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They know this "war on terrorism" is a complete fraud. They know we aren't going after REAL terrorists, we're fighting patriots of other countries who are defending their land against our invasion. This whole "war on terrorism" is a fraud, a lie, a deception. I wonder when the average American will finally figure it out? ..
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Yes, the oil folks in OPEC are privately talking about the collapsing US Dollar; many super wealthy people all over the world are talking about it too. Do you know who ISN'T talking about it? Americans.

The reason Americans aren't talking about it is because the US Media is intentionally concealing the information. Sure, folks see that gas and oil cost a lot more, food costs a lot more, but they aren't being told that this isn't merely inflation, it is the devaluation of our money.

When the complete collapse finally comes -- and it will -- the average American will be totally blind-sided and not have a clue what to do.  ..........
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For over two years I warned the U.S. Dollar was going to collapse. Few listened. Others ridiculed me saying I wasn't qualified to interpret financial markets. Well Well Well, it turns out I was exactly right. ..........
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You thought it was maybe 100 Billion. Goldman Sachs says TWO TRILLION!

This level of loan failures will take out several major U.S. Banks, several HUGE Wall Street Investment firms and a whole slew of small to mid-sized investors. We are looking at a financial calamity unprecedented in human history!

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This investigative report was first published on this web site on August 31, 2007.

In the months since being published, ALL of the warnings contained in that story have come true. The U.S. Dollar is collapsing as a currency and will soon be worthless. The economic chaos caused by the dollar collpase with give the new world order crowd a reason to merge the US with Canada and Mexico; by telling folks in all 3 countries, "this is our only hope to recover economically."
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The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are such illegal, unnecessary wars based upon deliberate lies.

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Iraq had no connection to terrorism. Iraq was no threat to the United States. Yet to this day, we have troops occupying that country for no reason at all. Gee America, aren't you proud of yourself?

Incidentally, please note this story is in an AUSTRALIAN newspaper, not the U.S. Media. You see, the U.S. media is tightly controlled by jews and jews know the reason for the Iraq war was not WMD, but rather the security of Israel. And we all know that jews put Israel ahead of America.............,21985,22762457-5005961,00.html
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Fed Inject $47 Billion To Prop-Up Collapsing Financial Markets .....This latest injection brings the total to over $200 Billion in the last 3 weeks!

America, our financial system is teetering on the brink of total, complete collapse.

When the collapse happens, and it will, be sure to come to this web site as I publish the home addressed of everyone responsible for it.  ...................
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Search Warrants! ............I have obtained the Search Warrants and agent information from the federal raid against the Liberty Dollar! ............Get a load of this: Using precious metals to buy or sell is now called "Money Laundering" by the Feds!

What they call "money laundering," I call "Barter." What they called a "raid" I call "armed robbery." The Agents in FBI, Secret Service and the federal Judge who signed the warrant are about to experience the Hal Turner treatment!

Yes, their actions against Liberty Dollar are worthy of "public criticism" and as everyone knows, I am just the guy to make sure they get it. Hang on tight feds; you're in for the ride of your lives!
Copy of Search Warrant for Liberty Dollar Office

Copy of Seizure Warrant for Coins/Bullion at the Mint

Info on Agents involved in the rid/armed robbery

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Sooner or later, I'll laugh if someone picks him off. I wouldn't cry a tear if President George W. Bush was assassinated; I would view it as a public service! Where is Lee Harvey Oswald now that America needs him most?

........welch.............the complete text at


by  Ken Welch in Houston
NOV 14, 2007

In this report we continue the time-line format used in Iran Invasion Countdown.  That report covered the extraordinary behind-the-scenes events that occurred between the end of July and the third week of September, 2007, ending with a desperate attempt by the conspirators occupying Washington to locate another source for off-the-books nukes, and their shock at discovering that Ken-Welch.Com was tracking and publishing their every move.

This was the climax of a series of nasty setbacks that left the White House and their masters in Houston contemplating total failure of their entire program.  So we return to the September 19 meeting at NSA headquarters in which the most important issues were uppermost in Junior's mind.  There we learn that because of this website, the plan to use poison gas in five American cities had to be scrapped, and that Bush and his advisors were stunned by the fact that we've identified in advance every attempt they've made to create a new 9/11 to further their plans.

I.  Iran Invasion Time Line (Fall 2007 - 5th Attempt)

This is a list of key events on the march to Armageddon, in chronological order, with some brief notes about their significance.  Where they involve reversed speech, the RS results will follow below, with a separate section for each event.  I will be adding to this list - and when it gets too long I'll simply start another page.

II.  Fear and Loathing at NSA Headquarters

On September 15, 2007, Ken-Welch.Com published additional confirmation on Project Dose (Washington's plan for false-flag phosgene gas attacks on five U.S. cities) and the real story behind the attempted hijacking of nuclear missiles from Minot Air Force Base.  As a result, on the morning of September 18 the White House was informed that all their plans had been exposed.  This led to an enraged Bush, once again trying to figure out how to silence his Internet nemesis: yours truly, Ken Welch.

On the following morning, he was taken to NSA headquarters to view by satellite the departure of the commando/spy team that would attempt to obtain Russian nukes to use in place of those that could not be stolen from Minot.  This was covered in the previous report,
Iran Invasion Countdown.  The focus of that story was on the nukes, which we regard as the key element in the unfolding story.

But we also see on that morning that our report has struck deep, and done wonderful damage.  After the Minot failure it was Cheney who told us that the Iran Invasion and the false-flag attack that was to trigger it had been postponed until November.  But after a sleepless night spent going over our website, the White House has determined that our reports on Project Dose are so revealing that the entire attack plan must be abandoned.
This is the reason the team has been told to bring back two nukes, instead of just one.  The first one, as we wrote in our
B-52 report, is for Fallujah in Iraq, to clear out the growing resistance that is blocking Houston's access to Iraq's oil reserves.  This weapon is to be fired during the invasion of Iran.  It is the only possible moment in which a false-flag cover story might work in Iraq.  The public will be told that as the U.S. attacked Iran, the Iranians fired a nuclear-armed missile at American forces in Iraq.  Why they wouldn't use their missile on the fleet that was attacking them will simply remain a mystery.

Junior thinks it's "STUPID" to throw out the phosgene gas attacks, but that's why he is not allowed to make decisions.  Gambit, the false-flag attack concept, can be recycled once again if the commando team can bring back that second nuke.

III.  Everybody Waits - Bush Burns

As the days go by there is no word in reversed speech about the team that has gone after Russian nukes.  I take this as an indication that at least they have not failed, since news of failure would surely show up everywhere.  Bush's October 6th "Saturday Radio Address" provides an excellent picture of what has been going on at the White House.  We find that Junior has been allowed to track the team's progress on a "SEAL MAP" (do you suppose they gave him Crayons?) and in fact the team is "DUE BACK."

Once again we are reminded of the connection between the Minot nuclear hijacking and the need to use nukes to save the mission in Iraq -- or at least to complete the original mission which was to get free access to Iraqi oil fields, and three or four dollar a barrel oil, for the cartel that owns and operates the White House.

One interesting development, which I assume is related to the quest for nukes, is that someone has arrested a Nimmer, one of the guys who would be controlling the operation.  Indications are that this has been a serious inconvenience.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will learn more.
Bush also has finally remembered that he has visited before, after our exposure of the original Easter Plot last year forced the cancellation of their first attempt to nuke the oil terminal at Texas City.  He notes "I'VE SEEN IT TWICE" and that he is "SURE AS HELL MAD."  Our project is correctly viewed as working to expose their lies, and therefore encouraging the continued loss of believability that threatens the entire fake terrorism scenario that underlies everything from 9/11 on.

