Casper JAN-31-08 8:42 PM EST
The packs are out of the court.
The carriers have been dealt with legally and harshly.
Expect deliveries tomorrow.
Don't do business with Branden/Brussels/Banker.
Anyone trying to relieve you of units at this late hour is not your friend.
JBB-more please.
            casper   1-31-08
Casper FEB-2-08 Noon EST
Well friends, it's not here so I'm not gone.
After the news about dealing with the carriers in a legal way and the "key to everything" Freedom packs out of the court, we then learned that tremendous sums of money previously stolen with the help of Paulson's Treasury were being moved back into the U.S. Thursday night. Always some "step" we didn't know about. In addition, vast sums were moving bank to bank all over the world during the day Friday, apparently "freed up" by worldwide Basel II compliance at 12:01 A.M. Friday morning. The big German bank plus three others reportedly experienced a "spot closing", a term we have heard many times, as they prepared internally for the changeover. 
Meanwhile, Trustees everywhere previously "funded" on the computers are now awaiting "access" which is to arrive when our deliveries are underway.
It is possible the "expense packages" will arrive this weekend but some important sources are convinced it will be Monday for Freedom/Farm Claimants, Tuesday for most programs.
We continue to hear "Follow the Instructions" and yet some "advisors" who have not even seen the instructions continue to advise you otherwise. It seems to this reporter that some folks "self interest" has become blatantly visible. 
Long ago a gov't official said "all major announcements occur on Monday nights". So perhaps it will be the "trigger" packs Monday, announcements Monday night, the rest Tuesday.
Have a good weekend friends. Go select your new wheels. Get outta the house. Have some fun.
                   casper   2-2-08
p.s. Certain "list managers" have taken to editing these reports according to their personal whims, the same ones who previously withheld them entirely. To them i say if you wish to "censor" news to your list--it's your list--but the least you can do is keep your hands off someone else's communications.
Impending False Flag Terrorist Attack - Continued
CASPER:  FEB-07-08
Many sources believe the "expense packages" can and will be delivered without regard to Bush's never ending tug-o-war with the Freedom, Farm Claim and IMF packages which have been in and out of the Supreme Court three times since our last report.
Other sources insist those packages are the key to everything as Freedom is the "trigger" for IMF worldwide and Farm Claims are the "trigger" for announcements.
Bush continues to release the D.C. packs due to various threats only to reverse himself and have them pulled back overnight. Again and again. WE can't explain here how we know this but we are certain of our intell.
International "THREATS" are in play right now and some actions have been taken with more in the pipeline. WE have been asked not to be specific in this venue.
Positive developments abound such as the addition of still more treasury banks, money movements, tax payments into (new) treasury which can't be accessed until we receive, more "scattered" funds retrieved, downloads for programs which follow us and miscellaneous other items we know about but can't talk about "publicly". Even so it is obvious the "swamp creature" lives and has not stopped the interference.
As always it is BUSH/CLINTON/CORP.UNITED STATES and related gangsters against the world. It is our lot in life to watch while they "duke it out" which is ongoing as we "speak".
As to the handfull of deliveries which continue to occur, that is true but it is to those who can't access, has been going on for a year or more and does not "trigger" our deliveries.
Much is happening right now ....   so WE will update soon with more detail.
              casper   FEB-07-08
Casper FEB-08-08
The behind the scenes activities of the last several days have been intense and dramatic to say the least.
From the grounding of carrier aircraft in Europe Wednesday after BUSH had pulled the packs back in the night Tuesday, up to and including the dramatic conference call yesterday with BUSH, China, Saudi Arabia, Opec and others, and all the threats and actions in between, the desired outcome has been achieved.
BUSH again "let our people go" (packs) at 7:45 last night EST.
This resulted in the completion of necessary steps in Europe while we slept, then on to China and now back to the U.S. where we expect deliveries to begin late today and to continue right on thru the various levels of delivery without further interruption.
As recently as yesterday morning BUSH was saying "never happen as long as i am president and the next president (McCain he said) will block it also".
That was before he was offered a package of TREASON charges, the denial of landing rights for all COMMERCIAL flights originating in the U.S., the refusal of oil for dollars by OPEC and an OIL EMBARGO against the U.S. by the Saudi's and OPEC.
Then the packages went out via national carriers (and have not been returned this morning).
There is a pecking order for deliveries so don't get bent out of shape if you are not "first".
All will be done very very quickly barring any unforseen circumstances...Begining later today. 
60 more bankers were arrested yesterday.
