MissileScam and Its Real, Hidden Agenda
Dr. Horowitz puts it like this:
“My thesis is that the USA 193 satellite crisis is a covert operation intended to alter the toxicity level and resonance frequencies of earth's atmosphere. This is occurring at the same time as a mass awakening of consciousness threatening the global status quo. Chemically intoxicating the atmosphere for disease induction and population reduction is in accordance with population control objectives established by leading global industrialists fearing termination of their restrictive grip on civilization.”
Dr. Horowitz, an internationally known public health expert and consumer protection activist, will discuss the Bush administration’s plan to explode the USA 193 spy satellite by Navy missile attack this week. He warns of likely toxicity to humanity administered chemically and vibrationally.
“The experimental plan to explode USA 193 as it reenters the atmosphere seems tremendously risky to me since we know what to expect from, and how to best manage terrestrial fuel spills, but not hydrazine space experiments. Since it is unreasonable to conduct such an unprecedented experiment risking the public’s health, we must consider the possibility that this is likely a covert operation. One that will clearly alter the toxicity and resonance frequencies of our atmosphere, even resonate throughout space. To me, this is grossly negligent, outrageously risky, and potentially deadly to people everywhere.”
Dr. Horowitz assertively argues vaccinations accumulating mercury in people’s neurology, especially children’s brains, far exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency’s toxic dosage limits, have been scientifically linked to skyrocketing rates of autism. He believes the Navy missile experiment may likewise neurologically intoxicate populations worldwide at a time when many people are awakening to untrustworthy military maneuvers. Increasingly, people are awakening to, and becoming concerned about, the global depopulation agenda and the use of military operations and civilian intoxications to effect population reduction.
“At this time we see chemtrails poisoning the air we breathe, and man-made, laboratory created germs producing emerging diseases such as Morgellons,” Dr. Horowitz heralds. “At the same time we are witnessing an unprecedented Spiritual Renaissance pitting good against evil in our efforts to awaken civilization to a better way of living and co-existing with nature and each other. This runs contrary to geopolitical controllers and military prostitutes promoting this Navy experiment.”
The Navy has always been at the forefront of covert operations, population control, and advancing attacks on civilian populations. Dr. Horowitz detailed these connections in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare,” one of sixteen books he has authored since 1978.
Many government watchdogs claim global depopulation, the targeted reduction of the world’s population by two-thirds, is secretly and effectively advancing using petrochemical-pharmaceutical toxicity. The controllers of the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel fear the permacultural revolution featuring free-energy systems, decentralized community banking, and sustainability with the protection of earth’s resources versus unbridled consumption. Decision makers in the Bush administration, their financiers and global bankers, care more about profits than people. “They direct the ongoing biocide, global genocide, and war against nature and people,” Dr. Horowitz explains.
Chemically poisoning the atmosphere for disease induction and population reduction is in accordance with officially published population control objectives, Dr. Horowitz posits. This agenda was established by an oligarchy of global industrialists who now feel threatened their grip on enslaving systems is being eroded by mass Internet communications and a revolution/evolution of human consciousness. Mechanisms such as fiat currency banking, free energy research restriction, fraudulent taxation, and medical-pharmaceutical cult indoctrination, are increasingly coming under attack. Fearing termination of their restrictive control, population managers are advancing new ways of killing people covertly and most profitably. This spy satellite experiment, said to be the best way to deal with a Central Intelligence Agency disaster, Dr. Horowitz, concludes, is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
James Oberg, who spent 22 years at NASA's Johnson Space Center as a Mission Control operator and an orbital designer, wrote for MSNBC:
"The force of a missile hitting an orbiting object is much more violent than the force of a bullet striking a target, or even an anti-aircraft missile hitting an airplane. In the space case, the tremendous speed of the impact carries so much kinetic energy that both vehicles literally explode due to the hypersonic shock waves sweeping through their structures.
If the missile strike leads to such a disintegration, sharp observers should be able to spot the ice fragments from the fuel tank. As the fragments evaporate in direct sunlight, they could create mini-comets visible from Earth’s surface, lasting for hours before dispersing."
Dr. Horowitz concludes the hypersonic shock waves noted by Dr. Osberg are expected to radiate throughout earth's atmosphere as well as space, since both are well hydrated according to NASA's determinations eight years ago.
In 2000, scientists working for the government identified frozen water in crystalline and gaseous forms throughout space. Much like a stone thrown at the center of a pond generates circular water waves transmitted to the farthest shores, this hydrosonic space explosion could conceivably resonate hydrazine toxicity throughout earth's atmosphere as well as space.
Dr. Horowitz believes toxicity could be carried hydrosonically much like a homeopathic carries potent resonance frequencies of specific substances through water. People who use homeopathics clearly benefit. But the world's population about to receive hydrosonically-transmitted hydrazine vibrations from the missile hitting the satellite are likely to be energetically and spiritually intoxicated.
Rev. Roxanne Hampton will be interviewing Dr. Horowitz, sound researcher and talk show host Don Nicoloff, and other special guests on Sunday night at 9PM Pacific Time on http://www.BBSRadio.com. The show, produced by Rev. Hampton, is called “Mission Possible.” It will be archived for later listening and circulating.
Dr. Horowitz’s website is: http://www.DrLenHorowitz.com
( http://www.drlenhorowitz.com/ ) ( http://www.steamventinn.com/3e/ ) ( http://www.steamventinn.com/holy_harmony/ )
