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Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 22:38:04 -0500 (EST)

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Casper Update: Dec. 19, 2007
The happy talk group, which is most everyone now days, has had deliveries everyday this week with one day delays occurring everyday and that is again true this very day. "we" are of course tapped into that Intel as well getting it day after day, night after night with "guarantee's" for the following day. And we do so want to believe it will yet be true even for tomorrow. The conflicting Intel remains just as prevalent and as the days without success tick by one must continue to question which is correct. GW and Paulson continue to "brag" that they have everything blocked.
Wanta continues to be stiffed according to the STORY update this
 Rumors say Cheney's records were in the burning bldg. this morning, a repeat of the demise of the CIA torture tapes.
We can find no help coming from Europe to overcome these daily delays.
It was seen on BBC this morning, AMERICAN BANKING CENTRAL (ABC) has been set up to replace the Fed Res.....We hear the 500B from the Fed Res to prop up euro-banks announced yesterday on CNBC was Wanta's money and has been cancelled. IMF countries have been paid on the computer but can not access.
CITI BANK issued threats this morning that any bank or banker helping us will suffer severe retribution. Remember, this is the language used on the Fed. Judges. The lawyers, OUR lawyers-referred to in the Sunday update-were bribed. We hear that little disclosure caused "all hell to break loose". STORY'S reference to 1600 accounts at CITI is true. We hear these are SLUSH FUND ACCOUNTS containing PAYOFFS to the entire upper tier of GOVT including THE JOINT CHIEFS of STAFF and POLITICIANS.
It appears the SHOWDOWN is ongoing with the bad guys continuing to stall and block supposedly seeking the closing of the World Trust for the season. The series of events described by STORY and by us does not indicate gamesmanship or misunderstandings of Intel info, i.e. happy talk vs negative news, but rather the most serious ongoing all out everything at stake warfare with BUSH and the bribed criminals running our nation under the "color of law". The Freedom packs are in the Supreme Court and we question whether they ever left there as we were informed yesterday. A news blurb yesterday had Clinton/Burkle funds located in the Cayman Islands the meaning of which is unknown to us.
You know the facts as they currently exist. You can read and analyze these updates, the STORY updates and the happy talk updates as well as we can. Then you can join us in prayer that the happy talk folks are correct and that somebody somewhere has the power and/or authority to squash the evil doer's in D.C. and to save our funding, our country and the world.
                      casper   12-19-07
The wonderful e-mail from Brendan the Brussels Banker has been traced by some domestic bankers to Wash. D.C. calling into question it's authenticity.

Rumors say Cheney's records were in the burning bldg. this morning, a repeat of the demise of the CIA torture tapes.
Casper 12-19-07 2nd update

Late news from several sources says delivery tomorrow.

Casper 12-21-07

Deliveries are expected today.( ...)

We hear the BUSH/Clinton crime syndicate have had ALL their program money confiscated. MERRY CHRISTMAS BOYS.
Much "chatter" everyday involving CHINA, WLD. COURT, CITI, WANTA, BRUSSELS, IMF, GW/PAULSON, BANKS, etc.,,,,to vague to go into here.
Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, Merkle meeting apart from E.U. and ECB leaving the impression of a split with Brussels. All is quiet on the PROVOST/military front.
Once into the holiday season, due to successful stalling tactic's by GW, putting off announcements etc. till early January apparently became a necessity.           MERRY CHRISTMAS.
For more:

Wednesday 19 December 2007 13:39


..c-story.........extracted:... Paulson therefore perceives that the Clintons, who hold dual American and Irish passports, ‘owe him big-time’ .............. we are reasonably certain that the rocks that were deliberately thrown through the plate glass windows of our offices in central London at 2.50 am in the early morning of 13th December 2007 (see the preceding report) were chucked by an Irish hoodlum asset activated by the Clintons ............... Also on 13th December, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. telephoned a Swiss banker about contracts to be entered into under the new banking system. In the course of this conversation, Mr Cottrell advised the Swiss banker that Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta and his colleagues have not entered into any Joint Venture with Citibank, as deceitfully represented by the US Treasury Secretary, Mr Henry M. Paulson. After that conversation, further attempts to contact the Swiss banker in question failed. It suddenly proved impossible to reach him by telephone, and all of a sudden, too, Mr Cottrell found that he was unable to email him also. The reason for this is that Verizon, which is a US intelligence asset, interfered illegally with the relevant communications, preventing further contact between the Principals and the Swiss banker concerned ............................


On 13th December, Mr Paulson was, as previously noted, in the Chinese capital, having ostensibly delegated his responsibilities while abroad in China to Mrs Anna Escobedo Cabral, the Treasurer of the United States and the third most senior official at the Treasury.

While in Peking, Paulson supposedly came under pressure from the Chinese authorities for the Wanta Settlement funds to be paid, to which Paulson said, OK, I’ll pay. The Principals were then told that Treasury ‘signed off’’ for release of the funds to the Ambassador at 6.30pm .........................

The Chinese also wanted to know, from Paulson, what penalty he was proposing to pay to them on the trillions of their funds (about which the Editor is not informed), given Henry M. Paulson’s non-performance in respect of them. This information is obtained from the Chinese authorities, at the highest level, and also from the Pentagon.

Under pressure on this score as well, Paulson is supposed to have quote ‘relinquished control’ unquote of the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion – again, according to both the Chinese authorities and the US Department of Defense.

Since Paulson had ‘signed off’, it was now a matter for Robert Rubin Cube at Citibank to make the payment. The Principals were therefore advised that Rubin had ‘everything under his control’ as at 9.05 am on 14th the morning of Friday 14th December ...........................


In the course of that morning, Ambassador Wanta and his colleagues learned that:

1. Robert Rubin’s life was threatened by elements of Israeli intelligence who are pressing for the payment(s) to be made (not least given that the Israeli banks now have serious Basle II-related problems). This faction want these matters resolved, and resorted to threats in an attempt to force Rubin to make the payments.

2. At the same time, the Principals ALSO learned that Robert Rubin was being threatened with physical harm by another faction within Israeli intelligence, if he DID make the payment – leaving Rubin caught in between

This revelation that Israeli intelligence is split down the middle, just like the US, British, French and German intelligence communities, shows what a ghastly Black trauma the world is sliding into as these hideous intelligence cadres engage in their filthy intelligence war at the expense of the Rest of the World and the American people ........................................


At around the same time, the Principals were also made aware that Robert Rubin was HIMSLEF dispensing dire threats against officials within Citibank and the Treasury. It is believed that he uttered these threats (which is a criminal offence, in the United Kingdom, anyway) after having been threatened ‘both ways’ by the warring Israeli intelligence cadres. Nice place to work, Citibank, where you are liable to be threatened with death by a senior member of the bank’s hierarchy ....................

It was against this febrile background that Robert Rubin met Mrs Cabral – at noon on 14th December. DOD Internal Affairs were standing by to raid the bank and to exercise the arrest warrants if payment had not been made by then.


Furthermore, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had by now ordered the bank to release Ambassador Wanta’s private funds, because Citibank is a public institution which is failing to release (i.e. stealing) private monies. The SEC threatened to close Citibank down if the Wanta funds had not been released by 1.00pm on 14th December. The meeting between Cabral and Rubin ended some time between 2.00pm and 2.30pm.

During their meeting, Mr Rubin Cube required Mrs Cabral to identify with him and to sign off on 1,600 entries (accounts) that she had agreed should be paid. This was perfectly reasonable: Mr Rubin wanted the Treasury to countersign the payments, in order to protect his own position ..................


By now, Paulson was back in Washington, DC, where he let it be known that HE ALONE is in charge of all the Chinese funds.  In other words, back in DC, Paulson sets about lying that he controls China’s financial resources.

It is very likely that this will have angered the Chinese, understandably, to the point at which they may be contemplating serious retaliation.

After Mrs Cabral had concluded her meeting with Rubin and had countersigned authority for 1,600 accounts to be paid out, she returned to the US Treasury and told Treasury compliance and DOD Internal Affairs to ‘stand down’ as payments on the 1,600 entries, which included the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion, were to begin at 4.00pm on that Friday afternoon.


On Saturday 15th December, DOD Internal Affairs was ordered to ‘stand down’ by the Federal Judge, who informed Pentagon officials that he possessed ‘proof’ that payments were being remitted.

Meanwhile the State Department alerted the Principals that Mr Cottrell should be notified early on Monday morning 17th December that Ambassador Wanta should be paid early on that morning. Mr Cottrell received this message TWICE over the weekend, from the State Department via associates of the Principals.

At 6.00pm, the Principals were notified (again by DOD Internal Affairs) that Paulson and Greenspan were attempting to persuade the Chinese authorities that all the Chinese funds should be handled by them jointly.


Then, late on Saturday 15th December, associates of the Principals were informed by US Treasury compliance that the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion was placed ‘officially on the books’ by 3.00pm at the Treasury, and that an account with Citibank/Citigroup would now be set up and signed AFTER total receipt of the funds into the AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. securities account with Morgan Stanley.


At 5.00pm, the Principals were informed by Treasury compliance that quote ‘the system has been hacked into’ and that an attempt to steal the funds, which had been thwarted, had been made. As a result, the payment schedule was now delayed by eight hours.


At 1.20pm,(dec 18th) the State Department advised the Principals that they ‘are still in line to be paid today’. It is now reliably understood that State Department officials are furious that the White House and the Treasury are treating all concerned with such absolute arrogance and contempt.

It was reiterated that in the absence of the payment, the DOD Internal Affairs team would start executing their arrest warrants.


Separately, Ambassador Wanta and his colleagues were advised that the Chinese authorities are justifiably furious and have let it be known in the relevant capitals that Paulson will no longer be persona grata in China, Japan or the United Kingdom .................................

The sources for this information also revealed that European parties had been paid. This would throw some light on the extraordinary behaviour of the European Central Bank which suddenly announced on 17th December that it had access to $500 billion and that it will lend funds into the money market at below market interest rates. Two weeks ago, no funds were available to finance such permissive largesse.

