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February 20, 2008
US ‘Bending’ Of Atmosphere In Satellite
Raises Russia-China Concerns

A most frightening report is circulating in the
Kremlin today that states that the ongoing swarm of
earthquakes occurring near the giant US Naval Base in
San Diego, California, and the giant 7.6 magnitude
earthquake hitting in Indonesia today, are
‘direct consequences’ of the United States
effort to ‘bend’ our Earth’s
atmosphere in an effort to destroy one of their spy
According to these reports from the Russian Academy of
Sciences Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in
Siberia, and where Russian and Chinese scientists
monitor the activities of the United States The High
Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in
Alaska [pictured top left], the American’s
intend upon their becoming the first Nation in the
World to use the abilities of the potentially
catastrophic quantum particle beam accelerators now
being developed, but never tested, in
‘real-time’ experiments.
The exact ‘plan’ of the United States,
these reports state, is to use what is termed as a
‘triangulation’ of quantum particle beams
originating from their HARRP facility in Alaska, their
vast Naval Base in California, and their secretive
Indian Ocean base on the Diego Garcia atoll, to
‘alter the space-time continuum’ of our
Earth’s electro plasma sheathing in order to
‘lift’ the magnetosphere into the orbit of
their orbiting spy satellite so that it will cease its
space orbiting and be destroyed.
It must be understood that the complexities of these
new quantum weapons systems stagger the human mind in
trying to understand them, but to their potential to
cause horrific destruction there is no doubt, and as
previously warned about by the former United States
Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and who stated
in his book, "Between Two Ages", that:
"Technology will make available, to the leaders of
major nations, techniques for conducting secret
warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security
forces need be appraised... Techniques of weather
modification could be employed to produce prolonged
periods of drought or storm."
To the success of this United States attempt to use
these new types of quantum weapons systems it is not
in our knowing, but many Chinese Scientists are
already blaming these American experiments with these
weapons as being responsible for the catastrophic snow
storms to hit their Nation, and which many of them
state were in retaliation for China’s threat to
dump all of their US Dollar holdings.
Chinese and Russian Leaders have also issued
‘warnings’ to the Americans against
conducting these tests, but with both of these Nations
knowing that their own quantum weapons systems, though
not tested, could be used against the US in
retaliation should the Americans not heed their
growing concerns.
It is also interesting to note that the exact timing
of this quantum weapons test, by the Americans, is
coinciding with the last Total Lunar Eclipse until
2010, and which these reports state the US is
dependent upon in their belief that the
‘pull’ being exerted upon our Earth from
the Moon during this eclipse will
‘mitigate’ any potentially catastrophic
effects that may occur.
It is also being reported in the United States that
their Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has
issued to all of their local police and fire
departments, Nationwide, a "First Responder Guide for
Space Object Re-Entry”, though these reports
state that the ‘most likely’ catastrophic
effects of this quantum weapons test would be
earthquakes, volcanic activity and strange storms.
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Wednesday Night's Eclipse of the Moon













There is no failed spy satellite that needs to be
removed in this manner for the welfare of the people.
The people were told of this plan, so that their
questions would be answered, as to why a missile is
being sent into space at this time. Too many people
would know of any such covert operation and ask
The missile the U.S. Navy is planning to launch on
February 21, 2008 carries a nuclear warhead for the
purpose of igniting the Van Allen belt. The
Bush/Clinton/Bush Cabal have tried this several times
in the past 19 years, and have been thwarted each time
by the Forces of Light. Rest assured that this present
attempt shall be stopped as well.
The ignition of the Van Allen Belt would cause a light
so bright that anyone on Earth Shan with their eyes
exposed would suffer permanent blindness. In addition,
the torching of the surface of our planet would be a
real possibility. Such a holocaust would assure the
Darkside of victory and total control of Earth Shan,
so they think. Such shall never be allowed to happen.
Hatonn says, "This is the last straw! Mother Earth can
no longer tolerate such negativity".
Evil has run its course, and the lies are being
exposed daily. The Darkside is in panic and trying
every desperate move possible on the "chessboard" to
win. How foolish they are, for Creator God always
makes the last move, and it is always "checkmate!" Be
in hope and peace.
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

Len Horowitz Warns About Satellite Shootdown Dangers
(same text)


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MissileScam and Its Real, Hidden Agenda


Extremely Rare Larger Quake from "Swarm" at Baja
As mentioned in previous newsletters, the "science of
cycles" tell us extreme earth changing events occur 14
days prior to, and/or 14 days after a Full Lunar
Eclipse. The next Full Lunar Eclipse begins tomorrow
February 20th at 7:01 PM (Pacfic). No one knows the
specifics of when, where, or form the coming earth
changing event will occur -- but everyone knows "it
will". Cerro Prieto will be one of many areas we are
watching very closely.


