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    ( SOURCES) (...)  Al Jazeera here (15.01.08),
here (15.01.08) and here (17.01.08),
 and The Wall Street Journal here (18.01.08).
The use of human clones in American political management is only now becoming apparent. The last USA President not to be cloned was John F. Kennedy. Usually, when a President or major American public figure ceases to be compliant to the demands of the controlling corporate elite, they are quietly killed, cremated and replaced with lookalike, mind-controlled clones. These days, at the Camp David human clone laboratories (Maryland) and elsewhere, it is possible to produce an adult human clone from originator DNA and matched tissue bank samples in less than 36 hours.
When President George Bush Snr left office in 1993, he was Clone Number 34 in his DNA originator line. Most of his previous 33 clones had been used and terminated at that point.
When President Bill Clinton left office in 2001, he was Clone Number 21 in his line.
When a President is terminated and cloned, it is standard practice to do the same with his close family members. If this is not done, they immediately notice the difference and cause difficulties.
How many different Hillary Clintons are there?
In recent months, USA Senator Hillary Clinton has been seen in two places at once on a number of different occasions. And not just in Iowa and New Hampshire.
Someone sees Hillary Clinton at a function across town at, say, 1.30pm. And then, when they compare notes with a Democratic Party co-worker later that day, they learn that Hillary was also seen back at the hotel at 1.30pm, three miles away. And her clothes were different, or her hair was different, or her makeup was different, and the people with her were different.
It is suggested that over half the USA Presidential candidates in 2008 are human clones. There are several of each of them. Is Hillary Clinton one of these or several of them? And how are the voters to discriminate?
The 43rd President of the United States of America, George Bush Jnr, spent Christmas Day 2007 at Camp David (Maryland, USA). On returning home to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, he found a severed horse's head in his bed.( ...)
It appeared that the Chinese Secret Society described by Benjamin Fulford was beginning to leave its calling cards. More details here, here and here:
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A stolen sum totalling $4.5 trillion (four and a half trillion American dollars) was held illegally in a suspense account at Citibank’s offices at 399 Park Avenue, New York, USA, at the end of October 2007 and the beginning of November 2007. The money returned to Citibank on the 16th November 2007, having been temporarily concealed at Morgan Stanley.
The USA Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, was centrally involved in the administration of this theft. On several occasions in 2006 and 2007, the Chinese authorities and others pressed Paulson to instruct release of the $4.5 trillion. He refused to do this and was assassinated. His shooting took place on Friday 28th December 2007. He died on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.
The Bush White House, after some initial confusion and panic, decided to conceal the fact of Henry Paulson's execution. This inexpert fiction was swallowed uncritically by the Western mainstream media. More details about the Henry Paulson assassination and the Bush White House's attempts to obfuscate the issue can be found further down this page, and on this separate page here.
The stolen $4.5 trillion originally came from The People's Bank of China in May 2006, at the time when Henry Paulson took over as USA Treasury Secretary in Washington. It was a private transfer of funds from China to an American financier called Lee Wanta of AmeriTrust Groupe. Henry Paulson stole this $4.5 trillion in June 2006. The provenance of the funds involved has been described in detail by the UK-based financial journalist Christopher Story here (11.01.08).
On Tuesday 30th October 2007, the Provost Marshal for the USA (Brigadier General Rodney Johnson), visited Citibank. Everything was set ready for payment of the $4.5 trillion to be made into the AmeriTrust Groupe securities account at Morgan Stanley at the latest by 6.00pm on Wednesday 31st October. This payment was not made.
Citibank and Morgan Stanley are mired in a criminal conspiracy with the USA Treasury and the USA White House which will result in the arrest, in the USA, of William R. Rhodes (Chairman of Citigroup), John Mack (Chairman of Morgan Stanley) and Henry Paulson (USA Treasury Secretary), among many others.
Now that this matter is in the public domain, it is possible that the affair will bring down not just Citibank, Morgan Stanley and their auditors, but also the American Stock Market and the White House.
The $4.5 trillion has become tangled up with banking release procedures to do with the much larger NESARA global prosperity programme shortly to be announced. The $4.5 trillion is referred to in G8 Nation memos as 'The Wanta Plan' funds. In 2007, Queen Elizabeth II of England conferred special diplomatic status upon Lee Wanta and his colleagues.
On Monday 26th February 2007, three Special Forces teams attempted to arrest Vice President Dick Cheney while he was on an aircraft parked on the runway at Sydney International airport (Australia). There was a firefight and three deaths were reported.
On Sunday 4th November 2007, after an emergency board meeting, the chairman and chief executive of Citibank, Charles Prince, resigned. He was replaced as chairman by former USA Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, and as chief executive by Sir Win Bischoff. The reason given was the recent losses in Citibank's mortgage-backed securities business.
Now relieved of his duties, Charles Prince is a dangerous man. He knows about Citibank's active involvement in the papertrail which used the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds to lubricate off-limits stealth trades. And he knows about the covert Citibank accounting strategies which kept knowledge of the Wanta Plan funds theft from several major shareholders.
On Tuesday 6th November 2007, it was reported that the entire Citibank Board of Directors had been arrested by the USA Provost Marshal. This report was premature. All members of the Citibank Board of Directors will be arrested by the Provost Marshal soon, but this has not yet taken place.
What did happen was that three thousand American banksters, corporate lawyers, accountants and others were taken into custody. It was said at the time that the others included Bill and Hillary Clinton, or two of their clones. (More information about the use of human clones in American political management can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)
A team of British specialist bankers from the UK Citibank HQ in London has flown into New York to take charge of due process at Citibank USA. This will include expediting the release of the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds.
On Monday 5th November 2007, an attempt was made by President George W. Bush to intercept the delivery of papers to the Provost Marshal. The agents sent by the White House were arrested at gunpoint.
Also on Monday 5th November 2007, the USA Provost Marshal, by Court Order, nullified the electronic codes used by the USA Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, and took over direct control of the United States Treasury himself.
A senior USA Treasury official, quoted by the Hal Turner Show, said: "This is a financial disaster caused by wilful criminal acts, perpetrated by the highest officials in the U.S. federal government during the course of several Presidencies. This ongoing criminal conspiracy is so terrible, so enormous, so far-reaching, the country may never be able to financially recover. It appears that officials in the Administrations of Bush I, Clinton I & II and Bush II, along with thousands of their closest banker buddies, have stolen upwards of $27 trillion (twenty seven trillion USA dollars) since 1988." Another source states that this $27 trillion was, in fact, stolen during an eight day period up to and including Wednesday 7th November 2007.
On Thursday 8th November 2007, the USA State Department said that Lee Wanta was collected in a car at 3.25pm, driven to Morgan Stanley and took economic receipt of his $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds. This did not happen. There was no car. Lee Wanta stayed in his hotel room all day. Morgan Stanley blocked every call from Lee Wanta, diverted him to voicemail and failed to respond. Lee Wanta is a major private client of Morgan Stanley. His Morgan Stanley account manager returned no calls.
At that time, the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds were still held at Citibank. Citibank had agreed to pay Lee Wanta $352 billion (three hundred and fifty two billion USA dollars) in interest payments on the $4.5 trillion principal tranche. It is not clear how many of Citibank's major shareholders are aware of this.
On Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th November, George Bush Snr attempted to interfere with the $4.5 trillion payout. His collaborators both in the USA and abroad have now been arrested. These included six bankers in Germany, one in Switzerland, and three USA Treasury personnel or agents.
It is now thought unlikely that the USA Provost Marshal will be able to safely instruct release of the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds until both George Bush Jnr and George Bush Snr have been arrested.
Early on Saturday 10th November 2007, the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds were transferred from Citigroup to Morgan Stanley. The money was paid into a fictitious account with a name very similar to AmeriTrust Groupe Inc, but subtly different. In this account they could not be accessed by Lee Wanta. Shortly afterwards, Christopher Story, the investigative financial journalist working with Lee Wanta, reported that the $4.5 trillion were transferred out of Morgan Stanley to an undisclosed account elsewhere, thought to be at Bank of America.
It is very possible that the only way, now, that the USA Provost Marshal will be able to effect the final purging of the Augean stables in the USA will be to impose Martial Law for a short period of time in order to round-up the malefactors. It is the USA Provost Marshal who is Commander-in Chief, not the President.
Residing in hotels and diplomatic residences in New York at present are 160 high-status delegates from foreign countries who are waiting to take economic delivery of funds for their own countries which will be released as soon as Lee Wanta receives his $4.5 trillion. They came to New York to receive these monies on Monday 5th November 2007. The fact that they have been kept waiting by American banking fraud has turned the issue into an international crisis. This, rather than Iran, was the main focus of the talks which the German Chancellor Angela Merkel held with George Bush Jnr and George Bush Snr on Saturday 10th November 2007 in Crawford, Texas.
Christopher Story's view was that the USA Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, had been trying to blackmail the USA Provost Marshal. In the period Monday 5th November 2007 to Saturday 10th November 2007, Paulson repeatedly disobeyed orders from the Provost Marshal to cease his illegal financial transactions. In effect, the USA Treasury Secretary was saying to the Provost Marshal: "You can't touch me, and you know it. If you arrest me, the stock market and the dollar will collapse, there will be an uncontrollable global crisis, and you will be blamed for it. So go to hell."
George Bush Senior's concealed Latin American bank accounts have now been traced and frozen by the Provost Marshal.
On Sunday 18th November 2007, it was reported that the USA Provost Marshal was allowing himself to be manipulated by the White House conspirators and was only doing half his job. The key task - the release of the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds - would only take twenty seconds. The Provost Marshal was under pressure from his political controllers to stall on this core responsibility in order to buy time for the major conspirators to assemble a cover-up.
