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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 16:50:00 -0400 (EDT)

The Earth Axis Tilt Article Posted On Fourwinds Is A Hoax! (Updated August 23, 2007)

August 23, 2007
----- Original Message ----- From: DC To: Bellringer Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 7:20 PM Subject: Axis tilt Dear Patrick, I take on board most of what you give us and use my discernment, however the (apparantly) nameless individual who has broadcast the above must be on another planet from the one I live on! more
Dear Patrick,
Can you explain the relationship between the Earth's tipping point (55 degrees) coming next month and Nesara? I am confused because I don't understand what is to be expected when the tipping point is reached. If our unusual weather is already pretty fierce, won't it just get worse as the Earth tips more?
In relation to Nesara, I'm wondering how all the electronic banking, etc., can still be done if we lose satellite communications at the tipping point, if that will be part of what happens then.

Cross of Blood Alignment    Sparks Fear of Horrific August (28, 2007)Cataclysm

August 23, 2007
Though I rarely, if ever, publicly comment upon the research of our Sisters, I felt that a recent report by Sister Adriana-Maria from Belgium is worthy of your attention. Sister Adriana-Maria is a theoretical linguist who for the past three years has been researching the works of the 19th Century Russian Seer Helena Petrovna Hahn, or as better known to the Western World as Madame Blavatsky, and who was the Co-Founder of the Theosophical Society which is accorded the status as creating the schism between Christianity and what is termed as ‘New Age’ thought in today’s Western World. more:
According to Sister Adriana-Maria, Madame Blavatsky in 1877 foresaw the catastrophic volcanic explosion of the Island of Krakatoa, and which exploded with such force that it is believed to have been the loudest sound in recorded history, and which occurred on August 27, 1883.
ust 27, 1883. But, not only did Madame Blavatsky foresee the 1883 Krakatoa event, she ‘looked’ further into the future, 130 years to be exact, to the year of 2007, and the date of August 27th, and which she ‘foresaw’ and even greater event which in her decoded cipher described as ‘…never before have these [humans] seen such horror and destruction’.
Of astronomical events to occurring during the time period that Madame Blavatsky indicates, between the dates of August 26-28, 2007, it is interesting to find the following:
1. As previously mentioned, this time period finds the Sun, Venus and Saturn in a Triple Conjunction.
2. At 0800 UT (3:00 AM US Eastern Seaboard) on August 27th the Planet Mars will rise in the Eastern sky alongside Aldebaran the giant red star located in the constellation Taurus and resembling ‘two eerie, unblinking eyes’.
3. During the early morning hours of August 28th one of the longest lunar eclipses in recorded history will occur with our Moon becoming completely immersed for nearly 90 minutes, and which will be visible to the entire World.

Crash Jet Contained Depleted Uranium  (DU)

August 23, 2007
The Korean Air Boeing 747 cargo plane which crashed near Stansted airport in Essex last month contained several hundred kilograms of depleted uranium, it has been discovered. The revelation comes as an Air Accident Investigation Board report into the crash highlights defects in the flight captain's altitude director indicator - which gives more;

Bush Does Not Deny Plans For North American Union

August 23, 2007
President avoids question, ridicules 'conspiracy theorists' who believe it MONTEBELLO, Quebec – President Bush today sidestepped a direct question about whether he'd be willing to categorically deny there is a plan to create the North American Union. Instead, he ridiculed those who believe that is taking place as conspiracy more:

War Psychiatry And Iraq Atrocities: How Killing Becomes A Reflex

August 23, 2007
In 1971, Lt. William Calley was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the massacre of some 500 civilians in the Vietnamese hamlet of My Lai. In response to Calley's conviction, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) convened the "Winter Soldier Investigation." Over a three-day period, more than a hundred veterans testified to more:

Economic Collapse As Precursor To Open Plan For Martial Law? (with Video)

August 23, 2007
Many fear recession, bank run, strike on Iran or terror attack could signal green light for state of emergency The open announcement of a program on behalf of the federal government that is recruiting clergy to aid the authorities in "quelling dissent," gun confiscation and forced relocation in the event of martial law has many worried that more:
more us-news

Midwest Unlikely to Dry Out Soon

August 23, 2007
(Photos at right: #1. "Losing it All. Streets, homes and cars in Bluffton, OH, stand surrounded by floodwater. Emergency workers rescued resident from homes, and school districts canceled classes Aug. 21 as several inches of rain sent river banks surging across northern Ohio. Meanwhile, people hit by floods in Oklahoma, Minnesota and more:

White House Declares Office Off-Limits

August 23, 2007
Administrator of missing e-mails not subject to open-records law, it says. The Bush administration argued in court papers this week that the White House Office of Administration is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act as part of its effort to fend off a civil lawsuit seeking the release of internal documents about a large number more:

War President

August 23, 2007
From Joe's blog... American Leftist Wednesday, April 07, 2004 On 'War President' Given this image's inflammatory nature, I posted it with a great deal of trepidation. I had a hard time deciding if it was the right thing to do and I am still not sure. No, I didn't have the consent of the families of those pictured, and I apologize for more: