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extract: ..............Past experience shows that it takes a minimum of ninety days for Bush and his masters in Houston to reschedule a war.  With the last attempt set up for Easter, that means that the time of danger is rolling around again, and the first two weeks of June look pretty good for nuclear war in the Middle East....(june 6th ??)....

You've surely noticed that Tony Blair comes for a White House visit prior to each major attempt.  He has done so again, and the audio from the press event is my current reversed speech project. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  

Because I have not be able to update the website recently, I am sending  a complimentary copy of today's newsleter -- Ken.

Newsletter #16 -- May 25, 2007

U.S. War Plans Still Active 

  • U.S. War Plans Still Active 
  • Supporters Back our nuke warning system 
  • Memorial Day means R.I.P. Income Tax 
While I tracked the developing plan to use a nuke in southeast Texas this April, I was spending virtually every waking moment at my desk, sacrificing much sleep, and ignoring a number of signals that I was pushing myself beyond what I could physically handle.  By the second week in April, as I was gathering the RS that indicated how the plan had failed, I also discovered that I was in a health crisis that made it impossible to continue.  After working for as little as twenty minutes at the computer I would fall into a stupor, barely conscious, unable even to get up and walk around.

As it turned out, six weeks of living on coffee while swimming in stress had totally crashed my adrenal and immune systems, and I was in a serious health crisis.  Although I wrote in Newsletter #15 that I was recovering, it actually took a month using natural means to fight off serious illness and began to restore my adrenal system to about 50% of normal levels.  At that point I had virtually ignored most aspects of my personal affairs for over two months and had a huge task list that could no longer be ignored. 

Accomplishing anything at all with crashed adrenals is a real challenge.  A two hour trip for shopping or business purposes requires a four hour rest, as you deal with fatigue that can make it difficult to accomplish anything at all, let alone write, do reversed speech, work on the website, etc.  Happily enough I have all the tools needed to fight the battle, although natural remedies often seem slower because they promote actual healing rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Many have written to me expressing their concern and good wishes, and these messages were greatly appreciated.  I haven't been able to reply to all my e-mail, but please be assured that your messages boosted my spirits and my determination to get well as quickly as possible.

The situation continues to improve, though at times it seems I am so far behind on even the simplest tasks, like dealing with e-mail, that I feel I don't know where to begin.  Nonetheless, this newsletter is evidence that I have returned to the land of the living and am once again picking up the challenge of running Ken-Welch.Com and all that is involved with it.  Even a week ago I would not have been able to put this many paragraphs together...  I have to limit the number of hours involved, but expect to be fully recovered soon.


U.S. War Plans Still Active

Past experience shows that it takes a minimum of ninety days for Bush and his masters in Houston to reschedule a war.  With the last attempt set up for Easter, that means that the time of danger is rolling around again, and the first two weeks of June look pretty good for nuclear war in the Middle East.

You've surely noticed that Tony Blair comes for a White House visit prior to each major attempt.  He has done so again, and the audio from the press event is my current reversed speech project.  This is slow going.  The material is unusually rich in reversals and therefore more time consuming than usual.  At the same time RS requires top mental clarity and my current battle with fatigue gives me only short periods of time when I am up for it.  So far, it is clear that for Bush himself, using nukes on Iran is still something that he is very interested in.  This material will be the next report on the website but it will take time.

I do not yet have an indication of what sort of provocation will be used to kick off the war.  This is a high priority, and you can be assured that I am looking for it.  In the meantime, take note of the external events that are lining up once again as a prelude to nuclear war in the Gulf.

The same as last year, U.S. fuel suppliers are hoarding gasoline so they can sell at triple the current price when Middle East supplies of oil are suddenly interrupted.  Since Houston controls all three branches of the U.S. government, all the public hears are vague stories that refineries are not keeping up with demand.  I don't know anyone who is driving more, with gas prices being what they are - do you?

I'm sure you've noticed that the huge US/UK propaganda machine has not given up on its theme that pitiful little Iran (with all that oil) is the cause of all the world's problems, and working feverishly to produce their own bomb as well - all without any evidence.  Articles along this line have been slightly less frequent than they were before Easter, but their wording has been increasingly firm.  Worse, there have been several major articles that talk about a nuclear event in an American city as if it is a foregone conclusion; something that is quite certain and virtually guaranteed to happen.  No evidence is ever offered, but the attempt at psychological manipulation of the public is obvious and frightening.

