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De: béate
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 13:50:01 -0500 (EST)


( Wednesday 9 January 2008 03:54 )


It has been alleged that the report below suggests that our report dated 2nd January to the effect that Paulson died, which preceded all other published reports to that effect, was hereby amended.

Careful attention should be paid to what we stated below. Specifically, we detailed the sources for all the information that we had received on this subject, as a direct result of which exposure, the orchestrated campaign of denigration that was focused on us by the rats, suddenly ceased.

That happened because, since we had exposed their 'Black Op', they had no choice. It should also be understood that a 'Black Op' can be superimposed upon another 'Black Op', so that whether the

rat in question is dead or not makes no difference to the functioning of the 'Black Operation'.
The forensic evidence that is being accumulated makes it quite clear that the controlled video and other recorded evidence of what happened has been DOCTORED, BIG TIME: and that should make it self-evident that THE FACTS OF THE MATTER ARE BEING DOCTORED, AS WELL.
FACT: The US Treasury did NOT issue a formal denial of the verified confirmation by the State Department on 2nd January that Paulson had died. One would have thought that such a denial would have been appropriate, given the sensitivity of this matter for the financial markets alone.
FACT: The White House did NOT issue a formal denial of the verified confirmation by the State Department on 2nd January that Paulson had died. President Bush mumbled 'that's a lie', but if that was so, WHY WAS THIS PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT NOT FOLLOWED UP BY A FORMAL DENIAL?

In the analysis below, we explain that one reason that these denials were not issued was that the shootings indeed took place, so that denying the death of Paulson would have drawn attention to the shootings .......and would have forced the pathetic controlled 'mainstream' to start catching up with the despised 'alternative media' which is telling the truth....... while the 'mainstream' languishes under the constraints imposed by Operation Mockingbird, and fails in its duty as the Fourth Estate to tell the people the truth and nothing but the truth.
We would also draw attention again to the information about Mr Kimmitt cited below, and would reiterate that so far as we aware (we stand to be corrected here) there has been no mention of Kimmitt at all since these horrible events.

Finally, for the time being, you will note that the information censored from the report has not yet been posted. We state below that if the Settlement was not completed yesterday, we would post the sensitive intelligence which was censored from this report. The Wanta Settlement was not paid yesterday, as we anticipated. The Editor therefore, out of courtesy, asked whether it would not now be appropriate to post the censored information. The Editor's decision re all editorial issues arising for these reports and our printed intelligence publications, is final.

 However for reasons that have been explained to him this morning, the Editor has agreed to withhold this information for a little longer, as it ties in with new raw intelligence that is being digested 'as we speak'.

It has nevertheless been agreed that, on the assumption that the Settlement will again be aborted by the rats today, we will build the censored information into the next report.

 To close this point for the time being, the request from US intel to Mr Cottrell for the 'censored' information to be lifted from yesterday's report (below) was accompanied by a statement along the lines of 'you will be very happy later today'. In other words the US intel sources making the request represented, falsely as it unsurprisingly turns out, that they were in a position to indicate that the Settlement would indeed be effected yesterday, WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN.

Therefore, naturally, we are in no way bound by our undertaking yesterday. A gentleman's word is his bond, but not if he is double-crossed.


The substantial opinion poll lead of the Obama campaign immediately prior to the New Hampshire primary election, which vanished to yield a tiny majority for Mrs Rodomski Clinton yesterday, is of course connected to the crisis that we are having to report on this website. Mrs Hillary Clinton is the criminalists' 'macro plan'. To cover up their past giga-thefts, they NEED this Evil Jezebel in the White House.

When it appeared that Obama was heading for a second primary win, which would have given him near-impregnability, 'they' resorted to their usual DIRTY TRICKERY: fiddling with electronic voting machines. This subject is covered in the Editor's book 'The New Underworld Order', which is dedicated to the late Andrew ('Andy') Stephenson, who exposed the electronic voting machine fraudulence and was murdered by the Dark Forces for his pains in 2005.
Lo and behold, New Hampshire uses the notorious Diebold electronic voting machines, which seem to exist not to count votes BUT TO RIG ELECTION OUTCOMES. What a coincidence that there is a Bush Crime Family connection to Diebold. The American Presidential electoral system taught to young Americans at school is a myth. The United States struts around the world telling everybody all about democracy and judging whether a foreign election is fair or not, while back home it rigs its own elections. This Durkheimian 'election norm' is being exposed along with the financial frauds exposed by this website. The Dark Forces intend to vote-rig their way to a Hillary Presidency.
And while on the subject of deception, as usual, it is 10.15pm here, UK time, on 9th January 2008. As far as the Editor is aware the settlements have NOT been implemented.
This means that, having been deceived yet again, we will be left with no choice but to post the censored information referenced in this report. We removed the information on the basis that there was to be no further duplicity. But as Durkheim taught, duplicity in 'anomie' is their norm.

10th January, early morning UK time: We are receiving indications, as yet unconfirmed, that a total sum aggregating $43 trillion was stolen and transferred to Israel: if that is not the case, this was the intention; or else the funds are controlled by Israeli interests.

Should this turn out to be accurate, then the geopolitical scenario is almost certainly as follows. Israel is blackmailing the United States, with the assistance of traitors inside Citibank and elsewhere in the US banking system, and in the White House and the Treasury,....... to force the issue of bombing Iran, which the whole world believes would be an act of the most extreme folly imaginable.

 In other words, Israel may be saying to the United States: Bomb Iran, and then we'll return the money. Not before. Let's hope this assessment is dead wrong. But if it isn't, you can imagine the multiple adverse consequences that may ensue.

The following indications .......that the 'virtual reality' folks have been playing around with Paulson images, and that our suspicions on this score may be well-founded, ........   have been received:
(1) From an expert in these matters [received 9th January 2008, 23:12 UK time]:

Play the Microsoft Media Player video

Right click your mouse while video is playing [may have to try this a few times]

Click ZOOM
Right click your mouse while playing, again
Click SLOW

[WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO] Notice the rear right portion of Paulson's head blends in with the yellow [or gold] stripe on the blue Navy flag, in the background, when he turns his head back & forth wherein, thusly, the polygon [shape around the edges of an object] of his head is not at all definitive. This is indicative of video alteration, commonly called "being photoshopped", named after the popular graphics, photo & video manipulative Photoshop software,..... though many other similar professional software packages that can do all this, also exist.
(2) From a correspondent [received 9th January 2008, 22:00 UK time]:
You are so right on.....they sure don't want any photographs of that meeting with Bush & Bernanke and Paulson...I have looked and looked, and what was all over the news two days ago is strangely missing from view now!! Could it be they are hiding something???
It seems they don't want anyone to see Paulson now: How strange.... You keep going Mr. Story, these rats are really on the run now.
Thank you ...thank you.




Friday 11 January 2008 23:47








The culture of duplicity, thievery and criminality has even filtered right down to US branch banking level. If you tender a counterfeit banknote, you are liable to be arrested. Accordingly, when you extract bills from your local ATM, you naturally expect that the bills dispensed by the machine are good currency. However this can no longer be taken for granted.

It was reported on 10th January that an Orlando woman, Harriett Green, who obtained $20 bills from a Bank of America ATM on Orange Blossom Trail, near All American Boulevard, discovered that one of the bills was a fake. At Wal-Mart, the teller realised that the bill was counterfeit. Harriett Green said: 'It’s scary, because we could go to jail for passing fake banknotes. I could have been in a place that wasn’t as nice as Wal-Mart, and they could have called the police. We could have been locked up’, thinking that I was handling counterfeit money.
Ms Green returned to the Bank of America branch where a teller had helped her take her money from the ATM, and the same teller agreed to replace the phony bill.

In charge of the distribution of bribe money from the stolen funds is a CIA operative working for Godfather Bush Sr. who calls himself Marvin Davis. This man is not the same Marvin Davis who previously operated as Bush Sr.’s bag man, who is dead. The man in question is, as indicated, a CIA operative, a.k.a. Bush Sr.’s (late) bag man – that is to say, another cynical CIA criminal intelligence operative standing in for and passing himself off as the late Marvin Davis.

According to reports received by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the false Mr Marvin Davis, who may be working for Bush 41, Bush 43 and Veep Cheney, allegedly pays very large sums of stolen money to domestic and international politicians by way of bribes, in exchange for their ‘cooperation’ in the ongoing financial thievery (as with BCCI (1) facilitating the transfer of funds for Bush Sr. to other operatives), and in furtherance of the US criminal kleptocracy’s rearguard campaign to frustrate the ‘universal’ implementation of the Basel II ‘reformed’ banking regime; and that is what he has been doing while everyone has been goofing at the H. Paulson diversionary Psy-Ops ‘sting’ ‘Black Operation’ contrived by Cheney to discredit inter alia the Editor of this service on the back of the actual shootings and other horrible events that took place as described.


The model is exactly the same as the use of a bag man operating between Bush Sr. and Manuel Noriega, called Jorge E. Brown, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. That operative was employed to pay off politicians in exactly the same way that the fake Marvin Davis has been doing in recent months, weeks and days – on a much larger scale, as this historically unprecedented global financial crisis has escalated.

