Impending False Flag Terrorist Attack - Continued
severed cables
Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS),
PCAS Manager,
Sam AK
Gaza - Palestine
The first thing I want to say is that there is no Al Qaeda; not in the way we understand it to be. The only Al Qaeda ever found is this one here and given the fact that there are now more Al Qaeda outlets than there are McDonald’s makes it all the more absurd. On Friday, unknown gunman attacked the Israeli Embassy in Mauritania and once again it was Al Qaeda. A bystander said the colors were melting from the flag flying from the getaway car.
Al Qaeda means The Toilet …think a little people and add this in to what we know about 9/11.
Over the last several days four underground cables have been cut in the Middle East . You can read about it here . One was also cut that linked UAE and Oman so this gives us four cables. Guess what? Ships dragging anchors caused this in every case. At no time in the past did four major cables get cut at the same relative time by dragging ship’s anchors and now four have been cut just like that. Can you say “three high rise buildings tumbling into their own footprints in one day?” I thought you could.
Iran has virtually (pun intended) no internet at the moment and there are many countries whose internet and telephone are seriously disrupted. See anything about this in the whore press? Nada… as in  ........I've got to go to the toilet.
louise arbour  nov2001
Getting back to the exploding Iraqi women today; it seems that there is good reason to suspect that these women (and the other few dozen who were blown to pieces) may not have been willing participants in the attacks, that is to say, all those who died were unwittingly "suicided" by some other party.
Major-General Qassim Moussawi, spokesman for the Iraqi military in Baghdad, tells us that both suicide bombs were detonated remotely by mobile telephones.
"We found the mobiles used to detonate the women"
Now let's just think about this for a moment. First of all, this suggests that the women did not have control over the bombs they were allegedly carrying. Why not? If they were indeed gripped by some vengeful fervor against ordinary Iraqis, and willing to sacrifice their lives to "stop the march of history and of [the Iraqi] people toward reconciliation" why would they not have been allowed to choose the best time to detonate their explosives in a crowded market place?
Secondly, how in the name of Yahweh could anyone claim to have found the mobile phones used to detonate the explosives? There were likely dozens of people at the market carrying phones, none of which would be identifiable as the phones that detonated the explosives. Furthermore, if the phones were on the women's bodies, they they would surely have been blown to pieces along with the market-goers.
Contemplating the good Major General's unbelievable claim of crime scene evidence, I am immediately reminded of the claim that the passport of alleged Flight 11 hijacker Satam Al Suqami, that he was supposedly carrying when he the plane stuck WTC 1, was later miraculously found in almost pristine condition on a sidewalk hundreds of yards from the point of impact.
The mystery deepens when we read that some unnamed Iraqi puppet police officer initially said that the bomb at the market was hidden in a "box of birds" and that only later was it determined to be a "suicide attack". Why the change in story? Well, the 'damning evidence' that made this yet another case of exploding Iraqi women was that a head, somehow determined to be theexploding Iraqi woman's head, was found at the scene. Supposedly someone sifted through several heads and other body parts belonging to the dozens of victims before deciding on the best fit.
What happened today at al-Ghazl market in Baghdad has happened countless times across Iraq over the course of the past 5 years. It was not a case of a "suicide bomber" but rather dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians being "suicided" by an unknown party. Iraqi and US officials, well-versed by now in the drill, immediately proclaimed a "suicide bombing" and placed the blame on some variation of "al-Qaeda in Iraq". It really is a pretty simple three step operation:
Explosives are covertly placed in an area prior to a scheduled gathering of Iraqi civilians.
An unknown party observes the scene from a distance.
At a point where a significant number of people have gathered around the area of the hidden explosives, and when a new shopper enters the area, the unknown party remotely detonates the explosives (possibly by mobile phone signal).
There is no need for any actual suicide bomber because that last person to move close to the area of the hidden explosives becomes, according to eyewitnesses, becomes the accidental "suicide bomber" reported by the mainstream media. Today it was two innocent women wearing burkas.
Thanks to the Israeli, US and British governments and the Western mainstream media, the concept of the suicide bomber has become embedded in the Western mind as the chief tactic of "Muslim terrorists". It is strange therefore to consider that there is no history of this tactic being use in the Muslim world prior to 2000. In fact the concept of the "suicide bomb" or rather the "suiciding" of an unwilling person, seems to have been born back in the early nineties, thousands of miles from the Muslim world, in Northern Ireland to be exact: (...)  sott focus
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Friday, 01 February 2008
Liberal MP Keith Martin introduces bill to repeal section13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act
This is the section used by Richard Warman to target free speech through his former employers at the Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission (see George Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth').
Thursday, 31 January 2008

Who crashed the Mohawk Nation News website?

by Kahentinetha Horn

MNNN.  Jan. 30, 2008.  'The gross corruption revealed in “Access to Information” documents from Public Security and Emergency Preparedness Canada and Indian Affairs has not made the front pages of the corporate media. Instead they’ve temporarily sabotaged MNN ... How could we lose ownership of our website without our knowledge or consent?'
Thursday, 31 January 2008
'Cancer Is An Infection Caused By Tuberculosis-Type Bacteria'
'Why does the medical establishment ignore a century of research pointing to tuberculosis-type "acid-fast" bacteria as the cause of cancer? TB-type bacteria can be seen in specially-stained tissue sections of cancer tumors and viewed under the highest magnification of the light microscope at a magnification of 1000 times, under oil immersion. So why isn't this simple microscopic procedure performed in cancer?'
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
The latest on the fast-emerging Internet exposure of Richard Warman
Richard Warman and David Icke: 'The ultimate expression of free speech'
Ezra Levant on Richard Warman
Richard Warman Strikes Again
Tuesday, 29 January 2008
Canada 'an Orwellian nightmare'
How the Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission is turning a 'free' country into a fascist state.
'Human Rights' Commission is Richard Warman's own private slot machine
Amount of money Richard Warman has been awarded via the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal since 2003: Total to Oct 27, 2007: $48,500.
Sunday, 27 January 2008
How I Came To Distrust the Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
'I no longer have vague doubts. I have important questions. Nearly 3000 people were murdered on September 11, 2001, and even the accused perpetrators have not been brought to justice. I am one of many calling for a new, independent investigation into 9/11. The elaborate cover up we have now is an utter disgrace to this country, and the basis for what many scholars consider near tyranny.'
Insights of a Canadian Lawyer: Was 9/11 an Inside Job?
In September 2002, David Icke was the first person in the world to publish a major book-length investigation to show that 9/11 was an inside job and not the work of 19 'hijackers'
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Saturday, 26 January 2008
One for Richard Warman to read (not that it will make any difference)
'Steyn may be wrong. His writings may even lead to a negative image of Muslims. But he has the right to voice his views and Muslims must defend his right. Only when we Muslims stand behind the right of authors and writers to freely express their views—even if they are offensive—will we have proven Steyn wrong. By trying to censor him, the CIC only proves him right.'
Friday, 25 January 2008

'Can a sockpuppet be a bigot?'

Richard Warman information and discussion expands across the Net.