There is no indication that any of the forces (especially air assets) dispatched to the Middle East in March to attack Iran after Easter have returned.  This means a lot of combat crews have spent an exceptionally boring 90 days waiting for action.  But news Thursday morning (5/24) indicates that three U.S. carriers have once again entered the Persian Gulf for "war games." These are exercises that tune up the ability of major units to work in concert during war operations, so we can assume that in a week or so they will be ready to launch.

It will take only a small clue in the R.S. at this point for me to move our alert status from yellow back up to orange.  Needless to say, you will be notified immediately.

Supporters Back our nuke warning system

In my last newsletter I requested your thoughts about our method of sending out warnings of impending nuclear events.  Many of you sensed my frustration with sending out three urgent warnings while Bush and Co.  fumbled the ball three times in a row.  First, let me say I was extremely pleased with the amount of serious thought that was put into the replies, and grateful for some of the concepts that I myself had missed.  There is nothing as powerful or resourceful as a group of people who share the same focus and interest!

Responders almost unanimously supported the idea that the warnings are a valued service, and that we have a moral obligation to get them out there, as far as the Internet will take them, whenever the evidence warrants it.  Even more interesting, I have learned that several groups have used these warnings to bring other forces to bear on the situation, including Divine Intervention which was both requested and expected.  The April fiasco in Texas City offers a strong suggestion that another Power is at work here, so I do not take these suggestions lightly.

I will publish all the replies on the website, names omitted, so you can get some idea of our joint intentions and expectations.  I found them quite wonderful, well stated, and very very helpful.  Thank you, everyone; your responses meant a great deal to me.

Memorial Day means R.I.P. Income Tax

In the U.S. we are going into our Memorial Day holiday.  While the official purpose is to remember and honor those who have given their lives in military service to our corporate sponsors (yes, even back then), there is another association with Memorial Day that more people should know about.  It is the holiday that reminds us that the U.S. does not have a personal income tax.

To fully appreciate this story, you must know some of the history behind it, and particularly that the Founding Fathers put extreme limitations on the ability of the Federal Government to levy taxes.  In the U.K. the power to tax is derived (as I understand it) from the feudal system, in which the sovereign is simply the chief thug who actually owns everything via the fact of conquest.  In America, thanks to the revolution, all men became sovereigns in their own right, and the government was simply a hired employee, contracted to act as watchman and protector, and to perform other duties that no one else had the time or inclination to do.

Taxing power was confined to those functions that were entirely under government control, which in practical terms meant the nation's borders.  For more than a century this meant that government revenues were confined almost entirely to import duties, and federal taxes on alcohol.  The fact that imported goods were taxed produced a boost for home grown industry that turned the U.S. into an economic powerhouse.  To raise money for emergencies, the Civil War being one example, the Congress would announce a "tax" but in fact it was entirely voluntary.  They were essentially government sponsored fund drives, with "I paid my tax" buttons that allowed people of means to show that they were patriotic and had done their "duty" to help out in the emergency.  To be a taxpayer meant you were a cut above the common people.

Attempts to create an actual income tax failed in the Supreme Court three times in a row with the final failure, going into the twentieth century, being humiliating and absolutely inescapable.  In that final case, the feds had attempted to levy a tax on certain "incomes", including money received from rental properties.  The Court's response was exceptionally clear, because it restated the fundamental limitation on the power to tax: the government may tax the exercise of a privilege (something that would be illegal unless the government issues a permit), but it can never, never, never tax the exercise of a right.

People have the right to own property, the Court said.  They also have the right to rent that property to someone else and receive money in return.  Therefore, the Court said, the Federal Government has no authority whatsoever to tax rental "income" because it is derived from the exercise of a right.

Today, of course, the natural assumption would be that this ruling must have been overturned somehow, but in fact it never was.  And the implications are crystal clear.  People also have the right to make a living, working at whatever enterprise they choose (as long as it's legal) and collecting wages or other payments in exchange for their labor and skill.  According to the reasoning of the Supreme Court, none of this money is taxable.  Believe it or not, there was an earlier time when virtually all Americans understood this concept quite well.