Specifically, the European Central Bank – which is backed by no government, unlike national central banks – scrapped any upper limit on how much it lends overnight. ‘All banks with enough collateral, and which submit bids of at least 4.21%, will receive the funding they ask for’. That rate is almost three quarters of a point below the preceding day’s two-week Euribor interbank rate of 4.9%. In other words, the ECB is bailing out institutions that have not got their books in order in accordance with the requirements of Basle II, on an unlimited basis.


Furthermore, it is quite clear that it is doing this with funds that have been stolen from payees, very likely Ambassador Wanta, according to our sources. This sheds light on the ‘news’, referenced above, that European payees had been ‘satisfied’. If so, that is illegal (see below). ............................... At 4.15pm, Michael C. Cottrell was notified by DOD personnel that Robert Rubin had reportedly concluded a face-to-face meeting with CIA officials. In the course of this meeting, Rubin was reported to have made the following statement: ‘I’m just the banker. Paulson tells us who to pay’ .............. The impression gained by Mr Cottrell is that the parties that are being paid are recipients who are required to make kickbacks to the White House and the ‘Black Cabal’ ............... all these remittances are illegal and represent gross theft resulting from a conspiratorial exercise on the part of Citibank, Paulson and the White House .............. until such time as ( wanta) has taken economic receipt of his compromise $4.5 trillion Settlement funds, which he needs so that the multiple projects for the benefit of the American people that have been ‘on hold’ while the criminal cadres holding power have been exploiting them for their own self-enrichment purposes, can at long last get under way. He also needs to pay his taxes, which the Secretary of the United States Treasury, no less, is preventing him from doing, in a display of treasonous arrogance and insolence towards the American people, that has no historical precedent. .................


… SO PAULSON EXERCISES HIS ‘BLACKMAIL POWER’ OVER THE PRESIDENT ..... Specifically, he said that unless Bush helped him obtain the funds he needs, he will see to it that his specific, documented knowledge of funds stolen by and for George Bush Sr. will be leaked into the public domain (obviously, not to this service!) ................. Stung by this explicit blackmail threat, President Bush Jr. telephoned Japan, where the Godfather and Cheney have accumulated massive funds, inter alia through their exploitation of the yen carry trade. The Japanese duly obliged ................


In the middle of the night of 18th-19th December 2007, the Editor was informed that attempts by associates of the Principals to establish whether DOD Internal Affairs had followed through and made necessary arrests at Citibank, proved fruitless. This was because all telephone calls to DOD Internal Affairs were being blocked. This reminds us that, some days ago, all material traces of the telephone and other coordinates of the Provost Marshal, had been expunged from the record .............................


It has not yet been explained to observers that one of the masterminds behind this ongoing fiasco and running disgrace, which is dragging the reputation of the United States through the gutter, is Vice President Cheney. This extremely unpleasant CIA 'Black' operative was the controller of the Himmlerian MK-Ultra and related Dark Ops. initiatives, which include the creation of virtual reality environments within Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) platforms ........................


It follows, therefore, that we are now dealing with the first minutely dissected display of absolute political and financial amorality that has ever been analysed in such detail and almost in ‘real time’. In an environment where absolute amorality is respected, we observe the classic realisation of the so-called ‘anomie’ described by Emil Dirkheim (1858-1917), in which criminality and total amorality are the norm, and adherence to the Rule of Law, fulfilling one’s obligations and telling the truth, are regarded as subversive and worthy of both retaliation and contempt .....................


Paulson has raped the United States, shafted the American people, deprived the Treasury of vast tax payments which would long since have transformed the United States’ official finances thereby precluding the financial crisis that has come about because of his intransigence, destroyed the Republican Party, torn up the Constitution, committed treason with impunity at a time of war, and has fronted the illegal and continuing self-enrichment operations of himself and his Black Cabal colleagues, not least at the expense of Americans who have died because the Pentagon has been deprived of the tax funds that it needs in order to equip its forces adequately. Whatever may be thought of the disastrous behaviour of Britain and America in Iraq, the US military is entitled to be properly funded: and Paulson has clumsily seen to it that it isn’t ............................ Is the US military going to just sit there on its butt while these organised criminals continue the ransacking of funds that they do not own, corrupting the decadent US banking system, spreading their criminal bribery and poisonous amorality all over the world, and holding the whole of humanity to ransom? If this is what the United States has to offer to world, we shall see who prevails ................... And how about getting on with the job AT ONCE of addressing the tyranny of that brutal, lying criminal enterprise called the Central Intelligence Agency, which rampages around the world intermeddling in the affairs of other countries contrary to international law, is a source of endless evil machinations and turmoil, and needs to be either dismantled or else subjected to the most rigorous purge in its history? .......................

The whole world is sick to death of the squirming corruption that pours out of the putrid hell* that is Washington DC. For goodness sake, Uncle Sam, get off your lazy butt and get a grip of the situation, before the country falls apart and these criminal operatives conclude that they really can continue deceiving the whole world with impunity.

And stop relying on a Brit to do your dirty work for you, just because appropriate authorities appear to lack the courage to do what urgently needs to be done..............( Note:....We now understand that Rodham translates to Rodomski, not Rodinski, as previously stated in recent reports. Apologies for this error. )



The Editor is now of the private opinion, based upon incoming information from very authoritative sources since this report was posted, that NONE of the recipients has been paid. If that turns out to have been the case (and it requires verification), the business of Mrs Cabral signing off on 1,600 accounts will turn out to have been an elaborate smokescreen and charade, designed to buy more time and to throw us and others off balance.

Update note: It's actually more complex than this: the payment obligations are real, and may well have been attempted, but 'presentation' of these details provided a smokescreen and cover for actual non-performance, except possibly in relation to certain payoffs. But the Editor's belief this morning that no-one was paid is corroborated by sources generally, and by the news, noted in the second update below, that the countries were NOT paid. As reiterated in the original posting here, any payments that might have preceded Wanta's payment would be illegal, since the underlying $27.5 trillion is his property as sole principal and no 'rectification' can occur outside the context of the agreed-upon compromise $4.5 trillion Settlement (plus interest and penalty add-ons).

To which we respond that despite the 'Black Fog' of lies and deliberate conflicting falsehoods we are having to expose, we are very unlikely to be thrown off-balance for long. Either way, as stated below, it is quite clear that all the outside parties mentioned in this and earlier reports are (a) being lied to, (b) lying to others, (c) tripping up over their own filthy lies, (d) being tripped up by the lies of many others, (e) either consciously or unwittingly allowing themselves to be used and (f) being manipulated by the arch liars and professional criminals who are content that the 'Black Fog' of lies that they have purposely generated since Paulson hijacked Ambassador Lee Wanta's funds in June 2006 is so dense that they can continue their 'business as usual' and perpetrate the endless crude scamming and fraudulent finance operations that they have perfected, with assumed impunity.

They are wrong in making this assumption. According to one of our most impeccable sources, Paulson and Bush II were overheard telling associates yesterday that neither Wanta nor other recipients would be paid. This assertion will be shown to be wrong-headed, for reasons which cannot yet be elaborated upon. Not even the most demented of arrogant prima donnas can sustain such an inverted pyramid of lies if, despite rampant bribery, everyone who counts domestically and worldwide has had enough. And that threshhold was overshot several weeks ago.


It is now confirmed that the countries were NOT paid. Further, the fire in the Old Executive Office Building adjacent to Cheney's 'ceremonial room' started AFTER we posted the report below (about half an hour to 40 minutes afterwards). Sources specifically state that the timing of the fire was NOT a coincidence. It is reconfirmed that Israeli intelligence is involved, but a top source has said that the countermanding threat against Rubin Cube is not confirmed, leaving the threat that he would be liquidated if the payments did NOT proceed, confirmed. We are sorry that we have to report such horrible details, but that's where it's at (or was at, yesterday). There have been innumerable sensitive meetings ever since: no reliable details at present.

Meanwhile the Ambassador has circulated a sharp reminder to the White House, Paulson, former Secretary of State James Baker, Vice President Cheney, Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey, First Lady Laura Bush, Mrs Lynne Cheney, Bobby Eberle, Martin Gillespie, Ed Gillespie, Mark Stephens, David Rexrode and others pointing out inter alia that Mr Bush's Texan 'bag man' will be expected to reimburse or to personally cover 'the United States' Treasury's massive losses' arising from these ongoing criminal financial irregularities, and pointedly reminding all recipients of his message that FOUR (4) enhanced INSLAW PROMIS-related investigative operating units have been systematically tracking the irregular transactions and thefts internationally, in order 'to protect and assure my personal/private Custodial Control and Civil Tax Obligations: referencing H.R. 3723'.

Translated into the vernacular, the message is that the real-time, 24/7 monitoring of these illegal transactions internationally has never ceased, and that every corrupt theft and diversion of funds has been monitored and recorded, so that perpetrators who may have been imagining that they will survive the consequences of their banditry thanks to the abuse of the Presidential power to award pardons to criminal buddies (as Clinton did on a vast scale, as detailed in
International Currency Review, Volume 33, #s 1 and 2), will be in for some very nasty surprises.


Developments on 20th-21st December were about to be described in a new report prepared overnight for this morning, when the Editor received a phone call asking for a postponement.

Given the nature of a deception operation carried out yesterday, and the consequences thereof, this is understandable, but the Editor will be negotiating later today to establish whether it might not be sensible to publish details of the latest abomination. The purpose of this note is to advise those who know about it that we will publish details of what happened yesterday as soon as this is approved. Although we operate at arms' length from the Principals, the policy all along has been to accommodate all requested sensitivities. But what bothers the Editor right now is that each pause is routinely exploited by the criminal kakocracy*, to gain temporary advantage. All that can be said at this stage is that the entire crisis underwent a 'paradigm shift' yesterday, which we hope to be able to elucidate as soon as the Principals consider it appropriate to do so.

