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Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 16:58:49 -0400 (EDT)

God's Plan for Creation: A Shift By Friday, Sept. 21, 2007

BY: Michele Denman
September 20, 2007
Two messages came through tonight: Thank you. Message #1: We are succeeding. The jail energy that once held us is breaking into bits. Mother Mary stepped forward and offered her love and support for all. Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Quan Yin, and many others are stating that this is the "last stand in consciousness," or the end more:
September 20, 2007
Two messages came through tonight: Thank you.

Message #1:

We are succeeding. The jail energy that once held us is breaking into bits.

Mother Mary stepped forward and offered her love and support for all.

Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Quan Yin, and many others are stating that this is the "last stand in consciousness," or the end of suffering.

They want each to know that they are respected and loved and the last stand will be completely over by friday.
r by Friday.

The frozen energy that has been on the lands is beginning to melt.

Decay is dissipating.

Grief is ending.

The war energy that once held us, is leaving. Trial will end.

Suffering will end.

War will be no more.

We will have accomplished so much by Friday, that we will stand in a new consciousness by Friday. Guilt is leaving, shame is leaving, bitterness is leaving. Pain is leaving.

We are literally at ³the end² right now, the end of this cycle.
This is Ascension. We are zooming at the speed of Light.

Thank you for your honor and dignity. Much has been accomplished and much is resolving now in creation. The energies of "hell" will soon be non-existent.

Animals and babies are all being protected. Grief will soon be no more.


Michele Denman and Kuthumi
Message #2:

Thank you so much again.

This is God's World and we are cherishing every moment of it.

This time has allowed so much to be accomplished in the higher realms.

Michael literally cut a veil tonight and 144 dimensions were revealed.

He stated that Creation had been obstructed through the war or fight for creation, by many beings. Many have wanted to own this universe and that currently, the fight or resolve is ending, as it is being given back to the Trinity of God. Beings that did not have the highest good in mind for our world have been fighting to take it over and use it for reasons that are not of God. The war has been going on a long time, but Michael says that a resolve is happening with Creator tonight.

We will have shifted this by Friday and due to this resolve, fantastic energies will enter and we will all begin to restore in Creator's arms.
Mary, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Michael, Ashtar, Hilarion, Melchizedek, Christ Michael and so many others are here to support us now, worldwide as we move beyond suffering, into the Light of Day.
Michele Denman <> Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:29:37


We had a breakthrough! The Nibiruan Council came in and they got it, they got it!

The Blood On George Bush's Hands

September 20, 2007
DETROIT -- It was certainly one of President George W. Bush's worst performances, and that's saying a lot. Well past his bedtime, he spoke to the nation last Thursday, looking and sounding like a sedated automaton, reading the lines for his latest justification for staying the course in Iraq .read more:

Ever New Joy Creation   BY: Ramanathan Iyer

September 20, 2007
Dear Great Beings, Ever New Joy Creation is Dawning! We have done it! Now our lives will continue to become more and more joyful! The secret of a joyful life is a healthy, spiritually activated physical body! The physical body holds the answer for us, in this new Age of Ever New Joy! The physical body is what holds INFINITE POWER to enable more:
My name is Ramanathan, or "Rama" for short. I have been working endless hours behind the scenes helping to forge this New Creation Structure, and I have realized that now it is time for me to work directly with all of you!
My wish is to enable you to heal yourselves, and give you simple and powerful Body Activation techniques so that you can evolve yourself as Deep into Infinite Joy and Physical Beauty as you wish to go!
We are pioneers of the New Cosmic Age, an age where Joy and MORE Joy is what life is all about!

You can reach me at for more information about my services, or to schedule a private session, or express your interest in the group healing sessions I will be offering via teleconferencing.