 The USA Army Chief of Staff was poised to file formal charges against The Provost Marshal, Brigadier General Rodney Johnson, because he was in contravention of his oath as a commissioned officer in this matter. Other members of the USA Joint Chiefs of Staff were actively discussing this issue and were ready to urge due process. While quick to arrest many of the middle-ranking conspirators in the banks and the law firms, The Provost Marshal appeared unwilling to confront the major conspirators in any effective manner. (Late note: The Provost Marshal has now been replaced - see below).
 A large number of extra USA Special Forces personnel were called up for an undisclosed mission related to these events. These Special Forces units will be operational by the end of November 2007. It is likely that they will be involved in making, or supporting, high-level arrests of prominent public figures.
A probable consequence of this Wantagate scandal will be to engulf the Bush II Government in a nexus of investigations into complicity in the 911 mass murders in New York on the 11th September 2001. The cover story here had to do with a couple of hijacked passenger planes getting crashed into the World Trade Centre by Jihadist patsies. This did happen, but the permitted terrorist attacks were smoke and mirrors; subsequent studies have shown that the collisions and their consequential infernos were insufficiently energetic to raze the buildings to the ground. Something else that had been strategically positioned inside the buildings in advance did that. The Bush White House is now being associated with possessing prior executive knowledge of this controlled demolition of the WTC. For more background information about 911, see here, here, here, here and here. Both main political parties in the USA (Republicans and Democrats) have senior figures involved in the 911 cover-ups.
On the morning of Tuesday 20th November 2007, Lee Wanta and Michael Cottrell, Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Lee Wanta's Commonwealth of Virginia-based AmeriTrust Groupe, turned up, as officially instructed, at Citibank's office at 399 Park Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan, to sign the relevant documents to finalise the transfer of the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds to Lee Wanta's corporate securities account with Morgan Stanley, New York. The two men, accompanied by several others, visited the bank after the USA State Department, the USA Federal Reserve and the USA Treasury, had each separately advised, and had subsequently confirmed on Monday 19th November 2007, that the $4.5 trillion was on the books at Citibank.
Upon arrival at 399 Park Avenue on the 20th November 2007, Wanta and Cottrell asked to see William Rhodes, the Chairman of Citibank. They were told that he was away from the bank. They then asked to see William Ferguson and were told that he was not available. Richard Lava, the Securities Chief, and other Citibank officials, stated that Wanta and Cottrell had no business with Citibank.
Faced with this refusal by Citibank to implement the instructions of the USA State Department, the USA Federal Reserve and the USA Treasury, Wanta and Cottrell informed all three official parties, each of which expressed shock at the situation. Wanta and Cottrell then requested the USA Provost Marshal, Brigadier General Rodney Johnson, to come immediately to Citibank to enforce his official legal will and that of the USA State Department, the USA Federal Reserve and the USA Treasury. The USA Provost Marshal did not comply with this request and has now been replaced (see below).
The principal criminal conspirators at Citibank appear now to be William Rhodes, Robert Rubin, William Ferguson, and Richard Lava.
Shortly after the above events on the morning of Tuesday 20th November 2007, Lee Wanta, Michael Cottrell and three international diplomats holding diplomatic passports, were ordered off the Citibank premises by the owner of the building, Boston Properties. The Chief Executive Officer of Boston Properties is Edward Lynde. Armed New York Police Department personnel were summoned by Boston Properties in connection with this eviction. Boston Properties were acting on the instructions of Robert Rubin of Citibank.
It became apparent on Wednesday 21st November 2007 that there had been a major breach of established USA Constitutional practice. Several elements of the Executive Branch of the USA Federal Government were identified to have been dividing up the $1.575 trillion windfall tax payable by Lee Wanta, even though Citibank had blocked its disbursal to Wanta's securities account at Morgan Stanley. The USA Constitution provides for Congress to make appropriations, not the Executive Branch.
Citibank is now the object of a comprehensive Federal investigation. The USA Securities and Exchange Commission Code invoked is STILLPOINT. The investigation is involving more than ten responsible USA Federal agencies, including the Military. This scandal now has the potential to evolve into a full-blown American constitutional crisis which will result in the permanent closure of Citibank, Morgan Stanley and their auditors.
Christopher Story reports that de facto control of Citibank is now in the hands of British authorities representing Queen Elizabeth II of England. Major changes of personnel at the top of Citibank are underway. Four separate monitoring teams equipped with transaction-tracing packages using Inslaw/PROMIS enhanced software are now in place and active. Each of these software packages is capable of tracking financial provenances back for one hundred transactions. The software is at work twenty four hours a day investigating, tracking, tracing and logging the whereabouts of all Lee Wanta's converted, diverted, and stolen funds.
The senior Citibank official who has the authority to finalise the Wanta transfer of $4.5 trillion, and to expedite the agreed interest payment of $352 billion by means of a 60-day aval, is Catherine Weir. The Master Custodial Account involved here was originally set up by Brussels (Europe).
In the internal Citibank civil war which is now raging behind the scenes, the former USA Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin (who serves the personal financial interests of the Clintons), is actively impeding and compromising the authority of Catherine Weir. Rubin was recently installed as the temporary Chairman of Citibank.
It is understood that on Tuesday 20th November 2007, at a round-table conference in Washington DC, Michael Chertoff, the USA Secretary of Homeland Security, may have been recorded on tape explicitly demanding that Citibank refuse to pay Lee Wanta the $4.5 trillion due to him.
Upstairs at Citibank on 20th November 2007, while Lee Wanta was being evicted downstairs, George Bush Snr was engaged in an operation to transfer the Wanta Plan $4.5 trillion to bank accounts in the Middle East (thought to be in Dubai or Saudi Arabia). He was working on this with Robert Rubin. Immediately afterwards, Rubin flew to the Middle East to take economic receipt of the funds. He failed. The Inslaw/PROMIS software (mentioned above) identified the attempted transaction and the transfer was blocked.
Towards the end of November 2007, three reports from credible sources indicated that the USA Provost Marshal, Brigadier General Rodney Johnson, was dismissed and arrested (or placed under house arrest) at 5.00pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday 20th November 2007. The Provost Marshal was found to have been taking unlawful instructions from the USA Vice President, Dick Cheney. The Provost Marshal's Number Two was said to have taken over. The change was made by the USA Department of Defense (Internal Affairs) with International Court of Justice backing and authority. But military sources declined to confirm Johnson's reduced status and some reports indicated that he was still answering his office telephone. In the second week of December 2007, a well-sourced report from inside the banking industry (here) indicated that the USA Provost Marshal, Brigadier General Rodney Johnson, was fired on the afternoon of Thursday 6th December 2007. He had been taking unlawful instructions from both the USA President and the USA Vice President, and substantial bribes from George Bush Senior. His unlawful instructions had been given in the form of USA White House Executive Orders.
 Over 152 (one hundred and fifty two) different national governments around the world had protested about the Provost Marshal's blocking of Wanta and NESARA committed funds at Citibank and elsewhere. The World Court acted. Brigadier General Rodney Johnson was dismissed from his post as USA Provost Marshal by General George Casey, the USA Army Chief of Staff. In a very unusual measure, the Provost Marshal's telephone numbers have been deleted from all Federal and Military databases while the Wanta/Citibank operation continues. Multiple high-level military personnel are now performing the functions of the Provost Marshal and are operating from a number of different offices and locations.
The bribes, hush monies and fees for services rendered being disbursed by George Bush Snr to the USA Provost Marshal, and many others inside and outside the USA, were not, in most cases, handed over by him personally. The modus operandi was for George Bush Snr to close the deal verbally through an intermediary, and then get a Texan quartermaster to deliver the money. The identity of this itinerant moneyman was a closely guarded CIA secret until the beginning of January 2008, when several sources supplied pertinent information to the UK-based financial journalist, Christopher Story, and others. George Bush Snr's Texan quartermaster was Houston-based Marvin Davis. The CIA had killed and resurrected this paragon on more than one occasion. The present incarnation was thought to be working, also, for George Bush Jnr and Dick Cheney, when there was urgent largesse to be distributed. Marvin Davis was said to have historical operating connections with the Delmarva Timber Trust, Suite 110, 7333 Harwin Drive, Houston, Texas 770042. More details here (11.01.08). ..............However, with the CIA by that stage so comprehensively penetrated by Israeli, Chinese and Russian intelligence, the identity of Marvin Davis' primary line manager was enigmatic, though he was reputed to keep meticulous records.
New ATM machines have been installed all over the USA. This was done during October and November 2007. ATMs are Automated Teller Machines (hole-in-the-wall cash dispensers). The new ATMs have replaced the older machines to accommodate the new global banking system which is being rolled out as part of the NESARA world prosperity programmes. Bank of America will shortly become the new Treasury Bank of the United States and will replace the Federal Reserve Board. The offices and buildings of the Federal Reserve Board will become branches of The USA Treasury. Bank of America now has the clearance and the capacity to operate the high-security grey screen money-wiring system. A new American gold-backed currency, possibly called the Amero, will be introduced. The USA dollar will be abolished. In order to facilitate these changes smoothly, a substantial replacement of senior staff took place at Bank of America in the last two weeks of November 2007.
At 1.12pm on Friday 30th November 2007, President George W. Bush finally decreed that Lee Wanta was to be paid his $4.5 trillion immediately. The USA Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson refused to comply with the President's direction. For some time Paulson had been proclaiming at meetings that he would never pay Lee Wanta. He had also been explicitly stating that: "President Bush cannot sack me."
At this point, Henry Paulson's position became operationally untenable within the USA Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA changed sides in the dispute and demanded that Paulson procured the $4.5 trillion payment and released it for economic delivery to Lee Wanta. As USA Treasury Secretary, Paulson had sole signatory power in the matter. Henry Paulson refused to sign over the monies.
Further evidence that senior elements within the USA intelligence community had turned against the Bush White House came at the beginning of December 2007. The National Intelligence Estimate entitled: Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities was aggressively leaked to the mainstream media. The information in this November 2007 document was notified to the USA Government on the 31st October 2007. It stated: "We judge with high confidence that in fall (Autumn) 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons programme ...."