We also have some grave points to make about the disgraceful 'manipulation of expectations' that has been going on, in order to pump up the repeatedly dashed hopes of the victims of financial fraudulence and Ponzi Game operations, that their hopes are not in vain. As usual, CIA 'Black Hats' are behind this Psy-Ops offensive, and their motives, masked by New Age tripe, are highly suspect.

Apart from that, we sincerely hope that your Christmas is peaceful, and that the truth that it stands for is inwardly recognised by those with ears to hear and eyes to see. It was the Soviet terrorist Rakovsky who, while under interrogation during the Stalin purges, confessed that these endless problems 'started' with the birth of Christ. Until the Editor recognised that fact, he had thought that they 'took off' when Satan realised that he had been defeated at the crucifixtion, when the vail of the temple was 'rent in twain', i.e. the Old Testament (or Will) was torn up and replaced by the New Will or Testament. All of which is true. But on deeper reflection, it's obvious that when Jesus Christ came to us 'in the flesh', so that the Lord could be identified and thus more perfectly lead us out of the Darkness, Satan 'freaked'. So, though Rakovsky was a brutal murderer, he did 'redeem' himself by acknowledging this truth which, given that he was of Jewish extraction, he was of course well equipped to do. That is the true meaning of Christmas, if the Editor may humbly say so.
alcuin version of Wantagate ......... updated dec 20th
Sources: here (Civil Action document dated 11.06.07 and Court stamped 20.06.07 - Petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Other Extraordinary Relief: Lee Wanta v. Henry Paulson and others, plus exhibits of germane correspondence - 65 page pdf file); ...
Christopher Story's Global Analysis reports here (01.11.07), here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (11.11.07), here (13.11.07), here (15.11.07), here (18.11.07), here (20.11.07), here (21.11.07), here (22.11.07), here (26.11.07), here (28.11.07), here (29.11.07), here (02.12.07), here (07.12.07), here (08.12.07), here (10.12.07), here (13.12.07) and here (19.12.07);
 Casper Updates here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (16.11.07), here (17.11.07), here (24.11.07), here (25.11.07), here (29.11.07), here (05.12.07), here (06.12.07a), here (06.12.07b), here (07.12.07), here (08.12.07), here (09.12.07), here (15.12.07), here (16.12.07) and here (19.12.07);
The Hal Turner Show (06.11.07); here (07.11.07), here (16.11.07), here (23.11.07), here (12.12.07) and here (20.12.07) ( about the fire)
The Financial Times (London 07.11.07);

The San Francisco Chronicle (USA) here (09.12.07); Associated Press here (12.12.07); Business Week here (12.12.07);
 BBC (London) here (20.12.07)..... (the fire) here (19.12.07) ... ( the fire)
 and here (20.12.07)... (the fire)
( how come ..... the fire is part of wantagate?)
by Ken Welch in Houston
December 14-18, 2007
( Invoice no.1 )
I.  Thanksgiving Firing Signal Was Jammed
II.  False Flag Coincidence?
( Invoice no.2)

III.  Propaganda Streams Suddenly Reverse Direction

Americans who did not know of the critical events that took place (or failed to take place) over the Thanksgiving holiday were baffled to see major changes in the mass media propaganda stream during the following week.  Each failure in the past has triggered changes like this, either to reflect a new plan or simply to create breathing room while a new plan can be devised.  Like the chorus line at the famed Radio City Music Hall , the so-called "news" outlets simply locked arms and pivoted around a central point, ending up facing the opposite direction while still dancing like mad.

" Iran has no nuclear weapons program after all," we were told.

Then, "For no apparent reason, Israel 's government leaders have decided to give up part of Jerusalem and work as quickly as possible to establish an independent nation for Palestinians."

Really?  In exchange for what?

Yes, brothers and sisters, the Ministry of Truth says that Peace Is At Hand.  If you know history, you will recognize this as a rather famous indicator that war is right around the corner.  Yet the essential fact is that both developments were meaningless.  If you ever wondered if the "illuminati" have a sense of humor, here's an interesting tidbit. 
The secret code name for the overall plan that included 9/11 and the destruction of both Iraq and Iran and the theft of their oil is... believe it or not...  "The Middle East Peace Process."

As I'm sure you know, much of what has happened to destroy the U.S. Constitution and remove this country from the rule of law, is facilitated by extraordinary powers granted to the President by an ongoing State of National Emergency .  It was initiated by co-conspirator Bill Clinton and every year Bush signs a brief statement that extends the state of emergency for another year.  They actually publish it each year on the White House web site.  So, you ask, what is the threat to our nation and our way of life that is so great it has required the complete distortion of the rule of law in the United States ?

Answer:  "Threats to the Middle East Peace Process!"

Can you imagine anything more bizarre?  Yet it goes on year after year and no eyebrows are raised.  Obviously, the Middle East Peace Process has little to do with the future of Gaza and the West Bank .  It's much, much larger.  And if you think about it for a moment, you'll realize that the state of Israel is simply following orders from above, as it stage-manages the cartoon-like conflicts between itself and its neighbors.  It is no surprise that they were able to turn on a dime when the propaganda direction changed after Thanksgiving.

The need for a military strike on Iran because of the possibility that Iranians might someday develop a nuclear weapon, has been a constant theme of U.S. internal propaganda programs, since the fall of Baghdad .  But the longer a propaganda theme runs, the greater the number of people who begin to see through it.  Worse, this particular idea was actually in conflict with the actual plans that were put in motion at the same time.  These involve a false-flag nuclear attack that would require a weapon that Iran could not have created in the first place.  So the "discovery" that Iran shut down the program that studied how weapons are made, really gives nothing away but a lie that had outlived its usefulness.

It was no problem to let Bush look stupid for a week or so.  He's happy to do whatever he's told.  That's what the Houston oil cartel is paying him for.  And it also reinforces the deception that Peace Is At Hand.  Behind this smokescreen, however, are the two nuclear warheads that the Navy SEALs brought back from Russia
( NOTE:You know from the first section above, that the White House attempted to trigger one of those weapons near Houston during the Thanksgiving holiday.  We do not know what became of it, but indications are that the White House believes they experienced a communicatons problem and the warhead itself can still be used.
The second warhead is now sitting atop an old SCUD missile somewhere in the empty sands of Iraq and destined to be launched at an Iraqi city in Anbar Province.  Since we don't have a date, or any indications for delay, we must assume that this could happen at any time. )
Chemical and radiological evidence from virtually any event involving nuclear materials, quickly identifies the point of origin and would be difficult to hide in the long run.  That's why I found it interesting to see that the next big lie in the sequence, was already planted many months ago.

A correspondent forwarded an e-mail from a propaganda rag called
Insight Magazine touting an article they had just published.  The article is available only by subscription but the paragraph they used to describe it, says everything you need to know.  It refers to disinformation stories that were circulated earlier this year, and attempts to change them from rumors into facts.  The article itself is a planted disinformation piece, as you can immediately see by the reference to the anonymous "intelligence sources" - your instant I.D. for official disinformation. 
 Here's the bait they dangled for potential subscribers:
"Insight has a bombshell issue this week.  Our cover story is one that directly contradicts this week's National Intelligence Estimate, which concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons development program in 2003.  Intelligence sources tell Insight that not only has Tehran relentlessly pursued a nuclear weapons program, but it already has plutonium-based nukes--six of them in fact.  A sensitive intelligence report given to President Bush says that Iran acquired the nuclear weapons in 1992.  Who sold them to Tehran ?  How has Iran been maintaining and secretly hiding them?  Why is the Bush administration reluctant to disclose this information to the public?  Go to to read all of the important details!"

Believe it or not, this publication bills itself as "the Best Political Intelligence Report on the Planet!" The Insight Online editor, Jeff Kuhner, must laugh all the way to the bank each time the spooks hand him one of these to run through the mill.

By the date provided you can see where this is going.  Iran will be accused of purchasing nukes during the fall of the Soviet Union, and this will explain why the nuclear weapons they will be accused of using, will be identifiable as Soviet-made.  There was no report given to the President, of course.  The article is actually trying to jog your memory of disinfo pieces that were circulated on the web.  If you remember them, you'll recall that the number of nukes they claimed was indeed six.  And for a while there, the super-gullible were being told that six American cities were to be destroyed at any moment.  From our continuous RS surveillance we know that there are only two; one here and one in Iraq .

But check this out: the number of missiles that Navy Intelligence Management attempted to hijack from Minot Air Force Base at the beginning of August was SIX.  Just how strongly do you believe in coincidence these days?
In our series of reports, which I have grouped under the name Iran Invasion Recycled, we have followed a series of incredible events all hidden from public view.  Houston 's agents in the White House and the Pentagon had been planning the next 9/11 for September, 2007, when without much warning, their whole scheme fell to pieces.  Twin disasters had them scrambling for a solution.

A)   In August and September this website revealed so many details about the plan to use phosgene gas as a "weapon of mass destruction" on five American cities, the whole program had to be abandoned.  (See
Report 1, Report 2)

B)   During the same period, General David Petraeus and other military commanders in Iraq informed Houston , via the White House, that the Army had lost control of Anbar Province and the oil fields there, which were the sole objective of the Iraq campaign in the first place.  In investigating the attempted hijackings of two nuclear-armed B-52 bombers from Minot Air Force Base, we learned that Petraeus's solution was to nuke the city of Fallujah, while Bush hinted that the city of Ramadi , the capital of Anbar, would also be hit.

As we pieced the plan together, it was obvious that the attacks would be blamed on Iran .  Since there was no reason for Iran to do such a thing, it could only happen during the first hours of the Iran invasion ... and would be portrayed as a reflexive last gasp by the Iranians - an attempt to hit American bases in Iraq before their missiles were destroyed by enemy action.  Since this was the only moment such a deception might work, the Iran invasion itself would have to be postponed until the nukes were available.  It was this delay that forced the invasion and a false-flag trigger event, to be moved back to the Thanksgiving holiday in late November. ( instead of Sept 2007).

