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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 23:34:42 -0500 (EST)

C-STORY  version  of   WANTAGATE

Sunday 2 December 2007 01:12

For background, please see the last FOUR OR FIVE Wantagate reports: Archive
By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review,
 World Reports Limited, London and New York:



This outcome was specifically predicted by the Nazi strategists, as we have repeatedly explained – first, in the Madrid Circular Letter intercepted by the Allies en route from the German Geopolitical Centre, Madrid, in the early 1950s, which contained the telling slogan ‘Fur uns ist der Krieg niemals vorbei’ (‘For us the war never ended’); and secondly, in a strategy document seized by the Allies in 1945, which summarised pan-German long-range strategy with the slogan ‘We intend to build the Thousand-Year Reich upon the ruins of the United States’, an intention obliquely promulgated by the operating head of DVD, George H. W. Bush Sr., when he referred in 1991 to ‘a thousand points of light’ and promulgated the ‘New World Order’.........................

The latest variant on this dimension is that Nicolas Sarkozy, the new, dubious French President of Hungarian Jewish background (who was charged by the World Court prior to coming to office, with the task of procuring the Wanta Settlement) reached an understanding with President George W. Bush Jr. when he visited him recently, that the $1.575 trillion 'tax' would in fact not be available until 2008 and would be stolen and used for (illegal) trading purposes, would not go anywhere near the US Treasury’s books and the US Federal Budget process, and would therefore be withheld from the US military. It accordingly appears that the notorious DC round-table conference held on 20th November was allowed to go ahead, but that it may just have represented yet another blind and a deception operation, to divert attention from what we have just stated above........

At 4.00pm EDT on Saturday 1st December, no payment had been forthcoming, and the Treasury Secretary had disappeared. He was therefore being sought by law enforcement, DOD Internal Affairs, and even the CIA’s own agents all over the place. He was to be arrested if he could not provide immediate concrete documentary proof that the Wanta payment has been made, triggering the country and Tier 1-10 payments. The participation of the CIA in requiring the payment indicates that a ‘tipping point’ has taken place, with the CIA now furious that payments are being delayed and no longer (at least not this weekend) trying to undermine the Ambassador’s party with the kind of confused disinformation we had to expose in the preceding report........


The situation is exacerbated by the fact that this Paulson crook is STILL STEALING MONEY, via the military ‘grey screen’ system, in collaboration with President George Bush Jr. (who, as pre-Provost Marshal-time Commander-in-Chief, would have had access to the necessary military ‘grey screen’ unit which we think he has ‘loaned’ to Paulson).

The fact that Mr Paulson is STILL STEALING MONEY while on the run, and because he thinks he is covered by his blackmail hold over the President, represents the worst display of official financial criminality in the history of the United States.

Furthermore, these crimes are being committed in the face of the arrival of the Basle II on-the-books banking system, with the US banks, led by Citibank, running immense risks because nothing like enough cash is available on the books to cover their liabilities in accordance with the agreed-upon Basle II banking system rules.......

In this connection, it is interesting, is it not, that the incidence of deaths in Iraq has suddenly fallen off, as recently announced. The key reason for this is that the terrorist operatives secretly working dialectically with the US revolutionary Government have not been paid, because the Pentagon has run out of cash, as it desperately needs the on-the-books monies that should have been remitted from the Wanta windfall tax payment and subsequent on-the-books tax accruals from transparent financial trading operations under The Wanta Plan.

Deaths have fallen because the deaths provoked by controlled ‘rogue’ US and foreign (including GRU) terrorist cells paid for by the Americans, are not happening, as the controlled terrorists are not being paid. The ‘terror’ in Iraq is a controlled operation designed to provide the pretext for US forces to remain in Iraq indefinitely, so as to (a) perpetuate control the Central Bank of Iraq by the White House (see below) and (b) to sit on top of the country’s colossal reserves of oil.

Remember that the attack on Iraq in March 2003 was a BANK RAID, intended to steal the Central Bank of Iraq’s cash and gold, and to acquire control over Rafidain Bank (which the Nazi-trained intelligence operative Saddam Hussein used as, and considered to be, his private bank and which had accumulated some $100 trillion in fiat money assets that the Bush criminal cadres coveted).

Recall, too, that in order to cover up this bank raid, the Americans deliberately procured that at least 100 special operatives who had been engaged in the seizure of the Central Bank of Iraq and its assets, were all immediately liquidated. The Editor has heard that the figure of about 100 such operatives, which he originally came across in 2003, may have been much higher.

The Central Bank of Iraq APPEARS to be an independent central bank, but in reality it is directly controlled by the Bush II White House. Control of this central bank is crucial to the White House, because control of a tame central bank enables the White House, through the Federal Interbank Settlement Fund, to continue off-the-books fiat money trading operations, the illicit proceeds of which can be permanently hidden from view. In other words, President Bush Jr. has been running this war, and procuring the deaths of Iraqis and Americans in massive numbers, purely for corrupt, Fascist personal profit. He has been doing this against the background of an environment of comprehensive corruption and mutual blackmail in Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive Branch itself – a general circumstance that has given him a sense of immunity and invincibility.

He does not yet appear to appreciate that he, Tony Blair, Rumsfeld and others are considered to be war criminals, given that the entire Iraqi War and occupation are illegal under international law, and that none of these people will be able to travel abroad: the only reason that Blair can travel is that a fake 'diplomatic job' was concocted for him to provide him with protection against arrest.

But now that Bush Jr.’s own illegal assets have been frozen (along with the bank accounts of Bush Sr., including those located in Latin America) he cannot continue financing the Iraq conflagration from his own illegal fiat money assets; and since the Department of Defense has no money either (it must work with on-the-books funds, the only source of which is the Wanta taxation windfalls), all of a sudden, the casualty count in Iraq is falling. This has enabled pro-‘surge’ fans to turn round and say ‘we told you so’ – and even previous Congressional antagonists of the ‘surge’ to admit that ‘it’s working’ – without understanding any of the above.......

As we noted in an Update on 30th November, The Daily Telegraph displayed a huge, cropped front-page photograph of Sub-Prime Minister Gordon Brown with his eyes closed, and apparently in a condition of extreme depression. As we hinted, there must be a reason for this that has nothing much to do with the parallel Israeli-linked ‘donations sleaze’ crisis* that has erupted around the Labour Government and which, coming on top of other catastrophes such as the near-collapse of Northern Rock, and the seizure by Dutch mob fraudsters of the private details held by HM Customs and Revenue of 25 million people in the United Kingdom (followed by daily reports of further huge thefts of data from HM Customs and Revenue) – inducing the fastest collapse of confidence in any British Government ever recorded........