Dotson and "others" (Wanta, STORY??etc.) have been under guard and protected the last two weeks.
Remember please www.givemeliberty.org. 
"Follow the instructions", we hear.  
Great responsibility is at our doorstep, let us all be worthy.
If anything goes wrong we will update again soon.
If not we all have business to take care of. 
Best Regards,
Casper FEB-09-08
The packages which were reported to have left the court at 7:45 p.m. Thursday night were moved to a different location within the court and did not go out as we reported.  Bush had signed off however, which allowed the FRENCHMAN ( gay relative of Bush's-major European Trustee and Leinholder) to do his thing in Europe (Paris we think) overnight Thursday as reported. This caused "THE WHIP" as it is known to move on to the Orient (China) we think for further electronic releases there which were done, ...   however when the signal (clearance) was sent from there back to the U.S. to begin deliveries as scheduled Friday afternoon the undersea cable had mysteriously been cut, the fifth or seventh or ninth such undersea cable cut in the last ten days (see www.fourwinds10.com).
 These are acts of war against Muslim countries including our "friends"
such as Egypt and Qatar and Kuwait. Cables also cut southern Europe to India and now from China. The "powers that be" called BUSH and demanded delivery today "or else". BUSH says "no can do, cable cut". WE say, "oh really, how do you know the cable was cut, we have not announced it".  Once again Mr. exceptionally stupid had exposed himself. All "threats" were repeated and packs went out late Friday for delivery today we are told pending no further blockage. For more detailed explanation see this mornings update by STORY also posted on www.fourwinds10.com.  No, WE are not in cahoots with STORY, have never spoken with or communicated with him in any way including through third parties.
"DELIVERIES", as some messengers refer to them, have been going on for years but it is not "us" and does not trigger us. They began years ago from LOS ANGELES area B.ofA. Banks as they gave packages to what became known as the "MULE TRAIN" participants. Their job was to take the freshly received packages representing STOLEN funds to the MORMON CHURCH in UTAH. Orders came from BUSH SR. and ORIN HATCH we were told at the time. Simultaneously, the same L.A. Banks were busy opening offshore accounts for Senators and Congressmen who were being bribed with 200M each. Most of these accounts were opened in CANADA. Later, additional miscellaneous deliveries were made, sometimes as directed by CLINTON as President and still later a steady but limited number of deliveries to people who could not and have not accessed such as retired bankers and gov't. officials. More recently (last six months) there has been a steady but limited flow of deliveries of what became known as the "O" packages which cannot be accessed before we receive, do not trigger announcements, and do not trigger "our" deliveries. These are the deliveries you occasionally hear about. We stopped paying much attention to them months ago when it became obvious they are of no help to us. WE are in touch with certain drivers for both major carriers who keep us informed as to the deliveries of these "O" packages in their areas. These delv. mean nothing to us. We-you and me-are awaiting "THE BIG DROP" as we call it which BUSH has fought tooth and nail as that's what triggers worldwide release of hundreds of programs and thousands of "projects" and also triggers announcements. Sabotage and delay. Lies and deceit. Steal and hide. Scatter accounts. Damage computers. Scramble codes. Cut cables. And more. Much more with the intent to delay, stop, kill and PRESERVE WORLD CONTROL for the ILLUMINATI (Globalist, new wld order, CFR, Carlyle, Trilateralist, Bildebergers, Vatican,etc,) which currently control and rule the world with an iron fist. "to the last breath". "over my dead body". "to the last man". No where on earth is corruption greater than in the ten square mile FEDERAL FORT known as WASHINGTON D.C. unless perhaps, some would argue-the Vatican. 
BUSH never had what we call the "expense packages" which were prepared to provide a limited amount of funds and to provide phone numbers for bank appointments, yet the packages never arrive week after week, confirming, in this reporters opinion, the Intel which says Freedom packages first or simultaneous and therefore BUSH could control everything by controlling those relatively small number of packages. Current news is that those packages are finally in the hands of the carriers along with F.C. packages for delivery this weekend or the carriers will be closed down internationally in addition to the threats against BUSH and the wholly corrupt CORP.UNITED STATES (swamp creature). D.C. politicians work for the swamp creature. They have been bribed and blackmailed. The CORP. owned and controlled media participate, take bribes themselves (2 B to CNN we hear), bury outsiders like Ron Paul and generally cooperate in keeping the public "dumbed down". "THE NEWS IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS" says Fox News. 
