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NOTE: The outcome of the US Presidential election is of extreme concern not just to the United States, but to the whole world. Therefore, it is manifestly an issue worthy of foreign comment. The contents of this report, all taken from the public domain, are pertinent to all observers worldwide.

The American people are said to be toying with the idea of voting for Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton, a notoriously corrupt criminal CIA operative, as the next President of the United States. At least, that is the impression that is being concocted for public consumption.

What is really happening, however, is that the ruthless and amoral Intelligence Power, which controls the Government, is manipulating the election process so as to procure the 'validated' outcome that it favours – namely the installation as President of the controlled intelligence operative of its choice.

In other words, the US election process, which the Rest of the World regards as a travesty of democracy, is nothing more than an elaborate cover mechanism behind which the controlling Intelligence Power changes its front personnel, and obtains false 'legitimacy' in doing so.

In order to achieve this undemocratic objective, every dirty trick yet invented by the criminal intelligence cadres is being deployed – including, as usual, the rigging of vote counts by means of electronic voting equipment and software that has been designed by Diebold and other suppliers precisely so that ballot counts can be rigged in secret – the US equivalent of ballot-rigging in post-Soviet Georgia by bringing pre-stuffed ballot boxes to the polling stations.

Knowing this, the Rest of the World is beyond sick and tired of the tawdry spectacle of fraudulent US ‘democracy’ on show, in general – and of the images of Hillary on the hustings, in particular.

General reasons for global disgust at this theatrical display include:

Knowledge of the dubious CIA criminal background of Mrs Hillary Clinton, and justified concern that an Administration headed by this woman would be exceptionally dangerous.

Abhorrence of the hypocritical arrogance and crude insensitivity of the US Government in promoting democracy out of the barrel of a gun abroad, while rigging its own elections at home.

Further abhorrence at the fact that 1.5+ million Iraqis have been murdered in cold blood by the jackboot US régime, with millions of survivors vulnerable to various cancers as a consequence of the indiscriminate use of depleted uranium in the weaponry deployed – inter alia so that the US fraudulent finance specialists could control the Central Bank of Iraq, for use as a ‘Black hole’ destination for fraudulent finance paper.

Most significantly, four floors of the Central Bank’s HQ building on al-Rasheed Street, in Central Baghdad, were decimated by fire on 28th January, in an operation reminiscent of the burning of those Iron Mountain warehouses in London and Ottawa in 2006, that we reported at the time: they ‘just happened’ to hold large quantities of contract documents lodged there by Deutsche Bank, which is believed to have been ‘rescued’ from collapse after Chancellor Angela Merkel held the Group of Seven powers to ransom during their pork-barrel bargaining session in Britain last Thursday [to be confirmed].

[The participation of the British Government under the corrupt Tony Blair in the Iraqi catastrophe implicated the British Government and military in the Iraqi atrocities: the criminal mind always seeks to entice other parties to participate in its criminal operations. This is standard criminal underworld 'good practice'].

Anger and disgust at the fact that the US Intelligence and Military Powers (1) throw their weight around all over the world, destabilising governments, stealing the funds and gold of monarchies, governments and selected targets, assassinating foreign leaders and others, interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries, arbitrarily extending US jurisdiction abroad, exporting captured targets so that they can be tortured beyond the reach of what remains of the US Rule of Law, and marketing fraudulent financial scams to witting and unwitting external recipients with cynical disregard for the suffering and rights of others, while preaching a menu of lofty ‘democratic’ principles for which its operatives have absolute contempt.

The US Government is just as likely to double-cross the allies that it has blackmailed, as to apply the standard CIA ‘bait and switch’ technique to targeted criminal collaborators such as Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. For instance, in 1982, Washington secretly aided and abetted the Argentine junta in its project to invade and seize the Falkland Islands, its underlying motive being to grab the mineral assets of the Islands by proxy – a hidden scandal that the Editor’s researches have recently confirmed.