Bush personally refers ro the belief that something is truly rotten in Washington as "the doubt."
Even more interesting, Bush is clearly considering this a personal battle.  "HE READ THAT I KNOW NOW," introduces the "he knows that I know that he knows.." game.  "NAIL WELCH" is self-explanatory.  Happily enough, wiser heads have so far prevailed.  With other RS practitioners waiting in the wings, and thousands of people visiting our website, the White House has few viable options.  Welcome to the new Millennium!

IV.  Two Russian Nukes Arrive - GAMBIT Recycled

Between 1915 and 1918 the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) systematically slaughtered a million and a half Armenians in the name of national security.  During the second week of November, 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives was considering an Armenian Genocide Resolution that would join this country with twenty-one others in condemning the massacre.  Concern about the reaction of present day Turkey, which denies the event, was chosen as the cover story for an extraordinary meeting at the White House on November 10th.  The Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense were summoned to meet with the President and, apparently by satellite, with military commanders in Iraq, as well as Admiral Fallon, the head of all U.S. military operations in the Middle East.

After the meeting, Secretaries Rice and Gates emerged from the White House to tell reporters that all were agreed that the House resolution was a bad idea.  The press did not comment on the remarkable overreaction.  A face-to-face meeting of the nation's top war leaders over a House resolution?  Reversed speech quickly revealed that the real purpose of the meeting was something else entirely.

Here we learn that the commando team did in fact return safely from their trip to Russia, and that they brought back two nuclear shells just as instructed.  Apparently the shells have been examined and both have been found useable, because Condi tells us immediately that the real purpose of the meeting was to coordinate another attempt at GAMBIT.  This is the plan to detonate a false-flag nuclear weapon on friendly territory, and use it to justify the invasion of Iran and the turnover of the world's second largest oil reserves to the Houston Cartel.

No date is mentioned, but the facts seem to coincide with previous information that the U.S. would try again to initiate the plan in November.  It will take time for experts to convert the components of the Russian shells for use involving different delivery and firing methods.  It will also take time to recycle the necessary military movements and preparations for the planned destruction of Iran, and reorient the domestic propaganda stream to add a cloak of believability in mid-November to the revised "second 9/11" scenario that will kick everything off.

In the sound clip below you will find that even a sociopath like Condi unconsciously wants to tell the truth.  Of course, if we had not been following this story all along we might not recognize the significance of the unconscious statements that are found when her speech is reversed.  That the meeting actually dealt with GAMBIT appears right up front: "HERE WITH GAMBIT." If we didn't already know a commando team was sent to obtain two nukes, we might miss the significance of "THERE'S TWO OF THEM."

Actually, as we've observed Rice over the last two years, she has always been nervous about using a nuclear device on American soil.  It is not the killing that bothers her, though, because we find that she actually preferred the now-abandoned DOSE attack plan, which used a war gas instead of a nuke.  Perhaps she feels the significance of the first use of a nuclear weapon on human beings since WWII, but it may simply be a reaction to the physical destruction they cause.  "NOT AS NEAT - GAS" seems to express a preference for tidiness.

As you can see from the reversals, it is apparent that she expressed reservations at the meeting, and she feels that the others "mocked" her concerns.

One of those concerns has been the exposure of their secrets on the Internet.  This issue was also discussed ("INTERNET - WE SURFACE"), but the consensus seems to be that our reports on have been successfully kept out of the press and that the conspiracy remains hidden from the public.

Although Rice and some others who are not named have serious reservations about trying to create a nuclear 9/11 at this stage of the game, she is not going to bite the hand that feeds her.  She figures the only thing she can do is "GET ON THE BUS" with the rest of the team.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates apparently has no qualms at all about nuking Americans.  It's all fine, as far as he's concerned: "BUSH - YOU'RE 'GO' WITH IT." However, an ominous reversal caught my attention, since it seemed that my work had been discussed at the meeting.

"OIL WILL DEAL WITH YOU" could mean any number of things.  Typically, the word "you" is used by the unconscious to refer to the self.  However that is not always the case, and if it means yours truly, there are surprisingly few interpretations.  Since I've published threatening reversals from Bush himself, has the task of silencing me been turned over to the Houston-based Oil Cartel that runs the show?  Am I to expect an assassin from Exxon or Shell or BP?  Perhaps it is simply paranoia. 

I apologize for the fuzzy-sounding reversals in this clip.  The fuzziness is caused by reversing strong background noise, and this outdoor event had plenty.  If you have a sharp ear, you'll hear me playing with different filtering settings.

V.  Weapon Released For Use


Those are the words that tipped us off to the fact that the next 9/11 is upon us.

Nuclear weapons are always kept in the custody of experts until the last possible moment.  When the time comes, it is the President himself who must authorize the delivery of the weapon into the hands of those who will position it and fire it.  This is true for any nuclear device - even Soviet nukes that no one is supposed to know about.  In each case so far, and you have Bush's word that we have tracked each one correctly, reversed speech has revealed the moment in which the official Release Order has been given.

In the case of the first GAMBIT operation, a Russian nuke destined for Texas City arrived by ship and was immediately turned over to the experts.  After a period in which it was examined and prepared, it was "released" long before the Easter Target date, and was hidden aboard a ship in the port there for many weeks before it had to be removed at the last minute.  In a later attempt with the same device, the time from release to intended use was less than ten days.  Long or short, the Release Order indicates that the weapon is ready to go, has been sent to the place it will be used, and is in the hands of the men who will actually emplace it and watch over it until the final moment comes.

I am assuming that the nuke for Anbar Province has been attached to a missile, or otherwise rigged for airborne delivery, because I believe that its intended use will require an "air burst" to create a maximized kill level and avoid long term contamination of the oil fields.  That conversion has probably already taken place and I'm sure, at the time of this writing, that it is now somewhere in the Middle East.  I doubt if we will catch anything more about it in RS until some time after it is used.

We now have the Release Order for one of the Soviet nukes that the SEAL team brought back in October.  I'm confident that it is the one to be used here. This was provided by Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve company, in an appearance before Congress on November 8th.  Essentially, it means that a nuclear detonation on U.S. soil, to be blamed on terrorists, could occur at any time.

Bernanke appeared before the Joint Economic Committee to testify about the subprime mortgage disaster that has been wracking the financial markets.  RS tells us that his testimony was virtually a continuous set of lies from beginning to end.

Bernanke has the task of overseeing (and covering up) what appears to be a plan to destroy the dollar.  This is deliberate and certainly part of a larger plan as well.  The conspirators clearly intend to create a new or different government.  They may want to pay off all government debts with a currency that has become worthless, first.  Alternatively, they may be working on creating such a disaster that the public will gladly embrace a new currency called the Amero and linked to the so-called North American Union.

Several bizarre disinformation programs have been created to fog the issue.  The "Leo Wanta" story and a similar hoax linked to the name Casper are both set to claim that financial disaster has been caused by the theft of trillions by Bush & Co., rather than by deliberate, planned destruction.  Bush doesn't mind of course.  Taking the blame is what he's paid for.

