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By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York:
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What is the basis for the unspoken assumption that the criminal thefts would be liable to cease once the actual payouts have begun – assuming that is the case, which is not confirmed and which may itself be disinformation? It has no basis in common sense, surely. On the contrary, using the street bank raid model, what is the moment of the high street branch’s greatest vulnerability?

Why, it must be when the armoured cash transportation vehicle draws up outside the bank, and two helmeted couriers jump out, enter the bank and engage with the bank staff for the transfer of the funds. Is that not when the bank is most vulnerable to being robbed?

And may that not well be the situation prevailing ‘as we speak’?
Why would the most ruthless and reckless world-class Fascist-global dictatorship criminals stop their stealing and wholesale, open-ended criminality, which has been funding their grab for total global power, just because the actual payout processes, triggered by Wantagate, have begun?

Surely, they would have prepared for precisely this eventuality, and would now have switched (in accordance with their standard ‘bait and switch’ formula) to Plan B – namely the daylight robbery of the funds as they are being transferred?

All sorts of devices and ‘solutions’ to their predicament present themselves. For starters, how about the sudden discovery of vast ‘Black holes’ at banks infested with rats, such as the Societe Generale? Begin by revealing that a ‘lone’ rogue trader had been ‘caught’ in the act of trying to cover up unauthorised trades that had generated losses, initially ‘estimated’ at $7 billion.
Awfully convenient device, this.

Note that in the above model, the B of ‘Black’ is capitalised here. Right. Because it’s probably yet another ‘Black Operation’ – designed to ‘vanish’ in this case, $700 billion, from scrutiny.

Mind you, a rogue trader can’t do stuff like that on his tod.

Nope, there are certainly lots of rats behind the ‘Black hole’ in question.

And behind the others that will surface over the next days and weeks, you bet.

Now in any contrived ‘Black hole’ criminal financial environment, opportunities for the standard Luciferian criminal practice of DUPLICATION abound. So what, then, is going on? Well, the payout funds may have been ransacked or are being ransacked or are targeted for ransacking, have been duplicated, are being duplicated or are targeted for duplication right now.

That’s what may be going on.

So we shouldn’t just sit here complacently and think: ‘Great, this crisis is nearly over. The payouts are proceeding’, without contemplating the strong probability that the unrepentant criminal cadres have switched to Plan B and are raiding the payouts in ‘real time’.

Now, it is true that there are FOUR teams using enhanced PROMIS-based software 24/7, so that each and every illegal transaction can be and is being traced, as it occurs. Fine. But when did that knowledge prevent the crims from carrying on stealing, in any way, shape or form? It has not done so in the recent past: why would such surveillance be liable to stop the thefts at this late stage?

These people are desperate. Their bank accounts have been largely frozen. Many have fled since Wantagate became public knowledge. Others have been arrested en masse and are languishing today in such delightful locations as Belmarsh Prison at her Majesty’s Pleasure, as terrorists.

Others are on the brink of being arrested under European terrorism laws – in a delightful contra-use of the very weapon that these criminal minds invented to suppress the Rest of Us.

Senior and lesser US officials have been shot in the chest at point blank range, and others will certainly, we are led to believe, suffer a similar dreadful fate. The bloodletting that started some time ago is believed to be continuing, both figuratively and literally. So why, we must ask, should we assume that the actual payout process would not be hijacked, as well?

Doesn’t the world YET UNDERSTAND that the Germanic/Zionist Luciferian mentality we are dealing with, NEVER KNOWS WHEN THE GAME IS UP?

At Dachau, the Nazis and the Zionazis collaborate. That’s the big secret, the essence of the classic ‘sib’ operation, whereby the assumed victim is the perpetrator.

This does not implicate the Jewish and German peoples generally: only a tiny proportion of them. Unfortunately for the rest of their communities, Wantagate has compelled the Rest of the World to become more keenly aware of how far these criminal operatives are prepared to go to get their way.