Each successive US Presidency seems to represent a Blacker shade of Luciferian darkness than its predecessor. And if sober Americans and the Rest of the World may be imagining that no US Government could be Blacker than the Luciferian Bush II Administration, they may have a nasty shock coming to them, unless they reject this Jezebel: and the sooner, the better.

This is a legitimate subject for a foreign correspondent, since the identity of the next President of the United States is a matter of interest and concern to the whole world.

For a Hillary Jezebel Clinton Presidency might make the George W. Bush Presidency look like an enjoyable experience, if this woman’s past behaviour is any guide. There is a respectable case for the belief that Mrs Hillary Clinton has been President for eight years already.

As President William Jefferson Clinton’s main CIA handler, she would, at the very least, have been a party to and fully aware of everything that her CIA husband perpetrated Moreover the Clintons do not bother to hide which god they serve.

Many will have taken note of the posting by the Canadian analyst Dr Henry Mackow, on, dated 28th January 2008, in which the following images were displayed:

Former President Clinton wearing an ‘Osiris’ lapel badge, signifying his Luciferian allegiance and orientation and his dedication to the phallic, pagan god worshipped by the ancient Egyptians and other primitive cultures, and the 'All-seeing Eye' of Horus (the ‘All-seeing Geomasonic Eye’ floating above the uncompleted esoteric pyramid on the US $1.0 banknote).

Chelsea Clinton wearing a pendant in the shape of an upside-down cross, routinely used in Black Masses and in invocations of Satan.

A Hillary election event against the backdrop of a distorted American flag in which all the stars had been turned upside down, with the two ‘ears’ poking upwards, after the format of the image of Baphomet used in occult ritual.

One of the US ‘high' Illuminati’s most secret programmes involves procuring that every computer in the world will be linked to the Pentagon. Another dimension of this gross Luciferian thinking is the supposedly aborted Poindexter ‘Total Awareness Program’ which was likewise intended to give meaning to the geomasonic ‘All-seeing Eye of Horus’ that hovers above the uncompleted occult pyramid on the American $1.0 bill.

Because the US Congress, in an unaccustomed fit of fleeting rectitude, declined to authorise this abomination, the criminal cadres organised, instead, a massive global programme of data theft, the dimensions of which were illustrated in our data theft report of 5th January 2008. At all events, the spooky esoteric eye of Horus/Osiris lapel badge worn by former President Bill Clinton confirmed this fellow as a fully-paid up US intelligence operative who is engaged in this same nutty pursuit of ‘total awareness’, i.e. the globalist, occult agenda of the ‘All-seeing Eye’.

Throughout the Clinton Presidency, evidence of a wave of murders reminiscent of Stalin’s purges accumulated. The list of victims has been widely publicised for many years, and always seems to be growing. Unlike most observers of that dimension of this vast crisis, we believe that the ‘Clinton murders’ included many assassinations perpetrated by or on behalf of the Bush Crime Family, to cover up the financial and other crimes perpetrated by Bush Sr. and his associates, including their co-conspiring criminal operative associates, the Clintons themselves.

After all, the ransacking and stealing inter alia of the funds over which Ambassador Lee Wanta remains, to this day, the sole principal, was a risky operation, and many people, it seems, ‘had to be dispensed with’, because they knew too much.

The same syndrome is known to be evident behind the scenes today, with lethal measures being taken against perpetrators of financial crimes like Paulson, who stole colossal amounts of money that were reportedly returned to the Treasury for proper disbursement, we undertand, last week. [To be confirmed].

As we have reiterated recently, the criminal cadres’ macro plan all along has been to engineer the installation of Mrs Hillary Clinton as the 44th President of the United States, in order to achieve the following parallel objectives:

To give the US criminal fraudulent finance operatives a new lease of life.

To close down the massive exposure of their ongoing crimes that has been exposed as a consequence of, and via, Wantagate.

To enable the criminal cadres to round up and execute or incarcerate all who stand in their way and who insist upon the restoration of the Rule of Law.

To cover up their past financial fraud crimes, their thefts and their murders, not least through control of ocrruptible law enforcement and the judiciary.