It was reported on 30th November that a gunman took some hostages and held them at a Hillary Rodinski Clinton election campaign office. The hostages were released without a shot being fired, indicating that this was a fraudulent diversionary set-up exercise, organised by counterintelligence coming to the aid of its candidate, so as to serve up diversionary headline fodder for the gullible controlled media, thereby deflecting attention from Wantagate and its explosive implications and unpleasant consequences. These may include dire consequences that are liable to swamp lesbian candidate Hillary Rodinski, who has a violent temper and is extremely vulnerable to blackmail and exposure, not least given the small matter of the ‘undeclared $500 million’ (see below).................

In addition to the freezing of his bank accounts, including those in Latin America, George Bush Sr. is reliably reported to have had his passport removed by the State Department; so he cannot leave the country legally..............It is believed that Vice President Cheney may have tried to flee the country, but his passport is reported to have been cancelled also. The same applies to former President Clinton, who cannot move abroad either. He is now engaged in a subtle operation to derail his CIA wife’s presidential election campaign, as the very last thing he needs in the White House is this woman who throws ashtrays and lampshades at people and splits their heads open with them, orders her thugs to murder lesbian rivals, and is permanently vulnerable because of her alleged theft of $500 million from Crozier Bank, Grenada, which she failed to declare for tax purposes (because she couldn’t). He’s much safer with her where she is..............
• An unprecedented collapse of asset prices is imminent, with the economic and financial consequences foreseen in our report dated 2nd September 2006, plus geopolitical and social outcomes which have the potential to mature into humanity’s worst conceivable nightmares.
• This has all been organised deliberately. That is the only possible explanation, since the only way out is to release the hijacked funds; and yet Paulson, faced with arrest, said he would do just that and then, as usual, failed to do so.
Summary of Recent Wanta Events (Updated 2nd December 2007)
By 10.00pm on Saturday 1st December 2007, no evidence was forthcoming that the $4.5 trillion payment had been made. Paulson's arrest warrant was re-activated, his whereabouts were unknown and he was being actively sought by law enforcement teams, DOD Internal Affairs operatives and CIA agents. Paulson, like Robert Rubin, was on the run.

At 10.00am Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday 1st December 2007, the new Basle II international banking system was activated. Under this system no off-balance sheet financial operations are permitted. Every transaction must take place on-balance sheet. All banks, everywhere in the world, are required to adhere to this new rule, and others, if they are to continue trading. For technical accounting reasons related to Basle II, it is possible that American banks such as Citibank, Bank of America, Wachovia and JPMorganChase may be bankrupt within seven days if the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds have not been released to Lee Wanta by that point.

Various USA prisons and other military holding facilities are being emptied of deportable Mexican residents and others. It is said that this is being done to make room for the expected new intake of long-term financial corruption prisoners who will be filling up American jails as a consequence of the Citibank Wanta Plan funds theft.

Charts of Citigroup's recent share price movements can be found
here or here. Morgan Stanley's recent share price movements can be seen here or here. The USA dollar's recent history can be viewed here or here. And Gold price movements can be found here or here.
Sources: Christopher Story's Global Analysis reports here (01.11.07), here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (11.11.07), here (13.11.07), here (15.11.07), here (18.11.07), here (20.11.07), here (21.11.07), here (22.11.07), here (26.11.07), here (28.11.07), here (29.11.07) and here (02.12.07),.........FourWinds10 here (07.11.07), here (16.11.07) and here (23.11.07), ........
........updated dec5th..........
.......Sources: Christopher Story's Global Analysis reports here (01.11.07), here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (11.11.07), here (13.11.07), here (15.11.07), here (18.11.07), here (20.11.07), here (21.11.07), here (22.11.07), here (26.11.07), here (28.11.07), here (29.11.07), here (02.12.07) and here (04.12.07), Casper Updates here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (16.11.07), here (17.11.07), here (24.11.07), here (25.11.07) and here (29.11.07), The Hal Turner Show (06.11.07), FourWinds10 here (07.11.07), here (16.11.07) and here (23.11.07), and The Financial Times (London) here (07.11.07)..................

...............At 10.00am Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday 1st December 2007, the new Basle II international banking system was activated. Under this system no off-balance sheet financial operations are permitted. Every transaction must take place on-balance sheet. All banks, everywhere in the world, are required to adhere to this new rule, and others, if they are to continue trading. For technical accounting reasons related to Basle II, it is possible that American banks such as Citibank, Bank of America, Wachovia and JPMorganChase may be bankrupt within seven days if the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds have not been released to Lee Wanta by that point.
Casper Update: Dec. 5, 2007
The gag orders remain in effect, are wide spread and this makes things difficult. The intense disinformation games make things even more difficult. BUSH and PAULSON interference is ongoing. Try to excuse STORY and US as we attempt to pass along dependable information but sometimes fall for the daily helping of B.S..

The "holdup's" continue to be domestic in origin and most recently involve Basel II bank compliance. We hear the money center banks came into compliance at 2 p.m. Tuesday and the lesser banks have been given until Friday to comply or close, or until the 11th depending upon source. We hear that Europe and Asia could care less whether the lesser banks comply as they do no business with them (all transactions go through big banks) and they are demanding immediate deliveries and that is what we expect to happen. The decision apparently rest with the PROVOST and there remains the issue as to who he is working for, BUSH or THE CONSTITUTION. The consensus in our world says tomorrow, IMF Friday.
To the extent that Brussels has anything to do with anything, and in an attempt to help with their seemingly endless incompetence, and on behalf of all us suffering and expectant and ageing recipients, we do herewith authorize them to proceed immediately to fast track their endeavors and our deliveries by using section 45 (pg. 576&577) of the Basel II final rule SUPERVISORY FORMULA APPROACH to wit:

