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                                          NO REST FOR THE WICKED


I.  Thanksgiving Firing Signal Was Jammed

After a great deal of confusion, the U.S. had scheduled a conference on the Israel-Palestine problem for the week following Thanksgiving.  It was a puzzling affair because, as a number of observers pointed out, the U.S. had nothing to put on the table that might lead to progress.  Nonetheless, the Annapolis conference attracted many key attendees and was later billed as a huge success.  If the Thanksgiving attack had been successful, the meeting would either have been canceled, or the participants would have been forced to deal with a new reality that included a decimated Iran.
Obviously, the most important information is contained within the first four reversals.  They DID attempt to fire the weapon, and it WAS located in the Houston area just as we had determined.  But the most interesting part of this is that both men refer to JAMMING as the reason for the failure.( ... an explanation of why they could not get a signal through to the bomb, and one must assume they chose this word for a reason.)
 This is the first time that we have evidence of someone actually working against the conspirators, because jamming is not a passive event.
The existence of an active and effective opposing force led me to send out a statement about the Thanksgiving Miracle that pointed out the possibility of non-terrestrial involvement, something that has been rumored for years.  Essentially, if you were close enough to the cable in question to actually identify it, you would simply cut it if you wanted to block the signal.  Jamming a single cable from a distance, without disrupting electronics and communications for miles around, is currently beyond known human capabilities.  It would also have had to go on for hours as technical specialists at the White House (and Pentagon?  NSA?) worked to overcome the jamming of a system that had certainly checked out fine only a day or two before.  Of course, readers will prefer to make their own conclusions, and I won't have anything more to say about this unless more clues show up in reversed speech.

( ...) (sutdy)over the following days did not produce any signs of great anger or references to disaster.  Olmert's reversal "WE FIX IT" seems to have set the tone for the whole affair.  The White House saw the situation only as a technical problem that could be solved. ( ..  I thought they would be forced to reconsider their chances for success, but apparently they are slow learners.  This means that they will try to recycle the attack plan as quickly as possible. ...).   ( ...) One revealing note in this set of reversals is Olmert's unconscious comment about the Israeli citizens he supposedly represents.  "THEY'RE SCARED SLAVES," he tells us.  This is the reality that I have mentioned before.  The Zionist government in Israel has used terror to manipulate Jews since its inception, and continues to do so today.  They are told virtually every day that they or their loved ones are about to be murdered, and everything possible is done to maintain the total image of ceaseless conflict with an unrelenting sub-human enemy.

This of course is the hallmark of the Fascist state, and you can certainly see it at work in the U.S. and the U.K.  No one wants to believe that they are sacrificing their blood or prosperity simply to enrich corporate treasuriesYou have to have that terrifying enemy or the program simply won't work.  As for slaves, well, this is true in a multitude of ways, and becomes more true as each day goes by.

II.  False Flag Coincidence?

In several incidents involving known false-flag operations in the U.S. we've seen government assets conveniently positioned near the scene by apparent coincidence, ready to play a role as the event unfolds.  This included FEMA pre-positioning for the original 9/11 event, and radiological monitoring teams on Galveston island in early 2006 when a nuclear device was brought into Galveston Bay by ship.  In an interesting twist a pilotless surveillance drone arrived in Houston the day before Thanksgiving and was discovered and filmed by a local television news team.   (see video).
The small drone, a version of Insitu Corporation's ScanEagle, has a ten-foot wingspan and can remain aloft for at least 20 hours.  It sends good quality video back to its controllers, and can carry additional monitoring instruments, etc. It was reported to be in Houston for evaluation by the Houston Police Department.  Although the demonstration took place on Wednesday, November 21, one assumes that it was still operational on Friday morning when the perfect conditions existed for the nuke that was hidden in the Port of Texas City to be detonated.
Although there were plenty of news and police helicopters in the air that morning available to provide television coverage of the disaster, it is unlikely that any helicopter pilot, police or civilian, would have willingly flown very close to an area likely filled with a streaming cloud of radioactive fallout to assess damage or report on evacuations.  The ScanEagle drone would have been the perfect tool for this.
Once their test was discovered, the Houston P.D. convened a hasty press conference to explain their involvement (see link above) and a spokeswoman listed the possible uses for the aircraft.  Although the news people were focused on privacy issues and airborne traffic citations, the first two items on HPD's list were "mobility and evacuations."

III.  Section Three

( more coming ..... LATER) 
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6.  The Sum Of All Fears
The Houston Police Department wasn’t planning on announcing its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) test program. But when a local news team from KPRC caught the drone on camera on Nov. 16, the department reluctantly released some information, however skimpy. The FAA-approved test took place within a 2-mile radius 45 miles west of Houston, and involved a single fixed-wing drone. The aircraft was remote-controlled from the ground by operators from Washington-based Insitu, Inc., which had also built the UAV.
**   Project STARWARS is the chemtrail/bird-flu plan, estimated in
1999 to cost 1 billion dollars a year, and an equal amount in Europe.
The project is named for the 1977 film, which featured a weapon aimed
at an entire planet. 
It cannot proceed to the bird-flu climax until
the invasion of Iran has secured the Iranian oil fields.
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KOSOVO ncm by George Galloway ( UK )

................................................. comm
The United States has outlined plans to site 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic by 2012 as part of a missile defence shield aimed at a possible missile threat from Iran, according to Washington.

Russia has said that there is no such threat and that the missile shield can therefore only be aimed at Russia. Russia has vowed to take measures to defend its security against the US plans.

THE planned deployment of US interceptor missiles in Poland could trigger a missile strike by Russia if those missiles are ever used, the Russian army's chief of staff has warned.

 "We are talking about the possibility of a retaliatory strike being triggered by the mistaken classification of an interceptor missile," Yury Baluyevsky said at a press conference broadcast on state television.

Baluyevsky explained that an interceptor missile launched by the United States could be mistaken by Russia's automatic defence system for a ballistic missile aimed against Russia.,22606,22932206-912,00.html?from=public_rss
Dr José Delgado. Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974.  :
"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."


Efforts to alert human rights' groups about the loss of the mind as a place to call your own, have met with little discernible reaction, in spite of reports about over decades of the dangers of remote manipulation using technology to access the mind, Dr Nick Begich's book, Controlling the human mind, being an important recent contribution. A different approach did in fact, elicit a response. When informed of the use of terahertz at Heathrow and Luton airports in the UK to scan passengers, the news that passengers would be revealed naked by a machine which looked directly through their clothes produced a small, but highly indignant, article in the spring 2007 edition of the leading human rights organisation, Liberty. If the reading of the mind met with no protest, seeing through one's clothes certainly did.
It seems humans' assumption of the mind as a private place has been so secured by evolution that it will take a sustained battle to convince the public that, through events of which we are not yet fully informed, such former innocence has been lost.

Trained light, targeted atomic spectroscopy, the use of powerful magnets to absorb moisture from human tissues, the transfer of radiative energy - these have replaced the microwave harassment which was used to transmit auditory messages directly into the hearing. With the discovery of light to disentangle thousands of neurons and encode signals from the complex circuitry of the brain, present programs will not even present the symptoms which simulated schizoid states. Medically, even if terahertz does not ionise, we do not yet know how the sustained application of intense light will affect the delicate workings of the brain and how cells might be damaged, dehydrated, stretched, obliterated.

This year, 2007, has also brought the news that terahertz lasers small enough to incorporate into portable devices had been developed.
The surveillance technology of today is the surveillance of the human mind and, through access to the brain and nervous system, the control of behaviour and the body's functions. The messaging of auditory hallucinations has given way to silent techniques of influencing and implanting thoughts. The development of the terahertz technologies has illuminated the workings of the brain, facilitated the capture of emitted photons which are derived from the visual cortex which processes picture formation in the brain, and enabled the microelectronic receiver which has, in turn, been developed by growing unique semi-conductor crystals. In this way, the technology is now in place for the detection and reading of spectral 'signatures' of gases. All humans emit gases. Humans, like explosives, emit their own spectral signature in the form of a gas. With the reading of the brain's electrical frequency, and of the spectral gas signature, the systems have been established for the control of populations - and with the necessary technology integrated into a cell-phone.