The President cannot simply order his generals to fire nukes at targets in Iraq (or anywhere else) since extraordinary control measures track and massively document everything that happens to a nuclear weapon.  Therefore, the nukes would have to be hijacked, purchased, or obtained in some other off-the-books manner to preserve the long-term secrecy of the plan.  When the Minot AFB hijackings failed, this web site's readers quickly learned about
the SEAL team sent to Russia to obtain nukes under the table, and the fact that two nuclear artillery shells (circa 1950) had been brought back.

Our reporting after this focused on the use of one of those weapons here in the U.S. for the false-flag triggering event.  This has been our highest priority since we discovered the first attempt early last year.  Nonetheless, we recorded many occurrences of the words "nuke" and "missile" that clearly did not relate to the warhead that was to be used in Texas .  The missile reference was somewhat puzzling in itself.  The Fallujah nuke must be detonated in the air to get the most city-killing effect from a small device, but in the confusion surrounding an invasion of Iran , it could simply be dropped by an aircraft and it is unlikely that anyone would challenge the story of a missile.

It soon became apparent, however, that the Pentagon was not going to take the easy path.  If the story required a missile, it seemed they were determined to provide one.  In the sound clip below you will hear a typical reference that, unlike others, provided additional information about the missile itself.  The unconscious mind is often very literal, in a simplistic way, so the phrase "A BIG OLD MISSILE" is probably telling you just what it says: the missile is quite large and it could also be considered old.

Notice that by early November when this particular event took place, Junior(Bush) had already been rocked several times by the reversed speech we had published, had experienced sleepless nights because of it, and was getting nervous about speaking in public.  The donors to our project sure get their money's worth!
Eleven days after the false-flag failure in Texas, Junior was forced to hold a press conference to deal with the report that said Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program.  Many people will remember how badly he seemed to handle the question of why he still thought Iran was a danger.  If their plan succeeds, Junior will be able to say that he knew all along that Iran had purchased Russian nukes long ago, but for some reason he just couldn't say so.

It was a lengthy affair and an obviously exhausted Bush provided so many reversals that at this date we still haven't processed them all.  Unfortunately, several that popped up right away made it clear that the false-flag nuke plan in Iraq was still operational.  Worse, Houston had not given up on invading Iran.  In Junior's mind, the two were still linked.
This caused some urgent debate ( here) , because a key part of the picture seemed to be missing.  If we were to be told that Iran had suddenly elected national suicide by launching a nuke at an American base in Iraq, what possible reason would the Iranians have for doing such a stupid thing?  It was just barely conceivable at Thanksgiving that Iran might be involved with the nuke in Texas as some sort of crazy protest of the Annapolis conference to be held the following week.  Indeed, they test-fired a new longer-range missile on the day the conference opened, an obvious statement.

It took a while, but the answer finally snapped into focus.  We had been fixated on the original story (missile fired while being invaded) and hadn't seen how the story would have to change.  It would not be the Iranians firing the missile.  Instead, it would be Condi Rice's magical Al Qaeda terrorists.  The missile would be launched from some deserted area inside of Iraq (probably leaving a record on someone's radar or a drone's video stream) and the White House would simply claim that Iran had supplied the Russian warhead as part of their support for anti-American terrorism.  That would be all Bush would need, and the invasion of Iran would inexorably follow.

( And as far as Junior was concerned, it couldn't happen a moment too soon.  "IRAQ - WE SHOOT - HURRY, JESUS" all contained within a single short phrase before the press conference even got around to Iran, was pretty scary. )
In the final reversal above, we see the full plan resurfacing after the Thanksgiving failure.  Certainly Junior wants to use the Iraq nuke - it's needed to regain control of Anbar Province - but once again the nuke is merely the trigger for a great battle that must follow, the invasion of Iran.  He has referred to this objective as "the battle" many times, and there's simply no other way to look at it.  This was disappointing because I had hoped that after so many setbacks, and with time running out, Houston might settle for Iraq  .... and leave Iran for another day.

The fact that Junior now describes the missile as a ROCKET and that they were "FUELING IT"  .... pretty much identifies the weapon that is to be used.  The old SCUD missiles, copies of a Russian design based on the original German V2  ...  are indeed larger than more modern weapons, liquid fueled, and certainly available to the U.S. Army that now owns everything Saddam may have left behind.

The existence of the missile was so clear, and Junior's desire to use it so strong, that these reversals led me to reluctantly raise our alert status back to red.  I made the change on December 7, and sent out a notice to all our readers.  However, I didn't feel I could send out a true War Warning  ... without some idea of the intended date.  If it were up to Bush, the missile would have been launched already.  But Bush is a puppet of Houston and has never been allowed to make important decisions.

One interesting discovery in these reversals is "THE TEST - THEY'RE SORRY."  It tells us that we missed something.  Something about our understanding of the sequence of events is probably not quite right, and perhaps we'll find out some day what it was.

V.  Two Confirmations From Iraq

In previous incidents involving the failure of one of these false-flag attack plans, we have seen key players from the administration fanning out around the globe as soon as a new plan is formulated.  In the week following the Annapolis conference, we observed the same pattern.  Secretary of Defense Gates journeyed to Iraq and elsewhere, with the term "surprise visit" continuously popping up in news reports.

In Iraq, none of his "official" business seemed to merit an urgent trip, so it is fair to assume that he was coordinating the new attack plan.  We obtained audio from an appearance in Baghdad and explored it carefully for revealing speech reversals.  RS from Gates is problematic - he's a strange bird and his reversals are often fragmentary.  His voice is odd as well, and tends to break up when you work with it.  Nonetheless the clues were there.

Naturally he stuck with the LIES about positive results in Iraq, which he candidly refers to as a MESS.  The tip-off about a secret operation came early with "I RUN A SLY FEAT."

He also tells us about the current status of the missile on December 5.  SCUDs on their transporters are notoriously hard to find (Experts say we never found any of them in the Gulf War) and "BE UNDER A NET" paints the typical picture.  The missile and it's transporter are out in the desert somewhere, hidden by camouflage netting, waiting for the moment when they will be on center stage.

Although the connection is not strong, "SEE IT" followed by "THEN THE LIE" may be telling us how they plan to orchestrate the attack if the SCUD is to be the centerpiece of the show, and not a covert operation during the invasion.  It would not be difficult to alert the news media that "intelligence sources" had gotten wind of an Al Qaeda missile ploy, send aircraft to pretend to search for it, and relay live video of it being launched just as it is "discovered." Now that would be terrific television!  ....

 Where, oh where, will it land?  What kind of warhead is it carrying?  How many will die tonight?
After much hunting, a correspondent located a brief interview with General David Petraeus that seemed to be filmed the following day.  General "Betray-Us" also mentions the missile and the deception that is being put in motion.  His RS indicates that he is running the SCUD missile operation, and we learn that the old Russian nuke, in its current incarnation, arrived already built into a complete nose-cone assembly for the SCUD.

"TERROR MY LIE" could refer to the whole Iraq theater in which U.S. mercenaries and intelligence agents posing as Arabs (ordered to cease operations in late September) and Iraqi resistance fighters are all lumped together as terrorists.  However, it is obvious that it is the false-flag missile attack that is on his mind, - - - - so we can assume this refers to the claim that the SCUD will be fired by Al Qaeda if it is to be a stand-alone event.  An "ARMY BASE," almost certainly camp Falcon, will be suggested as the "terrorists" target.

I am very concerned about the word "DOSE" appearing in this context, along with the later mention of the "RAD METER." A Rad meter, or radiation counter, is like the old Geiger Counter, a device for measuring nuclear radiation or radioactive exposure levels.  Apparently, Petraeus has been looking at one as the Army secretly prepares to issue them for the new nuclear environment.  I'm concerned that Petraeus has decided to sacrifice U.S. soldiers at the Falcon base by knowingly exposing them to radiation injury or death.  Although the missile will be sent to it's true target (we believe Fallujah), wind direction at the time will tell us if the Falcon base was deliberately dosed to make the story look good.

It is said that he has expressed the ambition to become President some day.  He clearly worships POWER and seems to be in a hurry to advance his version.  Can you imagine our current situation made even worse with Betray-Us in the White House as some kind of uniformed El Supremo?  Wouldn't that be a nightmare!


VI.  Summary - A Time Of Extreme Danger

We have now followed both of the two Russian nukes that were brought back by the SEAL team in early October.  You know from the first section (1st invoice) above, that the White House attempted to trigger one of those weapons near Houston during the Thanksgiving holiday.  We do not know what became of it, but indications are that the White House believes they experienced a communicatons problem and the warhead itself can still be used.
The second warhead is now sitting atop an old SCUD missile somewhere in the empty sands of Iraq and destined to be launched at an Iraqi city in Anbar Province.  Since we don't have a date, or any indications for delay, we must assume that this could happen at any time.  The claim that the missile was fired by terrorists supplied by Iran would be sufficient in itself to trigger an invasion of that country and the seizure of the world's second largest proven oil reserves.

The Houston-based oil cartel that owns the White House and thereby controls the full military might of the United States, is now in the best position it has ever been to achieve its objectives.  They have not one, but two nukes to play with, thereby creating a redundancy they've never had before.  They can return to the Thanksgiving scenario or go with the Iraq missile all by itself.  They clearly place no significance on the fact they've been successfully blocked in this endeavor four times in a row.

At the time of this writing, each new day is just that more likely to be the day the balloon goes up.  However, we are fast approaching Christmas.  The lure of dates that reinforce the illusion of religious war is known to be almost irresistible to Houston, which can use that concept to go from Iraq, to Iran, to Sudan and more in a succession of resource grabs completely cloaked by illusion.

The only thing to do now ...  is wait - and keep an ear open for any reversals that deal with timing.


( No Rest For The Wicked, from

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The Lakota Indians, who gave the world legendary warriors Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, have withdrawn from treaties with the United States, leaders said Wednesday.