( http://www.drlenhorowitz.com/news/miscellaneous_articles/sars_suit.html  SARS ) ( http://web.mac.com/len15/iWeb/Home%20Site/The%20LOVE%20CODE.html ) ( http://web.mac.com/len15/iWeb/healthyworld_media/In%20Lies%20We%20Trust%20Trailer.html ) 
 www.tetrahedron.org    www.healthyworlddistributing.com  www.drlenhorowitz.com  www.steamventinn.com
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The three suitcases referred to
----- Original Message -----
From: JB
To: "Patrick Bellringer"
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 6:00 AM
Subject: Question regarding "suitcases"
Good Morning Patrick,
I hope things are well with you and Anne. I just finished reading Caspers most recent post, of the 17th. Are you able to share any insight regarding his reference to the "three suitcases"? I want you to know that I am very thankful for your sight and your committment to providing an outlet for the truth that I am sure would otherwise not see the light of day. We certainly do live in exciting times! Thank you so much. In love and light.
With Kind regards,
FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
Dear JB:
Thank you for your letter and kind words about our work at Fourwinds. For years the White Knights have been collecting evidence such as documents, notes, photos, video and audio tapes, etc., as evidence of the fraud, skullduggery and treason committed by the Bush/Clint/Bush Administrations. This evidence is to be used, as proof of their wrongdoing, in presenting the Truth to the people of America and to the entire world.
The three suitcases referred to in Casper's Update of 2-17-08 contain this evidence. Believe me, this is a time bomb about to explode! Not for very long can the Truth ever be suppressed.
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer
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Are There Any Plans To Punish The Puppet String-Pullers? (Updated Feb. 18, 2008)
From: WW
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2008 9:00 AM
Subject: A really BIG question -- please . . . and very important . . .
Hey Patrick --
It finally dawned upon me that the Prez is not the only one that needs to be punished for all the crimes that have been going on lately. The Pope and, mainly the Black Pope, are the ones that have done the whole thing. The question is this -- are there any plans to punish "them", like we keep hearing are planned for the poor ol' Prez, especially since He was only doing what "they" demanded him to do. Now how about that question?!!! I would think this to be a very important point to be considered before this is all over. If not, "they" will just continue "their" One World Order plan, like "they" have been doing for the past 2008 years. Please let me know what you think on this one.
FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Feb. 17, 2008
Dear WW:
You are finally getting it right/W.!
The chain of command of the Darkside is Satan, The Black Pope (Jesuits), The White Pope (The bishops/priests), The Club of Rome, The Illuminati, Etc. The Cosmic Law of Returns: you shall reap what you have sown, holds everyone accountable for their actions. At some point all stand before Creator God and judge themselves against the Laws of God and Creation, and determine their fate, their next placement and next lessons in soul growth.
Many are punished here in this physical life for their wrong-doing, and those, whom we think escaped such physical punishment here and now, will always be held accountable later. No one escapes their just rewards. Many of these very evil and powerful people have already been removed from our planet, and many have been cloned.
Hatonn says that all those of the One World Order at this time are clones. Clones have no soul or God-connection, therefore, they have no morals, values, ethics or compassion. When their end comes, they go "poof", that is, they die a physical death, but have no soul to continue on living elsewhere. It is simply "from dust", to dust!"
Know that the clones are, also, here for our lessons.
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: TW
To: <bellringer@fourwinds10.com>
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 12:31 AM
I see lots of great news reporting done on fourwinds...my favorite site for truth. Today I read a question from WW asking about President Bush and of other people behind his power. I read Patrick's answer.
That good answer has triggered a further question im my mind:
 Clones-who is making them? If the most powerful people in our world are all clones, who is paying for cloning? Why are they STILL making these horrible clones that wreak our world? Does money made from selling living weapons of mass distructions compensate one enough to look away from the misery produced? Who is in charged of cloning? Are they on a list to be arrested? Are they not the most powerful beings left by way of their "product"? I know we all have lessons to learn and that nothing unfair is happening in God\'s universe-but will removing the cloned president and cloned senate really solve anything as long as the "Clones R Us" plant keeps cranking 'em out?
FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Feb. 18, 2008
Dear TW:
The Darksides' chain of command is as follows: Satan, The Black Pope(Jesuits), The White Pope (Cardinals, Bishops, priests), The Club of Rome, The Illuminati, Builderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Masonic Order, etc. For years our government has been run by clones under the control of this hierarchy.
Cloning was perfected in the 1970's and has been used extensively until Creator God Aton and the Hosts of Heaven stopped all further cloning several years ago.
 Replacement clones have now been used up.
That is why Henry Paulson was replaced with a Hollywood double. The CIA has their own Hollywood studio for making doubles, news videos, whatever.
How far up the chain of command does cloning go? The White Pope is a clone. Go figure! They have run out of clones in the closet, which is creating part of the demise of the Darkside.
 NESARA is the point of change, and all treasonous U.S. Government people, clones or not, will be arrested and removed from power at the implementation of NESARA. That is definitely expected to happen yet this month. In due course this Darkside chain of command shall be eliminated from Earth Shan with the help of the Forces of Light.
Creator God's Plan for these "ending times" shall be carried out to perfection. Know it!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer
ufos in turkey
HISTORICAL STATEMENT FROM “TUBITAK” (National Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey)