- - - -In recent years Carole Smith has been a researcher into the invasive methods of accessing minds using technological means, and has published papers on the subject.

She has written the first draft of a book entitled: "The Controlled Society".The ethical implications of building machines to read people's minds, DISSENT, Issue 25, - - - -  best-of-web
Nusa Dua, Indonesia - Nearly 200 nations agreed at U.N.-led talks in Bali on Saturday to launch negotiations on a new pact to fight global warming after a reversal by the United States allowed a breakthrough.

Comment: If you have read the current SOTT Focus article: Majesterium and the Tipping Point you will know by now that all these CO2 emission cut talks are just for the eyes of the sheeple, so they can continue sleeping calmly at night that their leaders are taking care of their well being. Which can't be further than the truth!
So what was a SWAT team doing downtown? Well, in an entirely unrelated incident, an employee of a pizza parlor called police because he was afraid of a customer who was acting "jittery" and "very agitated" and thought he "may be armed."

The massive police response was inexplicable. It was termed a "standoff" that went on for half an hour before police entered the restaurant, guns trained on the suspect who, unaware that he was even the object of their attention, dove under a table. Traumatized, he was walked outside, backwards, and made to kneel on the sidewalk, hands in the air, a policeman's gun pointed at his head. He was not armed. But, he was arrested anyway and charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

The police overreaction spawned the intense TV and radio coverage, ultimately sending a fearful message of what to expect if you so much as dare to be jittery in a restaurant.

( picture: SWAT team descends on man with a nervous disposition. Wouldn't that make you nervous? Don't show it or you'll be next.) .
It seems that Americans have been programmed to jump at the sight of their own shadows and are now grossly overreacting to just about anything out of the ordinary. And unfortunately, that effect is especially notable in our local police forces, with frightening consequences.

It appears that police from coast to coast are being heavily drilled to demand the public to "follow orders." Failure to follow orders is usually given as the justification for the use of tasers, clubs, or other force, even if the person of interest presents no threat or is already restrained.    sott focus

Summary: No big movements in the markets last week. The unveiling of Bush's plan to prevent housing foreclosures in the United States helped to counteract downward pressures on stocks. Is the economy really stronger than people's perceptions? Will the United States economy really avoid recession in 2008? Probably not. A recession is probably the best that can be expected. No doubt statistics, such as the recently released "better than forecast" employment numbers in the United States, have been massaged to make us feel better. But perception management can only go so far in masking reality.
( ...)

then our most urgent task must be to discover why our global system, as it has expanded not only during the era of traditional modern "colonization" but even more so in the era of postmodern "globalization", .........systematically generates genocidal violence against hundreds of millions of people across the South; and systematically finds ways to legitimize this violence as normal, functional, necessary... for us to live, breathe and prosper.  best-of-web  and aoe

 ( in UK )

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Name: thecutter        Location: Italy
The previously mentioned images are just some of what the Palestinian people are going through in the Gaza Strip. Occupation is besieging Gazans and violating international charters and human rights conventions including the IV Geneva Protocols and the International Declaration of Human Rights.

Since PCAS started working to face this siege, it has contacted many figures and parties. Yet, we have not heard any position or stance that has been taken. There are no factual actions to alleviate the suffering of people. Thus, we call upon you and we ask persons of conscious to move on and please do something, even by words, in order to help tens of thousands to avoid a crisis that seems inevitable.

Ramy Abdu

Popular Committee Against Siege
Popular Committee Against Siege (PCAS) is a popular committee established in Gaza Strip on the 25th October 2007, headed by independent Palestinian MP. Eng. Jamal Naji AL-Khodri. The launch of PCAS comes as a step to face the recent siege imposed by Israeli Occupation.

James Bowen is chairman of the Ireland- Palestine Solidarity Campaign,     and
GENEVA (AFP) - - Palestinians have become a "hostage to the conflict" between militants and the Israeli armed forces and are bearing the brunt of the hostilities, the international Red Cross warned on Thursday.

"The Palestinian people are paying an exceedingly high price for the continuing hostilities between Israel and Palestinian factions," said Beatrice Megevand Roggo, head of Middle East operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

"Their situation is made even more difficult by intra-Palestinian rivalries. The Palestinian population has effectively become a hostage to the conflict," she said.

The ICRC said the situation in the Gaza Strip, which has been run by the Islamist Hamas militia since June, is "alarming," with Israel's decision to cut fuel supplies adding further hardship to the beleaguered population.

The ICRC said that immediate political action was needed to resolve the crisis and that humanitarian aid on its own was not sufficient.

It urged Israel to "respect its obligations under international humanitarian law, to ease restrictions on movement in the Gaza Strip and West Bank and to lift the retaliatory measures that are paralysing life in Gaza."

Though Duong is best known for designing high-explosives used to destroy hardened targets, she also supervised the Joint Expeditionary Forensics Facilities project, known as a “lab in a box” for analyzing biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints, that have been collected on more than one million Iraqis.

The labs – collapsible, 20-by-20-foot units each with a generator and a satellite link to a biometric data base in West Virginia – will let U.S. forces cross-check data in the field against information collected previously that can be used to identify insurgents. These labs are expected to be deployed across Iraq in early 2008.

Duong said the next step will be to shrink the lab to the size of a “backpack” so soldiers who encounter a suspect “could find out within minutes” if he’s on a terrorist watch list and should be killed.

Duong justified this biometric-data program as a humanitarian way of singling out “bad guys” for elimination while sparing innocent civilians. comm
More than 100,000 of the 750,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have sought treatment for mental problems from the Department of Veterans Affairs, an official said during a hearing on suicides.

Dr. Ira Katz, the VA's deputy chief of patient care, told members of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee that the department's suicide hotline has received more than 6,000 calls from veterans or their families since it was established in July.
( Taliban-style militias are spreading in northwest of Pakistan.)

Taliban has set up a centralized organization in northwest of Pakistan for a joint war against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.
The militants have named their movement as Tehrik Taliban-i-Pakistan and said the aim of the movement was to enforce strict laws in respective areas. iran paper
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - President Pervez Musharraf lifted a six-week-old state of emergency Saturday, telling a skeptical nation the crackdown was to save Pakistan from a conspiracy rather than ensure his own political survival

But Musharraf also made clear he would keep a tight lid on dissent, entrenching limits he imposed under the emergency including strict curbs on press freedom and the replacement of independent-minded judges with jurists friendlier to the U.S.-backed leader. Opponents have said the changes set the stage for national elections next month to be rigged, and have threatened to hold mass demonstrations.;_ylt=AkZmle5ZwVRW2Dr9OkjmUB9I2ocA
The country's recently acquired refining capability allows producers to set up small, mobile factories along Afghanistan's borders with Pakistan and Iran that turn opium into heroine. Some analysts say much of the production takes place in areas controlled by Taliban insurgents, such as Helmand Province, and Kandahar.

Many analysts argue that poor farmers are forced to grow opium poppy as a cash crop for lack of better options. Norine MacDonald, President of the Paris-based international research group, The Senlis Council, says Afghanistan remains poor and undeveloped, despite recent economic progress. "You are getting ten, fifteen, twenty times more for growing opium poppy than any of the alternative crops that are currently available. It's a very desert area. There's been drought for several years, and there are no formal, proper irrigation systems in place. Poppy is a drought-resistant crop. So that's why they have found themselves really in a corner where poppy is the only viable crop to allow them to earn enough to feed their families," says MacDonald.