Subject: pgs 576 and 577

Date: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 12:15 PM

deterioration of the underlying exposures. Such features may include wind-down triggers specific to a pool of underlying exposures.  (  ....)
Now that they have been authorized to use the above simplified formula and shortcut we trust there will be no further delays from Brussels.
Two cards, a check and instructions in the package. OK to use designated bank.
Best Wishes and Merry Christmas
from the casper TEAM
Poof Report - Sunday 12-02-07
Alex Collier 1994 Private Interview - - -IMPORTANT
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1 hr 59 min 23 sec - Jul 10, 2007
This is a 1994 private interview of Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier, where he reveals very IMPORTANT stuff that we should aware of by now ... all » he predicts 9/11, talks about various ET races, the truth not told by our media, the ET presence on Earth, the Reptilian control of our government and institutions, the Greys Agenda,the Orion Group, ETs and history leaders, the truth about our Moon, bases on Mars, The Lyran Wars, cloned world leaders, ETs violating our human rights and mocking how stupid we are, treatees signed with EVIL Alien races, where do missing children go, our planet Earth as a living entity, our TRUE human History, higher planes of existance,on RAISING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, on our human emotions, on our Apathy, on Time Travel, our POTENTIAL as a united race, and the importance to STOP THE WARS, to JOIN AS A RACE, stop ET induced belief systems to control us like they have been doing for centuries, the Staging planned to deceive us, and that we HAVE TO begin TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES AS A RACE and our ascension to the 4th Density or Dimension, "Earth´s Dilemma" and our government SELLING US as a race for GREED and Technology to an Elite...
as in a november,( 12th ) invoice:
....... Defending Sacred Ground - The Andromedan Compendium.
 The Story of Alex Collier and his lifetime personal contact with the Zenetaen culture from Andromeda
 - Transcript 1996 - Introduction - Our Universe is a Hologram
- Chapter 1 - The Extraterrestrial Global Connection
 - Chapter 2 - An Andromedan Update - The Alex Collier at 1996 Global Sciences
 - Chapter 3 - Alex Collier Lectures At the American Gnostic School, Nov 1996 - Chapter 4 - Leading Edge Research Interviews Alex Collier
 - Chapter 5 - Leading Edge Followup Interview with Alex Collier, May 5, 1996
 - Chapter 6 - Leading Edge Followup Interview with Alex Collier, Jan 12, 1997
 - Chapter 7 - Ancillary Reference Materials, Lectures and Information
 ........................................................... and
 Eduard Albert Meier, who is called Billy.....
The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera carried the following article on November 30, 2007. They report that President Emeritus of the Italian Republic Francesco Cossiga has stated that 9/11 was the work of US and Israeli intelligence. Not only that, everyone who is really democratic in Europe and America is also aware of it.

And that's not all. It seems that at least one of the supposed tapes of Osama that we hear so much about is actually a fake!
Did anyone see this story picked up by the US media?

I didn't think so.

How outrageous to suggest that the only two parties in the world to have benefited from the crime could have been its perpetrator!

The thing is, the intelligence agencies in Europe are aware that 9/11 was an inside job. We have been told by one individual who was in one of Europe's Ministries of Defence the afternoon of September 11, 2001 as the news arrived, that it was no secret. They knew from the beginning the Osama story was a lie. And some of them have been biding their time, waiting for the right moment, to speak the truth.

 sott focus  and aoe
best-of-web and aoe,,2220821,00.html
Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA  Chicago IL;_ylt=Aloxf3qBdoG91Y5n_qF7zzRI2ocA

Ray McGovern works with Tell the Word, the publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour. During his 27-year career as a CIA analyst, he chaired National Intelligence Estimates and produced/briefed the President's Daily Brief. He is now on the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).
............By Think Progress...........same-as-icke--text ..... aoe    by James Denselow

Comment: The author of this article falls short of actually buying into the military propaganda of this "last gasp of insurgency", but on the other hand fails to express that this insurgency is entirely manufactured in the first place, precisely in order to further the pathocratic agenda along with all the other "Damn Lies and Statistics".

not commented

Comment: To find a presidential candidate to do all of the things listed above it is first imperative to learn about psychopaths. These are the creatures that are running our world today. And these creatures are the reason the world is in the shape it is today.

We need to learn about what we don't want to have as leaders of this world so that we make sure that we don't get fooled by them in the future as we have in the past.

best-of-web  and aoe

We’ve ( we, americans) killed over a million Iraqis and made another four million homeless. We look the other way when children are murdered in Palestine and the people starved into submission. We slander countries that don’t go along with our desire to attack sovereign nations under false pretenses. We threaten and blackmail and twist arms. If someone else were doing this it would be wrong. When we do it, it is okay.
Our friends in England murdered a whole lot of Chinese (of course, there’s plenty of them) so that they could sell them opium. Imagine that. They went into India and a lot of other places to rape and pillage and they made the world understand the meaning of ‘British Justice’. Of course, a few hundred years ago they used to hang nine year old boys for stealing a loaf of bread. They distinguished themselves in Africa and continue to. Whatever they do, its okay when they do it.

 Australia and Canada are supposed to be sovereign nations so why do they build their governments around the celebration of the English queen? Sometimes it looks like royalty is right where it always was only now its called democracy. And I guess it is a coincidence that Bush is related to the royal family.

As long as people are determined to put their interests above the interests of their fellows there will always be a waiting line to serve in the Court of the Conqueror Worm. As long as you are with us it will be okay whatever you do. The media will say so and history will record it as so.
.......................   sott focus
Summary: Encouraging week, in some ways, even if it is only a temporary pause on the death spiral. Not only did gold and oil drop sharply and stocks rise, but plans to help people avoid losing their houses in foreclosure were announced by U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson. Last week we asked the questions, "How many people can be evicted from their homes in foreclosure? Is there a ceiling, a certain percentage above which the system collapses, above which the exploited no longer give their consent to their exploitation? Will the system pull back before it reaches that point?" It seems that the ruling groups are worried about political problems arising from the housing crisis. There has been so much neglect of the problem for so long that any acknowledgment is welcome...............................