This leak was particularly damaging. The Bush White House had been retailing the disinformation that Iran was a nuclear threat to the region. On the basis of this elite-led lie, the USA would have manufactured the pretext for another unnecessary war in the Middle East. Such a conflict would rally war industry stocks, create the environment for further repressive legislation to curtail individual freedoms under the expedient war-on-terror fiction, and support the control ambitions of the White House's Zionist bosses in the region.
A similar manufactured pretext had started the Iraq War in March 2003. Non-existent weapons of mass destruction were said to exist. These weapons were an occult security threat to the American homeland. In the years which followed, it became apparent that the real objectives of the Iraq War were rather different. The aims of the invasion were to stimulate American war-machine business, avoid a stockmarket crash, establish permanent American military bases in Iraq, equip local terrorist insurgencies to undermine Iraqi democratic procedures, get American hands on Iraqi oil, loot and take over the Iraqi Central Bank with its gold, and USA $ derivative papers, and to secure the interdimensional portal at the ancient Sumerian site of Entemenanki (the locality of the ziggurat of Marduk in ancient Babylon). The Iraq war was a covert business venture paid for by the blood of young American soldiers.
Between 3.00pm and 4.00pm Eastern Daylight Time on Friday 30th November 2007, a USA Federal Judge issued a writ for the immediate arrest of Henry Paulson. (...) But a week or so later, both Paulson and Rubin gave every impression of acting freely again, and both were seen in public and at meetings.
At 10.00am Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday 1st December 2007, the new Basle II Global Banking System was activated. This was a core NESARA preliminary. Under the Basle II system no off-balance sheet financial operations are permitted. Every transaction must take place on-balance sheet. All banks, everywhere in the world, are required to adhere to this new rule, and others, if they are to continue trading. The major USA money centre banks came into compliance with Basle II at 2.00pm on Tuesday 4th December 2007.
 However, for technical accounting reasons related to Basle II, it is possible that American banks such as Citibank, Bank of America, Wachovia and JPMorganChase may very soon be bankrupt if the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds are not promptly released to Lee Wanta. The Citibank Board of Directors held an emergency meeting in New York on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th December 2007 to confront this difficulty.
On Tuesday 11th December 2007, the Citibank Board of Directors appointed Sir Win Bischoff to be their new Chairman. He replaced Robert Rubin. They also appointed Vikram Pandit to be their new Chief Executive Officer. He replaced Charles Prince. Bischoff was British; Pandit was Indian. Neither man had any experience in consumer banking. And Pandit had never before run a large public company of any kind. Robert Rubin returned to his old position as Chairman of the Citibank Executive Committee. These deckchairs were shifted less than an hour before a scheduled Citibank Board Meeting with law enforcement agents.
At this meeting the Citibank Board were presented with documentary evidence of the existence, at Citibank, of a series of illegal secret accounts holding colossal sums of money. The beneficiaries were said to include George Bush Snr, George Bush Jnr, Dick Cheney, Henry Paulson, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Some Directors were unaware of the existence of these accounts, and anger was expressed. Vikram Pandit said that everything would be done to resolve the Wanta Plan funds problem very quickly, and that steps would be taken to effect the $4.5 trillion Wanta payment on Wednesday 12th December 2007. This was not done. The USA Treasury blocked the transaction. Legal papers from a Federal Judge were presented to the Citibank Board which made it clear that they must implement the Wanta Settlement payment or Citibank and its assets would be seized.
On Tuesday 11th December 2007, George Bush Snr was again detected trying to steal the Wanta funds and other monies. His intention was to transfer the funds to Bank of America, for onward transfer to Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi. The stolen funds were to have been split three ways between George Bush Snr himself, Bank of America and Iran. The assumption here was that the Bush circle had been funding Iran's support of the Al-Qaeda terrorist insurgency in Iraq. The missing monies were recovered within the space of two hours. Law enforcement agents informed George Bush Snr that if he attempted such a theft again, he would be shot dead on the spot. That this physical threat was explicitly made has been confirmed by four separate inside sources. Quite why such a Wild West approach was adopted when documentary evidence was conveniently at hand to substantiate an arrest is not clear.
During the second week of December 2007, it became apparent that warring factions within Israeli intelligence were beginning to interfere in due process at Citibank. Robert Rubin received a death-threat from one Israeli group who wanted the Wanta Plan Funds released to Lee Wanta without further delay. Post-Basle II, certain Israeli banks were on the verge of collapse if the Wanta logjam was not broken very soon. Meanwhile, another Israeli intelligence faction was also issuing death threats to Robert Rubin if he did release the Wanta Plan Funds. In December 2007, Zionist control of the USA executive was becoming ragged and scattershot. Rubin was reported to have passed on the Israeli threats to various senior colleagues at Citibank and the USA Treasury.
At 9.15am on Wednesday 19th December 2007, in Washington DC, a major fire broke out in the Eisenhower Executive Office building, located near the West Wing of the White House. The epicentre of the flames was on the second floor in the vicinity of Vice President Dick Cheney's ceremonial office. Firefighters entered the building to tackle the blaze and were seen breaking windows and removing furniture. The entire building was evacuated, including those parts well away from the fire. The Eisenhower Executive Office accommodates many of the President's senior military and security staff. The White House itself was not evacuated. No injuries were reported. Dick Cheney was safely in his West Wing office at the time. The incident carried the unmistakable hallmark of BlackOps arson. Which papers and computers associated with the Citibank scandal, if any, were destroyed in the conflagration remains to be seen. The carefully-targeted fire looked like a classic intelligence operation frightener, or a diversionary exercise to remove data. Against this, a Russian security source stated that there had been a firefight in the building between a USA military unit and a team of Secret Service Agents assigned to protect Dick Cheney. During the exchange of fire, a substantial explosion took place. A US Marine was seen to smash a fifth-floor window and had to be rescued from the ledge outside.
A third account stated that Dick Cheney had his ceremonial offices wired to act as a parallel White House. A duplicate and unlawful Emergency Alert System (EAS) was in place. The EAS is designed to enable the President of the United States to initiate an Emergency Action Notification (EAN). Here the President speaks to the people of the United States via all media links within 10 minutes of anything major happening - such as a real or fake alien invasion, or a tactical decision to impose martial law and close down public information flows and due-process media and legal scrutiny. The EAS has never been used. The fire/firefight in the Eisenhower Executive Office building destroyed Dick Cheney's parallel EAS. Subsequent security and health and safety inspections were likely to catalogue the existence of this illegal wiring.
On Friday 21st December 2007, it was reported that George Bush Snr and former President Bill Clinton had been blackmailing USA President George Bush Jnr in connection with the Citibank scandal. Also on Friday 21st December 2007, the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds were transferred out of Citibank to Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley then illegally refused to accept the funds. Lee Wanta's securities account for AmeriTrust Groupe had existed with Morgan Stanley, New York, since August 2006.
On Saturday 22nd December 2007, three senior USA administration officials were arrested and flown to The International Court of Justice in The Hague (Netherlands).
By the end of December 2007, forensic attention was shifting towards Citibank's auditors. How would they continue to rubber-stamp the concealment of the now-public hidden accounts at Citibank? Inside reports indicated that there were at least 1600 (one thousand six hundred) of these off-balance sheet slush fund accounts. These were being used to make illegal payments to lawyers, politicians and military personnel to retain their compliance in delaying the release of the Wanta Plan monies. The executive signatories to these accounts were said to be Robert Rubin and Anna Escobedo Cabral (Treasurer of the USA). These two individuals had a two-hour meeting on Friday 14th December 2007 which started at 12 noon. They each signed papers to release monies to the 1600 slush fund beneficiaries. In addition, there is another related tranche of money referred to as the Clinton/Burkle funds which is being held off-shore in the Cayman Islands. Exactly when this was transacted through Citibank is unclear. Given this increasingly public profile of due diligence at Citibank, it was being asked whether the Citibank auditors, for the first time, might be obliged to decline signing off the company's year-end and fourth quarter papers.
In the days before Christmas 2007, inside sources let it be known that one reason why the USA Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, was still in post.... was that nobody could be found to replace him.
Towards the end of December 2007, George Bush Snr was arrested and held in custody for at least three days. He could no longer trade, move money or access his major bank and brokerage accounts worldwide.
The 43rd President of the United States of America, George Bush Jnr, spent Christmas Day 2007 at Camp David (Maryland, USA). On returning home to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, he found a severed horse's head in his bed. The horse's head was well known to George Bush. It was severed from one of his most cherished horses, worth an estimated $350,000. At 3.04am on Thursday 27th December 2007, George Bush Jnr's childhood home in Odessa, Texas, (now a museum) was set on fire by an arsonist. It appeared that the Chinese Secret Society described by Benjamin Fulford was beginning to leave its calling cards. More details here, here and here. An alternative security reading was that the horse's head, at least, was placed in the President’s bed on the instructions of Russian intelligence. Russia, like China, is one of the major countries which wants immediate release of The Wanta Plan Funds and the NESARA global prosperity funds. George Bush Snr, George Bush Jnr and Henry Paulson had been obstructing these disbursements.
At the end of December 2007, Kommersant News Service and Komsomoskaya Pravda (a Russian intelligence outlet) reported that three Armenians armed with knives, pistols and a sabre were detained on Sunday 23rd December 2007 near the residence of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogarevo. Under interrogation, the Armenians revealed that they were paid mercenaries of British MI5. They had in their possession travel documents linking them to a recent visit to the Vatican where, they said, they had been paid more than one million USA dollars for their mission to assassinate the Russian President.