Like the fake CIA operative calling himself Marvin Davis, this Jorge E. Brown, Trustee of the front operation called Delmarva Timber Trust, worked out of Houston, Texas. Specifically, he operated from 7333 Harwin Drive, Suite 110, Houston, Texas 770042. Delmarva Timber Trust was used as cover for the handling of stolen funds, money laundering and drug-trafficking, and also directly connected the Clintons with the Bush Crime Family.

The website has been publishing an incomplete ‘summary’ of Wantagate attributed to Alcuin Bramerton, using a email address, implying a British connection. The text of this summary, which is being extended incrementally, uses a Russian form – e.g. ‘the USA Vice President Dick Cheney’, ‘the USA Provost Marshal’, ‘the USA President’ and ‘the USA Vice President’, ‘the USA Army Chief of Staff’. Of course no-one in Britain or America ever adds the ‘A’ when ‘US’ is employed as an adjective.

This source has very extensively credited ‘
Christopher Story
’s Global Analysis reports’ but not specifically, so that anyone reading that text cannot, without a great deal of research, establish which statement is attributable to this website, and which comes from elsewhere.

This is a well-known obfuscation technique, and we caution anyone relying on THAT text to rely on THIS website for the definitive text of what we have published, so that the Editor of this service is not cited as having published this or that statement, when that is not the case. For instance, to cite a small inaccuracy, ‘Bramerton’ states that only two officers of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. attended Citibank’s offices at 399 Park Avenue on 20th November 2007, whereas there were more than two of them: ‘others’ were present as well.

We suggest that these illegal secret accounts, which were among a large number of accounts held in the names of the arch criminalists or for them as beneficiaries, may be accessible, and that in particular the secret accounts of which Hillary Clinton may be a beneficiary, may well have become available again, to fund this woman’s election campaign. Evidence is held on tape to confirm that Hillary Clinton diverted $500 million from Crozier Bank in Grenada in or around 1997. When four US operatives went down to Grenada to check this out, it was found that the bank’s videotape coinciding with the precise timing of her visit there, was mysteriously blank.

Prior to the New Hampshire ballot on 7th January, financial contributions to the Hillary Rodomski Clinton election campaign had dried up altogether. Furthermore, between 8:00 and 8:30pm EST on New Hampshire Primary election night, CNN showed Senator Obama with a 38% to 33% lead and a 1,500 vote edge in the actual vote tally. This lasted for 15 seconds, and immediately CNN showed Hillary back in front by 3%, according to the well-known operative Tom Heneghan.


According to wire services citing Israel Radio (3), Criminal President Bush 43 promised the Israeli Zionist Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu that the United States will join Israel in a ‘nuclear strike’ against Iran. A summary report stated that ‘former Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Opposition Likud Party’s hardline Chairman who opposes the US-backed Annapolis ‘peace process’, reiterated to President Bush his stance, that a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran’s nuclear installations was the only way to stop the Islamic nation’s weapons ambitions’.

But what are these troops et al REALLY DOING IN ISRAEL? Here are two suggestions, over and above this top crook’s ‘need for protection’:

The huge US military contingent may not return to the United States with the President, if he returns. It may stay put in Israel and probably also Jordan.

The hidden purpose of the presence of these troops may be, or have been, that, as the President tries desperately to access the accounts allegedly now controlled by the Israelis, the Jewish State authorities may suddenly find that they are being ORDERED to return (or should we say, to release) the funds, with the threat that if they do not do so, the US military force present in Israel ostensibly to protect the President might take matters into their own hands.


The other point of relevance here is that two allegations have surfaced to the effect that George Bush Sr. has been presiding over the delivery of slush money to the enemy that his son says is beyond the pale, namely Iran. We heard about this in December, but could not obtain an adequate number of sources for the information. But it has surfaced again in the ‘Bramerton’ summary (which also contains, as is typical of intelligence community websites, a smattering of nonsense), using our material, as follows...


And as we haven’t cited Scripture of late, it may be helpful to remind ourselves of the extreme evil of being of two minds. We are not talking of people like this Editor, who are Pisceans and are often pulled in two directions, but rather of hardened, ruthless Luciferians who operate two standards simultaneously – the ‘war party’ vs. the ‘peace party’, the ‘YES/NO’ in Hebrew which appears on the crest of Yale University: Urim and Thummim: a kind of dice-like oracle which the High Priest threw, to see what answer ‘God’ would give him to a question he could not answer.


Cornered, he and MK-Ultra-Evil One Cheney are variously reported by Psy-Ops specialists to be contemplating a horrendous provocation, an attack on Iran, a nuclear suitcase bombing – anything to provide an adequate pretext for extending the cover-up, enabling the arch criminals (they may imagine) to escape from the bind in which they find themselves. According to a US military source of ours [information received by email on 10th January at 15:34 UK time], certain military personnel received a paper on 9th January 2008 indicating that Vice President Dick Cheney was planning an American attack on Iran ‘within the next few days while the President is out of the country’. No doubt numerous abominations and atrocities have been and continue to be contemplated as the rats scatter, looking for exits from the sewer where they won’t be shot dead on the spot.
We now elaborate: Funds have been illegally transferred abroad, inter alia, it is believed, to Israel. As of 10.00am EST on 11th January 2008, Henry M. Paulson, who was shot in the chest on 28/29th December 2007, had not made either an actual or a ‘postmortem’ appearance in Israel* to sign for the return of the illegally transferred funds. The figure of $43 trillion = $34 trillion plus $4.5 trillion + $4.5 trillion (duplication). If Israel is holding on to illegally transferred funds from Citibank/the US Treasury, it cannot expect to do so for long, as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has the power to take devastating countermeasures against Israel which, in a worst case scenario, would result in national collapse. So any blackmailing potential that Israel may be wielding against the United States is, by definition, ephemeral.

Sources: here (Civil Action document dated 11.06.07 and Court stamped 20.06.07 - Petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Other Extraordinary Relief: Lee Wanta v. Henry Paulson and others, plus exhibits of germane correspondence - 65 page pdf file);
Christopher Story's Global Analysis reports here (01.11.07), here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (11.11.07), here (13.11.07), here (15.11.07), here (18.11.07), here (20.11.07), here (21.11.07), here (22.11.07), here (26.11.07), here (28.11.07), here (29.11.07), here (02.12.07), here (07.12.07), here (08.12.07), here (10.12.07), here (13.12.07), here (19.12.07), here (26.12.07), here (02.01.08) and here (09.01.08); Casper Updates here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (16.11.07), here (17.11.07), here (24.11.07), here (25.11.07), here (29.11.07), here (05.12.07), here (06.12.07a), here (06.12.07b), here (07.12.07), here (08.12.07), here (09.12.07), here (15.12.07), here (16.12.07), here (19.12.07), here (21.12.07), here (30.12.07),
 here (03.01.08), here (04.01.08), here (08.01.08), here (09.01.08) and here (11.01.08)
The Hal Turner Show (06.11.07); here (07.11.07), here (16.11.07), here (23.11.07), here (12.12.07) and here (20.12.07);
The Financial Times (London 07.11.07);
The San Francisco Chronicle (USA) here (09.12.07);
Associated Press here (12.12.07);
Business Week here (12.12.07);
BBC (London) here (20.12.07); here (19.12.07), here (20.12.07)
 and Zeta Talk here (20.12.07).
Casper Jan-10-08

Another one day delay.  
Nothing serious.
Problem solved.

Was not GW this time. D.C. packs out midday (again).
EYE's on departing aircraft with packs.
Looks like "tomorrow" will actually be tomorrow.
casper   1-10-08

Casper Jan-11-08

We often say "we don't know everything". Today we are wondering if we know anything.
Our "sources" have been built up over many years and most are now friends. Many are in the programs, therefore we have common interest with many sources around the world even though we don't know them personally.
Our sources are widespread and diverse, i.e. here and there and way over there and are bankers, lawyers, judges, military, trustees, investors, and on and on and on and you get the picture.
It is inconceivable, as a general statement, that our sources would lie to us. And so, when things don't happen as expected one of two things are responsible. The first, although possible, is unlikely i.e. that "they" are so capable of spreading disinformation that all sources, within every involved discipline, worldwide, simultaneously, buys into and then repeats to us the "dis-info du jour" which we then regurgitate to you. The second and far more likely scenario is that "stuff happens", sometimes on levels which have little or nothing to do with us and yet delayed deliveries are the outcome. Examples are theft and retrieval of funds, readiness of banks, readiness of new banking systems, interference from BUSH or others, economic/political warfare between power centers, liquidity, audits, codes safe and operable, and on and on and on the list goes.

Deliveries were supposed to be today. For sure. For certain. They were to begin at 10 a.m. central. This intell came from widespread and diverse sources. This intell was accurate we think. What happened ???

