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The PH Miracle - There is no Disease

September 05, 2007
Disease names like diabetes and osteoporosis are misleading and misinform patients about disease prevention. There is a curious tendency in conventional medicine to name a set of symptoms a more:
There is no Disease
by Robert O. Young
See, western medicine prefers to describe diseases in terms of
chemistry. When you're depressed, you aren't suffering from a
lack of natural sunlight; you are suffering from a 'brain chemistry
imbalance' that can only be regulated, they claim, by ingesting toxic
chemicals to alter your brain chemistry. When your bones are brittle,
it's not acidic brittle bones disease; it's called osteoporosis,
something that sounds very technical and complicated. And to treat
it, western doctors and physicians will give you prescriptions for
expensive drugs that somehow claim to make your bones less brittle.
But in fact, the real treatment for this can be described in plain
language once again: regular physical exercise, vitamin D
supplementation, mineral supplements that include calcium and
strontium, natural sunlight, and avoidance of acidic foods such as
soft drinks, white flour and added sugars.
By creating a whole new vocabulary for medical conditions, they
can speak their own secret language and make sure that people
who aren't schooled in medicine don't understand what they're
That's a shame, because the treatments and cures for virtually all
chronic diseases are actually quite simple and can be described in
plain language, such as making different alkaline food choices,
getting more natural sunlight, drinking more alkaline water,
engaging in regular physical exercise, avoiding specific acidic
foods, supplementing your diet with green foods and green
drinks and alkalizing nutritional supplements and so on.
You see, the symptom is not the
disease, but conventional medicine insists on calling the symptom
the disease because that way it can treat the symptom and claim
success without actually addressing the underlying cause, which
remains a mystery to modern medicine.
Another disease that is named after its symptom is cancer. In
fact, to this day, most doctors and many patients still believe
that cancer is a physical thing: a tumor. In reality, a tumor is
the solution of cancer, not its cause. A tumor is simply a
physical manifestation of bound up acidic cells so they do not
spoil other healthy cells. The tumor is the solution to cells
damaged by acids not the problem. The truth is cancer is not a
cell but an acidic liquid. When a person 'has cancer,' what they
really have is a latent tissue acidosis. They are absorbing their
own acidic urine. It that would be a far better name for the disease:
Latent Tissue Acidosis or LTA.
If cancer were actually called Latent Tissue Acidosis, it would seem
ridiculous to try to cure cancer by cutting out tumors through surgery
and by destroying the immune system with chemotherapy. And yet
these are precisely the most popular treatments for cancer offered
by conventional medicine. These treatments do absolutely nothing
to support the patient's immune system and prevent the build up of
acids in the tissues. That's exactly why most people who undergo
chemotherapy or the removal of tumors through surgical
procedures end up with yet more cancer a few months or a few
years later. It's also another reason why survival rates of cancer
have barely budged over the last twenty years. (In other words,
conventional medicine's treatments for cancer simply don't work.)
The main reason is current medical science wrongly perceives cancer
as a cell when in reality cancer is an acidic liquid, like lactic acid.
This whole situation stems from the fact that the disease is
misnamed. It isn't cancer, it isn't a tumor and it certainly isn't a
disease caused by having too strong of an immune system that
needs to be destroyed through chemotherapy. It is simply latent
tissue acidosis. And if it were called latent tissue acidosis disease
or urine in the tissues, the effective treatment for cancer would be
The root cause of high cholesterol, as it turns out, is primarily
an over acidic diet. A person who eats foods that are acidic will
inevitably cause the body to go into preservation mode and
produce more cholesterol to neutralize the excess acid thus
showing the symptoms of this so-called disease of high cholesterol.
Its simple cause and effect. Eat the wrong foods, and you'll
produce too much acid which will cause the body to release
cholesterol from the liver to bind up that acid which can be
detected and diagnosed by conventional medical procedures.
You see it is not the cholesterol that is bad it is the acid producing
food we eat that is bad. Reduce the acid producing foods like beef,
chicken, pork, dairy, coffee, tea, soda pops, etc and you will reduce
the protective cholesterol that is saving your life from excess acid
Yet the root cause of all this is actually poor food choice, not some
bizarre behavior by the liver. If the disease were to be accurately
named, then, it would be called Acidic Food Choice Disease, or
simply AFCD.
AFCD would be a far more accurate name that would make sense
to people. If it's an acidic foods choice disease, then it seems that
the obvious solution to the disease would be to choose foods that
aren't so acidic. Of course that may be a bit of simplification since
you have to distinguish between healthy alkaline foods and unhealthy
acidic foods.
Another disease that's caused
by poor acidic food choice is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the
natural physiological and metabolic result of a person consuming
refined carbohydrates and added sugars in large quantities,
undigested proteins from beef, chicken, and pork without
engaging in regular physical exercise that would compensate
for such dietary practices.
The name 'diabetes' is meaningless to the average person. The
disease should be called Excessive Acid Disease, or EAD. If it
were called Excessive Acid Disease, the solution to it would be
rather apparent; simply eat less sugar, eliminate all animal
proteins, eggs, dairy, drink fewer soft drinks and so on. But of
course that would be far too simple for the medical community,
so the disease must be given a complex name such as diabetes
that puts its solution out of reach of the average patient.
But in reality, health (and a connection with spirit) is attainable
by every single person. Health is easy, it is straightforward, it is
direct and, for the most part, it is available free of charge.
A personal connection with our Creator is the same if we ask
humbly in prayer for a relationship with Him, and guidance.
Don't believe the names of diseases given to you by your doctor.
Those names are designed to obscure, not to inform. They are
designed to separate you from self-healing, not to put you in
touch with your own inner healer. And thus, they are nothing
more than bad medicine masquerading as modern medical

What the Constitution Says About Iraq

September 05, 2007
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    Meanwhile, scores of US, United Nations and foreign politicians and military officials have constantly expressed immense concern for potentially millions of innocent civilian victims of the wars in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, relatively little has been done worldwide to track their deaths, console family survivors or obtain health care for the wounded, maimed and sick. The combined ill and the dead from those four wars are estimated in the millions with no exacting figures available. Knowledge about sicknesses caused by the war in Bosnia-Serbia is more:
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