the videos were only available to those who contracted for them and paid large sums of money for the privilege.  On the other hand, there was no way to contact them if you wanted to become a customer!

The role of the middle men in supplying the fake Al Qaeda videos to the networks is naturally a problem.  With the public becoming increasingly suspicious about the tapes and videos, and pointedly wondering how the networks get them so quickly, the propaganda channels are fumbling in their attempts to maintain a semblance of legitimacy for the material.  While it previously would not have been mentioned at all, watch this AP propagandist-in-training stumble around trying to explain where this week's Zawahiri video came from:

...The 41-minute audiotape could not immediately be authenticated but was seen by The Associated Press on a Web site commonly used by insurgent groups and carried the logo of the multimedia arm of al-Qaida, as-Sahab.

The audio was accompanied by a video that showed a still picture of al-Zawahri and featured an English translation of the audio at the bottom of the screen.

Transcripts of the audiotape were first released by two U.S. groups that track extremist messages, the SITE Institute and the IntelCenter.

On the tape, al-Zawahri said Bush has gone down in history as one of the world's "most notorious liars." – Feb 13 ‘07 AP story supposedly filed by a Maamoun Youssef – in Egypt!
Two U.S. "groups?" What exactly does that mean?  And they had full translations on the spot?

Of course the biggest hole in these stories all along is what anyone familiar with the structure of the Internet already knows.  If there really was a website that was featuring genuine terrorist videos rather than fake ones, it would be no trick at all to shut it down, arrest the owner, and discover his sources.



IV.  The Armageddon Failure

The Zawahiri Jihad video, calling for Israel to be attacked, was released on July 27th.  This was a week before the planned false-flag operation in which a baby nuke in Israel would trigger nuclear destruction for Iran and put virtually all Middle East oil reserves under the control of the Houston-based cartel.  We know from RS at the time that everything was in place for this, but something went wrong at the very last minute.  There may have been a problem with the missile.  But the strongest RS from Washington told us it was the Chief of Naval Operations who cancelled the attack, and that a counter-threat involving a nuclear-armed Chinese missile (probably aimed at Tel-Aviv) was the cause.

This was a failure of such magnitude that it rocked Washington for months.  The entire plan, begun during the Clinton administration and including the placing of the brain-damaged Bush Junior in the White House and the false flag attacks of 9-11, was dedicated to creating this single event.  Of course our Al Qaeda studio crew didn't get to see the hoped for Armageddon from their theater seats in Houston.

There have been major changes on the geopolitical scene since the failed climax, and of course we all benefitted from the release of gasoline from hidden reserves that had been filled to the brim in anticipation of the event.  One of the earlist responses to the new reality came from the Al Qaeda program, which simply shifted to the next phase of the overall game plan.  Thirty days after the failed attack they released their very first video in English.

Titled "Invitation to Islam" it began with a brief clip of the Zawahiri impersonator, and then a lengthy piece by an American posing as a convert to Islam calling on other Americans to join him.  RS on Zawahiri suggests that his own segment was probably filmed no more than ten days after the failed attack.  It and other issues from the previous session are still in his thoughts.


With the failure of the main plan it appears that the actor is primarily concerned about money.  Will he soon find himself out of a job?  Will there be budget cuts at Al Sahab's Florida studio?  I suspect these concerns are behind the economic issues.  He clearly is thinking that he needs more income.  I searched for E-Basics on the web and found that there is a large firm with that name but it is also a very popular term and many businesses are using it.  It's not clear who might sue him (he seems obsessed with lawsuits) but it might be the studio itself if he reneged on his contract to play Zawahiri.  A just released video shows only a photo of Zawahiri so we may wonder if he has quit the "gig".

The project for which he is trying to raise money could be a real estate venture, a record deal, a TV pilot, or a new carwash on some Florida highway.  We may never know unless future RS provides more clues.  Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to have very good prospects.  I include these reversals simply to provide more insight into the actor himself, and demonstrate once again that this is clearly NOT a man who is managing a global terrorist network.  It's all pure Hollywood and when you turn off the lights on the set the mundane reality rushes in.

But reality is what this report is all about.  Speech reversals related to the failure of their work tune us in once more to what really happened.  Gathered in Houston to watch the big event the Al Qaeda propaganda crew first learned that the missile had been armed and was ready to go. Imagine their disappointment when they learn the attack has been cancelled due to unexpected possible consequences. 
It seems unlikely that the crew was told what the problem actually was.  This guy seems a bit upset about the secrecy when we hear he wants  to know why it failed.


