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August 24, 2007
Dear Sirs, Mesdames: I am Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party. I write in reply to the article by Neil Reynolds. I expect your respectable paper will have the courtesy to publish my response to his ridiculous labelling of the Canadian Action Party as right wing and extremist, and to publish as an article not subject to the limitations of space in a letter to the editor.

Political extremists hurt economic debate        NeIL REYNOLDS
August 25, 2007
CONNIE FOGAL, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, CAP/PAC, calls for a September 2007 MOTION of NON CONFIDENCE in the Conservative government arising out of its integration of Canada into a North American Union.
Whereas Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin, President George Bush of the USA and President Vincente Fox of Mexico in Waco Texas in March 2005 entered an agreement called the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, (S.P.P.) .......
More UFO's Released (Videos)
BY: Nathaniel x Vance |
August 24, 2007
Here are a few recent legitimate UFO videos which resonate with truth I believe. Check them out for yourselves! Are they real , or are they false/fake like the 2 Haitian ufos? --Nathaniel V. UFO - Cylinder Chased by Soviet MIG-2 - UFO Orbs Over Southampton UK - 6-25-07 )


Death by Government  (USA)

August 24, 2007
 When real market prices are unavailable to balance supply and demand in the health care sector -- when prices are set by government decree, or distorted by government funding -- the consequence can more:    downsizedc

Help Spread the Word About the Global Om.

September 15
2006 united over 340 locations in 57 countries
through music and dance
in celebration of peace
From: Earthdance International Date: 08/24/07 17:29:06 
  Dear Earthdancers ~ We hope you will join us on September 15, 2007 for the Prayer for Peace and the Global Om. .read more:    time converter  download

Freedom Next Time (Video)

August 24, 2007
John Pilger - Freedom Next Time
Paul Hubbard
43 min 43 sec - Jun 16, 2007
Journalist, author, film maker John Pilger speaks in Chicago at Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century.  )

The Old Iran-Contra Death Squad Gang is Desperate to Discredit Chavez   by  John Pilger

August 24, 2007
I walked with Roberto Navarrete into the national stadium in Santiago, Chile. With the southern winter's wind skating down from the Andes, it was empty and ghostly. Little had changed, he said: the chicken wire, the broken seats, the tunnel to the changing rooms from which the screams echoed. We stopped at a large number 28. ?This is where I was, more  )

Bush Signs Spy Bill In the Spirit of Hitler's Third Reich

August 24, 2007   by  Edward Spannaus.
Everything, and more, that was done under Dick Cheney's domestic surveillance program launched immediately after 9/11, is now "legal," thanks to the legislation passed by the Democratic-controlled Congress on Aug. 4, in the hours before it adjourned for its August recess. The next day, President Bush signed the legislation which amends?actually, more  )

Quebec Police Admit They Infiltrated Protest / SPP Agent Provocateur Cops Caught Red Handed Attempting To Incite Violence

August 24, 2007
 The Ottawa Citizen Protester Alex Hundert tries to talk his way past police and inside Chateau Montebello. Day 2 at Chateau Montebello, more:
Quebec police admit they infiltrated protest

CanWest News Service


Administration Source Confirms Their Determination to Attack On Iran

August 24, 2007
If you thought the Cheney White House could not be so crazy as to attack Iran given the existing debacle in Iraq, we have news for you. They ARE that crazy.
 As reported by Time magazine on line yesterday, an administration official declared unilaterally "There will be an attack on Iran", based on the totally bogus assertion that more:
If you believe that Vice President Cheney should be impeached, then vote "Yes" below.
(  )

Secret Memo: One-World Agenda Dominates SPP Summit

August 24, 2007
Document reveals plan for meeting of U.S., Mexico, Canada leaders. A multinational business agenda is driving the upcoming summit meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, according to a document obtained through an Access to Information Act request in Canada. The memo shows a secondary focus of the leaders' :

Michael Chertoff: The Man & His Star-Crossed Past

August 24, 2007
Very few Americans, not directly affected by this man of many faces have no idea, of who really directs the duties of the 180,000 government employees in DHS: Duties that this man now holds in his stained and conflicted hands. It seems that the variety of controversies which have paralleled Michael Chertoff's meteoric rise in government have more:

Tipping Point (Gold: $300 Trillion per ounce?) Edgar J. Steele

August 23, 2007
I believe that America, finally, has achieved critical mass and simultaneously has reached or is approaching her "tipping point" regarding a great many issues.
Tipping points inherently are deceptive. Overtly, one perceives a sudden, dramatic shift, often without notice. Unlike schoolyard teeter-totters, however, the required force usually is not applied all at once. Let me give you a personal example. more:
Cracks in Zionism
August 24, 2007
One of the myths created by the Israeli lobby is that Jews around the world are unanimous in their support of Israel, regardless of what it does. That's not true and never has been true. Modern political Zionism, whose ideology demands a Jewish state with a Jewish majority, was invented by an Austrian journalist and for decades more:

Which Hidden Power Created Hitler?

August 24, 2007
The man who became the personification of evil was probably the puppet of larger forces still in control of the world.
This view is supported by a curious little-known document entitled "I was Hitler's Boss" by Captain Karl Mayr published in the New York-based magazine "Current History" (November 1941.)
As Hitler's boss in the "Instruction Dept." of the Reichwehr in Munich, Capt. Mayr had "daily contact" with Hitler for 15 mos. (March 1919- June 1920.)

PNAC Rebuilding America's Senses DL Lecture

August 24, 2007
 Daniel Abrahamson - FalseFlagNews - Amazing Video... )

Crop Circles: 2007 Milk Hill Magic

August 24, 2007
 The intriguing findings I did in my first analysis of 2007 and which I published under the title 2007 East Field Alchemy, invited me to have a better look at some other 2007 crop circles. Over the years I have learned to listen more:

Become a Little Child

August 25, 2007
Learn to Love and be Gentle with Yourself. Those who live in Third Dimensional bodies this time around, who are a few decades of age, have gone through years of programming, which has stripped them of awareness and of sensitivity. All you need to do, in order to gather the benefits from the incoming energies, are to believe they are occurring, more:  )

Four Winds 10 Recovering from Core Crash after 3 days off

August 27, 2007 is currently recovering from a core system crash due to a hacker who was able to obtain access to our network operations systems.  Our backup files were compromised as well due to the nature of the attack.  Fortinately we were able to protect 85% of our logical data, which we are working dilligently to re-deploy.  We apologize for the difficulties we have encountered.  We should be 100% again soon.