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  All this in one  week:
-HAWAII - More winds and high waves were sweeping Oahu on Monday
-NEW ZEALAND - FREAK wave drags boy to his death
-WASHINGTON - The mix of cold, clear air in recent days after a period of rain resulted in a small plume of steam and gas last week at Mount St. Helens.
-FIJI - At least six people have died, half of Fiji's population is without power and water, and tourists remain stranded after category two Cyclone Gene lashed Fiji.
-MADAGASCAR - Cyclone Fame has killed two people in Madagascar and caused widespread damage to the world's fourth largest island.
-SAMOA - A clean up is underway in Samoa's capital, Apia, after extensive flooding caused by the HIGHEST RAINFALL EVER RECORDED by the local weather bureau.
-GREECE - SUDDEN heavy snowfall across much of Greece today and gale-force winds in the Aegean sea grounded dozens of flights, forced ships to remain docked in ports and cut power in many areas.
-TURKEY - Cold front brings snow and UNSEASONAL chill - Turkey has been struck by a cold weather front moving into the country from the Black Sea this week, affecting both the eastern and western parts of the country.
-CHINA - The Chinese government has deployed almost half a million troops to help people affected by the WORST WINTER WEATHER IN DECADES. Severe snow has hit central and eastern China, paralysing transport networks.
-The snowfalls have hit most parts of China continuously since mid-January and are expected to continue. In preparation, weather bureaus in many provinces decided to raise the weather warning to a higher level.
-In the past week, the snowstorms have hit the provinces in central, eastern and southern China  "We've NEVER SEEN SUCH A COLD WEATHER LASTING FOR SUCH LONG A TIME
-INDIA - Mustard seed production, that was estimated to be lower this year because of a fall in acreage, may decline further due to the cold wave in north India and rainfall in the eastern parts of the country.
-INDIA - The desert hill station of Rajasthan Mount Abu is registering RECORD BREAKING COLD, enveloping the city with ice.
-PAKISTAN - UNUSUAL EXTREME cold weather has brought electioneering to an almost freezing level in Chitral, with little outdoor election activities if any, being seen.
-RUSSIA - An avalanche in the central Russian region of Tatarstan killed at least four children Monday.
-CANADA has experienced THE DEADLIEST BEGINNING TO THE AVALANCHE SEASON ON RECORD. As of January 2008, there have been ten fatalities since the start of the avalanche season.
-UNUSUAL winter coasts - winter has been particularly nasty to the Atlantic provinces. "We've had more snow than the average snowfall up to this point in the winter but the frequency of storms transiting through is definitely ABOVE NORMAL
-On Tuesday in the Maritimes, snow and sleet brought havoc, leaving thousands without power in Prince Edward Island. In temperate Vancouver, heavy snowfalls caused commuter chaos.
-U.S. - Avalanche centers in the West issued warnings Tuesday as new storms lined up following a system that buried many areas in heavy snow, closing government offices, causing havoc on roads and even shutting down one ski resort.
-A massive asteroid that was first spotted only four months ago has just zoomed past Earth. The space rock, named TU-24 and roughly 250m in diameter, passed by at only around 1.4 times the moon's distance from Earth.
-HAITI - Extreme poverty is forcing Haiti's poorest people to eat dirt. Mud cookies - made from dirt, salt and vegetable shortening - have become popular among Haitians desperate to stave off hunger.
-CUBA - Over 40 earth tremors in the country's south-eastern zone in a few hours on Thursday concern experts and people from that region.
-WASHINGTON & OREGON - Pounding storms this winter are eroding and flooding beachfront property on the Washington and Oregon Coasts.
-OREGON - Officials at the Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board are puzzling over what caused a siren to go off Thursday night at its service center on Ocean Boulevard in Coos Bay.
-Tropical cyclone Fame is moving slowly down the Mozambique Channel, but on its current path it is unlikely to hit the flooded river valleys of central Mozambique.
-CALIFORNIA - Salinas - The weather service reported UNUSUAL wind speeds for the county, due the placement of a storm - which centered Friday just southwest of Monterey Bay.
-CALIFORNIA - Santa Barbara has been experiencing strange weather over the past few days. Rain, wind, thunder, lightning, hail, and even snow have all been battering the county since Tuesday.
-On Wednesday, 2.10 inches of RECORD-BREAKING rain fell in 24 hours in Santa Maria, obliterating the Jan. 23 record of .65 of an inch set in 1994.
-THE WORST SNOWS TO HIT PARTS OF CHINA FOR 50 YEARS killed at least a dozen people at the weekend with thousands more injured as they headed home for the Lunar New Year holiday.
-INDIA - Unseasonal rain, accompanied by plummeting mercury and sharp winds, kept Calcutta indoors on Friday.
-IOWA - RECORD-SETTING cold Thursday - Four Iowa cities saw record-low temperatures for the date, including Waterloo (minus 29), where it was so cold that the National Weather Service's monitoring equipment temporarily stopped
-ALASKA - snow dropped over the Anchorage Bowl on Thursday night and Friday morning in depths to almost 6 inches in Muldoon. That was enough to eclipse the old SNOWFALL RECORD of 1.4 inches for the date, set in 1944.
-INDIA - Hundreds of goats have died of an unknown disease over the past four days in Birbhum's Rampurhat block II.