On or around Friday 28th December 2007, Henry Paulson, the USA Treasury Secretary, was shot at close range in the chest, by an assassin. He was reported to be in a critical condition. On Tuesday 1st January 2008, Paulson was still alive, but with the bullet still lodged in his chest. He was too weak to be operated upon. Henry Paulson died on Wednesday 2nd January 2008. During 2007, Paulson had illegally conveyed substantial sums of money to Israel. The Bank of Israel was thought to be involved, and Henry Paulson's account there was thought likely to bear his Hebrew, rather than his American, name. At this point, like the American CIA, the Israeli intelligence community was in a state of internal civil war as to how best to manage the Citibank / Wanta / NESARA affair.
At this stage, the Bush White House was said to be preparing an attempt to represent Henry Paulson's assassination as a heart attack. Other heart attacks were expected.
On Thursday 3rd January 2008, President George Bush Jnr was confronted verbally with the death of Henry Paulson at a meeting.
"That's a lie," Bush responded.
"Well, produce him."
"I can't, he's sick."
"Yes, dead men are usually sick before they die."
"Can you produce the five Cheney assistants who have been shot?"
The word in Washington DC was that Henry Paulson had been quietly cremated in an attempt to conceal the nature of his injuries and the manner of his death. More details here. And more details about the Henry Paulson assassination and the PsyOps background to its public management by the USA Executive Branch can be found here (09.01.08).
On various occasions during the last week of December 2007 and the first two weeks of January 2008, the USA State Department and USA Treasury Compliance confirmed Henry Paulson's shooting.
A complicating factor for PsyOps analysts was that three of the Camp David George Bush Jnr clones were in active play at this time: Bush 41, Bush 42 and Bush 43. American clone-handlers took one or two of these mannekens /((manequins)) to the Middle East for the USA State visit to Israel in the second week of January 2008. The other(s) remained in the USA.
Follow the DNA. It's there in the lavatories, the handkerchiefs, the discarded nasal tissues, the cosmetics applicators, the bedroom dust, the cutlery, the drinking glasses and the coffee cups.
In the second week of January 2008, the whereabouts of Henry Paulson's Number Two, Robert Kimmitt, the USA Deputy Treasury Secretary, began to be questioned. Has anyone seen him recently? Pictures here and here. Or did he, too, forget to duck? More information please.
Late note: Henry Paulson was assassinated by a Russian special operations unit, whose security colleagues had also put the severed horse's head in George Bush's bed at Crawford.
 By the weekend of 5th / 6th January 2008, the Bush White House had taken a tactical decision to pretend that Henry Paulson was not dead, and to prosecute this pretence in the media. A combination of library video footage, computer-generated imagery, holographic projection techniques, Paulson clones, and an articulate financial lookalike called Edward Lazear would be used to sustain the fiction of Henry Paulson's continued public presence.
One of the five Cheney assistants who were assassinated, met his death on Saturday 29th December 2007. He was in his mid-forties and was a close aide of the American Vice President. The aide was shot at close range in the chest, and died. More details here.
....It was reported that a list of 127 (one hundred and twenty seven) senior people in the USA had been targeted for assassination. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security were said to feature towards the top of that list. A second, separate, list of assassination targets applicable to European perpetrators of financial theft was also said to exist.
Late on Monday 7th January 2008, USA President George Bush Jnr made a final attempt to block the NESARA world prosperity programme disbursements. In response, on Tuesday 8th January 2008, the Global Basel II Banking authorities, China and other nations and international bodies, ordered the closing and lock down of all USA banks which had signed onto the new Basel II Global Banking system. Citibank was ordered to pay the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds to Lee Wanta on Tuesday 8th January 2008 or be permanently closed down. - - - - - Robert Rubin of Citibank and President George Bush Jnr manufactured further delays. The $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan funds were not paid to Lee Wanta. Shortly before 2.12pm on Tuesday 8th January 2008, Citibank was issued with a closure order, and its assets and gold were seized. Rightly or wrongly, among informed international banking professionals, Citibank had come to be seen as an Enron-style fake money mule run by thieves, treasoners and Zionist sock puppets. A radical reorganisation and redistribution of Citibank's personnel, plant and assets was underway. A similar reorganisation was reported to be imminent at Bank of America.          In each case it was the home office and top management people who were being culled. The management teams below them had been kept expediently unaware of the high end corruption.
Bank of America had been an active player in moving large tranches of stolen money to offshore accounts. The beneficiaries of these accounts included George Bush Jnr and Henry Paulson.
On Tuesday 8th January 2008, USA President George Bush Jnr was informed that he would not be able to access his personal stolen funds in Israel, Dubai and two other Middle East locations. To engineer access to these accounts was the primary purpose of his projected trip to the region that week. The trillions of dollars of personal stolen funds referred to here were mostly held in Henry Paulson's name in Israel and in Laura Bush's name in Dubai.
Back in the USA, by the end of the second week of January 2008, China was in control of all major American banking operations, and was quietly taking firesale stakes in strategic places such as Citibank. China now owned America. This was the de facto achievement of nineteen years of Bush-Clinton-Bush stewardship of The American Dream. They had sold America abroad and were left holding nothing but handfuls of fiat paper, hundreds of thousands of foreclosure notices and millions of war dead.
On Sunday 13th January 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, visited the Middle East for his third trip to the area in three weeks. He was in the region at the same time as George Bush Jnr. Sarkozy's points of call on this occasion were Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Ostensibly, his visit was to sign papers in connection with a French contract to build nuclear reactors in UAE, and to continue bilateral talks on terrorism, the Iraq war, and the establishment of a 500-man French naval base in Abu Dhabi. The hidden agenda was to solicit funds to prop up failing French banks, said to include BNP Paribas and Banque Saudi Fransi. He was also in the region in a last attempt to access some of his own private money which had become entangled in machinations surrounding the Citibank/Wanta crisis. In early January 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy had attempted to administer the economic receipt of a sum totalling $44 trillion under cover of the disinformation fog surrounding the Henry Paulson assassination. The money was wired from Citibank (New York) to BNP Paribas (Paris) and was partially derived from stealth trades based on the Wanta Plan Funds. This illegal transfer of funds was detected and blocked. Prior to this attempted transaction, eight BNP Paribas senior management people had been arrested and charged with banking irregularities connected with the Citibank scandal.
Events began to move swiftly in the USA on Wednesday 16th January 2007. More than one hundred and fifty (150) further bankers were arrested. Another one thousand five hundred (1500) arrests of bankers were expected to follow very soon. Many of those taken away were from Citibank and Bank of America. The USA Banking Commission orchestrated the arrests. Dubai was providing funds to the CIA and the USA Navy for expenses associated with the banker arrest programme. Embezzlement at Bank of America had led to multiple external audits involving 2400 (two thousand four hundred) pink slips. Strong advice was being given by financial advisors to customers to pull all money out of Bank of America immediately; Bank of America stock should be sold, and pensions funds should be liquidated. Citibank cancelled all outstanding lines of credit to its customers. The World Court said that China now owned 61% of Citibank.
 The International Monetary Fund threatened an immediate worldwide embargo against China if the NESARA-related banking packages were not sent out immediately. The World Court ordered China to pay a 150% penalty on a $3 trillion sum it had illegally sequestered. Japan was actively competing with China and Dubai in making behind-the-scenes offers to buy failing USA banks, in particular Bank of America. Precious metals prices were about to be frozen. The USA stockmarket was expected to be closed at any moment, to avoid a Northern Rock-style run on banks and bank stocks. There was a suggestion that Brussels (Europe) was providing operating expenses for the USA Treasury.
Public announcements about all this were about to be made soon, including disclosures of treason by USA Executive Branch officials in connection with the 911 planned demolition and mass murder at the World Trade Centre (New York) in September 2001.
The USA Federal Reserve domestic wire transfer system was not working on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th January 2008, or during the morning and early afternoon of Thursday 17th January 2008, and the telephone at the Wire Department of the Federal Reserve was not being answered. The Federal Reserve wire transfer system was restored to normal functionality at 3.00pm on the 17th January.
On or around Friday 18th January 2007, a prominent Roman Catholic called John Glover Roberts, the seventeenth Chief Justice of the USA, said that the NESARA global prosperity packages would "never be delivered". Roberts was holding the packages illegally in the vaults of the USA Supreme Court in Washington DC. His stance was thought to be supported by the Vatican in Rome and by the Crown Temple in London. Ranged against him were Rothschild Europe, Brussels Europe, Putin Russia, most of the major Chinese power factions, India, and more than one hundred other national governments.
On Friday 18th January 2008, information emerged from banking insiders that, decades ago, the USA government had covertly supplied the Chinese government with a set of USA Treasury Currency Plates. With these, the Chinese were given the right to print the USA currency themselves (dollar bills) in amounts dependent upon (and as a percentage of) currency increases printed by the USA Treasury. In China, in January 2008, there were retention centre warehouses filled full with high-denomination dollar bills, shrink-wrapped on pallets, waiting for distribution.
Various USA prisons and military holding facilities were being emptied of deportable Mexican residents and others. It was said that this was being done to make room for the expected new intake of long-term financial corruption prisoners who would soon be filling up American jails as a consequence of the Citibank Wanta Plan funds theft. The criminal overclass of USA government and banking was expected to change address.
Charts of Citigroup's recent share price movements can be found here or here. Morgan Stanley's recent share price movements can be seen here or here. Bank of America's performance can be watched here and here. The USA dollar's recent history can be viewed here or here. And Gold price movements can be found here, here or here.
Sources: here (Civil Action document dated 11.06.07 and Court stamped 20.06.07 - Petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Other Extraordinary Relief: Lee Wanta v. Henry Paulson and others, plus exhibits of germane correspondence - 65 page pdf file); Christopher Story's Global Analysis reports here (01.11.07), here (06.11.07), here (09.11.07), here (11.11.07), here (13.11.07), here (15.11.07), here (18.11.07), here (20.11.07), here (21.11.07), here (22.11.07), here (26.11.07), here (28.11.07), here (29.11.07), here (02.12.07), here (07.12.07), here (08.12.07), here (10.12.07), here (13.12.07), here (19.12.07), here (26.12.07), here (02.01.08), here (09.01.08) and here (11.01.08);
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Al Jazeera here (15.01.08) and here (15.01.08)