Protocols (Plans) For Economic Collapse of America

NOTE: Elements within the U.S. Government have been
threatening web site  administrators all over the
internet and forcing them to take down the  following
article because it exposes the Bush/Cheney cabal's
involvement in the coming economic collapse of 2008.
Everyone make copies of this article and send it
everywhere so  everyone will be fully aware of how the
economic collapse was  engineered to happen on
And this is how the U.S. Treasury would handle an
economic collapse.
It's called the 6900 series of protocols. It would
start with declaring a force majeure( unable to
fulfill US debt), which would immediately be
interpreted by the marketplaces as a de facto
repudiation of debt. Then the SEC and the various
regulatory exchanges would anticipate the market's
decline, hour by hour -- when Japan's markets opened
the next day, what would happen when the European
markets, and all the inter- linkages of the global
markets. On the second day, US Special Forces would be
dropped in by parachute in the cities where the twelve
Federal Reserve district banks are located.
    The origin of these protocols (plans) comes from
the Department of Defense.  This is contingency
planning for a variety of post-collapse scenarios.
Those scenarios would include, obviously, military
collapse, World War III, in other words, and its
aftermath. What we're talking about now is aftermath
-- how the aftermath would be handled.
    One does not necessarily know how the events would
transpire that would cause the collapse, whether it's
military collapse or economic collapse. In World War
III, it would become obvious -- when the mushroom
cloud started to appear over cities.





A journalist and a researcher uncover evidence of the
US government's involvement in the September 11

An investigation of the 9/11 events by a
Russian-American journalist and a father of a 9/11
victim implicates the US government in the attacks.

ALEX PROKOP (Jarek Kupsc), a successful journalist,
receives a rare 9/11 video tape revealing new
information about the attack. The footage was sent by
PAUL COOPER (Joseph Culp), a driven researcher, whose
daughter died on 9/11
"The Reflecting Pool" Extended Trailer (video)



Casper FEB-19-08

We hear the Comptroller of the Currency completed
important downloads Sunday night into New Treasury and
that the Frenchman, Wanta and eleven or twelve others
were made happy on the computers last night. We hear
that the original Farm Claim Plaintiffs and Heirs
(approx. 30 people) received and were able to access
their cards this morning. Many sources received this
info at approximately the same time this morning. This
was to result in deliveries this afternoon of Freedom
and F.C. at a minimum to the rest of us. All this
following the weekend news about atty's, cabinet
secretaries and confiscation of additional accounts.

We know for certain the F.C. Plaintiffs and heirs did
not recieve today. We know of many BUSH accounts which
have not been frozen or confiscated. We can find no
tangible evidence the Cabinet Secretaries have been
arrested. In view of these lies we are questioning all
Intel back to and including the goings on behind
closed doors at the Supreme Court Saturday and
Saturday night.

We observe that this massive disinformation campaign
would not be possible if "our side" was not in on it.
We observe the ongoing TORTURE of hundreds of
thousands of innocent citizens at the hands of the
most EVIL BUNCH OF ANIMALS we have ever encountered.
And we observe daily the hospitalization and DEATH of
an ever increasing number of our people caused by the
stress of dealing with this never ending flow of lies.

In this life or the next may every single one of you
receive the justice you so richly deserve. 

THEY are saying tomorrow. THEY are saying everything
scheduled for today will happen tomorrow.
We shall see.
Casper    2-19-08



So, how did the Canadian (and all western world)
people find themselves in a 'contract of servitude' on
a voluntary basis, and having to turn over the fruits
of their labour to government? It was as simple as the
government having human parents registering the live
birth of their children with the government registry,
supposedly to provide litigation protection for both
parents and child. Registry means to 'turn over to the
Monarch (Regis).
Thus, the child was 'offered up' to the Monarch, and
became the property of the Monarch. The child was
'given' names, and the family name originally was
merely a reference name to specifically identify the
given names. That helped the 'King's Exchequer' (tax
collectors) keep track of people. This is the way
people were claimed as 'subjects' - privileged slaves
until the 1933 period, when the national bankruptcy
required that the population be surrendered as chattel
(the slave's labour) to the creditor, the Vatican,
through its agent, the Rothschild Bank of the City of
London, a wholly owned enclave of the Vatican within
This resulted in the 'birth certificate', a money
value placed upon the child as a provider of future
labour. Many in Canada or the USA did not know of the
existence of birth certificates until the late 1960s
or later.
The scheme of the birth certificate was to create a
'legal identity' name that the child would accept as
his own name upon reaching the age of majority. The
family name was changed to a 'surname', meaning the
primary name, and the given names then became
referential. This is the reverse to reality. By making
that change, the corporation replacing the Monarch,
the Crown, (or State in the USA) claimed the new name
as intellectual property, and anyone using it would
have the status of 'plantation slave'. The education
system, run directly or indirectly by the Romanized
church, insured that people used the Crown or State
owned birth certificate name
This may not be the way the CRA or the IRS 'wants' you
to file;
But, it is the way the Government [ Canada and USA ]
has 'legislated' that these tax returns be filed.
You, a free will man or woman,
have NEVER been subject to income tax.
You have NEVER had to file or pay income tax.
You have NEVER had to pay taxes on your wages.
You have NEVER had to pay tax on the fruits
of your services and skills; or, on the sale of your
But, you need to play their game, and file for your
AGENT ?? What AGENT ??
Note: For Americans, this filing system is
fully effective in filing the IRS form 1040

from:       http://www.detaxcanada.org/

Re: The Constitution, Income Tax, and You


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US ‘Bending’ Of Atmosphere In Satellite
Shootdown Raises Russia-China Concerns

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