Are you ready for this ?? CHINA/MING stopped it.
 After disparaging BUSH/PAULSON et al for the illegal trading of our funds they put our money, all money into trade last night intending to use the profits to fund B.A.'s acquisition of Countrywide and clean up some problems inside CITI. They got caught. The trade has been liened and will likely be abandoned as a result. Their response? "Now that we have been caught we will get the packs out immediately". Bullchit. Our "friends" the Chinese can no longer be trusted. Remember, they own B.A. private banking. Remember, B.A. has the U.S. funds distribution contract obtained from Chase a decade ago when Rocky got caught with both hands in OUR cookie jar when B.A. was Nations/Charlotte before merging with and changing their name to B.A..

The packs to be delivered today supposedly contained two large checks which we were to deposit in the B.of A. bank we are being directed into-----NOT THE 29 TREASURY BANKS AS EXPECTED.

That was a big red flag we learned about late last night, now comes the news that the OWNER of this well known totally corrupt C.I.A. institution is trading our funds for self enrichment while simultaneously expecting us to deposit the checks with them thereby, we think, we are fairly sure, giving them access to our accounts.

Then we learn, from other sources, that the 50 to 60 pages of "instructions" contained in the packages at the door or awaiting our arrival at the banks were prepared by BUSH'S people not someone concerned with our interest. No wonder there is so much secrecy. No wonder lie's fly like confetti all through the banks here and over there.

WE have been told before that CHINA and even BRUSSELS were involved in the delays and chose to bury our (my) head in the sand because, after all, somebody is on our side, surely, or we would not be receiving at all. No doubt there are aspects of this we cannot see and do not understand. What we do see is, at a minimum, the appearance of corruption and entrapment by the lead bank in the U.S. in collaboration with BUSH and, we are sorry to say, the MING. 
What next? What now? Lord only knows.

Our GUESS is that this was/is a last minute scamming operation approved by the "powers that be" for the purpose of feathering their own nest. Fortunately "WE" have allies who are capable of blocking these attempted trades and they have done so. They may go ahead and deliver the packs this weekend or they may not. There has been talk that "they" need the big checks deposited to actually kickstart Basel II. Under the circumstances how can we??
WE must "flip-flop" again, advising you to go to your designated bank, pick up your package and boogie right on out of there. Use your two immediately accessible cards (six figures) to go offshore and deposit your big checks and do your accessing there. Remember that the banker you meet with is unlikely to know any of this so don't take it out on him. He MUST give you your package. He has no choice. Be polite, take your pack and go. Naturally the shyster's will read this also so expect them to come up with some  superfluous garbage storyline.
If you hear, for example, about another 20T in recovered funds which had to be downloaded, that is true but unrelated to this blockage of deliveries. Also, we have said before that it was the Peoples Republic which bought B.A. private banking, today we are informed it was the MING.
If there is a better or more accurate or more enlightened interpretation of the overnight events described herein please bring it forward.  
And to LEWIS at B.A., the DRS (dirty rotten scoundrels) at CITI and especially to the MING and BUSH  we say; What you have done, and continue to do, to hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens, is just about the sorriest, sickest, cruelest most despicable acts imaginable, and you are waist deep in other people's blood, whether you realize it or not. All you are accomplishing is to convince all of us, including your own employee's, is to take all funds offshore and to stay as far away from you as humanly possible. If you had a lick of common sense, any of you idiots, you would not have alienated this particular customer base.
casper   Jan-11-08
Casper Jan-11-08 2nd update
p.s. Late word commeth from deep within the bowels of Bank America that they have used   OUR MONEY   to buy Countrywide.

----- Original Message -----
From: J

Sent: Friday, January 11, 2008 6:28 PM

Casper Jan-11-08 3rd update

p.p.s. The Federal Banking Commission has been notified of the illegal activities of Bank America today and they say they WILL investigate. Well known attorney's have been contacted who say this appears to be a clear-cut case of embezzlement and they are looking into the circumstances with a view to a class action lawsuit against Bank America AND the Banking Commission if they fail to act.
more fw10
Death by Radiation/ Depleted Uranium -
A Hidden Looming Worldwide Calamity
Patrick and Anne Bellringer,

I'm submitting this email for the purpose of posting it on the website. However, I'm not sure if its okay to post another person's article without their permission, or if it's okay to post a portion of a Phoenix Journal.

I have included a portion of Phoenix Journal #31, and also Stephen Lendman's article, below my comments. (On its website,
permission is given to email Stephan Lendman's article to a friend.) I don't feel I understand science stuff well enough to re-phrase either Hatonn's or Mr. Lendman's thoughts into my own words.

In Love and Light,
Jenny Raudibaugh
Will Ron Paul Authorize and Audit of the New Hampshire Primary?

Important links:

2 - NH Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Results Announced for Clinton/Obama
3- Questions raised over Romney's Wyoming win 'Results don't jibe with statewide delegate selection'
To view this video click on:


Sat Jan 5, 2008 5:11AM

"THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES" is the 1st of 3 new article/topics added to the page on 1/5/08. The 2nd a/t is: "AMERICA NOT FREE -- 'WITH' FEDERAL RESERVE", and the 3rd is: "A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE KHAZAR JEWS" by John Churchilly. For extended information on this topic see: "THE NEW JEW YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW" at the top section of the RESEARCH page of the Truth Quest website. ALSO check out the 8 min. Larry King video of his 1/3/08 interview with Ron Paul, by clicking in the link below. Bw, Bob

(Ron Paul on Larry King 1-3-08 (UNAIRED)

CFR's Plan To Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada

Sayyed Nasrallah: Bush's Visit to Region Disgraceful

10/01/2008 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah made a televised speech Wednesday on the occasion of the Hijri New year and the beginning of the Arab month of Muharram. The occasion coincided with US president George W. Bush's visit to occupied Palestine. "Today is a black day in the history of our Arab region and the history of our Arab and Islamic nation…It is a disgraceful and shameful day for all Arabs and Muslims when the Pharaoh (Bush) of this age sets foot on our occupied holy land," Sayyed Nasrallah added.

Al-Manar is a Lebanese TV station, it beamed its first terrestrial signal in the 1991 and it began broadcasting via satellite in the year 2000.


The Kennebunkport Warning ( august 2007)

(Signed) A Group of US Opposition Political Leaders Gathered in Protest at the Bush Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, August 24-25, 2007

Official Version of Naval Incident Starts to Unravel (with video)

The new information that appears to contradict the original version of the incident includes the revelation that U.S. officials spliced the audio recording of an alleged Iranian threat onto to a videotape of the incident. That suggests that the threatening message may not have come in immediately after the initial warning to Iranian boats from a U.S. warship, as appears to do on the video.

Also unraveling the story is testimony from a former U.S. naval officer that non-official chatter is common on the channel used to communicate with the Iranian boats and testimony from the commander of the U.S. 5th fleet that the commanding officers of the U.S. warships involved in the incident never felt the need to warn the Iranians of a possible use of force against them.

Further undermining the U.S. version of the incident is a video released by Iran Thursday showing an Iranian naval officer on a small boat hailing one of three ships.

The Iranian commander is heard to say, "Coalition warship 73, this is Iranian navy patrol boat." He then requests the "side numbers" of the U.S. warships. A voice with a U.S. accent replies, "This is coalition warship 73. I am operating in international waters."

The dramatic version of the incident reported by U.S. news media throughout Tuesday and Wednesday suggested that Iranian speedboats, apparently belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard navy, had made moves to attack three U.S. warships entering the Strait and that the U.S. commander had been on the verge of firing at them when they broke off.

Typical of the network coverage was a story by ABC's Jonathan Karl quoting a Pentagon official ......

as saying the Iranian boats "were a heartbeat from being blown up".

The five Iran boats involved were hardly in a position to harm the three U.S. warships. Although Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman described the Iranian boats as "highly maneuverable patrol craft" that were "visibly armed," he failed to note that these are tiny boats carrying only a two- or three-man crew and that they are normally armed only with machine guns that could do only surface damage to a U.S. ship.

The only boat that was close enough to be visible to the U.S. ships was unarmed, as an enlarged photo of the boat from the navy video clearly shows.

( ...)

As for the report circulated by at least one Pentagon official to the media that one of the commanders was "close to firing", Cosgriff explained that "close to" meant that the commander was "working through a series of procedures". He added, "[I]n his mind, he might have been closing in on that point."

Despite Cosgriff's account, which contradicted earlier Pentagon portrayals of the incident as a confrontation, not a single news outlet modified its earlier characterisation of the incident. After the Cosgriff briefing, Associated Press carried a story that said, " U.S. forces were taking steps toward firing on the Iranians to defend themselves, said the U.S. naval commander in the region. But the boats -- believed to be from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's navy -- turned and moved away, officials said."

That was quite different from what Cosgriff actually said.

In its story covering the Cosgriff briefing, Reuters cited "other Pentagon officials, speaking on condition of anonymity" as saying that "a U.S. captain was in the process of ordering sailors to open fire when the Iranian boats moved away" -- a story that Cosgriff had specifically denied.

Andrew Roth on Front Page Depictions of War (with video)

Matt Renner
Friday 11 January 2008

"The papers, the corporate media are not giving their readers a full understanding through this powerful visual medium of the real cost of the war." - Andrew Roth
    In an interview with Truthout's Geoffrey Millard, Assistant Professor Andrew Roth discussed his recent study of pictures that appear on the front pages of major newspapers and their portrayal of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations.