But the opium poppy is not just about drugs, says Nazif Shahrani, Chairman of the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department at Indiana University. Every part of the plant, says Shahrani, benefits the farmers and their families. "The opium sap is only one part of the produce from poppy. The sap is sold for cash. But also the poppy seed is used to extract oil. The poppy pod as well as even the stalk can be used to sell for cash either directly or by boiling it and getting a watery substance that can be reduced to something useable. If they don't do that, the poppy stalk is a valuable fuel. And in some rural areas, they burn poppy stalks and then extract caustic soda from it and produce organic soup," says Shahrani. "And one of the challenges is that you can't find a substitute for this crop."

Afghanis have traditionally used opium as a social drug and as medicine. ( ...) But many experts say drug use has spiked in recent years as refugees returning from Iran and Pakistan brought home a previously unknown phenomenon - - heroine injections. That, coupled with two other factors, has fueled an increase in drug abuse, says Alexander Their of the United States Institute of Peace.

"One is that as Afghanistan's population has grown, and the war and conflict have destroyed some of its economy and you have an increasing urbanization of the population. You have a lot of people who are unemployed, particularly a lot of young men. And that is really the demographic that tends to use opium and particularly heroine," says Their. "The second danger is that opium is now being refined in Afghanistan. Previously, you would not have found heroine in Afghanistan, which is much more addictive. And now you do find it, which means that more people are getting addicted more easily."

Comment: Let's not forget that under the Taliban, Afghanistan greatly reduced its opium crop to the point of near elimination. So the drug boom is yet another of the many "benefits" that the U.S. brought there.

What makes drug addiction in Afghanistan more alarming is that the country is ill-equipped to deal with it. The Senlis Council's Norine MacDonald says the country's health care system is too basic even to meet the needs of ordinary citizens, let alone drug addicts.
The Israeli daily Ha'aretz has revealed that that the paper obtained a copy of a previously unreleased document from the 2000 Israeli-Palestinian peace talks known as the Camp David Summit. According to Ha'aretz, the document shows that there was much more agreement between the two sides than was publicly announced.

After 7 years of open conflict, and more than 5,000 Palestinians killed, in addition to nearly 1,000 Israelis, the fact that a document existed in which the two sides secretly agreed on core issues raises the ire of peace activists on both sides, who feel the deaths could have been avoided.
The document shows that Israeli authorities were considering an 'initiated separation plan' as early as June 2000, in which Israeli troops would withdraw from their occupation of Palestinian land. It also shows that there was significant agreement between the two sides on some part of the core issues of borders, refugees and Jerusalem.

The Palestinian uprising known as the intifada, or 'shaking-off' in Arabic, began in September 2000 after a provocative visit to the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem led to protests by Palestinians, which were violently attacked by Israeli police. Since that time, the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land has increased exponentially, and Israeli settlement of Palestinian land in the West Bank has also increased several times over.
Talks were frozen between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in early 2001, after the intifada and violence of the occupation did not subside.
Apparently, the secret document revealed Thursday morning by the Ha'aretz newspaper was approved in October 2000 by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, but when power passed from Barak to Ariel Sharon, the 26-page document, entitled "The Status of the Diplomatic Process with the Palestinians Points to Update the Incoming Prime Minister”, was abandoned, along with the negotiations.

There were a number of points on which agreement was not reached – the Palestinian leadership thought that the timeline for Israeli withdrawal was too slow, and disagreed with the ongoing Israeli control of Palestinian skies, among other things.

There were still wide gaps between the two sides in the newly-revealed document of 2000. One was Israel's unwillingness to give up territory it had seized through military invasions of Palestine in 1967. There was also significant disagreement on who would hold which parts of Jerusalem, although the division of Jerusalem in some way between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was agreed upon.

The document was leaked this week as Israeli and Palestinian leaders plan to re-start peace talks that were abandoned in 2001.
GAZA CITY - Tens of thousands of people rallied in central Gaza City on Saturday to mark Hamas's 20th anniversary, in a show of force six months after the Islamist movement seized control of the territory.

Former minister and senior Hamas member Said Siam told AFP that the massive turnout "is the answer to those who say Hamas is losing ground."
And top Hamas leader Mahmud al-Zahar said that "our message to the world is that this movement cannot be destroyed."

It comes just a month after a similar mass rally by Abbas's Fatah movement ended in bloodshed when Hamas forces opened fire, killing several people.

In September Israel declared the territory a "hostile entity" and the following month began restricting fuel supplies, creating what the World Health Organization described on Monday as an "intolerable" humanitarian situation.

Israel, along with the European Union and the United States, regards Hamas as a terrorist organization. In January 2006, Hamas won an overwhelming victory over the long-dominant Fatah to sweep to power in democratic parliamentary elections.

Comment: Yes, this is how it was reported in the West, but as always there are at least two sides to a story and the other tell a different story:

Fatah gangsters spoil Arafat's commemoration in Gaza with picture
(     and    )

Martin Bright, writing in the New Statesman magazine, said that in 2002 he received a phone call from a woman named Val Hann who had read an article he had written about Unity Mitford, a British high-society fascist who was reportedly Hitler's lover.

Unity Mitford, who was born in 1948 in London, was reportedly conceived in the town of Swastika, in Ontario, Canada, a coincidence that did much to impress the circle of Nazi leaders she subsequently ingratiated herself with during her stay in 1930s Germany.

Val Hann, who received no money for her story from the New Statesman, said she had been led to believe that the child was a boy, and that he had been subsequently given up for adoption.

A program on the subject is to be aired on Britain's Channel 4 on December 20.      ncm

When the U.S. Air Force Southern Command's 10-year usage rights for Ecuador's Manta air base expire in 2009, it can expect to be evicted in favor of China.

President Jamil Mahuad signed a 10-year lease agreement with the U.S. military in 1999. The Manta base is not geopolitically important for U.S. national security, but the Southern Command (South Com) currently uses it to combat illegal cocaine trade in the "source zone" of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

 About 475 U.S. military personnel are stationed at the air base under a 10-year agreement signed with Quito in November 1999, which is due to expire in 24 months.

Acording to Latin Americanist Marc Becker, the agreement with the U.S. military "has proved to be unpopular and, some argue, unconstitutional. The purported purpose of the FOL was to help interdict drug shipments from neighboring Colombia, but opponents contend that the U.S. government has ... move[d] well beyond that mandate into counterinsurgency and anti-immigrant activities." There are also complaints that the base was consolidated by expropriating land from indigenous groups and small farmers, and that it is being used by Colombian pilots and as a center of anti-guerilla intelligence as a part of Plan Colombia, and for the targeting of alleged terrorist groups. From March 5 to 9, 2007, more than 400 activists gathered in Manta for the first International Conference for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases. They chose Manta due to the new government's stance against continued U.S. presence.

( continued...)
WASHINGTON - Wikipedia sleuths Wednesday exposed the U.S. military hackers who labeled Fidel Castro ( ...) and deleted sensitive information about Gitmo detainees from the Web site.

Volunteers working for the online encyclopedia traced digital fingerprints found on to Joint Task Force-Guantanamo, the U.S. military command running the Camp Delta terrorist prison in Cuba.

12/11/07 "ICH" --- - Alan Dershowitz is a skillful debater, a capable attorney, and and a ferocious defender of Israel. He is also a Harvard professor and a former member of OJ Simpson's legal defense called the Dream Team.

An article by Dershowitz appeared on op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal on Novemeber 7, 2007, titled “Democrats and Waterboarding”. In that article Dershowitz makes a spirited defense of waterboarding, going so far as to say that (he believes) the Democrats “will lose the presidential race if it defines itself as soft on terror.”

( ....)

I agree with Dershowitz that "waterboarding cannot be decided in the abstract.” Nor has it been. It has been thoroughly researched and condemned under the Geneva Conventions, the US military, and every human rights organization on earth. The issue has already been decided. It is torture, pure and simple, and no amount of legalistic gibberish changes a thing.

