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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 20:28:47 -0400 (EDT)
 VI. Nimmers Go To Plan B To Get Nukes
from:  (entrance)     report no. 4
-------IRAN INVASION COUNTDOWN...the report no.4.
 At the end of July,UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was ordered to Camp David so his staff could be briefed faced-to-face on a new 9/11-style attack designed to spread fear and chaos throughout the U.S. The plan was called DOSE, and it would be the fourth attempt to create a triggering event for the invasion of IRAN and the seizure of the world's second largest oil reserves. (Iraq has the 3rd largest oil reserves. All this oil can be produced for about $2 a barrel if you "own" it.)----
------In the first two reports in our Iran Invasion Countdown series, reversed speech (you can listen) revealed the details of DOSE, which included the use of phosgene gas smuggled from the Middle East to attack five U.S. cities on a single day. You may remember a hoax at the U.N. about phosgene samples being discovered in old files - a story that was deliberately created to remind Americans that this old WWI war gas was still around. It was all scheduled to come down in September, but by August the White House was facing a terrible dilemma. Most people understand that the Bush Administration has no aversion to telling lies. Very few people understand that they never tell the truth at all, about anything. Since the beginning of the "surge" we've heard that oil-soaked Anbar Province in Iraq is the showplace for our military success. General Betray-us even bragged about it to Congress. Sad to say, but completely expected if you understand the Disney-esq nature imaginary journalism, the truth is the exact opposite of what we are being told.------
----The real reports from Baghdad say that we cannot hold on to Anbar Province much longer against intensifying Iraqi resistance. We also cannot attack Iran with Iraq desintegrating behind us. By the middle of August the only solution the Pentagon war planners could come up with was to use nuclear weapons on the rebellious cities of Fallujah, Ramadi and possibly others, and simply clear the province of all resistance in one stroke. This would require off-the-books nukes that could be blamed on someone else. The world would be told that Iran had fired them at American bases in Iraq, on the same day that we nuked Iran. In the midst of Armageddon a few stray nukes could almost be expected.---
-------How to get off-the-books nukes? Steal them from Minot Air Force Base, of course! Our third report reveals the Iraq Disaster, and the real destination of the Minot nukes. We also found that a second attempt to hijack nukes out of Minot was attempted, and it also failed! You won't hear about that one on the nightly news, or anywhere else on the web! Next, disaster turns into catastrophe for the White House.

As we learn in the fourth report in this series, the invasion of Iran must be delayed until November because of the Minot failure. Through reversed speech we are also present when Bush & Co. learn that has once again revealed their whole program! This is our second opportunity to reveal death threats from Junior, though thankfully they were not carried out.--------- The White House and the Pentagon take their daily marching orders from the Houston-based Oil Cartel. They've been told that failure is not an option regarding the Iraqi oil fields. The Nimmers, also known as Naval Intelligence Management, have a plan B for getting a couple of nukes, and we listen to Junior's reactions after he views their departure on the big screen at NSA Headquarters.----------This means the Iran Invasion Countdown is still ticking away.-----------xxxx
xxxxxxx----------THE REPORTS:--------
1. Big Oil's Operation DOSE
2. Phosgene Gas Confirmed
3. Oil Giants Panic: Only Nukes Can Save IRAQ
4. Iran Invasion Countdown -----  in 6 parts :
I.  Iran Invasion Time Line (Fall 2007 - 4th Attempt)
II.  Five U.S. Cities Were Slated for Attack
III.  Minot Failure Leads to Invasion Delay
IV.  The "Arrow Snatch"
V.  A Death Threat?
VI.  Nimmers Go To Plan B To Get Nukes
------------( sixth part..)---- VI. Nimmers Go To Plan B To Get Nukes
The Bush Administration and its owners in Houston are now caught in a catastrophic dilemma of their own making. Drowning in a sea of lies, they cannot allow the West to learn that Iraq is falling. They can't lose the thirty or forty years of windfall oil profits from Iraq that they've worked so hard to get. Nor can they complete their final mission and seize Iran's oil reserves with a fallen and hostile Iraq at their back. They don't believe they can save Iraq without nuking rebellious Anbar Province. They can't nuke Anbar except under cover of a nuclear "exchange" with Iran. They don't have the off-the-books nukes to use on Iraq, and their plan to use poison gas in American cities to trigger the attack on Iran has been totally exposed by! Disaster doesn't even begin to describe their situation. When you work for the world's most powerful corporations, you cannot simply close up shop and go home when things go wrong. Junior has been told that failure is not an option. "IRAQ - IT CANT FAIL" is the thought we pick up in reversed speech. But never fear, the Nimmers are here. Naval Intelligence Management has a Plan B and they've had a week since the second Minot failure to get it fired up and on the way. Bush doesn't sleep well after learning on Tuesday that seven years of hard work are going up in smoke (he tells us in RS the next day that his eyes are red). He has demanded to know what is being done to save the situation so the next morning, September 19, he is taken to NSA headquarters to see the Nimmers' new plan - apparently live and on the big screen. We pick this up from reversals in his post-briefing speech which include "HEY, I WANT A SHOW" and "SAW IT."-------