‘For us the war has never stopped and, as is well known, in war every ruse is possible’ – From the Madrid Circular Letter, dated September 1950, intercepted by the Western Allies while en route to Bonn, Rome, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and South Africa. See our report dated 22nd January 2008.

So, it would be entirely in character with the nature of this unprecedented, millennial, crisis and with the Luciferian mentality of the Black perpetrators involved, for the stealing, the deception, the double-cross, the diversionary claptrap and all the other filthy devices that these people routinely use to blow smoke in our faces, to be continuing, given that they have their backs to the wall.

The Editor recalls a metaphor he used quite recently, that can be summarised as follows:

I stamp on your foot. There is no response. I stamp on your foot again. There is no response. As I stamp on your foot for the third time, I shout in your face; ‘I have just stamped on your foot’. There is no response. No, because we are dealing de facto with the ‘possessed’.

It is a fact that the possessed POSSESS great and horrifying physical strength.

They may not even know when they are being confronted, because they live in a parallel world that is 100% conditioned by their criminal mentality. It is quite possible that some of these odious people haven’t even yet realised that they are being faced down, as this has never happened before.

And because it has never happened before, and they have got away for decades with their bank raids – starting in earnest with the stealing of Ambassador Wanta’s $27.5 trillion, with which the Black Forces have been financing their global Fascist takeover offensive – they may still imagine that what they face right now is just a blip in their plans, which will be smoothed over as soon as they gain the upper hand – like when Hillary Clinton has been installed in the White House, possibly with Bill Clinton as her Veep. That’s the macro-plan, and they are sticking to it.

In the preceding report [25th January 2008], we stated that the two enforcement arms deployed to ensure that the payouts are implemented without any further stealing, are Interpol and MI6.

This hardly encourages one to have confidence in a satisfactory outcome. Interpol is believed, like all New World Order collectivist international organisations, to be thoroughly corrupt and capable of being manipulated. As for MI6, it is penetrated and divided, just like the CIA.

Furthermore, MI6 attempted, in 2004, to discredit the Editor of this service. Full details of that operation were published in International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 20 and 3, on pages 27-39, dated January 2005.

What happened was as follows. The Editor visited the well-known veteran journalist and author Gordon Thomas in Bath, Somerset, on 18th November that year, for a general discussion about geopolitical developments. Instead of enjoying such a chat, the veteran journalist, who has close MI6 contacts, proceeded to divulge to the Editor that MI6 had recently distributed to the gullible British ‘mainstream’ media two packages of disinformation fairytales about the Editor.

The first concerned some farrago about a figure called Bernie Eccleston, and some motor racing venture of his in Monaco, with which the Editor was supposed to have been involved. The Editor has never participated in any venture other than his own businesses, which are self-supporting and have never accepted funding from any outside source.

The second piece of invented MI6 claptrap concerned a concocted lie about the Editor’s alleged involvement with Mark Thatcher in the aborted Equatorial Guinea scandal, the suggestion being that the Editor was among sources that had helped to finance the operation. The Editor has done NOTHING since the early 1970s, when he acquired ownership of International Currency Review, but write and produce the publications advertised on our website. He has never funded or contributed to anything other than his own wholly-owned publishing businesses.

He is not interested in any other ventures, and never has been.
Now, in the light of Wantagate et seq., what could this POSSIBLY mean? It was of course a threat. If you proceed along the lines of your current investigations, we will discredit you and block off your access to the press.

Far from being intimidated, the Editor chose to expose this discrediting operation in International Currency Review, the relevant issue of which sits in offices, libraries and government departments around the world, for the record.

After the Editor exposed this crass MI6 stupidity in meticulous detail in our financial journal, the operation appears to have been ‘pulled’. Of course the gullible and brainwashed UK ‘mainstream media’ retained the false information and have refused the Editor all access ever since.