The end result of this legal fiasco was that the only way left open to raise money for an increasingly hungry government with fabulous plans was by outright fraud.  Arch conspirator Earl Warren (who's final duty was the cover-up of the Kennedy Assassination) put the plan in motion from the Supreme Court bench as soon as a majority of a new crop of Justices could support it.  In a case involving a dispute over contracts with the Tennessee Valley Authority, Warren inserted a set of entirely new legal principles.  The primary feature was that a person could voluntarily contract with the government to give up their constitutional protections and their previously "inalienable" rights.  In many ways it marks the death of the U.S. Constitution.

Americans never see the full "tax code", so they are not aware that this TVA case is, as far as I can tell, the only one mentioned in it by name.  In fact, when the case was decided few people had any idea of it's importance.  It would come into play after a three step process.

The first step was the levying of an "income" tax that only applied to government employees.  This gathered considerable public support, coming near the end of the Great Depression in which people with government jobs were seen to fare much better than their peers.  It was also legal, because the Court viewed it as simply a kick-back or perhaps a readjustment of the actual pay for a job that came from the government itself.  Because the employee was simply returning some of the money, the act of giving back was signaled by the name "tax return".  A system of forms was devised, including the familiar 1040 form, the (government) employees withholding forms, etc.

The second step came with Pearl Harbor.  In late 1942 the government levied a new tax on everyone, their fourth attempt at an "income" tax, and called it the Victory Tax.  It was particularly vicious because it made the employer the tax collector, and anyone who refused to participate faced the threat of having their livelihood put at risk.  To implement the tax, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue used the forms already at hand, those that were created to "tax" government employees.

Legally, the new tax didn't stand a chance of getting past previous court rulings.  But in the midst of war heavy controls were immediately put in place that included almost total censorship of the press, and complete control of the court system.  If the Victory Tax was to be challenged, it would have to be after the war.  Complicating the issue was increasing confusion over the term "income" and whether or not a person's wages were in fact taxable.

The government itself had invented the word income while creating a tax system for corporations.  As an artificial person created only with government permission, a corporation has only the rights or privileges that the government says it does.  Consequently it can be taxed in any way the government pleases.  But each new tax on corporate treasuries ended up in the Supreme Court sooner or later, and this created a nice body of "case law" on the subject.  When the government created the word income to refer to all the money a corporation received, the court said that would be fine, but emphasized that the term could not then be used to apply to any other class of person.  In the meantime, corporations continued to mount legal challenges, based on the idea that various types of earnings, based on their source, were exempt and did not come under the all inclusive category of income.  To end what was becoming an endless legal nuisance, the 16th Amendment was enacted.  It simply says that the Congress can tax "incomes, from whatever source derived.." 

Many people believe that this amendment made personal income taxes legal, but since the meaning of the word income had been set in stone by the Supreme Court, it could not.  The amendment simply clarified a legal issue regarding the taxing of corporations.  But one cannot ignore the decades of government propaganda designed to change the law by changing the dictionary.  Today, only one person in a thousand understands that it is not legally possible for them to have income, and most cannot think of any other word to describe their personal earnings or the financial return from their personal business affairs.

All of this effort would be wasted, however, if the Victory Tax was ever challenged in court, and that day would surely come as soon as the war ended.  This is where step three comes in, and it brings us back to Memorial Day, the subject at hand.

By May of 1944 the tide of war in Europe was clearly turning.  America was buzzing with excitement as it was clear that the invasion from England was imminent.  In fact it was scheduled for the first days of June, but D-Day would be delayed by weather until June 6.  As Memorial Day drew near, U.S. newspapers were printing full page invasion maps on which readers could trace events as they occurred.  With all attention focused on Europe, and Washington a virtual ghost town for the holiday, there was no better moment for a master stroke of deception.

For a number of weeks newspapers had casually mentioned that Congress was working on a bill to smooth out some of the wrinkles in the new income tax.  The record shows, however, that the bill had been kept secret - even from the legislators themselves.  Several are on record complaining about this, but no one was paying attention.  American GI's could be landing on the beaches at any moment!