There's another reason for rejecting torture besides the fact that it is morally abhorrent, or because it conflicts with our reading of the Constitution, or even because it abrogates the presumption of innocence, due process, the right to attorney, habeas corpus and every other principle to which we claim to adhere.

The real reason that torture should be rejected is because it confers more authority on the state than is prudent for the safety and welfare of “We the people”. The state is now—and has always been—the greatest threat to human rights and civil liberties. That's truer today--in our post 9-11 world--than ever before. The state is the natural enemy of personal freedom.

Dershowitz's polemic has nothing to do with his alleged interest in the security of the American people. That's hogwash. It is an attempt to expand the authority of the state by softening public attitudes towards torture. It's a blatant power-grab, pure and simple; and should be repudiated by anyone who grasps its true meaning.

Dershowitz on Waterboarding
A blatant expansion of state power

By Mike Whitney



These are among the issues to be discussed on Psyche, Science, and Society. Welcome!
Stephen Soldz
The treaty is a watered down version of the defunct European Union Constitution which was rejected by voters in the Netherlands and France in referendums in 2005. It is controversial in Britain, where the conservative opposition and Euroskeptic media has called for it to be put to a popular vote.

In Britain, the conservative opposition has seized on the issue and, in a statement issued on Tuesday, the party's spokesman on Foreign Affairs, William Hague, said Brown was willing to sign the treaty but "doesn't have the guts to do it in public."

"If he's ashamed of signing this treaty, then why doesn't he honor his election promise and let the British people have their say?" Hague added, reiterating his call for a referendum.

While Tony Blair promised a popular vote on the constitution, Brown argues that the new treaty is a less significant document and it was not necessary to have a referendum. Only one of the 27 EU nations - Ireland - is likely to put the treaty to a referendum.

Meanwhile, environmentalists have questioned the need for the Lisbon ceremony, which took place a day before EU leaders meet in Brussels. In response several leaders agreed to "plane-share" over their day trip to Portugal.
The Lisbon treaty scraps the system under which the bloc's presidency rotates among member states every six months. Instead, a president chosen by member states will serve a two and a half-year term.

Voting procedures for EU nations will be altered, the number of European Commissioners cut and a new high representative for foreign policy appointed.

Hardly a week passes without Delhi taking stock of China's creeping "encirclement" of India. The Indian media reported on Thursday that Delhi denied permission for China's cargo carrier Great Wall Airlines to land in Mumbai or Chennai since the two Indian cities have "key nuclear facilities" which Chinese aeroplanes might reconnoiter.

That becomes more grist to the mill, though no one knows what it could be that the two aging Indian cities would hide that Google Earth hasn't yet spotted. Beijing predictably balked. Some Indian strategic thinkers go so far as to call it China's "containment" of India - as if the Indian rogue elephant has gone berserk in the Asian courtyard and needs to be shackled.

Actually, the latest irritant shouldn't have been aerial reconnoitering, but China's upset win - trumping formidable rivals like the US, Canada and Russia - in the massive Afghan tender for copper mines. But the strategic community in Delhi doesn't know, as the Indian media kept it in the dark.

The news from the Hindu Kush would have made Indian thinkers pull their hair in despair. China has never been a player in Afghanistan in modern history. Indeed, it is a needless provocation on the part of the Chinese to be so utterly fearless of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. While India prides itself as a major donor for Afghan reconstruction - building roads, bridges, hospitals, a Parliament building and even, intriguingly, public toilets - China marches ahead and wins the tender for the Aynak cooper deposit in Afghanistan's Logar province bordering Kabul, which is billed as one of the world's largest copper mines.

( ...)  But the mother of all Chinese encirclement of India still remains largely unnoticed in Delhi - the Beijing-Tehran axis. There is wide recognition that if the United States hasn't been able to push through another tougher United Nations Security Council resolution against Iran over its nuclear program, that has been largely because of China's reluctance to concur.

But what happened last Sunday still came as a bolt from the blue. China Petroleum Corporation, better known as the Sinopec Group, signed a contract with the Iranian Oil Ministry for the development of the Yadavaran oil and gas fields in southwestern Iran. ( ...)  No one talked anymore about the "north-south transportation corridor" that the previous government in Delhi initiated as a means of gaining access to Afghanistan and the Central Asian region (and Russia).
BALI   .....( again ):

Nusa Dua, Indonesia - Nearly 200 nations agreed at U.N.-led talks in Bali on Saturday to launch negotiations on a new pact to fight global warming after a reversal by the United States allowed a breakthrough.

Comment: If you have read the current SOTT Focus article: Majesterium and the Tipping Point you will know by now that all these CO2 emission cut talks are just for the eyes of the sheeple, so they can continue sleeping calmly at night that their leaders are taking care of their well being. Which can't be further than the truth!
Majesterium and the Tipping Point by R.H. (

( ...)

So when Bill Gates decides through the Gates Foundation to invest some $30 million of their hard earned money in a project, it is worth looking at.

No project is more interesting at the moment than a curious project in one of the world's most remote spots, Svalbard. Bill Gates is investing millions in a seed bank on the Barents Sea near the Arctic Ocean, some 1,100 kilometers from the North Pole. Svalbard is a barren piece of rock claimed by Norway and ceded in 1925 by international treaty (see map).  

On this God-forsaken island Bill Gates is investing tens of his millions along with the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation and the Government of Norway, among others, in what is called the 'doomsday seed bank.' Officially the project is named the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard island group.
Now is it simply philosophical sloppiness? What leads the Gates and Rockefeller foundations to at one and the same time back proliferation of patented and soon-to-be Terminator patented seeds across Africa, a process which, as it has in every other place on earth, destroys the plant seed varieties as monoculture industrialized agribusiness is introduced, and at the same time invest tens of millions of dollars to preserve every seed variety known in a bomb-proof doomsday vault near the remote Arctic Circle 'so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future' to restate their official release?

The subheading of the above article summarizes: "Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don't." Indeed.

As the Bali Climate talks face imminent collapse and the EU threatens to boycott U.S.-led climate talks next month unless Washington accepts negotiating deep reductions of global-warming emissions, we're reminded again that we're just 10 years away from the "tipping point". If one actually takes the time to look at the various scenarios that the IPCC report studied you'll see that even under the most drastic cuts all models still predict accelerated warming. Even if emissions were to halt by 2100 the warming would be here to stay and if cuts were agreed to it would only delay the warming until some future time beyond 2100. Just who are they trying to save the earth for? Just their grand kids? Let's face it, it's all or nothing. Either we cut emissions to zero now or we kiss our collective asses good-bye, because why bother going through all the hoopla if, in the end, it's not going to make one bit of difference. Besides, according to a new study, 'Global Warming is naturally caused and shows no human influence':

( ...) But the writer has a point: "Bali is not about climate; it symbolizes the continued assault on freedom by those who seek -- or pander to -- political power under the guise of concern for humanity." And just like the invasion of Iraq was at first billed as saving us from Weapons of Mass Destruction and then morphed into saving Iraqis from a brutal tyrant to now saving Iraqis from themselves, so wii a climate "saving" scenario morph into ever shifting reasons for saving ourselves from some "catastrophe"( ...).

Now here's the kicker. How does global warming trigger volcanic eruptions?

( ...) Should Greenland be released from its icy carapace, the underlying crust will start to bob back up, causing earthquakes well capable of shaking off the huge piles of glacial sediment that have accumulated around its margins and sending tsunamis across the North Atlantic.
Maybe the Earth is trying to tell us something. It really would be worth listening before it is too late.
Well, you can read the rest of the article which pretty much spells out our doom - unless we act now! All this sounds pretty scary in comparison to the previous evils of coal fired power plants and cow farts.

( ...)

And of course all you have to do is cut back on emissions. Our rulers and regulators will decide what's best for us.
Now, I refer back to the previous catastrophe article in which it's mentioned that the Storegga Slide occurred about 8,000 years ago. Compare this to the above 8,200 year event and one immediately concludes they refer to the same time period.

