Sujet: Karl Rove Arrested, is the President Next? (FW10)
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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 14:22:40 -0400 (EDT)

Karl Rove Arrested, is the President Next?
June 22, 2007

Karl Rove arrestedUnconfirmed sources report that the
infamous Karl Rove, President Bush's right hand man,
has been arrested. Rove was taken into custody today
by federal agents. Rove's arrest means big trouble for
the White House and could mean an a future indictment
of the President on conspiracy charges related to the
leaking of CIA more:


Cheney Power Grab: Says White House Rules Don't Apply
to Him
June 21, 2007

Vice President Dick Cheney has asserted his office is
not a part of the executive branch of the U.S.
government, and therefore not bound by a presidential
order governing the protection of classified
information by government agencies, according to a new
letter from Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., to Cheney. more:


Cheney: Neither Here Nor There?
June 22, 2007

The House Oversight Committee is demanding that Vice
President Cheney explain himself. Is his office part
of the executive branch? Part of the legislative
branch? Or is Cheney suggesting that as far as federal
rules are concerned, his office essentially doesn't
exist? The issue at hand is Cheney's insistence that
his office is exempt more:
The Biggest Hoax of All Time!
June 22, 2007

>From Wayne, Our lying, corrupt government is
increasingly becoming more bold with their blatent
lies to the American public, and this is exemplified
with their announcement of no or low inflation. One of
their simple ways of "cooking the books" has been to
eliminate food & energy costs from the equation, which
they have been doing for the more:


How Big Pharma Has Invaded Your Life
June 22, 2007

This is dedicated to readers who are NOT yet seriously
ill or who do NOT serve as caregivers for the
chronically ill. Hopefully it will instill some very
sobering thoughts. If you are one of these fortunate
people - live every day like it's your last. Not one
of us will ever know when some nasty disease will
strike us and wreak havoc on our lives, more:


Analysis: The Privacy of Internet E-mail
June 21, 2007

UPI Homeland and National Security Editor WASHINGTON,
June 20 (UPI) -- A U.S. appeals court in Ohio has
ruled that e-mail messages stored on Internet servers
are protected by the Constitution as are telephone
conversations and that a federal law permitting
warrantless secret searches of e-mail violates the
Fourth Amendment. more:


US Military Cites Green Zone Attacks
June 21, 2007

The U.S. military acknowledged "an increasing pattern
of attacks" against the Green Zone, a day after a
mortar barrage against the heavily fortified area sent
soldiers and contractors scrambling for cover.
Militants fired a volley of mortar rounds into the
Green Zone, which houses the U.S. and British
embassies, as well as the more:;_ylt=AiyqNZwW3y1ZOE7_adT7jROs0NUE


Fluorine is a Deadly Poison !
June 21, 2007

Millions upon millions of innocent people have been
brainwashed by the aluminum companies to erroneously
believe that adding sodium fluoride to our drinking
water will reduce tooth decay in our children. Over
135 million Americans drink a daily dose of sodium
fluoride in their water without thinking of it!
Fluorine, the gangster of the more:


MSG Is Being Sprayed Right On Fruits, Nuts, Seeds,
Grains, and Vegtables As They Grow -- Even Those Used
In Baby Food
June 21, 2007

In the 1970s, reluctant food processors "voluntarily"
took processed free glutamic acid (MSG) out of baby
food. Today it's back, in fertilizers called "Omega
Protein Refined/Hydrolyzed Fish Emulsion" and "Steam
Hydrolyzed Feather Meal," both of which contain
hydrolyzed proteins; and in a product called AuxiGro
WP Plant Metabolic Primer (AuxiGro) more:


N E S A R A UPDATE, June 20, 2007 by Patrick H.
June 20, 2007

Those of you, who live in the Northern Hemisphere,
welcome to summer! May you find the warm days to be
relaxing and peaceful! Those of you, who live in the
Southern Hemisphere, welcome to winter! May you have a
very joyous winter season! This year of 2007 is the
year for great changes on our planet, environmentally,
economically, more:


What Hamas Wants
June 21, 2007

THE events in Gaza over the last few days have been
described in the West as a coup. In essence, they have
been the opposite. Eighteen months ago, our Hamas
Party won the Palestinian parliamentary elections and
entered office under Prime Minister Ismail Haniya but
never received the handover of real power from Fatah,
the losing party. more:
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