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Thoth on Denver Airport

July 24, 2007The Denver Airport site is the Heart of the New World Order's plans to have the old Phoenix which was Atlantis rise again both in the physical and in the consciousness of Man. This is the power center and where all the knowledge is stored. Right now there is no energy going in or out of the place. It is an island of darkness. more: The darkside is scrambling in trying to find a way to reconnect the grid
system to 'fire' it back up.The 'Fire The Grid' day did not have enough organized focus to make
that all happen. They are consolidating as much energy and as many
holding stations as they are capable of getting together trying to
jump start it into functioning. They are unaware of how complete the
damage done is.   with a  link to .....................                    The planet will go through rapid changes as she ascends through the various dimensional stargates. One of the first will be the shedding of the false matrix. It is already severely weakened and will soon fall completely away. This includes anything that has been set up by the darkside.
The false structure of the controls of the darkside such as the planetary monetary system, the military and police forces, the communications systems, the infrastructure and even the moral code will go.This will create great havoc and chaos and we strongly urge those who are guided to to leave the cities and find a safe place (with Guidance's help, a place that can physically support them such as land to grow food on and a well for water. if you don't already know it water has now become the most important commodity on the planet and will be even more so come the very near future.
Small communities banding together will be what makes it for a while. Becoming as self-sufficient as possible and having tradable skills is what will be very important. from: ................................................................................ 

All seven books detailing the complete history from Creation Itself right up to what is about to take place on Planet Earth over the next eight years are available now! Buy the complete Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? book series on CD-ROM for only USD$60.00* and receive Peter's first book, Waking Dreams and the Waking Dream Cards: Finding Answers to Life's Questions Using Your Inner Guidance (written with Sharon King) and Spirit Ascending, the book collection of Peter's articles. 
 Volume I: The Acorn [Download Here]    free
Volume II: The Sapling [Download Here]    free from: ................................................ those texts from:  ..... .............158) Chaos: An Old New Paradigm(2006-04-18)
159) The diagram of Earth's present grid system(2006-04-19)
160) More on the use of the Grid(2006-04-24)
161) Remembrance of past lives and the activation of DNA(2006-04-24)
162) Perfect Intent(2006-04-28)
163) Saving the World(2006-05-02)
164) Adam . . . and Eve(2006-05-05)
165) stop focusing on the mundane(2006-05-06)
166) The Da Vinci Code and the Bloodline of Jesus and the Magdalene Pt 1(2006-05-15)
167) Fear of the Future(2006-05-15)
168) Pt 2 The Bloodline of Jesus and the Magdalene . . TheMerovingian So(2006-05-15)
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174) The Da Vinci Code and the Second Messiah(2006-05-25)
175) Making the Human Aura Congruent with the Divine(2006-05-26)
176) And now for something completely different . . a Week in the War(2006-05-29)
177) The Bridge to Forever(2006-05-31)
178) The Lost Generation(2006-06-01)
179) The Creative Process(2006-06-11)
180) Magdalene's Healing(2006-06-17)
181) Winning the Ascension(2006-06-20)
182) Opening the Gates(2006-06-21)
183) Spiritual Awarness grows(2006-06-28)
184) Another 'Stonehenge' discovered in Amazon --VRIL(2006-06-28)
185) The Morning AFTER ? The Tear in the Planet (2006-06-28)
186) Darkness on the Counter Attack Through Sienna(2006-07-28)
187) Where to start , Part 1 . . channeling(2006-08-01)
188) Where to start , Part 2 . . channeling(2006-08-01)
189) K.I.S.S(2006-08-27)
190) Experiencing the Timewave Shifts(2006-08-29)
191) The Invisible War on Humanity(2006-09-01)
192) What Times Might Come . . .and what you need to be prepared(2006-09-05)