Corn Ethanol & its Unintended Consequences for California

September 20, 2007
Growth of the corn ethanol industry in California is fraught with unintended consequences, none of which are beneficial to the economy or the environment of the state. They include impacts on our overcommitted water resources, on our air quality, on the price of food, and on the financial burden to citizens while private investors profit. more:
After a laid-back career as a University research librarian (Harvard, University of Virginia, UCLA), Juliette Anthony chose seventeen years ago to begin work as environmental research consultant and activist.
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Rabbi Michael Lerner is the editor of Tikkun Magazine and the national co-chair of the Network of Spiritual Progressives.
Tikkun and its Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) will renew our efforts to build an interfaith alternative to the Israel Lobby, and we invite all who agree with our Middle Path perspective (both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine) as defined on the back cover of this issue of Tikkun to join in that effort. On the back cover we explain why the only effective voice must be interfaith - both Jews and non-Jews who understand that the best interests of the U.S., Israel and the world lies with us all understanding that our well-being depends on the well-being of everyone else, including those we previously thought of as enemies. Instead, unless the influence of the Lobby is quickly and effectively countered, we may soon find ourselves in a war with Iran with consequences that will be bad for the U.S. and bad for the Jews for decades to come.
Anbar's Ghost :
The 'Ghost of Anbar' - also known as Abu Risha, the man behind the US success story in Iraq's Anbar province, was brutally murdered in a roadside bomb this week.
( is surge working? )   m-e-m
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The BLUF is that our ultimate goal in 2003 was the security of Israel and the lucrative oil fields in northern and southern Iraq.
and  ))
   international herald tribune;_ylt=As7m8I8flK4AFn8o1eHytNgDW7oF
+    dec 2006  );_ylt=Amln0GcUINlp_FCSYuso96p34T0D
Both sides of the political spectrum slammed the security cabinet's decision Wednesday to declare Hamas-controlled Gaza a "hostile entity."
"The Olmert-Barak government, elected on a platform of peaceful promises, seems in reality to specialize only in declarations of war," said Meretz MK Ran Cohen.
"The cabinet's statement contributes nothing to the security of residents of the Israeli communities near Gaza and only serves to push the residents of Gaza into the arms of terrorism, violence and despair," he said.
..................... It boosts despair, damages Israel's image and increases the chance for violence."
Comment: It is exactly what Olmert and the Ziogang have in mind.
Iraqi and US officials have set up a joint panel in a bid to defuse a crisis over the killing of civilians in a shootout involving US security firm Blackwater, an Iraqi official said Wednesday.
The panel will attempt to thrash out a compromise that will allow Blackwater, which provides protection to US embassy staff and other American officials, to continue its operations in Iraq, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told AFP.
The US can not do without the 180,000+ mercenaries who act as a private army and with complete immunity.   +,0,5419234,full.story?coll=la-home-center )
Israel's security cabinet today declared Gaza an "enemy entity", paving the way for possible cuts in fuel and water to the Hamas-controlled territory.,,2172494,00.html

The demonstrators, including clerics, tribal leaders, and workers, marched from one neighborhood to the other carrying signs declaring, "The wall is US terrorism" and "No to the dividing wall."
The military insists segregating the neighborhoods is necessary to prevent sectarian violence and reprisal killings, a claim rejected by ordinary Iraqis. In a written statement to the government, residents said that the wall was "in accordance with Al-Qaeda's plans," and that it served to "separate family from family." A recent public opinion survey commissioned by CNN Arabic found that 76 percent of Iraqis disagreed with the statement that establishing isolation walls is a solution to sectarian violence.
Comment: "in accordance with Al-Qaeda's plans" means actually in accordance to U.S. and Israeli plans, in order to divide and conquer, and setting the stage for a sectarian violence never seen before. It just started after the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Ahmadinejad to stay in New York for two days before heading to Venezuela,2506,L-3449388,00.html
Bomb Everyone??? (reader's comment)By Ockham
Don’t fall for the rhetoric of rage. We need to stop thinking about bombing ANYTHING OR ANYONE or it WILL happen. You are being persuaded. Iran point’s their missiles just like all countries point missiles as a warning that they will protect themselves if attacked by a wild beast.
If those in power would get a grip, you can see that missiles are NOT normally fired, thank God.
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Despite the fact that Blackwater USA gets almost all of its revenue from the U.S. government -- much of it in no-bid contracts aided, no doubt, by the lavish contributions to the Republican Party made by company founder Erik Prince and his billionaire parents -- its operations remain largely beyond public scrutiny. Blackwater and others in this international security racket operate as independent states of their own, subject neither to the rules of Iraq nor the ones that the U.S. government applies to its own uniformed forces. "We are not simply a 'private security company,' " Blackwater boasts on its corporate website. "We are a professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations firm ... We have become the most responsive, cost-effective means of affecting the strategic balance in support of security and peace, and freedom and democracy everywhere."
Yeah, so who elected you guys to run the world?
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 .................once the Iraqis are reminded that contractors cannot be prosecuted in Iraqi courts because in 2004 the U.S. occupying authority granted them complete immunity: See HERE. (   +  )  :
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