The Memorial Day holiday ran from Saturday through Tuesday that year.  Washington was deserted.  In some inexplicable manner enough legislators were spirited back to the capitol (in the dead of night?) to pass the mysterious tax bill.  And no wonder it was so secret!  The first item of business stated clearly that the Victory Tax was rescinded.

Not repealed.  Rescinded.  A very special term which means that everything must be made as if the law never existed in the first place.  Legally, all the taxes collected from working men and women during the previous 18 months would have had to be returned, but of course that would have spoiled the illusion.

There were a number of minor changes to the tax code as well, and during the following week newspapers would report only that the new bill had made some adjustments in the interests of "fairness".  Not a word would be printed that gave even a hint that the tax then being paid by ordinary citizens was gone.  Why not?  Because no other tax was levied in its place.

So Memorial Day legitimately signifies the final death of the mandatory personal income tax in the U.S., a moment that should be celebrated as long as the country survives.  Basically, it's the reason that no one can ever find the Personal Income Tax Act of 19-nobody-knows-when that actually levies a tax on the earnings of ordinary Americans. 

Of course it also symbolizes the depths of deception and corruption to which our government has descended, because they simply went on as if nothing had happened at all.  Over the years, the tax burden on America has simply gotten heavier and heavier, while those who understand deception have also found that it is impossible to address a law that doesn't exist a in court system that has been thoroughly corrupted.

Since 1944 the U.S. tax system as it applies to individuals has run entirely on fraud.

When an employer applies for their IRS employer identification number, line 12 of the form (see official PDF) requires the employer to certify that the employees for whom he will do tax withholding are all non-resident aliens, a class of people who are required by an obscure law to pay taxes on the money they earn in the U.S.

During your first day on the job your employer requires you to fill out a withholding form that, because it was created solely for government employees, is considered to be your request to be treated like one, and your pledge to pay the same tax that a government employee is required to pay under the earlier law.  This is called an adhesion contract (means that invisible requirements are stuck to it - the fine print is missing) and such contracts are strictly illegal.  Nonetheless, there it is.  The government considers it possible to trick you out of your constitutional protections because Earl Warren said you had the ability to give them up when he wrote the TVA decision.

As a personal income tax that applied to ordinary citizens, the Victory Tax had to disappear because it violated fundamental American law.  The money you earn by exercising a right is yours alone.  In this sense Memorial Day 1944 marks a victory for the Constitution.  Yet it also marks its death, as the central government turned to crime, in the form of fraud and extortion, to simply steal the money that it could not obtain by legal means.

I have carefully avoided giving you the actual Supreme Court citations, and the names and dates of the many laws mentioned in this article.  Under no circumstances do I want to encourage any reader into getting into any legal contest over taxes.  Too many courageous people have gone that route, only to discover that the way is completely blocked.  Many have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their liberty, and in some cases even their lives.  Don't do it.  You cannot fix a corrupt government from within the system.

The people as a whole are the only resource capable of addressing the problem, which in fact revolves around a much deeper issue. 

Once the government itself turns to crime, and none of the three branches established for our protection corrects the problem, it must be recognized that the Constitution itself has been irretrievably broken.  In fact, most thinking people could come up with multiple examples in which the Constitution has been violated that are clearly evident to anyone who can read English.  This is a matter of fundamental significance, far more serious than most people realize.  A properly constructed Constitution is the legal contract between the people as a whole and those few of their neighbors who are willing to accept government posts and exercise government duties on behalf of the rest of us.  It is in fact the instrument that makes a government "legal".  Without it you simply have a gang of killers and thieves merely claiming to be a government and lording it over everyone else.

But once a contract is broken, it is broken completely.  It does not simply continue to limp along on the strength of whatever parts remain good.  It's a done deal.  Completely gone.  And any rights or authorities it conveys are completely gone as well.  So while we go through the endless charade of mock elections interspersed with high crimes as the years roll by, the simple fact is that United States has no central government, and has not had one for many decades.  We won't have one again until the American people finally grow tired of living inside a television-driven cartoon and decide it's time to start over.

Best wishes to all,

Ken Welch


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