    In "Covering War's Victims: A Content Analysis of Iraq and Afghanistan War Photographs in the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle," Roth and his colleagues Zoe Huffman, Jeff Huling, Kevin Stolle and Jocelyn Thomas detail the importance of visual media - specifically photographs - in newspapers. Their study examines the sociological importance of war photography and the use of photographs to spur awareness of the human cost of war.

    The study Roth conducted examined and cataloged the front page photos of The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle during the first year of the war in Iraq and the most recent year, in order to assess coverage of the wars by corporate media.
    Roth found that only 12.8 percent of the photos they analyzed "related in some way" to the wars. A fraction of the war-related pictures - 3.3 percent - represented "dead, injured or missing humans."

    Based on their analysis, Roth and his colleagues conclude that the media have served to distort the reality of the ongoing wars by covering up the loss of life and misery of civilians and of those involved in the fighting.

    The full report can be read in the latest edition of "Censored 2008", the annual publication of the media research group Project Censored.

    Roth is an assistant professor of sociology at Sonoma State University's School of Social Science and is the associate director of Project Censored.


To view the video click on:

Another "Systems" Problem for Citibank

Robert Wallach
Friday, January 11, 2008

"Systems" problems continue to limit cash withdrawals at ATMs at Citibank (Too much fraud we are all told). Now Citi tells us, along with JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Countrywide Financial and Washington Mutual as part of a Mortgage Bankers Association committee, that they don’t have "systems" in place to do the calculations for large numbers of restructured residential mortgage loans. Kind of a modern day banking version of "the dog ate my homework".

The banks want an accounting rule (F.A.S. 114) revised so that they don't have to recalculate the loans. Naturally, if they don't have to recalculate the loans, their reported losses will be smaller.

Floyd Norris at NYT was the first to smell a rat on this "system" problem:

Some may doubt that the issue really is a systems problem at the banks, given that the accounting the banks prefer would allow them to report smaller losses as they restructure loans — and thus make their financial statements look better. If the reverse were true, the effort being put into changing the rule might instead be directed at finding ways to comply with it....

The calculations, it turns out, are not that complicated. You could do them with a decent financial calculator, or an Excel spreadsheet. But the banks argue that would take too much effort, given the volume of loans likely to be restructured...

No one will admit that the goal is to fudge financial statements, of course. With investors already nervous, the excuse that complying with the rule would cost too much is preferable to an explanation that the reported losses would be too high
Labels: Citigroup

The Forces Of Light Were Supposed To Stop The Cheating In The Election Process?!

RESPONSE from Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Jan. 11, 2008
Dear A:

It sounds like you have been listening to the Guru Michael Ellegion (Dec. 22, 2007)spouting out fake messages from Ashtar about Divine magical intervention in the elections. We still live on a 3D planet of freewill, where Divine Intervention is allowed only in very serious situations, like nuclear war.

If our elections are corrupt, that is our problem and not that of Creator God Aton of Light. He has given us the creative abilities to clean up our world, including the presidential election process. We have made/allowed the mess, and it is our responsibility to clean it up. The Hosts of Heaven will not do it for us, but they will help us, if we are wise enough to ask for their help.

Too many people have what I call the "turtle theology". They pull into their "shell" to keep themselves pure from the evil world around them, doing nothing to change things to goodness. They think it is up to "God" to change things and defeat the evil around them. If evil reigns supreme, then it must be "God's " will. So, they wait, fearful inside their "shell" until their pick-me-up Rapture God should finally snatch them away from this evil world and carry them off into the pink clouds of never-never-land.

So, the Darkside cheated again in the elections! When you have evil clones operating the election process, and evil clones campaigning for their election to public office, why would the outcome be that of goodness? There are a few good souls trying to expose the fraud in this election process to make a difference. Will you be one, or are you, also, caught in the "turtle theology"?

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

Un-employement spreads
Kucinich Seeks NH Dem Vote Recount

Who is Killing the Women of Basra?

.......prescription for disaster.......( pharmaceutical)

FDA Attacks Bio-Identical Hormones


...........did ron paul win NH?............

About This Video
Added: January 09, 2008
Looks like Ron Paul won, with Tancredo in second if you look at the results posted here town by town, but when you scroll to the bottom the numbers literally do not add up.
Now they changed their website to show McCain winning. Did The Boston Globe make a huge mistake in their journalism, or did they accidentally report the truth?
I am glad I saved and uploaded this to youtube. Hopefully youtube does not delete my video.
From user zipzep:
I used a spreadsheet and recalced the results.
Ron Paul got 86,802 votes
McCain? Hehe...hahahaha 207 votes!!!
Yes, I did not miss any 0 in between.
Romney is the one who actually got 17,831 votes.
Tancredo is the real second behind Paul, he got 73,806 votes.
On the made-to-be-hacked Diebold machines:
Thompson got only 66 votes.
C-SPAN: Possible Sutton County, NH vote fraud 1/8/08

............speech...freedom     and 1955.......

........iraq veteran..billy-milller.........

....reversal  alzheimer...........cytokines..

............rigning cedars-books...............



.........aurorus./ northen lights.......


iranians speeboats...

......refusing transactions...

........and firearms.....

Chinese, Kawaiti Cash To Rescue Citibank


Who Is Barack Obama?

Wahabism is the RADICAL teaching that is followed by the Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against t he western world.
Since it is politically expedient to be a CHRISTIAN when seeking major public office in the United States , Barack Hussein Obama has joined the United Church of Christ in an attempt to down play his Muslim  

ALSO, keep in mind that when he was sworn into office he DID NOT use the Holy Bible, but instead the K Koran.   Barack Hussein Obama will NOT recite the Pledge of Allegiance nor will he show any reverence for our flag.  While others place their hands over their hearts, Obama turns his back to the flag and slouches.
Let us all remain alert concerning Obama's expected presidential 

The Muslims have said they plan on destroying the US from the inside out, what better way to start than at the highest level - through the President of the United States , one of their own!!!

First Snow For 100 Years Falls On Baghdad


Levite Be Gone: Releasing the Samaritan Within

Once presented with the glaringly obvious moral and practical deficiencies of libertarianism, capitalism, and hyper-individualism (each of which we have been conditioned to embrace as “normal,” healthy, and inevitable), most decent human beings recoil in horror. Objectively, we want to be the Good Samaritan, but have been dogmatically trained to be the Levite.

While most of us aren’t evil by nature, the psychic disfigurement caused by our dedication to hyper-individualism manifests itself in some very ugly ways. However, we have the power to regurgitate the intellectual manure we have been digesting since birth and focus our time, energy, thoughts and actions to honoring the social contract as Rousseau prescribed:

“Each of us puts his person and all his power in common under the supreme direction of the general will; and in a body we receive each member as an indivisible part of the whole.”

It’s time to abandon the childish notion that it is “all about me.” The world is in flames, in large part because of us. We need to be Samaritans, not Levites.
The Crime of the Canadian Banking System (Videos)
About This Video
Added: 05/01/08
Why do Canadians pay so many taxes?
Why are our social programs constantly being diminished?
Why are tuition fees so HIGH?

please check out the following:

The answer lies in how money is created. We in Canada are lucky to have the Bank of Canada, but unfortunately it is not being used as it should. This MUST change.
Just remember to keep in mind as you watch that these private banks print this money out of thin air.

Money As Debt Video: (47mins)

The Money Masters Video: (Very good. Over 3hrs)

American's espcially check this one out:
Aaron Russo's - America: Freedom to Fascism

More videos:
Part 1 The Crime of the Canadian Banking System

Part 2 The Great Canadian Experiment

Part 3 Gerald G. McGeer: A True Canadian Hero

Toronto Councillors being educated about the use of the Bank of Canada. PLEASE take a look:

**They obviously didn't understand or care since Mayor Miller's proposed tax hikes have been passed.**


Canadian Action Party site Tutorial:

Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform:

Presentation By Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party: (Article)

Bank of Canada website:

2007 Federal Budget:

Excellent book on this subject:
'Funny Money' by author 'Paul Hellyer'.

More videos to come... Please subscribe..... Educate Yourselves

I am a concerned Canadian citizen. Our sovereignty is being stripped away with deals such as the SPP which has been labelled (NAFTA on steroids). Harmonization with the US is taking place right under our noses. As an example pesticide regulations have already been harmonized which allows for more poisons on to our foods then before. Educate yourselves and let's put a stop to this insanity.


Comment: Lies! In the last two elections the people didn't decide. It was the people who counted the votes who decided. Kerry's total lack of fight over the massive vote irregularities, showed that he was only ever there to give the appearance of choice. Needless to say that he belonged to the same elite and the same secret societies as Bush and his cronies. This election is no different.

Comment: There has been everything that is wrong about hope. It has been hope that is divorced from reality and thus only amounting to wishful thinking. And people engaged in wishful thinking makes them easy prey for the psychopaths in power.

