February 18, 2008

US War Leaders Flee America During Most Dangerous Week
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Russian Military Analysts are reporting today on their
growing concerns over some of the United States top
war leaders ‘fleeing’ their Nation this week, and
which these reports state could very well be the ‘most
pivotal week for our [Russias] future’.

President Bush is being reported in the Western media
to be on an ‘extended’ tour of African Nations while
his Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, is reported
to be traveling to Kenya, South Korea and Japan. Vice
President Cheney, and as is the custom in the US when
their President leaves their Nation, is reported to be
in ‘hiding’ as concerns mount over the February 8th
Pentagon ‘attack’ on US Defense Secretary Robert

[To that February 8th attack against the US Defense
Secretary, and as these reports state, a dissident
Neocon led putsch had targeted him at his Pentagon
headquarters, and which Western media reports state
was ‘evacuated’ due to smoke and Defense Secretary
Gates injuries, fractured right shoulder, were due to
his ‘falling on ice’.]

Of the greatest concerns about this week to Russia,
according to these reports, is the ‘illegal’, Western
backed, breaking away of the Serbian province of
Kosovo and the United States planned space weapon test
targeting one of their own spy satellites, both of
these events occurring ‘under the influence’ and
between the ‘esoteric bookends’ of the Annual Solar
Eclipse of February 7, 2008 and the Total Lunar
Eclipse on February 20/21 which ‘targets’ North
America and Western Europe, and which will be the last
Total Eclipse of our moon until December 21, 2010.

Russian Scientific Astronomers have long noted how the
power elite in the United States ‘schedule’ their most
horrific events between adjoining Solar and/or Lunar
eclipses, to include: The November 22, 1963
assassination of President John F. Kennedy (set
between the Total Solar Eclipse of July 20, 1963 and
Total Lunar Eclipse of December 30, 1963), and the
September 11, 2001 attacks upon the United States (set
between the Total Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2001 and
the Annual Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2001).

Though Russia has warned the US and European Union
against creating a “serious precedent” by recognizing
Kosovo, these warnings have fallen upon deaf ears as
the United Kingdom has rushed its last remaining 1,000
Soldiers to the Balkans and the American President has
stated that his Nation will recognize Serbia’s
breakaway region.

However, Russian warnings on Kosovo do, indeed, appear
to be coming true as the breakaway regions of South
Ossetia and Abkhazia in Western backed Georgia are now
calling for their independence along with the Chechen
peoples in Russia.

Not being understood by the Western peoples is that a
Russian recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, or
a Western recognition of Chechnya, as independent
Nations would trigger Total War between the East and
the West.

In their knowing of this brutal reality, as these
reports continue, the United States War Leaders have
‘created’ a false story about one of their spy
satellites being out of control and falling to Earth
and to be ‘shot down’ by their Naval Forces upon the
Space Shuttle Atlantis returning from its mission this

Russia has warned that this shoot down by the United
States of its spy satellite is, in fact, a ‘veiled’
test of the US’s secretive space weapons programme and
that the Americans have failed to provide to the World
sufficient evidence of their claims. China has,
likewise, made its concerns known to the US about this
space missile test, and is reported to be ‘greatly
dismayed’ that the actions of the US War Leaders are a
direct defiance to this past weeks Chinese-Russian
proposal for the banning of all weapons in space.

Russian Military Analysts are stating that this test
of their space based missile systems is a ‘necessity’
for the Americans prior to the launching of Total War,
of which they state Iran and Syria will be the first
target of and to be followed by strikes on Russia and

Driving the West in their frenzy to engulf the World
in Total Warfare, say Russian Economists, is the rapid
disintegration of their economic system, of which,
they state, the ‘worst is yet to come’ as their
‘obscure’ credit default swaps are nearing collapse,
and which the International Herald Tribune News
Service estimates to be over $45 Trillion, nearly
‘twice the size of the entire United States stock

To the American people themselves, however, and who
live in a Nation where the rabbits from their Great
Yellowstone National Park have ‘disappeared’, as
reported by ScienceDaily.Com, where the bats in their
Northeastern regions ‘are mysteriously dying by the
thousands’, as reported by the Associated Press News
Service, and where ‘tens of billions of their
honeybees have mysteriously died off’, as reported by
the Star-Gazette News Service, to all of these, and
more, it remains the sad fact that no warning, about
anything, issued by anyone, even to their own senses,
even to nature, even to the signs of the stars, can
awaken them to the true state of the catastrophic
dangers they are facing.

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