Joe Kay and Paul Craig Robers point out something important that is often overlooked. The U.S. economy has been producing less and less and the financial shenanigans are designed to conceal that fact while extracting wealth from the decline. The major area of creativity has been financial creativity which easily becomes financial criminality. Ran Prieur sees the good news in this. There is a lot of creativity waiting to be unleashed:

November 25. In the same way that we can get sexually frustrated, I think industrial civilization is full of people who are technically frustrated. The other day I made a few offhand comments about hauling shipping containers and cutting up girders and finding uses for abandoned steel-framed towers, and I got a small flood of technical advice about biodiesel trucks and DIY oxy-acetylene and pulley systems to raise dirt up buildings. I have no doubt that I could assemble a team of 100 people, from readers of this site, with the knowledge and inventiveness to turn the Sears Tower into a greenhouse with mobile ballistas to fight off invaders, constructed from rails left over from converting railroads into bike paths... or more likely you could all think of even better uses for old railroads and buildings. And yet here we are sitting at computers we didn't make, on chairs and in buildings we didn't make, doing jobs nobody likes to buy food we didn't grow. This is actually good news! As the dominant system breaks down, all this creative energy will be breaking out all over, and it will get harder for the jealous haters of life to crush it.
Such is the situation in the United States today. A small few have real knowledge of what is going on in the world. The others are fed a diet of lies, half-truths, and wishful thinking. 

sott focus


15 of august 2007  23 of august

october 2007

 nov 2007


  best-of-web  AND  euro-asian news

 He is not a member of the corporate-banking brotherhood which believes the wealth of the world should be divided among themselves regardless of the suffering or destruction it may cause. Putin's primary focus is Russia; Russia's welfare, Russia's sovereignty and Russia's place in the world. He is not a globalist.

That is why the Bush administration has encircled Russia with military bases, toppled neighboring regimes with its color-coded revolutions, (which were organized by US NGOs and intelligence services) intervened in Russian elections, and threatened to deploy an (allegedly defensive) nuclear weapons system in Eastern Europe. Russia is seen as a potential rival to US imperial ambitions and must be contained or subverted.

Putin's real crime is that he serves Russia's national interests rather than the interests of global Capital. He also rejects Washington's "unipolar" world model.

Putin's no saint, but he doesn't deserve the thrashing he gets from the western media.

Why is Putin blasted for "rolling back democracy" when American client, Mikhail Saakashvili, arbitrarily declares martial law and deploys his truncheon-wielding Robo-cops to beat protesters senseless before dragging them off to the Georgia gulag? The pictures of Saakashvili's bloody crackdown appeared in the foreign press, but not in the US.
When Saudi King Abdullah visits the US, he is not heaped with scorn for his regimes' repressive treatment of his people. Instead he's rewarded with flattering photos of he and George Bush strolling arm-n-arm through the Crawford sage.

Kasparov's party, the "Other Russia" couldn't manage even a 2 per cent rating in the polls. The party is a complete dud. In fact, Reuters even (reluctantly) admits as much in its article.

Here's the clip. Reuters: "Kasparov and his "Other Russia" dissident movement are not standing in Sunday's parliamentary election because they could not get registered as a party. THEY ENJOY LITTLE PUBLIC SUPPORT AMONG RUSSIANS BUT HAVE A BIG FOLLOWING IN THE WEST." (Reuters)

Comment: Al-qaeda is an intelligence asset and necessary in order to convince people that they have to hand over their freedoms and rights. This article plays into the hands of the powers that be as they are itching to close down the internet or at the very least to curtail it even further.;_ylt=Ar5sLD1M.vVgPk8stKODgqxZ.3QA

  Michael Nenonen
Comment: In other words, we will shoot first and ask questions later. Actually, we might even make it out like we are the potential victims here ....... so that nobody questions our authorita.

..........In fact, all three reveal significant cracks in the federal government's hitherto impenetrable fortress of denial of any vaccine-autism link whatsoever:...............
...1) The CDC granted nearly $6 million for investigators at five major research centers to study 2,700 children over the next five years, in what the Contra Costa Times called "the largest-ever U.S. study aimed at solving one of the most perplexing mysteries of modern times: the cause of autism."......
..........2) The Department of Health and Human Services announced the formation of a new federal panel, the "Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee," which will help set public and private research priorities into the cause and treatment of autism, as mandated by the recently passed Combating Autism Act..........
...........3) Lawyers for the US Justice Department and HHS are conceding an autism case that was to be tried in the so-called federal "Vaccine Court," (officially known as the Autism Omnibus Proceedings of the US Court of Federal Claims), according to papers filed on the court's on-line docket.................
....But if thimerosal is vindicated, or shown to be a very minor player, then what about other vaccine ingredients? And what about the rather crowded vaccine schedule we now impose upon families of young children? And what about reports of unvaccinated children in Illinois, California and Oregon who appear to have significantly lower rates of autism? Shouldn't we throw some research dollars into studying them?...........AND..............
........A former Iranian army doctor has said he examined Kazemi and observed injuries that could only have been caused by torture and rape. The doctor later received political asylum in Canada......................;_ylt=AkG.KzcXbjV9DIllcywVgsRI2ocA
Robin Hahnel is a Professor of Economics at American University.......
.......Comment: There is plenty of evidence that Wikipedia has become a government tool to promote and spread disinformation on certain issues, most notably those concerning Israel. For a true encyclopedia, use Cassiopedia......
Brazzein, a sweet protein from the berries of a West African plant named Pentadiplandra Brazzeana, may soon hit supermarket shelves as the newest "natural" alternative to sugar.

Natur Research Ingredients, the Californian company that has exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Cweet, is currently preparing to submit a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Sources: November 5, 2007
Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Cweet is just the latest in a slew of artificial sweetener brands hoping to cash in on people's desire to eat sweets that are sugar-free and therefore "healthy."

Readers of the newsletter, however, will not be swayed by all of this hype.

If you currently think that you're making a healthy choice when you eat artificial sweeteners, please make it a priority to read my book Sweet Deception. You will discover that artificial sweeteners, including those that state they are "natural" and "safe," are not natural, safe or in any way healthy.

In short, you need to be wary of anything created in a lab that claims to be "natural." To me, a natural food is something that is grown from the earth that can be eaten practically as is. Natural foods require very minimal processing, if any, and certainly don't need the help of a "production breakthrough" to be brought to market.

Cweet has all the makings of another Splenda -- the artificial sweetener that claims to be "made from sugar so it tastes like sugar," but which has drawn hundreds of testimonials from readers like you who feel they've suffered nasty side effects.

All of the artificial sweeteners on the market have been linked to toxicities. Consider that:

* Nutrasweet has been shown to cause cancer and lower sperm count
Aspartame has been linked to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease
* The molecular structure of
Splenda bears remarkable resemblance to pesticides.
Now I am certainly no fan of sugar. But when it comes to sweeteners, regular sugar is safer than any artificial sweetener, hands down. If you are going to use sugar I am convinced that the safest and healthiest way to consume it would be to use a healthy raw organic honey like Pure Gold Raw Honey.