Clinton claimed in the New Hampshire primary debate that she is the unmistakable agent for change because she is a woman and her election as president would send a strong signal of a new day aborning to America and the rest of the world.(...)What is radical about voting for a corporate lawyer who, in defense of her Arkansas savings and loan shenanigans, once said you can’t be a lawyer without working for banks? (...) What I object to is the notion that the perspective of gender or race trumps that of economic class in considering the traumas of this nation.  That is because the George W. Bush administration engaged in class warfare for the rich with a vengeance that has left many Americans hurting, and we desperately need change to reverse that destructive course. ( ...) Yes, it is important for the health of our democracy to break barriers that have held back a majority of our citizens, and for that reason it would certainly be an advance to have a black or female president. But that alone is not enough to justify a vote. What we need far more than a change in appearance is one of perspective. Otherwise, Condoleezza Rice would make the ideal candidate.


For the first time this week, Poland, an eager but increasingly disenchanted US loyalist,
 flatly contradicted Washington's claims.

"This is an American, not a Polish project," said Sikorski. "We feel no threat from Iran." (...)

Poland and Russia engaged in their first direct talks today over the Pentagon's divisive plans to install missile defence systems in central Europe.

The talks took place amid multiplying signs that the project could unravel because of political shifts in the US, Poland and the Czech republic.

Russia's deputy foreign minister, Sergei Kislyak, went to Warsaw to warn the Polish foreign minister, Radek Sikorski, of the "strategic dangers" posed by the project.

The Kremlin is bitterly opposed to the installation of the defence systems and is threatening a new arms race if they go ahead.


Related Web News :

Ex-Rebel Leader Elected Kosovo Premier

AOL News - World

The PPP says the US and Pakistani spy agencies are the number one suspects behind the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.
When asked if Washington had “pressurised” Ms Bhutto to strike a deal with President Musharraf, a fact that has been confirmed by sources in her Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and also a top presidential aide.......

For the last 15 years, Internet service providers have acted - to use an old cliche - as wide-open information super-highways, letting data flow uninterrupted and unimpeded between users and the Internet.

But I.S.P.’s may be about to embrace a new metaphor: traffic cop.

At a small panel discussion about digital piracy at NBC’s booth on the Consumer Electronics Show floor, representatives from NBC, Microsoft, several digital filtering companies and the telecom giant AT&T said discussed whether the time was right to start filtering for copyrighted content at the network level.

Such filtering for pirated material already occurs on sites like YouTube and Microsoft’s Soapbox, and on some university networks.
Network-level filtering means your Internet service provider – Comcast, AT&T, EarthLink, or whoever you send that monthly check to – could soon start sniffing your digital packets, looking for material that infringes on someone’s copyright.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners are learning to recognize a special set of forbidden facial expressions. If your face slips into one of these during a TSA inspection, you will be taken aside and given a more detailed screening:     Travelers at Sea-Tac and dozens of other major airports across America are being scrutinized by teams of TSA behavior-detection officers specially trained to discern the subtlest suspicious behaviors.


TSA officials will not reveal specific behaviors identified by the program--called SPOT (Screening Passengers by Observation Technique)--that are considered indicators of possible terrorist intent.

But a central task is to recognize microfacial expressions--a flash of feelings that in a fraction of a second reflects emotions such as fear, anger, surprise or contempt, said Carl Maccario, who helped start the program for TSA.

"In the SPOT program, we have a conversation with (passengers) and we ask them about their trip," said Maccario from his office in Boston. "When someone lies or tries to be deceptive, ... there are behavior cues that show it. ... A brief flash of fear."

Comment: Unfortunately, the Powers that Be will not stop until they have complete and total control of everything in our lives. This (text) is another example of the steps they are taking to ensure that result.

The US, the UK, China and Russia are "endemic surveillance societies", according to a recent study examining privacy protection around the world that gave the four nations the lowest possible rating.

The 10th annual report showed a global increase in surveillance and a decline in privacy safeguards during 2007, as concerns over immigration and border control continued to dominate national policy agendas.

The 2007 International Privacy Ranking, published by advocacy groups Privacy International of the UK and the Electronic Privacy Information Center in the US gave Britain the "black" or "endemic" ranking for the second year in a row.


The only country judged to have "adequate safeguards" was Greece, a country with relatively strong privacy rights and an independent Data Privacy Authority. It has the power to impose fines or even imprison government officials for breaches in personal information procedures.

"They are by no means great, but nowadays mediocre is what passes for amazing," says Hosein of Greece's privacy safeguards.

Kenya opposition set for new showdown with police



Chilling Threat Could Have Come From the Shore or Another Ship, Navy Says

iran: ( same as fw10):

Despite the official and media portrayal of the incident in the Strait of Hormuz early on Monday as a serious threat to US ships from Iranian speedboats that nearly resulted in a "battle at sea", new information over the past three days suggests the incident did not involve such a threat and that no US commander was on the verge of firing at the Iranian boats.

The new information that appears to contradict the original version of the incident includes the revelation that US officials spliced the audio recording of an alleged Iranian threat onto to a videotape of the incident. That suggests that the threatening message may not have come in immediately after the initial warning to Iranian boats from a US warship, as it appears to do on the video.

On French Tv Last Night         ( a reader's comment) By Rabelais

I watched the video, sans audio track, last night on the local news. It appeared as a scene that might be witnessed on any large lake in the US, in the summer. Boys playing with their aqua toys. The boats had no armament or weaponry exposed and appeared for all intent and purpose to be pleasure sport craft. The only thing missing was the water skiers.

Later I saw a Brietbart video link from the Drudge Report, of the same footage, but with the voice over audio track, allegedly from the bridge of the US vessel. It certainly gave the scene a different "flavor".

All is illusion.

Added: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:32 EST
Comment: This audio recording appears to have been tacked on to the end of the US video. See comments below:

Comment: Go here and watch the videos, one from the Iranians and one from the Pentagon (both appear to be footage of the same event). This appears to be, as the Iranians claim, a very standard encounter.

What is interesting however is that the Pentagon chose to leave out the initial radio communications with the Iranians which show it to be a simple request for identification. An Iranian soldier is seen in the video making the request. His voice is heard clearly in good English, but in the Pentagon version we hear a voice apparently tacked on to the end of the video. The voice is so stereotypically "evil" that it would be hilarious if it were not very obviously a crass attempt by the chickenhawks in the Pentagon and US administration to provoke a war with Iran.

In fact, the Iranians are claiming that the US footage was actually largely doctored from archive footage. Given the US' track record in fabricating incidents such as these (Gulf of Tonkin incident for one), all reasonable people will give more credit to the Iranian version of events.


Comment: The US military claims it was bombing "al-Qaeda" in Iraq, but there is a wealth of evidence to suggest that there is no "al-Qaeda" in Iraq, and that this is the name that the US command gives to ordinary Iraqi civilians attempting to defend their country and lives from the predations of the illegal US occupation.

So in effect, today the US military dropped 18 tons of bombs on Iraqi civilians.


Thursday, 10 January 2008

David Icke on Heartlink Radio today with 
Cariel Quinly
Special live broadcast at 11am Pacific Time in the United States, 7pm in the UK.
 Cariel will interview the FANTASTIC David Icke who is the author of over a dozen books and is a popular and controversial speaker often found touring the globe to address large audiences with his story of "Prison to Paradise" and message of "ultimate freedom".  He says we are being controlled and manipulated by a small few hidden at the top of a pyramidal scheme of hidden knowledge - a tale riddled with references to reptilian dna bloodlines and seemingly bizarre connections all previously discussed conspiracies.  But one incredibly intriguing aspect of David's presentation is his soulution... He says we are all powerful spiritual beings capable of waking up and transcending this control through focusing on love, And that the time to do that is right now...  
David Icke Quotes:

"That which you fight, you become."

"You don't fight for peace. You Peace for Peace."

"Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion."

Friday, 11 January 2008 Study 'Disproving' Mercury-Autism Link Published in Journal with Financial Ties to Vaccine Manufacturers

'While the mainstream press is widely reporting a new study "disproving" any link between autism and mercury-containing thimerosal in vaccines, no one has bothered to point out that the study was published in a medical journal stacked full of ads from the very same drug companies that manufacture and market vaccines. The Journal, the Archives of General Psychiatry, is the pro-drug psychiatric arm of the American Medical Association, a pill-pushing organization tarnished by a history of conspiracy against alternative medicine and the promotion of toxic substances like cigarettes with full-page ads in its flagship publication, JAMA.'


Friday, 11 January 2008

Brazilian berry
destroys cancer cells in lab, university study shows

'A Brazilian berry popular in health food contains antioxidants that destroyed cultured human cancer cells in a recent University of Florida study, one of the first to investigate the fruit’s purported benefits.
( GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A Brazilian berry popular in health food contains antioxidants that destroyed cultured human cancer cells in a recent University of Florida study, one of the first to investigate the fruit’s purported benefits.

Published today in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the study showed extracts from acai (ah-SAH’-ee) berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested, said Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

“Acai berries are already considered one of the richest fruit sources of antioxidants,” Talcott said. “This study was an important step toward learning what people may gain from using beverages, dietary supplements or other products made with the berries.”
He cautioned that the study, funded by UF sources, was not intended to show whether compounds found in acai berries could prevent leukemia in people.