( ...) Is there a wise man in the room? Referring back to Engdahl's article, do Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don't? Let's assume they do. If they knew something was going to happen that was so catastrophic that they'd need to keep a seed vault, why wouldn't they tell the rest of humanity? Perhaps, just perhaps they don't have our best interests in mind...

( ...)

Now, if the elite wanted to both prepare for a worldwide catastrophe while at the same time prevent the public from panicking, how do you think they would go about the task? They wouldn't want to keep everything secret because secrets have a nasty habit of leaking out and breeding 'dangerous' (that is 'realistic') conspiracy theories. They would probably choose to be up front about what they were doing while making sure to obscure and distort their reason for doing it. They would, for example, spread disinformation by promoting 'crazy' (that is 'unrealistic') conspiracy theories. They would also be most desirous of ensuring that the public believe that something can be done to prevent disaster, thereby suppressing panic and even benefiting from public accolades at their unsurpassed leadership abilities in securing our future. All the while they would be preparing for a very different catastrophe, one in which the mass of humanity will likely be destroyed, but which will spare the elites with their seed vaults and underground bases? Far fetched? Maybe. But then just what happened to those missing Pentagon trillions? And the billions disappearing yearly into the black budget?

But getting back to 8,200 years ago. What really happened to cause the climate to shift, mega-tsunamis to wash over the continents, and the gigantic Storegga slide?

( ...)

But notice the dates: 30,000 to 34,000 years ago. And we also have 8,200 years ago. Is there a connection? Yes, all three numbers 30,000, 34,000, 8,200, and even 4,800 fit into an approximate 4,200 year cycle (within error) coinciding with time periods going back from the present.

So, do Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don't? All of the evidence, cross-referenced with a psychological analysis of political and corporate leaders, argues very strongly that they do. So the difficult question with which we are faced is not: 'When are we going to do something about climate change?' but rather: 'When are we going to wake up to the fact that our political and corporate leaders have never acted in our best interests, and to trust them on "climate change" not only risks our own future but that of countless generations to come.

   By  R.H.             sott focus
from nenki:
"L'arche de Noé végétale" en Arctique: qu'est-ce que Bill Gates, les Rockefeller et Monsanto savent que nous ne savons pas ? Cette initiative rejoint tout ce dont nous avons parlé sur ce site.
Rockefeller et les géants des OGM savent quelque chose que nous ignorons  nouvelles breves    et accueil  plan-du-site

translated from:

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic

Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t.

by F. William Engdahl

 Petras covered the same ground and said "Food producers, wholesale and retail distributors have created artificial shortages of basic food items" and tried to "sow chaos" by "provok(ing) large scale capital flight."

Venezuelan-based Media Left editor, Gary Ghirardi, explained this further. In an email to this writer, he said: "food shortages....are the result of (elements of) the military selling food slated for the poorest Venezuelans (in) Colombia and....the black market" to enrich "unscrupulous military managers.....The poor are affected by this corruption (and that took its toll on Chavez's) support base." It helps explain "why 3 million of the poor....did not go to vote." In December, 2006, 7.3 million Venezuelans voted for Chavez's reelection. This time, only 4.4 million supported constitutional reform against 4.5 million opposed.

"Another reason (for this result was) the complexity of the reform issues" that required close reading to understand. Many Chavez supporters likely didn't do it and were easy to sway by corporate media propaganda opposing them. Gharardi also believes Chavez overestimated the citizenry's "political education" and may have tried to advance his socialist agenda too fast. Had reforms been fewer in number, easier to understand, and directed toward social programs for the poor and community power, he'd likely have prevailed. These are lessons to be learned for a future round of social changes sure to come.

....Chavez conceded defeat but said he would "continue in the battle to build socialism....This is not a defeat. This is a 'for now.' I have listened to the voice of the people and I will always be listening to it" as he referred to the opposition's "pyrrhic victory."

He was also gracious in defeat saying: "To those who voted against my proposal, I thank them and congratulate them." He told his supporters: "Don't feel sad. For now, we couldn't do it. I will not withdraw even one comma of this proposal, this proposal is still alive." He also told reporters "Venezuelan democracy is maturing (and) I understand and accept that the proposal I made was quite profound and intense."

As expected, his opponents were gloating, but one pollster struck a positive note saying: "This defeat has two sides to it for Chavez. He came out the loser after a tough plebiscite campaign but he also gets rid of the accusation that he is a dictator." Chavez earlier said and repeated he would accept the results of the vote, and he stands by his word. It proved the process is open, free and fair unlike elections in many other so-called democracies that aren't. The struggle indeed continues with powerful popular support backing it.

Comment: What is not mentioned here is the active support that the opposition has from the US, who do not want Bolivia to become another country where the key concern is for the inhabitants of the country. The US do not want the spread of humanistic governments across Latin America. If that happened it would mean a big blow to the corporate elite, who have been exploiting that continent for decades if not centuries.  ncm
Comment: The timing of this protest comes just one week after Morales said that US soldiers should leave Bolivian soil. The US is keen to stem the tide turning against it in South America and will do it's utmost to exploit and aid tensions within Bolivia. US manufactured regime change is yet again on the cards.

Comment: The following shows the US involvement in exploiting tensions in the region.

Taken from this article from December 2006
Separatism in Bolivia:

The eastern separatists count with the support of the US government in this venture. George W Bush currently find himself very preoccupied with problems in the Middle East, but his direct representative in Bolivia, ambassador Philip Goldberg, entrusted himself with exercising pressure within the framework of tensions with the eastern region, and the recent extension by the US Congress of the Andean Trade Preference and Drug Eradication Agreement (ATPDEA) for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

"The country and the [Bolivian] government have to decide if they not only want to be a strategic partner of the United States, but also friends", adverted Goldberg on Monday. Washington has found in the eastern separatist leaders its best receptors for its proposal of free trade and a division would assure it a new Free Trade Agreement in the region, after the failure of the Free Trade of the Americas Agreement (FTAA).
The relationship is nothing new. The functionaries, business owners and large landowners from Santa Cruz have maintain excellent contacts with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) since 2004, when it put into place the Project Competitive Bolivia in Trade and Business (BCCN). Together with academics from the International University of Florida, USAID carried out a number of intensive courses for state and private sectors in capacitating in methods of negotiations and strategies with a view towards the FTAA.
Comment: Israelis agreed to continue talking with Abbas, their man, not with the real representative of the Palestinian people, Hamas, in Annapolis. This meeting is just a staged play, all the glamor of it being payed by American taxpayers, and the Palestinian/Israeli "conflict" will go on and on. After all, the only solution the Zionists want is an Israel inhabited only by Jews.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at
Also visit his blog site at and listen to The Steve Lendman News and Information Hour on Mondays at noon US Central time.........
Haven't we been here before? Isn't Annapolis just a repeat of the White House lawn and the Oslo agreement, a series of pious claims and promises...........
The worst element of the whole Annapolis shindig is that once again millions of people across the Middle East – Muslims, Jews and Christians – will believe all this and will then turn – after its failure – with fury on their antagonists for breaking these agreements.

Comment: The fuss about handshaking is just a different kind of theater show. Anyone with just a passing interest in Palestine will have seen that the U.S. and Israel do not want peace. If the Saudis were really about making peace, they would have acted differently and not come to the Annapolis circus that is doomed to fail even before it starts.

Comment: Nothing significant here...

Just a little something to placate the public.

Comment: Yeah, right. They are concerned that people are aware that the police are vigilant. What they really want is for the population to become afraid, submissive, and ready to accept anything the forces of law and order dish out.. ( uk),,-7155669,00.html
=======================================   (weather)

Oklahoma was hit hardest by the storm that encrusted the nation's midsection in ice and was blamed for at least 32 deaths. On Wednesday, the state still had a half million homes and businesses without power, and utility officials warned it could take a week to 10 days to get electricity fully restored.