For the most part, Bernanke provided a very steady stream of speech reversals that were focused on the task at hand.  But eleven minutes into his testimony there was a nine second period in which his unconscious turned to a different and more important subject.

Here is a screen shot from my Sound Forge audio editor where I've marked the four reversals.   

VI.  Time And Place For Detonation

Obviously, we don't have any reversals yet that indicate the target for the nuke, or when it is to be used.  If we did, they would be right here.  During the last week or so, RS on bush has been pretty much non-productive.

We first noticed this when my colleague, Strider, examined audio from the visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and came up empty handed.  Ordinarily we would expect a state visit to involve extensive behind-the-scenes coordination and deal-making.  Unfortunately, Sarkozy spoke only French on camera, and Junior's brain was virtually empty of any significant information.  This causes me to suspect that the two men probably spent very little time together, if any.  Sarkozy's interaction, which would necessarily have included France's role and opportunities for profit regarding the invasion of Iran, must have been with someone else.

This was followed by a hasty and very mysterious visit by the German head of state, Angela Merkel.  I was waiting to get my audio teeth into the results and guess what?  No audio.  No video.  Well, that's not entirely true.  After four days the White House gave us twenty-four seconds of Junior welcoming Merkel at the moment she first arrived.  This is quite unusual and I suspect it was planned this way to prevent leaks.  However, it's only a day or at most two days since Bush released the nuke, so we pick up his excitement with a single reversal: "NOW WE NUKE IT".

However they can't keep Bush away from microphones for very long.  His normal schedule won't allow it.  So they'll have to keep him in the dark about any further developments, and I'm not sure they can succeed with that either.  However, as you saw above, there are plenty of other sources of information.  What we really need is another visit by the UK's Gordon Brown!

Logic suggests that this current version of GAMBIT has been set up so quickly that the controllers most likely will go back to their favorite target, the oil terminal at the Port of Texas City, rather than take the time to find something new.  It is an operation that demolishes something in their own private reserve that is due for replacement anyway, and I suspect that there is plenty of money to be made as well.

Timing also remains a mystery.  It could literally happen at any moment, although I'd bet on a weekday morning with good weather for television coverage.  Normally, we also see a heavy boost in propaganda that implies a build-up of tension in the Middle East, or that there is now a nuclear armed terrorist hiding under every bed.  Wherever they are going, I don't think the propagandists are quite there yet.  We do see another buildup of ships in the Persian Gulf area, but it may be another few days before they are all positioned and ready to go.

Looking ahead, we have the Thanksgiving holiday on November 22.  The Oil Cartel has been very insistent on pushing the idea that we are in a never-ending religious conflict.  It is the best scenario that will allow them to go after other people's natural resources for years to come.  This was the reason for their choice of Easter two years in a row, as a planned false-flag attack date.

Thanksgiving in the U.S. has strong religious overtones and it also provides a ready-made nationwide television audience for any big event.  So I might be tempted to give Thanksgiving an edge over other days.

I'll also be keeping an eye on the wind direction around Texas City.  For the attempt there last Easter, a rather mysterious and record breaking cold front raced down from Canada and caused the wind at Texas City to blow out to sea.  This would have eliminated a lot of long-term problems if the home-made nuke they used had functioned properly.

Nonetheless, these are only guesses.  We don't do predictions here.  We simply report on what is going on at the time a particular piece of audio or video was captured, and do our best to make sense of it.  All we really know is that someone is sitting on a live nuke, here in the U.S., and they intend to use it to kick off the world's largest oil theft as soon as the moment is right.

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The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976
 - The Hidden Tyranny (Re-post)
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Inside the Devil's Lair
The Anti-Gospel  ....The Strange Antichrist Doctrine of Free Will
Being Preached in Apostate Churches Today ....

By   Edward Hendrie ....Author of   ...Antichrist Conspiracy ...Inside the Devil’s Lair

Most people think that when they attend their church services each Sunday they are hearing the gospel. In most nominal Christian churches today, however, what people are hearing is not the gospel, but an anti-gospel.
The English word “anti” is a preposition derived from the same word in Greek. Endnote  ...  It means “against, opposite, contrary, or in place of. Endnote .... The antichrist is against Christ, and at the same time he seeks to replace Christ. He also seeks to replace the gospel of Christ with a contrary gospel, an anti-gospel.

The anti-gospel has at its core a devilish doctrine of the free will of man. This anti-gospel is inspired by the spirit of the antichrist and is being preached in churches today in place of the true gospel of the sovereign grace of Christ. The devil is a very subtle liar who opposes God and his gospel. That old serpent has stealthfully introduced his deceptive anti-gospel into the pulpits of churches around the world.

The word gospel literally means God spell (God’s word). In order to recognize and guard against the influence of this anti-gospel, it is important for the reader to be like the noble Bereans and check everything that is said against God’s word found in the Holy Bible.
2.      Satanic Conspiracy
  The anti-gospel is a dethroning of God and enthroning of man. God is no longer sovereign. Man is made the sovereign master of his destiny with God merely a hopeful observer. The anti-gospel rejects the sovereign grace of God in his election of those for salvation. This injection of the Roman Catholic free will theological poison into nominal “Christian” denominations is the result of a satanic conspiracy. This strategy will give rise to an ecumenical movement that will ultimately result in the nominal “Christian” denominations falling under the yoke of the Vatican.

As we have seen the free will anti-gospel took root soon after Jesus founded his New Tetament church. That anti-gospel has been labeled by theologians as Pelagianism, after a fifth century A.D. theologian named Pelagius. Endnote  ... Pelagius preached that man was completely free to do good or evil, and that God’s grace only facilitated what man would choose in his own free will. Endnote ....Palagius further taught that man had a free will and could choose his own salvation. Pelagius, in order to remain consistent with his free will view, also taught that man could choose to fall away and lose his salvation by his own free choice. Endnote  .... Pelagianism was seen by the Christian community as a false gospel and so it never really took hold.

Less than a century later, a form of Pelagianism rose from the ashes; it was known as Semi-Pelagianism. Endnote .........Under Semi-Pelagianism, man was fallen and his will was hindered by sin, but not totally so. According to Semi-Pelagians, man is not spiritually dead, but only spiritually sick. They taught that man could utilize his faith to cooperate with God in facilitating his own salvation. Semi-Pelagians accepted that God was sovereign but at the same time they promoted the inconsistent view that man had free will in order to choose whether to be saved.

 Semi-Pelagianism became the generally accepted doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church codified this semi-pelagian anti-gospel, with accompanying curses, at the Council of Trent (circa 1547).
Semi-Pelagianism was promoted by a Jesuit priest named Luis de Molina. Molina taught the Semi-Pelagian view that God predestined believers to salvation but at the same time man had a free will to choose to be saved. This doctrine became popularly known as Molinism. Endnote ........The Roman Catholic church knew that Protestant Christians would never adopt Molinism if it were known to have sprung from a Jesuit priest, so they decided to use a front man in order to introduce this anti-gospel into the Protestant churches. They used a man named Jacobus Arminius (1560-1609), who was an admirer of Molina, to popularized the free will doctrine of Molina among Protestants.