--- If you note the theme of the first five reversals in the sound clip below you'll see that Bush has actually seen an intelligence or commando team of some kind driving off in a vehicle. This team is run by Nimmers, according to "SO WE'RE GOING WITH NIMMERS." Is it a view from a satellite? Apparently it is comprehensive enough to observe a second team secretly following the first one. And guess who it is! "MOSSAD TAILED IT."-------
------ There are two reversals suggesting location and destination, but by themselves they are not conclusive. The team is leaving from somewhere in the Middle East, perhaps Afghanistan. The single word "SOVIET" suggests a destination in Russia that would fit their assignment. What's the mission? To steal (or buy) two tactical nukes of the type small enough to fit inside a large artillery shell.-------
---- These weapons are obsolete, and there is a large decommissioning site in Russia that may have some. It is thought that security there is less than perfect. When Junior emerges from the briefing and is given a speech to read that he obviously has never seen before, his mind is spinning from what he has just seen. At least one of the nukes the Nimmers hope to obtain will take the place of a cruise missile from Minot. The reversal "GULF MISSILE NOW" indicates its role. As presented in our previous report, we know of two nuclear targets in Iraq, Fallujah and Ramadi.-----
------The reversal "THE NUKE - GET TWO" would match this. Unfortunately, the exposure of the DOSE plan may have left Houston without a weapon of mass destruction to use here in the U.S. to trigger their Armageddon. That plan now has three main components. The use of a WMD on friendly territory (Gambit), the nuclear destruction of Iran as a response and, just recently added, one or more false-flag nuclear blasts in Iraq blamed on a dying Iran.------

----- "TWO NUKES IN THE SHELLS" could both be intended for Iraq, or one of them could be intended for a target closer to home. Recent articles in the propaganda stream claim that the imaginary Al Qaeda (Condi's Scope Dancer) have been seeking nukes. Future reversed speech intelligence work will reveal if the Houston-based Oil Cartel has been forced to take the Gambit strategy nuclear again.-----------xxxxxxxxxx-------
---The U.S. version of this 1950s weapon used a 15 Kiloton warhead. See a video of the only actual test firing at Google or YouTube. The U.S. mobile 270mm cannon was quite impressive. See it at YouTube. I once saw one of these monsters overturned in a ditch in Germany. That was impressive, too.
Open Letter to the Government From an AWOL Soldier
By James Circello, Iraq Veterans Against The War
Sign Petition Against Attacking Iran  for impeachment
tom_heneghan :
Bush-Clinton-Plame Tied to 9-11 Funding & Obstruction of Justice re Wanta
( from: ) :
20 Oct 2007
Both Gore and Chernomyrdin were targeting and investigating the Bush-Clinton-Gary Best "TRUE COLORS" assassination group, which were also involved in trafficking nuclear material to Iran.
Important final note: None other than Scooter Libby, attorney for Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate bagmen and fixer, fugitive Marc Rich, was actually working directly with Valerie Plame's Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS"  Bosnian-based assassination teams.

