Sujet: (FW10) Casper Report, July 31, 2007 /// SOTT : +Israel's+new+death+squads+
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Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 15:55:58 -0400 (EDT)

Casper Report, July 31, 2007
August 01, 2007
Power plays........Showdown.............Checkmate............ China, Japan and Russia say "screw you", your excuse's won't fly anymore. No sense waiting till 5p.m. Wednesday to dump, you don't believe us so might as well go ahead and do it a.m. tomorrow. This is real serious folks. If they dump the world as we know it ends. .read more :
 Remember this; "THEY"( those risking anarchy and chaos) are not the United States. They are GLOBALIST. They have bypassed U.S. laws and the constitution via "TREATIES" which become U.S. law upon passage by the senate and signing by the President. "THEY" are the government of the banks and big business. THEY are owned outright by the NWO. "THEY" knew what they were doing when they "hollowed out" the country via outsourcing. THEY knew what THEY were doing when THEY fixed it so that a typical highschool graduate can not name the three branches of government and the average citizen cannot name their senators. Our students lag the world in education. BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH CRIME SYNDICATE takes over the country and the world. Muslims say we would rather die than have you impose your "values" on us.
Our packs "moved" again late this afternoon. They have been "on a string" as you know. I seriously doubt they would have moved THIS time except for "or else". This and peripheral information points to delv tomorrow for the "trigger" packages. The rest may well be the 7th..

Message from Creator God Aton

August 01, 2007
A CUP OF TEA WITH GOD Wednesday, August 1, 2007, 8:33 a.m.
 Greetings to the Bellringers on this lovely day, August 1, 2007. This is Creator God Aton speaking to you. I have requested a communication with you ones at this time. The only verification, and true verification, of what is happening in your world is from your own God more:
So, my chelas, the Chinese Secret Society, which you have heard and read about, has been activated against the Dark Leaders, namely the Illuminati, who have run the evil “show” far too long. The entire planet is in jeopardy, as mass genocide, nuclear war and all sorts of horrendous acts to de-populate your planet are in the “works”. Their final trump card would be the destruction of Mother Earth, if it came to that, if they would not achieve their goal of world domination.
The challenge by Benjamin Fulford and the Chinese Secret Society to the Rockefellers, the “eye of the pyramid”, was met by the destruction of the world’s largest nuclear power plant in Japan with two major earthquakes caused by microwave technology. This is the final act of evil these ones can make, not only against the people of the world, but against Mother Earth. Creator Source has disallowed any nuclear war, even those these evil ones plan to start in the first week of August, 2007 against Iran, Syria and Pakistan.
Still, your Dark Lords sent Mr. Paulson to China to beg for 7 more days of grace until August 7, but the Global Family has made it very clear that all the deadlines have been passed, and no more grace period is left. The reason Mr. Paulson went to China is that your evil Cabal, run by the Illuminati, needs more money. This money would not have been to hold up your failed economy, but to use it to start their Nuclear War they have planned for centuries. That SHALL NOT HAPPEN!! As Mr. Paulson was told and I quote freely: “You no longer shall have any money, as of today. ...*
Those deliberate earthquakes in Japan did not help, but I can tell you that her tipping can be anytime. Mother Earth shall have her balance, as the abundance (money) shall be evened out to the people. How long you have after the abundance happens, which I predict shall start today, is not known, but it is not long.
Keep the faith and do what you are doing until the very end. Goodness is upon you of Earth Shan this very day. I leave you with hope and joy, that at last NESARA and the funding shall be done, as petitioned by mine ones. The “octopus” of evil has been severed in thousands of pieces, unable to be reconstructed again.
more on B. Fulford:    part 1   part 2

IRAQ: A Little Easier to Occupy from the Air

August 01, 2007
BAGHDAD, Jul 31 (IPS) - Many Iraqis believe the dramatic escalation in U.S. military use of air power is a sign of defeat for the occupation forces on the ground. U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft dropped five times as many bombs in Iraq during the first six months of this year as over the first half of 2006, according to official more:
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