Delivery and access are not the same thing anymore than "funding" on the computer and "economic receipt" are the same thing. Basically the whole world, all programs, all Trustee's, all countries, and we too, have been "funded" the first increment on the computers. This is virtual reality not real reality. Our card activations or opening of accounts with access to funds is the next step and is economic receipt. Meanwhile flow of tax funds such as FRANCE'S tax payments to FRENCH TREASURY this week and payments to countries can't be accessed until we receive either. The "WHIP" clears things, makes ready, signals go, but OUR DELIVERIES IN THE U.S. are the only thing that will give the world actual access--- thank goodness. Otherwise we would have been road kill long ago. 
It is approaching noon and deliveries have not begun. We are working on the why-why not??-of it and will report again soon if necessary. 
          casper   feb-09-08
From: S
To: "'Bellringer'" <bellringer@fourwinds10.com>
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 7:48 PM
Dear Patrick:
Here is my best response to DR per his/her inquiry of Feb 02:
I am reluctant to jump to conclusions about the alleged banker, but there seems to be something not quite right. Although his response to Patrick's comments are quite strong, seemingly making a reasonable argument as to why he/she made certain offers openly to Fourwinds readers [to connect would be buyers and sellers of units at this late date, and to make formal changes in the Brussels data base for those needing addresses updated], his/her sense of appropriateness through posted communications at this date seems very "off".
I made a private inquiry to Patrick myself on the subject of the alleged banker. I did not want it posted. I inquired as to whether anyone known to Patrick or Patrick himself could 'vouch safe' for the person in question, and whether he/she has in-fact known official capacity to act in a manner offered.
My 'issue' was that I would like to have had some way of updating official records as to current address, other than relying on the various other ways of effecting such on various public records.
When one has worked years on being a private lawful man on the land, and makes a concerted willful effort to live privately, does not have a big footprint 'out there' in the public commercial world, does not have a 'permanent residence', credit cards, bank account, etc. etc., leaving a 'blip' of a footprint by conscious choice with great discrimination and some reluctance for such purpose as this ....  is an important consideration and decision. My first choice would be to contact a bona fide "official" or 'agent' of this entire thing, and make the address changes direct.
 In contemplation of doing so, I first attempted to ascertain the alleged banker's official capacity and verifiable credentials to do what he/she has offered to do.
I am not satisfied that the alleged banker has such official capacity, and if it cannot be verified, he/she should be scrutinized very closely, his/her true identity found out, and further background research done as to who/what his/her alignments are as a matter of involvement in this whole thing. Has he/she acted to anyone's detriment or injury?
I use the word "alleged" to refer to the person of the banker. Who knows anything, really? I certainly do not. That is why I chose to try to find out.
Address changes at any point are most likely automatically updating, because if this is running out of Brussels as Poof and Casper and STORY seem to point to, Brussels is running the BEAST computer with terminals around the world. That's right. IBM Model 666 was a top secret project inside IBM's advanced research sciences division in Silicone Valley for years. The mainframe was installed in Brussels, with "ports" in other major power centers of the world, including NYC, LA, DC, London, Rome, etc.
The fiber optic cables used to transport information at light speed to the BEAST mainframe are said to be 6-8" in diameter [???}, something like that. It updates information on all of us at nano speed in real time 24/7. I would surmise that it does the same on all commercial fiction business organizations as well, including registered trusts, LLC's, etc.
This is one of the major reasons why 'they', who run the BEAST of Babylon SS-y-stem refuse to accept our becoming 'dis-enfranchised' from it by action of 'resignation' and/or 'revocation', 'rescission', and 'severance of legal relations', otherwise generally referred to as 'expatriation'. Thing is, one cannot expatriate from that which one has never been consensually-legally-lawfully 'in' in the first place.
The alleged banker would have to have official capacity, status, and standing within the WTO, or whatever super-structure in Brussels is running this at the banking root. But, according to some, they are not THE root. They have protocols, procedures, rules and regs, and they have their "orders".
Does the banker have an order or delegation of authority to make a public offer to update address changes for the official data base? THAT is a power player and a huge responsibility. I mean to tell you, someone that can make changes in the data base of recipients, would have to have ACCESS TO ALL EXISTING INFORMATION on record for each recipient desiring to accept his/her offer. That data base is protected, encrypted, locked, etc., so for the alleged banker to suggest he can do this thing means he/she has official capacity to do or provide new data entry inputs that the BEAST machine is not otherwise receiving from the netherworlds of commerce.
 In the Babylon System, 're-presentment' is an admission of 'incompetentcy'. All of these bankers and attorneys are 'holdin' to those who have the POWER and they do not operate for the minions. They operate for the POWER, unless they are ALREADY AWAKENED. Who to trust? Follow inner Guidance.
