Trading with the Enemy       By David Dastych  Tuesday, January 8, 2008

(( This is a letter I received from my Russian friend, Andrei Soldatov, a respected investigative journalist and the Managing Editor of an Internet Magazine "". )) .............. 
Original Article translated to English
US AF serving Afghani drug dealers
Arkady Dubnov, Vremya Novostei
November 27, 2007, p. 5. © Translated by Ferghana.Ru 
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out On Atrocities
'A searing interview with Avichai Sharon and Noam Chayut, both veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces and members of Breaking the Silence. Sharon and Chayut served during the second intifada, an on-going bloodbath that has claimed the lives of over three thousand Palestinians and nine-hundred-fifty Israelis. After thorough introspection, these young men have chosen to speak out about their experiences as self-described "brutal occupiers of a disputed land".'
A must see - extraordinary information if you watch it through. 
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