                                       C-STORY (re-posted)


Friday 11 January 2008 23:47








By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: 
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It is now more than a year and a half since Ambassador Lee Wanta agreed to his ‘compromise’ settlement of $4.5 trillion, the underlying documentation of which is classified, and which should have been remitted in accordance with the instructions of the People’s Bank of China for his sole and exclusive benefit in June 2006.

This remittance represented funds of which the Ambassador is the sole principal, having been accrued and held with Chinese institutions following his intelligence operations conducted against the ‘former’ Soviet Union in collaboration with his partner, the late Howe Kwong Kok, the head of Chinese Intelligence, who died following the ingestion of rat poison not very long after a visit to Singapore by Godfather George Bush Sr. in 1993.

Howe worked with Wanta inter alia running Aneko Credit, a corporation owned 50% by Wanta and 50% by Howe Kwong Kok. The Chinese authorities behaved, as we have had occasion to mention several times, with honour concerning this and related matters, whatever political differences may exist between the Chinese and Western powers.

Payment of the Ambassador’s long hijacked funds was supposed to have been effected on 21st December 2007, which did not happen – after which everything went decidedly ‘pear-shaped’.

China's honourable behaviour contrasts starkly with the crude ongoing Dark Age banditry of the American authorities, who have looted Chinese assets – most recently attempting to steal and alienate $34 trillion of Chinese C.H.I.P.S. funds, along with Ambassador Wanta’s $4.5 trillion and funds belonging to payee Governments inter alia via the Reagan Protocols that only Wanta can administer, with the cooperation of the criminal enterprise Citibank. This institution has been teetering on the brink of collapse as the European and other financial powers and their central banks, guided by the Bank for International Settlements (the BIS), have insisted on the ‘universal’ implementation of the Basel II banking regime, whereby every cent is to be taxed – another way of saying that the only transactions that will be routinely considered ‘legitimate’ will be and MUST be on-balance sheet (on the books).

The US Dark Forces led by Godfather Bush Sr., George Bush 43, Mk-Ultra (‘Himmler’) Cheney, the ‘late’ Henry M. Paulson, the late Robert M. Kimmitt, and their collaborators and partners in High Crimes and Misdemeanours, former President William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodomski Clinton, have been desperately seeking, with the enthusiastic assistance of their co-conspirator Robert Rubin at Citibank, and the other US criminal financial institutions led by the CIA’s Bank of America, to torpedo the implementation of Basel II, since it defangs their corruption at the source, causing the criminal kleptocracy immense problems for the future.
((Godfather Bush Sr.,..Bush41?
Georges W. Bush....Bush43?))

Central to this criminal operation has been the following bluff (equation):

If Citibank collapses, the stock market will collapse and will go underground, the entire banking system will seize up and the world will be catapulted into a depression, and you know it. Therefore, you cannot tell us what to do, and we will carry on doing what we are doing whatever you want.

To which the leading financial powers, their central banks and the relevant international financial institutions, have made it evident that they will not countenance such a non-solution – albeit that many in this group, such as the Bank of England, are themselves deeply complicit in the fraudulent finance carousel that has been operating continuously from the base of the Ambassador’s stolen $27.5 trillion plus the duplicated $27.5 trillion that was raised using the original $27.5 trillion in Wanta’s accounts as collateral, while the Ambassador was languishing in the GULAG.

Building on the blackmail potential arising from the known complicity of certain central banks and powerful governments – and with the assistance of Bush’s Number One bag man (see below) who has been dispensing stolen funds left right and centre to easily corruptible politicians at home and abroad – the cabal of world criminals headed by George Bush and his Criminal President son, have (a) continued their repeated giga-thefts and (b) attempted to bribe their way to procuring domestic and foreign compliance with their criminal model, in open defiance of the assembled forces which SUPPOSEDLY remain determined to cauterise this financial fraud poison from the system, and to see to it that ALL those involved in this endless financial criminality will reap their due rewards under a restored Rule of Law.

These forces have made huge progress, assisted, we believe by this website, and despite the continued amoral fecklessness of the so-called ‘mainstream (‘sidestream’ or ‘latestream’) media which, in the United States, is manipulated under the CIA's Operation Mockingbird programme – a straightforward fact that we reiterate so that all those who thought that ‘because it hasn’t appeared in the mainstream it can’t be true’ – can look it up and do their homework, and then spare the Editor the benefit of their knee-jerk responses to FACTS that they may find ‘hard to believe’.

And by the way, the Editor has a particular abhorrence of this cliché: it implies that the source of the information in question is a liar, but at the same time it reveals that the user of the phrase has a mental block of some description or other (so it’s perhaps not a sensible cliché to keep on using).

The culture of duplicity, thievery and criminality has even filtered right down to US branch banking level. If you tender a counterfeit banknote, you are liable to be arrested. Accordingly, when you extract bills from your local ATM, you naturally expect that the bills dispensed by the machine are good currency. However this can no longer be taken for granted.

It was reported on 10th January that an Orlando woman, Harriett Green, who obtained $20 bills from a Bank of America ATM on Orange Blossom Trail, near All American Boulevard, discovered that one of the bills was a fake. At Wal-Mart, the teller realised that the bill was counterfeit. Harriett Green said: 'It’s scary, because we could go to jail for passing fake banknotes. I could have been in a place that wasn’t as nice as Wal-Mart, and they could have called the police. We could have been locked up’, thinking that I was handling counterfeit money.

Ms Green returned to the Bank of America branch where a teller had helped her take her money from the ATM, and the same teller agreed to replace the phony bill.

We will now publish the information that was ‘censored’ from the preceding report, which we agreed to withhold originally provided that the Wanta Settlement was consummated on 9th January 2008, and which we later agreed not to publish all day on 10th January, given expectations that the Settlement(s) might be completed then. The indication given by the intelligence operative who had asked Mr Cottrell to prevail upon this Editor to withhold the information having proved, of course, to be worthless, as usual, we are no longer bound by our gentleman’s agreement, since we have been lied to and double-crossed for the zillionth time.

We were originally asked to withhold the ‘censored information’ on two grounds: (1) ‘Please don’t publish it because the problem is being taken care of this morning’. Of course there has been no indication whatsoever that ‘the problem has been taken care of’ at all; and (2) ‘You should be very happy this afternoon’, or words to that effect. If an intermediary is going to make such assertions, he had better be sure that he has reliable grounds for influencing expectations, otherwise it can be stated without fear of contradiction that he is peddling disinformation. And that is what we have to assume.
 So the ‘missing’ information is as follows.

In charge of the distribution of bribe money from the stolen funds is a CIA operative working for Godfather Bush Sr. who calls himself Marvin Davis. This man is not the same Marvin Davis who previously operated as Bush Sr.’s bag man, who is dead. The man in question is, as indicated, a CIA operative, a.k.a. Bush Sr.’s (late) bag man – that is to say, another cynical CIA criminal intelligence operative standing in for and passing himself off as the late Marvin Davis.

According to reports received by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the false Mr Marvin Davis, who may be working for Bush 41, Bush 43 and Veep Cheney, allegedly pays very large sums of stolen money to domestic and international politicians by way of bribes, in exchange for their ‘cooperation’ in the ongoing financial thievery (as with BCCI (1) facilitating the transfer of funds for Bush Sr. to other operatives), and in furtherance of the US criminal kleptocracy’s rearguard campaign to frustrate the ‘universal’ implementation of the Basel II ‘reformed’ banking regime; and that is what he has been doing while everyone has been goofing at the H. Paulson diversionary Psy-Ops ‘sting’ ‘Black Operation’ contrived by Cheney to discredit inter alia the Editor of this service on the back of the actual shootings and other horrible events that took place as described.

The model is exactly the same as the use of a bag man operating between Bush Sr. and Manuel Noriega, called Jorge E. Brown, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. That operative was employed to pay off politicians in exactly the same way that the fake Marvin Davis has been doing in recent months, weeks and days – on a much larger scale, as this historically unprecedented global financial crisis has escalated.

Like the fake CIA operative calling himself Marvin Davis, this Jorge E. Brown, Trustee of the front operation called Delmarva Timber Trust, worked out of Houston, Texas. Specifically, he operated from 7333 Harwin Drive, Suite 110, Houston, Texas 770042. Delmarva Timber Trust was used as cover for the handling of stolen funds, money laundering and drug-trafficking, and also directly connected the Clintons with the Bush Crime Family.

Jorge E. Brown was known as George Brown (Jorge in Panama).

Godfather Bush Sr.’s long-established practice is, wherever possible, to perpetrate his financial crimes and thefts through a cut-out – in this case, the current CIA operative ‘bag man’ using the alias Marvin Davis, who has been paying off corrupt politicians at home and abroad. Beneficiaries of the largesse of the fake Mr Marvin Davis may well include present and former Presidents and Heads of Government, and possibly also President Sarkozy, Bush Jr.’s new highest-level partner in High Financial Crimes and Misdemeanours. Nicolas Sarkozy supervised receipt of the stolen $44 trillion at Paribas (see the preceding report) on behalf of Godfather Bush, we are told.

The website has been publishing an incomplete ‘summary’ of Wantagate attributed to Alcuin Bramerton, using a email address, implying a British connection. The text of this summary, which is being extended incrementally, uses a Russian form – e.g. ‘the USA Vice President Dick Cheney’, ‘the USA Provost Marshal’, ‘the USA President’ and ‘the USA Vice President’, ‘the USA Army Chief of Staff’. Of course no-one in Britain or America ever adds the ‘A’ when ‘US’ is employed as an adjective.

This source has very extensively credited ‘Christopher Story’s Global Analysis reports’ but not specifically, so that anyone reading that text cannot, without a great deal of research, establish which statement is attributable to this website, and which comes from elsewhere.

This is a well-known obfuscation technique, and we caution anyone relying on THAT text to rely on THIS website for the definitive text of what we have published, so that the Editor of this service is not cited as having published this or that statement, when that is not the case. For instance, to cite a small inaccuracy, ‘Bramerton’ states that only two officers of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. attended Citibank’s offices at 399 Park Avenue on 20th November 2007, whereas there were more than two of them: ‘others’ were present as well.

There are other ‘facts’ which have been misrepresented in this study. For instance, the early history of Wantagate, and the Editor’s involvement therein, is omitted altogether – leaving the researcher who is using this secondary source in the dark as to the origins of this saga.

Nevertheless we acknowledge that this source contains information that we ourselves did not publish, which we believe may be accurate. For the purposes of this report, the information of exceptional importance that we highlight in the above context relates to the Board Meeting at Citibank on 11th December 2007, referenced in our report dated 13th December, in which we reported that the meeting nearly descended into a fisticuffs. In fact we believe that that is what happened. Lifting our information, this source elaborates as follows [see]...............
‘On Tuesday 11th December 2007, the Citibank Board of Directors appointed Sir Wim Bischoff as
their new Chairman. [Editor: Wim Bischoff managed some of Wanta’s accounts when he was with Schroder’s in London, in the late 1980s: what an odd coincidence]. He replaced Robert Rubin [who reverted to his position as head of the Executive Committee]. They also appointed Vikram Pandit to be their new Chief Executive Officer. He replaced Charles Prince. Bischoff was British; Pandit was Indian [sic!!]. Neither man had any experience in consumer banking. And Pandit had never before run a large public company of any kind. Robert Rubin returned to his old position as Chairman of the Citibank Executive Committee. These deckchairs were shifted less than an hour [using this Editor’s timeframe] before a scheduled [Board – Ed.] Meeting with law enforcement agents.