AND, posted dec 11th ....

Five days before the first flake falls, AccuWeather's Henry "Madman" Margusity has already loosed the words "blizzard" and "Superstorm" in connection with this weekend's storm (15th to 17th). The extreme-weather blogger has even posted a snowmap that gives Baltimore 3 to 6 inches by Monday morning, while western counties sink beneath 6 to 12. He knows it's way too early to be that smart. But he posted it anyway.

And that's just the kinda guy he is. Nobody else has scootched that far out on the limb yet. But Hank says he couldn't resist.

New England dug out on Friday from a record-setting storm that dumped 10 inches of snow on Boston, more than the city typically sees in the entire month of December.

( local news )    Suicide on the rise in BCFor the first time, suicide is now the second-leading cause of death among young people.» More

Facts and causes of teen suicides

Author Gary Taubes challenges common myths about obesity and explains why Atkins might well have been right.
( ...) You most likely don't have that kind of expertise or time, but lucky for all of us health journalist Gary Taubes does. In his new book, Good Calories, Bad Calories: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Diet, Weight Control and Disease, he exhaustively researches the last 100 or so years of medical and nutritional research in order to separate myth from reality. In the process, he uncovers a scientific system -- from training to research to funding to public education -- riddled with institutional bias and substandard rigor. AlterNet caught up with him during his book tour and asked him some questions.
Comment: Gary Taubes is pointing out an important issue: it is difficult to stay scientifically objective in a world run by dogma and financing considerations from grant-giving organizations. This is relevant to scientific research in all fields.

He also makes a generally correct statement that not all calories we consume are created equal, because of the different influence of carbs, fats and proteins onto the hormonal background of the human body.

Yet, Taubes appear to be missing a larger issue in modern attitudes to nutrition and dietetics.

First, the person's weight and hisher general health aren't necessarily negatively correlated, as we are used to thinking about it.
Second, ANY diet, when followed carefully, WILL produce desired weight loss. And yet, by the end of the 1st year after having followed the diet, 90% people gain their weight back, and the other 9% will have gained it by the end of the 3rd year. Whether it is the low-fat or low-carb diet that one follows, changes only stick if the whole lifestyle is changed.

And third, diet is an INDUSTRY. As an industry, it is interested in a steady pool of customers. Therefore, paradoxically, it wouldn't be interested in providing people up-to-date dietary advice and helping them to achieve their health goals.  ( continued..)


WASHINGTON - Congress and President George W. Bush were headed for confrontation Saturday as US lawmakers accused the Justice Department of blocking their probe into whether the CIA tried to cover up torture by destroying interrogation tapes.

Lawmakers from both parties expressed outrage after Bush’s Attorney General Michael Mukasey asked a congressional panel to postpone its investigation of the destroyed videotapes on grounds it could jeopardize the Justice Department’s own inquiry into the affair.

with readers' comments
French anti-terrorist police are hunting a “guerrilla” organisation that is blowing up speed cameras and demanding a ransom from the State.
Police are taking seriously claims from the Nationalist Revolutionary Army Faction (FNAR) that it is responsible for the destruction of six radar installations on roads in the Paris region over the past six months.

The latest attempted attack was on Tuesday on a motorway close to the village of Baillet-en-France, 20 miles north of the capital. The device, consisting of a bundle of explosive and a timer, did not detonate. It was spotted by a road maintenance team and defused after police closed the motorway for five hours.

The FNAR,( Fraction Nationaliste Armée Révolutionnaire), which also calls itself the National Anti-Radar Front, is reported to be demanding a significant sum of money to halt the attacks, as well as tax cuts and less rigorous enforcement of the law on the roads.

After almost 25 years as resident U.S. aliens, the couple is under threat of deportation to their native Philippines because of an inaccuracy on their immigration applications in the late 1970s they say was an honest mistake.

Comment: The fact of authorities being uncaring, unfeeling robots is just another sign of the ponerization occurring in the U.S.

Chris Hedges wrote in the Nation, "I will not pay my income tax if we go to war with Iran ... I will put the taxes I owe in an escrow account. I will go to court to challenge the legality of the war."

On this anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, a coalition of anti-war activists is calling on individuals to sign a pledge to resist payment of a portion of their taxes. Our pledge states, "When I am joined by 100,000 other U.S. taxpayers, I will join in an act of mass civil disobedience and refuse to the portion of my taxes that pays the U.S. military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan." We are aiming for April 15.

Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig once said, "Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes." And he was right. We can march all we want, but if we cooperate with the funding of the war, we are culpable.

This essay serves as the introduction to Bomb After Bomb: a Violent Cartography, a collection of drawings illustrating the history of bombing by elin o'Hara slavick. o'Hara slavick is a professor of art at the University of North Carolina. More of her visionary work can be viewed on her website.

.............a reader's comment:

It Alreadly Has . . . By Shellycheval

Sadly, there could not be a more appropriate symbol of what has and is happening in the world today than putting the Magna Carta up for sale. It clearly symbolizes that "freedom" is only one more commodity to be bought and sold. As if Ross Perot needs the money! It is at once both outrageous that he doesn't simply donate it to the people, and a lamentably accurate depiction of today's reality. Years ago when I was still a naive believer, I stood in line for two hours to view the Magna Carta in San Antonio Texas, and have seen it on display next to the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives in Washington D.C.--it is now a symbol to me of a dream lost--a hope for freedom that never really was attained, and of a fight for real freedom that is only now just beginning.

Marriages, families, tax revenues fall victim to wave of foreclosures
some more of sott
Impending Destruction of the US Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts

11/28/07 "ICH" -- --- Hubris and arrogance are too ensconced in Washington for policymakers to be aware of the economic policy trap in which they have placed the US economy.  If the subprime mortgage meltdown is half as bad as predicted, low US interest rates will be required in order to contain the crisis.  But if the dollar’s plight is half as bad as predicted, high US  interest rates will be required if foreigners are to continue to hold dollars and to finance US budget and trade deficits.  Which will Washington sacrifice, the domestic financial system and over-extended homeowners or its ability to finance deficits?  
The answer seems obvious.  Everything will be sacrificed in order to protect Washington’s ability to borrow abroad.  Without the ability to borrow abroad, Washington cannot conduct its wars of aggression, and Americans cannot continue to consume $800 billion dollars more each year than the economy produces.
Bruce Dixon
Black Agenda Report
Fri, 30 Nov 2007

The star-studded hue and cry to "Save Darfur" and "stop the genocide" has gained enormous traction in U.S. media along with bipartisan support in Congress and the White House. But the Congo, with ten to twenty times as many African dead over the same period is not called a "genocide" and passes almost unnoticed. Sudan sits atop lakes of oil. It has large supplies of uranium, and other minerals, significant water resources, and a strategic location near still more African oil and resources. The unasked question is whether the nation's Republican and Democratic foreign policy elite are using claims of genocide, and appeals for "humanitarian intervention" to grease the way for the next oil and resource wars on the African continent.

The regular manufacture and the constant maintenance of false realities in the service of American empire is a core function of the public relations profession and the corporate news media. Whether it's fake news stories about wonder drugs and how toxic chemicals are good for you, bribed commentators and journalists discoursing on the benefits of No Child Left Behind, Hollywood stars advocating military intervention to save African orphans, or slick propaganda campaigns employing viral marketing techniques to reach out to college students, bloggers, churches and ordinary citizens, it pays to take a close look behind the facade.

Among the latest false realities being pushed upon the American people are the simplistic pictures of Black vs. Arab genocide in Darfur, and the proposed solution: a robust US-backed or US-led military intervention in Western Sudan.

( Apparently Blackwater doesn't need to come to the Congo, where hunger and malnutrition, depopulation, mass rape and the disappearance of schools, hospitals and civil society into vast law free zones ruled by an ever-changing cast of African proxies (like the son of the late and unlamented Idi Amin), all under a veil of complicit media silence already constitute the perfect business-friendly environment for siphoning off the vast wealth of that country at minimal cost.

