Sujet: (SOTT) UFOs+spotted+over+Ontario and more
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Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 13:10:16 -0400 (EDT)  best-of-web  uk-news   a-o-e
An enormous saucer-shaped craft emerged slowly from the cumulus clouds and hung in the sky.
GOLDENDALE, Washington (STPNS) --
It’s an exciting time at James Gilliland’s ranch outside of Trout Lake – not because there’s nearly daily sightings of flying saucers, that’s been happening for years – but because a documentary about the sightings has just been released.
The movie is called “Contact Has Begun,” and Gilliland said last Saturday that it is expected to be showing in select theaters across the country. It’s also available on DVD.
In the past decade, 160 tales of strange lights and strange sights in the night and day Yukon skies have been collected by Bretlyn and her UFO-investigating associates.
They're posted online at


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