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Today is Labor Day in the United States.
 Yes, I know the rest of the world celebrates it on May 1, but here in the U.S. we don't want to have it on the same day as all those foreign socialists and communists.
 It is a good time to look at the state of the labor movement. Last week we wrote a bit about the IWW (International Workers of the World) or "Wobblies."
It was no accident that the IWW declined and was suppressed while the AFL (American Federation of Labor) succeeded. The Wobblies called for all workers everywhere to stop working until the employers gave up.
 The AFL maintained cozy relationships with employers.
That was a textbook case divide-and-conquer, raise-a-class-of-collaborators strategy by the ruling class. Very effective. The Wobblies, on the other hand, called for Direct Action.
 As an IWW pamphlet put it,
Shall I tell you what direct action means? The worker on the job shall tell the boss when and where he shall work, how long and for what wages and under what conditions. (Ibid., p. 323)
Direct action means industrial action directly by, for, and of the workers themselves, without the treacherous aid of labor misleaders or scheming politicians. A strike that is initiated, controlled, and settled by the workers directly affected is direct action... Direct action is industrial democracy. (Ibid.)
According to Zinn, the Wobblies,
...were attacked with all the weapons the system could put together: the newspapers, the courts, the police, the army, mob violence.
Let's close, then, with a dedication to the Wobblies and a song by Patti Smith:
People Have the Power..........................
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911 General Strike Gains Momentum:
Excellent Article By Lynne
Thank you for showing in this article how the governments of the world demonize something that really is helpful in spotting the things that the same governments actually approve that kill you.
It really shows how the pathocracy cares only about money and power and ways to acquire both. To hell with the people that they are suppose to be protecting. They use the people to get what they want, even at the cost of death to those people.
( another best-of-web ) : On+Education+in+America+Today  
LS: I'm Linda Sutton. We're here today with author/philosopher Gore Vidal.
LS: With the low educational levels, particularly within disadvantaged communities, and the resulting low opportunities in the job market, does the army become the only alternative for these students?
GV: Yes it is, unfortunately. It's not much training for anything else. They don't give career guidance very much.
LS: I know in your recent book "Imperial America" you go into great detail about the increasing militarization of American society since World War II. With our taxes going primarily to sustain the huge military budgets, is the current direction in education operating in such as way as to guarantee the recruits needed to sustain the standing armed forces?
GV: Well, I have noticed that every time there's a big layoff at General Motors or Ford, thousands of people are let go, stocks go up, prosperity is around the corner. A lot of that is technical money management, but an awful lot of it is more cannon fodder for the American war machine.
LS: Like the students you knew in your youth?
GV: Or people who couldn't get into schools or were so bored by the schools they were in. I've been reading, So, I read any news item about them. How particularly Black and Hispanic students just don't graduate. They're too bored. They haven't been taught anything. I'm on their side. It's not because they're dumb. It's because they're taught dumb things - that nobody can believe - the official stories about the founding of the United States, and so on, the founding fathers.
Even when they are true, they're made out to seem like such god-awful propaganda that you sort of resist it. And very early they get to be skeptical. And then when they go out and see the real world, how the police misbehave in every town, and they're one of the great problems along with criminals. Most young people are realistic, which is another word for cynical.
LS: So you think that they recognize that the history they're being taught really contains so much deception that it doesn't feel real to them?
GV: I don't think they know that. I think they suspect that, since everything else in their lives is so deceptive. They can see them lying about things which are on the front page of their own local paper. There's not any community out here where the kids don't know everything about the police. These neighborhood kids, they just know which policeman is stealing, which one is on the take, which one is x, y, zed.
LS: Howard Zinn did a piece earlier this spring on the various lies that the different presidents have told - it was in an op-ed piece that he had. Is it important for students to understand the background for the different wars that we've been going into and the kind of deceptions that have been done by previous presidents?
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Chaos, War, Murder and Destruction Are What They Want
The second you start arguing about intelligence, you've given the game away once again. This is a game the government and the proponents of war will always win. By now, we all surely know that if they want the intelligence to show that Country X is a "grave" and "growing" threat, they will find it or manufacture it. So once you're debating what the intelligence shows or fails to show, the debate is over. The war will inevitably begin.
To repeat: the decision to go to war is one of policy, and the intelligence -- whatever it is alleged to show -- is irrelevant. Don't argue in terms of intelligence at all. If you do, you'll lose. The administration knows that; many of its opponents still haven't figured it out, even now.
Be sure to understand one critical point: to the extent you grant legitimacy to the United States government in its current form, to the degree you confine opposition "within the system" as it now exists, you are aiding and abetting tyrants, torturers and murderers. If you wish to make that choice, you may certainly do so. Do not expect to be forgiven for your choice in the future. This does not mean you must resort to violence, and I do not advocate such a course. But what is absolutely necessary is what Chris indicates: non-compliance, disassociation, the refusal to obey and the insistence on saying, "No." On that last point, I urge you to read an earlier essay of mine, "You're Either with the Resistance -- or with the Murderers."
There Is No Substitute for Firm, Hard and Deep Insertion  (same author)
for more:   Once Upon a Time...
The Taliban are largely active in southern and eastern areas of Afghanistan and are locked in near daily clashes with Afghan and foreign troops, in which around 7,000 people have died in the past 19 months -- the bloodiest period since the resurgent Taliban's fall.
Comment: Instead of demonising the Taliban for their course of action, maybe it is time to get the hell out of Dodge, stay out and help economically the Afghan people rebuild what the illegal occupation forces have destroyed.  "We consider it (kidnapping) as an arm that can help us in imparting a blow to the enemy," Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location. "Kidnapping ... and killing of (nationals) of those countries who have come for the annihilation of the nation of Afghanistan, are works which suppress the enemy," he added.
Comment: The Afghans are just freedom fighters, who uses whatever means to liberate their country from the foreign empire. Can you blame them considering the untold misery and destruction that the US and it's allies have wrought on that country?