Look for the adoption of the Congolese model across the wide areas of Africa that U.S. strategic planners call "ungoverned spaces". )

November 28, 2007
COUNTERPUNCH EXCLUSIVE!  Counterattack as Fateful Referendum Looms  CIA Venezuela Destabilization Memo Surfaces       By JAMES PETRAS

James Petras
, a former Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, owns a 50 year membership in the class struggle, is an adviser to the landless and jobless in brazil and argentina and is co-author of Globalization Unmasked (Zed). His new book with Henry Veltmeyer, Social Movements and the State: Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, will be published   ??  ..
The outcome of the Referendum of December 2 is a major historical event first and foremost for Venezuela but also for the rest of the Americas. A positive vote (Vota 'Sí') will provide the legal framework for the democratization of the political system, the socialization of strategic economic sectors, empower the poor and provide the basis for a self-managed factory system. A negative vote (or a successful US-backed civil-military uprising) would reverse the most promising living experience of popular self-rule, of advanced social welfare and democratically based socialism.

The New Print Edition of CounterPunch, Only for Our Newsletter Subscribers!


It began when Harry Truman was in the White House. It has continued under every U.S. President since, and in this extended report we lay out the consequences of 60 years of brutal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Feroze Sidhwa details the human price of systematic, intentional destruction of the Palestinian social and economic fabric: physical and mental deterioration, traumatized youth, a savaged environment. Nancy Glass and Reem Salahi describe the Kafka-esque conditions in which Palestinian lawyers try to defend their people in Israel's courts. Get your copy today by subscribing online or calling 1-800-840-3683 Contributions to CounterPunch are tax-deductible. Click here to make a donation. If you find our site useful please: Subscribe Now!

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November 28, 2007 When the Roadmap is a One Way Street Israel's Strategy for Permanent Occupation By JEFF HALPER

November 29, 2007 A Pretext for War? Distorting Fascism to Demonize Iran By ISMAEL HOSSEIN-ZADEH


Updated 11 December 2007 at 1000 HRS EST


"The UN conference is a complete waste of our time and your money and we should no longer pay the slightest attention to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,)" said one of the leading scientists attending the conference!

The notion of Global Warming was from the outset, a complete fraud; a total fabrication. The people pushing this concept knew they were wrong when they started pushing the issue. They are, personally and professionally, outright frauds. Hucksters. Collectively, they have already cost the world tens of billions of dollars with their deliberate lies and are perfectly willing to continue doing so because they have a social agenda they wish to disguise as science.

New Mailing Address for Hal Turner ...Please direct all mail to this address after December 15, 2007

Hal Turner
P.O. Box 563
Tunkhannock, PA 18657

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Updated 13 December 2007 at 0950 HRS EST


We will move from inflation to hyper inflation very quickly now. Our currency is collapsing because the federal government is printing so much cash. The more they print, the less all the rest is worth.

As things get worse, they will get worse faster. We will see hyper-inflation, we will see a collapse of our currency and we will see economic Depression in 2008 as the United States of America is financially wrecked by our own federal government. If that happens, I look forward to killing a whole slew of Congressmen, Senators, a couple other guys in another branch of government, plus Federal Reserve Board members.

.2008 will see the People of the United States go mad as economic collapse wipes them out. It is a madness that cannot be stopped once it begins; it can only exhaust itself in blood. I look forward to it!

Updated 13 December 2007 at 1129 HRS EST


Here's how this "auction" will probably go: The fed will hold the auction and few if any investors will fund it, so the fed will call the US Treasury and have them PRINT the money.

The fed will then lend the newly printed cash to the collapsing banks in the US and Europe with the hope of fending-off total collapse. It may or may not work. I suspect it will work for a short time, then fail.

Folks, we are looking into the face of a worldwide economic collapse orchestrated by jew Bankers and their fiat money system, and made worse by out-of-control borrowing/spending by federal governments.

When the collpase happens, it will literally wipe out all the net worth of almost every citizen in the civilized world. Millions will lose their jobs as companies go under. Millions will then lose their homes. Governments will see the welfare rolls swell, but be unable to fund them without printing even more cash which will simply make everything worse.

I suspect we might see food and fuel shortages. There will be civil unrest in the cities like never before. Those without guns to protect themselves will be robbed and killed by roving bands of savage non-white beasts.

Folks, what happens to us when the bottom falls out will be far worse than what happened in the Great Depression of 1929. When this starts, it will be up to each of us, individually, to exact revenge upon the people responsible: Jew Bankers on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, elected federal politicans and their accomplices in the business world. We're going to need an awful lot of bullets.

( about Matthew Murray  , in Colorado)
Updated 10 December 2007 at 1102 HRS EST


In two separate shootings, a maniac jew attacked and killed at least five people at two churches in Colorado yesterday. Screaming "We killed Jesus, we'll kill you too" the jew opened fire on unarmed Christians at their churches, slaughtering them as they fled.

Police are concealing the name of the shooter - who killed himself after the second shooting.
Jewish groups are being organized for a full public relations effort to spin the incident as an isolated incident not representative of what other jews believe. . . . but authorities and victims families know what really happened.
At the second shooting scene, the maniac shouted "Our Talmud teaches us it is OK to slaughter goyim." Goyim is the term jews use to describe non-jews. Translated, the word "Goyim" means "Cattle." Jews are taught at an early age, that non-jews are cattle; beasts in human form; whose lives are worthless.
Tiffany Johnson, 25, and Phil Crouse, 22,  were killed during a shooting the Youth With a Mission center in Arvada, Colo., around 12:30 Sunday morning. Two teenage sisters were fatally shot 12 hours later at a church 70 miles away in Colorado Springs, Colo. The gunman in that shooting, identified by police as Matthew Murray, was killed by a security guard at the church.
Updated 10 December 2007 at 1820 HRS EST


Matt Murray 24, son of a Denver Neurologist and living with his parents in their Englewood home, has been identified as the shooter in the Colorado Church shootings AND at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. The shooter was a crazed jew; bent on killing non-jews whom he called "goyim."

Updated 12 December 2007 at 1125 HRS EST


The truth comes out in todays New York Post newspaper: once again, jews claiming they were attacked, actually DESERVED to get a beating!

One important thing you MUST remember about jews is that they always try to portray themselves as innocent victims. More often than not, they are vicious agitators who say or do things that send reasonable people off the deep end.

Here in the NYC area, we all got an original story on TV about a group of subway riders who yelled "Merry Christmas" to everyone on the subway car, and two (innocent) jews replied "Happy Hanukah" then got beaten up.

NOW we find out that when the Christians yelled "Merry Christmas" the jews replied "We killed Jesus" and then said "Happy Hanukah." That's when (and why) they got the shit beaten out of them.
Matthew Murray in Colorado---------- Saturday, 15 December 2007
Crazed gunman attended OTO offshoot

'Steve Mariner, the president of Denver's occult group Ad Astra Oasis, says Murray attended group meetings for about a year before being asked to leave in September. Ad Astra Oasis is an officially chartered body of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a ceremonial magic order based on the teachings of English poet and mystic Aleister Crowley.'  ..................

"YOUR Columbine"

Gunman wrote of rejection as reason for revenge

By Jeremy P. Meyer, David Migoya and Christopher N. Osher

The Denver Post

At times he was DyingChild_65, at others nghtmrchld26. But regardless of Matthew Murray's alleged screen name, he was always angry when posting to various anti-religious websites.

The 24-year-old Arapahoe County resident — who carried out attacks Sunday at two religious organizations about 70 miles apart, killing four people and injuring several others — exploded on the Internet between Sunday's shootings.

"Christian America this is YOUR Columbine," said the poster who appears to be Murray on the newsgroup almost four hours before the shooting at the New Life Church campus in Colorado Springs.