The beneficiaries were said to include George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Dick Cheney, Henry Paulson, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’.

We suggest that these illegal secret accounts, which were among a large number of accounts held in the names of the arch criminalists or for them as beneficiaries, may be accessible, and that in particular the secret accounts of which Hillary Clinton may be a beneficiary, may well have become available again, to fund this woman’s election campaign. Evidence is held on tape to confirm that Hillary Clinton diverted $500 million from Crozier Bank in Grenada in or around 1997. When four US operatives went down to Grenada to check this out, it was found that the bank’s videotape coinciding with the precise timing of her visit there, was mysteriously blank.

It is reiterated that the Clintons have acquired passports from the Republic of Ireland, where they are reported to hold substantial stolen assets, and which has no extradition treaty with the United States. We thought that people holding foreign passports could not stand for public office in the United States of America. They can hire Irish nutcases to throw rocks through office windows, perhaps, but they cannot stand for any public office.
Paulson et al are/were known to hold dual nationality – US and Israeli. Presumably that is an ‘exception’ to the rule, is it?

The Editor now has four sources, and definitive confirmation, for the following. On 11th December, former President George H. W. Bush Sr. was caught ‘in flagrante’ (yet again) transferring a massive volume of funds to the Central Intelligence Agency’s primary institution, the Bank of America, for onward transfer to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or both destinations.
The funds, which had already been illegally transferred, were recovered within the space of two hours (one source told us that they had been recovered within 53 minutes of the illegal transfer).
Recovery of the funds was only achieved after George Bush Sr. was directly threatened by law enforcement that if he attempted to steal funds ONCE more, he would be shot dead. That this physical threat was made has been confirmed by impeccable sources, and we held back from publishing this information pending absolute quadruple confirmation of this fact.

Meanwhile DOD Internal Affairs informed associates of Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., that, as a result of massive ongoing forensic investigations, it had been definitively established that hidden bank accounts held within Citibank in the names of some of the highest-level financial criminals featured in these reports, had been discovered.

Ambassador Lee Wanta’s associates were further informed that, at approximately 3.00pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday 11th December, documentary evidence proving the existence of these secret Citibank accounts was to be shown to the Citibank/Citigroup Board of Directors who were continuing their two-day meeting, as previously reported.

Specifically, associates informed the Principals that a large number of law enforcement and Gold Badge personnel were scheduled to arrive at Citibank’s Head Office for the purpose of exposing to the Board their knowledge of the existence of these accounts, and that the Board of this criminal enterprise were to be informed outright that all the evidence of this corruption presented to the Board could be made available to the press.

The Board was also to be offered the choice of finalising the Wanta payment, or else that the secret accounts would be exposed, and the bank would be seized (see below). The timing of the intended intervention by US law enforcement personnel is important here.

BECAUSE, at 2.16pm on 11th December – that is to say, three quarters of an hour PRIOR TO the intended confrontation – the former President of Morgan Stanley, Vikram Pandit, was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Citibank, and Sir Win Bischoff, from London, was appointed Chairman of the institution, replacing the Clintons’ representative on the Board, Robert Rubin, who returned to his position as Chairman of the bank’s Executive Committee.

Along with other ‘linked’ payees, Ambassador Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., were standing by on Tuesday 11th December to take economic receipt of the Ambassador's funds, and Mr Cottrell was to have received a telephone call from Morgan Stanley between 1.00pm and 3.00pm, which did not occur. Then, when the law enforcement personnel and the Gold Badges turned up at the bank, they were required, all of a sudden, to deal with this Mr Vikram Pandit (who can be compared in this context to a ventriloquist’s dummy) plus the new Chairman, Sir Win Bischoff (who is believed to be a nice man, which is the very opposite of what is need inside this tank full of thieving sharks).

It subsequently emerged that after the Gold Badges had presented the incriminating documentary evidence of corrupt secret Citibank accounts holding colossal amounts of money for the highest-level financial criminals as beneficiaries, FISTICUFFS almost broke out during the tense Citibank Directors’ Board Meeting.

Late on Tuesday evening, Mr Cottrell was contacted by an associate, who relayed the message that Mr Vikram Pandit had specifically let it be known that quote ‘everything will be done to resolve the problem very quickly’ unquote, and that ‘steps would be taken’ to effect the Wanta payment on Wednesday 12th December.

The message from Mr Pandit also contained a reference to the fact that ‘massive inflation numbers’ were expected to be revealed for the United States at the end of this week.
The above text was written during the night of 12/13th December, when a large rock was thrown through the Editor’s plate glass office windows at street level, smashing the windows, shedding glass all over the pavement, triggering a 999 call to the Metropolitan Police, and causing nearly £3,000 of damage to our premises.

Prior to the New Hampshire ballot on 7th January, financial contributions to the Hillary Rodomski Clinton election campaign had dried up altogether. Furthermore, between 8:00 and 8:30pm EST on New Hampshire Primary election night, CNN showed Senator Obama with a 38% to 33% lead and a 1,500 vote edge in the actual vote tally. This lasted for 15 seconds, and immediately CNN showed Hillary back in front by 3%, according to the well-known operative Tom Heneghan.

This source elaborated:
‘In the same half an hour time period, CNN, i.e. Diebold, showed an additional 2,500 votes added to Hillary’s total vote count while the total vote count tally of Senator Obama remained static with zero votes added to the total’ (2).

‘It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes’, Tom Heneghan has reminded us in timely fashion, attributing this aphorism apocryphally to Josef Vissarionovich Djiugashvili-Kochba (Stalin).
 The Editor again points out that his book ‘The New Underworld Order’ [see the intelligence books section of this website] is dedicated to the late Andrew (‘Andy’) Stephenson, who devoted the last years of his life to exposing electronic vote-rigging fraud, demonstrating at ‘town hall’ meetings around the United States – with the assistance of several actual Diebold electronic voting-rigging machines, which appear to exist for the purpose not of counting votes but of rigging the outcome – how easy it is to amend a vote count that one takes exception to.
Andy later unwisely applied for a lobbying job in Washington, DC, was poisoned with a substance that mimics pancreatic cancer, and died some months after his visit to Washington.

Senior intelligence sources have confirmed to the Editor that this was an assassination: because VOTE-RIGGING IS HOW THEY INTEND TO INSTAL HILLARY JEZEBEL IN POWER, whether the American population protests or not, so that they can then rely on her to cover up their financial criminality.
That’s the macro-plan, and it partially explains why Ambassador Wanta’s agreed-upon $4.5 trillion remittance, with which he intends to fund long-outstanding projects for the benefit of the American people, and to pay enormous windfall taxes to the Treasury on the books, has been hijacked, and is still being hijacked even though the original hijacker was shot in the chest on 28/29th December. (Paulson).

Vote-rigging by means of the manipulation of electronic voting machines and easily changeable software is a central instrument that the criminal forces intend to continue using in order to retain power and to carry on with their global financial fraud and bribery operations, notwithstanding that George H. W. Bush Sr. was specifically advised (see above) that if he stole money again, he would immediately be shot dead – like Paulson, Kimmitt, et al – at point-blank range. We have multiple intelligence community sources for this information, which has never been denied.

The criminal operatives NEEDED Hillary Jezebel Rodomski Clinton, one of the most dangerous, ruthless and evil US operatives around, to ‘win’ the New Hampshire Primary: so, realising she was failing because no-one wants her to get anywhere, they rigged the outcome – just like they did in 2000 and 2004, and after the example set routinely, for example, in sub-Soviet Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine, where ballot boxes are often stuffed with completed ballot papers before the polling stations even open.

The United States’ criminal intelligence operatives and their maddened, brainwashed ‘Black’ military forces strut around the world wreaking havoc (1,500,000+ killed in Iraq, for instance) wherever they go (deliberately generated social shambles in Pakistan, Kenya, you name it) for geopolitical manipulation and asset seizure purposes, preaching ‘democracy’ and the false line about ‘the war on terror’, which is being leveraged as the primary camouflage for their nefarious ongoing financial fraud and other crimes. These ‘Black’ forces have shown that they won’t back off, even after several of their top criminal financial collaborators have been shot dead at point blank range, and the Godfather himself has been specifically warned that if he stole again, he would be shot dead like the others. So what did he do? He carried on stealing – presumably on the basis of an equation similar to the Citibank blackmail:
If you shoot me dead the stock market will disintegrate, and you’ll all be impoverished. Memo: Of course this bluff, if applicable, has been shown to be nonsense, since the corrupt disinformation and Psy-Ops apparat have so far successfully, with the help of the corrupted, cowed Fourth Estate, covered up the shootings that took place on 28/29th December – i.e., TWO WEEKS AGO ALREADY.


For the record, the Editor of this service received around 700 ‘Black’ emails between 2nd January, when we reported that Paulson had been shot, later upgrading our report to state that Paulson had died – a statement that we based upon the confirmation provided by the US State Department, an Ambassador, a former Governor of the Federal Reserve Board, and other sources, reconfirmed since by sources citing the military.
These ‘Black’ emails SUDDENLY surged like a flock of locusts, darkening the sky, and incorporating sometimes crude, abusive language and allegations – including the fanciful lies that the Editor is ‘a Jewish agent’, that this website is ‘obviously a CIA front’, and that ‘you should eat humble pie and show humility, or your won’t go to Heaven’. That sanctimonious attack, by the way, was arguably the most nefarious of all the abuses that were contained in these ‘locust’ emails. Then, guess what?
After we had posted, on 9th January, our detailed explanation and catalogue of the documented and timed sources for the information on Henry Paulson that we had published (and which were accompanied by a great deal of other information in that report which was totally ignored), all of a sudden, the swarm of locusts flew away.
With this Psy-Ops intimidation offensive against us having been exposed, the locusts were called off by their CIA handlers: and those who joined in the excoriation chorus spontaneously, having themselves been wrong-footed, fell silent. The Editor has so far refrained from publishing some of the worst verbal abuse received in the course of that campaign, but retains the option of exposing each and every perpetrator of cheap, insults, lies and disinformation, by name and with their email addresses displayed along with the time when their emails were received.
Because that procedure would lower the tone of this website and would in any case be an irrelevance, like the 700 emails themselves, we will not labour the matter further now – although we WILL do this if there is any repetition of such an orchestrated intimidation operation.