"We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us," long-time Indian rights activist Russell Means told a handful of reporters and a delegation from the Bolivian embassy, gathered in a church in a run-down neighborhood of Washington for a news conference.

A delegation of Lakota leaders delivered a message to the State Department on Monday, announcing they were unilaterally withdrawing from treaties they signed with the federal government of the United States, some of them more than 150 years old.

They also visited the Bolivian, Chilean, South African and Venezuelan embassies, and will continue on their diplomatic mission and take it overseas in the coming weeks and months, they told the news conference.

Lakota country includes parts of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.      r-comm
America will keep on wrecking climate talks as long as those with vested interests in oil and gas ...  fund its political system
 (...) Well it was published on December 11 - I mean to say, December 11 1997. The US had just put a wrecking ball through the Kyoto protocol. George Bush was innocent; he was busy executing prisoners in Texas.

 Its climate negotiators were led by Albert Arnold Gore.
The European Union had asked for greenhouse gas cuts of 15% by 2010. Gore's team drove them down to 5.2% by 2012. Then the Americans did something worse: they destroyed the whole agreement.
Most of the other governments insisted that the cuts be made at home. But Gore demanded a series of loopholes big enough to drive a Hummer through. The rich nations, he said, should be allowed to buy their cuts from other countries. When he won, the protocol created an exuberant global market in fake emissions cuts. The western nations could buy "hot air" from the former Soviet Union. Because the cuts were made against emissions in 1990, and because industry in that bloc had subsequently collapsed, the former Soviet Union countries would pass well below the bar. Gore's scam allowed them to sell the gases they weren't producing to other nations. He also insisted that rich nations could buy nominal cuts from poor ones. Entrepreneurs in India and China have made billions by building factories whose primary purpose is to produce greenhouse gases, so that carbon traders in the rich world will pay to clean them up.

The result of this sabotage is that the market for low-carbon technologies has remained moribund. Without an assured high value for carbon cuts, without any certainty that government policies will be sustained, companies have continued to invest in the safe commercial prospects offered by fossil fuels rather than gamble on a market without an obvious floor.

By ensuring that the rich nations would not make real cuts, Gore also guaranteed that the poor ones scoffed when we asked them to do as we don't.
( ..) In both cases, the US demanded terms that appeared impossible for the other nations to accept. Before Kyoto, the other negotiators flatly rejected Gore's proposals for emissions trading. So his team threatened to sink the talks. The other nations capitulated, but the US still held out on technicalities until the very last moment, when it suddenly appeared to concede. In 1997 and in 2007 it got the best of both worlds: it wrecked the treaty and was praised for saving it.In both cases, the US demanded terms that appeared impossible for the other nations to accept. Before Kyoto, the other negotiators flatly rejected Gore's proposals for emissions trading. So his team threatened to sink the talks. The other nations capitulated, but the US still held out on technicalities until the very last moment, when it suddenly appeared to concede. In 1997 and in 2007 it got the best of both worlds: it wrecked the treaty and was praised for saving it.
There are still two years to go, but so far the new agreement is even worse than the Kyoto protocol. It contains no targets and no dates. A new set of guidelines also agreed at Bali extend and strengthen the worst of Gore's trading scams, the clean development mechanism.

Benn and the other dupes are cheering and waving their hats as the train leaves the station at last, having failed to notice that it is travelling in the wrong direction.

So why, regardless of the character of its leaders, does the US act this way? Because, like several other modern democracies, it is subject to two great corrupting forces. I have written before about the role of the corporate media - particularly in the US - in downplaying the threat of climate change and demonising anyone who tries to address it. I won't bore you with it again, except to remark that at 3pm eastern standard time on Saturday, there were 20 news items on the front page of the Fox News website. The climate deal came 20th, after "Bikini-wearing stewardesses sell calendar for charity" and "Florida store sells 'Santa Hates You' T-shirt".

Let us consider instead the other great source of corruption: campaign finance. The Senate rejects effective action on climate change because its members are bought and bound by the companies that stand to lose. When you study the tables showing who gives what to whom, you are struck by two things.
One is the quantity. Since 1990, the energy and natural resources sector - mostly coal, oil, gas, logging and agribusiness - has given $418m to federal politicians in the US. Transport companies have given $355m.

The other is the width: the undiscriminating nature of this munificence. The big polluters favour the Republicans, but most of them also fund Democrats. The whole US political system is in hock to people who put their profits ahead of the biosphere.

So don't believe all this nonsense about waiting for the next president to sort it out. This is a much bigger problem than George Bush.  Until the American people confront their political funding system, their politicians will keep speaking from the pocket, not the gut.

Comment: Not afraid but excited??? Are they nuts?
Comment: While no one is looking, the forces of globalization are trying again their dirty war based on the 'Divide and Conquer' principle. It worked so well in Iraq, why shouldn't it be applied everywhere?

The strikes targeted Islamic Jihad, which has stepped up its launches of low-grade Qassam rockets into Israel in recent weeks.

Islamic Jihad threatened to respond with suicide bombings inside Israel, which have come to a virtual halt over the past year.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, charges that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sold "the souls of our Palestinian fighters with millions of dollars in Paris," says Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman.
"These massacres ...have revealed ... the real face of the Israeli enemy's occupation," he says. "The real purpose behind Paris is that they give Abbas money and allow the Israeli enemy to commit his crimes freely.... There will be an escalation in resistance...."

Related Stories

Michel Sabbah, the Holy Land's Roman Catholic leader, said in his annual Christmas message that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had unleashed "forces of evil" across the Middle East and it was up to Israel to make a relaunched peace process work.
Fire in a White House Office Building.

Thick smoke is billowing from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington this morning, across the street from the West Wing of the White House, and flames were visible in an office suite on the third floor.
Comment: In other words its a sham - Democrats don't want a timed troop withdrawal. Which just happens to be the position of current Presidential front runner Hillary Clinton. Who, as it also happens, is quoted recently by sources as saying that "if she is elected and reelected, she expects to have troops in Iraq at the end of her second term." That's ten years. by Tom Barry

Privatizing War Abroad, Invading Privacy at Home
by Eva Liddell 

by Sonja Karkar

(same text in icke's page)

Comment: Ridiculous! 555 billion dollars is a sign of undermining the war effort? Congress is right behind the war and will undoubtedly support supplementary funds later on as usual.

Comment: The product of a capitalist system, where basic infrastructure is privatized out, and all the money is spent on endless war campaigns in the name of "freedom and democracy". Words that ring very hollow when the pink colored glasses have been removed.
Comment: Endless money from "both" sides of politics for endless wars, but no money for health, education or infrastructure.

Bush's approval depends on Senate Republicans succeeding, later this week, in adding up to $40 billion for U.S. troops in Iraq.

"We're making some pretty good progress toward coming up with a fiscally sound budget, one that meets priorities, helps on some emergencies and enables us to say that we've been fiscally sound with the people's money," Bush said Monday.

Comment: What!?! Fiscally sound? Creating a collapse of the global economic system and continuing is fiscally sound. Maybe, but not for the average person. Only those in the top elite, who are creaming the money from selling military hardware and surveillance systems.

Comment: Is this a diversionary tactic designed to lead the limelight away from the influence that the Zionist lobby has in the US?

Houston Chronicle TX

As we pass through the season of toy recalls into the season of Christmas consumerism, none of the presidential candidates on either side of the aisle have focused on a singular issue that would send a powerful signal of commitment to protecting Americans. The question of ensuring the security of Americans from the hazards to their health contained in hundreds of consumer products hangs like a ripe fruit for any candidate willing to pick it.

Who is out there protecting Americans from these hidden hazards? The answer: practically nobody.
We now know what happens when illegal substances like lead are integrated into toys and shipped to the United States from China: They slip into the country past the eviscerated Consumer Product Safety Commission, whose sole toy inspector spends most of his time making sure toys don't break in children's hands, rather than assessing the toxic substances that may enter into their bodies. (continued...)

by Mark Shapiro

Wednesday, 19 December 2007
Bill Clinton: George H.W. Bush will help President Hillary

'Former President Bill Clinton said Monday that the first thing his wife Hillary will do when she reaches the White House is dispatch him and his predecessor, President George H.W. Bush, on an around-the-world mission to repair the damage done to America's reputation by the current president — Bush's son, George W. Bush.'

Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton : Two Families, Three Decades In The White House, The Very Best Of Friends

'Hillary Clinton likes to give the impression that she stands utterly opposed to President George W. Bush, and that she believes he has ruined the United States during his seven years in power. But it's all a lie.'

 Wednesday, 19 December 2007
Daddy Bush Makes Skull and Bones Pilgrimage

'The practices of Bonesmen have been scoffed at by the establishment as frat boy tomfoolery for decades but robbing graves, kissing skulls, masturbating in coffins and performing mock sacrifices is exactly the kind of behavior you'd expect from an Ed Gein or Charlie Manson, and not the people with their finger on the nuclear button.'

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

NASCO: Ron Paul Is 'Confused' About NAFTA Superhighway

'[NASCO] has received $250 million in earmarks from the U.S. Department of Transportation to adapt existing roads as part of one NAFTA trade corridor. Reports indicate that proposals include a 10-lane limited-access road (five lanes in each direction) plus passenger and freight rail lines running alongside pipelines laid for oil and natural gas. One glance at the map of the NAFTA Super Highway as produced by NASCO makes clear that the design is to connect Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. into one transportation system.'

 North America's SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO), often referred to as a principle player in the proposal for a "NAFTA superhighway", has hit out at presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, branding him as "confused" and stating that it's business "has nothing to do with any of his concerns" over the increasing move towards a North American Union. In a letter published in the Des Moines Register, NASCO's executive director, Tiffany Melvin, J.D., responds to a piece penned by Ron Paul last November, entitled Renew Devotion to Freedom, Limited Government,.........., in which the Congressman referred to the proposed NAFTA highway, stating:.......(...)...

