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Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 23:30:41 -0400 (EDT)

[DrRichBoylanReports] Cabal gets told off

(August 09, 2007 )
 The remote viewer was brought by her Star Visitor Guide to a meeting of the Executive more:
The remote-viewer did not determine the date of this Mandate Delivery, but it obviously took place not too long after the September 29, 2005 Trial and Conviction of the Cabal.

The Joyride That Was The American Empire

August 09, 2007
A review of Financial Armageddon: Protecting Your Future From Four Impending Catastrophes, By Michael J. Panzner .
 A few days ago a friend called me just after hearing Michael Panzner on the Thom Hartmann show on Air more:

Planet Protectors

August 07, 2007
The Campaign for global security needs you. This may come as less of a shock to others, but it’s my own recent discovery: we live on a more:

Cruel Weather Events On The Rise

August 09, 2007
A tornado touches down near Elie, Canada. A dozen homes were destroyed or damaged by the severe twister in Manitoba province. Six other twisters were reported in the area Manitoba in 2006 saw 15 tornadoes compared to the long-term average of just 9 tornadoes. (Wayne Hanna / AP) more:

Install Love on the HUMAN Computer

August 08, 2007
Customer: I really need some help. After much consideration, I've decided to install LOVE. Can you guide me through the process? Tech Support: Yes, I can help you. Are you ready to proceed? Customer: Well, I'm not very technical, but I think I'm ready to install it now. What do I do? Tech Support: The first step is to open your more:
You will learn how the messages of Jesus and Paul from 2,000 years ago have been distorted; how messages of love were changed to messages of fear, messages of compassion were changed to messages of guilt, and how the messages that were supposed to create brotherly love instead were distorted to polarize people and create prejudice and bigotry. You will learn, again, that we were meant to live embracing universal love and universal compassion. You will experience a healing of your spirit and soul.
Worldwide Intent Declaration
"I am IN FAVOR OF  peace and harmony in the world; IN FAVOR OF  a clean, healthy environment; IN FAVOR OF protecting and caring for earth's animals; IN FAVOR OF financial abundance and health for all the world's people."
This I do declare and state. I AM that which I intend. So Be It!
By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

On the morn of July 23, 2007 the star Sirius rises before the daystar, our sun, issuing a declaration to all that the
ATLANTEAN-EGYPTIAN-SIRIAN NEW YEAR had been birthed.  This will create a doorway of unprecedented
opportunity to swim foreword with the stellar surge of awareness that preceded the daylight.

Since ancient times Sirius has been known and revered in many cultures. In ancient Atlantis the mysteries were based on
information received from the Sirius Masters. After the third fall of Atlantis, the Sirian mysteries spread into ancient Egypt
. As early as 3000 BC the Egyptians started celebrating the helical rising of the star Sirius declaring this the New Year as the
Nile flooded its banks in the time of the great lion, in the month of Leo.

Sirius is the home of Christ Consciousness not only for our planet and solar system but also for this entire One Galaxy.
Sirius has always been a spiritual prototype for earth and played an important part in earth's early evolution.  Spiritual
energy emanates forth from the star Sirius into the heart chakra of our Sun and then makes its way to earth through the
sun's blessing rays.

As the rays from Sirius arc onto earth via the sun pre-dawn on July 23, the 11 Christ seeds within each of us were sent into
a new pattern of oscillation. These 11 Christ seeds are dormant DNA encodings that have awaited these particular stellar
emanations and configurations in order to open sealed soul records/truths of each Light Being held captive within the
human costume. The emanations that begin on July 23, 2007 will lend themselves until the time of 9/11/2007 (eclipse). It is
in the quiet times in-between words and thoughts that you will find the key that unlocks what has been unseen until now.

* On August 8, 2007 we are given a rare opportunity to walk through another 'Doorway of Accelerated Awakening', the 8:8

This Awakening will occur within the cellular records of all beings. These cellular records are held within a crystalline code
in the form of a tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) which exists within the codon of each strand of DNA, which resides within
each cell of the body, as well as each cell in the Universe.

In ancient times the 'Records of Remembrance' were hidden deep within the earth physically and dimensionally, under,
above and around sacred sites. The Mother Matrix of these encodings lives within the Great Pyramid of Egypt with the
Sphinx as the Stellar Sentinel. When the ancient skies were aligned in a specific stellar configuration an energetic doorway
was opened to the sacred sites. Allowing entrance through these sacred geometric encodings.

We all carry within us cellular awareness of every sacred site ever issued to earth, from the beginning of time on earth
through out time in our immediate solar system. It is just a matter of fine tuning our intention to receive these energies.
The only way earth can move forward is through the heart (anagram for earth). Every tool, meditation and OM is a
fruitless tree unless one moves into direct contact with the heart. Since the Universe knows we are stubborn of nature it has
aligned some stars to shoot that cosmic cupid arrow our way. Activating a doorway of love so vast one is automatically
included within, without any effort.
August 8, is a Natural doorway. Nothing forced, nothing prodded, nothing stressful.

Just a natural downloading of remembering from the heavens initiating our dormant light codes. Lifting us up to a place
where we can see the parade of light that is yet to come. Set your intention as you set you watch on August 8, 2007. Allow
the floods of the ancient Nile to fertilize your soul with Nu-trients that are needed for your growth. See behind the curtains
to the new (NU) you that exists beyond all space and time and body.  The land of OZ finally becomes the land of us.
Time has quickened and in August the Time matrix shifts into unknown areas.  In the time of August 2007 what was named
the Philadelphia Experiment (August 12, 1943) is opening up again to birth another Time transformation. Time, as we
perceive it will shift. TIME known and unknown conjuncts itself, as the timing chain of the universe pauses to lick its past
wounds. The 'Time Gates' open on 8/12/2007 . All that was hidden is seen all that was seen is now clarified in the light of a
new knowledge imbedded within the codons of a dormant seed chromosome.

* The past and future walk hand in hand in the now as forlorn lovers. Revealing all possibilities to a newly birthed
remembering. Gather what you may along this path; fill yourself.  As the fruit from this tree does not fall to earth again
until 20 years have passed.

The energies rises from 8/8/2007 to 9/11/2007 (eclipse)  spend them well.
from: Gillian MacBeth-Louthan   2004