Our sources inform us that $43 trillion (we thought the figure was $44 trillion) was stolen under cover of the ‘Black Ops’/Psy-Ops offensive designed to demoralise the Editor of this service and to wrong-foot those few sources of information on this international crisis that are not controlled by the disinformation apparat by one means or another (e.g. Operation Mockingbird). These funds are believed to have been alienated to Israel, and may be held under the Hebrew name of ‘the late’ Henry M. Paulson, with the Bank of Israel. If Paulson is dead, as we believe with others to be the case, there is a slight problem over how the funds can be repatriated.
If Paulson is not dead and has fled to Israel under cover of his supposed ‘death’, the Israeli Zionists still have the United States over a barrel. We suspect (but this is speculation) that the stolen funds were booked under Henry Paulson’s Hebrew name, on behalf of Godfather Bush Sr., Criminal President George Bush Jr., and other master rats in the nest.

According to wire services citing Israel Radio (3), Criminal President Bush 43 promised the Israeli Zionist Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu that the United States will join Israel in a ‘nuclear strike’ against Iran. A summary report stated that ‘former Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Opposition Likud Party’s hardline Chairman who opposes the US-backed Annapolis ‘peace process’, reiterated to President Bush his stance, that a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran’s nuclear installations was the only way to stop the Islamic nation’s weapons ambitions’.
‘“I told him my position and Bush agreed”, Netanyahu told Israel Radio’.
‘During their 45-minute meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Netanyahu also told Bush that “Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and will remain under Israeli sovereignty for eternity”’.
‘President Bush issued a stark warning to Iran over the Strait of Hormuz incident, sating that “all options are on the table to protect our assets”’.
‘“There will be serious consequences if they attack our ships, pure and simple”’, Bush said during a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem’ – referring to a Gulf of Tonkin-like incident that had been perpetrated as a pretext for such bellicose language. ‘“And my advice to them is, don’t do it”’.

Criminal President George W. Bush 43 surfaced in Israel earlier this week ‘guarded’ by no less than 4,000 ‘military’ and intelligence community personnel. The ‘military’ force, or elements of it, may be contracted Blackwater-style hired mercenaries.
Almost immediately after a special source of ours obtained this information, Fox News reported that 3,000 US Marines were being despatched to Afghanistan.

When this crook visited London, he disrupted traffic in the centre of the city for many hours, and the weak, compliant British authorities allowed the Americans, like bulls in a China shop, to post snipers and sharp-shooters on buildings ready to shoot dead anyone thought likely to take a pot shot at this ‘god’ – which of course the usually mild British showed no inclination of doing. Possibly 1,000 US personnel swarmed into London for the occasion, we forget.

With the passage of time and the monumental increase in the financial thefts over which this arch-criminal has presided, the number of military guards and intelligence personnel that the criminal operative US President needs in order to protect himself from the fate that he himself may have meted out to top US Treasury officials who ‘knew too much’, has quadrupled.

But what are these troops et al REALLY DOING IN ISRAEL? Here are two suggestions, over and above this top crook’s ‘need for protection’:
 A) The huge US military contingent may not return to the United States with the President, if he returns. It may stay put in Israel and probably also Jordan.
B) The hidden purpose of the presence of these troops may be, or have been, that, as the President tries desperately to access the accounts allegedly now controlled by the Israelis, the Jewish State authorities may suddenly find that they are being ORDERED to return (or should we say, to release) the funds, with the threat that if they do not do so, the US military force present in Israel ( ostensibly to protect the President) might take matters into their own hands.

The other point of relevance here is that two allegations have surfaced to the effect that George Bush Sr. has been presiding over the delivery of slush money to the enemy that his son says is beyond the pale, namely Iran. We heard about this in December, but could not obtain an adequate number of sources for the information. But it has surfaced again in the ‘Bramerton’ summary (which also contains, as is typical of intelligence community websites, a smattering of nonsense), using our material, as follows:
‘On Tuesday December 11th, George Bush Sr. was again detected trying to steal the Wanta funds and other monies. His intention was [sic] to transfer the funds to Bank of America, for onward transfer to Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi. The stolen funds were to have been split three ways, between George Bush Sr. himself, Bank of America, and Iran. The assumption here was that the Bush circle had been funding Iran’s support of the Al-Qaeda terrorist insurgency in Iraq’.
We are not sure about the validity of this assumption, but the fact that we now have two sources for the allegation that the Bushes are paying off Iran, presided over by their fellow intelligence operative Mahmoud Ahmad Inejad, reveals what most observers still fail to understand – namely, the DOUBLE-MINDED, TWO-FACED mentality of these (Illuminati) operatives.

And as we haven’t cited Scripture of late, it may be helpful to remind ourselves of the extreme evil of being of two minds. We are not talking of people like this Editor, who are Pisceans and are often pulled in two directions, but rather of hardened, ruthless Luciferians who operate two standards simultaneously – the ‘war party’ vs. the ‘peace party’, the ‘YES/NO’ in Hebrew which appears on the crest of Yale University: Urim and Thummim: a kind of dice-like oracle which the High Priest threw, to see what answer ‘God’ would give him to a question he could not answer.

(...) ( Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 22-23.  and   Luke, Chapter 11, verse 34.)
This is all about not being double-minded, which is what these Dark Actors Playing Games are.
 On the one hand, George Bush Jr. and his like may emit fine-sounding statements (at least, Bush is capable of doing so when he’s not uttering a Bushism), while simultaneously they are engaged in actions that specifically contradict their lofty pronouncements (not, actually, that the Criminal President bothers to utter many these days)......(...)( Jeremiah, Chapter 17, verse 9 (4).)

But double-mindedness is the modus operandi of these mad Luciferians, at all levels. They are consummate Leninists. Lenin, after the example set by Pharaoh, pronounced that any agreement reached with the ‘Bourgeoisie’ could be reneged upon by the Soviet Revolutionaries, whenever the ‘correlation of forces’ so dictated.
Criminal President George Bush 43 behaves exactly like Lenin. ‘Yesterday’ he agreed to sign off the relevant documentation, even sending the documents to Supreme Court Justices and to pay Wanta. ‘Toda’ he has reneged on ‘yesterday’s’ undertaking: and he has done this innumerable times since Wantagate began.
When confronted with his reprobate behaviour, he rants and raves – as he did a few days ago when he discovered that his own secret bank accounts, we understand, had been frozen, or were for some reason inaccessible – and shouts: ‘I am the President of the United States, Nobody tells me what to do’. One day in the near future, we suspect, this attitude of empty bravado will have adverse consequences.
Pharaoh was the same. On each occasion, even the last, that he was pressurised to let the children of Israel go, he agreed, and then reneged the following day, or thereabouts. Pharaoh’s mentality is identical to that of the United States’ Criminal President today.

Cornered, he and MK-Ultra-Evil One Cheney are variously reported by Psy-Ops specialists to be contemplating a horrendous provocation, an attack on Iran, a nuclear suitcase bombing – anything to provide an adequate pretext for extending the cover-up, enabling the arch criminals (they may imagine) to escape from the bind in which they find themselves. According to a US military source of ours [information received by email on 10th January at 15:34 UK time], certain military personnel received a paper on 9th January 2008 indicating that Vice President Dick Cheney was planning an American attack on Iran ‘within the next few days while the President is out of the country’. No doubt numerous abominations and atrocities have been and continue to be contemplated as the rats scatter, looking for exits from the sewer where they won’t be shot dead on the spot.
At 23:07 UK time on 10th January, the Editor received an email from a source with connections within the US Department of Defense. This source indicated that steps are being taken to ‘fix things permanently’, which, if true, must be considered welcome news. The source added a warning that it might be inadvisable to be in Washington on the night of the State of the Union Address.
This kind of scare has often surfaced in the past, so the Editor didn’t take it especially seriously. However an extremely well-connected friend passed the email to another very high-ranking DOD contact, who commented: ‘There are grounds for some concern’. That’s all we know.

Which raises the closing question, repeated yet again: What are the forces supposedly standing for ‘enough is long since enough’, the Rule of Law and Basel II, going to do about it?
Sit and watch these rats continue stealing TRILLIONS, or WHAT?

Obviously, no assistance is likely to be provided by the CIA, the headquarters of which, Langley, is named the George Bush Center for Intelligence, more appropriately the George Bush Center for Global Corruption, after the Godfather Rat. That gross criminal enterprise services the corrupt and duplicitous globalist whim of its Godfather-Master. So salvation, if it is not already far too late, will have to come from another quarter. In the meantime, no undertaking by any American official or banking entity can be relied upon. Anyone who does so is most unwise (4).

In our report dated 9th January 2008, we incorporated the following Update.
We repeat this here for likely future reference

10th January, early morning UK time: We are receiving indications, as yet unconfirmed, that a total sum aggregating $43 trillion was stolen and transferred to Israel: if that is not the case, this was the intention; or else the funds are controlled by Israeli interests. Should this turn out to be accurate, then the geopolitical scenario is almost certainly as follows. Israel is blackmailing the United States, with the assistance of traitors inside Citibank and elsewhere in the US banking system, and in the White House and the Treasury, to force the issue of bombing Iran, which the whole world believes would be an act of the most extreme folly imaginable. In other words, Israel may be saying to the United States: Bomb Iran, and then we'll return the money. Not before.
Let's hope this assessment is dead wrong. But if it isn't, you can imagine the multiple adverse consequences that may ensue.

We now elaborate: Funds have been illegally transferred abroad, inter alia, it is believed, to Israel. As of 10.00am EST on 11th January 2008, Henry M. Paulson, who was shot in the chest on 28/29th December 2007, had not made either an actual or a ‘postmortem’ appearance in Israel* to sign for the return of the illegally transferred funds. The figure of $43 trillion = $34 trillion plus $4.5 trillion + $4.5 trillion (duplication). If Israel is holding on to illegally transferred funds from Citibank/the US Treasury, it cannot expect to do so for long, as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has the power to take devastating countermeasures against Israel which, in a worst case scenario, would result in national collapse. So any blackmailing potential that Israel may be wielding against the United States is, by definition, ephemeral.

