Sujet: (FW10) 'Free' Energy Technology Goes On Display ...tonight
De: béate 
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 15:33:24 -0400 (EDT)

'Free' Energy Technology Goes On Display    ...tonight

July 09, 2007Technology developed by an Irish firm that allegedly defies basic laws of physics to produce free power today goes on public display for the first time. Steorn is challenging worldwide cynicism over its claims to have stumbled upon a revolutionary discovery that creates clean, constant energy and could end the global fuel more: While 22 scientists continue their exhaustive tests on the Orbo technology, the inventors are asking the public to come and see a demonstration for themselves at Kinetica Museum, Spitalfields Market, London.A live working demonstration will be streamed on the internet from 6pm tonight. It can be viewed on the web from four different camera angles, before opening to visitors on Thursday.   ((  )) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 

Al-Qaeda, the Eternal Covert Operation: British "Terror" Incident latest Product of "War on Terror" Propaganda

July 08, 2007It is a well-established and deliberately unaddressed historical fact that the CIA created "radical Islam" and Islamic "terrorism" during the Cold War. It is also a documented fact that the US, its allies, and their intelligence agencies (CIA, Pakistanís ISI, Britainís MI-6, etc.) have -- from the 1970s to the present day -- continued to use more: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ July 08, 2007PLEASE ANNOUNCE "FIRE THE GRID"
WHEN: July 17th, 11:11 GMT (4:11 AM PST)
WHERE: Wherever you are or get groups together and join them.
Ask them to go to to find out ALL about it.   in french  

AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT ON THE PLANET!!!! ((  Vous vous demandez comment nous allons réaliser ce projet? Cet événement aura lieu le 17 juillet 2007 à 11:11, heure de Greenwich ó 07:11 (7:11 AM) dans votre fuseau horaire ó . Ils ne m'ont donné aucune explication sur la signification de cette date et de l'heure choisies mais ils me l'ont répété sans arrêt. Ils m'ont demandé de rassembler le plus grand nombre d'êtres humains possible de tous les coins du globe et de méditer ou de prier pour une heure. J'espère qu'avec votre aide nous réussirons à organiser un rassemblement tellement immense que personne n'aura jamais vu ça sur la Terre. Un grand rassemblement d'humains aimants ayant une seule intention: soigner cette planète et éveiller nos âmes à notre véritable raison d'être, celle de devenir un avec la Source de Lumière.  )) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ashtar: Staying Centered; Changes In Perception; Coming Home ++++++++++++++++++Now That We Are On The Road To Peace, We No Longer Need A War Party