Since the intelligence community is notoriously compartmentalised, operations often overlap, and old operations that have passed their sell-by date and are proving to be counterproductive, may be allowed to continue, or may do so by default.

For instance, there have been recent signs of an aborted intent to close down disinformation operations designed to keep the victims of and participants in CIA Ponzi, Omega and the other fraudulent finance ‘programs’ from open revolt, to continue massaging their expectations, and last but not least, to set up George W. Bush Jr. as the scapegoat for everything that went wrong, while preserving the option to carry on stealing the money anyway.

But just as we believe that this is no longer feasible, thanks to the massive domestic and global publicity that has attended this crisis in part through the Wantagate exposures and in spite of the indolence of the controlled and complacent ‘mainstream’ media, neither do we believe that the Second Clinton Presidency project remains realistic, given that the financial conditions behind the scenes have been turned upside down thanks to Basel II + Wantagate.

In other words, Mrs Clinton’s CIA-controlled, compartmentalised bid for presidential power is becoming increasingly anachronistic, even as her corrupt bandwagon proceeds blandly ahead as though nothing has changed. It looks more and more like a policy of desperation that cannot be stopped and which may come to nothing, with the Clintons finally forced to take advantage of their dual citizenship by making use of their Irish passports in order to escape indictment.

The fact that Mrs Clinton holds a foreign (Irish) passport rules her out as a legitimate candidate for the US Presidency anyway.

If realised, the macro plan would, of course, give Mrs Hillary Clinton the de facto immunity she desperately needs (and which her exhausted facial features reveal), while enabling her to appoint her CIA husband to an Ambassadorship or whatever, providing him with diplomatic immunity, along the lines of Tony Blair’s fake diplomatic post in the Middle East.

The purpose of that appointment, like Tony Blair’s possible ascendancy to the Presidency of the European Union Collective, will have been primarily to protect him from arrest, as provided for by the warrant for his arrest issued by the International Court of Justice. Blair could in any case be arrested (as could George Bush Jr. and Vice President Cheney, after they have left or been forced out of office), as a war criminal, at any time.

The other day, Mrs Clinton was reported to have boasted in public about the ‘good works’ with which she claims to be associated through the Children s Defense Fund. This is notorious for two reasons. First, it is widely known to have served as the secret money-laundering vehicle used by the Clintons for diverting stolen money, including funds belonging (we believe) to Ambassador Wanta. Secondly, it is a dual-purpose entity which has served the interests of the World Revolution and in particular has contributed to the dissemination of the old subversive revolutionary agenda espoused by the Mussolini-era Communist, Antonio Gramsci, in his ‘Prison Notebooks’.

This intelligence agitprop organisation was positioned on the ‘far left’ to agitate for the legal independence of children after infancy and early childhood, in accordance with the Illuminati’s agenda for destroying marriage and the family, as a precursor to the abolition of private property (except for that of the revolutionary élite, of course).

The Communist and Nazi literature confirm that marriage is considered to be the biggest continuing obstacle to the achievement of this Luciferian objective.

In an article entitled ‘Children under the Law’, published in Harvard Educational Review in 1982, the closet lesbian Mrs Hillary Clinton openly equated the family with slavery, elaborating her Stalinist control doctrine as follows:

‘The basic rationale for depriving people of rights in a dependency relationship is that certain individuals are incapable or undeserving of the right to take care of themselves and consequently need social institutions specifically designed to safeguard their position’.

‘Along with the family, past and present examples of such arrangements include marriage, slavery and the Indian reservation system’.

In 1978, Hillary Rodham (Rodomski) was named by President Carter to chair the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation. Her term of office, which did not expire until after the Reagan Administration came to power in 1981, was accompanied, as with everything this Jezebel touches, by controversy – over funds which had been illegally channelled for political purposes into the Western Center on Law and Poverty, based in California.

In 1983, the General Accounting Office (as it was then called) issued a report which was highly critical of this violation, and also of an attempt by this activist woman to ‘organise’ Legal Services Corporation lawyers and grantees into a lobbying network to block plans advanced by the Reagan Administration to limit the explosive growth of entitlements.              (...)