If you choose to sweeten your food, though, I recommend you do so in very limited amounts. Aside from raw, unprocessed honey, the South American herb stevia is also an acceptable choice.

I want to emphasize, however, that if you have insulin issues, I suggest that you avoid sweeteners altogether (including stevia and raw honey), as they all can decrease your sensitivity to insulin. So if you struggle with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or extra weight, then you have insulin sensitivity issues and would benefit from avoiding all sweeteners.
02 Dec 2007

BREAKING: Unelectable Hillary Leaks on Unelectable Giuliani

It can now be reported that the smear campaign conducted against Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani was orchestrated by none other than unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Now, remember folks, both Rudy and Hillary are 9/11 co-conspirators.  Both are subject to blackmail of the highest order.

Rudy dropped out of the year 2000 New York senatorial race in order to pave the way for Hillary's election as senator.

However, the latest kabuki dance between Hillary and Rudy is just an attempt by the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate to use Rudy as a punching bag in order to keep the heat off the unelectable Hillary witch.

The scandal story on Rudy was leaked on a website named is nothing more than a Clinton-Bush Crime Syndicate propaganda operation.  It is directly operated by two Washington Post stooges and Clinton puppets, homosexuals IN-THE-CLOSET John Harris and Mike Allen.

Item: It should be noted that the unelectable Hillary Witch still holds copies of the 500 FBI files she stole during the 1990s while her husband, serial rapist Bill Clinton, was president.

These files are used to blackmail the media and the United States Congress.

And, of course, it gets worse!


The scandal and dirt on unelectable Barack Obama's mother was gathered by the unelectable Hillary while reviewing the FBI files stolen by Hillary.

Unelectable Hillary is now working on another new diversion to keep the heat off herself. 

After having dinner with Larry Flynt of Hustler, the  porn magazine, Hillary has ordered Flint to leak the names of four homosexual lovers of current Republican Senator of Idaho, Larry Craig.

Now remember folks, what goes around comes around.  A major European magazine publication is ready to publish the story of the former Secret Service agent that was assaulted by unelectable Hillary in the White House during the 1990s after Hillary was caught flagrante delicti with her White House lesbian whore Susan.

And things are going to get worse for the unelectable Hillary.

We can now report that Lee Eisenberg had an accomplice who actually worked for Hillary's campaign named Troy Stanley.  Stanley actually drove Eisenberg to Hillary's campaign office in New Hampshire before Eisenberg entered the office.

In fact, FOX News originally identified Stanley as the hostage taker.

Stanley's role and history of employment includes work in security detail.

So, there you have it folks.  The proof you have been waiting for; unelectable Hillary ordered her own campaign office taken hostage.
P.S. Message to Richard Wolffe of Newsweek magazine, (202) 626-2000: You too have a problem with facts.  As John Adams said "facts are stubborn things."

Al Gore was elected President of the United States in the year 2000.  Given your British-Yiddish background you probably prefer the perpetuation of the Bush-Clinton monarchy.

Now listen carefully Wolffe: We Democrats know that both Hillary and Obama are UNELECTABLE and that your British Intelligence Rag Newsweek magazine created this publicity stunt of UNELECTABLE Hillary and UNELECTABLE Obama in order to fix the 2008 election in advance.

Not only is Al Gore the duly elected President but he remains the most electable Democrat living on the planet Earth.
P.P.S. A new scandal is about to engulf Washington.

All of us remember the anthrax attack on America.  A case that allegedly remains unsolved.

As reported by the L.A. Times today on page 1, the Bushfraud Administration has rejected a new anthrax vaccine that was directly approved by the U.S. Military and other national security experts.

The name of the company rejected with the anthrax vaccine is VaxGen Inc. of San Francisco, California.

Because of heavy lobbying by "K Street" money moguls, a firm named BioSolutions Inc. of Rockwell, Maryland was allowed to keep the anthrax vaccine contract.  BioSolutions Inc. is an offshoot of BioPort Inc. of Battle Creek, Michigan.

As previously reported:

...Haliburton financed detentions centers a.k.a. concentration camps on American soil are now operational. As Bitch and Bush plan a biological 9/11 II  a.k.a. Bird Flu.

Note: A Bird Flu vaccine in storage in the State of Michigan at a company called Bioport has now been linked to cancer in various tests on animals.

Bioport is linked to Bristol, England with half the stock held by Dunblaine pedophile Tony Blair, current British Prime Minister. It must be said that Bush and Bitch plan to deport American citizens to the Haliburton Detention Centers who refuse to take the Bird Flu vaccine....

Now folks, guess who else owns stock in BioSolutions Inc.?  None other than Bushfraud's former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson and former Clinton Administration's Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala.

Reference: Shalala, a former and current lesbian lover of CLOSET lesbian Hillary, is the current President of the University of Miami, Florida.

Both Shalala and Thompson are also tied to the noted Children's Defense Fund, which involves the THEFT of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN U.S. TREASURY FUNDS, i.e. AMERICAN TAXPAYERS' MONEY, involving noted felon and wanted fugitive Bush-Clinton Crime Family bagman Marc Rich.

Guess who the lawyer is for both Shalala and Thompson.  The answer is Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate-America Global China-Mena, Arkansas fixer, former independent counsel Kenneth Starr.


Kenneth Starr's Law Firm Gives More Money to Clinton

July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis, the law firm that's home to Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr and Bush administration official Jay Lefkowitz, have given more to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign than to all of the top Republican candidates combined.

P.P.P.S. Convicted felon Boris Berezovsky, who awaits a seven (7) year prison term, has now been directly linked to the Bush-Clinton money laundry in Switzerland called Andova Trust Account.

Berezovksy and Andova are directly tied to Marc Rich.  Boris Berezovsky is currently living in exile in Great Britain.

One final note to DailyKos webmaster Markos Moulitsas.

No one is going to take you seriously anymore given you have been compromised by British Intelligence Newsweek magazine and the Israeli MOSSAD.

