Sujet: the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference on June 22-24, 2007 (FW10) and more
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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 17:12:41 -0400 (EDT)
DU Expert Leuren Moret To Address Vancouver 9/11 Truth
Conference On Depleted Uranium (DU).


The 9/11 Truth Conference: Canada, 9/11 and the New
World Order brings together over 18 international
speakers on issues:

The History of False Flag Terrorism by governments and
intelligence agencies to justify military
interventions, spending, and extraordinary domestic

Canada's participation in the War On Terror and in
Afghanistan, and that country's real relationship to
The use of depleted uranium (DU) Weapons and their
effects on local populations, soldiers and the world,
as well Canada's role in producing such weapons.

Leuren Moret and Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, of
the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) will
also address the issue of the illegal use of Canadian
uranium in U.S. depleted uranium (DU) weapons
worldwide. Canada is the world’s largest
exporter of uranium, and supplies 30 percent of the
world’s uranium. Sixty percent of Canadian
uranium is exported to the USA. According to experts
such as Dr. Rosalie Bertell, the preponderant majority
of depleted uranium in U.S. DU weapons used in the
first Iraq war (1991); Balkans war (1998); the Iraq No
Fly Zone (1991-2003); the Afghanistan war (2001-2007);
and Iraq war II (2003-2007) is of Canadian origin, in
non-compliance with Canadian law. The regulations of
the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the
Canada-US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement prohibit the
use of Canadian uranium in weapons, including DU


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