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With Sarkozy doing his best to implement Anglo-American style capitalism in France, it is a good time to remind people in France what they will get if they let him: a more psychopath-friendly society. Neoliberalism, when implemented, makes it easier for psychopaths to take over a society.
We noted a couple of months ago that countries that were taken over by the neoconservatives had the highest balance of payment deficits. Now we see that an entrepreneurial business culture in a society that has dismantled social insurance is also more psychopath-friendly. This is no accident. Clearly there is much more going on here than just a change in the nature of the corporation that just happened to offer advantages to psychopaths. In a whole range of areas, the way is being made straight for psychopaths to assume control. A society's immune system is weakened before the move is made by the pathogen.
Once they pull the plug on the bubble economy and institute the crash, the pathocrats may believe that is their chance to take total control.
 However, the vast majority of normal people may decide they have had enough and stop obeying them. But, as Laura Knight-Jadczyk points out, that can only happen when normal people are fortified by knowledge of the true nature of their enemy:
There are only two things that can bring a psychopath under submission: 1) a bigger psychopath; 2) the non-violent, absolute refusal of all others to submit to their controls no matter the consequences. If every single normal person in the U.S. (and elsewhere) simply sat down and refused to lift a hand to further one single aim of the psychopathic agenda, en masse, if people refused to pay taxes, if soldiers refused to fight, if government workers and corporate drones refused to go to work, if doctors refused to treat psychopathic elites and their families, the whole system would grind to a screeching halt.
But that can only happen if the masses of people KNOW about psychopathy in all its horrible details. Only if they know that they are dealing with creatures that really aren't human can they have the understanding of what they must do. And only when they get miserable enough that the misery that the psychopath will inflict on them in the beginning of their resistance pales in comparison, will they have the will to do this.
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FIRE THE GRID, be defined. That’s what potentially millions of people will do on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 11:11 A.M. Greenwich Mean Time (6:11 A.M. Central Standard Time) - less than one month from today.  8 videos  antidotes some presenters
Here and now, though, we direct our focus to the center ring, the synchronicities and scenes that dominate this month, and make it the overture to what comes for the next year and a half. One is Fire the Grid, the global meditation coming on July 17. As we'll soon see, the timing of this one may be more amazingly apt than Shelley Yates, who has formed the plan, could have realized when she first announced it.  8 videos music  ...   great and links  what is the grid
A Miracle story is below that can affect all of us.  Astounding....see the video and follow the links .  If this resonates with you and you would like to be in community for that hour on tuesday July 17th,  you are welcome to join us at Alexzanna Farms.  japanese...?
- Shelley Yates was an ordinary woman who had experienced a lot of hard knocks in her forty years and did not have much to thank God for.
do not fire their grid  ?? !!
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