It is clear to us now that you are a stooge and puppet of the UNELECTABLE Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.
My question to you Mr. Moulitsas: Have you been given an offshore secret account set up for you by Marc Rich?
Do yourself a favor and find a new line of work maybe as an employee in Washington D.C. at Barney Frank's whorehouse.
So, remember Mr. Moulitsas, that as a Democrat, if you do not come from the South, you do not go to the House.
And, remember the words of Democratic State Representative Connie Johnson of Missouri, "…if Hillary shows up in Missouri you can write off the state for the Democratic Party not only at the Presidential level but on the Congressional level as well…"
more  FW10
Billionaire to Canada: Time for Amero is Now.

Stephen Jarislowsky, a billionaire, money-manager and investor the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail bills as the Canadian Warren Buffet, has told a parliamentary committee Canada and the United States both should abandon their national dollar currencies and move to a regional North American currency as soon as possible.

"I think we have to really seriously start thinking of the model of a continental currency just like Europe," Jarislowsky told the Canadian House of Commons'

finance committee, according to the Globe and Mail in Toronto.

Jarislowsky's call for immediate action belied an article published in the Boston Globe on Sunday that said the call for the amero to become the new North American regional currency was "purely theoretical."
Kill or be Tortured?   about being tasered

Rockefeller Summoned by The Emperor

AND in june:

6.29.2007 .......Bush Will Be Alone With Nothing To Sign

The Immigration bill was put to rest on Thursday morning. A major victory for the American people, and a HUGE failure for 46 un-American senators. I cant think of a single senator that is consistently a friend of the American people, but 53 of them, for whatever reason, stood up for this nation, under incredible pressure. Bush even put Department Of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff outside the door as the Senators entered this morning, thankfully, we were more powerful than Chertoff and Bush today.

Then they were done, and more importantly, the bill was done,

53 Senators shut it down, adhering to the voice of the people.

While 46 Senators, lead by Ted Kennedy, wanted to kill America. Clearly they shot the wrong Kennedy, in 1963 (Pres. Kennedy was in favor of lower immigration numbers)

 They know what passing this bill would have meant to this country, and it had very little to do with anything other than money, the North American Union, and corporate interests.


( Amy de Miceli is a freelance writer, with offices in New York and Miami.)



Despite the planning, the plotting the payoffs and the bribes, the scale of this insanity is just too large for this particular bunch of would-be dictators to even remotely 'pull-it-off.'     by  Jim Kirwan   

U.S. Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work

....................  by   IIyse Hogue

Bombshell on Iran..........It's Iraq all over again. Bush is willing to ignore intelligence and lie to move us towards another war...

The public is very nervous about the prospect of another war, but the President's bully pulpit is powerful and he uses it to great effect. We need to raise our voices now. Please write a letter today:

Thanks for all you do,

–Ilyse, Tanya, Justin, Adam G., and the Political Action Team
North American Union Treason



Strategies to End Internet Freedom............

ADL Battles Internet Free Speech

What Did Happen
.....The controllers rightly concluded that in order to conquer a people outright , it was first necessary to have them make war upon each other -- the weapons for both sides being provided by same


Nonstop Theft and Bribery Are Staggering Iraq



Pain in the Brain


Young Pakistanis: Bin Laden Is A CIA Creation (with Video)


UFO's in Chili


Guerrilla Artist Banksy in Holy Land......



................. Tuesday, 04 December 2007

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal.

'International lawyers and anti-war campaigners reacted with astonishment yesterday after the influential Pentagon hawk Richard Perle conceded that the invasion of Iraq had been illegal. In a startling break with the official White House and Downing Street lines, Mr Perle told an audience in London: "I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing".'.........
 Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Confessions of a Covert Agent: 'Psychological operations are my specialty'

'I've seen the worst things imaginable, hell on earth. Had friends die in my arms. Seen piles of rotten corpses. Seen men, women and children tortured. I've seen the eyes of terrified and confused children being sold into a vicious life of slavery and an early death. I could get a lot more graphic, but you get the idea.

That was my life, and all along I was told that I was fighting for freedom and working for the "good guys." What a ridiculous comment that is! In the black world, that is, in the covert world, there aren't any "good guys" — just varying degrees of evil.'..............The author of the text below claims to be highly experienced in covert intelligence programmes and psychological operations - psyops. Interestingly, he charges that Robert Gates personally helped rig the presidential elections of 2000 an 2004 via massive computer fraud. Stating that this opinion is taken for granted throughout the US intelligence community, the author warns against future elections manipulated via computer fraud. He paints a vivid and disturbing picture of the levels of moral depravity now surging out of the Neocon volcano........

Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Bush [Bush's masters]: Gimme More Iraq War Money, Or I'll Starve Domestic Anti-Terror Programs.

'Homeland Security Grants May Be Cut by More Than 50 Percent Under Bush's Fiscal 2009 Budget Plan -- Which Critics Brand 'Budgetary Blackmail' -- as President Ups Pressure on Congress to Approve More Money for Iraq War "With No Strings Attached"............

.............. Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Report contradicts Bush on Iran nuclear program.

'A new U.S. intelligence report says Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and it remains on hold, contradicting the Bush administration's earlier assertion that Tehran was intent on developing a bomb. The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released on Monday could undermine U.S. efforts to convince other world powers to agree on a third package of U.N. sanctions against Iran for defying demands to halt uranium enrichment activities.'

You mean they were lying? NO!......................

Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Dissent in America to be relabelled 'homegrown terrorism'

'On October 23, 2007, the House of Representatives passed what may be the most dangerous bill ever to come down the pike. This bill, like many of its predecessors on our steady march toward totalitarianism, sailed under the radar. There was virtually no publicity or fanfare. Now, the bill has gone to the Senate, and is in committee.

The bill is called the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (H.R. 1955/S. 1959). The language in this bill is so maddeningly vague it could mean anything. It could therefore be tailored to attack any group opposing national and international policies that have the backing of the corporatist-governmental power system.'......................

 Wednesday, 05 December 2007 

Young Pakistanis: Bin Laden Is A CIA Creation

'An ABC news piece that ran yesterday morning attracted attention after four Pakistanis who were being interviewed about the attitudes and life of young people in Pakistan declared Osama Bin Laden to be a creation of western intelligence and stressed that Islamic extremist attitudes towards the west were virtually non existent in their country before 9/11.'

 Wednesday, 05 December 2007

 The report changes nothing: Iran is still a threat, says defiant [er, desperate] Bush

'President Bush yesterday insisted that Iran remained a genuine threat to world peace, despite a new US intelligence report concluding that the Tehran regime had halted its nuclear weapons programme four years ago. In a White House press conference, where he was bombarded with questions about the implications for his own credibility, Mr Bush declared he had seen nothing to change either his own mind or Washington's policy on Iran's nuclear ambitions.'.......