“This was only a cell-culture model and we don’t want to give anyone false hope,” Talcott said. “We are encouraged by the findings, however. Compounds that show good activity against cancer cells in a model system are most likely to have beneficial effects in our bodies.” )

Published today in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the study showed extracts from acai (ah-SAH’-ee) berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested, said Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.'

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Giuliani: New York City Survived 9/11 Attacks Because Of Me

'In a Wall Street Journal op-ed today on homeland security, Rudy Giuliani references September 11 nine separate times. In one of those instances, he claims he prepared New York City well to “withstand the 9/11 attack“:

One reason New York City was able to withstand the 9/11 attack was that we were prepared to meet 21st-century security threat … And while we didn’t anticipate the specific scenario of 9/11, the constant practice, and the relentless follow-up from actual emergencies, certainly helped in its aftermath.'

But the truth is very different

 Thursday, 10 January 2008

Clear Evidence Of Widespread Vote Fraud In New Hampshire

'Calm down, my children, and hail your moon goddess ...'

'There were several major vote fraud issues to arise out of the New Hampshire primary revolving mainly around Ron Paul and Barack Obama, who were both seemingly cheated out of third and first places respectively as a result of rigged Diebold voting machines and deliberate malfeasance in the counting of hand-written paper ballots.'


 New Hampshire District Admits Ron Paul Votes Not Counted

'The head clerk of the New Hampshire town of Sutton has been forced to admit that Ron Paul received 31 votes yet when the final amount was transferred to a summary sheet and sent out to the media, the total was listed as zero. The fiasco throws the entire primary into doubt and could lead to a re-count.'

Giuliani gets 9.11% of the vote in three towns? 

Campton - 604 votes
Vote count method: Hand Counted Paper Ballots
- Giuliani = 55 votes = 9.11%

Hampton - 3,141 votes
Vote count method: Diebold Accuvote optical scan ; contractor: LHS Associates/John Silvestro
- Giuliani = 286 votes = 9.11%

Sandwich - 395 votes
Vote count method: Hand Counted Paper Ballots
- Giuliani = 36 votes = 9.11%


Friday, 11 January 2008



( The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday )

Obama's foreign policy advisor and vocal supporter is Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor, who says that Obama offers ‘a new definition of America's role in the world’.

This is the same Brzezinski who created the Illuminati’s Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller in 1973. The Trilateral Commission is dedicated to a world government dictatorship and closely connects with other strands in the web like the Council on Foreign Relations (member: Barack Obama) and the Bilderberg Group.

Brzezinski’s foreign ‘policy’ during the Carter administration, as he has since admitted without regret, was to entice the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan in December, 1979. The idea, he said, was to weaken their rival superpower and the result was a ten-year occupation that cost the lives of an estimated 1.3 million Afghans and spawned the Mujahedin, Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

Deep breath: he’s now advising Barack Obama on foreign policy ...

 ... Whether America votes for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton the outcome will be the same because they won’t dictate policy – the Shadow People will. Obama says he stands for ‘change’ and Clinton responds by saying she also stands for ‘change’, but she has the experience to make the ‘change’ happen.

In truth, they stand for the status quo because that’s the position of those who control them. All the rest is fakery.


Friday, 11 January 2008

Love over gold

You walk out on the high-wire
You're a dancer on thin ice
You pay no heed to the danger
And less to advice
Your footsteps are forbidden
But with the knowledge of your sin
You throw your love to all the strangers
And caution to the wind

And you go dancing through doorways
Just to see what you're going to find
Leaving nothing to interfere
With the crazy balance of your mind
And when you finally reappear
At the place where you came in
You throw your love to all the strangers
And caution to the wind

It takes love over gold
And mind over matter
To do what you do that you must
When the things that you hold
Can fall and be shattered
Or run through your fingers like dust
~ Mark Knopfler

to write to David Icke:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


 Clinton-Bush Diebold-Gate is New Hampshire-Gate
. . .


It can now be reported that Marianne Pernold, the woman who asked the question of unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton that prompted Hillary's scripted emotional response, actually worked for the Bill Clinton campaign in the 1992 New Hampshire Primary organizing house parties.
When Marianne Pernold says she voted for Barack Obama don't be fooled.  This is a typical Clinton-Bush Crime Syndicate false flag designed to disguise their treachery and Machiavellian tactics.
( pictures)

Westar 6 satellite        and         NSA at Ft. Meade, Maryland

Evidence is mounting that the use of Diebold electronic voting machines were used with the assistance of the NSA and Westar satellites to steal the New Hampshire Primary on behalf of Bush Crime Family business partner and PRO Iraq war unelectable Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

As reported tonight on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC Countdown, Barack Obama carried ALL counties in New Hampshire with paper ballots while Hillary allegedly carried all the counties with Diebold
Sources close to U.S. and French Intelligence report that a computer program of 7 to 1 was installed into certain Diebold machines in specific selected New Hampshire counties favoring the tally of the unelectable PRO Iraq war Hillary.

Between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m. EST on New Hampshire Primary election night, CNN showed Senator Obama with a 38% to 33% lead and a 1,500 vote edge in the actual vote tally.

This lasted for 15 seconds and immediately CNN showed Hillary back in front by 3%.

In the same half an hour time period, CNN, i.e. Diebold, showed an additional 2,500 votes added to unelectable Hillary's total vote count while the vote tally of Senator Obama remained static with zero votes added to his total.
That folks is typical of Diebold electronic rotation, i.e. VOTE FRAUD.

(AP Photo)

Hillary and Bill Clinton's VOTE FRAUD

Reference: This tactic was used in both the 2000 Presidential Election in Florida and the 2004 President Election in Ohio favoring the unelected occupunk and U.S. dictator George W. Bushfraud.

Daddy Bush tender moment with his little bitch,
serial rapist Bill
Clinton and
fellow TRAITOR and co-conspirator Bushfraud

TRAITORS Michael Hayden and Bushfraud

P.S. Daddy Bush's little bitch, Bill Clinton, i.e. serial rapist, recently had dinner in Washington, D.C. with current CIA chieftain and former head of the NSA Michael Hayden in which the use of Westar satellites in the New Hampshire Primary was discussed.

Also present at the dinner was former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, i.e. Half-bright.

TRAITORS Madeleine Albright and Bill Clinton

Item: Albright, current Hillary campaign consultant, was a coordinator of the Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" assassination teams that murdered former CIA Director William Colby, assassinated John F. Kennedy Jr. and attempted to assassinate then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. by vectoring his Air Force II airplane over Chicago O'Hare airport in 1999.


(to view copy and paste url together)


TRAITORS Bill and Hillary Clinton, a "Billary"
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
partners and co-

Not to be left out of the mix, occupunk George W. Bushfraud was recently in Chicago discussing with a major Chicago brokerage firm the use of their electronic trading platform as a conduit to be used with Diebold on the behalf of Hillary's election project in New Hampshire.


Remember our previous briefing when we warned you that the Mitt Romney commercials, which reflected the word "RATS", was a warning from patriotic U.S. intelligence that massive election fraud was about to occur in the New Hampshire Primary.


Reference: The interface of the word "RATS" first surfaced in the George W. Bush 2000 Presidential Election commercials that tried to warn then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. that the year 2000 Presidential Election was about to be stolen.

Tom Brokaw, NBC

(                  (  

A tender moment between Hillary and Chrissy Pooh
as Hillary Clinton touches the face of Chris Matthews

P.S. Tom Brokaw of NBC, Chris aka Chrissy Pooh Matthews of MSNBC, Hillary Clinton's little bitch, and Wolf Blitzer of CNN, were well aware 48 hours in advance of the black ops election project that was about to occur in New Hampshire.

Brokaw, Matthews and Blitzer were briefed by the Bush-Clinton Denver, Colorado-based FBI Division 5's William Morris Agency.
One final note: Unelected occupunk George W. Bushfraud is now in Israel where many of the year 2000 Presidential Election fraud projects originated and were tested with the assistance of known Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate MOSSAD bagman Mel Sembler.
Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate MOSSAD bagman


If photo does not appear click here
NOTICE: Occasionally the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled NSA and FBI Division 5 invade this intelligence blog changing or removing images, pictures and phraseology for the purpose of trying to keep you, the American People, ill-informed.

Make special note of the pics and images they remove off these briefings and/or are scrubbing off the internet.

