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February 1, 2008 there
/ jan31st in eastern canada
‘Urgent’ Alert Sounded Over New Incoming Asteroid 
Less than two days from Russian Dr. Scientist Khabibullo Abdusamatov, Director of the space research lab at the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg, warnings on the potential of Global weather chaos caused by Asteroid 2007 TU24’s 1.4 Lunar Distance close approach to our Earth, and which Western scientists had stated would be "... the closest approach by a known asteroid of this size or larger until 2027”, .....    another new asteroid, 2008 BC15, discovered January 30, 2008, has just approached our Earth at the incredible closeness of 0.8 Lunar Distances.
As we had previously reported in our January 36th report titled "Russia Warns On Catastrophic Earth Bound Asteroid", the greatest concern of Dr. Abdusamatov lies in the ‘assault’ these asteroids are making upon our Earth’s electromagnetic field causing an unprecedented outbreak of Global weather chaos.
So bad has the weather chaos predicted by Dr. Abdusamatov been.... that China has issued orders for over 500,000 of their soldiers to begin assisting their Nations people rendered helpless by record breaking, and unrelenting, snowfall amid growing food shortages due transportation breakdowns.
Weather chaos was, also, reported in the United Kingdom where winds buffeted the island Nation with gusts up to 80mph.
North America has not been spared either as powerful new storms are reported breaking out in the United States and Canada has reported their halt of rail service due to extreme wind and cold.
Incredibly, the Middle East is, likewise, reporting weather chaos as a rare snow storm has hit many of the Nations in that region leaving Israel blanketed under unprecedented snow amounts and leaving many in Lebanon without power.
The Southern Hemisphere has not been spared from Global weather chaos either as Bolivia is now reporting over 192,000 people are now homeless due to unrelenting torrential rains which have left 39 dead.
But, the worst sufferers of the Global weather chaos being caused by these asteroids are those of South East Africa, and where massive food shortages are being reported as these peoples face what one UN Relief Official stated was ‘flooding on a Biblical scale’.
In Dr. Abdusamatov’s latest report to the Kremlin on this new Asteroid 2008 BC15, he warns that our Earth’s protective ‘magnetosheath’ has become so ‘distorted’ that it may not be able to regain its former equilibrium, and which could lead to growing instability in our World’s already dwindling food production.
Though Western scientists continue to dispute Eastern scientists assertion that our Earth, our Solar System and our Global weather can be better explained in electrical models, ....  it does not seem to matter much these days as many millions of people continue their lives in jeopardy due to our present chaotic climate where, literally, no one is left immune to disaster.
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