In regards to DR's next question quoted below, I will write tomorrow, as there is no easy answer. It is a good question worth the time to answer, because it goes to the core of all of the issues we all have with the BEAST SS-y-stem: WHO AM I, AND WHAT IS THE SSYSTEM? HOW DO I RELATE TO IT AND IT TO ME? Part of answering the below question is to ask more pertinent questions. I know any number of folks who are dealing with the same question. Some few have found silver linings. We need to put the questions into proper context first. Suggestions? Maybe.
" This is my question: How do I overcome, if it is even possible, the courts' resistance to granting me anything at all because I am not a part of their "system"? Do you or "\" have any suggestions?"
Good work. Do not give up, even when the SS does not acknowledge you. IT cannot 'see' you. IT deals in fiction.
----- Original Message -----
From: EW
To: <bellringer@fourwinds10.com>
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008 11:05 AM Subject:
Re: DR's Message To You
Hello Patrick
Re: DR's post in "Hello, Central!" Is Brendan The Brussel's Banker A Shyster?
DR, and all those who think they can 'expatriate' from the current Roman system of governance of the USA need to realize some facts.
The US Constitution has never been a document of 'General Law". Since the 'assumed to be'sovereign people never ratified that Constitution, and only the corporate bodies called States did so, it is a 'corporate document' for corporate members/body parts of make-believe ships at sea. That is the true nature of any corporation, be it a body politic, body corporate, body military, body ecclesiastical, land mass with boundaries, or associative body.
The American Revolution against England only removed the Monarchy of England as the agency of control for the Vatican's Holy Roman Empire claim on Virginia (North America). It did not remove the Vatican's (Pope's) claim on the land and minerals, nor the claim of all human kind being subjects (slave property) of the Pontiff of Rome [See Papal Bull, UNAM SANCTAM 1302].
The Holy Roman Empire, a corporation/make believe ship at sea, is the head corporation of the fascist/corporate structure that is the United States of America. One can find the fascist symbol, the bundle of sticks and axe, the fasces, in the symbology of the USA.
Since the Pope cannot claim ownership of the souls and the free will minds of mankind, there was a scheme derived in the middle ages to have humans envelop themselves in corporate (State) owned names, and then apply the legal(by contract within the unalienable property right) maxim, 'accessio cedit principali' - an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the owner of the principal'.
Within the last 80 years or so, the States governments have come up with a more direct way of signifying that the 'legal identity' name is the property of the State, and that is by changing the family name, a referential name, to 'surname', meaning 'primary name'.
 In earlier times, if one gave a 'Christian name', it was assumed that that name was owned by the Holy Roman Empire, as 'Christ' and 'Christian' is a Roman derived term from the pagan religions of the Middle East and India.
 Having a name where the family name is primary is obviously fiction. Using/accepting that name is an act of enveloping oneself in that State owned name, and thus being, in combination with that name, of the status of 'plantation slave' owned by the State.
Ignorantly accepting/using the State owned name is considered being a voluntary party to a contract of servitude. Only 'involuntary servitude' is unlawful. Queen Elizabeth I limited such voluntary servitude contracts to 5 years, but one's continued use of the 'birth certificate' fiction name equates to constantly 're-uping' into the contract.
 Some people still dwell on the 'all caps' spelling of the name. That only means that the slave is pledged property in bankruptcy of the State. Bankruptcy just means a definite status of servitude of the vassal State to the Creditor, the Vatican, whose agents are the bankers of the Vatican owned City of London.
Thus, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are applicable ONLY to 'obedient slaves'.
A 'disobedient slave' is deprived of all rights, including 'due process of law'. This is clearly stated in the Federal Act called the Fugitive Slave Act 1850, Section 6.
Is there a precedent in the Roman Law system?
Under Roman law they called "disobedient slaves" "homo sacer". This was a human who could be killed by anyone, (especially by police) without the killer ever being guilty of homicide.
In fact, the idea of "homo sacer" was contrived as an excuse to impose justitium, or a state of exception, that is to say a suspension of civil liberties and the imposition of martial law. "The so-called sacred and unalienable rights of man prove to be completely unprotected at the very moment it is no longer possible to characterize them as rights of the citizens of a state."
The American Government imposed this Roman law on escaped slaves, and their statute says - Section 6, Fugitive Slave Act 1850:
"In no trial or hearing under this act shall the testimony of such alleged fugitive be admitted in evidence;" And then continues to say that the "certificate" of the agent is sufficient for conviction (guilty as charged), and that no suit can be brought against the agents of the master/owner of the slave, nor the judge.