Next-up news n°440 IAFF Part.2
from: "Next-up news" <>

Next-up news : REGISTER / Click here to unregister

( from Karen , sunrise dec 28th )
( )
As 2007 draws to an end, there is much to recap and explain, as well as much to report about the energies and occurrences yet to come for 2008…all so very exciting and as always, so perfectly and divinely orchestrated.
In this energy alert you will learn:
Why 2007 was a challenging year for many and why this phase is now over;
Where we are in our spiritual evolutionary, or ascension process;
Some manifestations of how our ascension process has been affecting us;
How we are beginning to live and vibrate as the ancients did;
What is ahead for 2008, and believe me, it is truly awesome;
How we have “earned” what is to come, why it is now time, and how it will unfold.
So what in the world has been going on these past few weeks, or even months, and why is does much of everything feel so chaotic, disjointed, dark and harsh, confusing, stressful and overwhelming, and just plain exhausting?
On the solstice, Phil and I were blessed to spend time at our favorite ancient ruin, exploring, as we always do, the effect and patterns that the solstice brings in regard to the alignments that the ancients meticulously created within their communities.
The ancients knew so much, and this particular site contained the purified energies of the very original ancients...the energies that still embodied the blueprint of the innocence, of true power and connection to Source, of a most pristine nature.
We have found some truly amazing places at this site, and if one is to stand in the direct center of an alignment of three pivotally marked yet hidden points, where the sunset or sunrise intersects on pivotal dates, a common effect is experienced….and this same effect can be found during the equinox as well as the solstice.
The effect is one of feeling a distinct zero point. Phil and I have discovered that the solstices embody the masculine energies and the equinoxes embody the feminine, and the ancients knew this very well, as do, I imagine, many of you. Their individual sites were designed around this pattern, as well as other repeating patterns, and all the sites in an area even follow a similar pattern through the way that they connect to one another….a perfect microcosm.
The equinox or feminine energies usually embody the experience of moving forward, when much is in alignment and balance…equal hours of light and dark in a day. Thus, a balance. The masculine or solstice energies embody the experience of going deep, excavating, and preparing for what is to come. They reach far. This pattern I will describe further on in regard to how we have been affected by it in past weeks and months.
I cannot begin to describe to you what it feels like to be in the center of a zero point. I suppose it is similar to the empty energy in between a thought, or a stand still feeling when everything seems to stop, or perhaps similar to an extreme experience of feeling divine and pure love. For me, there is a perfect balance, with no pulls, no pushing, no reaching, nor any heaviness, or density. A feeling of almost weightlessness and a perfect alignment to a higher dimension, reality, or a more higher vibrating true perception. An incredible stillness and connection at the core.
I tell you all this for good reason, as it so precisely relates to what we are currently experiencing with the energies of late. The ancients were very savvy about alignments. They created grinding slicks in the paths of the alignments, which we have found are wonderful markers and validations of where these alignments were located.
When Phil and I discover a grinding slick in any area, we become so very excited as we know we are onto a power spot. Or when we discover an alignment, we always look for grinding slicks in its path. And at times we simply follow the energies, talk to the ancients, or find ourselves at the power spots, and always, there will be a grinding slick nearby.
Through dimensional travel and validation from visits from local archaeologists, we have found that the ancients used these grinding slicks (smooth spots on large rocks), to grind specific elements at specific times when there were alignments to the heavens present. The elements that were ground, thus contained the purified energies that the alignments contained, and hence, these elements (whether they be corn, crystals, stones, etc.) then held an incredible amount of true power and connection.
So what does all of this have to do with our current energies of late and how we are being affected?
As we progress forward with our spiritual evolutionary process, or ascension process, the energies greatly heighten on a regular basis. In this way, the planetary and celestial interactions can be felt much more intensely, as they intensify exponentially with every energy shift.
In addition, we are becoming more much aligned with Source as we are purging and releasing denser energies within and without. This process then creates a more heightened sensitivity within each and every one of us. You may have found in recent years or months that much of everything is now just too harsh for you to bear. It may become more and more difficult to interact with the old, or to even go outside. It may appear that there are fewer and fewer boundaries between you and your environment, with nowhere left to go for reprieve or rest. As the density dissipates, so do the boundaries!
One reason we become more sensitive is because we have dropped many of our defense patterns and behaviors that were needed in a 3D reality. So now, here we are evolving into a more enlightened and spiritually advanced human with heightened sensitivities, and still having to reside in a harsh environment created from the old 3D mindset! This is but one of the many challenges of the ascension process.
So then, the solstices and equinoxes can affect us much more fully as time goes on than in years past. The solstice of June, 2007, and into this current solstice of December, 2007 created a time of great purging, personal excavating of our old outdated patterns, and most recently, an intense time of balancing. We are in a great time of balancing now, because much of the old is about to depart at a rapid rate.
This was a very long period of readiness in preparation for what is to come in 2008. The longer and more intense the readiness period is, the more grand and awesome is the period that follows. So know that although at times we believe that things will never change, and that we may feel as though we have not made any progress at all, these seemingly strange patterns of ascension are always and most certainly doing exactly what they were intended to do, and we are progressing right on course as was divinely planned. Things only get really bad when things are about to get really good. This has always been the way of ascension. Like two ships passing in the night, we experience the extremes in both directions.
If we are digging deep, having much trauma and great challenges, and being stretched to the limit, it is because we are being prepared to be in alignment with a very new world and new reality, and this I will describe further on as it relates to what will arrive in 2008.
The energies heighten, we create on the outside what is within us much more easily and frequently, we experience challenge and what appears to be struggle, we see and adjust, we become aware, and thus, we prepare for what is ahead. In addition, we try and create, the time is not ready yet, we are stopped and barred from creating at all, we adjust and re-align during this period, and then are more prepared and ready to create with a higher vibrating version or vision when it is again time to create the new again.
When we are in a purging and releasing stage, we are nearly totally engulfed with what we are releasing (for ourselves as well as the whole), which can then feel dark, harsh (because we are now more sensitive and vibrating lighter), and overwhelming. We can feel overwhelmed because we create much more rapidly and with much more ease the higher we vibrate. In addition, we are being “squeezed” by the higher vibrating energies, which are pushing out any lower vibrating or denser energies which can no longer reside in this new and higher vibration.
And as we are releasing and engulfed in the denser and darker energies, as they are up and out, we then begin to create unpleasant scenarios for ourselves…we create according to the filters that we are seeing through at the time.
All of these scenarios were brought on by the advent of the influx of higher vibrating energies which arrived in March of 2007. We then had to match them in all of our totality.
So then, this period of the past six months or so has been a very long one of preparation. Remember when those heightened energies arrived in March of 2007? Remember all that we created at that time? Remember how everything simply fell into our laps, all was beautiful and it felt as though we had arrived in heaven?
This ascension pattern in always the same. The higher vibrating energies arrive, we feel awesome indeed, and then we must get into alignment with them.
What immediately followed in June was a period of going deep in order to adjust our energies to match more fully what we wanted to create. September 11th brought in a portal opening for grasping and aligning with even more new visions and opportunities, and then December 12th created an opportunity for the zero point of balance to be embraced and utilized within us. 12/12 was quite a pivotal moment, as we had now reached a point in our evolutionary process (resulting from all the challenges and struggles of the weeks and months before) where we could now be allowed access to a dimension or higher vibrating reality of balance and a more secure connection to Source through this balance or alignment.
What the universe has been supporting us with these past few months, or giving us the opportunity to do, is to reach that zero point of alignment within ourselves. This manifested as experiencing friction with others as we very severely attracting individuals into our spaces who vibrated in an opposing way. If we were extreme in any way within ourselves, and needed some tweaking to balance ourselves out, we would attract an energy that vibrated severely in the opposing way. As frustrating and challenging as this was, energy simply does what energy does, through the law of attraction. And balance has indeed been the theme of late, more than ever before.
During this time of transition and preparation, we may have felt as though we did not know where in the world we belonged. And we may not have felt that there was anywhere left to go either. With so much darkness and density leaving and flying around, it often felt as though we were living in a dark pit of hell. Eeriness, creepiness, horror, and the like could be felt for months. We were simply viewing the world though the filter of everything that was up and out, making its departure.
This also created a long period of time where we were not at our best. For many, the darkest side of us was more present than usual. We were tempted to blame much on others and on what was outside of ourselves, not realizing fully and remembering that we always create on the outside what we are perceiving or vibrating on the inside. There is no room for error here, so in this way, what arrived for us was simply a valid and accurate indicator of what was inside of us, giving us once again an opportunity to see who we really were and how we might be affecting others.
Although these times are trying, and have felt as though all the ugliness that existed anywhere was here to stay, they are always great jewels as well. I never experienced so many aha’s than I have these past few weeks and months. I finally told my mother, “I don’t think I can fix any more things inside of me!” But what happens with ascension, is that we become aware during these times of heightened energies and illumination, and usually take several more months and even years to actually balance ourselves.
The ascension process is always very gradual, even though at times it may not seem so. And “fixing” anything never usually works anyway, as letting go is usually the best way. Focusing on the negative, old, or lower vibrating manifestations by “fixing” them only makes them real, keeps them alive, and gives them fuel to continue to exist. Gradually letting go and allowing the new to enter more fully is much more effortless and is a pattern that vibrates higher as well.
During times of excavation and purging, we become more aware that we often created from arrogance. As we progress more and more through our spiritual evolutionary process, our arrogance and ego based states leave us more and more. This part takes time, as we needed our arrogance and ego states to survive in the old 3D reality, and still need bits of them now.