But now that we have a readership up to 50 times larger than that of The Daily Telegraph, it may be an appropriate time to reveal this background to a wider public – not least since a US operative using the initials applicable also to the phrase Virtual Keyboard Device may finally understand that this Editor is precisely what he says he is (see the final paragraph at the foot of each report), is not an instrument of any intelligence or other organisation, and is not an agent for a foreign power or for anyone at all. There are vague, unsourced references ‘out there’ to ‘Story and his people’: what people, exactly? We have no ‘people’.

This is an arms’-length exposure operation that needed doing: and as this Editor is the longest-serving independent editor of a financial journal in the world, it fell, unfortunately, to him, to be faced with the task of ongoing exposure of this corruption, which is the origin of Wantagate.

This digression aside, the message of the foregoing is that we must not assume that the actual payouts represent the ‘end of the matter’. The enforcement entities, Interpol and MI6, seem to be woefully inadequate for the task, and in any case are themselves internationalist organisations working for The New Underworld Order. On the contrary, as an extremely well-informed source pointed out to the Editor overnight, ‘it’s not over yet’. No, it isn’t. It is precisely when the payouts are supposed to be taking place, that the whole lot is most vulnerable to being stolen.

That may be happening. Don’t know, but keep the possibility firmly in mind, please.

One other point before we comment upon some valuable new leakified information about DVD, Dachau (below). For some time, there has been a concerted operation to amend definitions of terms. The coffee you are drinking at Starbucks isn’t really coffee. You think it’s coffee, but really it’s a chemical mixture that tastes like coffee. Also, the mug that you’re drinking it from isn’t really a mug. It looks like a mug, but you are a mug for thinking it’s a mug, because it’s not. It’s a container. And the Starbucks you’re sitting in isn’t really Starbucks at all. It’s a Virtual Starbucks franchise, and the owners aren’t Starbucks but rather Buck Star Limited, registered in the Cayman Islands.

The US Treasury isn’t really the US Treasury at all: it’s United States New Treasury Operations, Inc. Washington DC is a corporation. The Hotel Washington, from which I am dreamily looking out at the Treasury, isn’t that same Hotel Washington which doubles its prices during IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings weekend, and where you can get the best breakfast in town: it’s New Hotel Washington Enterprises, Inc, a proprietary CIA corporation.

The Internal Revenue Service is really a private corporation which is collecting taxes illegally and has no authority whatsoever to do so. The United States Supreme Court is a subsidiary of Model Luciferian Enterprises Incorporated, and the Congress is an operation of Capitol Hill Ventures Pty, Inc., registered in Alice Springs, Australia. The Editor of this service is really Father Christmas.

The rabbit-hole we have just entered broadens out into a Black warren of illusion like the familiar tunnel with no end, in a typical bad dream. Everything inside the rabbit warren is back to front and inside out, as Alice discovered when she walked through the looking glass.

It’s called ‘redefining of terms’. Counterintelligence obfuscation par excellence.

Here’s how to deal with this offensive. Whether the Black Forces like it or not, they are stuck in the 'real world', as presented for public consumption, and as perceived by the general public.

Sure, they are double-minded, and live in a duplicitous parallel, virtual universe of their own crass invention. And sure, the reality as THEY perceive it is the duplicated construct that bedevils their rancid, Fascist minds. They operate on the basis of what is in THEIR minds, not ours.

And they are out of their minds, and in Lenin's and Schicklgruber's and Satan's minds.

And sure, DUPLICATION HAS INDEED TAKEN PLACE and some of these false Fascist constructs exist (a huge volume of them, in fact).


Apologists for the ‘dupicated’, virtual Fascist world overlook this reality.

The fallacy underlying all this is that the purported fact of Fascist corporate duplication does not mean that the perceived world is not real. It simply means that the criminalists are double-minded and that it suits them, when the going gets tough, to try to persuade us that what we see is not the real world, that the organisations we think we are dealing with are not really what they seem but are something else entirely, and that the real world is their mad world of deception, intrigue, hatred, lies, double-dealing, ‘bait and switch’, stealing, murder and redefined terms. Welcome to MK-Ultra.