193) Templates and programming(2006-09-06)
194) A New Level of Healing - SOUND ENCODING ? The Completion of Creation(2006-09-07)
195) Remorse and Redemption(2006-09-07)
196) Some Very Appropriate Words From old Ramtha(2006-09-07)
197) Moses . . with horns(2006-09-07)
198) The Schmaltz Orgone Energy Accelerator(2006-09-14)
199) The Box of Self-will(2006-09-19)
200) The Origin of All Things(2006-09-19)
201) Light-ening the Load(2006-09-19)
202) The fate of our planet(2006-09-19)
203) Bedsheets and Bullsh*t(2006-09-20)
204) Inner Wars(2006-09-22)
205) Facing Whatever Comes(2006-09-22)
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218) Lesson #1 How to Change(2006-10-15)
219) Today's timewave - Oct 22 2006(2006-10-22)
220) Sound Encoding for Overseas People(2006-11-10)
221) Lesson 2: How to Wake Up(2006-11-15)
222) Rewriting Creation(2006-11-16)
223) Lesson 3: Finding your own mission(2006-11-20)
224) Victimhood(2006-11-22)
225) Explaining 2012(2006-11-24)
226) We, the Lemurians(2006-11-26)
227) Atlantis Pt 1: European Climate and Atlantis Rising(2006-11-27)
228) Atlantis Pt 2 : Holding Up a Mirror(2006-11-27)
229) Atlantis Pt 3: The Final Destruction(2006-11-28)
230) Drugs of the Gods(2006-12-01)
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246) ANASAZI: A journey into forgiveness(2006-12-12)
247) Dateline: The New Millennium(2006-12-12)
248) NIBIRU: Getting Rid of the Smoke and Mirrors(2006-12-12)
249) Children of the Lesser Gods(2006-12-12)
250) Modern Media and the Preparation for Contact(2006-12-12)
251) Chemtrails Explained: Putting the Pieces Together(2006-12-12)
252) Chemtrails and the Return of Spartacus(2006-12-12)
253) Surrender?The Key to Ascension (for Susan)(2006-12-12)
254) Neighborhood Snitch(2006-12-12)
255) Humanity Vs the New World Order?Update 2003(2006-12-12)
256) Zero Point Time and The Healing of the Human Form (2006-12-12)
257) Strangers in a Strange Land?Alien-Nation # 2(2006-12-12)
258) The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner(2006-12-12)
259) To Serve or not to Serve?and How?(2006-12-12)
260) The Mormon-Masonic Connection(2006-12-12)
261) The Importance of Place to the New World Order(2006-12-12)
262) Your Health and the New World Order(2006-12-12)
263) The Fourth Reich and the New World Order(2006-12-12)
264) Everything Old is New Again (2006-12-12)
265) The Phoenix Lights Case: The Fear Continues (2006-12-12)
267) Humanity vs The New World Order: As it stands ? Christmas 2001(2006-12-12)
268) The Environment and the New World Order --The New ?Terrorist? Threat (AND A CRUCIAL WARNING)(2006-12-12)
269) Oklahoma and New York Cities?Murder in the First Degree(2006-12-12)
270) Somewhere In Between: Religion vs. Science and the Alien Question(2006-12-12)
271) Abductees, Implants and Other Alien Stuff(2006-12-12)
272) Mind Control and Ritual Child Abuse?The True Weapons of Mass Destruction (2006-12-12)
273) By Way of Explanation #1 The Illuminati Elite and the ?Good? Organizations.(2006-12-12)
274) Confessions of a ?Turtle People?(2006-12-12)
275) Judgment & Control(2006-12-12)
276) A Thought and Two Prophecies(2006-12-12)
277) Questions and Answers and Our Own Spiritual Guidance(2006-12-12)
278) Worlds in Transition (2006-12-12)
279) The True Nature of Planet Earth Part 1(2006-12-12)
280) The Tree of Life Dies(2006-12-12)
281) Philadelphia Experiment Day(2006-12-12)
282) Little Bits of Truth . . . (2006-12-12)
283) Australia?s Role in the New World Order (2006-12-12)
284) Freemasonry and The Illuminati(2006-12-12)
285) Vortexes, Space, and Genuine Heart or Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth(2006-12-12)
286) Who do you serve?(2006-12-12)
287) Spiritual Healing and The True Nature of Planet Earth (#2) Part 1(2006-12-12)
288) Spiritual Healing and The True Nature of Planet Earth (#2) Part 2(2006-12-12)
289) Vote For Your Favorite Alien 2000(2006-12-12)
290) Alien Invasion and Mad Cow Disease (2006-12-12)
291) Being Prepared(2006-12-12)
292) Propaganda: In what way are you controlled?(2006-12-12)
293) Humanity Vs The New World Order - The Last Installment.(2006-12-12)
294) Tomorrow?s God, Earth Changes and Illegal Debt(2006-12-12)
295) Wars and Rumors of Wars: The Next Stage of The NWO Great Plan?Part 1(2006-12-12)