Police say Murray walked onto the campus hurling smoke bombs and armed with handguns, rifles and 1,000......rounds of ammunition. He fatally shot sisters Stephanie Works, 18, and Rachael Works, 16, before getting into a gunbattle with a security guard and finally killing himself, officials say.

Hours before, Murray opened fire in a dormitory for missionaries in Arvada, killing Tiffany Johnson, 26, and Philip Crouse, 24.    
Between shootings, Murray apparently logged onto a computer and posted writings from Columbine shooter Eric Harris under his own name, lyrics from satanic rock songs and rants about being rejected, abused and suffocated by Christianity.

Authorities have confirmed some website postings; police are still examining other postings, including ones by DyingChild_65 on Officials from the organizations named in those postings confirmed some of the details Murray wrote.

A post from DyingChild_65, made at 9:33 a.m. Sunday, said he had been a member of the Denver chapter of Youth With a Mission, a member of the occult group Ad Astra Oasis in Denver and a staff member of the missionary group King's Kids Denver.

              Murray participated in several camps with King's Kids Denver, which does Christian outreach. The family that ...runs King's Kids Denver introduced Murray to Youth With a Mission in Denver, said Paul Filidis, a spokesman for Youth With a Mission in Colorado Springs. mmmmmmmm "They said he was a special case," Filidis said Tuesday, agreeing to speak after talking with King's Kids Denver director Ronny Morris.

After Youth With a Mission officials refused to send Murray on a mission, the Morris family offered to talk to YWAM officials but Murray asked them not to, said Filidis.

Morris' daughter Veronica said, "We loved Matthew, and we cared for him the best we could."

Angered by rejections

DyingChild_65 did not feel loved. He wrote that he was angered by being rejected by various groups over the years.
"I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things," one post said. "Never inviting me to all your fun parties, never inviting me to hang out." 

The killings in Arvada followed a night of Christmas revelry by the young people training to be missionaries, said Peter Warren, YWAM director. Murray arrived after the Christmas party, asking to stay at the dorm. He talked with staffers for 30 minutes before firing.

Later, on the website, DyingChild_65 wrote that he had looked everywhere for spiritual truth.

"All I found in christianity was hate, abuse (sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional), hypocrisy, and lies," writes the poster
DyingChild_65 ends his rant by saying: "Like Cho, Eric Harris, Ricky Rodriguez and others, I'm going out to make a stand for the weak and the defenseless this is for all those young people still caught in the Nightmare of Christianity for all those people who've been abused and mistreated and taken advantage of by this evil sick religion Christian America this is YOUR Columbine."
Rodriguez, as a child member in a cult, was forced to perform sex acts. He later left the cult, killed a former nanny and then killed himself. In April, Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and himself in the deadliest campus shooting in U.S. history.
At least one visitor to the website was alarmed and contacted the FBI promptly, before the second attack, 9News reported the site's administrator as saying.

The FBI confirmed to 9News that the bureau got the warning about 10:30 a.m. Sunday. Murray's final posting on the website was at 11:03 a.m.

The FBI told 9News that after it got the warning, it contacted Arvada police. Agents were examining Murray's posts when the shootings at New Life Church occurred.    

Carl Raschke, a professor of religious studies at the University of Denver, said he believes Murray was "under huge psychological turmoil."

"It seemed like he was involved in his own spiritual battle against the empire of Christianity," adding that one of the screen names, nghtmrchld26, is taken from a video game in which characters battle evil demons.

"I would call him a defector from the spiritual warfare that he was brought up in," Raschke said.

Asked to leave group

Steve Mariner, the president of Denver's occult group Ad Astra Oasis, says Murray attended group meetings for about a year before being asked to leave in September.

Ad Astra Oasis is an officially chartered body of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a ceremonial magic order based on the teachings of English poet and mystic Aleister Crowley.

"He was a mostly quiet, geeky young man," Mariner said of Murray. "He was a skinny little kid. He was your typical I-like-college-over-cars type. He was a voracious reader, as far as I could tell. I never heard him raise his voice."

Mariner said the group of about 15 people realized over time that Murray was not fitting in.

"It seemed like he needed some time to back off and evaluate himself," he said. "We could summarize it as saying the personalities were not a good mix."

Mariner said he was shocked when he learned Murray was the shooter.

"You are sitting there having a conversation with someone ," Mariner said. "We all have our little personality quirks, but you don't appraise them of being someone who would go off and do something this atrocious."

That Murray shot several people horrified Richard Werner, a missionary who bunked with him in Arvada in 2002, but it didn't surprise him. 

"It was something you can't ever imagine, but it was so obvious after it happened," said Werner, 34, who now lives in Brazil. "It's just because of the way he used to behave."

Uncomfortable memories

Werner shared a dormitory with 18 other people, and Murray slept on a bottom bunk next to his. Now a cook who ministers in his free time, Werner said his time with Murray left him with some uncomfortable memories.

One experience jarred Werner enough to note it in his diary.

"It was Oct. 23 of 2002," Werner said Tuesday in a telephone interview from Brazil. "He was tossing and turning in the middle of the night, talking to himself. I asked him if everything was OK, and he said, 'I'm just talking to my voices.' "

The response jarred Werner.

"I said, 'Dude, you've got to be kidding,' " Werner recalled. "And he said, 'Don't worry, Richard. You're a nice guy and you have nothing to worry about. The voices like you.' "

Another memorable incident occurred at a missionary Christmas party where attendees grouped together and some sang songs in the talent-show atmosphere, Werner said.

"He just went up there to sing, and one of the songs was 'I'm One Step Closer to the Edge,' which really upset people," Werner said.
The Linkin Park song culminates with the anguished phrase "I'm about to break!"

When directors at the school decided in December 2002 that Murray shouldn't join others on a mission trip to Bosnia, Werner said it was because "people weren't comfortable with his behavior."

"He wasn't kicked out," he said. "The directors had a conversation with his parents, and it was decided it would be better if he leave."
On another website, a poster named nghtmrchld26, believed by police to be Murray, said he rebelled against an upbringing that forbade him from buying rock music, video games and popular DVDs.  
He writes that he felt oppressed by the restrictions. The hypocrisy of religious leaders, he wrote, prompted him to rebel, although he feared "returning back to what is at least 'familiar,' into a system I at least know how to behave in.' "

In another posting, Murray wrote of a crushing depression that would not respond to intensive therapy or medication.
"This is the Nightmare that just goes on and on," he wrote.

Some postings harbor bitterness toward Youth With a Mission. He said the staff there decided to tell him one week before an outreach mission that they did not want him to go.

"The fact is, in YWAM, and christianity, it's all about the Beautiful People," he wrote.

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"Sprinkled with tears"

Among the online writings purported to be from Matthew J. Murray:

Murray wrote of finding solace in cutting himself, describing it as "a beautiful work of art shaded in crimson sprinkled with tears as you descend into the darkness of loneliness (sic) and despair drowning and sinking with no one around, even when you're doing it with your friends."

He wrote that he found a "secret drug addiction," which "can completely alter blood pressure, heart rate, brainwave patterns and other bodily functions," revealing at the end of a page-long post that the "addiction" was rock music, and the person who had helped make it a powerful force in his life was Marilyn Manson.

"If you're an extrovert, and popular, then yes, there is plenty of love waiting for you in christianity. ... If you ask questions and want to understand things and/or desire a real and deep spirituality, or if you're just not popular ... well you are considered as one of the horrible people and are either going to be abused or kicked out by "holy spirit love filled" christians. it's all about the Beautiful People "

"I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. Never inviting me to all your fun parties, never inviting me to hang out. And no, don't say, 'Well, that's your fault' because it isn't. You people had my phone number, and I asked and all, but no no no no no. Don't let the weird kid come along."

"All I found in christianity was hate, abuse (sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional), hypocrisy, and lies," writes the poster, who adds that he is one of the "nobodies" "who just wants to be loved and accepted somewhere. I just want to be one of the somebodies."

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