Of considerable interest, the man actually does a quick review for us of his understanding of the project's purpose, which he notes that the Russians had gone along with.   The purpose of course is OIL, regardless of the imaginative stories you see about freedom and other buzzwords.  Apparently, once all the Middle East oil reserves were in the hands of the Cartel or other friendly powers like Kuwait and the Saudis, our man has been led to expect a new kind of cooperation in controlling the resource.  But we know that this is just more propaganda.  Greater control of oil, like any form of monopoly, would simply lead to higher prices for everyone and more profits to the cartel.


So.... the Armageddon Plot is dead.  Its purpose was literally to change the ownership of the Middle East, an outcome so profitable for the corporations that sponsored it, that it was deemed well worth the cost and the risk of the staged 9-11 attacks. 


V.  Al Qaeda In Transition

 The graphic below, from an August, 2006  story about the plan, illustrates the goal that the corporate planners were shooting for when the strategy was conceived more than a decade ago, with the final push being the takeover of Iran.

At first look it would seem that Al Qaeda, the imaginary wag-the-dog enemy created to mobilize American tax dollars and military might into supporting the venture, would also be at the end of its run.  However the production that followed the call for war, featuring "Azzam the American", clearly shows that there is a new role for Al Qaeda and that the Florida studio is ready and able to support it.

Certainly we will continue to see stories in the press about our successes and failures in battling "Al Qaeda fighters" in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  Since you now understand that there is no such animal, you can easily recognize that any news medium that refers to Al Qaeda is an official disinformation source, knowingly feeding the public another load of artificially contrived B.S.  But the massive U.S. internal propaganda machine, of which Al-Qaeda is only a small part, has a new role.  This role is entirely defensive and must change its focus to the containment of a developing crisis here at home.

If the Armageddon Plot had succeeded we would all be stunned by the first use of atomic weapons in war since the attacks on Japan, and public opinion would be relatively easy to control.  Without it, the conspirators are in deep trouble.  Understanding that 9-11 was a U.S. government operation has reached "critical mass." The massive level of corruption throughout all levels of government in both the U.S., the U.K., and the European Union are becoming increasingly apparent to everyone.

A huge number of public officials and corporate executives are going to go to prison, or worse, unless these societies are put into total lockdown, with all sources of information controlled and all channels of citizen action restricted.  In other words, the only choice is to carry through with long standing plans for a political make-over of North America and accelerate the transition of all Western societies into what is commonly referred to as a "Police State."

All the "legal" structures to put the country under Martial Law are now in place, with a variety of possible rationales.  In this effort, the Al Qaeda disinformation campaign has already signaled its readiness to play an essential role.  This would be to create the illusion of an active Al Qaeda organization here at home, dedicated to creating domestic terror events that could justify virtually any repressive measures the government would care to impose.

This is exactly what many astute observers of the current political scene have been expecting.  Not only does it set the stage for more "false flag" terrorist events, it would also allow ordinary citizens engaged in any form of protest to be portrayed as enemy agents.  Why?  Because the "Invitation to Islam" video claims that ordinary Americans are now converting to Islam in order to become terrorists here at home.  What a surprise!  Tomorrow's Al Qaeda terrorist will look just like you or me!  In fact, if we don't keep our mouths shut and our eyes lowered, it may very well BE you or me, paraded across the screen on the nightly news.  Rest assured, a copy of the Quran will be found in your car.


You can listen as those who would be our masters lay out the official foundation for all this in the "Invitation to Islam" video..  Remember, this is simply a U.S. disinformatin agent reading his lines.  His ability to read the script out loud is much too poor to refer to him as an "actor."

(This man is known to be Adam Pearlman, of California. An elaborate cover story has been created to explain why he would be working for Muslim extremists, which of course he is not.)
So there you have it, the official blueprint for the most likely route we will be taking over the next ten years or more, and a whole new gig for the boys and girls at Al Qaeda's As-Sahab studios.

We will certainly see more "Americans" and fewer "Arabs" in the line-up, although there will surly be the Arab "diabolical mastermind" in the background.  Since these folks don't have a great deal of imagination, I would expect to see plenty of actors in ski masks, reminiscent of many of the false-flag videos from Iraq.  They will probably look awkward and stilted and use strange turns of phrase, because it will be important to show that they are not patriots engaged in armed rebellion, but brain-washed fanatics serving a diabolic cause that is basically inconceivable.

So keep your helmet on - we are in for an exciting ride!

Ken Welch

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