These "True Colors" assassination teams were under disguise and covertly operating with the assistance of Dick Cheney's Halliburton Corporation.

So it should come as no surprise that Libby wanted Plame "outed" since Plame's Brewster-Jennings team had their cover unmasked by the work of investigators tied to the Sibel Edmonds patriotic FBI group that had intercepted American-Turkish Council cables revealing the truth that Libby and Plame actually had a duality in purpose.
Accordingly, the leak of Valerie Plame's name was done for the purpose of OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE in the matter of the Sibel Edmond's FBI team investigation of the American-Turkish Council-9/11-WMDs-illegal Iraq War TREASON scheme.
One last question goes out to Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall of the Cloak and Dagger website:

How much dirty Hollywood money did you get from Hillary's Zionist stooges, i.e. Haim Saban and Steven Spielberg to betray and conduct censorship against Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb in the real matters of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate?
18 Oct 2007
Item: The original espionage against the United States of America began when the Clinton Administration was blackmailed by the Israeli MOSSAD into giving the Israeli company AMDOCS command and control over all U.S.  phone communications involving cell phone conversations and computer email correspondence.

This ESPIONAGE penetration of the Clinton Administration was orchestrated with the Mossad use of Israeli agent and White House whore Monica Lewinsky.

Lewinsky was used, along with Mossad internet mogul, homosexual IN-THE-CLOSET Matt Drudge and the ABC Mickey Mouse network, to use the sexual indiscretions of Bill Clinton to cover up the larger criminal activity involving the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate's America Global China-Mena, Arkansas-Iran/Contra arms and narcotics money laundry.
Halperin spends most of his day trying to dig up information and blackmail on duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.
It is time to duct tape, handcuff and remove him from American soil immediately.
Now comes Cokie Roberts Boggs of ABC News Mickey Mouse MOSSAD network whore.

Cokie's father, Hale Boggs, was a member of the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Cokie has kept her mouth shut for years concerning this incident and the assassination of her father and in return has become a well-paid network media whore.

Cokie received her first major assignment as the host of a network show called "That's Academic".
Cokie continues her role as a Shadow Government spokesman by making subtle attacks against duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. and promoting the candidacy of JFK Jr. assassin conspirator, unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

So as far as Cokie is concerned, she is no different than Halperin.  She needs to be duct taped, handcuffed and sent on an airplane trip to Alaska.
P.S. Unelectable Rodenhurst Clinton is now being linked to another scandal involving illegal campaign contributions from an Oklahoma Indian tribe linked to mob-financed casinos with a tie-in to former Republican Speaker of the House Tom Delay and noted MEGA MOSSAD lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

P.P.S. It should be noted that evidence is mounting that unelectable Barack Hussein Obama has received millions of dollars in bribes from the Oklahoma Indian casino racket in order to be nothing but a patsy and shill for the campaign of the unelectable Hillary lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET  Rodenhurst Clinton.

Obama's role is similar to that of former New York major and now Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, which means Obama will drop out of the race before the Iowa caucus just like Giuliani dropped out of the New York senatorial race in 2000 leaving MOSSAD agent Hillary without an opponent.
The Fax From Tehran
We have appended the text of the Iranian fax below my signature (minus diplomatic minutia about how to proceed with the discussions). There are many good things on the list of Iranian offers. There are also questionable things. The list is a starting point for negotiations, and like all negotiations, not everything on the list would be part of the final settlement.
It is important that we all be aware of what Iran offered, and of the opportunity our elected leaders threw away in a fit of moral posturing (or perhaps because they actually prefer war to peace).
Please also make your elected representatives aware that you are aware of how this issue has been handled. Please send a message to Congress asking that they pass a resolution forbidding an attack on Iran without prior Congressional approval.

In your personal comments, add that you are aware of the May 2003 Iranian offer for a comprehensive settlement, and that you are appending the text of that offer to make sure that Congress is also aware of it. You can cut and paste the text of the offer as I have appended it beneath my signature into your personal comments.
Jim Babka, President-
Some Questions About Queen Elizabeth II of England (Elizabeth Windsor)
DATE: Oct. 14, 2007
Dear AB:
Thank you for your questions concerning the "Queen Bee", though I do not purpose to have all the answers.
Q. 1: QE II is probably more powerful than her Mother, as the family wealth is passed on to the next family generation.
Q. 2.: I do not know other then the King of England was a stooge to the White Roman Papacy and the Vatican Bank and carried out their wishes. The same is true for all English monarchs, including QE II.