'Attack Iran' plan in disarray.

'China's ambassador to the UN says a new US intelligence report on Iran's nuclear programme raises questions about the need for new sanctions. The ambassador, Wang Guangya, said the UN Security Council would have to consider the new information because "now things have changed". A US intelligence report released on Monday said Iran halted a nuclear weapons programme in 2003.'.....

The Fallout from the Iran Nuclear Report


Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Dear Deluded Mass Media, North American Union Agenda Exists.

'The media campaign to deny the reality of the move towards a North American Union in the mold of the European Union, which would encompass a merging of the economies of The US, Canada and Mexico, continues with a sharp focus on attacking presidential candidate Ron Paul who has spoken about the move on numerous occasions.'.............................

............The organisation overseeing the implementation of the highway is NASCO, the North America SuperCorridor Coalition Inc., which describes itself as a “non-profit organization dedicated to developing the world’s first international, integrated and secure, multi-modal transportation system along the International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor to improve both the trade competitiveness and quality of life in North America.”....................

The highway is to be linked to the Trans-Texas Corridor the first leg of the highway which will connect Mexico with the US. This is being overseen by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) which is a member of NASCO.

The NAFTA corridor movement also involves CANAMEX, another trade organization that promotes a Western tri-lateral route utilizing I-19, I-10, I-93 and I-15 in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Montana to link the three countries in trade. See below (click to enlarge).
Another non-profit group, the North American Forum on Integration (NAFI), identifies four bands of NAFTA corridors (Pacific, West, East and Atlantic), all relying primarily upon internationalizing north-south existing interstate highways into NAFTA trade corridors. See below..................

Further documents (PDF link) from last year's SPP meeting in Banff which were obtained by Judicial Watch under the FOIA, refer to an "evolution by stealth" agenda for the SPP, explaining that the Congress and the American people would not willingly go along with such a move.
This stealth agenda has also been carefully pointed out in a Hudson Institute White Paper entitled Negotiating North America: The Security and Prosperity Partnership (PDF)...................Even the Sierra Club of Canada is sounding the alarm against the North American Union......................
The fact that we received this letter and that businesses across America are being forced to submit census information for the purposes of registration in a North American database that includes Mexico and Canada is no "conspiracy theory," its another documented step on the road to full harmonization and integration.

The planned introduction of the Amero, a pan-American currency lambasted in the Globe piece as another conspiracy theory, is common knowledge amongst all financial analysts worth their salt. Steve Previs of Jefferies International talked about it on a CNBC segment in November last year........................Just last week, renowned money manager Stephen Jarislowsky told a parliamentary committee in Canada that "we have to really seriously start thinking of the model of a continental currency just like Europe," as he advocated the creation of a North American currency to replace the Canadian dollar, the U.S. dollar and the peso...................Whatever you want to call it - a plan for political, economic and social integration of the Americas is afoot and it is being rammed through with little or no say from Congress or the American people


Wednesday, 05 December 2007

North American Forum 2007 agenda

'According to a CanWest article from March 23, 2007: "A 'media management plan' for the event in Banff last fall imposed a gag order on all participants, except the head of the Calgary-based media consulting firm, Corpen Group, John Larsen. Participants were directed 'to avoid direct media engagement where feasible', say the notes ... But Mr. Larsen said 'the conference wasn't secret ... It was private, and that's an entirely different thing from being secret'".'....................
 December 4, 2007
Israel In Peril

As Renegade US Military Leaders Sign Treaty With Iran


Russian Military reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that the United States Secretary of Defense,
Robert Gates, met with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Qatari capital of Doha, where both were attending a meeting of Gulf Arab leaders, and which saw them both signing what is being termed by these reports as a ‘secret’ non-aggression pact between Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and US Military Forces.

According to these reports, Secretary Gates was spearheading an effort by the United States top renegade Military Leaders to forestall further war for the Americans reported to be led by Admiral William Fallon of the United States Navy [pictured top left], the current Commander of the US Central Command and overall Commander of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and General Michael V. Hayden of the United States Air Force and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency [pictured bottom left].

Within hours of the signing of this secret agreement between the US Military and Iran, according to Western reports, the Pentagon and CIA ‘leaked’ one of the United States most closely guarded reports on Iran’s nuclear capabilities, termed a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), that had recently been alluded to by the United States Director of National Intelligence, and former US Navy Vice Admiral, John Michael McConnell [pictured 3rd from top, left] who during his recent testimony before the US Senate stated that the ‘key findings’ of this reports would not be made public.
The critical significance of this report, according to Russian Intelligence experts, is that it completely shatters the American War Leaders claim for a needed war against Iran   ........  by stating:

December 6, 2007

US Secret Service ‘Omaha’ Gun Battle Leaves 9 Dead


Upon the US Secret Service units entering into the Westroads Mall, and prior to the American President’s intended photo-op, FSB reports detail a ‘chaotic’ series of radio transmissions that, seemingly, detail a ‘furious’ gun battle between what can only be described as US Forces firing on US Forces, and which, according to Western media information, has left 9 people dead.

US propaganda media sources, however, are reporting this event as a random shooting by a ‘lone gunman’, though their complete story is still not complete and, as always, is subject to change.

This is important to note due to the, seemingly, odd coincidence that the word ‘Teddy Bear’ was an early Cold War term used by the United States Strategic Air Command B-52 pilots to designate the United States being on their highest alert status, DEFCON 1...........




( Nenki is back, he was in Europe in november)

La Grande un site qui grandit avec le temps. Bienvenue dans le monde des vérités cachées. Fait au Québec.

