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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 10:57:41 -0400 (EDT)


Dynamic New Journal from Whitley on UFO

In his newest journal, Whitley Strieber tell us how he
thinks WE should think about the recently spotted
California UFOs—until we learn more. He writes
that while he can't yet say whether or not these
images are genuine, "I am going to go beyond the
question of whether or not they are real and ask
another question: if they are real, what might that
mean?" Linda Howe has been keeping listeners
up-to-date on this subject on recent Dreamland shows. 
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Pentagon ‘Coup’ Completes Military
Takeover Of United States Government
June 09, 2007

On a day when the majority of Americans were absorbed
in the drama of a young celebrity woman, Paris Hilton,
being sent to prison, and which was broadcast live on
all US propaganda media outlets, the dreams of the
Founding Fathers of the American Republic were
destroyed by the complete takeover of the United
States Government by its more:


General Pace to Retire as Joint Chiefs Chairman
June 09, 2007

Washington - Gen. Peter Pace is being replaced as
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a move that
reflects a feeling among top civilian officials at the
Pentagon and in the White House that the American
military needs new leadership after years of being
strained by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
General Pace is to be more:


George Bush's Power Grab -- Is Martial Law Coming?
June 09, 2007

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