Q. 3: Always! The controllers always lie to the goyim about their power, and power is based upon wealth. Such wealth is accumulated over centuries and is passed on within the family. The Queen's wealth today is being increased through unlawful taxation, drug and gun operation, slavery, sex slaves, gems, fiat banking, etc. Much wealth was garnered for the Royal Family in the past through the opium trade in China.
No one is allowed to know the private wealth of the Queen, but know that it is in the trillions of dollars.

Q. 4: The Rothschild Family is by far senior and carries greater authority both in England and in the world at large, than does the Queen. They are international bankers and began their banking scam in the late 1700's. The work of Meyer Amschal Rothschild was carried on by his four sons.
Q. 5: The Rothschild's more recent counterpart in the U.S. is the Rockefeller Family, who are working directly with the Queen, and against the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds have wisely chosen to cooperate with Creator God's Plan for our time, but the Queen and the Rockefellers are still pushing the Darkside's world control plan.

Obviously, the Queen wants her money from these prosperity programs, but does not want us to get ours. Remember, money is power, and these people(?) have worked very hard to take it away from us. Why would they ever want to give it back? Daddy Bush, the Rockefellers, the Queen are all using bribery, black-mail and threats of death to stop deliveries and NESARA from happening, because that spells their end!

Q. 6; It all depends on freewill. The abolition of the Queen of England and England's Monarchy may not happen until Mother Earth buries England in salt water. Know that that shall absolutely happen very soon in our timing. Mother Earth is not waiting much longer for us to get it right!
Q. 7: Yes, Princess Diana and her husband Dodi Fayed and their two children, who are now living under cover in Tibet. Diana has met with the Queen Mother and confronted her about her plot to assassinate Diana and Dodi. Diana's two sons know of her survival, and I believe they are striving for goodness.

May we all find the answers we seek in our on-going search for Truth.
In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer
Reign Of ‘The Dark Death’ Falls Upon America
Inch by Inch, Great Lakes Shrink, and Cargo Carriers Face Losses
A Moratorium on Internet Taxation Espires in 2007  (USA)
Ten Powerful Requests Today         by Indian InThe Machine
US Food Riots Much Closer Than You Think  (USA)
From Robert Felix
Reprinted With Permission,   10-23-7
October 23, 2007. Turkey Requests ‘Urgent’ Iran Military Aid As Syria Warns To Prepare For War.----------
and the links of this text:
----and------ Erdogan Says Northern Iraq Raid May Come in `Days' (Update2) )))
----and---The BBC has obtained evidence that Israelis have been giving military training to Kurds in northern Iraq.))-------
----((Ungovernability: U.S. Charged With Arming PKK Terrorists in Northern Iraq Increase Decrease July 3, 2007 (LPAC)--Turkish media is reporting, today, that four ex-members of the Kurdish terrorist group, the PKK, appeared at a press conference on Sunday saying that they had observed U.S. military vehicles delivering weapons to the PKK base at Kandil Mountain in northern Iraq. The U.S. Embassy in Ankara immediately rejected the claim, telling the Turkish news website Today's Zaman on Monday that "we don't help terrorists." Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul said he was still awaiting a detailed report. He also said that a military operation is still an option against PKK bases in northern Iraq, and that Turkey would not seek approval from the US if its security and national interests are at stake...........------------and-----
----------and----- Retired Lt. Col. Suggests Middle East Map Dividing Turkey...R.Peters........))------
------(( Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country's forces may carry out strikes on Kurdish fighters in Iraqi territory in the next few days if the U.S. and Iraq fail to rein in the militants. A Turkish assault into northern Iraq to attack armed members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, won't necessarily mean sending in ground forces, Erdogan said at the U.K.'s Oxford University. Turkey's forces strafed the border area with artillery fire and missiles from F-16 jet fighters yesterday, Sabah newspaper said, citing witnesses.)).--------
-------- ``We have told the U.S. and Iraq that we will do what is necessary to protect our interests if within a few days those developments that we expect do not take place,'' Erdogan told the Oxford Union debating society late yesterday. Turkey is under U.S. pressure to allow Iraqi forces to try to control the PKK, out of concern a Turkish incursion will disrupt the American war effort in Iraq.------from--irn--raid--may--come--in--days-----)))-----------
------and---President Chavez announces US$6 billion China-Venezuela Strategic Fund--------))
The Texas Triangle: Terror and Treason
Area police were unresponsive when I called them, offering no details when asked about ongoing exercises in Texas City and the explosion in Port Arthur. They referred me to a Homeland Security spokesperson who did not return my call. Thank God for the Internet, since that relentless medium quickly began to dig out details of what had happened. The best discovery was that Port Arthur -- only two days before -- had been conducting terror exercises like those in Texas City.