So, to sum up, as long as such, as DR, attempt to 'expatriate', and use the State owned name to identify themselves to government officials or to the court, they are considered disobedient slaves.
As David Icke just used the example of a carnival merry-go-round in his latest newsletter, people fighting this Roman system find themselves going around and around, believing that they are making progress.
( is brendan a shyster?)
who is brendan? : ( same text)
Connecting The Many Undersea Cut Cable Dots    by Richard Sauder
Internet Cables Cut –Prelude to War or Simply A Warning?
undersea cables:
Bank Implode Meter
http://implode-explode.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=9 forum

Trading with the Enemy       By David Dastych  Tuesday, January 8, 2008

(( This is a letter I received from my Russian friend, Andrei Soldatov, a respected investigative journalist and the Managing Editor of an Internet Magazine "Agentura.ru". )) .............. 
Original Article translated to English
US AF serving Afghani drug dealers
Arkady Dubnov, Vremya Novostei
November 27, 2007, p. 5. © Translated by Ferghana.Ru 
Oringinal Article  ...  
http://enews.ferghana.ru/contact.php about
Central Asia news: Afghanistan:
Central Asia news: Analytics:
http://www.agentura.ru/     russian

Tuesday, 29 January 2008
Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out On Atrocities
'A searing interview with Avichai Sharon and Noam Chayut, both veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces and members of Breaking the Silence. Sharon and Chayut served during the second intifada, an on-going bloodbath that has claimed the lives of over three thousand Palestinians and nine-hundred-fifty Israelis. After thorough introspection, these young men have chosen to speak out about their experiences as self-described "brutal occupiers of a disputed land".'
A must see - extraordinary information if you watch it through. 
February 6, 2008
British Found Training Afghan Terrorists For UK-US Attacks

Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that the government of Afghanistan is ‘enraged’ over the discovery by Afghan Secret Police of a top secret British Military computer memory stick revealing the United Kingdoms plan to train over 2,000 Taliban rebel fighters and provide them with a base of operations.
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had previously stated to his Parliament on contacting their Afghan enemy that "Our objective is to defeat the insurgency by isolating and eliminating their leaders. We will not enter into any negotiations with these people.”, which with the discovery of their plans showed the duplicity of the United Kingdom and its US allies.
Upon their learning of the treachery by their British NATO allies, Germany was quick to state that they would send no further troops to Afghanistan and the Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper, has, also, told his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, that Canadian Military forces could soon leave Afghanistan .
So serious has the Western Allies mission NATO mission in Afghanistan been compromised by these new charges against Britain that European support for the US led war has erupted in fresh tensions among the West, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s Guardian News Service:
According to these reports, however, the most catastrophic revelation contained on the captured British Military computer memory stick were plans by the United Kingdom, and their American ally, to ‘utilize’ these 2,000 Afghan Taliban rebel fighters as terrorists against UK, European and US civilian ‘targets’ in a bid to further their effort towards igniting their populations passion for Total World War.

The West’s greatest fears, these reports state, are being further fueled by Russia and Irans growing blockade of Afghan opium supplies which have supplied the coffers of  the British and Americans vast spy apparatus’ with untold billions of dollars of hidden wealth since 2002.
The United Nations is also reporting that ‘ Afghanistan, the world's biggest opium producer, is set for another bumper crop in 2008’. But, with the inability to for Afghan opium to reach their Global markets, the United States and Britain are left with only their protected cocaine revenues from Colombia, as Israel has refused to share their revenues generated from their Global Ecstasy trade, and which leaves them with a serious shortfall of monies to fund their growing police states.

As the former Taliban rulers had nearly wiped out Afghanistan’s opium crop, as reported by the United Nations in 2001, Russian historians have long stated that the ‘roadmap’ being followed by the United Kingdom and their American allies is that of the British Empires flooding China with opium in the 19th century which destroyed the Chinese people and led to their defeat by Britain.
To the Western people themselves, and who are intended by their rulers to be victims, there remains no appetite among them to know the truest state of a World which is rapidly plunging into the chaos of Total War, and all the misery it entails. No greater evidence of this fact can be found than a newly released poll which finds that, astoundingly, 1 in 4 British citizens believe that their own World War II Leader, Winston Churchill, is a mythical person.
One can only wonder how these people can be saved from themselves before all is lost for them.
© February 6, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.