As a result of the successful efforts of Arminius and other Jesuit agents, Molinism has since become popularized not as Molinism but as Arminianism. Endnote  ......... Many view Arminianism as an orthodox Christian view of Scripture, when in fact it is a corruption of the gospel that has been injected into the Protestant denominations by Jacobus Arminius. Arminianism is simply repackaged Roman Catholic doctrine. Endnote ..........
Augustus Toplady, the author of the famous hymn Rock of Ages, concluded that Jacobus Arminius was a secret agent of the Jesuits. Arminius’ purpose was to infect the Christian church with the pagan Catholic doctrine of free will.
The Jesuits themselves have revealed that Arminius was their secret agent sent to poison the doctrine of the Protestant churches. William Laud, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was working secretly with the Jesuits to infect the Church of England (Anglican Church) with Roman Catholic doctrine, including Arminianism. In 1638 Laud ordered the exclusive use of a “Papistical” liturgy upon the Church of Scotland. It became known as “Laud’s Liturgy.” Laud was eventually found out, and in 1645 he was beheaded for treason against England.
24.    “Christian” Rock and Roll
One of the many groups Calvary Chapel Music produces and promotes is The Surfaris, ...............who are famous for the million selling rock and roll tune, “Wipe Out,” which they are quite proud to still play today.
            The “Christian” songs that are produced by Calvary Chapel Music have an unmistakable Arminian slant. The Arminian god, is a god who minds his own business until a person invites him to be free to reign in his life. Their god depends on the permission of the believer before he can reign in his life. The reign of their god, and the freedom of their god, is dependent on the sovereignty of man.

            One doesn’t grant the true God freedom and then invite him to reign in your life.

 The true God reigns in our lives because he is God; he doesn’t need our permission.

Putting Christian words to rock and roll music (this way) creates a spiritual poison for the soul. It is the music that is the real danger. Almost all rock and roll music has a rapid back beat. That rapid drum beat is one of the things that makes rock and roll songs so evil. The music actually causes stress on the body creating what secular scientists call neurotic response.
..........Witches call the response to the music a spell. That neurosis (or spell) is manifested when people impulsively move their bodies to the beat of the music. One never sees such conduct at a classical music concert. However, at a rock and roll concert one often sees large crowds lost in a neurotic frenzy. This magical neurotic spell is a manifestation of the influence of devils over the listeners.

Once a person is placed under this spell, the listener becomes susceptible to temptations of the flesh and to being influenced the worldly lyrics that have double meanings. Although the lyrics, at first glance, may have only one meaning when read on paper, the fleshly music suggests to the listener an interpretation that plays to the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. Even ostensibly Christian lyrics can be interpreted differently when put to discordant rock and roll music. When the words are put to music the performer can place emphasis on one part of a phrase in order to influence the listener to interpret the words according to that emphasis. If the music is guttural rock and roll music seemingly innocent words will take on a whole new meaning. The real message is in the music, and sometimes the message is subliminal.   ......

 Many people think that if a song has Christian words that makes it Christian music. That is wrong. The real message is carried by the music, not by the words. The words do not give meaning to the music, rather it is the music that gives meaning to the words. Fleshly, lustful, prideful music will give a fleshly, lustful, prideful meaning to the words being sung. Even bible passages in “Christian” rock and roll can be twisted to mean something completely different from the meaning intended by God. The words may seem uplifting, but the music is downward, earthly, prideful. Consequently the message does not praise God, but rather subliminally encourages sin under the guise of Christian music. In fact, it is common for the words to a rock and roll song to be drowned out by the music, making the words almost unintelligible. The unintelligible words can be interpreted by the listener to say whatever the music subliminally suggests. That is because the real message is in the music, and its hypnotic rhythm.   .............
(( John Todd (Collins) was a former member of the Illumnati Collins family. The Illuminati is a Satanic society that has within it many layers within layers of secrecy. It operates on a need to know basis. Todd was deeply involved in the dark world of witchcraft. He stated that he personally delivered four million dollars to Chuck Smith in order to enable Smith to start “Maranatha! Music.” Endnote  .......... Todd stated that the money he gave Smith was a partial payment toward a total of eight million dollars of which he was aware was given to Smith by the Illuminati. ..........

Chuck Smith is a pastor of one of the largest churches in the United States.  ))  .............

25.    The Illuminati
 Chuck Smith has slipped up and revealed a part of his character that would shock his followers. In the process he revealed his Zionist plans. Smith and his “ministry”are part of a conspiracy for Zionist conquest of Palestine. Smith’s Zionist plans parallel the plans of the Illuminati, which is revealing in light of John Todd’s allegations of Illuminati funding for Smith. An investigative team from The Executive Intelligence Review discovered a group called the “American Jerusalem Temple Foundation,” which was an early source of “massive amounts of money from American-based Darbyite Christian fundamentalists."......... that were poured into “Jerusalem operations, aimed, ultimately, at blowing up the Muslim holy sites at the Temple Mount, and building the Third Temple.” Endnote .........
 In the middle of this planned bloodfest we find Chuck Smith, pastor of Calvary Chapel. The Executive Intelligence Review discovered the following:

At the core of the Gnostic "dispensational premillennarianism," advocated by Nineteenth-Century Anglican clergyman John Nelson Darby, is the belief that the extermination of the Jews, in a final battle of Armageddon, brought on by the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, is the Biblical precondition for the second coming of the Messiah and the Rapture. Pastor Chuck Smith, Dolphin's mentor at the Calvary Baptist Church, when asked by EIR whether he had any compunctions about unleashing a holy war that would lead to the possible extermination of millions of Jews and Muslims, replied, "Frankly, no, because it is all part of Biblical prophesy." Endnote .......

Smith was also full of praise for the Jewish zealots of the Temple Mount Faithful, and their founder, Goldfoot: "Do you want a real radical?" he asked. "Try Stanley Goldfoot. He's a wonder. His plan for the Temple Mount is to take sticks of dynamite and some M-16s........ and blow the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosques and just lay claim to the site."

Who is Stanley Goldfoot, upon whom Chuck Smith heaps such praise? He is a psychopathic mass murderer and internationally recognized terrorist! He has admitted he helped plan the 1946 dynamite bombing of the King David Hotel that killed approximately 100 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim civilians. Goldfoot has also admitted that he planned and directed the execution of the United Nations mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, in Jerusalem, in the fall of 1948.

Smith secured financial support for exploration of the exact site of the Temple. An associate of Smith, Lambert Dolphin, a California physicist and archeologist and leader of the “Science and Archeology Team,” took it upon himself to explore the Temple Mount. An ardent premillennialist who believed that the building of the Temple was essential to the realization of messianic hopes.

Can we regard Chuck Smith as a true minister of the Gospel when he praises and financially supports a terrorist killer? Why would he do such a thing? Because both he and Goldfoot are Zionists, who want to bring Palestine under the complete control of Israel. One of the key goals of the Zionist Illuminati is to rule the world. Jewish control of Palestine is one step toward that Zionist goal. Let us explore just who are the Illuminati.

            The “Illuminati” are a secret organization purportedly founded by a trained Jesuit named Adam Weishaupt in 1776.

As I will explain, it was not a coincidence that the Illuminati arose just three years after Pope Clement XIV’s suppression of the Jesuits in 1773. Weishaupt was a Jew and a professor of canon law at Ingolstadt University, which was a Jesuit University and the center of the Jesuit counter-reformation.
Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest, stated that the occult Illuminati organization was not founded by Weishaupt, as many believe, but in fact was established long before Weishaupt. The Illuminati is in fact a reincarnation of the ancient Alumbrados, whose one time leader was Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.

The Alumbrados and indeed the Illuminati trace their history back to the pharisees.