(  see Tom-heneghan  about Des Moines Register )
 Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ron Paul Surpasses Fund Raising Record

'On the 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters have set two fund raising records --- one for the Internet and a second for most raised in 24 hours. As 24 hours approach on the West Coast, Paul supporters bested John Kerry’s fund raising record from 2004 when $5.7 million was added in 24 hours. After their “Tea Party” money bomb, Dr. Paul has $6.4 million and counting. And, Paul donations again set a 24 hour internet record.

Huntington WV 25701
more fw10
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 12:26 AM

Subject: Re: Lakota movement

Yes, Duane Martin Sr. will be here this week-end. RussellMeans and Duane Martin Sr.'s  Strongheart Society is sponsoring this Saturday's powwow over in council Bluffs.

The intent of the trip to Washington was to reject the Fort Laramie Treaty since
it has been broken repeatedly by the U.S.

BENEFIT POWWOW  (see brochure below)
Lakota Freedom Media Release

Lakota Sioux Movement: Strong Heart BENEFIT

Impeach VP Cheney Petition .... by Wexler

The Return of the White Buffalo Calf Woman

People from across the continent of North America have seen White Buffalo Woman in sweats, dreams etc.

She is here in Canada ( in Alberta), remember there were no borders, no division of our people 2000 years ago.  Our people need her to reconnect with Mother Earth and their Spirituality.

The legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman says that she would return in 2000 years.  That time is now and she is back in the physical.


Written December, 2000 Updated on 12/22/07

by Patrick H. Bellringer


In the Lighted Realms long ago, four great Masters surveyed the many celestial planets of the cosmos, and were dismayed at the ever-increasing darkness of one planet called Earth Shan. They agreed that together they would try again to bring Light into the darkness of Shan. So a contract was written and signed, under the supervision of the Rainbow Masters and with the blessing of God Aton of Light.

In the course of history on Shan, a third dimensional planet, the jail planet for Lucifer/Satan, a group of people came from Orion and gave their freewill over to Satan, the god of darkness on Shan. They were known as the Serpent People. These Serpent People feared the Light and endeavored to overcome all Light on Shan with their darkness. Thus, they destroyed an entire nation of enlightened humans known as Sumarians, and claimed the Sumarian history as their own to fool Shan�s peoples.

In the proper sequence of cosmic events a baby Sumarian girl was born according to Lighted contract. She was birthed into a family in the country of Galilee, and lived her childhood there with her Judean family. ( ...)

The Judeans were peasant people as were all their surrounding small neighbor nations. At one time they had been conquered by Syria and now paid tax to the Syrians. A foreign power known as the Roman Empire had recently conquered the entire region including Syria and controlled all the people through trade and taxation. Periodically, a census was demanded by the Roman government to count the number of people under their control, and at the same time a tax was assessed upon each family. The Romans maintained control over their vast empire by using governors within each subservient nation, who were of the same nationality and race as the people they governed. The same was true for the tax collectors. Therefore, these governors and tax collectors were seen as traitors by the people and were fiercely hated.( ...).

During her engagement Mary had a most unusual encounter with a being of the Lighted Realms. Archangel Gabriel met with Mary and discussed with her the contract they had made prior to her return to Shan in her present lifestream. Through her God-Spirit within, Mary remembered that she was to bear a son, who would become a great Truthbringer and bring Light to Shan once again. So it was that Mary was impregnated by Archangel Gabriel and conceived a son.( ...) He wished no harm or shame to come to Mary either, so he decided to quietly break their marriage engagement.

That very evening as he was struggling with his God-Spirit within, Archangel Gabriel came to him.( ...) Joseph was stunned and wept as he began to remember his own contract with the Lighted Realms. ( ...) Mary and Joseph were soon married and lived with peace and joy in their hearts in spite of the gossip and rejection by the people, and even that of their own families.( ...)It was again the time of taxation by Rome.................. (...) so Joseph and Mary had to travel ninety miles by donkey from their home in Nazareth, Galilee to Joseph's birthplace of Bethlehem, Judea. (...) Gossip was everywhere, and Joseph keenly felt the ridicule from natives and travelers alike.(...) And happen it did! Mary gave birth to her first child, a son, that night. She wrapped him in the blankets they had brought, and placed him in one of the empty cow mangers. Joseph and Mary had great joy and peace within ( ...). In spite of the ridicule and hardship, their marriage had survived because they were both enlightened, and understood and followed their inner guidance. ( ...)

Suddenly, Joseph heard voices and he could see several people coming along the pathway to the cowbarn. (...) He was none other than the old man who had allowed Joseph to use his cowbarn. He explained to Joseph that these men had insisted on talking with Joseph and his wife, now. They would not wait until morning.( ...)

Earlier that evening at nearly the same time that Esu was born, these men were sitting on a hill over-looking Bethlehem. They were watching their sheep settle down for the night. The sheep dogs were lying quietly by the campfire. Suddenly, the whole sky lit up as a lighted disc-shaped object came out of the star-lit sky and landed on a nearby hill. They were terrified as a man of blinding Light came toward them. The whole hillside was bright as day, but the sheep and the dogs never moved or made any sound. All was an eerie silence and bright with White Light. Then the man of Light spoke to them.

He told them not to be afraid, and that he brought good news. He said this good news would make the people joyful, because at this very moment a child was being born in a cowbarn in Bethlehem. He would become a great Truthbringer and present again the Laws of God and of Creation to the people. Thus, the people would learn again how to stand against their evil controllers and to create their own pathway of hope and joy and peace.

For more:



110 firemen and 17 fire trucks on scene. (Went to full second alarm)

Ladder truck with ladder extended into second floor of Eisenhower Old Executive Office Building.

Fire erupted in electrical closet next to Vice President's Ceremonial Office.

 I wonder what records were conveniently destroyed by this fire?

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Yes, you too can steal an election as evidence emerges on how easily new computer voting machines can be amnipulated.
December 20, 2007

White House Attack Leaves Cheney Offices In Flames
Russian Security Analyst reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that the offices of one of the United States top War Leaders, Vice President Richard Cheney, came under assault by ‘unknown’ US Military assailants who in retreating before what has been described as ‘withering fire’ from Secret Service Agents assigned to protect Cheney literally ‘blew up’ the Vice Presidents office complex.
Propaganda reports from US media organs, however, are reporting on this reported attack as being a ‘fire’ only, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled, "Two-Alarm Fire Hits Cheney's Office in White House Compound"..............(...)....

Russian economists are quick to point out, that with the prospect of the Western banking system collapsing, coupled with the shocking rise of oil prices, and now the prospect of Global food shortages, the United States is left with little leverage to protect itself other than its vast military might, and, which many believe is leading the US towards an inevitable conflict with the East in its quest for survival.

To the American people, however, the imminent dangers they are facing are being kept from them as they are consumed by the trivial populist media trash that is being fed to them on an hourly basis, but which does nothing to help them in preparing for the catastrophic events that are soon to overtake them.

And, as the US War Leaders accelerate their battles between their various factions, the World today stands closer to the abyss than in any other time since the outbreak of World War II.
December 20, 2007
Putin Threatens Recognition of Breakaway US Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe
Reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that an enraged President Putin has ordered Russian Foreign Ministry Officials to begin the processes needed for Russia to recognize the Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe as an independent Nation, and who have now broken away from the United States by renouncing their treaties with their occupiers, and as we can read as reported by the AFP News Service:

Putin’s anger, according to these reports, is based upon the United States engineering of the failure of United Nations talks on the Serbian breakaway province of Kosovo which is seeking independence, and which, according to Russian experts, will lead to an ‘uncontrollable crisis’ throughout the Balkans.  
Putin was reported to have told one of his top aides that ‘two can play at this game’, in an obvious reference to the American President whom President Putin blames as being behind the machinations to increase instability along Russia’s borders with Eastern Europe.

Russian legal experts further state that of all of the United States Indian Tribes, the Lakota Sioux are the best positioned to have their declaration of independence from the American government recognized by the United Nations as they remain the only indigenous peoples in the US to have refused to accept payment for their lands, estimated to be nearly $1 billion, which they consider their ‘sacred grounds’ and have stated they would never relinquish.

It is, also, interesting to note that the Lakota Sioux are credited with one of the American Indians greatest defeat of US Military Forces in the Indian Wars by defeating the US Civil War Hero George Armstrong Custer and his Seventh Calvary in June, 1876 at the battle of Little Big Horn.

With these latest events, and with Russia as a potential new ally, one can only wonder if these long suffering and resilient Indians can once again defeat their age old enemies residing in the corridors of power in Washington D.C.

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15 Dec 2007
BREAKING: Hillary and her latest lesbian lover,
plus Bush three-way tryst with Victor and Vicki
News and Politics
. . .

CLOSETED lesbian lovers
Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

It can now be reported that the LA Times is sitting on a major story, which involves unelectable Hillary LESBIAN IN-THE-CLOSET
Rodenhurst Clinton's current lesbian lover IN-THE-CLOSET.

The name of Hillary's lesbian lover is a former Clinton White House intern Huma Abedin.


Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres
with Huma Abedin in the background

CLOSETED Hillary Clinton with her lesbian lover Huma Abedin in the doorway

Huma, who has spent the weekends with the former First Lady since her election to the U.S. Senate, now
 answers the phone on a daily basis when one calls Hillary's D.C. residence.

CLOSETED Hillary Clinton's lesbian lover
Huma Abedin
waits for her in the shadows

Huma, who first surfaced as a 1996 Clinton White House intern, is of Indian and Pakistani descent,
originally relocated from Saudi Arabia
to Kalamazoo , Michigan in the 1980s.
CLOSETED lesbian Hillary Clinton's lesbian lover
and ISRAELI MOSSAD agent Huma Abedin


ISRAELI MOSSAD agent Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton.


Credit: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

lesbian lovers

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

Note: Huma also served the purpose of replacing Hillary's previous White House whore, the noted Susan.

President Clinton with George Stephanopoulos and Leon Panetta

Reference: Susan, a bisexual, also serviced other White House officials including President Clinton,
George Stephanopoulos and Leon Panetta.

She infected almost all of them with the herpes venereal disease.


At this hour the compromised and blackmailed Washington D.C. extortion-friendly IN-THE-CLOSET
media elite is covering up this story as they all now face a massive "OUTING", which will expose
all of them as pathetic, spineless cowards who have allowed sexual indiscretion and perversion,
 extortion and blackmail to almost destroy the American Republic and reduce the United States
to third world status.
Reference: The unelectable Hillary Witch ILLEGALLY holds 500 stolen FBI background investigation
files as an insurance policy to protect her IN-THE-CLOSET lesbian status.

It is now clear that Hillary ILLEGALLY possesses  the
 personal FBI files of her opponents Senator Barack Obama,
 Democrat of Illinois, and former Senator John Edwards,
 Democrat of North Carolina.

One can only state that Washington D.C. is a gigantic cesspool of political and media filth.

One of the reasons for the pathological opposition to then Vice President, now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.,
by the disease-ridden Washington D.C. media filth, was the fact that he and his beautiful wife Tipper and his wonderful
family despised and hated this cesspool of garbage and immorality.

Note: In December of 1994, after the unelectable Hillary blew out the Democratic majority in Congress,
then Vice President Gore's wife, Tipper, punched out the lesbian First Lady Hillaryafter Hillary
 decorated the White House Christmas tree with satanic symbols and deviate sexual ornaments.

This confrontation eventually led Hillary to criminally obtain and possess the FBI files
 of both Al and Tipper.

P.S. Paris Match magazine in France is debating whether to go with a story that has been censored
 for years in the United States .


CLOSETED homosexual Bushfraud enjoying his youth
as a cheerleader and in drag

Bushfraud's life long male sweetheart Victor Ashe

 CLOSETED George W. Bush's lifelong male lover
and Yale classmate Victor Ashe

The story involves then George W. Bush and his lifelong sweetheart, Victor Ashe, now Ambassador to Poland . 
The story details Bush and his Yale classmate, Victor Ashe, along with black Las Vegas prostitute Vicki Morgan in a
three-way sexual tryst in a Chatanooga, Tennessee motel in 1984.  Reference

The three-way sexual tryst involved the domineering mistress Vicki Morgan reacting to then young Bushfraud biting
her on the buttocks by beating up Bush with her purse while Bush's gay lover, Victor Ashe, cowered in the corner.



with her "handler" and chief fundraiser



Haim Saban with Ariel Sharon


Haim Saban with Israeli Shimon Peres, Ted Koppel
and Bill Clinton

P.P.S. Hillary's vote to declare Iran's Military a terrorist organization was nothing more than MOSSAD agent Hillary taking
orders from her handler and chief fundraiser ZIONIST and Khazarian Jew Haim Saban.

The resolution sponsored by Senator Kyl of Arizona and Senator Lieberman of Connecticut was nothing
 more than a back door vote to authorize Bushfraud to start another illegal war in the Middle East .

Israeli MOSSAD asset Senator Joseph Lieberman


Item: It can now be reported that MOSSAD asset Joseph Lieberman, the running mate of duly elected
President Gore in the year 2000, actually conspired with Bush Family crony and MOSSAD bagman Mel
Sembler (fundraiser for Scooter Libby's defense)
to stop the re-count of Albert Gore's votes in the year
2000 contested presidential election, i.e. the coup d' 'etat.

Scumbag and ratfink Lieberman also was aware of the Bay Point School project in Florida initiated over
a year prior to the year 2000 presidential election to eliminate over 50,000 African-Americans from
the voter roles
in the State of Florida , i.e. ChoicePoint software.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!

Why is the MOSSAD-RIDDLED NSA preventing the viewing of these pics?


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, with

MEGA ISRAELI MOSSAD agent Rahm Emanuel

P.P.P.S. At this hour MOSSAD agent and Bush-Clinton Crime Family conspirator, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi,
continues to obstruct justice and stonewall a complete and full investigation of Bush's criminal use of the Patriot Act
 to illegally fire U.S. Attorneys and specifically the case involving Karl Rove and former Democratic Governor of Alabama,
Don Siegelman.

Don Siegelman

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate co-conspirators
Brent Wilkes and Kyle "Dusty" Foggo

Pelosi is also afraid of the Brent Wilkes-Kyle "Dusty" Foggo case out of San Diego , which connects the dots on the
Bush-Clinton-Iran/Contra-Mena, Arkansas-America Global China drugs and arms trafficking-9/11 connection.
One final note folks to my fellow Democrats voting in the Iowa caucus: Do not listen to any of CNN and Wolf Blitzer's
propaganda about who is electable and who is not.
It is very simple.  For the last forty years:
If you do not come from the South as a Democrat,
you do not go to the House.

NOTICE: Occasionally the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled NSA and FBI Division 5 invade
 this intelligence blog changing images, pictures and phraseology for the purpose of trying to keep you,
 the American People, ill-informed.

So be patient folks, every time they break the law we log and record.  We promise you that we will
 continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution
 in the 21st Century and annihilate them.

16 Dec 2007

correction BREAKING: Endorsement-Gate is Unelectable Hillary-Gate
News and Politics

correction to original posting on the names Carol Hunter and Carolyn Washburn

. . .  

It can now be reported that the endorsement of unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton was leaked
( to her campaign on December 15th at 5:00 p.m. CST) ....

 by Des Moines Register editor Carol Hunter.
( picture)

Carol Hunter

Des Moines Register

Within 30 minutes CNN reported that unelectable Hillary would hold a teleconference
in Iowa on Sunday, December 16th.
Clearly CNN was a party to the leaked endorsement to Hillary.

A teleconference is a major press media event.

It can also be reported that the Des Moines Register editorial board is also covering up the ongoing lesbian
affair between Hillary and Huma Abedin



Credit: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Hillary's firewall on the Des Moines Register editorial board is Assistant Editor and lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET
Carolyn Washburn.

Carolyn Washburn
Des Moines Register

P.S. The endorsement of unelectable Hillary was also leaked to homosexual IN-THE-CLOSET Charlie Cook of the
Cook political report, i.e. The Hotline.

Cook, a Republican, specializes in publishing BOGUS polls on behalf of unelectable Hillary and other
northeastern patsy Democrats over the years.

Remember folks, as a Democrat over the last forty years if you don't come from the South you will not go to the House.
Reminder: Homosexuals and lesbians in-the-closet are major threats to national security being subject to blackmail,
extortion and espionage.

We wish all the readers
of this intelligence blog
Merry Christmas
NOTICE: Occasionally the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled NSA and FBI Division 5 invade this
 intelligence blog changing images, pictures and phraseology for the purpose of trying to keep you, the American
People, ill-informed.

So be patient folks, every time they break the law we log and record.  We promise you that we
will continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution
in the 21st Century and annihilate them.

- - -  

NOTE IMPORTANTE : Suite aux très nombreuses demandes qui nous sont parvenues à la suite de la mise en
 ligne de notre dernier communiqué (Cf. lien ci-dessous), le site restera finalement ouvert et accessible jusqu'au
30 juin 2008
. Les mises en ligne de nouveaux articles seront cependant interrompues à compter du
1er janvier 2008, en attendant que le site renaisse éventuellement sous une nouvelle forme.

Merci à tous de vos émouvants témoignages.

Bien fraternellement,

Olivier – 7 décembre 2007

Taxe de Carbone CO2 proposée en urgence à la conférence sur le climat de l'ONU à Bali. Que vous disais-je ?
La vraie raison de la théorie du réchauffement climatique causé par l'homme : une taxe universelle de 40 milliards/année.
Une autre théorie de la conspiration qui malheureusement deviendra une farce et imposture coûteuse. De nombreux
critiques déplorent que l’imposition de cette nouvelle taxe soit plus importante à ses promoteurs que l’exactitude de
leur science. Anglais.
Plus de 100 scientifiques renommés avertissent l'ONU des efforts futiles du contrôle du réchauffement climatique.

À Bali, la conférence sur le climat rencontra beaucoup d'opposition à l'hypothèse du réchauffement climatique dû à l'activité humaine. Cependant, c'est une raison de plus de dépolluer la planète le plus tôt possible et pas seulement l'air que nous respirons, mais les eaux et les terres.

NOUVEAU CHEZ NENKI ! VOUS POUVEZ MAINTENANT UTILISER PAYPAL pour faire tous vos achats sur le site. Rapide et sécuritaire.
Formidable pour les gens de la Belgique ou de la Suisse ou d'ailleurs dans le monde.
Je vous conseille d'aller faire un tour sur les derniers articles de Pierre de Châtillon.
Textes: 19sept = = 19oct = = 14nov + 21nov. = =­>

Ci-dessous texte du 22 décembre,
et plus bas,  texte du 23 décembre 2007, en 2 parties.
PIERRE  De Châtillon
22 décembre 2007:
Il n’y a que deux façons de dominer une bête. La première est de lui opposer un animal plus fort encore, qui l’assommera de
 sa toute puissance. La seconde est de lui opposer une bête minuscule, qui s’en régalera tout en proliférant.
À 10,000 ans d’avantages sur quiconque, la première méthode est vouée à l’échec.
Pour la seconde, je vous ai concocté un virus.
Je crois qu’il est bon, vous en serez juge.

Comme tout virus, il ne fonctionnera que s’il se multiplie et se répand, le plus vite possible, partout, dans toutes les langues et les cultures.
Et ceci ne m’appartient plus.
Pour ma part, j’ai déjà tué leur plan, en lisant ce que les auteurs d’origines en disaient et non les interprètes de service.
 Pour ma part, j’ai déjà tué leur plan, en vous donnant ceci, sans en demander quoi que ce soit en retour.

C’était le prix à payer.

En dépit du fait que je n’ai jamais parlé de tout ceci à personne, sachez que c’était attendu!
Plus mon choix maintenant, c’est le vôtre !
Avec respect,
Pierre De Châtillon

J’estime que tout ceci prendra un tournant critique aux alentours du 21 au 30 décembre 2007 et se poursuivra selon
 le calendrier des évènements, tel que défini par l’astrocalendrier de Washington DC, pour les 20 prochaines années.
Texte du 21 novembre:
Si mes paroles vous ont parfois surpris, elle n’y manqueront pas cette fois encore.

Nous n’avons plus beaucoup de temps. Ce que j’ai à dire, doit être dit maintenant et vous devrez prendre des décisions
et poser des gestes sur les prétentions d’un individus qui prétend. Si au moins j’avais une quelconque expérience de ce
dont je parle. Et si au moins ces évènements se produisaient aux 50 ans. Et si au moins les livres publiques avaient
retenu autre chose qu’un blanc, les choses seraient beaucoup plus faciles.

Mais non ! Rien de tout ceci. Ce n’était simplement pas dans l’ordre des choses.

Adulte au dos argenté, j’ai suffisamment lu dans ma vie pour posséder une opinion rationnelle sur tout. Une opinion
 raisonnée, pragmatique, le gros bon sens. Un édifice du savoir solide, construit avec patience et opiniâtreté. Au fil des
décennies, je me suis cristallisé dans une certitude du savoir. Ce modèle, qui représente ce qu’il y a d’important à
savoir de mon environnement pour vivre et survivre, a atteint sa maturité. Non pas que j’étais devenu inflexible,
mais si les détails pouvaient changer, le fondement était solide quelque soit le domaine.
Lorsque dans ma quête passionnée sur le climat j’ai réalisé que Platon était en train d’expliquer le fonctionnement
des cycles du climat par l’alignement des grosses planètes de notre système solaire ; quand j’ai réalisé que ce type-là
 avait tout à fait raison et que l’astrologie fonctionnait, je vais vous confier que je suis tombé sur le cul.

De Châtillon............21-nov.2007


Texte du 14 novembre
Si vous lisez ceci et que vous en comprenez toute la portée, j’occuperai le centre de vos pensées pour les mois à venir.
Non pas que je sois important, mais ce que j’écris l’est.
« Avant 1979, il n’y avait jamais eu de tueries d’écoles. Entre 1979 et 2007, il y a eu 101 tueries d’écoles et 91%
d’entre elles se sont produites sur le territoire américain. 20 tueries d’écoles ont eu lieu dans les 10 premiers mois de 2007 seulement.

Les prochaines semaines seront infernales.

Votre propre vie risque fort de devenir un enfer au cours des prochaines semaines.
En voici les raisons.

De Châtillon...................14 nov. 2007


TEXTE du 19 octobre
Prophétie de Jean de Jérusalem, un des fondateurs de l'ordre des templiers.
Ce texte est la meilleure description des évènements à venir qu’il m’ait été donné de lire. Les cléfs dissimulées dans le texte, m’interdisent tout doute raisonnable.

Il rassemble dans une même description l’ensemble des évènements qui nous affecteront dans les prochains 23 ans, moment ou se termineront les grands effets de la crise géoclimatique. En ceci, ce calendrier respecte parfaitement celui de Washington DC et de Nostradamus.

De plus, il ajoute 10 années supplémentaires qui décrivent ce que sera la situation à la sortie de cette crise.


De Châtillon...................... 19 0ct 2007


Texte du 19 septembre
Beaucoup de recherches seront encore nécessaires pour comprendre la portée fondamentale de ce qui est décrit dans les Fondations.
Un savoir qui fut caché pour éviter qu’il ne tombe dans les mains de manants et de barbares comme vous, comme moi, mais qui du même coup s’est retrouvé dans les mains d’une élite. Depuis, il n’a jamais changé de main.
Si l’astroclimat est la connaissance des coups d’accélérateurs à l’avance, les fondations sont à la fois le moteur, la transmission, le châssis et les roues.
Le 28 Octobre 1886, le Président Grover Cleveland accepta la statue de la Liberté au nom des États-Unis. Dans un discours intitulé « Mots choisis avec précaution » il disait :
« Nous n’oublierons ni que la Liberté a fait sa demeure ici; ni que son autel ne doit jamais être négligée. »
J’ajouterai que s’il est possible de se remettre d’une catastrophe, cet homme fait une allusion aussi directe qu’il lui est permit de faire, à une catastrophe dont rien ne se remet.

De Châtillon......................... 19 sept 2007

......... violet .......

........ craindre .....

................ prophéties .......

Texte du 23 décembre
La fleur d’Ys (Fleur de Lys), existait avant que la France et le Québec officiel ne soient nés.
 Elle était déjà présente aux alentours de 600 avant J.C. et symbole des hommes libres et de la lutte contre le « Saint-Empire » ou l’Emporium.
Elle est si présente dans la littérature ancienne, que le Saint-Empire n’eut pas le choix de la remettre dans les armes officielles,
à une période ou cette littérature existait déjà.

 C’est la raison pour laquelle la majorité des manuscrits portent la mention « Marque de possession postérieure »,
 qui fut ajoutée en raison du fait qu’à la rédaction de ces manuscrits, la Fleur de Lys n’existait pas dans l’histoire officielle.
Voici 153 manuscrits historiques en provenant de Gallica, illustrant une histoire inconnue.

 La plupart de ces manuscrits racontent des histoires se déroulant sur des terres de l’Amérique du Nord. Si certains sont manifestement
des histoires qui furent illustrées beaucoup plus tard, d’autres démontrent des caractéristiques singulières qui laissent croire à une rédaction
 beaucoup plus ancienne.
Ceci est notre histoire.
 Pierre De Châtillon
 23 décembre 2007
Dans une dizaine de jours, soit au début de janvier 2008, les vociférations politiques et la chicane entre les pays
 vont recommencer, tel que le signifie le calendrier des Fondations du National Mall de Washington DC.
Qu’il y ait une grande finale aux évènements climatiques ou non, ne change rien à ce que l’astroclimat
permet aujourd’hui d’expliquer.
Le syndrome de la fin du monde et de la conspiration, ont été bien implantés dans notre éducation. Un mal insidieux
qui donne l’apparence de malade mental à quiconque adresse les grands phénomènes de l’histoire ou de notre société moderne,
si évoluée.
Ramener les choses à une vulgaire prophétie manquée n’y changera rien et n’est qu’une façon de diffamer le caractère
 de ce qui est menaçant. Un simple outil de travail et un sort qui m’est nécessairement réservé, quel que soit le résultat, je vous le jure.
Mais je vous jure aussi que sous la main de l’establishement, d’affaires, politique, religieux, franc maçons et autres sociétés secrètes
ou non de votre communauté, d’où que vous soyez dans le monde, jamais on ne vous aura vomi au visage mensonge plus sale et
Tout est dans la communication et le spectacle.
Si vous croyez que dans notre société évoluée, tous sont égaux; si vous croyez que la philosophie ou la morale ou la religion sont
 des choses personnelles; si vous croyez que notre société a été la plus évoluée de tous les temps; si vous croyez que quelque part,
 il y a une volonté de vous faire grandir comme individu, vous n’avez jamais autant été dans le fossé. Pas un peu, mais jusque-là
 dans le fossé
Quel que soit le résultat, je n’ai jamais rien deviné. N’importe qui peut refaire mon parcours en utilisant les données fournies ici. Tout y est!
J’en ai découvert beaucoup et je vous l’ai expliqué. Une quête pénible qui s’effectue dans la plus grande solitude, car les gens baissent les yeux
lorsqu’ils rencontrent des individus de ce genre. Éducation et gang obligent.
Pour ma part et comme promis, mon rôle se termine ici et l’avenir nous dira. J’espère vous avoir communiqué un peu de ma passion avec
 le temps et que vous avez été en mesure de comprendre que des éléments de notre société ne fonctionnent pas .......
   et que de les laisser inexpliqués est la plus importante bévue possible.
Je vous souhaite à tous de très joyeuses Fêtes

 Avec respect,
 Pierre De Châtillon
ALL  his texts are at:

If you take a $1 and scale it for the Capitol, an interesting thing occurs.  The Face of George Washington fits right over
the Capitol Hill Area.  The Capitol Building is exactly the same length as to of the “omega” symbol surrounding Washington’s face.
The bottom of the omega symbol fits perfectly with the two rotaries.  But most important, Washington’s Right Eye fits exactly
over the fountain.  In other words, the Eye of the Pyramid, is the Eye of Washington, is the Fountain—further enhancing the
significance of the Fountain as a marker.
Please understand, and in this order, you have the Bird (eagle/Dove) then the Eye period—the Fountain at the top of the mall.
Then you have above it, the Breast of the woman (Capitol Hill Dome) which has a woman’s statue atop
(Freedom/Liberty/Persephone—I have heard them all) and above that—the Star. (David/Solomon seal)
A new Age will Dawn.
The upper levels of Freemasonry knew, without satellites or advanced telescopes when
a major celestial series of events would occur. (the Grand Conjunction of 2007) and the order of their occurrences.  If you think, Oh—this is nothing—think again.  Why would Washington and those who came after design an entire city dedicated to this symbolism with specific measurements for time.  Because, it is that important!!!!(and it isn’t the only city)
You can think what you like of the Freemasons.  You can theorize on the endgame.
But you can not deny the knowledge.  The Mayans do not have the market cornered.

2007/2008---not 2012.


( vbeate asks : is it that ....

dec.2007 gregorian-calendar    is     dec.2012 mayan-calendar  ?
The mayan calendar being the right calendar,
The gregorian callendar ( ours) being a wrong calendar. )

La fin du réchauffement climatique planifié?
Un cheminement critique du climat et de la guerre pour les 40 prochaines années en provenance du CFR. Intéressant?
Un document qui fait non seulement mention des guerres à venir, mais de la restauration d'un climat stable.
L'échelle de temps concernant le climat est déformée et les dates anticipées doivent être divisées par 10 pour
donner une bonne perspective.
( from  Pierre )
The IMPLICATIONS for the Security of the UNITED States of America

The Secret of Washington D.C.
By Michael Dialessi
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