It will also be recalled that Robert Rubin was threatened with assassination by Israeli intelligence, as previously reported. This earlier reported key fact may be relevant in considering the horrible events at the turn of the year. But the best course for observers is to wait for successive ‘shoes to drop’ on this one – which they will.

*Sorry, but given the Psy-Ops and mind games being played by the disinformation apparat at the moment, there is no other succinct way of making this point in plain English. We will not enter into any email discussions with any party on this evolving issue, pending its final clarification.

Notes and References:

(1) The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was founded in partnership with (the CIA’s) Bank of America in 1972, by Agha Gasan Albedi of Pakistan. The primary supporters, both politically and financially, were Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, eventual Ruler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Kamal Adham, known as ‘the godfather of Middle Eastern intelligence’.

In his Thesis, which Edward Harle Limited will be publishing, entitled Elite Power & Capital Markets, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Ambassador Lee Wanta’s AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science, Administration of Justice Department, Mercyhurst College, on 13th February 2002, Mr Cottrell writes:

‘BCCI had an existence of only twenty years (1972-1992), but it participated in the world’s most covert operations since the early days of the Cold War. The Reagan-Bush White House, et al. [used] BCCI to finance numerous projects around the world’ such as the purchase of arms for anti-Soviet Mujahedin in Afghanistan, via the CIA; arms purchases by both Iran and Iraq during their eight-year war (selling arms to both sides: DUPLICITY, DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS, THE DIALECTIC), and the self-destruction of the Soviet system via an extensive economic and financial warfare operation.

‘The ‘sib’ is a known form of deep ‘Black’ deception, the essence of which is that the victim is the perpetrator, or mechanisms are deliberately discredited in order to provide deep cover for ‘Black’ operations. ‘The OSS operations against Hitler’s Germany, and the CIA-OPC operations against the Soviets, relied upon the use of discredited sources and activities to pursue covert operations’, known as ‘sibs’. ‘The use of ‘sibs’ created ‘Black’ intelligence about the very effort used against the enemy’. In the case of BCCI, this 'Black' discrediting operation ‘was so successful that even the mention of a BCCI client as a possible participant in any financial transaction incurred the enduring disdain of ‘respected’ bankers'.

'With such a reputation of ill-repute, NSC-CIA/BCCI covert operations would not be questioned by any ‘legitimate’ banking entity due to the possibility of being tainted by the BCCI name’.

(2) ‘New Hampshire-Gate is now Clinton-Bush Diebold-Gate’, Tom Heneghan, 9th January 2008:

(3) ‘We’ll nuke Iran, Bush promises Israel’, Wire Services report posted 10th January 2008 on

(4) The definitive antidote to the chaos and confusion in people’s minds arising from New Age gobbldegook promoted by the CIA’s disinformation outlets, which results in people being blown about like the four winds, and is almost a sine qua non for the mentality of duplicity and double-mindedness that the CIA fosters and relies upon, is countered by the following scripture (in which the word ‘saints’ means not, as Catholics imagine, people who have been canonised by Rome, but all those who accept that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh and is the Son of God’):
( Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians, Chapter 4, verses 12-16.)

(5) The background to Wantagate can be read on our Archive and, with additional materials and very extensive documentation (presented in facsimile form, with the facsimiles we have published running into hundreds of pages) in successive issues of International Currency Review.
We sell, as a special package, the relevant recent back issues of International Currency Review, containing a massive amount of information and back-up documentation, for a flat fee of $750.00, payable in advance. Please use the CONTACT US facility to place your order and send check to the London office: World Reports Limited, 108 Horseferry Road, Westminster, London SW1P 2EF, United Kingdom. Orders may also be emailed direct to the Editor at:
Another way of ordering this package is to (a) forward us a CONTACT US email requesting the package, and then to order International Currency Review via the ultra-safe ordering facility at the World Reports Limited section of this website. 
Please state in the CONTACT US facility that you have ordered International Currency Review but that you specifically want to receive the Wantagate package only.

We now understand that the Principals have been advised (for the past several weeks) that they will not be allowed to reveal that they have been paid. This loony state of affairs is designed to ‘set them up’ for a future discrediting operation whereby false witness will be deployed against them to the effect that they have stolen the money, or some such pack of lies, which they will be unable to refute because they will be bound by the ‘prerequisite’ gag order that is intended. Its purpose, of course, is to ‘legitimise’ the old and new lies that the US disinformation apparat will be preparing for future use. The likelihood is that the new discrediting operation will be extended to Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., as well. We are prepared for this intended onslaught.

(...) is the authoritative source for all updated information on Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta.
The source 'Thieves' World' was a CIA disinformation work prepared by the late CIA disinformation operative Claire Sterling, published in 1994.
This stub regurgitates ancient lies perpetrated by the CIA, which lied for many years that Lee (Leo being his intelligence community name) Wanta was dead. The CIA proclaimed that he was dead so that corrupt cadres could ransack his funds (see below).
He 'ceased to be dead' with effect from 21st July 2005 after Christopher Story, a British private citizen, had paid $35,000 from his scarce private funds pro bono publico by way of 'restitution' to an American lawyer for onward payment to the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections, to procure Mr Wanta's release from his illegal probation.
Despite his Ambassadorial status, Wanta had been illegally 'taken down' in Switzerland on 7th July 1993 without a warrant on a trumped-up Wisconsin State charge of having failed to pay $14,129 in falsely assessed Wisconsin State fabricated tax that he never owed because he had been resident in Vienna on US Presidential intelligence work since June 1988.
This data is all in the public domain, has been published for several years in International Currency Review, the Journal of the World Financial Community, and can be read on Mr Story's website.
International Currency Review is a banking and financial journal with a worldwide circulation:
ISSN 0020-6490. It is published by World Reports Limited, London.
Notwithstanding that this fabricated tax demand (orchestrated by US criminal intelligence) had been paid twice under protest by Lee Emil Wanta from abroad (in May and June 1992), the funds were improperly allocated by the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue and were never credited to the false account maintained by them for the Ambassador. (Christopher Story holds documentary
proof of both payments). They were paid a third time by Christopher Story in June 2005, which action duly procured Mr Wanta's release from illegal probation effective 14th November 2005.
As a consequence of Wanta thus ceasing to be dead, the CIA's lie that he was dead collapsed in chaos, and all the subsidiary old false witness lies that the CIA had perpetrated, including those assembled for disinformation purposes in the stub below (which, in line with the standard false witness used throughout by detractors, attempts to portray Christopher Story as a source of disinformation) were discredited as well.
Why was Wanta taken down? So that the criminal intelligence cadres running the US Government could ransack the $27.5 trillion of funds assembled by Leo Wanta on President Reagan's orders, in the course of his Financial Warfare operations against the USSR.
Under Reagan's Executive Order 12333 of 1981, US intelligence officers were permitted to establish corporations which could thereafter contract with the CIA/DIA/DEA/NSA et al for the purpose of fulfilling allotted intelligence tasks allocated to them.
The financial proceeds of operations conducted by such corporations were consequently the property of the corporations and thus of their shareholders, a legal fact of life which has never been, and cannot be, disputed. This was not a good idea because almost all US intelligence
operatives are liars and do not function on the basis of the Rule of Law at all, if they can help it.

Lee Wanta is the well-known patriotic exception to this rule: he operates solely in accordance with US law, in contrast to the behaviour of other US operatives, which is why the kakocracy* needed to remove him from the scene, as duly occurred July 1993.
Once Wanta had been illegally arrested (contrary to international law, as a diplomat) and then thrown into a stinking Swiss jail on 7th July 1993, the criminal cadres inside the US official structures immediately ransacked Mr Wanta's bank accounts according to plan.
The history of this matter is, and has been, elaborated in great depth on Christopher Story's website and has been extensively published, as mentioned, in International Currency Review and other World Reports Limited intelligence publications.

Students are advised perhaps to begin with the 'Wisconsingate' report dated 6th August 2007, which forensically dissects, with detailed documentary back-up, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's tax fabrication operation against Wanta, stretching back for over 20 years, that has been exposed by Christopher Story in minute detail, and which formed the fabricated basis for Wanta's illegal takedown in 1993, despite the fact that Wisconsin has no jurisdiction beyond its borders.

The overall Wantagate crisis, which is the sole and continuing underlying cause of the prevailing global financial and economic day of reckoning that the world is now facing, has been triggered by the fact that the George W. Bush Jr. White House, aided and abetted by other senior office-holders, hijacked the compromise financial settlement of $4.5 trillion that the White House itself agreed (in a classified accord that was finalised in May 2006) should be paid over to Ambassador Wanta, so that the stolen and diverted remaining $23 trillion of his funds (and the many hundreds of trillions of dollars hypothecated upon them) could be released from a de facto lien arising from the collapse of the CIA's lie that Wanta was dead.
For clearly, since he had ceased to be dead, 100% of these funds (plus the hundreds of trillions of fiat ‘funny’ money generated by illegal leveraged operations from that base) belonged to Lee Wanta and to no-one else: a situation that the banks 'could not handle'.
The entire narrative of what has become the worst financial corruption crisis in world history (which this stub consisting of disinformation attempts to obfuscate) is set out in great detail on Christopher Story's website, to which all readers are directed in order for the accurate state of affairs to be understood. As indicated, this stub below is a travesty and a disgrace, as it regurgitates long since discredited CIA lies, presents a diversionary, distorted and misleading picture, and because it malevolently incorporates Christopher Story as a source for some of this disinformation.
It is a disgusting instance of ignorant and malevolent US counterintelligence disinformation and deceit at its very worst.
All the statements in the above commentary may be verified by reference to and International Currency Review. Another publication covering this matter in detail is Economic Intelligence Review, also published by World Reports Limited, London. Wanta students should access the Archive on the Home Page.

A book devoted to Ambassador Wanta and the Wantagate crisis is in preparation
The Wanta disinformation referred to above has been deleted from this page. ENDS.

*Note: ‘Kakocracy’: Governance by a clique representing the worst elements of society, in their interests and to the exclusion of all other interests, from the Greek, kakos, meaning foul, or filthy.