            Benjamin Disraeli, was a Jew and a former Prime Minister of England; he revealed that the first Jesuits were Jews.

Ignatius of Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, was of Jewish descent and was the only person present at Loyola’s deathbed. Ignatius Loyola himself was a crypto-Jew of the Occult Cabala. A crypto-Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion and outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish practices. James Lainez, who succeeded Loyola as the second Jesuit General, was also of Jewish descent. The third Jesuit General was a Belgian Jew named Eberhard Mercurian. Jews were attracted to the Jesuit order and joined in large numbers.

Some of the most influential Jesuits in history, such as Francisco Ribera (1537-1591) and Emanuel Lacunza (1731-1801), were Jews. Many of the Jesuit doctrines are similar to those found in the Babylonian Talmud.

            The Illuminati was reconstituted by Lorenzo Ricco, the Jesuit General, in 1776, who used his disciple, Adam Weishaupt, as the front man for the organization (which was really not new at all).
The Jesuits, having just been suppressed by the pope in 1773, found it necessary to reemerge under the occult banner of the Illuminati, which was an alliance between the Jesuits and the very powerful Ashkenazi Jewish Banking House of Rothschild. The purpose of the Illuminati initially was to avenge the papal suppression of the Jesuits by rooting out all religion and overturning the governments of the world, bringing them under a single world government, controlled of course by the Illuminati, under the authority of their god. That world government is commonly referred to by the Illuminati as the “New World Order.” The god of the Illuminati is Satan.

Adam Wieshaupt died in 1830 at the age of 82. Giuseppe Mazzini, who was an Italian revolutionary, then became the leader of the Illuminati. He held this position from 1834 until his death in 1872. Michael Bunker reveals in his book Swarms of Locusts that Mazzini was a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest.

Bunker’s book uncovers the Jesuit corruption of “Protestant Christianity,” by injecting into it the poisonous Roman Catholic “free will” doctrine of Molinism, (commonly referred to as Arminianism.). Molinism was so named after Luis de Molina, who was a Jesuit priest.

            There was an established group of criminals who were overseers of feudal lands in Sicily dating back to 1000 A.D.

They became known later as the Mafia. Paul A. Fisher in his book Their God is the Devil, states that “one historian, Charles Heckethorn, in his book, Secret Societies, says the chilling word ‘Mafia’ is an acronym meaning ‘Mazzini Autoriza Furti, Incendi, Avelenameti:’ that is: ‘Mazzini authorizes thefts, arson and poisoning.

  On August 15, 1871, while Giuseppe Mazzini was the head of the Illuminati in Europe, he wrote a letter to Albert Pike, who was then the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction U.S.A. Pike succeeded to that Masonic position from Isaac Long, a Jew, who in 1801, brought a statue of Baphomet (Satan) to Charleston, South Carolina, where he helped established the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

In his letter to Pike, Mazzini gives the details for a plan for world conquest, through three world wars. The first war would destroy Czarist Russia and place that vast territory under the control of the Illuminati. The second war would be caused by the differences between the Political Zionists and the German Nationalists. This would lead to the expansion of Russian Communist power and the creation of a state of Israel in Palestine. The third war would be caused by the conflict between the predicted State of Israel and the Arab Muslims............
            The secret Illuminati organization was the hidden guiding hand behind the brutal French Revolution, during which 300,000 people were massacred in a godless orgy of violence.
            The Illuminati, being pharisitical Jews, are Zionists to the core. All of their efforts are focused upon their Zionist goal to rule the world. Zionism is not just a homeland for the Jews in Palestine as it is generally believed. It is much more than that. The rule of Palestine is just one step toward world domination.
In 1590 a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest Francisco Ribera, in his 500 page commentary on the book of Revelation, placed the events of most of the book of Revelation in a period in the future just prior to the end of the world.  He claimed that the antichrist would be an individual who would not be manifested until very near the end of the world. He wrote that the antichrist would rebuild Jerusalem, abolish Christianity, deny Christ, persecute the church, and dominate the world for three and half years.
            Relegating the appearance of the antichrist to some time in the distant future just before the end of the world, had the effect of concealing the true identity of the antichrist, that being the Pope of Rome.
The sea change in the position of almost all of the Protestant denominations toward Rome has been the direct result of this heretical interpretation of the bible by agents of the Roman Catholic Church, designed to conceal the Pope’s identity as the antichrist.
27.    Arminian Wolves in $heep’s Clothing
Arminian free will preaching results in a pathetic formulaic salvation, where the alleged believer chants some words and is then proclaimed “born again.”
( more ...later)
The internet poses a threat to those who control the the mass media.  Secret plans have been laid to gradually infringe upon our freedoms of speech and assembly.  Those plans will be acted upon.  It would be prudent, therefore, to download Antichrist Conspiracy and The Anti-Gospel and save them to disc against the day when they will no longer be freely available on the internet.  The instructions for doing so are provided above.
     With the plans of our adversaries so far advanced towards their goal, what can we now do?  God's precious word provides the answer:  ( Ephesians 6:11-18.)

     Just as my books are free to you, I humbly ask you to freely give me something, which is of greater value than gold or silver; please pray for me and all the saints who are striving against the rulers of the darkness of this world.  Edward Hendrie

Who is the antichrist?   The answer is revealed in chapters 34-39 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the plans of Zionists in Israel and the United States for a renewed military draft in order to provide a long term U.S. military presence in the Middle East, "should one of the more sever scenarios come to pass."   The evidence is revealed in chapter 62  of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Read the evidence that President George Bush deceptively fabricated an excuse to invade Iraq, a country that posed absolutely no threat to the United States.   The evidence is revealed in chapter 61  of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Read the evidence that there were explosives rigged inside the World Trade Center towers which caused them to collapse!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 59  of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Within weeks of the 9-11 attacks the FBI and military intelligence experts held secret meetings with Hollywood screenwriters to help them come up with scripts for future terrorist attack scenarios!   Revealed in chapter 59  of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that Israel was behind the assassination of President Kennedy!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 58 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read about the official (but secret) Vatican instructions concealed in Vatican archives for over 40 years.  The secret instructions prove that the Roman Catholic Church, at the highest levels of authority, has engaged in a systematic and pervasive cover-up of criminal sexual conduct by its priests.  That secret document exposes the Roman Catholic Church as a criminal organization!   Details of the secret Vatican instructions are revealed in chapter 11 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the proof that the Israeli's knowingly attacked the USS Liberty and intended to sink the ship and kill everyone onboard!   The proof is found in chapter 58 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that Roy Cohen intentionally sabotaged Senator Joseph McCarthy's Senate investigation into communists in the government!   The evidence is found in chapter 56 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that the Wailing Wall is not the western wall of the ancient Jewish Temple, but rather is the western wall of the ancient Roman Fort Antonia!   The evidence is found in chapter 43 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that Darwin was a racist and his theory of evolution was based upon his racist ideology!   The evidence is found in chapter 7 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that C.I. Scofield was a secret Zionist agent and his Scofield Reference Bible was written to further the devilish Zionist cause!   The evidence is found in chapter 43 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that President George W. Bush knew that Iraq did not have any WMD's before he invaded that country.   The evidence is revealed in chapter 61 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Is Israel pushing the United States toward World War III?   The answer is revealed in chapter 62 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that President George W. Bush is a Satanist!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 53 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read evidence that the congressional hearings on POW's still held in Vietnam after the war were scripted in advance in order to deceive the American public!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 61 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the alarming evidence that Israel was behind the 9-11-01 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 59 of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Where is Osama Bin Laden?
  The answer is revealed in chapter 59 of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Is Lucifer the god of the Jews?   The answer is revealed in chapter 53 of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Read the startling new official Catholic doctrine that agrees with the Jewish doctrine that the Messiah has not yet come!   The doctrine is revealed in chapter 53 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Is the pope protecting pedophiles?   The answer is revealed in chapter 11 of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Read the startling evidence that Israel is secretly monitoring the phone calls of the President, Congressmen, and almost anyone else they wish to target!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 61 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
What is the mark of the beast?   The likely precursor is revealed in chapter 65  of Antichrist      Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that the Roman Catholic religion has official doctrines that curse Jesus Christ and Christians!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 40 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that the Jesuits inspired and have continued to nurture world communism!   The evidence is revealed in chapters 45, 48, & 53 of Antichrist        Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that the Jesuits inspired and nurtured Nazism!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 49 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
What man claims to have the power and authority of God Almighty?   The answer is revealed in chapter 34 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Read the evidence that the Roman Catholic Church was behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln!   The evidence is revealed in chapter 46 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Which of the many Bible versions is truly God's word?   The answer is revealed in chapter 7 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Which religion is also a country.   The answer is revealed in chapter 39 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Who is really behind the popularity of Santa Claus and why?
  The answer is revealed in chapter 14 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Who are really behind the Jesuits?   The answer is revealed in chapters 45 & 53 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
Who are the Illuminati?   The answer is revealed in chapters 45 & 53 of Antichrist Conspiracy. 
Which popular religion practices necromancy?   The answer is revealed in chapter 15 of Antichrist Conspiracy.
English - Allah Had No Son