"And they blew it up this morning!" one of our Iconoclast intelligence sources wrote us before noon, outraged at the obvious false flag operation. "They have no shame, no efforts to hide their methods!"

In all likelihood the perpetrators of the Port Arthur explosion had set up the terror exercises in Port Arthur and Texas City, and perhaps in other petroleum cities in the Texas Triangle. Once committed to the plan they pretty much had to do something. In this case, it was something relatively minor. The Port Arthur explosion caused no fatalities, but it was industrial sabotage at the least. The guilt was substantial and shared, which meant that none of the plotters could afford to rat the others out. Since greed is always part of a false flag conspiracy, connected insiders could profit from the inevitable flux in the markets: oil reached $90 per barrel by the end of the day, a record high.

Captain Eric H. May - Military Correspondent

Over 1,200 Calif. Homes & Businesses Burned; More Evacuations
 (Updated 10/23/07)
    more       FW10

Hillary's Vote Allows Bush to Start War With Iran
........start shooting bombs at each other
nuclear devices. This is what's at stake with this
resolution. And it's the height of immorality,
irresponsibility, and the United States Senate, with
the Democrats in charge, voted for the passage of this
resolution. It doesn't get any worse than that, Ray.

RAY SUAREZ: A lot of people don't know much about your
background. And it's an interesting one, so I want to
spend a little time on that. Grew up in Massachusetts,
the son of French-speaking immigrants from Canada.
English is your second language.


RAY SUAREZ: Educated in New York City, but somehow, a
short time later, speaker of the house of Alaska and
eventually a U.S. senator from there. How did that
happen?  ........

The Elites Had To Have the Branch Davidian Village
Eliminated Because:

138 Muslim Scholars Issue Open Letter to Christian
Religious Leaders (Updated with Text
 SOTT euro-news
...................................................... a-t-w,8599,1674391,00.html  a-t-w
........................................  best-of-web and a-o-e
sott focus and a-o-e             a-o-e  canadian-jewish-news
Campaigning politician Norman Baker believes Dr Kelly, who exposed the Government's "sexed-up" Iraq dossier, was killed to stop him making further revelations about the lies that took Britain to war.
He says the murderers may have been anti-Saddam Iraqis, and suggests the crime was covered up by elements within the British establishment to prevent a diplomatic crisis.
Comment: This is an obvious propaganda piece. Everything that Norman Baker says points to either CIA or MOSSAD false flag Ops, not "Iraqi Dissidents"! His comparison of "Iraqi Dissidents" to the murderers of Danny Casolaro is ludicrous, to put it mildly.
( as in FW10..)
((  AND
best-of-web  and m-e-m
more SOTT :
Former PM handed dossier of names to government before
attack that killed 138. 
"This was a dastardly and cowardly attack," she said. "We believe democracy alone can save Pakistan from disintegration and a militant takeover."
"We are prepared to risk our lives and we are prepared to risk our liberty, but we are not prepared to surrender our great nation to the militants."
A "brotherly country" had provided Ms Bhutto with intelligence about four suicide squads roaming Karachi, she said. They came from the Pakistani Taliban, the Afghan Taliban, al-Qaida and "a fourth group from Karachi".
- Pakistan erupts into violence after the
twin bomb blasts – 14 Bhutto supporters killed by
Pakistani police in Karachi  ??
Tuesday, 23 October 2007
Officer injured in Taser demonstration
'A roll-out of Taser for non-firearms-trained Met officers has been postponed after the Metropolitan Police Authority vetoed the plan. A police officer in the US who volunteered to be the subject of a Taser demonstration has suffered possibly lasting damage, including spine fractures after receiving a five-second discharge, according to a respected medical journal.'
UPDATED 23 October 2007 1823 HRS EDT