The zero point that our souls are supporting us in arriving at means no extending, no effort, no making things happen, no intentional giving, and so forth. It means standing still in our center and allowing the flow to move through us and extend onto others.
So now here we currently find ourselves, fairly exhausted, perhaps wondering who we are, what our power might be as much of our old power can no longer exist, in what may feel like a weakened state, and perhaps even wondering what will happen next, as just when we think we have arrived in heaven and will forever stay, hell pops up one more time.
But awesome energy and wonderful experiences are on the very near horizon. As of December 23rd, we begin the upswing. As I write this, it is the 23rd of December and Phil and I are commenting on how strange we feel today. Extremely relaxed, light, sleepy, craving naps, and a bit drained. This is the beginning of the upswing. This is because we have completed a very long phase of transmutation through ourselves. Feelings of floating around, spaciness, lethargy, and yawning, are indicators of the end of one phase and of the beginning of a very new one. We should all feel exhausted, drained, and weary, as we have fulfilled our spiritual plans for the planet very well indeed!
This was an intense preparation period. And another occurrence that is fairly common during this phase is the loss of some of our animal companions who have been with us for a very long time. They embody our old energy. They were a part of our old lives and our old selves. In this way, they choose to leave, as they no longer fit with what is soon to arrive. This is a great crossing over period and it manifests in many different ways. As we cross over, at times, we do not take everyone and everything with us. But know as well, that the preparation period lasted so long in order for as many as possible to be given the opportunity to adjust their energies to be more fully in alignment with the new.
As we progress through this amazing ascension process, more and more of the whole is embraced and swept up into the higher realms. Those who were never affected by those old familiar and strange ascension symptoms in years past will be touched now. More and more will be awakened. We are now ascending in larger and larger groups. Remember when we felt as if we were the only ones and so very alone? These ascension experiences can no longer be denied, as so many are having them. And because of this, our store-fronts will be assured. There will be many who will need assistance. Our gifts and offerings will be desired and appreciated by much more of the whole.
What is our next stop on the ascension train, and where will we soon land in 2008?
2008   The Year of New Beginnings
Reaching zero point within ourselves is an important step in aligning with community living. How many of us have embodied the dream of living in spiritual community, being part of a beautiful and special whole, being seen and acknowledged for who we are, and living our lives more connected than ever to Source?
As we reach the year of 2008, 2007 will appear as a dream of long ago. It will appear as a place that we dimly remember, with lives and experiences that we can only access through a fog of vague familiarity, and a place that contained aspects of ourselves that seem to have belonged to someone else.
We will be starting new, with a very new beginning, and in a very new way that has yet to be experienced in recent lifetimes upon this planet. It will be a time of seeing our dreams manifest before our eyes, and these dreams will be the dreams of an individual who is more strongly connected to Source than ever before. These will be dreams of the whole…dreams shared by all of us, yet dreams containing our own special vibrations and contributions, gifts, and talents.
We will be finally meeting together as one. We will unite as a whole. We will then be able to commune within community.
Enough of us have caught up with each other, so that we are now one indeed. This means that there are no more icons, leaders, guides, individuals carrying much of the whole upon their own more evolved shoulders, and no more disjointed separations from one another.
We have reached a certain level of critical mass, where we are now blending as a whole, while still embodying our own distinct vibrations that contribute to this whole. In this way, we can then support each other on a continual basis, share and distribute any perceived burdens, and balance out, blend together, and rejoice in each other’s company!
This vision, knowingness, and reality that I see so very clearly, brought great tears to my eyes. It is a dream that I have long been waiting for. I can barely believe that it is finally here. The sense of relief, joy, let down, and ecstasy I feel is difficult to describe.
We have been carrying so much of the higher vibrations within us for so very long. This has created shoulder pain of late (as we are finally releasing the burden of responsibility), the oh so familiar Buddha belly, weight gain (as we needed to embody so much within us and hold it there), and exaggerations in personality traits.
We had to be larger than life, as we vibrated so much higher than most. In order for each and every individual vibration and trait (or gift) to contribute to the whole of a new reality, we had to embody it in great amounts. These vibrations and individual traits within us (or our special roles), had to be large and intense enough to bring up the entire vibration of the planet, therefore contributing to the creation of this very new reality. Each and every one of us was on board with this. We were very strong indeed, and dedicated to our roles in vibration, even if these exaggerated traits within us irritated others and drove them crazy at times!
But now we can rest. We can become one with each other. We can let down. We can release all the energy which we needed to hold, as it is now being embodied much more by the whole. And in this way, we are now finally ready for community. In community, we need only utilize our gifts and talents when they are needed. We need not be “on” 24/7. And reaching a zero point within ourselves, where-by we balanced out these energies that we had been embodying in over-exaggerated amounts, was a vital part of this process.
Now that we can let down and let go, we will find that we can really begin to enjoy each other more and more. We will find in times to come, that we will notice, be grateful for, allow and receive, and welcome with open arms the gifts, talents, and contributions of others as we will no longer need to be so very focused on holding and vibrating our own.
We have indeed reached a new level of reality. And this will indeed create a time of new beginnings.
Because we have reached this new and vital stage of reality…because so much will now be able to change, because so much has shifted, we can know with complete certainty that it will absolutely be a time of new beginnings. New beginnings will be the only viable and logical option now.
We will experience new beginnings in relationships. Partnerships that were destined to remain intact will experience a re-birth of sorts. It will be as if they are starting anew, with two new people in different roles, now being able to distinctly and simply enjoy each other. No more relationships revolving around growth and change, but now revolving around enjoyment, pleasure, fun, and a great love and appreciation for each other.
With so many individuals on equal turf now, the burdens will be lessened to a large degree.  We have now met up in the same place, with a new equal distribution of how we hold and distribute our energy. We will feel like brothers and sisters as never before. No one will be holding more energy than another, and this alone, will greatly assist in remedying the exhaustion and weariness of many…especially the first wavers.
Our new passions and store-fronts will begin to appear as if by magic, and we will barely be able to keep up with it all. We will be asked to fulfill our soul purposes. And because we have been waiting for so long, we will be ready to fulfill them.
We will begin to congregate in families or pods of community. Those we hold dear to us will become vital parts of our special communities or families. We will begin migrating together and congealing together as small like-minded communities, as we also congeal with the whole in a more limited way. This is the pattern that the ancients knew as well, as it goes back through eons of time, to the time of our ancestors and our star families.
We will begin to utilize the things we need in a much localized way. Higher vibrating communities stay in alignment with their surroundings by utilizing their surroundings in their everyday life… building from local materials, eating locally grown foods, etc., and matching the specific energy of the area with their own. As the old systems begin to fall, local will be the norm. All this in divine right order, as being in alignment with our surroundings, helps to create that zero point and opens us to a continual portal of higher vibrating energy. And with outside systems falling, we will naturally progress to this way of being. Old creations that will be departing will only fully depart when new creations are ready to take their place. This is a natural way of evolution.
A lightness will begin to be felt, as much density has departed (for this latest phase anyway!). This lightness can manifest as a floating feeling, as an emptiness, or even a loss of who we thought we were. But with so much having now departed within us, all the higher vibrating things will have more room to be present, much happiness and joy will abound, all our needs will seemingly be met, and we will begin anew with a clean slate, in a very new space, and what may feel like a very new reality before us.
Much of what we had begun or what had entered our consciousness as a possibility in March, will now manifest in form as we are now a vibrational match for it. And you may have even entertained thoughts about going in a different direction, changing your plans or relocation areas, as the energies were simply not making much sense for awhile. But know as well, that we transmuted much for the whole, through ourselves, as we always do.
Will there still be times of turmoil and distress in 2008? Absolutely yes, but we will be above them. It will be as if two realities exist, as there will be a great and distinct separation between the two. One world will exist in a heavenly state of bliss, community, union, near immediate manifestation, brotherhood and sisterhood, and a great connection to the earth and the heavens. The other reality will still be present for those who have not yet come to a place where they are ready to let go and receive the new.
As the residents of the reality that is crashing and continuing to manifest a revolving door of unpleasantness and seemingly horror begin to separate themselves, ask for something different, and question the old, they will then arrive at the dimensional gates of the new reality, where they will be greatly assisted by those of us who are utilizing their much needed store-fronts and lovingly waiting for them.
So then, we will be residing in our new communities for the large part, offering our gifts and talents there on an equal basis with the whole, and spending a bit of time as well interacting with those who are finding themselves on the dimensional line, readying to cross over.
And some will visit what is left of the old world, as they serve in regard to their store-fronts, but not for long as higher vibrating energies cannot exist within lower vibrating energies for too long, as they become ill, lost, depressed, and anxious. Maintaining a continual state of love is the perfectly planned protection which will determine the length of each visit.
Will all of this scenario happen immediately? No. Some will begin the community lifestyle sooner than others. When new information first touches us, it usually takes awhile before it manifests completely in form. A higher vibrating seed is planted, and then it must grow into fruition.
So if you have felt a sense of completion of late, with a letting go and letting down, a readiness for a rest, or a strange sense of “finally!,” you are most likely tapping into this latest grand shift.
Our time is finally here, and this time it is here in the grandest way yet. I eagerly look forward to continuing to report to you the latest energy news, along with news of defining and utilizing the special purposes of our souls. And Phil and I will be going on the road from time to time, offering talks and information about what our ancient ancestors want us to share. Hoping to see you in 2008…and wishing you the best year
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,   Karen.
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