©1994 by Jack T. Chick LLC

7th Day Adventism Renounced D.M. Canright, was a former member of the General Conference Committee of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA). He was one of only three members serving on the council, along with SDA cofounder James White and one Mr. Haskell, making him one of the three highest officials in the SDA.  Prior to leaving the SDA Canright was a teacher of theology in the SDA college at Battle Creek. He was writing the lessons for all their SDA Sabbath Schools throughout the world. He had the charge of some eighteen SDA churches in Michigan. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Sabbath School Association. He was member of the Executive Committee of the Michigan State Sabbath School Association. At the session of the general conference before he left the SDA, he was chairman of the International Sabbath School Association, and was on nine different committees, several of which were the most important committees in the general conference (e.g., the committee on distribution of laborers throughout the world, the theological committee, the committee on camp meetings, the committee on a special course of study at the SDA college, and the committee on the improvement of the SDA ministry). The SDA published over twenty different publications written by Canright. The circulation of Canrights publications reached into the hundreds of thousands. Canright ultimately came to realize the doctrinal bankruptcy of the SDA and left the organization. He became a Baptist minister and in 1914 he wrote a book (hyperlinked at left) which exposed the evils of the SDA and the apostasy of the SDA founders, Ellen G. White and her husband, James White. Canright was an insider who speaks from authority. He also proves, through a thorough review of scripture, the theological errors of the SDA.
Mormon Evil Exposed Read the undeniable evidence that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, the founders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), were pagan Freemasons.  The LDS, founded in 1830 after the nationwide upheaval over the murder by Freemasons of Captain Morgan, is nothing more than Freemasonry reconstituted to appear as a Christian church.  In reality it is a soul damning pagan organization, which denies Christ and worships Lucifer.
Mormonism Explained The secret cabalistic doctrines of the Mormon "church" revealed.  While this website has excellent information on the evil doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon church), it contains some doctrines which are contrary to sound biblical doctrine.  For example on the website it states: "Our eternal destiny (heaven or hell) is based entirely upon personal choices we make based upon our own freewill. If we end up in hell, we can only blame ourselves!"  That is directly contrary to what God states in the Holy Bible.  The reality is that man’s will is not free, it is enslaved to sin. Man will not serve God nor seek God, because man is spiritually dead. "As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God."  Romans 3:10-11.  It is God’s will that is free not man's will, and by his grace we are born again.  God does the choosing, not man. James 1:18.  We are saved by the sovereign grace of God.  "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast."  Ephesians 2:8.  It is by the will of God, not by the will of man that one is saved.  "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."  John 1:12-13.
Masons and Mormons Audio sermons on Freemasonry and Mormonism.
Judaism is Antichrist The words "Judaism is antichrist" here are being used to describe the nature of Judaism.  The pope of Rome is "the" antichrist (noun).  The commonly used term "Judeo-Christian tradition" is an oxymoron.  There can no more be a Judeo-Christian tradition than there can be a Catholic-Christian, Islamic-Christian, or a Satanic-Christian tradition.  All of those religions art antithetical to Christianity.  Those religions are antichrist, and as such there can be no religious agreement between them and Christianity.
Allah the Moon god Read the excellent online bible tract that explains that Allah is actually the pagan moon god.
The Pilgrimage Read another tract that explains the eternal consequences of Islam.
Protestants No More A Protestant used to be a Christian who fearlessly preached the gospel and protested against the antichrist church of Rome.  That is no longer the case.  Why?   Because Satan and his Roman church have actively worked to undermine the Protestant churches.  This bible tract by Jack Chick (now out of print) is an excellent summary of the steps the Roman Catholic Church has taken to undermine the former Protestant churches.  There is only a small remnant of true Protestants remaining; nowadays almost none of the nominal Protestant churches preach the gospel or protest against the hellish doctrines and practices of Rome.
Modern Apostasy Exposed This website of Cephas Ministry contains lots of valuable information on the false doctrines in the Mormon Church, Jehovah Witnesses, the RCC, and other antichristian organizations.  In addition, the website exposes the unbiblical teachings of T.D. Jakes, Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, E.V. Hill, Peter Popoff, Creflo Dollar, Bob Larson, and many other wolves in sheep's clothing.
photog     in paragraphs above a visual comparison is made. In the left we can see WTC-1 being destroyed (soarce: 911 Eyewitness) and in the right a shallow underground nuclear explosion is bursting from the ground (Storax Sedan 104 Kt). Below are the links to the articles of Finnish military expert. His views do not represent the views of the Finnish 9/11 Action Group as the Group does not comment the exact method which was used to destroy the buildings.
For readers I would suggest first to examine the unusual features of the collapses of the Twin Towers and also the issue of Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons.
The Rock ( at the Dome of the Rock)was of christian value:
more  fw10
The Ten Plagues of Zionism

Famed NASA Astronaut Confirms Extraterrestrials Are Here.

by Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992

casper update (more below)





Thursday 15 November 2007 17:34.


By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York:


The situation is ‘so bad’ for these criminal people, all of them, that Bush Jr.’s ‘friends’ met with the President on the morning of 14th November and told him to make the Wanta payment ‘because they don’t want to be arrested’.

Please pause to take note of what this means:

• These Bush Jr. ‘friends’ did NOT advise the President of the United States to ‘allow’ the payment to be made BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT AND LAWFUL THING TO DO, but rather IN ORDER TO PREVENT THEMSELVES BEING ARRESTED.



And for his part, the Provost Marshal General is being forced to do what Cheney and others have allegedly been telling him not to do because he, too, will face the very same consequences that he is inflicting on others IF HE DOESN’T DELIVER THE WANTA PAYMENT, WHICH STILL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OTHER PAYMENT AND OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN SETTLED ON A STAND-ALONE BASIS IN JUNE 2006.

