Sujet: Message from Ashtar Sheran 28 April 2007 + 2 more from FW10 (again,repeated)
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Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 19:29:20 -0400 (EDT)

Urgent Message From Ashtar Sheran
May 13, 2007

Urgent Message from Ashtar Sheran 28 April 2007
During the Workshop “Contact with one’s Twin Flame” Channeled by Samara – Heidi Stadler .

Hello to you all. I am Ashtar. I came because it is the time that requires it. The changes on Earth are so fast and we are concerned about its inhabitants. We have taken the firm decision to come more:


Strange Craft
May 12, 2007

Last month (April 2007), my wife and I were on a walk when we noticed a very large, very strange "craft" in the sky. My wife took a picture with her cell phone camera (first photo below). A few days later a friend (and neighbor) lent me his camera and came with me to take photos of this "craft". We found it and took a number of very clear more:

The Kennedy-Nixon-Bush Connection
May 13, 2007

As long as assassins get away with murder, every suicide and every accidental death is a potential murder. A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George Herbert Walker Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy. The document places Bush working with the now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, more: