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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 00:19:11 -0500 (EST)

Important message
from a reader of FW10
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Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 9:46 PM
Subject: Paulsen Video   ( (PAULSON video)
Dear Anne:  FYI
I have followed the Wanta Settlement matter and the Henry Paulsen et al. since the beginning.  Without going into the subject matter controversy, I would like to say that the video of Paulsen is to my sensitivities a gross mischaracterization of the real or natural man called Henry Paulsen.  Although superficial impression by appearance is admitted, it is clearly not the man.

In order to verify the allegation that the video is Paulsen in-fact, I and another person did a series of kinesiological muscle tests as to the truth or non-truth of the fact statement that the form appearing in the video was real and was Paulsen in-fact.    The tests were done in a manner commonly used for testing anything expressly arising to or as a matter of Consciousness and its apparent attributes of the Life Force.  The energy pattern and consciousness of the energy pattern appearing as the ‘man’, or the ‘image of the man’, or the named ‘person’, Henry Paulsen, is NOT that which appears in the video.

  Without saying anything to the one helping with this test procedure, or the reason for it, the test determined that that which was being tested HAD NO CONSCIOUSNESS and was ONLY AN IMAGE or a LIKENESS OF SOMEONE OTHER THAN HENRY PAULSEN.  The test also determined that the IMAGE COULD BE A MODIFIED COMPOSITE IMAGE, NOT A COHERENT IMAGE OF ANYTHING REAL.


Casper 1-08-08
It's on the move. Its happening.
Bush had once again pulled the Freedom packs back to the S. Court last night and again blocked everything. The response today was for the Basel II authorities, China and others to order the closing and lock down of U.S. banks which had signed onto Basel II.  CITI was simultaneously ordered to pay Wanta today or be closed tonight (permanently). Rubin tried everything to delay, in the end Bush told CITI to pay rather than be closed and they did.. Freedom went back out mid-afternoon and deliveries are expected tomorrow and banking begins Thursday. Announcements within hours of delivery beginning with the Constitution.

Bush was informed he would not be able to access the stolen funds in Israel and Dubai and two other locations which was the primary purpose of his trip. He went ballistic, ranting and raving only to be told "this is it,all U.S. banks under Basel II will be closed if you don't comply right now". Apparently he got the message this time.  All those T's will be returned to us from the secret accounts which were in Paulsons name (Israel) and, we hear, LAURA'S name in (Dubai).
Our intell is that the PAULSON you see on T.V. is a clone. We do not get our intell from STORY, but we hear STORY was correct that BUSH had Paulson whacked due to blackmail probably involving the accounts over there which were in Paulson's name.

Hollywood must be in the know as today's soap, Days Of Our Lives, was all about downloading the content of a dead man's brain. WE have this intell from many sources including Military and, we hear, Bush has said as much with his own mouth (Paulson deceased).
 Thanks to the gentleman who suggested voice and video analysis of Paulson "before and after". We hear it is being done now.
Two accessible cards at the door, major immediate liquidity at the bank. WE hear domestic banking (Treasury/Basel II) is completely safe but each must decide for self.
This should be the end of this long and very difficult road and the beginning of a new life for all of us. Please remember and remember that you can't take it with you. After family and self lets all be "our brothers keeper". Perhaps the time has come for folks with good intentions and interesting plans to step forward, make themselves known and to guide recipients into the good works you have been thinking about for years. BEST WISHES to everyone.
                           casper   jan 8th-08
Casper jan 9th-08
We thought sure we were done with these updates yesterday.
CITI didn't take care of business or Wanta as instructed resulting in "closure orders" and seizing of their assets as threatened.

They are to suffer a "reorganization" as a result as will B.of A. shortly.

They appear to have intended a last minute theft of the Wanta funds as GW stopped by N.Y.before departing for Israel only to find the computers frozen early evening yesterday.

The best laid plans of rats in a sack thwarted again. Very important banking meetings have been underway in Europe all day and tonight dealing with this crisis of domestic bank closure's beginning with today's activities at CITI and the approaching closure of B.ofA. (employees will be protected).

This is "home office/top management" stuff. Only 
the very top officials at B.A. know about this and have yet to inform their management teams (according to half a dozen Euro Bankers providing us this information). 
The deliveries are delayed until tomorrow and the breaking news regarding D.C. scandals, possibly including the "suitcase", are rescheduled for Friday.

Announcements will likely be continuous through the weekend after beginning  tomorrow night or Friday as they endeavor to preclude a run on the banks Monday by force feeding the public enough info to calm the waters.
We hear Laura is off to Dubai having said goodbye to friends, not with GW but to get away from he and CONDI.  Speaking of which, STORY should be alert to their relationship and understand that anything coming out of STATE is likely a gambit.
STORY'S update today, reminiscent (in volume) to "War and Peace" or "Tragedy and Hope" refers several times to "special ops" this and special ops that. We hear there are special ops from several countries here in America to assist with these changes, help avoid civil uprising (against D.C. we presume) and to assist with the exposures, arrest, etc..
His extremely detailed analysis of the PAULSON AFFAIR has changed no minds in our world. Our sources say the man is deceased and their attempts to "keep him alive" has to do with the possible need for him to personally access certain accounts.

Our sources also say that all accounts in PAULSON'S name worldwide "are just as dead as he is".  Our Intel on this subject gets stronger with each passing day.
Regarding tonight's update on fourwinds from Brendan the Brussels Banker, we presume (and we hope) he is referring to the offshore and the IMF as our news says tomorrow.
Again, BEST WISHES and please remember
                        Casper    1-09-08.
NESARA Update: Jan. 9, 2008

Brendan the Brussel's Banker
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Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 4:55 PM
Dear planet, greetings and welcome to 2008, which has already, and will prove to be one of the most fascinating years of your existence. Hold on with a light heart as the dark cabal trots out there standard fear and disinformation stage acts to a dwindling audience as they have seen the play before and are moving on to a more exciting light filled act. The dark cabal are also losing there own actors as they now see the writing on the wall and are abandoning ship like the rats they are and seeking refuge in various sewage systems around

the universe. The tedious glitches the dark cabal has used to stall funding of the various prosperity programs are now so obvious and amateur ,if not for the grief they cause humanity are bordering on the hysterical.

We here in the banking industry are sporting wry smiles of amusement at there infantile attempts to stall the inevitable march to the goal of placing the prosperity packets in your well deserved hands. I will not comment on the nefarious machinations the ignorant dark cabal are currently using and will leave that in the capable hands of Messieurs Casper and Christopher story.

We are now slicing through the last of the red tape with our light sabers and are still on track for delivery on the 15th January through to 23rd January. I wish you all a healthy, wonderful and prosperous year.
  Yours faithfully, Brendan the Brussels banker.





Wednesday 9 January 2008 03:54








By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York:

The Editor prepared the report below in order to expose the background to the entire Paulson episode and to place it in the context of what was really going on behind the scenes. In a case moving as rapidly as this one, a report prepared yesterday is overtaken by events today, and vice versa. Luckily, the Editor was too tired at 5.00am British time to complete the posting of this report, because it became clear on the morning of 9th January that the absolute end of the line had been reached. Because of this understanding, we were in a much better position to deconstruct what that Paulson matter was all about. We summarise the position here in the context of today's news.

Paulson, Kimmitt and one further high US Treasury official WERE SHOT: that is CONFIRMED (see below). ........((The primary definitive source for our published statement that Paulson was shot on 28th/29th December 2007 was Treasury Compliance.)) ........

Then, on the back of these horrible facts, Cheney's desperate disinformation apparat built a 'Black Ops' 'sting', to the effect that Paulson was dead. (We don't really know, despite 'postmortem appearances', whether he is or not: but this is now a diversion: see what follows). Why, given that the shootings took place, was it 'necessary' to build a 'sting' (a possible 'lie' that Paulson was dead) on the back of that fact? The answer to this has now become clear. It is this:

Post-settlement, THERE IS TO BE ENDLESS SILENCE. The few despised 'alternative media' outlets that have tried to expose this historically unprecedented financial criminality are to be left out to dry. Now, in the cases of several outlets based in the United States, the relevant 'forces' can do any number of things: cease payments, withdraw handlers, harrassment, threats, whatever. But what can they do to silence us (within reason, and given our background and connections)? The answer is: NOT A LOT. So, as usual, 'they' resort to the only game 'they' know: DIRTY TRICKS.

Since 'they' want total silence to reign for ever, and a veil to be drawn across this evil, stinking theatre of criminality, the ideal solution for them would be to try to discredit the only sources that have led this hideous information into the public domain. So they tried it on, by elaborating on the shootings and possibly lying that Paulson had died. (We still don't know what happened to Kimmitt, by the way: see hard evidence of something very nasty, below).

As you will see from the report below, this 'sting' operation has not succeeded. Furthermore, post-settlement, the question remains: what are they going to do about Mr Christopher Story
? Here is a suggestion: RELY ON HIS GOODWILL. No, we won't be silenced. But, as you will also see below, we DO try to be helpful whenever we can. We will govern our responses in accordance with the future behaviour of the 'forces' who would like to shut us down without a cause. All we have ever done is, pro bono publico, to publish the truth about hidden criminality at the intergovernmental level that stinks in the nostrils of every normal human being who is not sitting on his or her brains.

NOW, please take note of THIS. In the text below, you will see that a section, which was to contain extremely sensitive intelligence, HAS BEEN CENSORED.

This has happened because the Editor and Mr Cottrell were discussing this article yesterday and incorporated certain sensitive information which needs to be delivered into the public domain, and which will have devastatingly severe consequences behind the scenes were it to be publicised.

The eavesdroppers overheard what we had planned, and telephoned Mr Cottrell this morning to ask him to prevail upon the Editor for the intelligence to be withheld. The Editor has COMPLIED, but ONLY on the clear, strict understanding that the Wanta Settlement, which we believe may well be on the verge of implementation, is indeed effected TODAY, 9TH JANUARY 2008.

THEREFORE, should it transpire later today that we have been deceived, the intelligence that has been censored from this report will be reinserted without further ado, since we will not be bound by any undertaking if other parties have reneged on theirs, or double-crossed payees yet again.


On January 8th 2008 a figure appearing to be Henry M. Paulson Jr., Secretary of the US Treasury, appeared on CNBC talking about the economy and related matters.

The voice appeared to correspond closely to Paulson’s known voice. Whether this individual was Paulson or not is not confirmed, especially in the light of forensic examination of video footage of the event, and of earlier ‘postmortem appearances’ not dealt with here; but the TV show purported to be broadcast live.

 Mr Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Ambassador Wanta’s AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, therefore telephoned the Editor to ask him whether he would publicise the sources of the information that Paulson was shot and gravely wounded on 28th or 29th December, and that he died shortly thereafter.

This is done below.

Peculiar to the United States, a mini-industry of ‘doubles’ exists who hire themselves out to stand in for prominent people who have either been killed or who, for various pressing reasons, need to be ‘absent’ when they are supposed to be ‘performing’. In an email received by the Editor from an informed US source at 4:41pm UK time on 4th January 2008, on the subject of doubles, the source wrote: ‘It would be interesting to see if there is more than one Paulson running around. Lookalikes are used a great deal for people in sensitive situations, because they get murdered a lot, so they keep a spare, or use the spare in sensitive situations’.

Forensic deconstruction of earlier still photographs, video and alleged ‘appearances’ raised serious doubts about the reliability of some of the images, according to several experts who have shared their analyses with us. However let us assume for that Paulson himself was interviewed on CNBC at around 8.00am on 8th January. This presentation assumes, subject to issues raised in the sources cited below, that the ‘real’ Paulson had suddenly materialised for public consumption.

Furthermore, we had a contact who deliberately attended the ‘Paulson’ event at the Westin Hotel in New York City on 7th January, having paid $20 entry fee. Although he sat at the back of the room, he thought that the person speaking was indeed Henry M. Paulson.


If this was indeed the case, why did the US Treasury not demand from the Editor of this service an immediate retraction of our report that Paulson had been shot, and had subsequently died? One would have thought that Paulson’s office would have seen to it that the report was denied. Why did Paulson’s office not issue a denial of the report?

At no time has the report been officially denied. How very odd!

Thus it would seem that the US Treasury was in no way ‘phased’ by the fact that Paulson had been reported to have been shot and had died. WHY ON EARTH WAS THAT?

FACT: Treasury Compliance specifically confirmed that the following official was shot by Special Forces operatives on 28/29th January:

Henry M. Paulson, US Treasury Secretary.

At 01:08 UK time on 3rd January 2008, a source who is special to this service emailed the Editor as follows: ‘I was told that an Undersecretary of Treasury was also eliminated’ [sic]. We have separate confirmation of this, reviewed below. This email is of course held on file.


At 2.30pm UK time on 8th January 2008, Michael C. Cottrell M.S., speaking on an open transatlantic line that was immediately tapped into by inquisitive intelligence eavesdroppers and so that these eavesdroppers would hear what he had to say, specifically and emphatically reiterated that US Treasury Compliance had definitively confirmed the shootings (which were expert ‘pass-through’ shootings – see below – at least, in the case of Paulson, assuming he ‘is alive’: we have had no reports at this date of Kimmitt having been seen since the shootings). Mr Cottrell repeated this information with great emphasis for the benefit of the eavesdroppers. Mr Cottrell then added that ‘what we could not confirm was that Paulson had died later’.

However the Editor had been separately informed by a source citing the US State Department that he had died (see below). If the ‘fact’ that Paulson haddied was a lie, it was perpetrated deliberately by the US disinformation apparat, in order to ‘sting’ the Editor and to try to compromise our exposures. This desperate ruse has not worked.

On the contrary, it has compounded the perpetrators’ terminal problems, as you will see if you read what we have to say now.

Why, too, did the Paulson family not protest at the Editor’s report? Was Merritt Paulson, Mr Paulson’s son, resident at Lake Oswego, Oregon, not disturbed by this report? Apparently not.

Was the report not officially denied by the Treasury, let alone the Paulson family, because the US Government despises what its cynical officials call ‘the alternative media’ to such an extent that it refuses to recognise its existence?

Put another way: since the report appeared in the so-called ‘alternative media’, was it not worth denying simply because, by definition, it could not be true?

If so, what is the problem? Why all the concern? Since the report appeared in the ‘alternative media’, it supposedly cannot be true – the reverse of the lie that if a report has not been published in the so-called ‘mainstream’ (a.k.a., ‘sidestream’, or ‘latestream’) media, it cannot be true either. Welcome to Operation Mockingbird.


Those correspondents who have flooded the Editor with emails complaining that the report cannot be true because it hasn’t appeared in the ‘mainstream’ ....need to look up Operation Mockingbird – the US criminal counterintelligence community’s long-established media control programme, which has been running for decades. Just type Operation Mockingbird into your browser or Google and read all about it. This programme has for decades successfully denied the American people the truth about issues that the criminal intelligence community, which controls the US Government, wishes to disguise or to obfuscate.

Therefore, rather than shoot the true messenger with the usual knee-jerk response that ‘the report hasn’t been confirmed in the mainstream, so it cannot be true’, serious students of the Dark Forces engaged in destroying America should equip themselves with this background, if only to spare the Editor and others who are trying to prevent the collapse at the hands of these criminals, from being inundated by emailers who haven’t done their homework.

Of course, the preceding observations do not address the ‘post-mortem appearances’ of Paulson, which is a separate issue, dealt with below.



What then happened was that the (supposedly) FALSE report that Paulson had died, was used in a deliberate Cheney-directed ‘Black operation’ or ‘sting’ ordered by Bush 41 through Bush 43 and Cheney, to discredit the Editor of this service and the Principals, with the following motives:

To stall our ongoing successful exposures of the financial criminality, money-laundering, drug-trafficking and drug distribution operations of the criminal cadres, ......   which have triggered the ensuing investigations (backed by law enforcement, extensive ongoing investigations, Grand Jury hearings, DOD Internal Affairs and other relevant parties) of the continuing thefts,....... thereby enabling the criminalists to continue ‘business as usual’ behind the smokescreen of Paulson’s death.

To provide cover for the stealing of $44 trillion plus that...... Mr Cottrell has confirmed to the Editor.... took place behind the hysteria of the Paulson death.

Obviously, since the US Treasury did not DENY the shootings (because it couldn’t, as they DID TAKE PLACE, as elaborated further below), the Treasury WAS CONTENT FOR THE PAULSON FRENZY TO FEED ON ITSELF, for some reason.

What was that reason?

It suited the criminal elements in the US Government for the reports to remain ‘out there’, diverting everyone’s attention
........ from what was actually going on behind the scenes, namely FURTHER GROSS THEFT AND LARCENY ........ perpetrated under the control of Bush 41, Bush 43, and Cheney – who, you will recall, is the master disinformation and US Psy-Ops operative who ‘formerly’ controlled the MK-Ultra and related programmes based upon Himmlerian ‘Black Operations’ techniques imported lock stock and barrel ....    by what soon became the (criminal) Central Intelligence Agency..... from ‘former’ Nazi Germany (the qualification ‘former’ being superfluous, given what is being exposed).


Several years ago now, Langley, the headquarters of the Nazi-penetrated criminal enterprise that is devastating the whole world called the Central Intelligence Agency, was renamed the George Bush Center for Intelligence. By this means, George Bush Sr., the world’s biggest crook, formalised the absolute control over the CIA that he had wielded de facto ....   since becoming President Reagan’s Vice President in 1981.

Think about it this way. Suppose there is such a phenomenon as an intelligence ‘white hat’, and suppose that the ‘white hats’ were to have reached the collective conclusion that George Bush Sr. is indeed the most dangerous and ruthless criminal operative alive. What are they now going to do about it, given that their HQ is named after the world’s biggest crook himself?

They are stuck – because, in seeking to distance the CIA from this monster Godfather, they will have to acknowledge before world public opinion that the CIA is itself the hideous criminal enterprise that we all know it to be.

So what do they do? They decide that they cannot distance the CIA, and themselves, from George Bush Sr. – the practical consequence of which is that George Bush Sr. believes that he can do anything he likes, with 100% assumed certainty of perpetual impunity.

The CIA is the collective lackey, whether or not it has ever had second thoughts, of George Herbert Walker Bush Sr., DVD.


At the same time, we were informed on 3rd January that the CIA is furious because it has been exposed, and doesn’t know what to do. This criminal enterprise never imagined that there would ever come a time when it would have to deal with this problem. But the ongoing exposure of the CIA consequent upon the criminal cadres’ grotesque mishandling of Wantagate ......can only lead to calls for this dangerous, reprobate and recalcitrant criminal enterprise, the headquarters of which is named after the Godfather of criminal godfathers, to be cut down to size or closed down.

Permanent closure is actually the only way that the poison seeping out from Langley can ever be contained, and the world spared a truly hellish future.

Why should the CIA be furious that it has been exposed, when the exposure of its criminality has been achieved by this Wantagate website, without any assistance at all from the controlled and complacent ‘sidestream’ media?

Surely, the ‘alternative’ media – to use the pejorative phrase employed by a US Treasury official whose rudeness to one of our correspondents when he telephoned to establish Paulson’s status, was horrendous (1) – can have no relevance in such matters. It doesn’t count.

What counts is supposed to be what we read in the (controlled) ‘mainstream’. The ‘alternative media’, by definition, cannot possibly ever know anything. Why pay attention to it, then, Langley?


So, to summarise on Paulson (further source details below):

1. Paulson was shot in the timeframe specified. This was definitively confirmed by Treasury Compliance and was reconfirmed to the Editor of this service on 8th January 2008 by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., with all his extensive authority.

2. The shooting was undertaken by expert Special Forces marksmen who are quite capable of ‘pass-through’ shots in accordance with their instructions. Assuming that the intention was not to kill, its purpose was to warn these operatives ..... that their monstrous treason against the United States and the American people will no longer be tolerated.

3. The death of Paulson was a lie (on the assumption, for the purposes of this presentation, that he is not dead) which was then retailed on Bush 41’s orders through a compliant grapevine and via the State Department ...... in order to discredit the Editor of this service and to trash our reporting. This ‘sting’ operation has been a failure.

4. In other words a ‘BLACK OPERATION’. a.k.a. ‘a sting’, was piggybacked onto the actual shootings that indeed took place.

This of course has all the hallmarks of Cheney, a ruthless and singularly evil (MK-Ultra) operative who has known links with several crime families in Chicago, and with at least one Judge in Cook County, Illinois.


Now, before reverting to the Paulson background and to our sources apart from Treasury Compliance for the shootings report, what has been going on .... while the distraction of the Paulson ‘death’ was consuming the minds of half the planet?

Having completed the relevant investigations, Mr Cottrell informed the Editor in the course of the telephone call timed at 2.30pm on 8th January that the smokescreen of the Paulson ‘death’ report built on top of the actual shootings, was manipulated by Cheney and his disinformation apparat for OBFUSCATION PURPOSES ..... and that:

$44+ trillion was stolen and moved to Europe behind this smokescreen (OR: an attempt to do this was perpetrated, which was partially successful but which has since been frustrated). The primary recipient institution involved was BNP (Banque Nationale de Paris, Paribas). This means that the eight Paribas bankers who were arrested, as we reported earlier, had corrupt accomplices who remained in place, and whose services were activated in connection with the illegal transfer of stolen funds.... being reported here.

The stolen funds represented $34 trillion held on C.H.I.P.S. belonging to Chinese parties (see earlier Wantagate reports) plus other monies including Ambassador Wanta's $4.5 trillion, ..... a scandal that has triggered G-8 and Chinese retaliation against Citibank, the accounts and assets of which are reported (as of late on 8th January) to have been or to be at risk of being frozen, against the background of Citibank being 'ORDERED' to pay Wanta et al IMMEDIATELY. See below.

Funds were being disbursed into bank accounts to pay off domestic and foreign politicians and to set up more criminal financial and other operations. In other words, corrupt representatives of the payee ‘countries’ .......are helping themselves

Channels in communication with the Principals and this service were arguably lied to ..... concerning all dimensions of these matters, including the usual Greenspan-Bush ‘preparing to settle’ routine whereby prospective country and ‘Tier 1-6’ recipients, headed by Ambassador Wanta, were to be paid in accordance with a constantly amended ‘manana, manana’ timeframe: the standard Bush 41 technique that has been deployed for years.

These manoeuvrings followed the usual, unchanging model of financial deception developed by Dr Alan Greenspan and Godfather Bush Sr., which we have called the ‘never-pay’ syndrome. The way this works is simple in theory.
The model requires every outstanding payment (of monies and funds leveraged from them, owed to financial scam victims and past investors, and of funds owed to ‘countries’ and of course all the funds owned by Ambassador Lee Wanta as sole principal) to be linked and ‘dependent’ upon other transactions and remittances. That way, sabotage perpetrated by corrupt bankers and operatives at any level of the transactions gridlock, destabilises the entire payments edifice, so that payments are repeatedly aborted. This procedure is repeated indefinitely.

It may be added that further ‘active investigations’ have been triggered by these and related events, about which the Editor has not been informed.


Citibank in Hong Kong is virtually owned by the Chinese, who hold approximately 90% of its so-called 'assets' (debt-backed assets). Therefore the Chinese authorities would have no problem actually causing the demise of Citibank, and were ( would be?)......more than entitled to take whatever action they might deem appropriate in the light of the outrageous and despicable last-minute $44+ trillion (in the aggregate) theft that was perpetrated (or attempted) under cover of
.......the 'redirection' operation surrounding the Paulson shooting and 'death' farrago.

A ten-day deadline for the Wanta and related settlements imposed by the G-8 powers expired last Monday ..........and failing settlement, Citibank may cease to exist......... and US banks, being non-compliant with Basel II, will be cut out of the world banking system overnight.

That would quickly trigger a 50+% drop in the US standard of living. However we believe that the massive pressure that has been brought to bear (mainly by this service, in respect of the public domain) may have 'done the trick' ......and that the Lee Wanta and 'linked' settlements will have been implemented just in the nick of time.

This assessment is supported by the fact that we have now removed certain devastating intelligence from the present report, which we had talked over with Mr Cottrell. We have done this because just prior to this report being posted, Mr Cottrell received a phone call asking him to request that the Editor remove the relevant section 'because this matter is being dealt with this morning'. This was accompanied by a comment to the effect that 'you should be very happy later today'.

Since the parties conveying this request are 'part of the solution, not part of the problem', we have naturally complied: with the proviso that in the event of any further interference with the settlements TODAY,
 the devastating information that we have removed will be reinserted on the basis that we don't need to comply with anything if we have been deceived.

As indicated in the preceding section, the sensitive intelligence that was to have been posted in THIS SPACE, has been removed at the request of people 'who are part of the solution, not part of the problem'. THIS HAS BEEN DONE ON THE UNDERSTANDING THAT IF THIS EDITOR DOES NOT GATHER THAT THE SETTLEMENT HAS BEEN EFFECTED TODAY, 9TH JANUARY 2008,

THE SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE WHICH 'THEY' WANTED REMOVED, WILL BE REINSERTED WITHOUT FURTHER ADO. We cannot be 'told what to do', but were are 'trying to be helpful'.


Here, it needs perhaps to be added that it is neither here nor there, from the perspective of the Settlements, whether Paulson is alive or dead now, is it?
 If he is alive, the ‘sting’ objective of the criminal ‘Black Ops’ apparat was ‘achieved’ (so they may have briefly imagined: but no longer, we are told).

 If he is dead, Story was right, but he ‘rose from the dead’ in the format of a supposedly hired ‘double’ (the sophistication of which improved somewhat between 4th and 8th January, it seems),

...... achieving the same fleeting objective in the perception of those who have little knowledge of US criminal counterintelligence Psy-Ops and the willing cooperation of the US ‘mainstream’ media under the terms of Operation Mockingbird.

In other words, the Paulson matter is indeed, viewed the necessary broader perspective of the ongoing financial stealing and corruption that has been taking place while the Paulson ‘feeding frenzy’ has been going on, ..........DIVERSIONARY.


The essence of the attempted ‘Black Ops’ ‘sting’ against the Editor of this service, if that was what happened, was applied...... in accordance with the following model, Mr Cottrell informed the Editor at 5.00pm on 8th January:

Step One: Redirect attention decisively away from what’s going on/is intended.
Step Two: OBFUSCATION: Create a massive diversion so that everyone rushes to look at an irrelevance. And in this context, Michael C. Cottrell stresses to the Editor that Paulson IS INDEED AN IRRELEVANCE. He was shot at ......   and is being used to carry out the obfuscation programme directed on behalf of Bush Sr. by Cheney, while the criminal cadres (in the CIA and the relevant banks) perpetrated:

Step Three: Colossal theft of the funds. As stated above, $44.0+ trillion was stolen behind the smokescreen provided by this contrived Paulson obfuscation operation. At 4.50pm on 8th January, we were reliably advised that a very large sum of money, thought to have been of the order of $19 trillion, had been recovered, from the funds that were stolen ...behind the Paulson smokescreen.


It may reasonably be asked: if Paulson received a ‘pass-through’ bullet (assuming he is still alive, for the purposes of this analysis), why on earth would he subsequently cooperate with Bush and Cheney in this ghoulish play-acting? Good question.

Recall that Paulson resorted to blackmailing the President of the United States (even though Bush Jr. is the highest-ranking crook apart from the Godfather).

As reported previously, Paulson’s failed blackmail attempt .... went down like a lead balloon. If, as we are now required to believe, Paulson recovered from his ‘pass-through’ shooting experience and has been collaborating as a Dark Actor Playing Games in this charade, the only possible rationale for such behaviour would be that he is himself now being blackmailed by Bush/Cheney, and or threatened that if he doesn’t cooperate, the next bullet will be fatal.

 Such argumentation stretches the imagination somewhat, and might lead one to suspect that Paulson may indeed be dead, after all, as certain forensic investigators are continuing to tell us.


On 7th January, while ‘Paulson’ was ‘speaking’ at the Westin Hotel, .....

Bush 43 was in Chicago possibly meeting with representatives of organised crime there in connection with the colossal thefts that had taken place as described above.

Meanwhile, in the background, Bush 41 proclaimed, as Mr Cottrell reported to the Editor, that ‘he would never, ever pay Ambassador Wanta’ ....

 – even as the hyper-corrupt President N. Sarkozy of France, of Hungarian Jewish background (note 2,bottom), was supervising safe receipt of the funds stolen in recent days behind the Paulson ‘Black Ops’ smokescreen. There is also a new corrupt Jordanian connection about which the Editor has yet to be informed.

Also on 7th January, the ‘preparing to pay’ syndrome yielded its usual outcome, when it was again revealed that Bush 43 had interfered with the country and Tier 1-6 payments yet again, .....

 after the US State Department had confirmed (as had other payee sources that are in touch with the Editor) that ‘everything was set to be completed’ on Tuesday 8th January.

Following the exposure of this deception, three officials at the State Department were sacked, ......according to a usually reliable source who spoke to the Editor after 1.00am British time in the early morning of 8th January.


Before we revert to our deconstruction of the Paulson shooting and the subsequent obfuscation operation, the question of ‘who is doing the shooting’ needs to be addressed. It will be recalled that DOD Internal Affairs took over ‘enforcement’ and other grim activities .......  when it transpired that the Provost Marshal was not doing his job. It has subsequently emerged that this General Rodney L. Johnson, the Provost Marshal, an old Cheney associate, had been compromised, having apparently been caught ‘in flagrante’ on tape. Unconfirmed reports have since indicated that he was severely dealt with, which is believed to mean that he was incarcerated.

The Provost Marshal appears to have fallen victim to bribery, but Nancy Pelosi, who was once upon a time thought to have been in favour of the Wanta Settlement and related payments, may have succumbed to something else.
According to a reliable source who provided the Editor with this information on 4th January, Pelosi may have been suborned by Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton, having been offered the Vice Presidency ticket on Mrs Hillary Rodomski’s now failing election campaign, in exchange for blocking the Settlement and related payments.

The shooting of a close aide of Mr Cheney, reported in our posting dated 2nd January, has been separately described to us as having served Cheney’s purposes remarkably well, too. Specifically, this shooting was a kind of ‘sib’ operation (in which the perpetrator is made to look like the victim) – a setup that implied at once that Cheney himself was in danger of his life,..... whereas in actual fact he is the mastermind behind the ‘Black Operations’ associated with these bank robberies, which can collectively be described as the biggest bank hold-up in world history.

Now it may still appear to some uninformed observers that the Editor was the victim of a ‘sting’: but if that was so, it was true ONLY with respect to the reported DEATH of Paulson (assuming that did not happen) which in turn was based upon deliberate official lies fed to supposedly honest and reliable people (see below).


However since the (pass-through) shootings of Mr Paulson, Mr Kimmitt and an unnamed senior US Treasury official did indeed take place,...... it follows that by ‘piggybacking’ the ‘sting’ onto the reality of the shootings, the Bushes, Cheney et al have simply contrived to lengthen the rope by means of which they are in the process of hanging themselves. In other words, they have exacerbated their problems, not the reverse. Because the shootings were true,

............. and the ‘Black Operation’ to discredit the Editor of this service ..... has drawn additional attention to them.

And also the Psy-Ops operatives have failed to discredit the Editor of this service, which was their intention: indeed several sources ‘close to the action’ have confirmed that the ‘Black’ lies fed to us .....were intended exclusively for that purpose.


Who is doing the shooting? The answer to this obvious question is that a countervailing force has developed within the American military, which has understood inter alia that the very actions of the military itself ......are destroying America’s military strength, .......  an objective of malevolent foreign powers.

For instance, since the First Gulf War, some 500,070 veterans and other personnel have fallen ill with so-called Gulf War Syndrome, caused not (as some allege) by aspartame in Coca Cola (which turns into formaldehyde in conditions of great heat), .........while some 15,000 of their number have died from cancer and other conditions triggered by exposure to depleted uranium. The British Ministry of Defence is criminally covering up a similarly deplorable state of affairs in respect of depleted uranium-related illnesses among British military personnel.

The medium-term impact of this state of affairs will be to discourage young Americans from joining up,
since it will become known that, due to the use of depleted uranium in armour-busting shells,
signing up will mean dying early.

This may account for the reported fact that illegal Mexican immigrants are being recruited into the American armed forces, in the context of the unpopularity of Bush’s pointless and pitiless wars. Such recruits would be ignorant of the dangers they will face from contact with depleted uranium .

Anyway, due inter alia to such practical considerations, the countervailing force inside the US military is hardening in its attitude .......towards the confused shambles into which its corrupt civilian leaderships have led the armed forces, and is therefore sensitive to other parallel destabilising developments that threaten the future of the Republic .........

– among which, we are now informed, is Wantagate and the unprecedented financial corruption that it has dislodged and exposed.


We also learned on 8th January 2008 from a newly acquired US source in regular contact with the military, who has specifically been drawing their attention to our reports for the past 11 months,..... that the measures that are being taken internally by officers to address the corruption crisis are of an ‘incremental nature’. This coincides with information retailed by our own contacts speaking with US military personnel regularly. This point should be borne in mind by all those spectators who are understandably impatient for results.

When the time came for decisive action to be taken, following Citibank’s uncouth behaviour in kicking Ambassador Wanta and his diplomatic associates off the Citibank premises in midtown New York under the supervision of two armed NYPD cops on 20th November 2007, .......DOD Internal Affairs assumed the lead in lieu of the discredited Provost Marshal.

Shootings that have taken place to date have been undertaken against known traitors (who are also de facto war criminals) such as Paulson and Kimmitt, by expert specialists who are literally able to inflict ‘pass-through’ shootings which wound and may even temporarily incapacitate the targeted perpetrators but do not result in their deaths. It was such precisely targeted shootings that took place on 28/29th December 2007 (assuming Paulson did not die later and although we reiterate that we are not aware that Kimmitt has been seen since). Furthermore, at 8.05pm on 4th January, the Editor was authoritatively informed that ‘new people are in control at the Treasury’, which would make sense if the top three had been ‘taken out’.


We also know that, effectively, a civil war is raging inside the US Federal structures as this horror story is being played out.

 For instance, the Special Forces operative seen (and reported upon) by Washington DC firefighters (see the report dated 2nd January 2008) was fleeing NOT (we are now informed by our military-connected sources) from the fire itself, .....but from Cheney’s own US Secret Service agents.
 That was why the Special Forces operative, whose hand was lacerated when he had to get through a window, refused hospital treatment.

This is the first ‘confirmed’ set-to between different formations inside the US Federal structures that we have been able to report to date.

The theft of $44 trillion+ that was perpetrated under cover of the Henry Paulson distraction, was preceded inter alia by the following further known monetary thefts and interferences reported to the Editor of this service by ‘connected’ contacts:

At 10.40pm, on 3rd January, it was reported to the Editor that Bush Jr. and Cheney had ‘changed the banking codes’ for the Settlements again.

  $2.0 trillion previously stolen by Bush 41, was recovered on Friday 4th January.
Several reports of massive attempted monetary thefts, which were thwarted.


The primary definitive source for our published statement that Paulson was shot on 28th/29th December 2007 was Treasury Compliance. This fact was reiterated to the Editor of this service in emphatic terms at 2.30pm on 8th January by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., and is indisputable.

The source for our knowledge that Robert M. Kimmitt, the Deputy US Treasury Secretary, and a third senior Treasury official, were shot, also (but see below) on 28/29th December 2007, was a knowledgeable ‘connected’ source in the United States ..... with whom the Editor has been in contact for months, who spoke to the Editor at 12.45 pm on Thursday 3rd January.

We cannot reveal the identity of this source, but the source is of course identified in our retained note of the conversation. At the time it was thought that the attack on Kimmitt, who speaks fluent German and is/was a long-term Bush aide, may have occurred on 2nd January; but the shooting is now believed to have occurred in the same timeframe as the shooting of Paulson.



On 3rd January, US operatives telephoned Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., with the request that Mr Story should not publish anything further on that date, following our report dated 2nd January, as the 2nd January report ‘was getting in the way of efforts to complete the Settlement and payments’.
This information is exceptionally significant here. Why, if our report dated 2nd January, updated to report Paulson’s death, was impeding settlement, is it nevertheless maintained that our report that Paulson died was the product of as ‘sting’ to discredit the Editor of this service?
Presumably the CIA and Cheney are ‘on the same page’: or are they not?

In the same conversation with Mr Cottrell, the Agency operative who called him, in Mr Cottrell’s own words, ‘asked me if it was Kimmitt who was killed yesterday’, implying: (a) that our suspicion that Kimmitt may have been killed could be true and (b) that the Kimmitt shooting or assassination did actually take place on 2nd January, and not on 28/29th December.

If the CIA was deceiving Mr Cottrell, the record stands that on 3rd January, a CIA operative asked Mr Cottrell whether the official who had been killed on the preceding day was Kimmitt.

Given such FACTS, it seems to the Editor to be somewhat premature for everyone to assume that the ‘Paulson’ who surfaced, for instance, at the Westin Hotel on 7th January and on CNBC on the 8th, was actually Paulson himself and not a double, as forensics are telling us was the case.


At 4.50pm on Wednesday 2nd January 2006, this source informed the Editor by telephone that ‘the State Department have confirmed that Paulson died on 2nd January’. On 5th January, the same source informed us as follows: ‘The State Department confirmed that Paulson is dead’. At the time, we again thought that the death occurred, if it did occur, on 2nd January.

However it was subsequently believed that Paulson may have died on 31st December. On 7th January, the Editor demanded of the same source (verbatim): ‘Did the State Department confirm Paulson’s death on 2nd January, yes or no?’, to which the answer was an emphatic YES.

At 11.40pm UK time on 5th January, the Editor again spoke with this ‘connected’ source, and asked for the identities of two other distinguished sources that had confirmed that Paulson had died. In this conversation, the source indicated that it was now believed that Paulson may have died on New Year’s Eve. Certainly, during the final weekend of the year, the Editor became aware that it was thought that Paulson might not make it into 2008.

 The two distinguished sources for the information that Paulson had died were revealed to be:

Former Federal Reserve Governor Oscar Meyer.

An Ambassador (identity known to the Editor,

who has been asked to withhold his identity from this report).

We have telephone contact back-up for this information. As indicated above, the Gold Badges who read our report on 2nd January 2008   did not dispute any fact contained therein.


Other sources for these events included the following:

1. An email dated 30th December 2007 and timed as having been received by the Editor at 5:56pm. from a high-level US source who, again, has been in contact with the Editor of this service from some months. He cannot be identified but the email is of course in our files. In any public airing of these events, the email message in question (as with all our email traffic and underlying notes) will necessarily confirm everything that is stated here with reference to our sources.

It contained the following statement:

‘Chris, I was told that Paulson took a bullet either late Friday or early Saturday. That came from my US intel, with two confirmations. Then today my [reference to a foreign power] intel also confirmed it with an odd reply to the question, saying: “Well, sometimes people take it in the chest’.

Initially, the Editor thought that the phrase ‘took a bullet’ (not used in England), may have been a figure of speech, and asked for clarification. He asked whether it was a figure of speech or that that the phrase should be interpreted literally, applicable also to the foreign intelligence source’s elaboration. The answer was that it should be taken literally.


At 17.59 UK time on 2nd January 2008, following the publication of our report that Paulson had been shot (updated to incorporate the report that he died), the Editor received an email message from a separate ‘connected’ correspondent, under the heading: ‘Henry M. Paulson, Secretary of the US Treasury, died today from his gunshot wounds’:

‘This is true. I have it confirmed from a source of mine. Thanks again Christopher for all you do and your amazing courage to carry through this’.

On 3rd January 2008, the website carried a ‘Casper Update’ which contained the following passage:

BUSH was confronted today with the death of PAULSON.

“That’s a lie” says he.

“Well, produce him”, says he.

“I can’t, says he, “he’s sick”.

“Yes, dead men are usually sick before they die”, says we.

“Can you produce the FIVE CHENEY ASSISTANTS who have been shot?!

Before we complete this passage from, consider the following:
If our report that Paulson had died is a ‘lie’, WHY DID THE TREASURY OR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT NOT ISSUE A CATEGORICAL DENIAL OF IT, given that such a report might be considered a problem for the financial markets? The President’s verbal statement that it was a ‘lie’ should have been followed up by a categorical official denial of the report.

Or was it simply that, since the report appeared in a despised ‘alternative media’ source, it could not be expected to affect the financial markets at all?

Why did White House spokesman Tony Fratto have nothing to say about the report?
But of course acknowledging that it was a ‘lie’ was out of the question, wasn’t it, because the report was based upon a confirmation from the US State Department (backed, we can reveal, by statements by an Ambassador and a former distinguished Governor of the Federal Reserve) that Paulson had died. So the President was not only contradicting the State Department, but was also saying that the State Department had lied! Did he warn Condoleeza Rice that he would contradict the State Department’s confirmation? Apparently not.

Note that Bush 43 stated that he could not ‘produce’ Paulson, because ‘he is sick’. On the basis that the shooting was ‘pass-through’, Henry Paulson would have been ‘sick’ because he was still recovering from the shooting, which was not fatal. That would account for the appearance of an almost motionless Paulson ‘cadaver’ at the staged appearance that took place in the White House on 4th January (even though the Treasury’s website had explicitly stated that no appearances by Treasury officials had been scheduled for between 22nd December and 4th January). Alternatively, he was ‘sick’ because he was dead, and his subsequent choreographed appearances have indeed been performances by a hired doppleganger.

Observe that ‘Casper’ referenced FIVE Cheney aides who had been shot (whereas we only knew of ONE). Since the President did NOT dispute the information contained in the question (namely that FIVE Cheney aides had been shot), we believe that this information has to be correct. Instead of disputing that FIVE Cheney aides had been shot, the Criminal President simply said that he could not produce them. Obviously not, because they had been shot.

The ‘Casper’ passage concluded:

The three administration people arrested per STORY Update were taken to The Hague.
BUSH mumbled something about an instant recession “IF”.

Allow us to elaborate here:

The first statement provides confirmation that the three who were arrested as we stated in our report dated 2nd January were Administration officials (as we thought), not bankers. These officials were transferred to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Like the two Americans held by the Israelis pending payment of the funds that Paulson double-crossed them over (see the same report), these three US officials can be considered hostages pending the necessary settlements. Very interesting.

The Criminal President’s mumble about an ‘instant recession “IF”' was clearly a reference to his perverse stance that “IF” Basel II is implemented and applied in the United States, the corrupt banks’ on-the-books finances ‘will be’ severely constrained, tipping the country into recession at once (which is happening anyway).

Being interpreted, what he was trying to say but didn’t,...... was that his repeated interferences with the settlements represented an operation to frustrate and jeopardise or destroy Basel II, so that corrupt ‘business as usual’, could continue as though nothing had happened.

By extension, the desperate giga-thefts that took place under cover of the ‘Paulson obfuscation’ .......represented a frantic response by these cornered financial criminals to grab back as much of the stolen loot as they can, just in case they fail to frustrate the implementation of the new Basel II on-the-books banking regime, precluding corrupt ‘business as usual’.

At 5.20pm on Saturday 5th January, an authoritative source in the Southwest of the United States was reported to the Editor to have stated, with reference to Paulson: ‘He’s gone’. He added that ‘no-one is not accessible’.

 This email, too, is resident, of course, in our files.


On 4th January 2008, Patrick J Bellringer posted the following comments in response to this message (typical of many that we also received in similar vein) on the website: ‘I saw Paulson on CNBC at 2pm EST sitting next to Bush. This should put an an end to this Paulson death nonsense’.

Like so many others, this ‘helpful’ correspondent revealed his naivety and failure to understand that an image on a TV screen nowadays can lie, and may even have no meaning. The information on the screen may be entirely ‘virtual’, which these critics appear for some weird reason not to understand.
Bellringer responded inter alia as follows:

‘I have been slammed with email from doubters like you about the US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson’s death being a hoax, and that I am a liar from claiming that Henry is now dead because you saw him on TV sitting with President G W Bush and VP Cheney. I ask: What did you see? Did Henry move? Did he speak? Did you see his eyes move? Were you looking at a video made by the CIA in their Hollywood studio? Were you looking at a lookalike (double), a holographic image or even a solid hologram?’

‘Is Henry Paulson dead? My military sources, some of whom participated in the incident in which Paulson was killed, say this is true. I have been informed that the Henry Paulson family are now making funeral arrangements. Why is this so, if he were alive?’

‘You must choose whom you are willing to believe. As Christopher Story has said: “You cannot have it both ways. Make up your mind which sources you trust, but don’t, please, burden us with your unbelief”’.

In a ‘Casper’ Update posted on on 4th January, the reporter commented:
‘We have at least as many sources as STORY claiming he is deceased and today’s video a fraud. One source says the family acknowledged his passing the day it happened, US military sources, banking sources, even WIKIPEDIA, said it’s true. The WIKIPEDIA obit, right below his picture, was removed within hours of posting. Another source said the family was making funeral arrangements. Others speak of a “stand-in”. Fox News and all present at the meeting of economic advisers would have to be in on the scam’.


Separately, on 3rd January, a correspondent drew our attention to the fact that the Wikipedia entry for Henry M. Paulson suddenly contained the phrase ‘Died: 2 January 2008’ beneath the Library photograph of this criminal operative.

Now the text in that segment of a Wikipedia page is always blue. The date of death was shown in black. When the Editor checked the site (immediately after receiving the correspondent’s email), the date of death was missing.

The correspondent later confirmed that he had verified that the date of death had been there, but that it had been removed within hours of posting.


Forensic examinations of all the relevant tapes are in progress, and copies of all the ‘post-mortem appearances’ of Paulson have been acquired. This subject is getting too complicated to elaborate here, but a number of odd findings are worth adding now:, which had carried a report of the hastily convened meeting at the White House ostensibly between Bush Jr., ‘Paulson;, Bernanke and Leazar (Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers), had removed this report by 6th January, so that the listing jumped from articles published on 3rd January, to 5th January, with nothing listed for 4th January at all.

A supposed photograph of the meeting, shown on the Treasury website, has Bush Jr., ‘Paulson, Bernanke and Lazear in that order with Mr Lazear furthest from the camera, the only problem being that a portion of Bernanke’s head, which is further from the camera than ‘Paulson’s’, intrudes over Paulson’s head.

A Treasury Department photograph monitored on 8th January supposedly of the staged event on 4th January, had been changed.

 ‘Paulson’ was standing to one side.

An expert points out that this picture was suspiciously ‘identical’ to a known photograph of Paulson speaking at Georgetown Law School.

Official pictures about the meeting on 4th January included one shot of President Bush and ‘Paulson’, with Cheney, who was not mentioned anywhere as participating at the meeting. Some reports on ‘Paulson’s supposed video appearance at the staged event on 4th January suggested that the person in question was under severe strain.

If the Paulson video appearance at the staged meeting on 4th January was bogus, certain preliminary forensic findings support such a conclusion.

For instance, in video insertion and manipulation of Paulson headshot and hands took place, this would explain bizarre movements and expressions, with ‘Paulson’s’ shirt collar remaining still most of the time despite the head movement.

 The basic software being used for such fakery is the same, presumably, as that used in the fraudulent videos still concocted by the CIA purporting to be the updated ruminations of Osama Bin Laden, who actually died in Minnesota on 26th December 2001.

FACT: The late John Chambers, who died in 2001, was the key makeup-to-go expert for the CIA. The current leading experts in making up doubles are believed to be Hollywood’s Rick Baker and Robert Sidell, a former colleague of Chambers.

Forensic examinations of video footage of the ‘post-mortem appearances’ are reliably reported to contain curious anomalies. Explanations of these will have to wait until later, or they appear in the Editor’s Wantagate book, in preparation.


The main point to take away from this report is that PART of the Paulson matter MAY have been an attempted ‘Black Ops’ discrediting operation. It impressed a small proportion of gullible people, augmented by paid Cheney Psy-Ops hacks who have bombarded the Editor with abusive emails as a consequence. After a few were examined, these were all trashed unread.

But the shootings were real (as the ‘death may still turn out to be’: it may be too early to be sure) and have NOT BEEN COVERED UP. Therefore, to attempt a ‘sting’ operation against the Editor of this service on the back of the shootings, was an act of desperation by the Dark Forces who have been exposed by Wantagate through this website.

The ‘sting’ was also a diversion, to redirect attention away from what was happening – giga-theft on a gargantuan scale, a.k.a. corrupt ‘business as usual’. As should soon become clear, this massive criminal and diversionary 'Psy-Ops' operation has crumbled.


While vast amounts of the stolen funds were quickly recovered – the four PROMIS teams monitoring these illicit financial thefts and movements 24/7 have had no rest – the issue that matters is whether the tiny cabal of World Class criminals will finally be stopped, by means which this Editor has no right to speculate about, or whether the financial and economic crash that we predicted on 2nd September 2006 and again in the summer of 2007 – will be allowed, thanks to the satanic intransigence of these ruthless madmen, simply to occur because the relevant powers inside the US structures fail to take whatever action they might consider appropriate in the circumstances.

As this report was being closed, we were being told that Citigroup has had all its assets, as well as its gold, frozen. This information was provided to the Editor by email at 2:12pm on 8th January. It could not be confirmed at this closing: but the very surfacing of such a report indicates ‘where we’re at’ – which the redirected Paulson diversion does not.

One final point. As indicated above, the belated response of the ‘counterforce’ within the US military plus the relevant elements of the Military Power, are operating ‘incrementally’. We have this information from TWO separate military sources. Therefore, events such as those that have taken place in recent weeks, and others that we don’t yet know much about, are, by definition, having incremental consequences.
If you haven’t yet understood what is going on as these forces come to the rescue of the Republic at the last moment, bear that important fact in mind. And it’s not one minute to midnight. It’s five o’clock in the morning, in case those who have been fast asleep hadn’t noticed.


(1) The source's email dated 6th January 2008 and timed at 05:47 am UK time, stated: 'I called the Department of the Treasury and they acted very strange. The man I spoke to refused to identify himself and would only answer questions with questions ridiculing my willingness to believe alternative news sources. He was totaly insolent and rude and hung up on me'.

(2) An experienced businessman and traveller known to the Editor of this service, who has had extensive business in Hungary, informs us that Hungarian crooks are among the most ruthless and dangerous category of mobsters in the world.
Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Obama And His Warmonger Cabinet -

Yet another elite front man and fraud.

Flashback: the 'end-the-war, I stand for change' (yawn) candidate said he would bomb Pakistan 
'Obama said if elected in November 2008 he would be willing to attack inside Pakistan with or without approval from the Pakistani government, a move that would likely cause anxiety in the already troubled region.

"If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will," Obama said.'

Oh, that kind of change.

 Tuesday, 08 January 2008

 Silvestro the cat and the New Hampshire election

'One man's private, sole source company programs 81% of the election in New Hampshire, 100% in Connecticut, almost all of Massachusetts and most of Vermont. Never before seen video of the under-the-radar elections contractor John Silvestro as he tangles with master security expert Harri Hursti.'

Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Vote Fraud Expert Warns Of New Hampshire Chicanery
Vote fraud expert Bev Harris has warned that New Hampshire's electronic voting machines are wide open to fraud and that even modestly skilled computer programmers were able to identify key vulnerabilities within ten minutes of assessing them as key Democrat and Republican primaries unfold today.
The contract for programming all of New Hampshire's Diebold voting machines, which combined will count 81 per cent of the vote today, is owned by LHS Associates, which also holds the contracts for Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

LHS is owned by John Silvestro, who has been at the center of a long-running public dispute in trying to deflect accusations made by hacker Harri Hursti that the machines can easily be rigged.

Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Exposure Of Fox Pollster Betrays Media Slant Against Ron Paul

'Frank Luntz, a political pollster who regularly appears on Fox news' presidential race analysis and has been heavily criticized for his manipulative methods and slanted coverage, has finally been exposed for the fraud he is after it emerged that his "randomly selected" and “undecided” focus groups, that constitute the figures for his news features, are being populated by the same people months apart from each other.'

 Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Hillary gets emotional ('they think you're cold, Hillary, so get emotional')

'An emotional Hillary Clinton pushed for support on Monday as polls showed her poised for a huge New Hampshire loss to Democratic rival Barack Obama. At a campaign event in Portsmouth, Clinton choked up and grew uncharacteristically emotional as she talked about her reasons for seeking the presidency in the November election.'


 Tuesday, 08 January 2008

'Hostile' Iranian Ships Hyped By War-Hungry Neo-Cons On Eve Of Bush Trip

'Desperate for a Gulf of Tonkin style incident to reinvigorate momentum for an attack on Iran after the National Intelligence Estimate derailed the push for war, the Pentagon is crying foul over the alleged hostile intent of Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats after an incident in the Strait of Hormuz this weekend.'


                                       ((  Friday, 04 January 2008 ........

David Icke on the Russell Brand Show this Saturday night
The show starts at 9pm on BBC Radio 2 and David should be on shortly after  10. ))

Tuesday, 08 January 2008


By Nadine Linge
Comic Russell Brand fears he has made an enemy of President Bush after outrageous comments on his radio show. Russell, 32, was horrified when oddball David Icke, 55, claimed the US President’s father was a “notorious paedophile”.

Brand was so worried by the live comments, he tried to ridicule them, saying they were “bonkers” and “not the view of the BBC”. But when Icke offered to send him proof of the allegations against George Bush Snr, 83, Brand hastily added: “Don’t send it on my computer.”
A source at Brand’s late Saturday night Radio 2 show said: “Russell was absolutely horrified when Icke came out with the stuff about Bush live on air. He said afterwards he had enough problems without making enemies of the most powerful family on the planet. Russell was really worried there would be a US backlash.”
Icke, who claims to be the son of God, insists he has researched the Bush family, including current US leader George W Bush, 61, and has proof the former President abuses children. Icke said: “He’s a notorious paedophile, father George Bush.”
A spokesman for the BBC said: “We have had no complaints.”

Source: Daily Star

Will the Daily Star do any investigation into whether Father George Bush is a paedophile? No.

Will they continue to fill their pages with naked women and mind-insulting 'stories'? Of course.

Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Clinton wins New Hampshire primary

'Democrat Hillary Clinton has won New Hampshire's presidential primary, beating rival candidate Barack Obama into second place. Earlier, John McCain won the Republican presidential primary with a substantial lead, media projections indicated. Observers say it seems to have been a record-breaking turnout, with some half a million people having cast ballots.'


Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Vicious Ron Paul Hit Piece
Scrapes The Barrel Of Yellow Journalism

'Another hack journalist intent on making a name for himself in the establishment media peanut gallery is the latest to spuriously attack presidential candidate Ron Paul, making completely baseless claims that the Congressman is a racist and a white supremacist sympathizer, going as far as comparing Dr. Paul to Charles Manson.'

On Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show yesterday, The New Republic's Jamie Kirchick ludicrously claimed that Ron Paul personally called Martin Luther King a "gay pedophile," and stuffed 20 years' worth of "Ron Paul" newsletters full of "racist, anti-semitic, homophobic invective."

Wednesday, 09 January 2008

New Hampshire Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different From Results Announced For Clinton And Obama
(( BLOGGED BY Brad Friedman ON 1/8/2008 8:49PM 

Other Pre-Election Numbers, For Republicans and Rest of Dems, Nearly Dead on the Money... ))

'... the ballots are counted in New Hampshire, largely on Diebold optical-scan voting systems, wholly controlled and programmed by a very very bad company named LHS Associates. Those Diebold op-scan machines are the exact same ones that were hacked in the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy. See the previous report, as I recommend, which also includes a video of that hack, and footage of the guy who runs LHS Associates.'

[UPDATED several times at end of article, and still developing with new updates...]

I'm not sure why Obama would have conceded so soon, given the virtually inexplicable turn of events in New Hampshire tonight.

What's going on here? Before proceeding, I recommend you read the third section of the post I just ran an hour or so ago, concerning the way the ballots are counted in New Hampshire, largely on Diebold optical-scan voting systems, wholly controlled and programmed by a very very bad company named LHS Associates.

Those Diebold op-scan machines are the exact same ones that were hacked in the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy. See the previous report, as I recommend, which also includes a video of that hack, and footage of the guy who runs LHS Associates.

That said, the the pre-election pollster's numbers (NOTE: that's not Exit Polls, but Pre-Election Polls!) were dead-on, for the most part, on the Republican side, as well as on the Democratic side. Except in the do-or-die (for Hillary) Clinton v. Obama race. I'm watching MSNBC right now, and they all seem to agree that the results, for the moment, defy explanation.

I concur.

Here's a screenshot of a round up of all of the latest polls from tonight, and more, to get an idea of the serious concerns here... (...)

They were all not just wrong, but wildly wrong. But only for the Clinton/Obama race.

For a closer look, here's Zogby's predicted numbers, for both the Republicans and Democrats: (...)

And here are the latest numbers from the MSNBC website (the numbers seem to be identical over at CNN and elsewhere): (...)

As you'll note, the numbers in Zogby's latest polls, for all but Clinton and Obama, seem to have been dead-on the money for both the Republicans and Democrats.

Ron Paul Votes Not Counted

 In New Hampshire District

'Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire are circulating after Hillary Clinton reversed a mammoth pre-polling deficit to defeat Barack Obama with the aid of Diebold electronic voting machines, while confirmed votes for Ron Paul in the Sutton district were not even counted.'

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Vote fraud confirmed, Clinton reversed mammoth pre-polling deficit to beat Obama, Diebold machines aid Giuliani, Romney

Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire are circulating after Hillary Clinton reversed a mammoth pre-polling deficit to defeat Barack Obama with the aid of Diebold electronic voting machines, while confirmed votes for Ron Paul in the Sutton district were not even counted.

According to a voter in Sutton, New Hampshire, three of her family members voted for Ron Paul, yet when she checked the voting map on the Politico website, the total votes for Ron Paul were zero.
With 100% of precincts now reporting, the map still says zero votes for Ron Paul as you can see below.
Vote Fraud - Paper vs. Electronic Ballots
'A Ron Paul fan has put together this wonderful little table that shows precisely what happened in the towns with paper ballots vs. the towns with Diebold Accuvote optical scanner electronic voting machines.

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Ron Paul on the radio.

Ron Paul kicks Laura Ingraham's ass 01-08-08 (part 2)

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How Big Corporations Choose 'Your' Candidates

'If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.' -- Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister

                 sott   ( kenya)
What do John Kerry, Israeli businessmen, the state of Israel,
the 2002 bombing of the Mombasa Paradise Hotel in Kenya
and Kenyan gold mines have in common?
Find out below:  sott focus

'This won't go away. What happened is much nastier than is being reported'

By Adrian Blomfeld in Nairobi and Andrew Alderson

UK Telegraph


Alex Polier, the twenty-four year old journalist who could end Senator John Kerry's hopes of becoming the next president of the United States is alleged to have had a two-year affair with the front-runner for the Democratic nomination.

Miss Polier, a former intern who also spent some time in 1998 doing work experience at the Houses of Parliament in London, is in Kenya staying with Yaron Schwartzman, her fiance and a member of the country's fashionable young set. The couple have refused to make any comment on her alleged links with Senator Kerry, who is married to Teresa Heinz Kerry, an heiress to the food empire.

Kerry intern hiding in Kenya

By Nation Reporter and Agencies

Monday, February 16, 2004

Miss Polier and her fiance were believed to be hiding at the Nairobi home of Mr Schwartzman's parents, who moved to Kenya from Israel.

Mr Joseph Schwartzman is the chairman of the H Young group of companies.

The Nation has established, however, that the couple were students together at Columbia University in New York. [...]            The above mentioned Yaron Schwartzman, with whom Miss Polier is staying, is of the infamous Kenyan Schwartzman family. Mr Joseph Schwartzman of the same family is a business partner of Naushad N. Merali of the Kenyan Sameer group.
Speaking after they paid a courtesy call on the President of the Republic of Rwanda, H.E. Paul Kagame, Mr. Joseph Schwartzman said, "We are have come from Kenya to look at investment in various sectors including tea, banking, construction and energy.
Mr. Schwartzman was accompanied by Mr. Naushad N. Merali and Ambassador Hameed A. Kidwai, both senior directors with the Sameer Group.

Both Mr. Schwartzman and Mr. Merali are close business associates of Nicolas Biwott, minister for tourism under ex-Kenyan President and dictator Moi. Mr. Biwott was at the time widely recognised as one of the most corrupt politicians of his day.

Back in August 2000, there was the death of a catholic missionary priest in Kenya, Father Kaiser.

Kenya - Kaiser's death: Is there a cover-up?

Human Rights

by Special Correspondent.


Fr. Kaiser, meanwhile, was to be a witness in an upcoming court case in England charging Moi and members of his government with genocide for their role in ethnic clashes during the 1990s, claims Gachoka. And the September 15 Finance reports that Fr. Kaiser was also on his way to Arusha, Tanzania, to hand to a aide of U.S. President Bill Clinton sensitive documents about Ouko's murder and details of the causes and perpetrators of ethnic clashes in Kenya last decade. Other reports indicated that Fr. Kaiser had more information of rapes committed by senior government officials such as MP Julius ole Sunkuli. If this is true, and if the U.S. is indeed consolidating its interests in Kenya, that might account for the apparent "suicide" campaign to explain Fr. Kaiser's death.

And exactly who ordered the execution - and pulled the trigger - is even bigger speculation.

The September 4-17 issue of Newsline opines that it is too obvious to blame Fr. Kaiser's death on President Moi, Sunkuli or Cabinet Ministers Nicholas Biwott and William ole Ntimama (who Fr. Kaiser had testified sent Kenyan youth to Israel for commando training during the ethnic clashes), especially because Fr. Kaiser's death conveniently occurred just before Clinton's trip to Tanzania. Newsline attributes the killing to a "third force working deep within the political establishment to rock the boat right from within."                   ( ...) ...Fr. Kaiser had always risked his comfort, security, and, indeed life, to speak the truth. His testimony to the Akiwumi Commission on Tribal Clashes on how the government caused the clashes and evicted Kiisi and Kuria people from Trans Mara District, his rape evidence against Sunkuli, and his other activities all point to a person who loved the truth and was willing to risk all to be a voice for the voiceless.

 Notice above the mention of a "third force working deep within the political establishment." What group are we aware of that works in secret and by way of deception, to ensure it's agenda is met. It appears that the so called "ethnic clashes" in Kenya were manipulated, with the control of land being at least one of the real reasons.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999
By Michael Njuguna
and Watoro Kamau

A Catholic priest yesterday told the Akiwumi Commission that Cabinet Ministers Nicholas Biwott and William Ole Ntimama sent some youths for commando training in Israel.

The youths were later used in the eviction of Kisii and Kurias from Trans Mara District, he said.

The priest said the evictions started in 1989 after the then Rift Valley PC, Mr Mohamed Yusuf Haji, visited Lologorian area and gave a quit order to the non-Maasai.

When the non-Maasai failed to leave the area, they were evicted by administration policemen who set their houses on fire.

Father Kaiser said the PC was nick named "Pole Musa", by the local people after he said to them "Pole Musa, the non-Maasai will have to go".

( ...)

Ndubi: I am asking you to relate the issue of evicting people from Enoosupukia with the government's decision to resettle some of the victims at Moi Ndabi area. Isn't the government legitimising the evictions?

Kaiser: I thought the government was behind the evictions. I do not think ordinary Maasai were involved. I think some powerful people wanted to exploit the area like the colonialists did. All big people in the government are involved in land grabbing in the Rift Valley Province. This is also the case in Trans Mara. It had nothing to do with the Kikuyu or Kisii occupying catchment areas. [...]

This information, on Kaiser's own admission in the interview above, would at the very least contain proof that Biwott, the partner of Schwartzman (Miss Polier is currently"hiding out" with the Schwartzmans), had sent Kenyans to Israel for training and brought Israeli groups to come to Kenya for training purposes. He claimed that the reason for the creation of these fake "ethnic clashes" was because certain people wanted to exploit the area in question.
(  un-finished...)
Again, there is undoubtedly more to this story than I have been able to uncover so far. I find it very interesting that the Mombasa Paradise hotel was attacked and destroyed just days before the corrupt President Moi stepped down as Kenyan leader. Perhaps realising that their days of stealing from Kenya to finance Israel were over, the Mossad decided to use their Kenyan front in one last act of service to Israel. The faked "terrorist" attack and destruction of the Mombasa Paradise hotel served well to increase even further the hype and fear that Osama really is under your bed. Given that the target was an Israeli business and at the time packed with Israeli tourists, it also served well to further the myth that ordinary Jews are at risk from "Islamic terrorism".

13 Kenyans died, along with 2 Israeli children, yet when your motto is "by way of deception thou shalt do war" those deaths are acceptable collateral damage in the greater war that Israel is determined to fight to prove to the world that everyone hates the Jews. Of course this is simply not the case. With leaders that are prepared to sacrifice even their own people to achieve their goals, as always, it is for the safety and future of ordinary Jewish people that we should be most concerned.
All the text:  sott focus

============================================;_ylt=AmNv3SLYI8Zxk7nDJxTf4ydZ.3QA,2172,161891,00.html,2170,,00.html reuters
If Odinga wins, he would realize a long-held ambition to rule Kenya -- a dream that eluded his late father, nationalist hero Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who became vice-president.

The inauguration of Kenya's presidential winner will take place within days.

Should it be Odinga, his priority will be to enlist support of the economically powerful Kikuyus, ensure a peaceful handover, and allay business fears he is a left-wing radical.

Comment: If Chavez is an example of what Reuters call a left-wing radical, then it would be in the best interest of the African people if that is what he is.

Educated in East Germany and with a first-born son called Fidel Castro, Odinga has throughout the campaign sought to quash anxiety he may have a hidden socialist agenda.

Riots flare as Kenya's Kibaki takes lead

Diplomatic push to end ethnic strife in Kenya

On Tuesday, at least 35 children and adults sheltering in a church near the western town of Eldoret were burnt alive by an angry mob in one of the worst incidents since the December 27 presidential elections, which were narrowly won by the incumbent Mwai Kibaki amid allegations of vote-rigging by his defeated opposition challenger, Raila Odinga.

The violence is the worst Kenya has witnessed since a failed 1982 coup.

With Kibaki belonging to Kenya's largest tribe, the Kikuyu, and Odinga to the second largest, the Luo, the violence has taken on a distinctly ethnic hue, with tit-for-tat killings and targeted arson attacks.

"What I saw was unimaginable and indescribable," said the director of the Kenyan Red Cross, Abbas Gullet, after visiting several of the worst hit areas of western Kenya on Tuesday.

"This is a national disaster," he told reporters. "From the area we visited today there are roughly about 70,000 (displaced)."


                                           ICKE, and kenya :
Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Big Pharma Announces 'Philanthropic Initiative' in Africa

(That's like Hitler announcing a 'freedom initiative' in Poland)

'The Merck Company Foundation announced today a $2.8 million commitment to establish two new immunization training centers in Uganda and Zambia and to expand the Foundation’s support of two existing centers in Kenya and Mali as part of the Merck Vaccine Network - Africa. The Merck Vaccine Network - Africa, a multi-year philanthropic initiative, supports academic partnerships in the development of sustainable immunization training centers to increase the number of skilled health professionals in Africa.'

Please press immediately  ( bullshit button )

as harper did ??   see that ( nov 26th invoice):

Canada launches global initiative to 'save a million lives' .

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania - Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls it the Initiative to Save a Million Lives.

He will announce details of a Canadian-led program as he arrives in Tanzania on the final day of his trip to Africa. The program will train 40,000 health workers to deliver a host of services to treat a variety of ailments from the measles to malaria. Canada will provide just over one-fifth of the cost of the $500 million initiative.

The other partners are the foundation set up by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and several other countries including Norway.

and comments, such as ..

*So nice the way our government pledges millions to help others who are NOT Canadian, while we have scores of millions in need, here, right in Canada.*

Mike WPOSTED MON, NOV 26, 2007 02:19 PM -0500
ces articles ?
               more of sott
 Sibel Edmonds 
Nukes, Spooks,and the Specter of 9/11 .                     
  ( by J. Raimondo )

We're in big trouble if even half of what Sibel Edmonds says is true…

S.Edmonds draws a picture of a three-sided alliance consisting of Turkish, Pakistani, and Israeli agents who coordinated efforts to milk U.S. nuclear secrets and technology, funneling the intelligence stream to the black market nuclear network set up by the Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan. The multi-millionaire Pakistani nuclear scientist then turned around and sold his nuclear assets to North Korea, Libya, and Iran.

This was no "rogue" operation, but a covert action executed by Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad, the chief of Pakistan's intelligence service, the ISI, at the time. The Turks were used as intermediaries because direct ISI intervention would have roused immediate suspicion. Large amounts of cash were dropped off at the offices of Turkish-American lobbying groups, such as the American Turkish Council in Washington, which was reportedly picked up by at least one top U.S. official.

This Pakistani-Turkish-Israeli Axis of Espionage, operating through their respective embassies, systematically combed Washington officialdom for potential moles, compiling lists that, according to Edmonds and the Times, "contained all their 'hooking points,' which could be financial or sexual pressure points, their exact job in the Pentagon and what stuff they had access to." Nice work, there.

This sounds a lot like the setup the handlers of convicted spy Larry Franklin worked with to glean information from the rabidly pro-Israel Franklin and pass it off to Israeli embassy officials, including former Israeli ambassador Danny Ayalon; Naor Gilon, the former political officer at the embassy; and Rafi Barak, the former deputy chief of mission. And there is indeed a connection to the Franklin case, according to the Times,

"One of the Pentagon figures under investigation was Lawrence Franklin, a former Pentagon analyst, who was jailed in 2006 for passing U.S. defense information to lobbyists and sharing classified information with an Israeli diplomat. 'He was one of the top people providing information and packages during 2000 and 2001,' [Edmonds] said."

Franklin delivered his "packages" to AIPAC officials Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman and their Israeli handlers for ideological reasons, but others, such as Grossman – according to Edmonds – did it for money. Grossman angrily denies the charge. In any case, apparently large cash transactions were recorded on the tapes Edmonds translated, in which U.S. officials were heard selling the nation's nuclear secrets. As the Times relates:

"Well-known U.S. officials were then bribed by foreign agents to steal U.S. nuclear secrets. One such incident from 2000 involves an agent overheard on a wiretap discussing 'nuclear information that had been stolen from an air force base in Alabama,' in which the agent allegedly is heard saying: 'We have a package and we're going to sell it for $250,000.'"

A vast criminal enterprise supported by at least three foreign intelligence agencies acting in concert with top U.S. officials, including some "household names" – if true, it's the story of the decade. Yet that isn't all. The really scary aspect of this labyrinthine network of foreign agents, and their American dupes and collaborators, is its connections to terrorist organizations, specifically al-Qaeda.

To begin with, Gen. Ahmad is suspected of having wired a large amount of money into Mohammed Atta's Dubai bank account shortly before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. More ominously, the Times reports: "Following 9/11, a number of the foreign operatives were taken in for questioning by the FBI on suspicion that they knew about or somehow aided the attacks."

Pakistani and/or Turkish operatives arrested or held for questioning in the wake of the 9/11 attacks? Well, that's the first I've heard of it. However, the U.S. authorities did round up a large number of Israelis, including these guys, and held them for several months before extraditing them back to their home country.

Even more alarming is the reason Edmonds approached the Times with the story, "after reading about an al-Qaeda terrorist who had revealed his role in training some of the 9/11 hijackers while he was in Turkey." That's a reference to this Nov. 2 story in the Times, which details the career of a top al-Qaeda kingpin, one Louai al-Sakka, who claims to have trained several of the 9/11 hijackers at a camp situated outside Istanbul in the resort area of the Yalova mountains.

Now that's curious: a Muslim fundamentalist training camp in a country run by a fanatically secular military that would normally not tolerate such activities. As the Times puts it: "Turkish intelligence were aware of unusual militant Islamic activity in the Yalova mountains, where Sakka had set up his camps. But they posed no threat to Turkey at the time."

Not a threat to Turkey, eh? All too true: the terrorists' target was the U.S. The al-Qaeda recruits trained by Sakka were specifically chosen by the top leadership of al-Qaeda – i.e., bin Laden – to carry out the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. That they were nurtured and steeled for their mission under the noses of our NATO allies in Ankara seems bizarre – until one begins to take Sibel Edmonds seriously. Then the whole horrifying picture starts to fall into place.

The darkest secrets of 9/11 are buried at the end of the trail laid out in Edmonds' testimony. As Luke Ryland, the world's foremost expert on the Edmonds case, writes:

"The Times article then notes something that I reported 18 months ago. Immediately after 911, the FBI arrested a bunch of people suspected of being involved with the attacks – including four associates of key targets of FBI's counterintelligence operations. Sibel heard the targets tell Marc Grossman: 'We need to get them out of the U.S. because we can't afford for them to spill the beans.' Grossman duly facilitated their release from jail and the suspects immediately left the country without further investigation or interrogation.

"Let me repeat that for emphasis: The #3 guy at the State Dept. facilitated the immediate release of 911 suspects at the request of targets of the FBI's investigation."

Corruption and a massive cover-up organized at the highest levels of government – America's nuclear secrets and technology looted on a massive scale, and sold to our enemies via a network set up by our alleged foreign "friends," while the threat of nuclear terrorism hangs over our country like a thick fog of fear, and warmongering politicians scare us into going along with the program – if even half of what Edmonds alleges turns out to be true, then we are all in some very big trouble.

In light of the Edmonds revelations, we have to reconsider the implications of the question Charles Gibson opened with during the ABC Democratic debate:

"The day after a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, what would we wish we had done to prevent it and what will we actually do on the day after?"

Perhaps congressman Henry Waxman, who solemnly pledged to launch a public investigation into the allegations made by Edmonds, will wish he had kept his promise. Maybe even the national news media, which has been offered this story repeatedly, by Ms. Edmonds and her supporters, will wish they had covered it.

Fortunately, we don't need the "mainstream" media to get the truth out to the American people. With the new technology of the computer age, we can do an end run around the media. This YouTube video is shocking: ( ...)

As Edmonds says, "we have the facts, we have the documents, we have the witnesses. Put out the tapes, put out the documents, put out the intercepts – put out the truth."

If a nuke ever goes off in an American city, it will probably have been stolen from our own arsenal – once the American people wake up to that scary fact, the rest will follow automatically.
Nukes, Spooks,and the Specter of 9/11 .                     
  ( by J. Raimondo )
We're in big trouble if even half of what Sibel Edmonds says is true…
How Pakistan got the bomb, then sold it to the highest bidders

1965 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s foreign minister, says: “If India builds the bomb we will eat grass . . . but we will get one of our own”
1974 Nuclear programme becomes increased priority as India tests a nuclear device
1976 Abdul Qadeer Khan, a scientist, steals secrets from Dutch uranium plant. Made head of his nation’s nuclear programme by Bhutto, now prime minister
1976 onwards Clandestine network established to obtain materials and technology for uranium enrichment from the West
1985 Pakistan produces weapons-grade uranium for the first time
1989-91 Khan’s network sells Iran nuclear weapons information and technology
1991-97 Khan sells weapons technology to North Korea and Libya
1998 India tests nuclear bomb and Pakistan follows with a series of nuclear tests. Khan says: “I never had any doubts I was building a bomb. We had to do it”
2001 CIA chief George Tenet gathers officials for crisis summit on the proliferation of nuclear technology from Pakistan to other countries
2001 Weeks before 9/11, Khan’s aides meet Osama Bin Laden to discuss an Al-Qaeda nuclear device
2001 After 9/11 proliferation crisis becomes secondary as Pakistan is seen as important ally in war on terror
2003 Libya abandons nuclear weapons programme and admits acquiring components through Pakistani nuclear scientists
2004 Khan placed under house arrest and confesses to supplying Iran, Libya and North Korea with weapons technology. He is pardoned by President Pervez Musharraf
2006 North Korea tests a nuclear bomb
2007 Renewed fears that bomb may fall into hands of Islamic extremists as killing of Benazir Bhutto throws country into turmoil



A WHISTLEBLOWER has made a series of extraordinary claims about how corrupt government officials allowed Pakistan and other states to steal nuclear weapons secrets.

Sibel Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency’s Washington field office.

She approached The Sunday Times last month after reading about an Al-Qaeda terrorist who had revealed his role in training some of the 9/11 hijackers while he was in Turkey.

Edmonds described how foreign intelligence agents had enlisted the support of US officials to acquire a network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions.

Among the hours of covert tape recordings, she says she heard evidence that one well-known senior official in the US State Department was being paid by Turkish agents in Washington who were selling the information on to black market buyers, including Pakistan.
The name of the official – who has held a series of top government posts – is known to The Sunday Times. He strongly denies the claims.

However, Edmonds said: “He was aiding foreign operatives against US interests by passing them highly classified information, not only from the State Department but also from the Pentagon, in exchange for money, position and political objectives.”

She claims that the FBI was also gathering evidence against senior Pentagon officials – including household names – who were aiding foreign agents.

“If you made public all the information that the FBI have on this case, you will see very high-level people going through criminal trials,” she said.

Her story shows just how much the West was infiltrated by foreign states seeking nuclear secrets. It illustrates how western government officials turned a blind eye to, or were even helping, countries such as Pakistan acquire bomb technology.

The wider nuclear network has been monitored for many years by a joint Anglo-American intelligence effort. But rather than shut it down, investigations by law enforcement bodies such as the FBI and Britain’s Revenue & Customs have been aborted to preserve diplomatic relations.

Edmonds, a fluent speaker of Turkish and Farsi, was recruited by the FBI in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Her previous claims about incompetence inside the FBI have been well documented in America.

She has given evidence to closed sessions of Congress and the 9/11 commission, but many of the key points of her testimony have remained secret. She has now decided to divulge some of that information after becoming disillusioned with the US authorities’ failure to act.

One of Edmonds’s main roles in the FBI was to translate thousands of hours of conversations by Turkish diplomatic and political targets that had been covertly recorded by the agency.

A backlog of tapes had built up, dating back to 1997, which were needed for an FBI investigation into links between the Turks and Pakistani, Israeli and US targets. Before she left the FBI in 2002 she heard evidence that pointed to money laundering, drug imports and attempts to acquire nuclear and conventional weapons technology.

“What I found was damning,” she said. “While the FBI was investigating, several arms of the government were shielding what was going on.”

The Turks and Israelis had planted “moles” in military and academic institutions which handled nuclear technology. Edmonds says there were several transactions of nuclear material every month, with the Pakistanis being among the eventual buyers. “The network appeared to be obtaining information from every nuclear agency in the United States,” she said.

They were helped, she says, by the high-ranking State Department official who provided some of their moles – mainly PhD students – with security clearance to work in sensitive nuclear research facilities. These included the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory in New Mexico, which is responsible for the security of the US nuclear deterrent.

In one conversation Edmonds heard the official arranging to pick up a $15,000 cash bribe. The package was to be dropped off at an agreed location by someone in the Turkish diplomatic community who was working for the network.

The Turks, she says, often acted as a conduit for the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s spy agency, because they were less likely to attract suspicion. Venues such as the American Turkish Council in Washington were used to drop off the cash, which was picked up by the official.

Edmonds said: “I heard at least three transactions like this over a period of 2½ years. There are almost certainly more.”

The Pakistani operation was led by General Mahmoud Ahmad, then the ISI chief.

Intercepted communications showed Ahmad and his colleagues stationed in Washington were in constant contact with attachés in the Turkish embassy.

Intelligence analysts say that members of the ISI were close to Al-Qaeda before and after 9/11. Indeed, Ahmad was accused of sanctioning a $100,000 wire payment to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers, immediately before the attacks.

The results of the espionage were almost certainly passed to Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani nuclear scientist.

Khan was close to Ahmad and the ISI. While running Pakistan’s nuclear programme, he became a millionaire by selling atomic secrets to Libya, Iran and North Korea. He also used a network of companies in America and Britain to obtain components for a nuclear programme.

Khan caused an alert among western intelligence agencies when his aides met Osama Bin Laden. “We were aware of contact between A Q Khan’s people and Al-Qaeda,” a former CIA officer said last week. “There was absolute panic when we initially discovered this, but it kind of panned out in the end.”

It is likely that the nuclear secrets stolen from the United States would have been sold to a number of rogue states by Khan.   ( continued) .....

Personnel from Israel's Aerospace Industries are assisting the Turkish army in activating Israeli-made unmanned aircrafts for use in military operations in Kurdish northern Iraq, Turkish sources were quoted as saying in a report to be published Thursday in the Turkish Daily News.

Ten days ago, Turkish television reported that Turkey had begun using the Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), which Israel leased to the Turkish army in a 2004 deal.

Bush's visit , Middle East
President Bush sets off Tuesday on an eight-day swing through the Middle East.

He's going to visit key Gulf allies to talk about what he sees as a rising Iranian threat, despite a recent intelligence report that says Iran halted a nuclear weapons program. The president is also going to try to nudge Israelis and Palestinians toward peace.

Comment: This brazen falsehood sets the (familiar) tone for the article, and the whole trip.

NPR (National Public Radio) is an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming. A privately supported, not-for-profit membership organization, NPR serves a growing audience of 26 million Americans each week in partnership with more than 860 independently operated, noncommercial public radio stations.


Beleaguered Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on Sunday wrote to French President Nicholas Sarkozy, seeking his help for the Palestinian people while at the same time welcoming "all international efforts" aimed at improving regional security. ( ...)

The surprise turnaround comes after another Hamas spokesman last month slammed Sarkozy's call for an international peacekeeping force in the Palestinian territories during an international donors conference in Paris, aimed at aiding the Palestinians.

 However, Haniyeh has criticized the current round of peace talks between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, which the Islamist movement has rejected.

The Palestinian president removed Haniyeh as prime minister in June last year after Hamas gunmen seized control of the Gaza Strip routing Abbas's security forces in a week of bloody skirmishes.

Since then Israel and the international community have lent support to the new Abbas government in the West Bank through the recently relaunched Middle East peace process thereby isolating Hamas.

Bush's eyes are pointed toward Iran rather than the Arab-Israeli peace process, Hamas's deputy leader Moussa Abu Marzouk told The Associated Press.
Comment: Of course, the Palestinian president had no authority to remove the democratically elected PM of Palestine. The US and Israel armed Fatah in a failed coup attempt against the elected goverment...( Hamas).


ISRAEL has allowed Fatah to bring about 500 troops into the Gaza Strip under a US-co-ordinated scheme to counter Hamas, the Islamic movement that won Palestinian parliamentary elections last year.

The forces belong to units loyal to the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, the moderate Fatah leader whom the Bush Administration and Israel have sought to strengthen militarily and politically.


Comment: The following article may cause sickness and nausea. Please get hold of a sick bag prior to reading the article.

As the U.S. government continues to demonstrate its inability to learn from history, an alarming report from the Strait of Hormuz was broadcast to the world on January 7. The Associated Press reported the following: "In what U.S. officials called a serious provocation, Iranian boats harassed and provoked three U.S. Navy ships in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, threatening to explode the American vessels." These Iranian ships are believed to part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's navy, the organization that the U.S. Congress officially decreed a 'terrorist' organization.

Those either old enough to remember, or cognizant enough to understand history, will immediately be reminded of the infamous 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident, reported on August 2, 1964. On that day, the U.S. destroyer Maddox, on an espionage mission in the Gulf of Tonkin off the Vietnam coast, reported being fired on by North Vietnamese torpedo patrol boats. In response the Maddox fired back, sinking one boat. Tensions in the area were already growing, and now the world watched and waited.

On August 4 of that same year, the Maddox and the C. Turner Joy, another destroyer, were again patrolling the Gulf of Tonkin. Instruments on the Maddox indicated that it was either attacked or was under attack, and both the Maddox and the C. Turner Joy began firing back, with assistance from U.S. air power.

It was less than 24 hours later when the captain concluded that there might not have been an attack; why the instruments indicated otherwise was not clearly explained. The pilot of a Crusader jet, James B. Stockdale, undertook a reconnaissance flight over the gulf that evening. He was asked if he saw any North Vietnamese attack vessels. Mr. Stockdale did not equivocate in his response. Said he: "Not a one. No boats, no wakes, no ricochets off boats, no boat impacts, no torpedo wakes--nothing but black sea and American firepower."
Yet this non-event, either misinterpreted or fabricated altogether, was seen by an hysterical U.S. Congress, ever willing to protect America from its enemies, real or imagined, as aggression against the U.S. It also provided members of that august body with some additional 'I'm-strong- on-Communism' credentials, which were ever in demand from the end of World War II until the dawn of the world's newest bugaboo, 'terrorism.' Congress quickly passed the so-called 'Gulf of Tonkin Resolution,' which empowered President Lyndon Johnson to take all measures he deemed necessary to repel aggression. While this was not the start of the Vietnam War, it represented the first major escalation that did not end for over a decade, and cost the lives of over 50,000 U.S. soldiers, and between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 Vietnamese citizens. It caused havoc with the U.S. economy, brought near-revolution to American streets and campuses and drew hostility towards the U.S. from most of the world.

Today, an unidentified Pentagon official called this 'incident' in the Strait of Hormuz "a serious provocation." Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman referred to it as a "serious incident."

Comment: When looking at alleged events like this, it is important to ask the question: Who benefits? Would Iran, who has absolutely nothing to gain from a war with the U.S. and who just had a major PR boost from the recent NIE report, benefit from this alleged event? And would the U.S. and Israel, who are trying to find any pretext, no matter how flimsy, to attack Iran, benefit from it?

After answering the above questions, it is easy to see that there was no Iranian attack. If indeed there was an attack on US force, something which is still in serious question, then it was just another false flag one designed to provide a pretext to invade Iran.

In one of the most unpredictable and exciting contests for years, Clinton overcame a double-digit deficit in opinion polls to squeeze out a narrow victory over Obama.

Comment: The faked emotion worked its magic.

The scientists found that a flu virus must be able to attach itself to an umbrella-shaped receptor coating human respiratory cells before it can infect cells in the upper airways.

"What the lock needs is the right key. It opens the door," said Ram Sasisekharan, a professor of biological engineering and health sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

The H5N1 avian flu virus now almost exclusively infects birds. But it can occasionally pass to a person.(..)

Before a flu virus can enter a human respiratory cell, a protein on the surface of the virus must bind with chains of sugars called glycans that sit on the outside of the cells.

Scientists have classified these chains according to how they are linked together chemically. In birds, the virus binds with alpha 2-3 receptors; in humans, it binds with alpha 2-6 receptors.

To infect humans, scientists thought the H5N1 bird flu virus would need to simply mutate so it could bind with alpha 2-6 receptors. But it turns out not all alpha 2-6 receptors are the same. Some are short and cone-shaped and some are long and umbrella-shaped.

Shape difference may explain why humans can get bird flu from a bird and not pass it along easily to other humans, he said.

So far, the bird flu virus has found a way to bind only to the cone-shaped structures in human upper airways. The virus has already killed 216 people and infected 348 people in 14 countries, according to the World Health Organization.

But the study found that the most infectious human flu viruses bind with the umbrella-shaped receptors in the upper respiratory tract. The researchers believe the H5N1 bird flu virus would need to adapt so it could latch on to these umbrella-shaped receptors before it could be spread readily from human to human.

Comment: Now these scientists have found out how to manipulate the virus making it able to jump from human to human. The darned thing just wouldn't do it before, but now they have it figured out. And, of course, then they will be able to give us all of the vaccines that they have been trying to stick us with. They'll get this pandemic thing off the ground one way or another.

Among those reported at the meeting were Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Times said.
Comment: Hmmmm. They must be deciding that it is time to ramp up the al CIAda violence in order to justify the U.S. moving in/being there.

Comment: This is most likely just propaganda made for domestic consumption. The Pakistan intelligence agency ISI, and the US have a very close relationship and there is little to indicate that the US will not do what ever it pleases.



Fear Sells, Terror Sells Better. Here Comes Avian Flu
and & Compulsory Vaccination

...pandemic.....avian flu

North American Union Time Line
CAP Supports Nationwide Call to Action
February 16, 2008

Canadian Action Party (CAP) wholeheartedly supports a grassroots Nationwide Call to Action on February 16, 2008.  In towns and cities all over this great nation, people will be coming together to send a clear message to our elected representatives in Ottawa - we the people demand a Referendum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership  (SPP).

doublespeak 101 ...

 province of manitoba throne speech nov.20, 2007 and the SPP/NAU

Concentration Camps Listing -

Psychic Attack From the CIA and/or FEMA

could this happen to ron paul

gibson   and ron paul...





Where's the Paper Trail for Each Ballot Cast?

Take action now!
1. Several web sites have lists of what to do.

2. Deliver the report "Myth Breakers: Facts about Electronic Elections" to your local election officials and legislators.

3. Join your local political club or good government organization. As a member, inform them about this issue and the need for action. Important documents are available, as well as a summary of the problems with evoting.

4. New Yorkers, please go to our New York page and take action.

.....A Web Site Dedicated to Election Integrity.....

.....Home of the Fraudulent Voting Machine.....
FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Jan. 9, 2008
Dear SM:

Thank you for your letter. Yes, you have discerned wisely. This is one last desperate attempt by the Darkside to use chemtrails to poison and kill many people. Such is happening here in Rapid City;, SD and in many other places, where Lightworkers live. Know that these chemicals and pathogens cannot harm you, if you but ask the Forces of Light to instantly neutralize them. Yes, the Sylphs, nymphs, fairies, etc. assist.

One last big push of evil everywhere by the Darkside is happening before they exit the planet, forever. Stand strong, my friend, in the face of such Darkness, and use the Light to protect you.

Rejoice, knowing that the end of the "Dark Ages" is finally here!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer

Food and How It's Going to Change the World

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

BREAKING: Bush-Clinton Crime Family TREASON Continues

*** A REMINDER: Homosexual gays and lesbians who are "IN-THE-CLOSET" are a MAJOR THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.

CLARIFICATION: Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZAR JEWS.


( picture) 


Unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton lost her temper in Saturday night's New Hampshire Democratic Primary Debate.

Hillary's contrived theatrical performance

This afternoon, the day before the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, Hillary contrived and acted out an emotional crying moment.
The questionnaire who elicited the emotional response from unelectable Hillary is actually a volunteer of the Clinton campaign itself.

Jim Axelrod, CBS

Note: CBS News reporter Jim Axelrod was aware that Clinton campaign aide Ann Lewis had actually discussed with Hillary a need to show emotion in reference to her perceived cold personality.


Ann Lewis, Hillary's Senior Campaign Adviser
This photo removed per request below.

So this whole event was nothing more than a theatrical performance staged to stop her falling poll numbers, in particularly with female voters.


TRAITOR Bushfraud

P.S. As this hour George W. Bushfraud is about to exert executive privilege over U.S. Justice Department lawyers in reference to the FBI investigation of the destroyed CIA 9/11 interrogation tapes.

Such an act by the unelected punk would put the U.S. Republic on the edge of dictatorial rule.
MESSAGE TO THE U.S. MILITARY: It is time to do your sworn duty and put an end to the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate, NOW, before they launch a major terrorist attack on the U.S. to stay in power.



 Sources close to U.S.-French Intelligence claim that mercenaries are being brought into the United States as we report this briefing for the purposes of TREASONOUS criminal acts on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.

Are you listening Colin Powell?

TRAITORS Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partners and co-conspirators Bushfraud and Colin Powell
(Photos By Kevin Clark -- The Washington Post)

Colin Powell kisses Co-conspirator
MEGA ZIONIST War Criminal and
9/11 Co-Conspirator
TRAITOR Henry Kissinger



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. . .

NOTICE: Occasionally the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled NSA and FBI Division 5 invade this intelligence blog changing or removing images, pictures and phraseology for the purpose of trying to keep you, the American People, ill-informed.

Make special note of the pics and images they remove off these briefings and/or are scrubbing off the internet.



Monday, January 07, 2008

BREAKING: Hillary and Fred Tied to 9-11 CIA Interrogation-Gate Cover Up 
..(continued) ...

more of this?

Thirty-five hundred years ago God gave Moses a gift that changed the world. Some of the most incredible miracles in history came from applying a simple code, activating the power of the creative force of God in the world. This ancient technology has largely been lost or ignored since then, only to be revealed once again through this movie and book.
Join hundreds of thousands of people on April 5th, viewing the film, then activate the Code the next day, on April 6th.

The Moses Code film and book explore the technology of prayer in a new way, and on April 6th a practical experiment will demonstrate that it truly is the most powerful manifestation tool in history as we join together for a global vigil.

Host a Moses Code Peace Vigil Event

           from Sunrise dec 32st 2007

Spiritual messages
and the first for 2008 ... here's a little from Blue ... :
The Spirit of Humanity speaks many languages ... but it is not English ... French ... Spanish ... Chinese ...nor Arabic .... to name a few ... it is not the language of numbers ... it is not the language of money ... nor is it the language of light ... there is only one language that is understood equally by all ... and that is the language of the heart and spirit .... hope ... trust .... strength and compassion .... freedom ... allowance ... understanding ... kindness and forgiveness ...

the language of the heart/spirit speaks for those who came before you ... and for those waiting to be born ... it speaks within you and through you ... as one voice ...  when it speaks it is heard, seen and touched ... this voice of the heart/spirit cannot be silenced ... and even in the dead of silence it can still be heard and felt ...      it speaks through the dark ... the pain ... the loss ... the fear and despair ... it speaks clearly through and above the noise, chaos and distortion ... you only need listen deep within .... every human heart/spirit enriches this voice and any lost diminish it ...

to us it is only like yesterday ... when you ventured out into creation's playground amongst the stars ... but to many of you it may seem to be an eternity ... forever at war ... with darkness ... with hate and anger ... forever fighting that which you perceive to be your enemy ...

and though there are those above as there are below whom may not be in alignment and harmony with the spirit humanity ... and to many of you whom believe you are at war on many levels .... know that the greatest war you will ever fight is within you .... the greatest darkness is a soul that has lost its way .... and though you may perceive the war to be against great forces of evil ... it is really only a war against your inner chaos and despair ...

and greater than the death of your mortal and physical life ... is the death of your hopes and dreams .... the death of the human spirit ... your future is all around you ... enveloping you ... waiting to be born out of unlimited potentials .... do not concern yourselves with what shape or form it will take .... for it is all distraction ... only know that it will be born in a flash of a moment ...

there is no greater power in all of eternity unto forever than the freedom of the human spirit .... no government .. no dictator ... no tyrants nor armies can stand for long against the tide of the human spirit ... even if it may take an aeon ... eventually they will come to realise that it cannot be extinguished ...

it is time to turn the cycle of meaningless greed ... hatred ... and death ... towards something greater and beyond .... do you not realise ... that you rise and fall together ... no one is immune ... 4-billion linear years in your timing .... humanity has fallen countless times only to rise again  ... you are caught in a cycle of death and re-incarnation which can only be transcended upon realisation that you are all in this together ... there is no separation here ... no special treatment ... you will continue this cycle until you realise this ...
yes there are cycles within cycles .... small cycles and greater cycles ... some cycles that are in alignment and conducive and others not so conducive to self-realisation on a mass scale ... the train arrives at the station (gateway) at a pre-determined time ... there are many stations along the way which the train stops at .... however some stations are larger than others and are central gateways ... connecting you to other railway systems and networks  ... the train works to a cycle (timing) on its journey around the railway systems and networks ... once it arrives at the station it waits a few moments for passengers to board and unboard ... if you miss the train then you must wait for the next train or find other ways to get to your destination thus making the journey more difficult ... your 2012 is the time the train arrives to your central station / gateway ... if you miss the train it matters not ... as there will always be another time and another place ...

their is a moment of realisation that is coming very soon ... how and when matters not ... knowledge of this event on the near horizon would have you all pre-empting and further complicating the simplicity of it ... or as the majority would do is wait until the very last moment preceding the event before taking action to deal with their inner-selves .... of which neither is conducive nor efficient and elegant ... as you would say is "too late" ...
what on the surface may appear to be a dying species ... a species becoming extinct ... buried in the ego of chaos and despair ... which many may regard as a dire circumstance ... may well be a species metamorphing ... and transcending itself to a greater level of awareness ... a greater vibration ... the cells on the outside may appear to be blackened and bruised ... but within and beneath new cells are been created and born and rising to the surface ... you may equate this with a healing crisis which can be at times mistaken for the disease itself ... the moment of re-newal ... the moment of awakening into a greater awareness does not run on clock-work ...

what we will tell you about this event is it will happen when you least expect it ... and it will happen at different times to different people in different ways .... although it may be triggered externally from without ... it will rise from within you may be washing the dishes in the kitchen sink and you will look up to glance outside your window and you will realise that something is anew ... something is different ... you may be walking in the park or watering the garden and you will realise all of a sudden the air smells like the fragrance of sweet candle incense burning ... whatever you are doing ... unexpectedly in a flash of a moment you will realise that everything has changed ... for others it could be a flash-point on a global scale or local scale which will trigger this ... but one thing to realise is not the how or why or the cause or the blame  .... but in how you deal with such an event or any event for that matter ...
for those that may regard these words as airy-fairy ... know this .... no matter how large or minute ... you and everything you exist within is made up of cells and molecules ... born in the heart of a billion stars ... molecules and cells that do not understand politics .. policies ... names .... titles ... religion ... territory ... in your universe alone there only exists in total 144 elements (atoms) of which everything that exists is made up from [note: currently only 117 are known to us] ... these atoms are ordered into an array ... and bonded together to form your physical reality .... the glue that holds your atoms ... electrons ... protons ... the glue that holds your creation made up of matter is no one else but you ... the spark ... your spirit ... when all 144 elements are found then humanity will have come full circle and fully realised ...

the light of your spirit is your search for truth .... your search for understanding and meaning .... the more intense and focused the search ... the more brilliant your light shines .... and the greater the revelation ... discovery and understanding of your creation with all its beauty and flaws.....  many mistake the light for something greater and name it "god" or archangel or Jesus .... but what you perceive to be this so called "god" ... is only the by product of your search ... your seeking .... is you ... your inner source and light ... and should your ego stand in the way of your light-source then a shadow is cast .... and many assume this shadow to be darkness and evil ...

what is the meaning of it all ... of life itself you ask .... you ... yourself ... create the meaning .... for meaning does not exist independently of you  ... when ... where ... how ... what and cause ... all of these do not matter ... serving the ego of deluded destiny does not make memories nor meaning of the human spirit  .... only in service for the greater good is the meaning of life ... how large or how small matters not ....  no matter what your position in life is ...for all are equal .... it might be serving a client/customer ... a charity or your local community or simply helping an old lady cross the road ... teaching a child to ride a bike ... cooking a meal for your loved one .... in serving others with pure intention for the greater good you are in essence serving yourself ...

there is much talk in anticipation of 2012 ... and earth changes to come ... we will discuss these in detail another moment in your time ... but for now ... we will leave you with a cliff hanger ... you can only partake of that which you are in alignment with ... in resonance with ...
Raphiem / Blue


Atmos  31-December-2007

The end of the year has arrived at an astonishing speed, and time seems to be going at an ever increasingly fast pace. You can look back at your personal experiences and those in general that have affected your life, and on the face of it for many people it would not appear to have moved much further forward. That is the outer illusion brought about by the continued confusion that exists. It is also because the slow painstaking challenges that are forever presented to us in our plans to remove the last cabal, do not allow us to reveal anything but a general outline of our plans.

However, much progress has been made which is not apparent to you, but known to our allies and us. It has been a long road that has led us to this point in your evolution, but in reality one that has really taken off since the Millennium. Human consciousness has grown immensely since that period of time and the great awakening has truly begun. It is going forward faster than ever, and is your guarantee of success in bringing about conditions that will result in major changes.

This coming year promises to be the one that finally delivers what you have been seeking, and that is your release from the domination of the dark forces. Look around the world and see that it is currently in a state of flux, as the new energies for change grow stronger. The dark and the Light clash but there can only be one winner in such a contest. The Light may have been subdued for eons of time, but now it has risen up and there will be no stopping the fulfilment of its promise. The first part of this year will see a number of attempts to remove the dark, and each one will weaken their position until there is complete success. Eventually the people will have a great bearing on the outcome, as their collective power can be formidable.

There is so much happening that is positive, but of course your media is controlled and concentrates on the fear laden news to overshadow it. Fortunately, the good news does circulate sufficiently that you are now better informed than for some considerable time. Many major events are playing out and none more important than the decline in the banking system, which is seriously caught up in the collapse of the financial markets. All of these events are preparing the way for a major change in money matters, and at the right time they will be ripe for the introduction of the benefits that are outlined in NESARA.

The war in the Middle East is still taking place against the background of disquiet and discontent by those supporting the U.S. The longer it continues the more likely it is that support will be withdrawn, and it will begin to force the hand of those who wish to carry on with their plan to take over that complete area. The U.S. has extended its troops and resources too much, and already struggles to provide a sufficient back up. It is draining the coffers of money that is denied for more worthwhile causes, such as your medical care policies which are a disgrace in the Western World. These facts are not going unnoticed, and they are turning the people against your present administration because of their suffering.

People power is far greater than you can imagine, which is why for millennia of time you have been imprisoned in an ever growing draconian society, bound by laws that deny your freedom under the Constitution. People can only be pushed so far and now there is a quiet rebellion amongst those who have experienced the harsh hand of the law, and seen its unfairness and lack of justice. There is nothing more powerful than people who band together, in a common cause from which they gain strength and impetus to achieve their goals.

The life and the duty of those who lead should be inspired by a spiritual impulse that sees all as equal, and endeavours to bring people together by attending to their needs. The gap between the rich and poor has never been greater, but with our coming that will completely change with a fairer distribution of all wealth. Greed and avarice have been rampant in recent years, and fed by the dark forces that have lifted materialism to a new level. It is grotesque, and an insult to all of you that strive for just the basic needs to survive. That will quickly change with First Contact and we know that happy and contented people are the most likely to give their support to us. People need to be assured of our intentions, and also see that the results are beneficial and fulfil our promises.

Our coming is one totally of a spiritual nature, as all members of the Galactic Federation recognise the soul within each Being regardless of colour or creed. We acknowledge your God selves and see your potential to rise up out of duality, and we are here to help you in any conceivable way to move onto the path of Ascension. Once your material needs are covered there will be more opportunity to consider your spiritual life, and there will be help for everyone that aspires to lift themselves up. The truth of your past history and your destiny will be clearly explained, so that each of you has an equal opportunity to make a clear choice as to what you wish to do. As we have often made known to you, there is no pressure on you to choose one way more than another. You create your own reality, and we shall always honour your choice.

The year ahead promises so much and will be the turning point in your lives.

 The cycle must end within a few years, and you have a most informative period ahead of you. For many years we have established excellent contacts with those having an ability to pass on our messages. We have prepared the way, and our presence can hardly have gone unnoticed since we decided to show you our craft travelling through your skies. Be assured that although your Government has developed some similar to ours, in number they are very small and what you see are largely craft of our Federation. We work constantly to deplete the effects of radiation that is poisoning you and your Earth. We have done so ever since you exploded your first atomic bombs, and but for our help your Earth would already be beyond recovery.

I am Atmos from Sirius, and pleased to come at such a special time when you set out your plans for the coming year. I hope you will remember that you have the power to bring change, and look to the highest manifestation of your desires so that all will benefit. Your collective energies do have a strong bearing on what takes place, and now your Light is shining out brightly it is a time to express desires that reflect all that is necessary to lift Man up. Think of Man as One in consciousness and that your contribution will help others to find the Light. Believe that everything is possible, and place no limitations on your vision of the future.

I shall leave you with the Blessings and Good Wishes from all of my companions, that you have a wonderfully fulfilling New Year as it already promises so much for you. Let the Light of your life shine out forever on all around you.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.

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 ( and the first for 2008 ... here's a little from Blue ...)
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The posts on internet re 10/17 seem to all be an article writtten & posted by Blue/Raphiem. While the ultraviolet beam enfolding Earth for 17 hours that ...

Pole Shift - When, Where, and How

A few years ago i said we had passed the PONR ... then blue came up with 1017 ... Raphiem: Your pronouncement fits perfectly with my visual declaration last ...


Black and blue colors indicate a compressed field (in the subsolar region ...... Hi Raphiem,. In case you haven't seen the following, I am passing it along ...

Thoth Identity

Mon, 5 Jul 1999 ,From: Raphiem <> ... Lyra = Nothern constillation = whitestar called Alpha-lyra and Blue Star called Vega ...


lue is still going on about DNA activation and UV light ... i will revisit next time . ..... Raphiem. To SUBSCRIBE to this group, send an email to ...


(Mikal), brook, stream, water of Word - X-axis, Blue, 1 Sa. ...... Raphiem. I should try not to oversimplify, clearly Germain's family is in the bloodline ...

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Healing - Love - Forgiveness
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