AS OF THIS POSTING HE HAS STILL NOT DELIVERED THE WANTA PAYMENT.  ............................  By approximately 1h50 p.m. on Saturday 10th November, the $4.5 trillion belonging to Ambassador Wanta had been restored to Citibank. We found this rather odd, to put it mildly, but it appears that, by now, following the further arrests at that institution, Citibank was considered to be marginally safer than Morgan Stanley. ....................................PAULSON’S AFRICAN VISIT: WILL HE FLEE TO ISRAEL?

On 9th November, the US Treasury’s Internal Affairs people issued a statement to the effect that Paulson would travel to Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana between 13th and 19th November.....................Either way, the US Treasury Secretary is effectively ‘on the run’ and, unless he is carrying the grey screen that he probably obtained from his corrupt superior, George W. Bush Jr., he may well find it problematical to perpetrate further frauds while enjoying the African scenery.................


Concerning the Martial Law outlook, the reality as matters stand, we are authoritatively advised, is that the United States is now de facto under Martial Law, since the Provost Marshal General is the Commander-in-Chief in the place of President George W. Bush Jr., who is now powerless to stop the inevitable progress of this biggest criminal investigation in history.

Our informed sources say that Martial Law is still being, and will probably remain confined to, the banking and overall financial sector – although it surely has to be extended to the US Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government, given that the highest office-holders are up to their necks in facilitating and orchestrating these massive ongoing financial frauds. A substantial number of US legislators have been 'on the take' for years.................................

In summary, the biggest nexus
 of financial scams in history was designed and orchestrated by the following two arch-criminals:
• Former President George Herbert Walker Bush (Scherf(f) Sr.

• Dr Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board........................The Ambassador has asked the Editor henceforth in these reports and in our publications to refer to him by his birth-name, which is Lee Emil Wanta, and no longer by his intelligence name of Leo. The reason for this adjustment will be made public at the appropriate time...................XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Casper Update: Nov. 16, 2007

FRIENDS, yesterday's update from Christopher Story saying that "we ungrateful payees will receive payment thanks solely to WANTAGATE" is nonsense and for the sake of posterity cannot be allowed to stand.
He thinks he and Wanta and Cottrell are the horses pulling the wagon in which you and I and 300,000++others are "along for the ride". Such arrogance, such puffery and self serving NONSENSE.

Lets look at things from a different perspective and see how he likes it.

If it were not for the problems of the Wantagate funding being illegally yoked with the prosperity programs we would already have been funded. Wanta and his attendant problems have arrived late to a party which has been underway for more than a decade and a half. "WE" have been dealing with the corruption of Senior and Greenspan, blocking their trades, recovering stolen funds, freezing their accounts, unraveling all manor of entanglements with the Queen, the courts, the banks, etc. for years before Story or Wanta shows up, long before Paulson or the Provost shows up, and the idea that he or they are causing OUR funding is pure NONSENSE.
They are riding our coat tails, assisting at long last the final push of the snowball over the crest of the hill, AND after OUR people have been fighting this battle all over the world as reported here weekly for YEARS, (C-)STORY still does not realize, apparently, that hi s hero, the Queen, was partnering with Senior in every imaginable attempt to scam and steal our funds, bribing Wld Court judges, fighting this nations break from the existing privately owned central banking system in which she had a vested interest, precluding our return to constitutional law, playing all sides against the middle for years, using super computers (GW/ranch) and controlled and corrupt bankers all over the world to block the breakup of world control by the Illuminist of which she has always been a major player, resulting, eventually, in the breakup of her partnership with Merkle who had been fooled into the acquisition of BoA private banking to further steal our funds, and her eventual split with Bush as the "rats in the sack" eventually turned on each other (stolen gold, etc.).

AND in the mist of what (C-)Story has suddenly "discovered" ( with, apparently, no historical knowledge whatsoever as he is so engrossed in making Wanta the savior of the world and by ex tension himself a Nobel laureate), he fails to mention that in the middle years of all these goings on it was THE QUEEN WHO TOOK THAT KING OF CROOKS (GREENSPAN) TO HER CASTLE IN SCOTLAND AND KNIGHTED HIM FOR THE SUCCESSFUL THEFT OF THE T's HE NOW RAILS ABOUT. Such nonsense. Such uninformed NONSENSE.
 If you want a reasonably accurate portrayal of the war with Senior/Greenspan over the years leading up to the arrival of Story/Wanta go back and read our reports from years ago which begin with Seniors outcry in Judge Debora Batts Federal courtroom " this will happen over my dead body and I have a 300T war-chest to fight it with". Welcome to the party Mr. Story-the punch bowl is over yonder.

Many times we have said "we don't know everything" and we still don't. But it is not at all uncommon for us to know things days before Story writes about them causing us to wonder whether there are things Wanta is unable to share with him or whether Wanta himself is kept in the dark. A current example is the "hundreds of T's" recovered and reported by Story this week. That money was recovered last week and was already "downloaded" to its intended destinations Monday, days before Story reported it. And so, in terms of historical knowledge AND current knowledge Story obviously does not know everything either.

As to the PROVOST, he was put there by GW several years ago and is subjected to pressures we can scarcely understand. His difficulties with CITI is an example. GW is warned by the Saudi prince (major stockholder in CITI) "hands off my bank or there will be severe consequences". GW orders Provost to stand down. What is he to do?? Accept $200. oil?? He is catching hell from all sides, especially our side.

Recent e-mails regarding lawsuits in 50 states to outlaw voting machines by "WE THE PEOPLE" is the same as Please remember them after funding.

Also, remember ABH. That's ABH. Anybody but Hillary. We cannot afford a continuation of the Bush/Clinton/Bush crime syndicate which has brought us to the very edge of the abyss.

Think about your method of distribution. Assuming no shortage of funds, and certainly there is no shortage of need, how do we avoid a bottleneck in the middle, how do we distribute funds quickly and responsibly ?

All the above having been said those writing nasty e-mails to Story, especially those on our side of the deal, should be ashamed of themselves. Read his archived writings. No one has worked harder over the last 18 months to see this mess through to conclusion than Story has. It's not right to expect him to know what happened at the party hours before his midnight arrival.

WE expect deliveries to begin today. Peripheral program trustees are on standby awaiting their green lights. Funding will occur in stages, not all at the front door. There are several changes, vis-a-vis, previous expectations which can't be discussed here.

It's all good we hear.  ...  
( Are We To Expect Any Darkside Evacuation Ships, And Is There Divine Emergency Override For A Compromised Provost Marshal? )
FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Nov. 16, 2007
Dear K:

Thanks for writing, even though I have so much e-mail I measure it's depth by the inch.

Q.1. There are over 200 various Star Nations represented by the starships presently in our solar system and our atmosphere, who are here to observe or to help with the transition of Earth Shan into fifth dimension. The ships and Militant Angels of Archangel Michael will allow only those Star People of good intent to be involved in the evacuation of Earth Shan, when that becomes necessary. Evacuation plans were not as well orchestrated in the early 1990's, when the Phoenix Journals were written and told of evacuation, as they are today. Should you have any doubt about an evacuation ship, ask if they are of the Light. By Cosmic Law they must answer, and if they are not of the Light, tell them to leave, and they must immediately do so. For evil to defy Cosmic Law is to be immediately vaporized into nothingness.