Sorry mate. The weakness of this Black MK-Uktra mind-controlled world is that it has to work within the ACTUAL world in which we live, and which it despises – the world in which the US Rule of Law is still purported to exist, even though the Black Forces have all but destroyed it; the real world in which Congress piles more and more legislation upon the multiple layers of legal gobbldegook that it has generated for decades, a world inhabited by a MAJORITY of awakened, thinking people and military personnel who WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS GARBAGE ANY LONGER and who will see to it that these criminal forces and the foreign powers manipulating them, are soon brought to justice, however long it may take.

The 'virtual world' of criminalist, underworld 'intelligence' is constantly banging its dead head against the ceiling of the real world, and having to take its despised existence into account.

Let the Black Forces get this reality into their thick Black skulls before something really unpleasant happens to the skulls in question.

Now for an interesting new insight on Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau [please see our report dated 22nd January 2008]. It surfaces on a Black (literally) CIA website, where, on 25th January, the well-known operative Tom Heneghan dropped some information which connects with something that this Editor knows about.

Some considerable time ago, the Editor was explaining to Ambassador Wanta on the transatlantic telephone line that the known STASI operative Eva Teleki is actually a DVD operative, reporting to Dachau, and that STASI was a convenient cover for the DVD (actually, under Communism, it was really the old Nazi Gestapo in Communist clothing). As the Editor has reported several times, the multitude of intelligence community eavesdroppers who were insulting us with their presence on the line on that occasion GASPED LOUDLY AND OPENLY.

There were THREE such loud gasps. Ambassador Wanta is witness to this fact. Why the gasps?

Two possibilities. Either the illegal listeners-in couldn’t believe that an ‘outsider’ had worked this out for himself. Or else, they didn’t actually know this.

Now for Tom Heneghan’s latest leak. Normally one has to take what these people leak on Agency-controlled sites with a large packet of salt. But since the Editor has background information on this matter, he believes that the leak is accurate, or ballpark.

Tom Heneghan referenced the fact that the proprietary Marvelous Investments Limited (MIL) (a corporation owned and established by Ambassador Wanta and which held/holds massive funds of which Lee Wanta remains the sole principal – Editor), is today ‘headed by a counterfeiter, check bouncer and alleged terrorist Eva Telege… (...)
The reference to this operative being currently located in Sweden is interesting, first because another known ‘STASI’ operative, supposedly employing the dubious double-entendre name ‘Shagwell’, reportedly an opera singer of Hungarian extraction, has also been alleged to be resident in Scandinavia. One wonders whether the two are, by any chance, one and the same.

Secondly, the Sweden reference is also interesting because a huge amount of Bushfraudulent finance was directed through the Swedish Riksbank in the 1990s. Heneghan’s designation of the Swedish Monarchy as corrupt (more specifically, Sweden’s central bank) is accurate. But one should also bear firmly in mind that the corruption poison has been distributed worldwide by the Bush-linked underworld-focused George Bush Center for Global Corruption (Langley).

Now the Editor was well aware, both from documentation that he holds in safekeeping and from comments to him personally by Ambassador Wanta, that this STASI operative appeared out of the blue while he was illegally incarcerated, and that Wanta signed a document that she proffered to him in the jail, because he was ordered to do so (and implicitly had no choice, which is perfectly reasonable given his dreadful predicament at the time).

The Ambassador has also stated to the Editor that this woman has reneged on obligations towards him that arise from the document in question. The Editor is further aware that this operative stole a sum of money belonging to the Ambassador as sole principal, amounting to between $56 billion and $69 billion (the actual number being uncertain).

Heneghan deliberately spells this woman’s name incorrectly. Of Hungarian origin, her name is spelt Teleki. By spelling the name incorrectly, Heneghan may well have intended that parties would get in touch so as to correct his spelling, while divulging further relevant information at the same time: an old intelligence community trick.
The Editor was also aware in 2005 that Ms. Eva Teleki was resident for the time being somewhere in London, and informed certain authorities of this fact. As usual, they took the information, didn’t say thank you and never elaborated further. When the 7/7 atrocities were staged in London, the Editor applied his lateral thinking skills to the situation and suggested to the same authorities that Teleki, being a STASI/DVD operative, may have been the paymaster behind the atrocities.