296) The First Seeds(2006-12-12)
297) Walking in the NOW (from Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?)(2006-12-12)
298) D-Day, the 6th of June: The Climate is Changing(2006-12-12)
299) From The True Nature of Planet Earth (2006-12-12)
300) Earth and the Environment(2006-12-12)
301) The Reality of the Situation(2006-12-12)
302) from Volume 6, The True Nature of Planet Earth:(2006-12-12)
303) Lesson #10 10 Recommendations for Staying Healthy in Chaotic Times(2006-12-27)
304) Lesson #11 There are no gifts -- only learning and responsibility.(2006-12-27)
305) Lesson #8 Pain Relief and the Power of Togetherness(2006-12-27)
306) The Nazis and the Good Shepherd(2006-12-27)
307) Grayball(2006-12-27)
308) UFOs, Chemtrails, and the Bubonic Plague(2006-12-27)
309) COVERUP! (2006-12-29)
310) A Spiritual Primer Lessons 1-12(2006-12-29)
311) USA Breakdown of Morphogenetic Races(2007-01-02)
312) Lesson #16 - Tom Hanks and Pure Intent (2007-01-21)
313) Lesson #15 What is Service?(2007-02-07)
314) Ascension . . . did you miss it?(2007-02-07)
315) Lesson #17 The Supermarket of Soul(2007-02-07)
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317) Think you're having a bad day? --The war heats up . . . (2007-02-07)
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323) Lesson #18 Cherry-picking God(2007-02-25)
324) It All Begins With Forgiveness (2007-03-03)
325) A Primer on Dealing with Chemtrails and a Possible Cure Part 1(2007-03-08)
326) A Primer on Dealing with Chemtrails and a Possible Cure Part 2(2007-03-08)
327) Reptilians 101 –Part 3(2007-03-11)
328) Leaving the Matrix (2007-03-11)
329) Lesson # 20 -- A Vital Gift for Grounding(2007-03-19)
330) Doing Grid Work –A primer(2007-05-10)
331) Collapsing the Matrix(2007-05-10)
332) Understanding Grid Points(2007-05-10)
333) War Crimes and New Paradigms (2007-05-10)
334) An Experience of Sound Encoding(2007-05-10)
335) Breaking Down the Hologram: How the Grid Creates and Supports the Matrix(2007-05-24)
336) The Grand Canyon, the Hollow Earth and the Day After(2007-05-24)
337) The New Fear Chakra Release Assignment(2007-05-24)
338) Peeling the Onion(2007-05-24)
339) Fighting Back(2007-05-24)
340) The Sacred Sound Toning (Encoding)(2007-05-24)
341) Lesson #21 Defending Your Life(2007-05-29)
342) Triffids(2007-05-29)
343) Lemmings(2007-05-29)
344) the trip to bountiful -- the end of mormon power and support(2007-06-15)
345) Dragging the Past Along With Us(2007-06-15)
346) the trip to bountiful --the end of mormon power and support(2007-07-07)
347) 2. dragging the past along with us(2007-07-07)
348) arcturians and the universal experience(2007-07-07)
349) a brave new world(2007-07-07)
350) thoth s redemption(2007-07-07)
351) the purpose-driven life(2007-07-07)
352) playing in the matrix(2007-07-07)
353) sue ann s story of implant removal(2007-07-07)
354) an unfinished life(2007-07-07)
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356) driven --a new timetable for earth(2007-07-07)
357) thoth on forgiveness(2007-07-07)
358) don t shoot me i m just the messenger(2007-07-07)
359) thoth on different types of beings(2007-07-07)
360) the essential need for pure water(2007-07-07)
361) the reality of this war(2007-07-07)
362) a most important read(2007-07-07)
363) dealing with suppressed emotional baggage(2007-07-07)
364) planetary lift off (2007-07-07)
365) thoth on father s day - being prepared(2007-07-07)
366) creation s healing and thoth s confession(2007-07-07)
367) the coming weather changes(2007-07-07)


An Australian-born journalist, metaphysical researcher, and spiritual healer, Peter Farley is the author of the controversial book series, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? - The True History of the Darkness and of the Light. All six volumes of which are now available... With the last three volumes available soon.
 These books are the first to fully map out the history of alien interaction with the Earth, past, present, and into the near future. Extending the work of noted researchers such as Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, the book series goal is to show its readers the extensive repercussions this interaction has had on life on this planet, especially its formative role in the global conspiracy known as the New World