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Online Journal  10 March 2002
While the ruling elite and the mainstream media continue to portray the expanding "war on terrorism" in the most infantile and implausible terms ("axis of evil," etc.), sober and informed observers know better.
It is a war "of" terrorism. It is a war of, and for, control of the last untapped supplies of oil and natural gas on earth. And the players on the Grand Chessboard will stop at nothing to win.
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With 9/11 came the opportunity the US Oilocracy was waiting for, their long-held desire for a pipeline through Afghanistan undoubtedly adding impetus to an invasion mounted to clear the country of former US allies like the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Four years on and Afghanistan's onerous distinction as the largest producer of heroin in the world is all that has been achieved, with the remit of the beleagured and US-installed Kharzai government running no further than Kabul.
Ultimately, the swamp of hatred, obscurantism and religious fanaticism out of which Osama Bin laden, Al Qaeda and the Taliban emerged in Afghanistan was a US creation. The US armed, funded and trained large numbers of men as a proxy army during the Cold War. The barbarity and savagery inflicted on the people of Afghanistan as a result was a price worth paying, just as the savagery and barbarity being inflicted on Iraq is a price worth paying.
The tragedy for Afghanistan, for its people, is that the future could have been oh so different.
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CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan (AFP) - - Three British NATO troops were killed in an apparent "friendly fire" incident in Afghanistan when US jets dropped a bomb on them during fighting with the Taliban, officials said Friday.
The incident, near Kajaki in southern Helmand province, happened late Thursday
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(Photo — The Ranks: Wearing the shirts that got them evicted from a president’s speech in 2004. /  Photo via ACLU)
More than an hour earlier, the advance officials, working with local police, had confronted and ejected a young couple who had come to the speech wearing T-shirts that fit any reasonable definition of free expression. The front of both shirts bore the name "Bush" surrounded by a circle with a slash through it; the back of Jeffery Rank's shirt carried the slogan "Regime Change Begins at Home" and Nicole Rank's shirt read, "Love America, Hate Bush."
The Ranks refused demands to take the shirts off, turn them inside out or leave. Though they were on public property and not being disruptive, they were handcuffed, arrested and charged with trespass. The charges were later dropped, and with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Ranks sued the White House advance personnel for violating their First Amendment rights.
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