The October 23 show has been PREEMPTED so that CNN can (Continue to) cover the California Wildfires as "BREAKING NEWS" depsite the fact they've been reporting thw story 24/7 for days. THE RE-SCHEDULED BROADCAST DATE IS THURSDAY OCTOBER 25 AT 8:00 PM

I sat down with Kyra Philips and the CNN crew for over two hours this past week to be interviewed for this show. Most of that will end up on the editing room floor, but hopefully something positive can come from it.
I knew going-in that the main stream media would do their best to make me look like satan incarnate, but I am confident I handled the interview well. I guess we'll see!
UPDATED 23 October 2007 1917 HRS EDT


It is time to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants. Go to their houses. Do what must be done to save this Republic from the treacherous, traitorous, tyrannical scumbags in the U.S. Senate.

The Senate has defied The People of this republic time after time after time on this issue. This time must be the end of their defiance.
Published 22 October 2007 1352 HRS EDT

Here it comes!  ............Chief of International Monetary Fund Warns of U.S Dollar collapse. .....It's no longer a matter of if, but rather when!  ........When it happens, rest assured I'll be right here telling you exactly who is to blame and inciting all sorts of retribution against them.  ............
Yes, you read that correctly: INCITING RETRIBUTION!!!  ..............

I have all the home addresses of folks in Congress, the Senate, the President's Cabinet, as well as all the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, all the jew Boards of Directors of the biggest banks and investment houses in the country. . . . . where they live, where they go to temple. . . . .   ............

I intend to bring such a shit storm down on these people that history will record what happens for all eternity! When these people are finally made an example of, others throughout eternity will dread doing what they did fearing the same result. If I play my hand right, what I achieve could make the Holocaust look like child's play.
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Published 22 October 2007 2023 HRS EDT


Now, the Hungarian right wing has resurrected the "Hungarian Guard" which the jew media is already screaming about. Cries of "racists" and "anti-Semites" are flowing in the media. Sound familiar?

My contacts in Hungary tell me the people there have "had enough" and they are preparing to take care of "business." 600 of them showed up, in uniform to prove it!
Nowhere is safe in Kabul as Taliban expand attacks
mm....Jean MacKenzie is programme director in Afghanistan for The Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR), a nonprofit organisation that trains journalists in areas of conflict; Wahidullah Amani is a journalist in Kabul for IWPR. Readers may write to the authors at the Institute for War & Peace Reporting,  London UK Institute for War & Peace Reporting (UK)

SUNRISE  october 19th



by Celia Fenn

October 18th 2007 : Shifting the Internal Point of Gravity : When the Mind can find no answers the Heart must Speak..... : Well, here I am back home in Cape Town , South Africa , once again. It is good to be back home and to connect with my friends here. Europe was wonderful, and very beautiful in its fall colors, and I enjoyed being with all the wonderful Lightworkers. But, it is good to be back where the sun is shining and the late spring days are warm and the garden is still green.

I was urged to write this Earth Log entry the day after I landed in Cape Town , for Archangel Michael expressed concern at the number of people who are going into fear and crisis as this shift gets into full gear, so to speak. The center of functioning of the Human is shifting from the Head to the Heart. The Mind can no longer cope with the accelerated pace of change, and it can no longer provide that sense of security that it did when we lived in the structures of the Third Dimension. Heart time seems much faster than Mind time, and we are still learning how to pace our lives so that we can live in the flow of Heart energy without burning ourselves out with the intensity.