The UFO’s, sighted at Kumburgaz, caused great shock waves around the world and were part of the written and visual media from China to Russia and Brazil to Switzerland and will go down in the World UFO literature as one of the most significant UFO sightings. Nearly a dozen of residents at the Yeni Kent compound witnessed these sightings  filmed by the night watchman named Yalcýn Yalman.

http://www.worldufodisclosure.org/index2.php?dil=en english
http://www.worldufodisclosure.org/index2.php?dil=fr french
http://www.worldufodisclosure.org/index2.php?dil=es spanish
( 35 civilians killed in Afghanistan )
Monday 18 February 2008
    Kandahar, Afghanistan (AP) - A suicide car bomber targeting a Canadian military convoy killed 35 civilians at a busy market in southern Afghanistan, a police official said.
    At least 28 people were wounded in the attack in Spin Boldak, a town in Kandahar province near the border with Pakistan, said Abdul Razeq, the Spin Boldak border police chief. Three Canadian soldiers were lightly wounded, he said.
    The attack comes one day after Afghanistan's deadliest bombing since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. More than 100 people were killed by a suicide bomber outside Kandahar city on Sunday.
    The back-to-back bombings could indicate a change in tactics by militants. Though attacks occasionally have killed dozens, insurgents in Afghanistan have generally sought to avoid targeting civilians.
    The country saw a record level of violence last year, and analysts and military leaders here have predicted that 2008 could turn even deadlier.
    One of the Canadian military vehicles was heavily damaged in the attack, as were several shops and civilian vehicles, said Abdul Razeq, the Spin Boldak border police chief.
    Khalid said several of the wounded were in critical condition and that the death toll could rise. Though the Afghan-Pakistan border had been closed Monday because of elections in Pakistan, several of the wounded were taken to Chaman, Pakistan, for treatment, Razeq said.

On February 7, 2008, the Town Council of Halifax, Virginia, voted
unanimously to adopt an ordinance banning corporate chemical and
radioactive bodily trespass. Enacted to confront concerns about the
proposed uranium mine in adjacent Pittsylvania County, the ordinance
establishes strict liability and burden-of-proof standards for
culpable corporations and government entities that permit and
facilitate corporate bodily trespass.

The ordinance also strips corporations of constitutional protections
within the town. The Town of Halifax thus becomes the 10th
municipality in the nation to refuse to recognize corporate
constitutional "rights," and to prohibit corporate rights from being
used to override the rights of human and natural communities.

The ordinance adopted by the Halifax Town Council also recognizes the
rights of natural communities and ecosystems to exist and flourish
within the town and provides for the enforcement and defense of those
rights, and prohibits corporations from interfering with the civil
rights of residents, including residents' right to self-government.
The ordinance was drafted for the Halifax Town Council by the
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, a Pennsylvania-based
nonprofit law firm.
local news to canada:

Canada Oil Sands A Massive Disaster: Green Group

JACQUES HARDY  Pointe Claire, P.Q.   - - -  Truth and Deception
.// big-brother...
RCMP slammed for storing secret files on Canadians.
Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, who released a report on her findings Wednesday, said more than 60 per cent of the files contained in a database of criminal intelligence information should not have been stored there.
In addition, more than 50 per cent of the files in a database about national security investigations were inappropriate. (...)
New Democrat MP Pat Martin chided the Mounties for their lapses.
"People have a right to know if they're on these lists," said Martin, a member of the Commons ethics, information and privacy committee.
"It's fundamental in any western democracy. This is serious stuff. This is secret police stuff. This is no laughing matter whatsoever."

Audit comes after Arar inquiry...........

Stoddart announced she would be doing an audit of the RCMP's databanks in 2005 at the Maher Arar inquiry, where the issue of police information sharing was central.                         Arar, a Canadian citizen who was born in Syria, was stopped at a New York airport on his way home from a vacation in September 2002. U.S. officials accused him of links to al-Qaeda and deported him to Syria, where he was imprisoned and tortured for months.              Justice Dennis O'Connor, who led the public inquiry into the Arar case, concluded in September 2006 that misleading information provided by the RCMP "very likely" paved the way for U.S. officials to send the 36-year-old to Syria.

Maude Barlow is the national chairperson of the Council of Canadians. Roch Tassé is the national coordinator of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group. Sameer Zuberi is the communications coordinator for the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations.
http://www.sott.net/articles/show/149026-Tasers-don-t-reduce-shootings-despite-police-and-politicians-claims  dec 2007