SOMMES-NOUS SEULS ??? Ville sur Mars --------Appollo 15 - photos de 2 structures--------Secrets de la Lune ------- Lune, autres structures artificielles filmées par astronaute Armstrong en 1969. Canular, montage, réel ??? Photos de la lune.. en 1939, incroyable mais vraies ------Antarctica Nazi Base, masquée par Google Earth. Ce n'est que le début... What is really hidden on Planet Mars ? (part1) Life On MARS-New Scientific Evidence--------Alien Artifacts trouvé sur Google Earth----------
  ... appolo 15
Apollo 15 Photo of Two "Structures"

Moon Secrets Revealed : John Lear & Richard Hoagland Pt.3

Ancient Structure On The Moon Filmed By Armstrong, 1969

Never show before moon pictures ... 1939

Antarctica Nazi Base - Masked in Google Earth - Captain Bill

What is really hidden on Planet Mars ? (part1)

UFOTV: Life On MARS-New Scientific Evidence 2001

Alien Artifacts spotted on Google Earth

L'Agenda secret de la NASA et des Illuminati. Le 3e reich, les banquiers et ses secrets. Les bases sous-terraines. Les extraterrestres et technologies d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Excellent reportage en anglais réalisé par The Enigma Channel TV. Secrets (Nasa, Ufo, Illuminatis) en 6 parties = 2 heures ! Partie 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 Si vous assumez que nous ne sommes pas seuls, dites-vous que certains gardent le secret pour eux.


L'Honorable Paul Hellyer risque gros de dénoncer le Plan du FMI, Groupe Bilderberg, la Commision Trilatérale et l'empire des Rockefeller. Pas ordinaire si on inclue ses révélations sur les aliénigènes. Anglais.

Messages from Former Canadian Defence Minister of Canada and Canadian Action Party Founder, the Right Honorable Paul Hellyer.
Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer - Let's Save Canada! - Concil on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission & The Rockefeller Empire. Google video 1 hr 13 min - 22-Jul-07:

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer Questions 9/11 at the International Citizens' Inquiry into 9/11 phase 2 - Toronto May 25-30, 2004.
Youtube video:

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer - Exopolitics Toronto - A Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Directions - September 25, 2005.
Youtube video:

Paul Hellyer interviewed by Paola Harris on the UFO Disclosure - Pt1- february 24, 2006, Toronto, Canada. Youtube video:

Paul Hellyer interviewed by Paola Harris on the UFO Disclosure - Pt2- february 24, 2006, Toronto, Canada. Youtube video:

Paul Hellyer interviewed by Paola Harris on the UFO Disclosure - Pt3- february 24, 2006, Toronto, Canada. Youtube video:

UFO Disclosure - Canadian Defense Minister Pt.1- Youtube video:

UFO Disclosure - Canadian Defense Minister Pt.2- Youtube video:

UFO Disclosure - Canadian Defense Minister Pt.3- Youtube video:

UFO Disclosure - Canadian Defense Minister Pt.4- Youtube video:

Paul Hellyer - Georges W. Bush Prepares For Intergalactic War With Aliens. Youtube video:

GLOBALIZATION IS KILLING CANADA posted on 4:36 PM, November 22, 2006 An address by Honorable Paul Hellyer May, 2000:

Canadian Action Party Founder, Paul Hellyer says: "Enough is Enough, Already!" posted on 10:07 AM, June 1, 2007:

The World Trade Organization Year 2000 Round of Negotiations posted on 10:37 AM, November 23, 2006 November 23, 1999:

PART ONE of A Speech Delivered by the Honourable Paul Hellyer updated on 3:34 PM, November 22, 2006:


Mission sur la Lune. MISSIONS APOLLO (7ème vidéo au bas)
Do you think that the official story of the Apollo space missions as they were told to the whole world is true? If it's yes, you could be shocked to see the other version of the American space conquest. Enjoy.













Nenki en interview avec Atmol Ma à Aubagne durant sa tournée en Europe. En 3 parties. Vous connaîtrez une autre facette de Nenki en entrevue. Faut dire que j'étais brûlé après ma conférence sur Aubagne, au lendemain de Toulouse mais la vitalité de cet homme sincère m'invigora. Merci à l'excellent travail d'Atmol.

Nenki - Entrevue 2007 - Aubagne 1/3  ....nenki interviewed

Le Solaire: un futur inexploré sauf par les citoyens illuminés. Une touche d'humour qui démontre la simplicité d'être ingénieux et autonome.
Solar Chariot the Hippy Gourmet interviews Bob Schneeveis

The Marijuana conspiracy: toutes les raisons pour suprimer cette plante.... des milliards en jeu et on ne peut contrôller l'esprit de ceux qui en consomme comme on veut. Les drogues initiatiques sacrées seront bannies de la Terre. Seuls, les prédateurs y auront droits. Ce qu'ils désirent est que vous consommiez leurs drogues chimiques, coke, crack, héroïne, PCP, Ritalin, Prozack, etc, ad nauseam.

The Marijuana Conspiracy
...................DANGERS DU TASER: au Québec et à l'Europe, joignons les efforts internationaux pour un moratoire contre ces armes qui causent beaucoup de dommages pouvant causer la mort. 300 en six ans. Imaginez la mode et que tous les assaillants et aggresseurs puissent aussi en obtenir. Des vols à domicile se sont perpétres avec ces armes.
"A coalition of organizations will be holding a press conference on Friday December 7, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. at 5201 Decarie Blvd to condemn the irresponsible declarations of Dr René Blais and the Minister of Public Security and Justice that: “No death could be directly linked to the use of the Taser gun”. We consider such declarations coming from the Minister and other Government officials criminal, because since 2001 more than 300 persons have been killed in North America, and many more injured, some are suffering from mental problems after the Taser was used on them. We are calling on the government to impose an immediate moratorium on the use of the Taser...........
...New Weapon: Active Denial System, Part

..................The Active Denial System (ADS), an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD), provides a new non-lethal capability helping to fill the gap between the 'shout' or 'shoot' alternatives faced by our troops.......................
Active Denial System: fini les démonstrations, manifestations, protestations, rassemblements de toutes sortes. L'Élite financière a trouvé les moyens de vous faire tenir vos distances. Ils sont protégés des émeutes et saccages sociaux. Bientôt en Europe dans un centre commercial près de chez vous. Malheurs aux femmes enceintes et détenteurs de pace-maker. On peut aussi laissé l'appareil sur vous et vous faire exploser comme un chien dans un micro-onde. Ça, bien sûr, on ne le dis pas........................

ken-welch page turns to orange alert after 7 days at yellow-level-alert.
some local news
Les manchettes de l'actualité nationale de Yahoo! Actualités

La suisse refuse de faire de la langue anglaise la quatrième langue officielle du ... demandent des citoyens en anglais La Presse Canadienne - jeudi 29 nov, ...

Le Québec et le Vermont proposent un nouveau permis de conduire