For, in the flow of "Heart Time", all feelings and emotions seems more intense as they are experienced both in the heart and the mental and emotional bodies. I would like to share with you two things that I feel are relevant for us right now. The first was a synchronicity - I opened a new 2008 Diary that I bought this morning, and on the first page was this quote from writer Joseph Campbell: " We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." In other words, we must release all expectations created by the mind and allow the Heart and our Higher Self to lead us into the life that is what our heart and soul desires. The mind must release its hold and allow the heart and soul to become the center of gravity in the New Earth.

The second is a dream that I had in about 2001, when I first began the transformation channels with Archangel Michael. I dreamt that I was travelling along a road, and that all of a sudden it ended and there was nothing. I was standing at the edge of a cliff, and I knew that in order to move forward I would need to be able to fly. Become a Human Angel, in other words. And "flying" means to be able to live from the Heart, from that sense of "Oneness" and "Connection" that is the essence of the Fifth Dimension. The road represented linear time in the third dimension, and then, there was only a leap into the unknown...that is where we are now...learning how to fly.

But, in order to do this, we need to exercise our "wings" and our "heart muscle" and not let the mind continue to dominate our lives with fear illusions. For, in this new place of Creativity and Personal Power, where you focus your energy becomes what you create. So, if you focus on fear and anger and depression, that is what you will create.

Archangel Michael is aware that the intense pace of the changes has placed great pressure on all of you. This is unfortunately a "human" reaction to the pressures of social evolution. Can you accept that All is in Divine Order, and that there is a Greater Being who is leading this process? Can you accept that you have reached the point where you are able to enter into your new center of gravity and accept your power and create something new? Or will you fall into fear and believe that things are out of control?

Well, about a month ago I did, I felt like I was just spinning out of control and everything was going too fast. I just could not keep up. Well, I stopped trying, and allowed life to lead me a little. The results were interesting. I found my heart opening and my feelings became more intense, and more difficult to cope with because of their intensity. When the Heart opens fully, life becomes very intense and very deep. At this point we can fall into dramas, or we can take our power and know that what we are creating is in perfect order for us.

We are emerging as a "New Species"...we are living side by side with the ideas of the old. The old species was dominated by the mind, the new species is centered on the Heart. It is this new center that will create a global society based on Unconditional Love. It will come. We can contribute by learning to be "in our hearts" and learning to release the mind's fears and to replace them with the heart's love.

Flying home on the plane, I watched a movie called "Evan Almighty". It is a comedy that had quite poor reviews, and so I wasn't sure whether to watch it or not. I was delighted by the message. There was a man who went "out of his mind" to follow his heart, or what God told him in his heart. And of course, his life fell apart and everyone thought he was nuts, despite the miracles that kept happening. Basically, he was told to build an ark in a modern recreation of the Noah story. But, as "God" points out to him, "ark" stands for "acts of random kindness", and it is this upon which the changes in his life are built. And so it is the Heart that will show the way, and we will begin to learn the creative power of random acts of kindness, instead of the destructive power of the mind and its fear stories.

So, exercising our heart muscle means to focus our attention into the heart and to begin to see where we can exercise random acts of love and kindness and joy. Where we can let go of what the mind creates - fear, depression, anxiety, addiction....and move to what is real, the deep love that is the fabric of all creation. For we were created in love and we are love. That is what is real in this new place. If we can turn off what is not real, and focus on what is real, we will begin to get the idea. We will begin to do "the dance", as the movie ends with the "God" figure issuing an 11th commandment for all humans to do the "dance"...which becomes a joyous celebration of life itself and of our creative essence. Dance...sing....paint...write....make the dance in whatever way you can.

If you can dance in your heart, you can create a new reality. And each one of us knows how to dance, we have just forgotten because we have spent so long in our heads thinking that we have fogotten how to move and dance and be in the sacred spiral of creation, where there is nothing to fear, only the experience of the deep joy of Existence and Gratitude for All That Is.

yahoo news
Coquitlam father says he is latest victim of police Taser
Jaziri faisait face à l'expulsion tandis que sa femme entrait à l'hôpital