worldwide larouche youth movement ..  WLYM

letter to the Inhabitants of the province of quebec ...1774
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tragedy of the quebec act of 1774
by Pierre Beaudry     7/4/2007
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FOX dénonce: la preuve que les machines à vote électroniques Diebold sont traficables. Il faut refuser cette supposé façon démocratique de voter. Vive Sarkosy qui s'assura d'en avoir un peu partout en France. 65% du monde ne voulait pas de cet homme. Comment a-t-il pu rentrer? Plein de tactiques et manigances électroniques ont été utilisées. Le NOM met le paquet pour placer ses pantins en places.
no to vaccines:
Un groupe de médecin au Maryland, É-U refusent de vacciner des groupes d'enfants. Des enfants rassemblés comme du bétail dans un palais de justice du Maryland pour des vaccinations forcées pendant que la police armée et avec des chiens d'attaque monte la garde. Les autorités sanitaires de cet endroit ont déjà annoncé leur intention d'enlever essentiellement les parents et de les jeter en prison, de leur enlever leurs enfants pendant trente jours s'ils continuaient à refuser de faire vacciner leurs enfants. Les médecins qui s'objectent à ces procédures veulent que les parents soient bien informés et puissent refuser de faire vaccinés leurs enfants s'ils craignent des effets secondaires nocifs pour leurs enfants.
Alex Jones sur la vaccination, ses lois et cet incident.
Vous cherchez des vidéos controversées et vous comprenez l'anglais? Voici une vidéographie de tous les films chauds de l'Internet. Ils sont tous réunis. À la mémoire d'Aaron Russo qui nous a quitté rapidement d'un cancer "homemade", j'en ai bien peur, voici son documentaire Freedom to facism. Et un tout dernier sur le l'après choc du 911 un excellent documentaire: AFTERMATH: UNANSWERED QUESTIONS FROM 9-11 en 3 parties. Tous les grands y sont, Chossudovski, Rupert, entre autres. Ils posent les questions qui ne furent jamais répondues. Quand nous aurons réussi à exposer les plus grands criminels du siècle, nous serons délivrés de l'agenda qui se trouve derrière...
Des armes au laser tactique sont utilisées en Irak: vidéo avec sous-titres français. Partie 1 & partie 2. Faites circuler. Où est l'ONU qui veux nous taxer pour le CO2 qu'on produit mais laisse passer une abomination pareille.
.......armes en iraq........

Le plan des "thinktank" pour l'Amérique du Nord.
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- Agence Presse APA : Une nouvelle étude scientifique officielle portant sur des
clusters confirme le risque accru de cancers autour des antennes de téléphonie mobile.

- Communiqué de Presse SUPAP-FSU: "Du WI-FiFi à la ville de Paris" Analyses et contre analyses .

WiFi Bibliothèques Paris: Lettre de Daniel Oberhausen, Physicien,  Expert près la Cour d'Appel de Bordeaux.
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