Q. 2. Yes, the majority of Earth Shan's inhabitants have called for peace, and Divine Intervention is in place. You would be amazed at the number of wars and acts of terrorism by the Darkside that have been averted or neutralized by the Forces of Light. Under Common Law the Provost Marshal General holds authority over a sitting president for various reasons, such as breaking the military code of honor. Should the Provost Marshal General become compromised in his duties and loyalties, in this present situation I believe Violinio Germain is our "emergency override", who can use direct intervention and the Forces of Light to continue the Mission.

To my knowledge General Rodney L. Johnson, the U.S. Provost Marshal General was overwhelmed by the fraud and corruption within the banking and political circles, and allowed himself to be influenced by the Bush/Clinton Crime Families. Having now received more investigative help and military support, and counsel from Germain, General Johnson is moving forward rapidly with his mission.

Know, my friend, that your prayers and petitions, and that of the Lightworkers across Shan, have created much positive energy that has held this mission of goodness stable and moving rapidly toward closure. Let us continue to ask for Divine guidance and protection for all involved in this process until victory is declared. That is our task!
In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer
73,000 Iraq war veterans dead
FBI Raids Liberty Dollar - Steals Everything (Updated Nov. 16, 2007)
Taiwan Removes All Cell Towers Near Children
Nanosolar: Power to the People




Saturday, 17 November 2007
Insiders Expose Reasons For UFO Secrecy And Coverup (Or Rather They Don't)

'Disclosure Project Director Dr. Steven M. Greer reports that government insiders have revealed the existence of a shadowy, highly classified program related to UFOs. The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The inertia of highly classified programs, embarrassment over past illegal actions taken to enforce secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems behind the mysterious UFO objects have been studied and fully understood.'
Oh please. The UFO coverup is, to state the obvious, so that the population does not know what is going on. This is (a) because some extraterrestrial/interdimensional groups are controlling the global political, economic and military system and (b) there are others with a more benevolent agenda that those in control certainly don't want us to know about.

The biggest danger is not just the UFO/extraterrestrial coverup, but also the moment they announce that there is extraterrestrial activity on this planet and they need to fight the (fake) invasion.  See this week's David Icke Newsetter going out tomorrow.

Two names mentioned in this Disclosure Project article are former CIA Director James Woolsey, an extremist Neocon insider, and Senator Robert C. Byrd, the brutal controller of mind-controlled slaves like Cathy O'Brien
Friday, 16 November 2007
( The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out Over The Weekend )

After decades of suppression and ridicule, the UFO debate is entering centre stage, or, at least, the mainstream media. Last Monday, a group of former Air Force, intelligence, government and aviation personnel from seven countries gathered at the National Press Club in Washington DC to demand Congressional hearings into the UFO cover up.

They claimed that the US government has been suppressing the evidence of extraterrestrial activity for more than 50 years. What’s more, the group said they had witnessed UFOs themselves and so they knew from personal experience that they were real ...

 .. But here’s the important question in the light of recent mainstream coverage of the UFO/ET question. Why now? Why has the door opened after decades of secrecy and suppression to allow so many apparently credible witnesses to tell their stories to a mass audience?
It may be that years of pressure and persistence have forced the door to swing and allow the truth of extraterrestrial activity to be exposed and confirmed. It would be nice if that was the case, but now the ‘BUT’ ...
Saturday, 17 November 2007
Turning The Police State Apparatus Against Dissenters
'A sustained media propaganda campaign in support of the move to swing the apparatus of tyranny away from phantom Muslim terrorists and towards the American people is in full operation and may pave the way for further attacks on US soil to be blamed on dissenting Americans who speak out against the war and the rise of the domestic police state.'
Je ne vous ai pas oublié et je ne le ferai pas.
J’ai dit jusqu’au bout et ce sera jusqu’au bout!
J’ai dit que ça DEVAIT être violent, car ça n’était que la seule façon possible d’expliquer les écrits de certains « insiders » de l’Emporium.
Les évènements climatiques seront sévères oui, mais la colombe de New York et la fontaine de Washington sont la cerise sur le sunday. Le changement est encore imperceptible, mais lorsque je vous montrerai, vous n’en reviendrez pas!
Je vous reviens très bientôt.
En attendant, je ne répéterai jamais assez fort ce qui suit.
De Châtillon  30 octobre 2007.
sunrise nov 15th

The Bush Crime Family: Three Generations of Treason By Randy Lavello .... From: ??



US officials are beginning to doubt that Pakistani President Musharraf can survive in office, and are looking at what might come next.

Musharraf is defending his decision to continue emergency rule saying it is the only way to have free and fair elections.  He is also criticizing Bhutto saying that she is confrontational and would be difficult to work with.


Headlines for November 15, 2007

- Musharraf Vows to Step Down as Military Chief
- Clashes Continue in Somalia Capital
- State Dept. IG Recuses Himself from Probes Over Blackwater Ties
- House War Funding Bill Orders 2008 Withdrawal
- House to Vote on Wiretap Program
- Chiquita Faces New Suit Over Paramilitary Funding
- Mother of NYPD Shooting Victim Told Police Son Was Unarmed
- Group: Leading Polluters Censor UN Climate Report
- 43 Arrested in Anti-War Protest at Olympia Port


Saying NO to the hunters of Atzmon
An introduction by Gilad Atzmon:

The following is another shocking glimpse into the activity of the Zionist ADL within the Palestinian solidarity movement. This article was written by FTP who acts as the administrator of IM UK. After two weeks of non-stop harassment FTP said enough is enough. He started a web page with the full catalogue of tactics employed against him and his colleagues at the IM UK. He probably believed that it is his duty to inform others. He thought that it is important to make sure that the next time Moshe Machover or Tony Greenstein call you a “racist” or a “fascist” you realise that you are actually in very good company. FTP put it up just to make sure that the next time Mark Elf (Jews Sans Frontieres) calls you a “wanker” or a “fuckwit” that you shouldn’t be intimidated, just keep up with the good work. We are facing a cell of 5 racially orientated subjects who for some reason call themselves anti-Zionists, but in practice they operate as crypto-Zionists - defending deep “Jewish Interests”. They do whatever they can to silence any meaningful criticism of Zionism and its vast support amongst world Jewry.

By FTP IM UK Administrator


Hillary's Musharraf
Mrs. Clinton's forgotten fling with the Killer of Karachi

By Greg Palast

The Bush era: The end begins    
By Max J. Castro
AWOL Soldier Seeking Treatment ........ Arrested

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) -- A soldier who served two combat tours in Iraq was arrested Wednesday for leaving the Army without permission more than a year ago to seek treatment for post traumatic stress disorder.

At a news conference hours before his arrest, Sgt. Brad Gaskins said he left the base in August 2006 because the Army wasn't providing effective treatment after he was diagnosed with PTSD and severe depression.

''They just don't have the resources to handle it, but that's not my fault,'' Gaskins said.

Tod Ensign, an attorney with Citizen Soldier, a GI rights group that is representing Gaskins, said the case is part of a ''coming tsunami'' of mental health problems involving Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

Last month, the Veterans Administration said more than 100,000 soldiers were being treated for mental health problems, and half of those specifically for PTSD.

US Accused of Ignoring Crisis for 4.5 Million Displaced Iraqis
    By Hannah Allam
    McClatchy Newspapers
Tuesday 13 November 2007

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