Sister Antoinette
Toulouse, République Française
Where Were You, What Were You Doing When The World Died?
It is said that all one has to say is “the girl in the picture” and this award winning image [above] of a little ‘Vietnamese girl running down the road, her naked body scorched by napalm dropped by US planes, her face contorted in pain’ taken in 1972 will spring immediately to mind. But what has the World learned since then?
Today, in Iraq , yet another family mourns the death of a young mother and her 5 young children after their house was destroyed by US Military helicopter rocket attack. But to people in America and the West these horrific deaths of innocents are accepted as ‘collateral damage’, but here is its brutal reality:
Though these disturbing images are something you can turn away from, and shut out the memory of by submersing yourself deeper into denial, and which your propaganda media outlets allow you to do, and you governments and societies encourage, there remain those of us, all around the World, who toil without ceasing to care for those wounded, bury those who have died, and in our many ways work to bring an end to war, human carnage and suffering.
We do this for YOU because we know that in your deepest of hearts that you are good people, kind people and the type of human beings our World needs more of if this madness is ever going to brought to an end.  But, without your support all of our efforts will fail, and we’re not alone.
As the Largest English Language News Service in the World, and among the only one that continues to provide its readers with the truth, our Sorcha Faal has to, yet again, issue an urgent appeal for funds if our efforts are to continue. Read her profound words HERE.
The largest anti-war news service in the United States, Anti-War.Com, which provides to its readers some of the most comprehensive research and articles relating to the United States wars, is likewise facing financial ruin. Read their urgent appeal HERE.
One of the largest Internet forums in the United States , Rumormillnews.Com, which offers critical insight and breaking news relating to many esoteric shifts currently underway in our World is also suffering from a critical lack of support. You can help them out HERE.
It was the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus who first uttered the fateful words “In war, truth is the first casualty.”, and is what we at WhatDoesItMean.Com, and the dwindling numbers of other such sites, are fighting for on your behalf…THE TRUTH.
The TRUTH of what is going on in the very country you live in, the TRUTH of those who seek to embroil our World in Total War, the TRUTH about those working night and day to take away from you the last bits of freedom you have left, the TRUTH for you to know, and to prepare for, a World growing more insane by the minute.
The greatest battle being waged in our World today is against YOU, and that makes you a combatant and a potential enemy to the very government you live under. Do NOT EVER believe that they want you to know the TRUTH, will tell you the TRUTH, or believe your ability to understand the many complexities of the World you live in.
They have given up on you as being to ignorant to understand or comprehend the very World you live in.  With their belief in this being so you have become useless to them, other than being the fodder used upon the World’s battlefields to further their aims and goals.
A great darkness is enveloping our World today, it is enveloping you, your mind, the minds of your family, your friends, nearly everyone around you….BUT! You’re still holding on, seeking for the TRUTH that will protect you, and everyone around you, from the catastrophic events you know, if you’re honest with yourself, are soon to come.
The light we, and other sites like ours, are holding against this darkness is fueled by you, no one else. My simple message to you today is simple, don’t let our light, or the lights of others, go out because you didn’t help. 
‘For many are called, but few are chosen’, Jesus once said….Our hope is for your understanding of these words and your action upon them.
Please help today; there may not be a tomorrow.
With God,
Sister Antoinette
Toulouse, République Française   
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