Heneghan has now revealed in his leak (and last November, as well) that Scotland Yard has issued a warrant for Eva Teleki’s arrest. Isn’t that interesting.

Uh, because that means that the British authorities know perfectly well that DVD was behind the 7/7 atrocities in London. Yet they are duplicitously continuing to cow-tow to the Germans by their facile adherence to and empty participation in the sterile, counterproductive European Union Collective, which is a long-range hegemony/control operation of the Nazi Abwehr (counterintelliegnce), a.k.a. Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau, the perpetrators of the 7/7 atrocities. (...)
FACT: On pages 83-96 and also on page 269 of International Currency Review, Volume 31,#s 3 &4 [Fourth Quarter 2006] the Editor proved, from documents, that Marc Rich may in fact be a long-term deep-cover Deutsche Vertieidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, operative born on 4th June 1934, who emigrated from Lelbach/Waldeck uber Korbach, Germany, to Canada in 1954, and later received his Certificate of Canadian Citizenship #898013 in March 1966 under his real name, Hans Brand.

FACT: Tom Heneghan now confirms on a CIA-owned website that Marc Rich is a DVD operative.
No wonder the balloon went up when Ambassador Wanta ‘ceased to be dead’ after the Editor’s private funds of $35,000 (which should have been paid back to him with 7% annual interest by Escrow Trustee Attorney Steven Goodwin in June 2007, but haven’t been) procured the ending of Lee Emil Wanta’s illegal probationary confinement effective 14th November, five years earlier than stipulated. The Ambassador’s probation would otherwise have ended on 28th November 2010.

And the background of Hillary Clinton’s little visit in the 1990s to Crozier Bank in Grenada, which suddenly found itself with a ‘Black hole’ not unadjacent to $500 million, has still to be related. While Mrs Rodomski Clinton was in the bank, the institution’s video surveillance cameras miraculously failed. The stolen funds have not been declared for tax purposes. Er, no, we imagine not.
Oh, and by the way: Michael C. Cottrell M.S. and the Ambassador require ECONOMIC RECEIPT of the funds overdue to them, plus interest.

Economic receipt is the only basis of payment that is or can be acceptable, and the only basis upon which US taxes are payable. Economic receipt is ‘real world’ receipt, not ‘virtual’ i.e. ‘constructive’ receipt. Period. The Ambassador has NOT so far taken economic receipt; and since the funds that are supposed to be being paid out belong to the Ambassador in the first place, no other party can be paid until such time as the Ambassador’s hijacked ‘compromise’ $4.5 trillion has been remitted from the US criminal enterprise called Citibank to the corporate securities account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. within Morgan Stanley, and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. has taken economic receipt of it. Whether the Tier One ‘countries’ have actually been paid cannot be confirmed, either.

Suggestions made to us on 24th January that key Tier One Trustees had been or were being paid, which we carefully contrasted in the preceding report with the verified FACT that the Ambassador had NOT been paid, have not been supported since by further reliable information from ANY of our multiple sources to that effect. Their purpose, as with earlier blanishments, appears to have been to OBFUSCATE the reality, reiterated below, that no-one gets paid a red cent until the Ambassador has been paid, because Wanta retains his claim on the funds that belong to him. Period. (...)
Until the Ambassador is paid, has taken economic receipt and has accordingly thereby relinquished his ongoing recognised and wholly legitimate claim to his underlying $27.5 trillion, and to the entire layered edifice of illegally accrued fiat money funds illegally generated through multiple leveraging upon the back of his stolen/diverted funds, NO-ONE ELSE CAN RECEIVE A SINGLE RED CENT.


This alone supports the argument contained in this Update report that the criminals have attacked, may be attacking or intend to attack the armoured vehicle that has arrived at the high street bank branch and is supposedly transferring the funds. ENDS